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Liz stared into Max's amber eyes, as he lay next to her in their soft bed. Smiling at her, he took Liz's hand into his softly and began caressing the back with slow movements. Sighing contently, Liz squirmed further down under the covers and wrapped one arm over Max's well-defined chest. She couldn't believe how blessed her life was. She had married the love of her life, she had achieved her life-long dream of becoming a molecular biologist, they had a beautiful house together and above all this someone had blessed her life even further. Liz smiled at the thought as she turned on her side to glance at her bedside table. Placed on there, it seemed so small compared to the gargantuan news it had just given her. Two pink strips shone up to her in the light of the moonlight cascading into the room through the open curtains, affirming her doubts for the past two months. She was pregnant, and her and Max were starting their life together. And what better way to celebrate than to spend the day in bed with your gorgeous husband? Liz laughed at herself, and resting on her elbows she hovered over Max's body. Smiling, she leaned down and placed a feather-light kiss on his cheek, slightly accentuated with beginnings of stubble. While her face placed next to her husbands a chuckle erupted from her, humming over Max's cheek. Lifting her up, he stared at her in amusement and asked, "What's so funny Mrs. Evans huh?" Trying to contain her laughter, she sealed her mouth and mumbled out, "Nothing, nothing at all!" before her laughter over-took her at the thoughts of her husbands reaction to the news.

*/ "Max sweetie, I have something to tell you. You may need to sit down okay?" Liz whispered to her husband after refining him to their bedroom. Looking at Liz worriedly, he held onto her shoulders and looked into her eyes deeply. "You're okay aren't you?" Liz smiled at her loving husbands concern, and she ran her hand across his face. "Well... I'm actually more than okay. In fact I'm ecstatic." Stopping to see her Max's attention undivided on her words she continued. "Well I had to take a test today, and not the kind of one I know you're thinking of." She quickly added before Max could interject. "You see it turns out... I'm pregnant Max. We're gonna have a baby!" Liz unable to hold in her joy any longer screamed the last part as Max looked at her shocked. "Well um... wow, I mean... wow!" Liz chuckled at her husband as he struggled to find the right words. He walked backwards and began to sit down to perch on the edge of their bed. Lowering himself down he seemed to have misjudged the distance from his legs and the bed, falling down harshly on the floor. Max looked up stunned as Liz laughed at her husband. Turning Max looked round to see the bookcase, shuddering its way down on top of him. Pushing himself off the floor, he tried to get up off the carpeted floor, but to no avail. The wooden bookcase slammed down on top of him, along with the various books and other items falling on top of him. As Liz looked stunned, and shocked she made her way up to the pile of books as they began to stir. The books fell off the figure, and the wooden structure pushed off him. Soon Max emerged, looking very dazed and said focusing on Liz again "What'd you say again?" */

Her laughter echoed across the silent room, and brought warmth to Max's heart. Trying to silence herself, she placed her hand over mouth, as she laid down on Max's chest. Settling for Liz's answer, knowing he wasn't going to get anything out of her, he wrapped his muscular arms around her petite form closing his eyes. However before long, his body began to vibrate with Liz's rumbles of laughter and he pushed her up to see her glowing face. Unable to control it any longer, she burst out laughing uncontrollably tears falling down her flushed cheek. Taking a look at Liz, Max shook his head as a smile graced his features and not thinking about it he silenced her with a passionate kiss. Leaning back for breath, Liz looked at him stunned. "What was that for?" She asked breathlessly. Max looked sheepish as he gazed at her and whispered, "Well Michael told me it was always a great way to shut Maria up!" Screaming in outrage, Liz pulled out the pillow from underneath Max' rested form and struck it down on top of his body. Laughing she jumped off the bed, and ran into the corner as Max pushed himself off the bed and made his way towards Liz. Shaking his finger at Liz, he tutted at his wife and said in a husky voice "I wouldn't of done that if I were you Liz, you're going to have to be punished". Batting her eyelids at him, she threw the pillow back at him and whispered seductively "Is that a promise?" Liz giggled, as Max made his way up to her and scooped her up into his arms. "Definitively" And as Liz lay in his arms, she couldn't help but wonder could her life get any better? But little did she know, things were about to change.

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Part 2

Whistling to himself, Max walked through his home that he shared with his beautiful wife, Liz. He smiled as he traced his finger over the edge of a beautifullly crafted glod picture frame, with a picture of him and Liz lying under a tree together. Smiling, he blew a kiss to the picture of his wife, and picked up the keys on the wooden table and shoved them into his jean pockets. Turning round, he looked towards the staircase that led to his wife's office. He smiled when he heard her angelic voice singing out to her favourite tune, Here With Me by Dido, that was played at their wedding. For a while, he stood, alone in the lounge, contently listening to Liz's beautiful voice floating down to him, but soon called out to his wife, after observing the time.

"Liz, sweetie! I'm going out for an hour or so. You want me to pick up anything?" Max's voice echoed out. It was a while before they came any reply, but soon Liz's voice came calling back. "No, I'm good thanks Max. See you later honey." Smiling, Max said goodbye before walking out the front door.

The sun shone brightly in the autumn morning, as Max walked along briskly kicking up the fallen leaves. Hardly any car passed as he strolled down the lane, smiling at his familiar neighbours as he passed. His money jangled in his pocket, reminding him to buy Liz some roses to celebrate their pregnancy. He was heading to their local florists, to buy a dozen white roses, his wife's favourite.

In the florists, Max picked out the flowers for his wife and headed out again after paying the manager. He breathed in deeply, and looked around the town. Noticing the small newsagents across the street, he decided to spoil his wife even more with a box of her favourite Belgium chocolates. Grinning inside,as he planned their romantic evening, he ran across the road, after a gap in the traffic. Coming to the pavement, he jumped up onto the kurb and started to run into the newsagents. Just before he managed to walk through the door, he ran into a boy who toppled onto the ground in front of him.

"I am so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going... here let me help you up" Max said, as he knelt down beside the boy, who couldn't of been any older than 15. The boy looked up, and he was strangely familiar to Max. Max was drawn in by his familiar eyes, the deep blue that enraptured him. "That's okay, but I think I've sprained by ankle. I can't really stand up on it." The boy replied to him. Max shook his head unbelievably, trying to place where he had seen this young man before. He regognized his eyes, but nothing else.

"I'm really sorry, do you think you're able to walk?" Max's concerned eyes, scanned the boys ankle, for any visible injuries. Looking up at Max, the boy smiled and said "Well, I don't think I can without any help. I don't suppose you could help me back to my house... it's just around the corner?" Max looked to the boy, who looked genuinely hurt and in pain. Being such a caring person, he agreed a grabbed the boy's underarms, and pulled him up. "I'm Max by the way." Max said, as he placed the boy's arm behind his shoulder. "I'm Nick."

The two men walked along, or should I say hobbled along for Nick, the long alley way behind the newsagents. After a couple of minutes of slow walking, Nick started laughing. Confused Max turned to look at the boy. "Uh, what's so funny?" Nick withdrew his arm from around Max's neck, at Max's statement. "You know, you always were an idiot. But you couldn't resist helping an ickle, helpless boy! Not even slightly suspicious that you regognized me, and my name was Nick... Nick, Nick, Nikolas! Tut tut tut Zan, I always thought you were to dumb to be king"

With that, Max's eyes opened up wide in shock, and began to raise his hand. But it was too late, Nikolas placed his hand on Max' forehead, and his energy flowed out. Max's whole body shook, as a white light surrounded him until his body gave up, and he collapsed to the ground.

"Idiot!" Nikolas muttered under his breath, as he ran off, leaving Max's body lying cold, in the brick alleyway.
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