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Note: I know I’ve neglected this story for a while, and I have to apologize for that. Katie told me yesterday that she wanted a new part so this part is dedicated to her!

Katie: Thanks for keeping me on my toes. This part is for you, thanks for asking for it and thanks for pointing out my error… which I still forgot to check for! LOL. I’ll do that after I post this. Anyway, ‘Loving You Loving Me’ will be updated soon!

Ok, enough babble. I know what you all want and here it is. Without further ado here’s part 43! Oh, if you need a refresher, since it’s been like forever, I’ve reposted the whole thing on the Repost board! Thanks. Jenn

Part 44:

Max loved the feel of Liz in his arms and he thanked every God he could think of everyday for her love. He had no idea what he did to deserve it, but she gave it to him unconditionally and he would never let it go.
They had spent the better part of the afternoon making love and now Liz was sleeping peacefully. He wasn’t tired for some reason and was just content watching the love of his life rest. She was showing now and he thought she looked radiant. Of course she disagreed with him but he made sure to show her everyday how beautiful he thought she was. Everyone said she had this glow about her, as most pregnant women do, and it was a breathtaking sight to see.
Slowly Max’s eyes started to close as his wandering thoughts lulled him to sleep he placed a light kiss on Liz’s forehead and whispered his love. She smiled in her sleep and nuzzled her face against his chest telling him she loved him too in her silent way.

(Outside hallway)

Isabel and Pam were walking down the hallway going back towards their room. They had spent most of the day in the library trying to learn about the portals. They wanted to know how much power actually had to be saved, or if there was another way to open the portals, but so far they found nothing. They couldn’t give up hope though so they agreed to try again tomorrow. Isabel hoped that Liz and Maria would join them when they went back. Four people looking up answers would be better then just the two of them. Tess and Kyle were tying to find out anything from the elders. So far they didn’t learn anything useful, just facts on the family but they were going to try again tomorrow.
As they neared the checkpoint Pam looked behind them. She had an eerie feeling that someone was watching them. She didn’t know where this feeling was coming from but she just wanted to check and see if there was anything back there. She wasn’t really surprised when she turned around to find nothing in the hallway behind them, but the feeling wouldn’t go away.
Zach watched Pam checking behind her and wondered what was up. Isabel continued walking towards him while Pam stopped in the middle of the hallway.
“Isabel?” Pam whispered.
“Huh?” Isabel said turning around noticing that Pam wasn’t next to her. “Pam? What’s wrong?” Isabel asked.
“I don’t know I’ve got a weird feeling,” Pam said turning back towards Isabel.
“What kind of weird feeling?” Isabel asked trying to keep the fear from her voice. She couldn’t take this any more. She was only 17 years old; she didn’t need this kind of stress.
“I don’t know. It feels like someone is watching me or something,” she explained.
“Really?” Zach asked.
“Yeah, I know it sounds strange since there is nothing in the hallway, but I just feel like there’s eyes on me,” Pam said.
“Well, I’ll keep a look out,” Zach said. “James, come to the front hallway we might have a situation.”
They all heard running coming from down the hallway and were surprised to see James so quickly.
“How’d you get here so fast?” Pam asked.
“I ran, the hallway isn’t that long,” he said. “What’s the situation?”
“Pam feels like someone is watching her. See if you can pick up a warp or something,” Zach said.
James closed his eyes and concentrated. He felt around for any kind of energy disturbance and slowly opened his eyes.
“Down the hallway about 100 feet away is an energy source. I’m guessing that’s our lurker. He’s holding a pretty strong warp and that mean’s he or she for that matter is pretty powerful. Do you think we should get the others?” James said.
“No, I’ll call some guards and we’ll handle it. Ladies, I think you’ll be safer in your rooms. I’ll come and tell you when everything’s safe,” Zach said.
Isabel nodded and grabbed on to Pam’s hand pulling her down the hallway. Pam struggled and tried to get out of Isabel’s hold. She needed to tell Zach something.
“Isabel let go, I’ll be back in a second,” she said.
Isabel looked at her questioningly but complied. The moment her hand was off Pam’s arm the girl went running back down the hall.
“Zach,” Pam called. He turned to face her with a questioning look.
“I thought I told you to get to the safety of your room,” he said.
“You did, and I will, but I had to tell you this,” she said. She walked up to him stopping an inch away. Looking up into his eyes she smiled. “Please be careful. I couldn’t bare it if anything happened to you,” she said. Then she stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips softly.
He smiled down at her. “I’ll be careful, I promise. Now go and stay safe. I’ll come and check on you in a bit,” he said.
“Ok. Remember be careful,” she said walking away. ‘I love you’ she added to herself.
Pam met Isabel in the same spot where she left her and linked her arm thought Izzy’s while continuing to walk towards their rooms.
“So what did you have to tell our handsome guard?” Isabel asked.
“I just told him to be careful,” Pam said.
“You have a thing for him don’t you?” Isabel asked.
Pam blushed and looked down at the floor. “Yeah, I do. And as much as I hate the fact that I’m stuck on some alien planet, I’m happy at the same time. If I’d never been dragged here I never would have met him and my life would never be complete. The only thing I’m worried about is what’s going to happen when we go back home,” Pam confessed.
“Well, I’ve seen the way he looks at you and in all honesty I have a feeling we are going to have a new member of our little family when we go home, and I don’t mean Max and Liz’s kids. I’m hoping they stay in there until we get home, but that’s another story. I know Zach won’t be able to live without you and I have a feeling he’ll be coming to Earth with us,” Isabel told her friend.
“Really? Do you think so?” Pam asked excitedly.
“Yes, I really do. I think he loves you, but he’s too afraid to say it,” Isabel said.
“I think I’ve fallen in love with him too,” Pam said. “I feel this humming in my body whenever he’s around. It’s almost as if I can sense him,” she said.
“We all feel that whenever our significant others come around. Yup, I’d say you two have it bad,” Isabel said laughing.
Pam blushed again slightly embarrassed but overwhelmingly happy. It was nice to hear from someone else that they thought Zach liked her. It made her happy beyond words.
They were standing in front of Isabel’s door laughing and talking when Alex opened it up.
“Hey ladies. How’d the search go?” he asked.
“Hey sweetie,” Isabel said kissing him. “We didn’t find anything but we’re going back tomorrow.”
“Ah, I see. Well maybe I’ll join you and we can all look together. I don’t think Max, Michael, or I need to do anything else tomorrow so maybe we’ll all join you,” he said.
“That would be cool. The more the merrier. We’ll get more done that way,” Pam said. “Ok, I’m going to leave you two alone. Come and get me for dinner, I think I’m going to take a nap.”
“I will. Thanks for all your help Pam. I really appreciate it,” Isabel said hugging the other girl.
“You don’t have to thank me. In fact I should be thanking you. I mean you guys let me into your tight little group. I’ve never had friends like this before, so thank you,” Pam said returning the hug.
Isabel and Alex blushed a little and nodded their heads. “You’re welcome,” they said together. Pam smiled and headed to her room. She closed the door and flopped on the bed.
She was tired and slowly drifted off to sleep. Her dreams were filled with visions of Zach and her brining a smile to her face. She prayed that this could work for them, because she was in way to deep to see it fail.


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Part 45:

Maria and Michael lay in bed just enjoying the sound of each other’s breathing. They wanted to make the most of these moments since they would be few and far between once they got back to Earth. Things on Seira were at a standstill and they weren’t sure how much longer they would have to be here, but they knew for a fact that Max and Liz wanted to be home before the babies were born.
Maria snuggled closer to Michael’s side and breathed in his scent. She loved the way he smelled yet she couldn’t describe it. It amazed her that even on this alien planet he could still smell the same. That was the only constant in her life right now, Michael’s smell. Well ok that and her friendships with everyone, but Michael’s smell was the most important to her.
Michel wrapped his arms more securely around Maria. He loved having her in his arms and that was pretty much the only thing he was going to miss when they went back home. He wouldn’t be able to have Maria in his arms every day. Max and Liz were lucky and he was jealous of them in that one respect. They could hold one another every night, all night long. Michael never thought he’d want those things, but the little pixie beside him changed all that. She made him a better person and now he wanted the things he never really thought he would before. He wanted to get married, only to Maria of course, and he wanted to have children. Things that never really crossed his mind before are now what he wants more then anything.
He heard Maria’s breathing begin to deepen and even out and he knew in a few seconds she’d be asleep. “Good night Maria,” he whispered.
“Mmm, night Space Boy,” she mumbled almost incoherently.
Michael smiled at her insistence with calling him Space Boy and drifted into slumber. His day had been exhausting he and Max were trying to figure out the best defense if Kivar decided to attack. They couldn’t let the past happen again, they needed to be more prepared this time.

A light knocking from the door woke Pam up. She mumbled something and climbed out of bed.
“Who is it?” she asked as she neared the door. She knew it was most likely one of her friends since Zach wouldn’t let anyone without clearance to come down the hallway.
“It’s Zach,” he answered.
The door flung open seconds later and a very much awake Pam was standing in the doorway. “Zach, what are you doing here?” she asked and then blanched at how that sounded. “Not that I don’t want you here. I mean don’t get me wrong I do, I was just surprised that’s all.”
He smiled at her. She was so cute when she got flustered. He loved trying to ruffle her feathers because when she got all embarrassed her cheeks got rosy and her eyes sparkled it was an amazing sight to behold.
“I just wanted to see you,” he confessed. He knew that this could never be. She would be going back to her planet soon and he’d never see her again, but he just couldn’t stop himself from falling for her. There was something about this small slip of a girl that kept pulling him towards her. He didn’t know what it was, and it didn’t scare him it was just strange.
“Well, I’m glad that you did. I was hoping you’d stop by after your watch got done. Well, at least for a little bit anyway. I haven’t talked to you in days,” she said blushing.
He loved to see her blush. His queen blushed a lot when his highness said things and it was just one of the cutest Earthly endearments to see. Women on Seria didn’t really blush, or at least he’d never seen them do so, and to see these Earth woman get flustered and pinken was an awesome sight. He loved to make Pam blush, and he only wished he’d be able to do it forever.
“I know, I’ve missed talking to you,” he told her.
Pam looked up and her eyes locked on to Zach’s. He had very expressive eyes, more expressive then most of the Serians she’s met while on this planet. His eyes sort of reminded her of Max’s, the way they light up or show you exactly what he’s feeling. Whenever Max sees Liz his eyes darken slightly and you can see the love and desire reflecting in them, Zach’s eyes were like that. Yet she’d only seen Zach’s eyes darken with desire once, but it was the most beautiful sight to behold. She never would have thought that she could cause that kind of reaction from anyone.
“Come in and have a seat. I can’t believe I’ve left you standing in the hallway for so long,” she said thoroughly embarrassed.
He smiled and walked through the door. While his back was to her he took a shaky breath and tried in vain to calm his racing heart. He wiped his sweaty hands on his pants and yelled at himself for acting like a schoolboy with his first crush. Well he couldn’t get to mad at himself because he’d never felt this way about anyone before and it was a pretty frightening feeling. To be so controlled by another person wasn’t something he was used to. He was used to being in control.
Zach turned towards Pam and caught her moistening her lips. The moment her little pink tongue came in contact with her lips he knew that he had to kiss her. There was no if, ands, or buts about it, he needed to kiss her like he needed oxygen to breathe.
Zach closed the distance between them in a matter of seconds and thread his hands in Pam’s hair. She wasn’t expecting this and she let out a small gasp of surprise. Zach lowered his head to hers and Pam wrapped her arms around his neck standing on tiptoes to get closer to him. He pressed his lips to hers and it felt like coming home. This is what he had been craving all day, the taste of her lips.
The kiss started out innocent. Just a light touching, very gentle and soft but as Pam pulled herself closer to Zach and his one hand moved down her back to encircle her waist the kiss deepened. Zach swept his tongue across Pam’s bottom lip begging for entrance and she gladly complied opening her mouth to allow him entrance. He slipped his tongue between her lips and caressed her tongue with his own. She moaned into his mouth at the first contact of their tongues. This is what she’s been craving her whole life.
“How could a man, with just a kiss, consume you so completely?” she wondered. She didn’t know the answer to this question but that was exactly what Zach was doing. He was slowly consuming her and she was powerless to stop it. Not that she would even if she had the power to she wanted to be consumed by him.
They somehow managed to make it to the bed and he laid her down in the center of it with out breaking the kiss. Once she was settled he climbed next to her and stroked her cheek with his thumb. They needed air and broke the kiss each elicitating a moan at the loss. Neither wanted that kiss to end, it held everything they were feeling for the other in it.
“Zach, what’s going to happen?” Pam asked him.
“Happen? What are you talking about?” he questioned not understanding her question.
“With us. What’s going to happen?” she asked quietly.
“Oh, with us. I’m not sure. I want to be with you, but you’ll be leaving me soon,” he said sadly.
“Come with us! You’d love Earth. Although I have a feeling you’ll have to eat everything with Tabasco sauce like the others but other then that you’d love Earth. Alex can get your papers done and everything making you an American citizen it would be perfect. All their parents know about them being otherworldly and one of them could take you in saying you are a nephew or something,” Pam said excitedly.
“You’d want me to come with you?” he asked surprised.
“Hell yes! Zach, I’m falling in love with you, and it breaks my heart everyday just thinking of having to leave you,” Pam confessed.
He smiled broadly at her. “I’m falling in love with you too. We’ll have to ask the king about my leaving the planet to come with you but if he allows it I would love to join you on Earth, or anywhere else you might go, just so long as I’m with you,” he said kissing her again.
The kiss once again got out of control and when they broke for air Zach was on top of Pam. She smiled at him loving the feel of his body on hers. He moved two stray pieces of hair off her forehead and kissed her nose.
“Would you stay in here and hold me? At least until I fall asleep?” she asked him.
He nodded his head yes and rolled off of her pulling her against his side. She snuggled against him enjoying the feel of him next to her and began to relax. Within minutes she was asleep but he was reluctant to let her go. So he stayed there and slowly drifted off to sleep as well.


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AN: I think that this fic is starting to come down to the wire. It’s been a long time coming, but have no fear it’s only the second segment in my trilogy. There will be one after this. I just wanted to warn you that things will probably move quickly after this and I will be ending it soon. I’m not sure exactly how many parts, but probably around 5. I’ll try to end close to fifty! LOL. This part answers some questions about Chloe and Tim! Just thought I’d let you all know since everyone is dying to know what’s up with them!

Part 46:

“The royals have finally all gone to bed. Come on we’ve got to get to the meeting! Kivar isn’t going to like that we are late,” Tim said turning to his wife.
“Oh please. I’m his sister; he’ll forgive me anything. I mean it was I who helped lure the damn royals in the first place. It was MY idea to go after them! Although Liz is a lot stronger then we’d anticipated, I never would have thought she would have the power to drag all of them though the portal, I had only guessed that she’d bring the King, and then we could dispose of the two of them leaving the rest stranded on Earth forever,” Chloe said. “Besides if it hadn’t been for me and the story they never would have attempted to “save” our son as a whole group.”
“I know my dear. You were very convincing. Now please, can we go? Your brother is unbearable when he’s really mad,” Tim stated.
“Yes lets go,” Chloe said leading the way to the hidden door in their chamber. Her “king” was just as stupid now as he was in his past live. He was too trusting then and he still is, and she used that to her advantage.
Tim and Chloe left the palace in search of their transport. Kivar was sending someone to pick them up because the meeting place moved from day to day as the Royalists, followers of the Royal family, were constantly looking for his group. Kivar knew that he would have to be cautious and he planned everything perfectly. Chloe had told him that the energy should be stored within two weeks and once that was completed the royals would be leaving. He had asked Chloe to find out the actual date so that he knew what kind of a time frame he was working with and that was to be the focus of tonight’s meeting. They had to discuss the departure date, the strike, and what kind of counter strike the King and his Second were planning.
Chloe and Tim walked into camp with confidence. They both knew that Kivar would be angry about being kept waiting, but Chloe also knew that he’d understand why there were so late.
“Sister dear. So nice of you and your husband to join us,” Kivar said snidely.
“Oh shut up. It isn’t our fault the damn Royals are late night people. We had to wait for all of them to retire,” Chloe snapped.
Kivar wisely closed his mouth and went about getting down to business. Chloe told him that the departure date was in two Fridays, so 14 days from that very day and Kivar laughed his evil laugh. That Friday morning he was going to storm the palace and take what was rightfully his, the thrown and Liz.

Chloe and Tim snuck back into the palace before daybreak. Kivar was angry because Tim didn’t know about any contingencies Max and Michael were planning. He wouldn’t accept that they hadn’t really discussed it yet and he resorted to mind probing Tim to find out if he was lying.
Once he was sure Tim was telling the truth Kivar told them to go back to the palace. He kissed his sister on the cheek and sent her back to the Dragon’s lair.

Max woke up fairly early and decided to go for a walk. Something had woken him up and he couldn’t fall back to sleep so he got out of bed. He covered Liz with the extra blanket so she wouldn’t get cold from not having his warmth next to her anymore. She really needed her rest and he didn’t want to disturb her.
He put on some clothes and walked out the door. As he was passing James, the guard on duty, Michael, Kyle, and Alex walked up to him.
“What are you guys doing here?” Max asked.
“We couldn’t sleep so we decided to go for a walk,” Alex said. “Well, at least Kyle and I had the sleeping problems. What are you doing up?”
“Something woke me up. I don’t know what it was. I mean I knew there wasn’t any danger but I had this need to get up and check things out,” Max said.
“Yeah, I had that same feeling. So that’s what I’m doing. Are you guys coming?” Michael asked walking away.
The other three guys looked at one another and followed closely behind their friend. They didn’t talk because no one was sure what they were dealing with and they didn’t want to alert anyone of their presence.
Michael stopped abruptly as he watched Chloe and Tim sneaking back over the palace wall. He had no idea what they were up to and he wanted to find out. Chloe had been acting very strangely ever since they got back to this godforsaken planet. He inched closer not even caring if the others followed.
“These meetings really are a waste of time, and I’ve told you to talk to him about that damned mind probe! Who knows what he’ll see in my head and I don’t ever want him to see my memories of us making it!” Tim ground out angrily.
Michael stopped short again hearing Tim’s words. He had no proof of whom they were talking about but he had a feeling it was Kivar. Why would his sister be in coo hoots with the enemy? This just isn’t adding up.
“I know, I’ve talked to him but he usually doesn’t listen to me. I’ll talk to him again and see what I can do. I wouldn’t want him to see those memories either, he might try to kill you or something and I can’t have that,” Chloe said rubbing her behind against Tim’s hardness playfully.
He growled and chased her though the hidden door that head back to their room. Michael just stood there in stunned silence not knowing what to do. He just found out that his “sister” was a traitor, and even though he’d seen it with his own eyes he didn’t want to believe it.
Michael walked silently back to where he left Max and the others. He had just realized that they hadn’t followed him.
“Where the hell did you go? You took off so fast we couldn’t keep up, and it doesn’t help that it’s so damned dark out,” Kyle asked.
“I saw something and I checked it out. It turned out to be nothing of importance, so let’s go back to bed. I’m getting tired again,” Michael said. He vowed to tell them tomorrow after he thought about what he saw.
“I know you’re hiding something Michael, but I won’t press the issue. You seem really shaken up right now, but tomorrow we will discuss it,” Max said.
“I promise. I’ve just got to sort out my head first,” Michael said thankfully. He loved that Max was so in tune with most things going on around him. He could see why his friend was such a great king.
They walked back inside and went to their own rooms. Max stripped and climbed back into bed with Liz. She sighed and snuggled against him, almost as if she knew he was gone.
“Mmmm…where’d you go?” she asked obviously awake. Max smiled at the fact that his wife knew when he was missing.
“I couldn’t sleep, and neither could Michael, Kyle, or Alex, so we went for a little walk. The night air helped a bit and we decided to try again,” Max explained.
“Ok,” she said in barely a whisper as she drifted back to sleep.
Max drifted off to sleep shortly after Liz. Her presence soothing his soul letting him finally have the peace to rest.

(Next morning)

Max and Liz dressed and walked to the dining hall. They wanted to enjoy breakfast before they were to part ways for the day. Liz was going to help Maria, Tess, Pam, and Isabel in the library today. They needed to find more research, and Max was going to be talking with Michael, Alex, Kyle, Zach, and Tim about war plans. He needed to be ready for anything, and since they didn’t know what they were dealing with he wasn’t sure what to plan.
Everyone except Pam was in the dining room and Liz voiced the question on most of their minds. “Where’s Pam?”
“I don’t know, we were all wondering the same thing,” Maria said from her seat.
“It’s not like her to be late,” Isabel said with concern.
As soon as those words left Isabel’s mouth the doors to the dining hall banged against the wall and James walked in.
“I’m sorry to interrupt Your Highness, but have you seen Zach? He wasn’t in his quarters this morning,” he asked.
“No, I haven’t. Has anyone else?” Max asked turning to his friends.
“No, not since last night. Pam had a feeling like she was being watched and James used his power to find the disturbance and found out that there was a mind warper in the hallway. He and Zach took care of it as they instructed Pam and I to go to our quarters,” Isabel explained.
“A mind warper in the hallway! That is not good!” Michael yelled.
“Did you catch him, or her?” Max asked.
“I’m sorry Your Highness but no. He or she managed to get away. We really did try though, he or she was just to crafty,” James apologized.
“It’s all right James. I know you did your best,” Max said. “I’m going to go to Pam’s room to make sure she’s all right,” he added.
“I’ll come with you,” Liz said. “I’m really concerned for her.”
“Ok, let’s go,” Max said taking Liz’s hand walking out of the dining hall.
They walked back down the hall towards their rooms and smiled a hello to Keith, the other guard and continued to Pam’s room. Max knocked on the door and waited for her to answer.
A few moments later the door was opened and Liz gasped in shock. Before both Max and she stood a sleepily Zach. Liz couldn’t believe it.
“Zach? What are you doing here?” Max asked.
“I was talking to Pam after I got off last night and she asked me to hold her until she fell asleep but I guess I fell asleep too,” Zach explained.
“That’s fine, it’s just everyone was worried about the two of you. Why don’t you freshen up and join us for breakfast. We’ll wait for the two of you before ordering,” Liz said smiling at Pam who was just climbing out of bed, fully dressed.

Pam and Zach joined the others in the dining hall ten minutes later. They both had on fresh clothes and looked much more presentable. Michael shot Zach a look that spoke of dire punishments if he hurt Pam.
Zach swallowed the lump in his throat and proceeded to sit at the table. Michael was now wearing a look of confusion. He didn’t know where these feelings of protection for Pam were coming from and it worried him a bit.
Pam sat down next to Michael and her hand accidentally fell on Michaels as she was sitting. She gasped as flashes began to fly across her eyes. Michael was stone still as he watched the movie unfold across his eyes too.

Two little children playing on the lawn of the palace, the little boy was chasing the little girl while she screamed and laughed.
Two other children walking up to them extending their hands while he and the little girl he was playing with bowed.
A few years later the same two children studying with the Crowned Prince and Princess so they would be able to advise in running the planet.
The young man showing the young girl from all the other flashes his intended bride and the girl hugging him close. “Rath, I’m so excited for you!” “Thank you Kayla. That means so much to me.” “Please like I wouldn’t be excited for my own brother getting married!”

~End Flash!~

“Oh my God! Kayla?” Michael exclaimed.
“Rath?” Pam cried. “How is this possible?”
“I’m not sure,” he replied.
“Um, I hate to interrupt this special moment, but would you mind sharing the Scooby Snack with the rest of us Scoobies?” Alex asked.
“Oh, sorry! Pam and I just had a flash. She’s my sister Kayla!” he exclaimed.
“Well, if she’s your sister, and we know you only had one,” Tess said, “then who’s Chloe?”


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Part 47:

Michael looked around the table wondering if now was the best time to tell them what he saw last night. He wanted to tell them all but there could very well be ears listening to his conversations and with Chloe and Tim being traitors he didn’t want them to find out that he knew.
“I’ve ah, I’ve got something to share with you all, but I can’t tell you here. After we eat we have to meet back in one of the rooms. This is really important but I don’t know who could be listening to us and I don’t want this to fall into the wrong hands,” Michael told them making up his mind.
Max was the only one who had an inkling of what Michael wanted to talk about and when Liz got ready to voice her question about what he wanted to tell them Max silenced her. She looked at him and wondered what he knew that everyone else didn’t.
‘Max? What do you know?’ she asked him silently with her mind.
‘Michael saw something last night but he wasn’t ready to tell anyone. He’s ready now but I don’t want to push him,’ Max told her.
‘Oh, ok then. I will wait,’ she assured him.
‘Thank you love,’ he replied kissing her knuckles lightly.
The ten of them ate in silence, each wondering about what Michael had to tell them. Michael wasn’t thinking about what to tell them, he was more concerned with how to tell them. He just couldn’t figure out how to approach the subject.
‘Michael sweetie, what’s wrong?’ Maria asked him sensing his anxiety.
‘Nothing, its just I don’t know how to say what I need to say. You know? I mean I was never the articulate one and what I have to say is going to be really hard to tell,’ he confessed.
‘Michael we all know you don’t articulate very well, and we don’t care. Just come out and tell us. The blunt and honest way is the best. Believe me,’ she told him.
He nodded his head and kissed her cheek silently thanking her. She returned his smile and caresses the back of his hand with her thumb wondering what could possibly be so bad that even Michael was afraid to tell them.
Michael got more nervous as everyone finished eating breakfast. He had hardly touched his because his stomach was upset enough and he didn’t want to throw up as he was telling everyone that Chloe and Tim were traitors. He knew that they couldn’t act differently or they would tell Kivar, and if Kivar found out then whatever he had planned would be either moved up or made to be ten times worse.
“Well, I hope your breakfast was all right. Had Tim and I known you’d all be here this early we’d have joined you,” Chloe said kissing Michael’s cheek.
Michael had to control the urge to cringe. He couldn’t let Chloe know that he knew her secret, well at least the secret that she was a traitor. He didn’t really know who she was just yet, but he was going to find out.
Pam was seething with anger as Chloe kissed Michael’s cheek. ‘That’s my brother bitch,’ Pam thought. ‘You better keep your hands off.’
The grip that Michael had on Maria’s hand tightened as Chloe kissed his cheek. That was the only indication he gave of not liking Chloe and Maria deduced that whatever it was Michael had to tell them had to do with Chloe.
“We didn’t want to disturb you and Tim. I mean you’ve been separated for so long that you deserve to spend as much time together as possible. I mean I know if I was separated from Max for as long as you were from Tim I’d go completely insane,” Liz said. “And the moment I got back to him I’d never let him out of my sight again.”
Chloe smiled a cold smile at Liz. The smile didn’t reach her eyes, and Max noticed this. Liz had looked away from Chloe after she told Chloe why they didn’t wake the two of them up because Maria had taped her arm trying to get her attention.
‘Well, well, well, my little Queen you will be without your precious Max soon enough, and you’ll be thankful. Once Kivar shows you the true meaning of BEING King you’ll never think about this weakling in front of you again,’ Chloe thought.
“Well, it looks like everyone’s done. Would you all please accompany me to my rooms? I want to make sure I know where everyone is going to be and then you can get anything you might need before we all split ways to do what we’ve got to do. Chloe make sure Tim is ready and in the war room in twenty minutes,” Max said taking command. He knew that Michael didn’t trust either Chloe or Tim, and everyone was beginning to see why. But after that cold look Chloe gave to Liz Max was certain something sinister was going on with those two.
“Right away Your Highness,” replied Chloe trying to keep the contempt out of her voice. She hated having to bow down to this BOY king.
Everyone else got up and headed back towards their rooms. They all smiled at Keith as they passed him and continued down the hallway. Max continued walking past his room to Michael and Maria’s.
“Just in case Tim and Chloe try to follow. I don’t want them listening in, and if they ask we’ll just tell them that you needed to get something and we moved here,” Max explained.
“Very smart,” Michael said smiling.
They all filed into the room and got comfortable. Max sat on the floor next to the chair that Liz was sitting in. He placed his head on her leg and she was running her fingers though his hair. Maria was sitting on the other side of Liz in the only other chair in the room, while Alex and Isabel sat on the floor. Isabel was between Alex’s legs and he had his arms wrapped around her. Kyle and Tess sat across from then against the other wall, in the same position, and Pam and Zack were sitting against the foot of the bed side by side holding hands.
Michael looked around the room at all of his friends and his eyes landed on his sister. He couldn’t believe that all these years he’s known her and never once realized that she was his sister. ‘Maybe that’s why she treated us so badly, I bet it was because she wanted in so much but we wouldn’t let her. We couldn’t trust too many people but we let four humans in and my own sister was shut out. The two of us are going to have to do major sibling bonding once this is over,’ he thought to himself.
“Ok, we’re here because I have something to tell you, and in the words of my beautiful pixie I’m just going to be blunt and tell you,” Michael started.
No one said a word waiting for him to continue. He took a deep breath and ran his hands through his hair trying to compose himself. He couldn’t figure out why this was so hard now. He knew that Chloe wasn’t his sister, so why couldn’t he just tell them?
“Michael?” Pam called to him softly.
He raised his eyes to his sisters and saw the love and compassion in them. “I know this is hard Michael but I also know you can do this,” she told him still speaking in that soft soothing voice.
Maria watched as Michael visibly relaxed and made a mental note to ask Pam how she did that. Michael smiled at his sister and then kissed Maria’s forehead and took one more deep breath before starting.
“Ok, so last night Max, Alex, Kyle, and I went for a walk. Max and I felt something and decided to get up. I can’t really explain what we felt but it just felt like something was wrong, so we went outside. Alex and Kyle just couldn’t sleep. Ok, sorry I’m rambling worse then Maria,” he said earning him a glare from his girlfriend. “Anyway, I saw something over by the wall and rushed over there not even caring if the rest of them kept up with me. As it turns out they didn’t but that’s neither here nor there. I saw Chloe and Tim climbing over the wall, and they were talking about a meeting and how they were a waste of time. Then Tim was complaining about mind probes because he didn’t want whomever it was they were talking about to see him making it with Chloe. She agreed and said she’d talk to “him” again but she didn’t think it’d do any good because he never listened to her anyway. Then they walked through a door that I never knew existed and I headed back to Max and the others,” Michael finished.
“So Chloe and Tim are working for the enemy?” Isabel asked. “I’m going to make the assumption that they went to meet Kivar. You know, I wonder…” she started to say.
“What do you wonder?” Tess asked. “Are you remembering something?”
“Yeah I think so but it’s all hazy. I mean I think I remember Kivar having a sister or something but I can’t quite grasp the memory,” Isabel told them. “In any case we can’t discuss any plans in front of either of them because then it will get back to Kivar.”
“You’re right. Ok, we’ll come up with a weak fake plan today, you know to throw Tim off and then we’ll meet later on in Alex’s room to come up with a true contingency,” Max told everyone.
“That’s a good idea. We’re also going to have to see if we can get the portal opened sooner. I have a feeling Kivar is going to want to strike before we leave,” Kyle added.
“No, he’s going to want to strike on that day,” Liz said speaking for the first time since they entered the room.
“How do you know chica?” Maria asked.
“Well that is just his style. He’s a big ham, and he wants to keep ME here so that’s the best time to strike. Hell he wouldn’t care if all of you got through the portal just so long as I stay here and Max dies,” Liz replies shuddering.
Max stood up and pulled Liz into his arms. He lightly caressed her back and placed his free hand over her belly in a small gesture of protection to his children. “I will not let him get you Liz, that I promise,” he told her.
“I know you won’t Max, and I won’t let him hurt you either,” Liz told him.
“Well, I know you will try not to but there is no way I’m letting you get near danger if I can prevent it,” he told her passionately. “You are too important to me.”
“Max…” Liz started but Max silenced her with a kiss. She quickly melted into his embrace and everyone else groaned.
“Go to your own room and do that,” Michael yelled breaking the moment. Max and Liz pulled apart glaring at him which only made him laugh more.
“Let’s go we’ve got a lot of planning to do,” Max said kissing Liz one more time.
Michael walked up to Maria and gave her a quick but passionate kiss, and Alex kissed Isabel. She was worried about letting him to into that room with Tim, but with Max and Michael there he’d be safe. Kyle kissed Tess lightly and she smiled at him as he left. Zack wasn’t sure if he was to go with Max or return to his barracks but Max remedied that for him really quick.
“Zack we’ll need you in the war room with us. I’m going to move you off hallway duty and on to contingency planner for now. You know this place better then most people and that’s what we need,” Max said.
“Yes, Your Highness,” Zack said.
He kissed Pam quickly and rushed out the door. Liz looked at Pam and raised her eyebrow. “What? I never said we didn’t kiss, I just said that nothing really happened last night. You saw us, we were sleeping with our clothes on!” Pam exclaimed smiling happily. “Liz can I ask you a question?”
“Yeah, what’s up?” she said looking directly at Pam.
“Well when we go back, can we bring Zack with us?” she asked.
“Of course! I was going to have Max ask him to come. I mean it’s not everyday you meet your soul mate and there is no way I’m going to allow you to lose yours again,” Liz told her smiling.
“Ok, well he wanted to make sure Max wouldn’t mind and I figured you’d know,” laughed Pam.
“Yes, I would,” replied Liz.
The girls left the room and headed to the library to try to find anything that could help them or their soul mates in this upcoming war. Liz walked to the war section trying to find any old plans that could work. Pam joined her since there was a lot to cover. Maria looked up some history stuff so that they would know what exactly happened in the past. Isabel and Tess continued to look for other portals to open or anything like that. So they could return again one day without having to save up energy.
They worked in silence for the most part. A few wows could be heard coming from Maria but it was nothing really big, so they continued to work.
“OH MY GOD!” Maria yelled out.
“What is it?” Liz asked running over to her friend. She ran awkwardly because of her added weight but she still made it to Maria before Isabel, Tess, or Pam.
“It says in here that there is a machine called the Granolith. I have no idea what it is but it was sent to Earth. It’s a very powerful weapon, and can be used as a portal. So when we go home all we have to do is find this thing!”


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AN: Happy New Years! I know it’s been almost a month since I updated this…pretty scary huh? Yeah I think so too! LOL…Anyway…This is winding down slowly but surely. I’d give you an estimate but the parts just seem to write themselves and I don’t know how many more before I actually finish this. Have no fear though the third part to the Trilogy will be out shortly after I finish this…I’m just going to take about a two week break or so before starting that one because I have SO many other stories…but since this one isn’t done yet we don’t have to worry about that. Ok, ok, I’m babbling…I sound like Maria…even in my own head! LOL. So here’s the next part…I hope it’s been worth the wait. Jenn *tongue*

Part 48:

“The Granolith? What’s the Granolith?” Pam asked.

“I’m not sure but it seems important. There isn’t too much written here in this book but I’m going to take it back to my room later to find out more on it,” Maria explained. “I want to learn as much as I can.”

“That’s a great idea. We need to be prepared for anything and this is definitely something we need to know about. We need to know what it does, how we can use it, what kind of powers it possesses, and things like that,” Liz replied.

“How do you know it has powers? I don’t remember saying anything about powers. In fact I don’t remember the book saying anything about powers,” Maria asked.

“Well it can be used as a portal and it’s a powerful weapon, I don’t know I guess I just assumed it had powers. That and I think I remember it being on this planet once and Max and I consulted it in some matter, but the memory isn’t very clear,” Liz told her friend.

“Well I think we should call the guys and have them meet us for lunch in a private room and discuss this. They need to know what we’ve found. Then after lunch we can come back here and look for more information on everything,” Isabel said. She was getting hungry and she knew that if she didn’t make Liz stop and eat she’d forget because of all the excitement, and Max wouldn’t like that one bit. He was already extremely protective of Liz as it was and this would just send him over the edge.

“You’re right. I’ll call to Max and tell him to meet us in our room. We’ll have lunch there because it’s private and we won’t have to worry about being interrupted. We’ll then discuss the Granolith and what it does and see if anyone remembers anything about it,” Liz said.

“Maybe Zack knows about it. I mean he’s lived on Seria his whole life and there has to have been stories about it,” Pam suggested.

“Pam’s right. I mean someone here has to know about the Granolith, and they will be able to tell us something,” Maria agreed.

~*~*~War Room~*~*~

“Tim?” Max called getting his attention. “Where would Kivar be most likely to strike if he was going to storm the palace? I mean what’s the weakest part?”

“Well your Highness I’d have to say that the weakest part is the left side. It is hardly ever guarded,” Tim told Max.

‘He’s lying to you Max. The rear of the Citadel is always less protected,’ Zack told him subvoically.

‘I think I already knew that. I was testing Tim to make sure he was really working for the other side, and he proved me right. Thank you Zack for letting me know. We’ll have to beef up security all over the palace as the time of departure draws nearer,’ Max said.

“Ok, so we’ll have to plan for an attack on the left side of the Citadel. If Tim is positive that Kivar is going to attack there then that’s where we plan on the hit coming from,” Max said aloud not letting Tim know he was on to him.

Michael, Alex, and Kyle knew what Max was doing and they didn’t even raise an eyebrow when Max suggested listening to Tim. Now was definitely not the time to show Tim, or Chloe for that matter, that they were on to them. They needed to be as normal as possible.

‘Max?’ Liz called subvocially to her husband.

‘Liz? What’s wrong?’ Max asked worriedly.

‘Nothing,’ Liz laughed. ‘We are getting hungry and I wanted to know if you and the guys would join us for a private lunch. We found out some interesting information that could definitely help us in this war.’

‘We’ll be joining you shortly. We’ve just got to get rid of Tim,’ Max told her. ‘I love you!’

‘I love you too. We’re meeting in our room. Well actually we are already here,’ Liz told him.

‘All right, we’ll be there soon I promise,’ he told her.

“Liz just contacted me, she’s not feeling too well. She’s tired and I think spending so much time in the library was putting too much strain on her and the babies. I’m going to go check up on her and eat lunch in the room. She also told me that Maria wanted to see you Michel, and Tess and Isabel are waiting for you Alex and Kyle. Zack, I think Pam is expecting you for lunch as well,” Max said trying to get everyone out of the room and whatnot. “Tim go have lunch with Chloe and Justin. I’m sure they are missing you terribly.”

“Yes your Highness,” Tim said walking out of the room.

Max, followed by Michael, Alex, Kyle, and Zack began to walk towards their rooms. Max didn’t say anything about them eating lunch in his room just yet because he wasn’t sure if they were being followed by Tim or not. Once they passed Keith in the hallway Max stopped.

“We’re all eating lunch in my room. The girls found out some interesting news that they wanted to share with us,” Max told them opening the door to his room.

The guys filed in and the sight of five girls lying on the bed greeted them.

“Well if this isn’t a fantasy come true I don’t know what is,” Kyle said laughing.

“Pig! Of course I have to be dating the pig,” Tess cried out trying not to laugh along with everyone else.

“Well what do you expect Tess, I mean he’s the Captain of the football team. Being a pig goes right along with being a jock,” Maria laughed.

“Hey! It so does not! I’m just particularly good at being a pig, thank you very much,” Kyle said.

“Kyle man, so not helping your cause,” Alex said causing everyone to break out into hysterics again.

“Ok people, can we please get down to business here,” Isabel said sobering everyone up. “I’m starving and I need to eat!”

“Of course sweetie. We’ll eat and then you can tell us what news you’ve found,” Alex said.

“Can we say whipped?” Michael asked.

“Shut up Space Boy,” Maria snapped.

“Shutting up,” he replied.

The room once again broke out into hysterics. “What?” Michael asked.

“Look who’s calling the kettle black!” Alex exclaimed.

“Ok enough,” Max cried trying to calm down. “We have more important things to discuss.”

“Yeah, like Tim’s blatant lie about where our weakest point is. He’s trying to make sure we get hit hard when Kivar attacks,” Zack said.

“I just wish there was a way to find out when the attacks are going to be,” Kyle said.

“Well, maybe I could dreamwalk either him or Chloe to find out,” Isabel said.

“NO!” Alex, Max, and Kyle yelled. “It’ll be too dangerous,” Alex replied. “I mean they are full aliens, I mean what if they can sense you in their dreams, things could get really ugly then.”

“Alex has a point. We can’t do anything to cause suspicion, I’m sorry Isabel but I cannot allow you to do that. You will not only danger us, but yourself. If they can sense you in their dreams things will get really ugly and I’m afraid that they’ll try to harm you or even worse kill you,” Max said.

“I get the point. I won’t go into their dreams,” Isabel said.

“Isabel,” Max warned.

“I swear Max. I swear that I will not do something stupid, something that could put everyone in danger. Do you think I would risk all your lives? The lives of my niece and nephew? No I wouldn’t,” she told him.

Their lunch came moments later so they stopped talking and ate. Max sat next to Liz and wrapped one arm around her. He missed her all day and needed to feel her close to him. He had a bad feeling about the events that were going to unfold days from now. Something felt off, and he couldn’t quite explain it.

‘Max what’s wrong?’ Liz asked as if sensing his thoughts.

‘I don’t know it’s just that something doesn’t feel right. You know? I mean I have a bad feeling that something terrible is going to happen before we leave this planet,’ he told her.

‘I know what you mean, I’ve been getting strange vibes all day,’ Liz told him. ‘I wasn’t sure if it was just the twins or if it was something serious.’

‘Well, we know never to not pay attention to the signs so I’m going with something else, but it could just be the twins,’ Max said. ‘I mean if no one else is feeling it but us it could be our children, they could be trying to communicate with us or something,’ he said.

“Ok ladies. You called this meeting to tell us something important, what’s the important thing you have to share?” Michael asked.

“Leave it to Michael to ruin the moment,” Maria said. “Good going Space boy.”

“Oh shut up Pixie,” he said.

“Well, the important thing should probably be explained by Maria since she found it,” Tess told everyone.

“Ok, I don’t care who tells it just some one say something, the suspense is killing me,” Kyle teased.

“Ok, so there’s this thing on Earth, it was sent with us, I think. I’m not positive I mean the book didn’t say. Anyway it’s called the Granolith, it’s a powerful weapon thing, and can be used as a portal. Now the only thing we need to do is find it then figure out how to use it and we’ll be good to go,” Maria rambled.

“Um, that wasn’t too bad, even for Maria. I don’t even need to filter it though the Maria filter,” Kyle laughed.

“Damn it Kyle! Can’t you be serious for like one minute!” Isabel yelled.

“Yeah I can but it’s not as fun,” Kyle said.

“Enough,” Max said sternly. “I can’t take much more of this. Ok, listen. We’ll take the rest of the afternoon off from planning war strategies, besides I want to look up some stuff in books anyway and we’ll all go to the library. I’ll have Zack find some elders who he believes can be trusted and we’ll ask them about the Granolith, but we’ll be looking for stuff in books too. We need to figure out how it works so we can use it if the need arises.”

“Max has a very good point, and all this bickering isn’t going to help any,” Pam said. “We need to stick together more now then ever.”

“Pam’s right. I’m sorry Kyle,” Isabel said.

“It’s ok. I’m sorry too. I know this is serious stuff, but you all know me I make lame jokes when things get rough, I’m like Alex in that respect,” he said.

“Yeah, we know,” Maria grumbled.

“All right. Let’s go and hit the library,” Liz said getting up off the bed.

“Liz are you sure you don’t want to take a nap?” Max asked her.

“You said we all need to go to the library to look stuff up and I’m coming. No I don’t need a nap, I’m fine. I feel fine, not tired at all and I promise to sit for most of the afternoon, and if I feel tired I’ll let you know and you can bring me back here to rest,” she told him.

“Fine. Lets go,” Max said leading everyone to the doors.


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Remember that this isn't the last of the story! I've got one more installment. This is the second story of the Trilogy. *happy* Once this is finished I think I'm going to take a two month break or so before writing the next phase. Well, maybe I'll write, but I won't that way I'll have some parts done and I won't have to wait so long to post them.

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Jenn *tongue*
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Part 49:

The gang spent the next couple of days researching the Granolith. Some of the elders could tell them a little bit about it but no one really knew what it was. They had said the only people who really knew anything about the Granolith were the royal family.

This dampened Max’s spirit. He really needed to know about the Granolith. There had to be records of it somewhere. Didn’t his parents like keep a log or something? Didn’t his former self, or hell even Liz keep something? Liz was always writing in a journal, she must have when she lived on this planet too.

“I hate this. There has to be something,” Max said hitting a table with his fist breaking the silence of the library.

“Max, we will find something I know we will. Getting upset isn’t going to help,” Isabel said calmly trying to subdue her brother. He had been really tense all week and it was driving everyone nuts.

“I’m sorry, I’m just stressed out. These weird vibes are getting worse and I don’t know I’m just really worried,” Max apologized.

“We know things are hard right now Max and with both you and Liz feeling weird feelings everyone is on edge, but we’ve got to remain calm,” Michael told him. “Look why don’t you take the afternoon off like you forced Liz to do. If we find anything I promise we will contact you right away. You need a break and Liz could probably use some company.”

“Fine. But call us if you figure anything out,” Max said exiting the library.

“Thank God! He was beginning to get on my nerves,” Maria said plopping into a chair. “Man, I’m beat.”

“I know. We’ve been in this library for days now and still nothing. I’m almost afraid that we aren’t going to find anything. Either that or we’re going to run out of time,” Alex said sitting down wearily.

“I know I was worrying about that myself,” Kyle said leaning against the wall.

Pam walked around the library knowing that what they were looking for was among the books here, hidden to keep it safe. She just needed to figure out where it was hidden and they would have all the answers they needed. She wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking for but she had a feeling it wouldn’t look like any of the other books in the library.

She hung a left walking down another row of books scanning the shelves, looking for a needle in a haystack. It was going to be impossible to find this book in the amount of time they had left on Seria, but they had to at least try. She knew that everyone was getting tired and cranky, she was too, but their lived could depend upon finding out what this weapon/machine can do.

She continued walking around just looking at all the massive bookcases when something caught her eye. She didn’t know why the little book did but she just couldn’t pass it by. Picking it up she headed back towards the others.

Curiosity got the better of her and she opened the book looking at its contents. It looked like a diary or journal of some sort explaining everything that was going on with the war. Pam couldn’t make out the handwriting but if she had to fathom a guess she would say it was Liz’s former self who wrote this.

“GUYS! I think I’ve found something,” Pam yelled running towards her friends.

“Huh? What?” everyone asked confused. They had all begun to dose off on the tables and the floor. They needed a break and they were tired. Pam’s yelling startled everyone.

“I said I think I’ve found something. I was walking around and this little book here just seemed to capture my attention. It looks like a diary or something I can’t tell. But the handwriting seems vaguely familiar, I just can’t place it,” she said smiling. If this contained the information they needed then they would be able to stop looking in the damned library and start relaxing. They would be leaving in a few days and things were getting tense, they all needed a reprieve.

“Let me see that a second,” Maria said holding out her hand.

Pam handed the book over to Maria hoping that she’d be able to confirm that it was Liz’s handwriting. If it was then it probably meant that their search was over. Maria opened the book looking at the writing and reading the words.

“This is Liz’s handwriting. Do you know what this means! We’ve found it! Well Pam found it!” she exclaimed.

“Thank God! Let’s bring this to Max and Liz and then go and do something fun,” Alex said running out of the library. If he never looked at another book again he’d die a happy man.

The eight of them walked back to their rooms and knocked on Max and Liz’s door. They didn’t want to just walk right in because they were afraid they would catch the two of them in a compromising position.

“Come in,” a groggy voice called from within.

Michael opened the door striding in. He couldn’t wait to tell them the news so he could drag his pixie off to bed. They needed a nap and then they were off to do something really fun.

“Did you find anything?” Max asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He had come back to the room to find Liz fast asleep. He climbed into bed behind her and fell right to sleep as well. He’d been pushing himself really hard the past couple of days and it finally caught up with him.

“Yeah, Pam found a journal, and Maria said it’s Liz’s handwriting. I think this is what we’ve been looking for,” Michael told him smiling.

The others stood behind him waiting for Max’s reaction. Max held out his hand for the journal. Michael placed it in his friend’s hand and waited to see what happened. Max began to read the journal. It was Liz’s handwriting. He’d have known it anywhere.

“I think you have definitely found something but as of yet I don’t know if it’s going to be of any help. So far it doesn’t say anything about the Granolith,” Max told them.

“Well, we’ll just let you and Liz read through it. We are going to take the rest of the afternoon off as well. We’re all tired and getting burnt out. We need a break,” Alex said walking towards the door.

“Yeah that’s fine. You guys should go and do something fun. I mean we’re only going to be here for a few more days so make the most of it,” Max said smiling.

Everyone filed out of the bedroom and headed down the hallway towards their own rooms. They needed a nap before they went out and had some fun. All that research had taken its toll on all of them and it was time to relax and unwind.

Max continued to read the journal while Liz continued sleeping. She had over exerted herself over the past week trying to find any information on the Granolith and she needed this sleep. The twins were beginning to drain her energy because they needed so much to remain healthy. Max thought that this might happen and he wasn’t happy about not paying attention to Liz’s physical well being. That was why today he forced her to stay in the room. She wasn’t happy about it but she complied and did as he asked.

He skipped to the middle of the journal hoping that there was something there about the struggle and the Granolith. So far the only thing that he’d read was their marriage and stuff like that. It was basically just Liz’s adjustment to living in the palace.

September 14,

Things have been getting very tense here in the palace. Kivar and his followers are trying to dethrone us. Our people, well most of them, are loyal and I know that Kivar will not succeed. The Queen mother is frightened but my precious husband keeps telling her not to worry. He says that we are safe here in the palace, but I know better. I’m not blind and I know that things are getting worse. Kivar is picking up more and more followers, which scares me but I will remain strong and fight beside my husband. He doesn’t want me to telling me that it’s too dangerous, but I of course am not listening. It drives him mad. He is constantly telling me that I’m too stubborn, but if he can risk his life for his people why can’t I? Answer me that, they are my people two. He is their king and I am their queen. I will fight to ensure the freedom of my people just as much as he will; there is no swaying me on that decision.
Today we go to see the Granolith we need answers. The former king left us a book, which I’ve hidden in the wall of our room. Only I can open it. It is encrypted to open only for my handprint, and I did this not because I don’t trust anyone but because the information in there is so precious I didn’t know what else to do. Of course Zan isn’t happy about this saying I should have encrypted it to his handprint too, but he wasn’t around when his mother gave me the book saying keep it safe so I did what I had to do.
The Granolith is the source of our people’s religion and power. If it ever fell in the wrong hands I couldn’t even begin to imagine what would happen. It has capabilities that no one could ever dream of knowing and the destructive power it can wield, well I personally never want to see that used on anyone. I must end this now Zan is here and we must go consult the Granolith on how to handle Kivar.

Max continued reading not really sure why. He knew that there would be not in depth detail on the Granolith in his wife’s journal but he felt compelled to read it. Something kept spurring him on. It was amazing to read about Liz’s feeling s and thoughts from her previous life. But at the same time he felt like he was intruding into something extremely private. Once she woke up they would have to search the room for the secret compartment containing the Granolith but for now he was content just letting her sleep while he read the journal.

October 5,

Things are getting really ugly. Kivar has tried twice already to storm the castle. We really need to find a way for peace. Our people are beginning to wonder if Zan can handle this kind of attack and it’s making me nervous. If the people think that Zan cannot do this will they all turn to Kivar? Will we lose our planet? I cannot think about these things. The Granolith told us to meet with Kivar and form a peace but he doesn’t want to meet and discuss peace. He wants an all out war he wants the thrown.
The other thing that scares me about Kivar is that I’ve heard he fancies himself in love with me. I mean come on. He’s Zan’s Cousin for crying out loud. I think this whole war that he’s trying to commit is because of me, and it breaks my heart. I’m causing all this pain and heartache for my people. I think it might be better if I wasn’t here, but then I think about Zan and I know that I’m right where I belong.
I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m torn between everything that is going on. I know where my heart wants to be but my head isn’t listening to my heart. It keeps saying that if I were to just leave then all this mess would stop, but I could never leave Zan. I love him too much.

There weren’t too many entries after that one. Max didn’t know what to think. His precious wife was thinking about leaving him just to save the rest of the world. Well, if his former self was anything like he is, he knows that she never would have gotten very far. He wouldn’t have allowed it to happen. There was no way he would let Liz slip through his fingers, in any life.

She stirred next to him and rolled over. “Mmm,” she moaned stretching. “What are you doing?”

“I’m just sitting here. Pam found your journal in the library today. I’m sorry but I read it. I know it’s not really YOUR journal, but in some way it is and I felt like I was invading your private thoughts, but I couldn’t stop reading it once I started. You hid the Granolith book somewhere in this room,” he told her.

Liz climbed out of the bed running her hands over all the walls trying to find the spot where she would have hidden the book. They really needed that book to find out the capabilities of the Granolith. It was imperative to their survival.

“So what did my journal say?” she asked continuing to look.

“Well, you thought about leaving me to stop the war,” Max said causally.

“WHAT!” Liz yelled. “I would never do something like that. I couldn’t live without you.”

“Yeah I know. That’s what your former self came up with. You wrote that you love me too much and could never leave me. But you also said that you felt it was because of you that this war was started. You were very confused,” Max told her. “But I also know for a fact that my former self would never have let you go.”

“Well, I would hope not,” she laughed turning her attention back to the walls. She ran her hands over the wall across from where Max was sitting on the bed and a silver handprint showed up. She turned around with a huge smile. “I think I’ve found it!”

Max jumped out of bed rushing over to her side. Liz placed her hand on the handprint and a section of the wall slid back. It was a secret door that leads to another room. The two of them carefully walked into the room taking everything in as they went. There on a table in the center of the bare white room was a book. Liz walked up to it and opened it.

Workings of The Granolith

“Max this is it,” Liz whispered in awe. “I can’t believe we’ve found it!”

“I know. This is amazing. We’ll tell the others tonight at dinner. They deserve a break and I’m sure most of them are sleeping or relaxing. They all looked beat when they brought the journal to me,” he said.

“Come on! Lets see what this has to say,” Liz exclaimed excitedly.

“Hold it right there missy,” he said pulling her to him causing her to drop the book on the floor.

“Max?” she asked.

“I didn’t get a chance to kiss you since you’ve woken up,” he smiled leaning down capturing her lips within his own.

The kiss was gentle and sweet but it made Liz melt nonetheless. She loved having Max kiss her. It was one of her most favorite things to do, kiss her husband. She loved that he was her husband, and the thought of the two of them having a family together was amazing.

Granted they were going to be a family a little bit sooner then either of them had planned but they were going to make the most of it. She was excited and couldn’t wait for the birth of the twins, and neither could Max. She could feel his emotions and she knew that he was just as excited about the nearing due date as she was.

Max pulled away from Liz with a smile on his face. He loved the petite woman in front of him more than anything in the world, well in the two worlds that he knew of. They walked back into their room, the secret door sliding closed behind them. Max climbed onto the bed pulling Liz between his legs. He handed Liz the book and the two of them began to read.

The first thing they noticed was a note from Max’s father. Liz turned around to gauge Max’s reaction. She wanted to make sure that he was ok. He smiled down at her and kissed the tip of her nose letting her know that he was fine and that he could handle this.

My dear son and daughter,
Things are getting worse for all of us. My health is failing, and I’m afraid that Kivar is beginning to gain in power. I don’t know what will happen if he continues to grow stronger, and I’m sorry that I will not be around to help you in your decisions. I know that because of my illness you both have been forced to grow up a bit faster then anyone would have liked. You are both so young, but I know that you are capable of running our people. You are both strong, and please just know that I love you both so very much.
My purpose for writing this letter to you is to tell you that the contents of this book must always be protected. It could be very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. Many of your enemies, not just Kivar, will try to find our power source. The Granolith is very special to our people it acts as many things. It can help you by giving guidance, don’t ask me how, it is almost as if it is alive. I’ve consulted it on many occasions in the past, and the present. It can also be used as a very powerful weapon. Inside the folds of this book are the instructions on how to activate it. Whatever you do you must not use it as a weapon unless there is no other course of action. The Granolith will know that there is no other choice and will allow you to use it. If you try to use it before it is the last hope, I cannot begin to imagine what will happen.
Good luck my children. Rule wisely and stay safe. Look after your mother and your spouses, when you finally marry, and be happy. That is all I wish for you both, happiness. I love you so much.

The letter ended and Liz had to wipe the moisture from her eyes. That was the most beautiful thing she’d ever read. Max’s father had to have been a remarkable person. She had very vague memories of him from her previous life, but they weren’t strong and it saddened her. She wished that Max would have been able to have more time with his father in his previous life, but their time was cut short. She promised herself that when they got home they would spend as much time as they could with both their parents.

Max closed his eyes remembering bits and pieces of his life here on Seria with his father. He remembered how close they were, and how hard he took his father’s death. He had Liz with him then though, well her other self. She was very supportive and listened when he had to talk and soothed him while he cried. It was one of the few times in his life that he had cried, and uncontrollably at that.

Liz looked up into the face of the man who had captured her heart twice in two separate lifetimes, and she hurt for him. She could see his face and the pain that he was going thought. She wondered if he was remembering the times he’d had with his father. Liz didn’t speak; she just let Max go through whatever he was going through soothingly rubbing his arms hoping to give him some comfort.

Max smiled slightly. Liz was just like she was when they were married all those years ago, silently comforting and supporting him. He loved that about her and he thanked the Gods for letting him find her not once but twice.

“Max? Do you want to take a break or can you go on?” Liz asked him quietly concerned for her husband’s well being.

“I’m all right. I just was remembering my dad, and I realize how much I miss not only him but Philip too,” Max said. “I can go on, we need to see how to work the Granolith.”

“All right, as long as you’re sure. I miss our parents too. I can’t wait to go home,” Liz told him flipping through the book.

Max and Liz continued reading about the Granolith well into the evening. They sent for the afternoon meal to be brought to their room since they were so engrossed in the book. The others didn’t question this as they figured that they were either reading the journal and finding out information, or doing something that they didn’t wan to interrupt. By the time Max and Liz headed down to dinner they had a lot of information to share with their friends.

The two of them walked into the dining room holding hands. They had spent a wonderful afternoon together and they looked well rested. This pleased their friends because they were all getting worried about Max and Liz. The two of them over the past week began to look worn out and ragged.

“After dinner we need to meet and discuss. I was thinking we could meet in Alex and Isabel’s room. I want to look at the little library they have in there,” Max said smiling.

“That’s fine,” everyone agreed.

They ate their meal talking here and there but for the most part it was a quiet group. They knew that their time on this planet was coming to a close, which meant that Kivar’s attack would be happening sometime in the near future. This had everyone on edge. Couple this with the weird feelings that both Max and Liz have been having and it didn’t bode well for the ten of them.

As soon as everyone was finished with their meals they headed to Alex and Isabel’s room. The others were wondering what news Max and Liz had found hoping that it was something useful.

“We’ll meet you there in one minute. We need to grab something,” Liz told her friends opening her bedroom door.

“All right we’ll be anxiously awaiting your arrival,” Maria said leading the others on.

Liz and Max walked into the room walking back to the secret door. They had decided to keep the book in there while they went to dinner just in case someone came into their room. They didn’t trust this kind of information to anyone. Liz opened the door and Max walked in to grab the book. Once they had gotten it they headed to Isabel’s room.

Liz knocked on the door and waited for one of her friends to open it. Isabel threw open the door and Max followed Liz through it. Max sat on a chair pulling Liz into his lap amid her objections that his legs would end up falling asleep because she was as big as a cow now. He ignored her and held her fast against him not letting her up.

“All right lets open this meeting right on up!” Kyle exclaimed. “Ever since the beginning of dinner you’ve had me almost falling to pieces with anticipation on what you’ve found.”

“Well, the book that Pam found in the library was indeed Liz’s journal. I read through it, as she was still asleep. She wrote about a book that my mother gave her; it had detailed instructions on how to use the Granolith, which Liz hid in our room. When she woke up we went and found it,” Max told them.

“Max and I spent the entire afternoon reading though the book, and the only thought that passed through my mind was this thing could be so dangerous. I know now why Max’s father made us promise to keep it safe. The thing has like some kind of force, almost like a life force,” Liz said.

“So what? The thing is like alive?” Maria asked confused. She wasn’t the only one. Everyone wasn’t quite sure what Max and Liz were trying to tell them.

“In a way yes. It just knows things, the book doesn’t really explain how it does since no one really knows, but it can be used as a weapon of mass destruction. This is why it must be kept out of Kivar’s hands. No one really knows what would happen if the Granolith was used in this way since it never had to be used, and my father explained that it would know whether or not the need to use it as a weapon was like a last hope or not. So basically it could be used as a weapon at anytime, but it only wants to be used as a weapon if there is no other choice. Does that make sense?” he asked.

“Yeah it makes perfect sense. Since this thing is like aware, or “alive” it knows what the hell is going on, and it would know if things were so bad the only option left was to use it as a weapon. In that instance it would gladly allow that to happen, otherwise it would be pissed and things might go wrong,” Michael said. I understand what you’re saying.

“Good,” Max said. “There is a key that we need to get in order to make the Granolith work. I have no idea where the key was hidden though. The book obviously doesn’t say because it was written long before our war.”

“What kind of key?” Alex asked.

“It’s some kind of crystal shard or something. There is more then one piece. Each piece does something different,” Liz explained. “All we have to do is find out where the pieces were placed after our demise.”

“Great, another endless mission,” Maria grumbled.

“So that’s why you wanted to meet in here. You were hoping that there might be some kind of clue in the books in this room,” Alex said. “Brilliant.”

“Yes. We figured that since the Granolith book was kept in our room that there might be something in this room. If the book pertaining to the Granolith was entrusted to us, I have a feeling that the keys would have either been entrusted to the Princess, or to my Second in Command. If we can’t find anything in here, we will go and search Michael’s room,” Max explained.

“That seems logical. I mean you don’t want to keep all your eggs in one basket, as they say,” Kyle said smiling.

Max noticed that both Pam and Zack had been quiet since they entered the room. He wondered why.

“Ok, so why was this thing sent with us?” Pam asked. “I just don’t get why they would send us the machine but not the manual on how to use it.”

“That’s a great question and it has a very simple answer. No one could get to the book because Liz had hidden it in a secret room that was encoded to only open for her. She didn’t want the book to fall into the wrong hands, and after reading it’s capabilities I don’t blame her,” Max explained.

“Well that answers that. Didn’t the other book say it had some kind of religious thing too?” Kyle asked. “What does the book say about that?”

“It doesn’t say anything. I guess when this was written they didn’t know that our people would begin worshiping it,” Liz replied.

“All right, lets get looking through these books. There aren’t as many as in the library so with all of us looking it shouldn’t take long,” Alex said snapping everyone into action.

They spent hours in the room trying to find anything on the keys or the Granolith. Isabel and Alex checked the walls of the little library hoping that there would be a secret compartment or something but they never found anything.

“What if they sent the keys to Earth with us? I mean they sent the Granolith didn’t they? They might have sent the keys in hopes that we’d figure out what to do with them,” Liz suggested.

“Oh God! Why didn’t I think of that!” Alex exclaimed. “That would have been the logical thing to do wouldn’t it? I mean we wouldn’t be able to activate the Granolith without them. They have to be on Earth somewhere, the only question is where.”

“My guess would be in one of the Pod Chambers,” Zack said. Everyone turned to look at him wondering how he knew about the Pods and the Pod Chambers. “What?” he asked.

“How did you know about the Pod Chambers?” Michael asked in a distrusting tone.

“Everyone knows that you were sent in Pods, and there are documented transmissions from your Protectors right after they landed saying that the pods were protected in chambers. We began calling them the Pod Chambers since we didn’t know how else to address them,” Zack explained.

“Oh. Well then,” Michael said going back to his research. He didn’t know what had gotten to him. Pam wouldn’t have fallen for a traitor, he knew that. His sister had better sense then that.

Isabel picked up a book hoping to find some clue as to what their people did with the keys. The idea of sending them to Earth was the best they’ve had by far, but someone had to have written it down. They needed some concrete proof.

A piece of paper fluttered to the floor from the book she was holding. Bending down to pick it up she was assaulted with visions of her mother. She saw her mother writing a letter and placing it in the book and then purposely leaving it in this room for someone to find.

“Guys, I’ve got a letter here from my mom,” Isabel said.

“Read it,” Maria told her. She wanted to know what was said, hoping that it pertained to their quest.

My darling children,
I know that you are all so smart and I know that you will find this here. I purposefully left it here because if I know Zan’s mind, and I think I do. He will assume that since the book was left to them, then the keys would have been entrusted to you. He would have been correct. We entrusted a part of the information to each of you just in case something happened. Of course you both knew that the other had the other piece to the puzzle, just to cover all the bases, but it was better this way. Anyway, I’ve digressed. If you are reading this then the mission to Earth has been successful and you’ve found your way back to Seria. We had to send the keys with you, along with the Granolith because the enemy was getting close to finding it.
I am almost positive that they wouldn’t have figured out how to use it but we needed to be safe. I knew that I could trust you all to keep it hidden and safe. I don’t know where your protectors would have hidden the keys but they are on Earth. Take care my darlings and know that I love you, always.

Isabel put the letter down on the table and looked around to her friends. They had gotten the confirmation that they wanted and needed. The Granolith Keys were on Earth somewhere, along with the Granolith. Now the only thing that they needed to do was get back home and find it all.

“Ok, so now we know most of the capabilities, and we also know that it can be used for time travel, since Future Max used it to contact Liz that time. I’m going to safely assume, that he had found the Keys in that timeline and that was what activated the Granolith. Now our only problem is trying to figure out where exactly they were hidden,” Alex said.

“Future Max mentioned someone named Serena. Supposedly we knew her and she helped us in the cause against Kivar, but trying to find her will be worse then trying to find the information on the Granolith. All I know is that her name is Serena, and I don’t even have a description of her so we’re back to square one,” Liz said, sighing.

“Well, we’ll have to worry about that when we get back home. It’s no good dwelling on it now. Right now our main priority is our departure from this planet. In four days we head for home,” Max said. “We need to stay alert because Kivar can attack at anytime. Yet, my money is that he’s going to attack us on the day we leave. It is just his style. He likes making a bang.”

“Sire, I’ve posted more guards all around the citadel as you asked. I’m not saying that this will keep Kivar out, but it will help to delay him. Hopefully until all of you are through the portal,” Zack said.

“You mean all of us, Zack. You are coming back to Earth with us. If you didn’t we’d have one very depressed Pam on our hands, and I know that none of us want to see that,” Liz said. “Besides, I think she’d end up driving Michael nuts with all her moping and mooning over you.”

“Damn right. I can’t take a woman being all sappy,” Michael said. “That’s one of the reasons I love Maria so much. She’s never really sappy.”

“What can I say, I’m one of a kind,” Maria smiled.

“Don’t we know it,” Alex said sarcastically. “You definitely broke the mold DeLuca. And all I have to say is THANK GOD! I love you to pieces, but I could never handle another one like you!”

“I second that notion,” Kyle said laughing. “One Maria is definitely enough. Could you imagine having two people around who rambled like that? My filter would breakdown it would have so much nonsense to sort through.”

“Shut up you two! You’re just jealous that you aren’t as cool as me,” Maria said flippantly.

Liz watched her friends bickering with a smile. She wondered how things would be when they got back home. She and Max are married and living together so their sleeping arrangement wouldn’t change, but she wondered how her friends would adjust back to sleeping alone after sleeping together for months. It was going to be a hard transition for all of them. That was one of the few pluses for being on this planet.

Then there was Pam. Would she go back to being a bitch to them, or would she join their little group? Liz couldn’t help but wonder about these things. She had a feeling that Pam would remain a part of their group especially since she and Michael are siblings. Neither one was going to want to live without family anymore. Pam had been an only child and not that she knew she had a brother Liz was positive she wouldn’t want to go back to having no one.

Continued in the next post
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Max pulled Liz closer to him wrapping his arms around her waist. He could tell she was stressing about something but he didn’t know what. She was blocking her thoughts. He didn’t mind because sometimes it was just nice to be able to think without an audience. They did it every once in a while. He sent her feelings of love to try and relax her.

Liz sighed and pressed back into Max’s embrace. She loved him more then life itself. He made her beyond happy and she couldn’t ask for anything more. As if sensing their parent’s love, the babies kicked Liz’s abdomen causing a surprised gasp to escape both Max and Liz. The babies had never moved before. Under normal circumstances they would have been worried, but they knew that their children were alive and well because of the connection.

The days blurred one into the other until it was the day before they were supposed to leave. Max was running around trying to make sure everyone had whatever they needed, and he was making sure that all their plans were put into place. He had a feeling that Tim and Chloe suspected something but that was the last thing on his mind.

Liz had been having back spasms the day before and his nerves were on end. He didn’t know if the babies were trying to communicate with them or not, but he and Liz couldn’t make anything out over the connection because their emotions were running too high and they kept getting in the way of what the kids were saying.

Isabel had tried to get them to calm down but they just couldn’t. It was getting close to crunch time and Max was afraid that things would play out like they did in his other lifetime. He dreaded thinking about that time but he had to. What if he was forced to blast Liz again? Would he be able to do it? The thing that sacred him the most was that he knew he could if it meant keeping is precious Liz away from his psychotic cousin.

Max knew that he was being anal but he just wanted to make sure that if things went wrong they were minimal because there were too many lives at stake. He was responsible for getting his friends, his wife, his children, and himself home all in once piece. It was a lot of responsibility for one so young, but he knew that he could do it.

He walked into his room taking in the form of his tiny wife asleep on the bed. She had been napping a lot for the past couple of days, the exhaustion of the trip taking its toll on her and the babies. He walked over to the bed just enjoying being able to watch her sleep. He slid a piece of hair off her face tucking it behind her ear lovingly. He cherished these moments wishing that they could last forever.

A knock at the door brought Max back to reality. Alas, he thought, real life must intrude upon my few quite moments.

He walked to the door cracking it to see who was out there. Zack stood on the other side looking nervous. Max went straight into leader mode.

“What’s wrong?” Max asked concerned.

“There is a report of movement just over the left ridge sire. I have a feeling that Kivar might be moving his attack up a day. We should probably open the portal today instead of tomorrow. There’s enough energy stored up,” Zack told his king.

“I know that, but the elders wanted to throw us a party tonight. What the hell am I saying! Get everyone together, tonight we go home,” Max said turning back towards his room.

He hated having to wake Liz up but they needed to get to the portal room. He didn’t want a repeat of what happened to them in their past life to happen again and if he could prevent that by getting off this planet earlier then he sure as hell was going to.

“Liz sweetie,” he whispered nudging his wife softly.

“Hmmm?” she murmured rolling over. Her eyes fluttered open slowly. She noticed Max standing over her with a worried expression on his face.

“He’s come early hasn’t he?” she asked fully awake now.

“Yes. I’ve told Zack to get everyone and we’re meeting in the portal room. I don’t care about he party, the only thing that matters is getting us all safely back home,” Max told her helping her off the bed.

They quickly dressed in the clothing they arrived in and ran out of the room. There they met up with the others, all dressed and ready to leave. They ran down the hallway towards the portal room when a large explosion blew out the wall in front of them. Max pushed Liz against the wall blocking her from the debris. Max checked to make sure everyone was all right.

“What the hell happened?” Michael asked coughing the dust out of his lungs and waving his hand in front of him to try and clear the air.

“I think Kivar was a lot closer then we anticipated,” Max said. “Is there any other way to the portal room?”

“I honestly don’t know. There might be,” Zack said feeling like a failure for not being able to help his king.

“Well, I guess we’re just going to have to take our chances running for it. We’ll just have to keep blasting and running at the same time,” Kyle said.

“No!” Max exclaimed. “Someone will get hurt if we do that.”

“Max, we can’t just sit here,” Michael told him. “We’ll get slaughtered if we do.”

“Michael’s got a point Max,” Alex added. “Look we’ll go in groups. Michael will lead one group, Maria will lead another, and Zack the last. That way there is someone with blasting powers in each group, and people to hold a shield. It’s the only way.”

“Max,” Liz called placing a calming hand on his arm. “Michael and Alex are right. We have to go, we can’t stay here. If we do as Alex says no one will get hurt.”

“How do you know that?” he countered. “I mean all the plans I’ve laid down to keep you all safe failed. I’m a failure of a king.”

“NO!” they all exclaimed.

“Maxwell Evans! You are not a failure,” Isabel cried. “You didn’t know how strong Kivar’s army would be. Besides he’s been building up his army for years, we’ve only had a few months. No listen to everyone and lets get out of here. We can discuss the rest of this back home!”

They broke up into their groups; each warrior was heading one of the groups. Michael took Max and Liz, as he was Max’s second in command. Everyone exchanged a hug, just in case and Max and Liz clasped hands getting ready to throw up a shield if need be. Michael’s hand was outstretched ready to blast anything that moved through the cloud of dust.

Maria took Alex and Isabel, while Zack lead Kyle, Tess, and Pam. Everyone was on edge not really sure what was going to be thrown their way next. All were ready for the fight of their lives but they were determined to make it home.

A blast came of the rubble and dust barely missing Liz’s shoulder. Max cried out throwing up the shield. He took it down long enough for Michael to throw a blast in the direction of the hole in the wall.

“Everyone! Shields up NOW!” Max yelled out.

Alex, and Isabel encased them and Maria in a shield, while Tess and Kyle did the same. Pam didn’t know what to do she was very confused.

“Pam, just hold on to either Kyle or I and stick out your hand concentrating on a shield to protect you. It will just appear,” Tess told her.

Pam did as Tess instructed and a green shield produced itself from the center of her hand. She released it when Tess and Kyle did so Zack could shoot his blasts at the enemy. This was frightening for her but she was determined to help everyone get back home. It was her duty to her king, his queen, and her ‘family’. She had come to think of all of them as family now, as they bonded over this trip.

A blast ricocheted off their shield causing Pam to jump. She knew that this was real, and that it was going to be dangerous but she wasn’t expecting this.

“Keep running guys! We’re almost there,” Max’s voice sounded from somewhere in front of her. Pam just kept running along with everyone else following the sound of Max’s voice.

They reached the portal room out of breath and shaking. No one had expected this attack, and they were all worried that something else was going to go wrong.

“Start up the counter. We’ve got to get this thing up and running. The sooner we get home the better!” Max yelled checking the hallway, shield in place. Michael was right along side him to take out anyone coming their way.

“MAX!” Liz screamed as someone grabbed her from behind.

“LIZ!” Max yelled turning towards his wife. What he saw made his face go white. Tim stood behind Liz with his hand clasped around her throat dangerously close to squeezing the life from her.

Liz looked calm but there were tears glistening her eyes. She didn’t want to cry because she wanted to remain strong and alert, but she was at the mercy of a mad man, or the henchman of a madman.

“Don’t move, I’m trying to help you,” Tim said quietly.

“Yeah right. You’re trying to help me into an early grave!” Liz spat out.

“Kivar will treat you like you deserve to be treated. He loves you very much,” Chloe said walking out of the shadows. “He will be joining us here any moment.”

“You sick bastards!” Maria yelled lunging at Chloe. Kyle caught Maria around the waist preventing her from doing something stupid. He knew that if the little pixie had done anything Liz would be dead.

“Maria keep cool. You’ll put Liz’s life in even more danger if you do anything stupid,” Kyle told her.

“Sorry,” she said watching her best friend. She was so scared for Liz. These people had her at their mercy.

“You all we be heading home, but Lizzie will be staying here, with Kivar,” Tim said.

“Max, tell Liz to hit him in the gut and then duck. I can take him out,” Michael whispered to his friend.

Max thought about it for a second but he couldn’t risk Liz getting hit. “No, it’s too close. I know you’re a great shot, but Liz could still get hit.”

“Max, I swear to you I won’t miss,” Michael said his voice shaking. He thought of Liz as a sister, and he couldn’t stand back while she was being held in the clutches of the enemy.

“Michael,” Max began.

“Max, just tell her, and tell her now before Kivar gets here!” Michael ground out quietly.

‘Liz, sweetie, Michael is going to take a shot at Tim. I want you to hit him in the stomach as hard as you can so he loosens his hold on you and then duck,’ Max told her looking her straight in the eye.

‘All right Max,’ she said giving him a slight smile.

Everything happened so quickly. Liz elbowed Tim in the stomach as hard as she could and ducked just as fast. Michael sent out a blast hitting Tim in the shoulder causing the other man to lose his hold on Liz. She ran straight towards Kyle and Maria who threw up a shield to keep Chloe from hitting Liz.

Liz was shaking and Alex pulled her close to him. He knew that right now she needed Max, but he was preoccupied at the moment so Alex did his best to comfort Liz. She wiped the few tears that managed to sneak their way past her eyes and straightened up. She was tougher then this and she was determined to prove it.

“One more minute Max!” Isabel yelled letting him know that in about another minute they would be able to leave Seria to go home.

“Thanks,” he said as he and Michael made their way back over towards the group. Neither took their eyes off Chloe who was bending down to check Tim’s vitals. He was alive, but wounded pretty badly.

“You’ll pay for that,” Chloe said standing up, murder reflecting in her eyes.

“I can’t believe that you told me you were my sister,” Michael spat out.

“I am your sister. I just didn’t realize that you managed to find Jade. I really do look like Tess because we are cousins. Kivar is our brother,” Chloe told a stunned Michael.

“NO!” Michael yelled. “That…that can’t be.”

“Think Michael. Kivar was always jealous of Zan because he got everything. He was going to be King, and he was marrying Liana, but what made him the most upset, was that Zan named you second in command,” Chloe said. “He is the oldest and he felt that it should have been him. He should be the kings second, not you!”

“But he thinks he should be king,” Tess said. “Why?”

“On Seria, the king’s son usually takes over the throne, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and Kivar knew that he would make a stronger King them Zan ever would. But, Zan’s father didn’t think so. He said that Zan would be a strong, and yet fair ruler. He knew as well that Kivar would be able to handle being king, but he said that Kivar would be too hard on the people. He told Kivar that he would never be fair,” Chloe explained.

“ENOUGH!” Kivar bellowed from the door. “I’ve come to take my queen. All of you may go home, all of you except my dear cousin Zan. I want the Liana to watch her husband die. I want the last thing Zan sees is Liana, and me, embracing.”

“You’ll have to go through all of us first,” Maria said clenching her fists.

The group moved towards the two cylinders by the wall. The portal would be opening there in a few seconds and they wanted to be as close to it as possible.

“I have no problem taking you all out my dear,” Kivar sneered.

The portal opened causing Kivar to jump. He wasn’t prepared for that. “Why didn’t you prevent them from starting the counter!” he yelled.

“I didn’t know that they activated it,” Chloe said.

“Liz you go through first!” Max yelled to his wife.

“No Max! Not without you!” she cried clutching his hand.

“I’ll be right behind you, now go,” he said pushing her towards the pink wormhole. Liz got sucked through the portal and landed softly on the desert ground. She looked around her realizing that she was in the same place they had left from those months ago. She prayed that there were cars around otherwise it was going to be a long walk back to Roswell.

“Max! You next!” Michael yelled.

“No, I’ll go last!” Max answered.

“Like hell you will! You are too important Max. Seria needs its king alive, and your children need their father. You’re next!” Michael told him pushing him towards the portal.

Kivar seeing his plans turning to shit shot off two blasts, one catching Max in the side, and the other getting Michael in the shoulder. Michael using the last of his strength pushed Max through the portal. He fell to the floor moments later.

“MICHAEL!” Maria screamed rushing towards her boyfriend. She saw that he was still breathing but bleeding pretty badly. She stood up, ready to kill. “WHAT KIND OF FUCKED UP FAMILY ARE YOU?” she yelled. “You could have killed your brother!”

“Who cares, he follows Zan,” Kivar said raising his hand pointing it at Maria.

She threw up a shield as Kivar’s blast came towards her.

Grinning at her, “I can see why my brother likes you so much. You’ve got a lot of spunk.”

“Yeah, I know. But seriously I don’t care for your thoughts. Eat shit,” she said sending a blast his way. He blocked it effortlessly firing two more shots at the group. The others formed a shield around them all and Zack helped Maria pick up Michael.

“Get him through the portal. Only Max and Liz can help him now,” Zack told her.

Maria nodded her head and walked though the portal trying to support Michael’s almost dead weight against her.

Zack pushed Pam and Tess through the portal next. Then Isabel and Alex. He and Kyle kept their shield up long enough to step to the edge of the portal.

“I will come for her,” Kivar said.

“Yeah we know, but you’ll have to save up enough energy first,” Kyle smiled walking backward into the portal.

Zack took one last look around before walking through the portal himself. He didn’t know what he expected Earth to look like, but barren wasn’t it.

Liz was leaning over Max trying to heal his wound, while Maria was crying over Michael’s still body.

“Please Michael, you can’t leave me,” she sobbed placing her forehead against his chest.

Liz sat down exhausted. She had done all that she could. Max stirred next to her looking at his surroundings. “We’re home,” he whispered.

“Yes, we are. You were hit though and I can’t heal everything,” Liz told him kissing his lips lightly.

Max took a deep breath and concentrated on his body. He had just enough strength to heal the rest of his wounds. Liz did a very good job in healing all the major damage. He sat up slowly holding his head, which felt like a train was rolling around inside of it.

He spotted Michael lying on the ground bleeding and crawled over to him. He needed to help his cousin. “Izzy,” Max called. “I’m going to need your help, Liz is too weak right now from helping me.”

Isabel waked over to her brother and cousin. She would do whatever it took to help Michael.

“I need you to feed me some of your energy, since mine are pretty much wiped out at the moment. If we don’t help him now it will be too late. I can’t wait for my powers to charge back up,” he explained.

“Max I’ll do whatever it takes,” Isabel told him.

He placed his hand over Michael’s wound and Isabel placed her hand over Max’s. She sent Max some of her energy while he concentrated on healing all the damage Kivar’s blast did. He couldn’t lose his cousin that thought kept running through his mind as he healed him.

Michael took a gasping breath and Max fell to the ground shaking. They had all been through a tremendous ordeal and couldn’t wait to get home.

“I checked around, there are no cars,” Kyle said waking up to the group.

“Damn! We’re in no condition to walk back to Roswell,” Alex said frustrated.

“I’ve go my cell,” Maria said.

“The batteries have got to be dead,” Pam said.

“Yeah they are, but hello are we not aliens? I can use my powers to charge up the battery and call our parents,” she told them.

“Great idea. Nice thinking DeLuca,” Alex smiled at his friend.

Maria called all their parents. “They will be here in about a half hour,” Maria told her friends.

“Great,” everyone mumbled. They were all lying on the ground wrapped up in each other’s arms.

Maria found a spot next to Michael and Liz and squeezed in wrapping one arm around each of them. They drifted off into a light slumber and that was how their parents found them a half hour later.

The End…To Be Continued in the next installment. I don’t have a Title for it yet, but I will post an Author’s note on here when I do.

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