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The Charmed girls and the Alien Guys
Authors: Angelic and Dragonfire
Rating: PG13 (for now I supose) xover Charmed
Couples: CC (I think I don't know)
Disclaimer: Not ours coz the WB owns charmed and I don't who the hell owns Roswell but someone does! But it is our stroy line!
Summary: Read to find out
Angelics Authors note: Ok so me and Dragonfire are gonna take it in turns writing the parts. I'm starting with the prolouge, so all the even parts are mine, and the odd parts are Dragonfire's. Feedback please!!!


A mother lived with her 3 children. Each special in her own way. The first oldest child Isabel had the power of telekinesis. The second Maria had the power of
freezing time. The last child, twin to Maria, Elizabeth was the most innocent and sweet who had the power of the site, the rarest and most wanted gift of them all. To
protect her children, the mother took their powers, so that evil could attack them until they were ready.

However when the girls turned 6 a tragedy
fell upon them. Their mother died in an attack against the warlock Nick. The young girls moved to Roswell to live with their grandmother. Here we find
our heroines 10 years later with Liz look through a very old looking book
in the attic, coming across a very interesting looking poem...

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We've come up with a name... The Charmed girls and the Alien Guys
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Jo, I don't know how fast parts are gonna be coming out, but Faith is posting her part later!