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TITLE: What Would You Do
AUTHOR: Ashlinna
DISCLAIMER: I, unfortunately, have nothing to do with the production of the show otherwise it would have gone a lot differently.
CATEGORY: Max and Liz with a bit of everyone
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is based on the song What Would You Do by City High. I wasn't sure whether to post this, especially after I heard about another fic based on the same song but I have had the first five parts written for a while and didn't want it to all be for nothing. Oh and if you happen to be reading this THANK YOU =) This part isn't that long but they do get longer, I just wanted to make sure anyone actually wanted to read this first!

"What Would You Do" by CITY HIGH!

Boys and girls want to hear a true story?
Saturday night was at this real wild party
They had the liquor overflowing the cup
About five, six strippers trying to work for a buck
And I took one girl outside with me
Her name was Loni, she went to junior high with me
I said why you up in there dancing for cash?
I guess a whole lot's changed since I seen you last
She said...

Chorus -
What would you do if your son was at home
Crying all alone on the bedroom floor
Cause he's hungry
And the only way to feed him is to
Sleep with a man for a little bit of money
And his daddy's gone
Somewhere smoking rock now
In and out of lock down
I ain't got a job now
So for you this is just a good time
But for me this is what I call life, mmm

Girl you ain't the only one with a baby
That's no excuse to be living all crazy
Then she looked me right square in the eye
And said, "Everyday I wake up hoping to die."
She said, n**** I know about pain cause
Me and my sister ran away so my daddy couldn't rape us
Before I was a teenager
I done been through more s*** you can't even relate to

Repeat Chorus
Oh then she said
(What would you do?)
Get up on my feet and let go of every excuse
(What would you do?)
Cause I wouldn't want my baby to go through what I went through
(What would you do?)
Get up on my feet and stop making up tired excuses
(What would you do?)
Girl I know if my mother could do it, baby you can do it
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Repeat Chorus (3x)

Liz took a deep breath while she waited. It was Courtney’s turn at the minute but soon Liz would have to go out there and join her. She always hated the last moments before she went on stage, she started dreading the inevitable and feeling ashamed of herself. But she didn’t have a choice; she had to think of Eli. ‘You’re doing it for him Liz, remember that.’ Those words always seemed to remind Liz of her purpose and give her courage. She found herself saying them quite a lot these days, and Tess always told her the same thing too. It was worse tonight though. Tonight would be the first time she’d actually sleep with a man for money. Liz had no idea how she had got to this place in her life but she would do this for Eli, she loved him so much.
“Liz, you’re up girl!”
Here goes then, Happy Birthday to me!

Max Evans looked around him and wondered how this had happened. Sure it was Alex’s buck’s night and him and Izzy were getting married on Saturday but still…how had he actually let Michael drag him here. He didn’t want to get drunk and watch women sell their bodies for money. Max couldn’t understand why anyone would want to though he figured they thought they had no choice. He knew better, there had to be a better way to solve things.
“This chic’s good, isn’t she Max?”
“Michael, I though Maria told you, you weren’t allowed to actually look at any of the girls here tonight.”
“Max, lighten up. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her!”
“And you honestly think she won’t find out?”
“I think she’ll have more of a chance of not finding out if you don’t tell her, is what I think”
“All I’m saying is….”
“SHHH Max, the next girls on!”
Max turned his eyes away from Michael and to the stage. He was getting nowhere with Michael so it was either see who the new girl was or die of boredom. When he focused on the young women on stage his eyes nearly popped out of his head, ‘SHIT…that’s…’
“Oh my god Max, isn’t that…”
Max couldn’t believe his eyes. After all these years he had finally found her, seen her again…and she was stripping. Max thought back to the sign he had seen when he had walked in, presumably put there by the company the strippers were from…all of them could be had for the night at a price.
What had happened to the sweet girl he used to know??

Liz looked out at the crowd and nearly fell off the stage when she met his eyes. His deep golden brown eyes. Max’s eyes. What was he doing here? He wasn’t meant to be here. What was she going to do?
She was going to keep on stripping was what she was going to do; the show must go on and she couldn’t afford not to get paid. Still it was hard with him watching her every move, his eyes never seeming to stray off her for even a second. It was like she was the center of his universe and it was making her nervous. And then his stare was gone, she risked a glance over and saw him talking rapidly to the guy next to him. Liz thought he looked kind of familiar. Then recognition hit her. It was Michael, Max’s best friend and her old friend Maria’s favorite sparring partner. Michael had never seemed to be far behind Max when they were at school in Roswell and it seemed like nothing had changed now. She wondered if he and Maria had finally got together? She remembered her and Max always joking with each other about how long it would take for them to wake up to what they really felt for each other. Those days were so long ago, back when she felt safe, back when things were good. There was no point in dwelling on them now though, because after seeing her tonight, what she did nowadays, she doubted Max would ever want to speak to her again.

Max waited impatiently for the last dancer to finish, then the “bidding” started so to speak. He had had no experience with these type of things but Michael had clued him in. The girls were free to choose who they wanted to spend the night with but they were encouraged to go with the guy who was willing to pay the most for them. Would Liz be like that, he hoped not otherwise he didn’t think he could afford her. Not that he wanted to do anything with her, he wanted to find out what the hell was going on with her, how she had come to be a…what she was.

“So Liz, you nervous?”
Liz was barely listening to Courtney as she asked her question. What was she going to do? Max and Michael were out there and if they were out there, who knew who else was and now she was going to go out there and sell herself off like a cheap slut…
Then again, Liz thought, I pretty much am. Sure I have my reasons but maybe I could’ve done just one thing different and not be here now.
“Liz, I don’t care that you’ve been ignoring me but they want you out front now, so you can choose and meet the man of the hour. Oh and by the way Happy Birthday. How does it feel to be nineteen?”
“Just dandy, Courtney. Just fine and dandy. Couldn’t be better…”
“There was no need for sarcasm Liz. Good luck anyways!”
“You’re right. Sorry Court, just nerves. I know you mean well.”

Max was just about ready to give up when they called her name.
“Gentlemen, please welcome ‘Sweet Liz’ to the stage! She is now free to choose her man based on who wants to take a shot at her!”
The man was laughing lewdly and Max was frankly disgusted. He had to speak to Liz and find out what she was doing and why! He looked at her and their eyes met. He raised his eyebrows in question and she nodded slightly.
‘Well that was easier than I thought’, Max said to himself and let out a deep sigh of relief. Finally, some answers. Then there was some rather loud rumblings coming from the stage and it seemed Liz’s boss was trying to convince her to go with someone who had actually named a price. She appeared to be holding firm to her decision though and for that he was grateful.
Max was meant to wait at the backstage door for her so he said a quick ‘see you later’ to a bemused looking Michael and immediately headed over there. When Liz walked out he thought his heart would stop. There were deep shadows under her eyes. Her eyes themselves were as soulful as ever but now they had traces of deep pain lacing them.
“Hi Max.”
Liz had barely spoken audibly but still he heard her.
“Liz. It’s been a while.”
“Yeah. About four years.”
“For some reason it seems like longer.”
“I know.”
“Listen Liz, I’m not exactly sure about the correct protocol that I’m meant to be following here but all I really wanted to do was get you alone so we could go somewhere and talk. Is that alright with you?”
“Sure Max. Whatever you want, you’re the one paying.”
Max wondered if she’d said that to deliberately hurt him and yet he had a feeling she hadn’t. Her voice had been filled with barely masked nervousness and tinged with bitterness. He could handle this…he knew he could.
“Let’s go!”

Max and Liz were sitting in a little coffee shop gazing at each neither, neither knowing quite how to start or what to say.
Liz could tell Max was waiting. Waiting for her to talk and give him the answers to what he was dying to know. He deserved the answers. He always would
“So I guess you’re wondering what I was doing up there, hey Max?”
Max couldn’t help but smile at her, hearing that.
“You could always read my mind Liz.”
“It’s just I don’t know where to start.”
“Start from the beginning, Liz, and finish at the end. I promise not to interrupt.”
“Thank you Max.”
And so Liz took a deep breath and proceeded to begin the telling of her story.

N.B. I wasn't entirely happy with this part but I wanted to get this out as a thank you to everyone who appreciated my attempt at writing and left feedback and even to those who read and enjoyed the story but didn't leave feedback. Feel free to give constructive criticism if you really dopn't like this part cos at the present point in time I'm my only jusdge which doesn't really give me a second opinion. THANKYOU HEAPS FOR READING=)

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