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Title: It All Comes Down to You (originally titled Blood)
Author: Loralee0607
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: I suck at summaries so just read and find out. It’s kinda like Buffy but not.

Hey everyone!!! I started a new story but I’ll still continue to write Who Cares. I naming this fic Blood but it might change.


He walked through the streets silently looking for his prey. Sulking, waiting for someone to slip. No one sees him and he loves it. One more trophy to take with him. Another innocent to take on. Who’s next? A child? A girl? A boy? He loved girls. They were so easy. So frightened. They would beg and beg and get no where. He can smell the fear in the air. The blood most of all. Who’s next? Who’s next he chants. Over on the next street is a girl. The smell of blood is strong. He will have this girl. He will not fail. She’ll never see him coming. He slowly starts to trail the girl. Don’t they know not to walk alone at night? His victim rounds the corner. He catches up th her and whirls her around. She screams and doesn’t know what hit her. Her life is sucked out of her. Another one to claim. To make his. Could life be greater? He starts home and doesn’t notice the shadow in the background. Watching. Waiting for the one to save us all.

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Part 1

“I hate this house! I hate this town! I hate this life! Mom!” a pretty doe eyed girl yelled while unpacking boxes.

“Yes Honey? What’s wrong?” a red hair lady said.

“why did we move here? There’s absolutely nothing here except alien crap!”

“Liz honey, you will adjust. By the end of the week you’ll forget all about Las Vegas.”

“Why couldn’t I stayed with dad? Why Roswell?” Liz whined.

“Liz! You are not with your father because he was to busy cheating on me with some tramp and I will not have you in the same house as her!”

“but Mom”

“No! You will adjust whether you like it or not!” Nancy Parker yelled.

A few blocks away two guys are talking in a room.

“He’s at it again,” one said with a worried expression.

“I know Maxwell but what can we do? We can’t stop him or them by ourselves.”

“Michael what if ‘the one’ doesn’t come? I feel some new force. I don’t know if it’s her,” Max said.

“She’ll be here. I promise,” Michael said while walking around the room.

“She’ll be here,” Max said not so confident.


Why do I have to do this? I have to stay up at all hours at night when everyone else gets to sleep. How unfair is that? I just want to forget this stupid duty. It’s a job I can’t quit. Wait! There is someone in the bushes. Next thing she knows something is attacking her.

“Great! You messed up my hair you know?”

The thing attacks her once again but she blocks it and throws it over her head.

“didn’t your mother ever teach you not to hit a lady?”

He moves toward again. She does a round house kick to it’s head. A fist in his face gut, face, gut, and kick to the knee later he is on the ground. She kneels next to him and pulls something out of her jacket. Stake through the heart and it vanishes.

“All in a day’s work,” she said while walking home. She crawls through her window. Changes and falls into bed. Little did she know that someone has been watching.



Short I know but at least it’s a new part!!! I’ll probably post soon!! More feedback the more I’ll write. Same old song and dance. I’ll try to post the next part of ‘Who Cares’ soon.

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Part 2

“Well Miss Parker it seems here that in Las Vegas you got into some trouble?” Principal Flutie said.

“I can totally explain it. You see there was these vam..I mean guys and they were beating on this girl and I tried to stop them. I was defending the girl, I swear.” Liz claimed.

“Burning down the school doesn’t sound like defending an innocent.”

“If you knew the circumstances.”

“Miss Parker here at West Roswell High I like all the students to start fresh but I will have my eye on you.”

“That sounds great!”

“Good. Here is your class schedule and you can get your books in the Library. Have a nice day Miss Parker.” Mr. Flutie said while giving her a hug

“You too!” (weirdo)


(Alright where is the library? Oh, library where are you?) Liz continued down the hall looking for the Library when she ran into a hard body.

“Watch where you’re going buddy!” she said as she looked up to see who she was running into. As soon as their eyes met she was lost. They were probably standing like that forever when she realized that she was she needed to find the library. He broke the silence.

“Hi! I’m Max.”


“So are you new here?” (Stupid question Max of course she’s new)

“Yeah I am. Is it that obvious?”

“Not really I just I always remember a beautiful face.” (Oh my god. Did I just say that? Idiot)

Liz was blushing by now “Can you show me where the Library is?”

“yeah sure. I walk you there.” They started walking in complete silence and max decided that he wanted to know more about this beautiful girl. “so why did you move to Roswell of all places?”

“My Mom and Dad divorced and my mom decided to move here,” Liz explained. (Just don’t tell him about burning down your school and you should be fine.)

“Where did you live before?” Max asked not wanting to stop the conversation.

“Las Vegas”

“Sin City. Cool. Isn’t prostitution legal there?”

“No and there’s more to Las Vegas than prostitution.”

“Your right there is gambling, strip clubs, and drinking.”

“that’s such a typical male response.” Liz joked not wanting Max to leave once they reached the library.

“well here’s the library.”

“thanks for directing me to it”

“Do you want to eat lunch with me?”

“Yes!” Liz said a little to eagerly.

“Great meet me by the cafeteria” max said while walking away to his next class.


Liz walked into the library and smelled the faint musty book smell. “Just like a library.” Liz started looking around looking for the librarian. “hello? Anybody here?” A man jumped up from behind the counter.

“yes, can I help you?”

“Um..yeah..I need some,” before she could finish he slammed a book on the counter.

“You’re looking for this.” he said while showing her the book called ‘vampyrs’.

“I’m not looking for that.” Liz said quickly.

“Aren’t you Elizabeth Parker?” he questioned.

“Yes but I’m looking for book for my classes” Liz explained.

“You are the chosen one. Your duty is to fight the vampires and forces of darkness.”

“Listen I don’t know who you are but I don’t fight vampire or other dark forces. You have the wrong girl. Okay?” Liz said while leaving the room.

“I’m so very sorry,” the Librarian said. He knew better. He knew she was the one and she will come to him soon. He knows that because He is here and she is the only one who can stop him.


“She’s here. I can feel her.”

“What are you going to do,” a blonde girl asked.

“I’ll wait til she is the most vulnerable.”

“She’ll never know what hit her,” the blonde said.

“True, so very true,” the dark figure said.
Well I hoped you liked this part. I haven’t been getting much feedback but I don’t mind. I’m enjoying writing this and that is what matters. Take Care!!! Some of this may be taken from Buffy but it has different purpose than the show!!

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I just wanted to let you know that I''ll try to update soon. I'm feeling sick. I have the flu. Thanks for the feedback.


Read my story- Who Cares

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() Are thoughts that people are having.

Part 3

(Geez, are the people here psychos? First the principal and then the librarian) Liz Parker was too busy cursing the school to see she was about to run into someone, again.

“ugh,” Liz grunted while looking to see who she hit.

“Walk much?” A tall blonde said.

“I’m sorry. I’m new here.”

“Obviously,” the blonde said rudely.

“I’m Liz Parker”

“Isabel Chase.” She said a little nicer this time. (she looks so lost but she has a great fashion sense. I better take her in before somebody else does.) “since you’re new, I’ll let you off easy but there are a few things you should know here.”

“Like what?” Liz questioned.

“You need to know what people you should avoid at all costs. Look over by the water fountain,” Liz turns and sees a girl with blonde short hair. “That’s Maria Deluca. She not completely unpopular but is lacking social grace.” You now see Maria tripping over her own feet hoping that nobody saw what happened. “Then there is Alex Whitman. Nice guy but the whole computer thing is so over. He has a band called ‘The Whits’. They are okay but don’t let anyone catch you say that.”

“Why not?” Liz wondered.

“basically, he’s not popular and don’t say nice things about the unpopular.”

“You know that’s completely screwed up right?”

“It’s how this school works and if you want to fit in then you’ll follow the rules.” (Isabel has some major issues)

“Alright. Anyone else I should avoid?” Liz asked not really caring what Isabel has to say because she always did her own thing.

“I’ll let you know,” Is joked and smiled. “well class is about to start. What class do you have next?”

“AP Bio” Liz said unsure if it was okay to be smart in this school.

“that’s cool. If you want to eat lunch with me and my friends meet me at my locker”

“yeah maybe”

“Bye Liz”

“bye” Liz said as she walked into her class. The teacher thought it was necessary to point Liz out and embarrass her by making her introduce herself. When the teacher finally let her sit down she went to the back of the class to find Max sitting at the table.

“Is this seat taken?” Liz said while smiling.

“Well I was reserving it for a beautiful girl but you’ll do,” Max joked.

“Gee thanks. You sure helped my ego,” Liz joked back liking the friendly banter.

“Well I try.”

“That makes feel so much better,” Liz said while laughing. ( I love her laugh. I wish she would laugh like that all the time. )

“So are we still on for lunch?” Max said while smiling.

“Of course!”

“Well I guess we don’t have to meet by the cafeteria. We can just walk together.”

“That will be great” said Liz. ( Maybe I can be normal here)

The class was finally getting situated when the Principal voice came over through the intercom. “I’m sorry to announce that we have lost one of our students, Courtney Phillips. Memorial services will be held tomorrow and school will be cancelled for the next two days due to the suffering of many students. Any questions or concerns please come visit me in my office.”

(Great! It’s my first week and someone already died! I need to find that Librarian and get some answers.)

“Listen, Liz about lunch, I’m going to have to cancel. Rain check?” Max said

“Yeah that’s fine,” Liz said in a hurry to find the Librarian. They both left their separate ways.

( She’s the one. I knew it!! You tell when she heard the news about Courtney. Why did she have to be so beautiful?)


I know it’s not great. I noticed that two people are reading this. I need feedback if want more of the story. For those people who did leave feedback- Thanks!!!

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: I should be posting soon. Thanks for the feedback!!!!

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Apathygirl666- Thanks so much for the feedback!!!

Part 4

(I’m here one day and there is already someone dead!! Can you people just leave me alone!! I want to be normal! Is that too much for me to ask? I swear that Librarian better have some answers!)

Liz barges in through the library doors still very angry that someone had the nerve to ruin her normal life once again.

“Hello! Where are you?” The Librarian comes out of an office in the Library.

“I see you heard about the dead body.” he said.

“Duh. How did she die?” Liz said very impatient. All she wanted was to go hang out with Max.

“If I tell you does that mean your ready to accept your duty as a slayer again?”

“Yeah, Yeah. On with the story.”

“It was vampires. I believe that someone very dark is coming to Roswell. It’s not aliens believe me.”

“Okay so there is a new dark thing here and I need to stop it. It’s the same story I’ve already heard. Tell me something I don’t know”

“It’s a powerful vampire. He doesn’t have a name but he is been known to be called ‘The One’. He likes to watch his prey for days and learn their habits. When they least expect he strikes. Mostly teenage girls.”

“Alright. We need to figure out how to stop him and then we’ll take it from there.”

“Anything else?”

“No, not as of now but maybe..”

“Great!” Liz said cutting him off. “I’ll be going now” Liz turned to leave but paused at the door. “What’s your name?”

“Rupert Giles”


Max ran out of his bio class searching for Michael. He looked everywhere for him but couldn’t find him. “Great! When I don’t’ want to see him, he shows up. When I do, he’s nowhere to be found.”

“Who’s nowhere to be found?” Max turned around and his breath caught in his throat. “Max are you okay?” Liz asked.

“Yeah I’m fine. I’m just looking for my friend.” he said quickly but still entranced by her chocolate eyes.

“Oh I was wondering if I can take you up on that rain check?”

“yeah! How about tonight around eight?”

“That would be great. I’ll see you tonight.” Liz said. Before she walked away, she leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Bye Max”

“Bye Liz.” Max was still so entranced by Liz that he didn’t notice Michael walking up.

“What’s going on Maxwell?”

“Nothing much. Did you hear about Courtney?”

“Yeah. It was vampires. Hopefully the slayer is here.”

“she is.” Max answered.

“how do you know?” Michael asked eagerly.

“I just do.”

“She has to stop him before he takes another life.”

“She will. Give her time.”

“Give her time! Max are forgetting about how that sick fuck took your sister’s life? Now she’s one of them! Are you forgetting about Tess?”

“Dammit Michael! I know okay. I’ll never forgive myself for that but we can’t rush her! She needs to trust us before we can help her.” Max yelled back.

“You know who she is, Don’t you?” Michael questioned.

“Yes I do. Let me handle this for now. Okay?”



(Oh brother dear. I know you want avenge my life but can’t you see I’m much better now. I’ll always be young. Don’t worry your little head. Tess will make everything all better. See you soon)


I hope you liked. More feedback the more I’ll write!! Post more soon


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AN: I should have a new part soon!!!!!!!

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Part 5

Max picked Liz up right at 8. They decided that they were going to go see a movie and then he was going to show her around Roswell.

“So Max have you lived here all your life?” Liz said as they walked around the local park. They decided to skip the movie because all that was playing was ‘Glitter’ and they both wanted to their food down.

“Yeah pretty much. I only remember living in Roswell,” Max said walking very close to her. He felt like he needed to be right next to her. His attraction for her was taking over and he to keep his control not to jump her. “How long did you live in Las Vegas?”

“All my life. I loved it there but the weather sucked. 110degrees or more every summer was not my idea of fun.”

“So you’re use to the heat?”

“yep! Nothing like good old blistering heat to brighten your day.” Liz joked.

“So what do you think of Roswell?”

“Can you say small? Las Vegas is huge compared to this place. But we don’t have aliens in Las Vegas.” They walked in silence for a while just liking each other’s company. “Did you know the girl who died?” Liz asked.

“Not personally but I’ve seen her around.” Max answered.

“Do you have many girlfriends? Scorned lovers?” Liz asked trying to get into his head.

“No.” Max said.

“Just no? Come on you have to have a better answer than that?” Liz joked with him.

“Maybe I’m waiting for the right girl.” Max said turning to look Liz straight in the eye. Liz gasped when she saw the desire in his eyes and she wanted so desperately for him to kiss her. He must of read her mind because he started to lean in until their lips were barely touching. “Who knows maybe it’s you.” He said right before he claimed her lips. At first it was gentle but both of them needed something more. Max pulled her closer, his tongue licking her lips demanding entrance. Liz opened up to him and the first touch o their tongues was like fireworks. Explosions and lights. This made them only want more. Their tongues were dueling and their hands wondering. They pulled away needing air. They rest their foreheads together both trying to catch their breath. “wow” Max said.

“amazing,” Liz replied. They were now staring into each others eyes but they were rudely interrupted by someone attacking Liz from behind. (Vampires) Liz thought. (Of course that had to ruin my date) Liz lunged for him. He kicked towards his throat but he caught her foot and pushed her backwards. This only angered Liz a little more. She gained her balance punch him his face and kicked him in the stomach. Sending him back over a park bench. Liz immediately thought of Max. She checked to see if he was okay and she was surprised to him fighting with the other vampire. Before she could go help the other vampire headed towards her but she was too quick for him. She nailed him to the ground and put the stake through his heart.


Max was doing his best kicking the vamp’s ass but the vamp was just too strong. He was struggling but he knew exactly where to hit the vamp. He didn’t expect the vamp to trip and push him towards the ground. “Tess has a message for you.” The vamp said.

“Oh yeah what’s that?” Max said pushing the him off of him.

“She sends her love.”

“How sweet.” Max replied kicking the him in the stomach and into the fence.

“She said that ‘the one’ is here and that judgment day will come. She asked for you to follow her lead.”

“You can tell her to shove it up her ass. Or better yet I’ll tell her myself.” Max said trying to keep the vamp off of him by throwing a few goods punches his way.

“You’ll follow..” the vamp said but was interrupted by Liz putting a stake through his heart. Liz looked to over to Max looking for any damage.

“are you okay?” She asked not believing that Max kicked the vamp’s ass.

“I’m fine. You?” Max asked worried about her.

“Peachy keen. How did the vamp know who you were? And who’s Tess?” Liz asked completely confused.

“It’s a funny story really,” Max said trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m listening.”

“Well you see I know how to fight them because I’ve been doing it for the last few years.”

“That still doesn’t explain anything.” Max walked over to her and pulled her in his arms. He lightly kissed her lips needing to taste her one more time. He pulled her towards a bench and had her sit down.

“When I was a freshman in high school my sister was killed by this very powerful vampire. He stalked her for weeks waiting for her to be alone. She was two years older than me and we got along great. We talked all the time. We were suppose to go out one night but I canceled because I wanted to hang out with the guys. Our step-brother was going to go with her instead. He’s my age. They were walking and he wanted to go in the music store to check out the drum set. She didn’t go in. When he came back out she was gone. We found her body the next day. She had two wholes in her neck. Tess was dead.”

“I’m so sorry Max,” Liz said.

Max continued on, “A week later she came out of her grave as something else. A Vampire. She remembered us but she pretty much wanted to kill us. She joined this guy ‘The One’. He has taken so many lives here. They left a year ago and now there back. He got to Courtney. He’ll strike again. Michael and I have devoted the last few years trying to stop him. We will stop him. He will pay.”

“Max this isn’t your fight. Stay away from him. I’ll deal with him.” Liz pleaded.

“Why should I? He took my sister’s life and I will take his.”

“I won’t let you. I don’t want anything to happen to you. Stay away!”

“I……” before he could finished Liz pulled his head down to hers and kissed him with all she had.
“Please Max,” Liz asked desperately.

“I can sit around and do nothing.” Max stated.

“You can stand by my side but no fighting. Please? I just found you and I don’t want to lose you.” Liz confessed.

“Okay. I will for you but I’m not happy about this.” Max said leaning down to kiss her again but with more urgency than before. “How did you know how to fight them?” He asked but already knew the answer.

“I’m the Vampire Slayer” Liz said knowing he already knew that. They got up and started walking home. “what a night! You definitely know how to sweep a girl off her feet.” Liz joked.

“Well you know I try.” Max smiled at her. “Same thing tomorrow night.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”


(So you befriended the slayer. You would have thought. You will join us Max. Michel too, even I have to kill you myself. The slayer better watch her back. ‘The One’ has been waiting to taste the blood of the slayer. And what he wants, he gets)


I’m not getting any feedback but I guess that’s okay for now. I’ll just make this story shorter than I planned. I will finish it though for those of you who are reading it.


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*AUTHOR'S NOTE* Hey Everyone!! I don't know when I'm going to be able to post next. I just started a new job and I'm working crazy hours. I'll try to update soon! Thanx for the Feedback!


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Part 6

Things have been slow this week. No dead bodies. No vampires. I know ‘the one’ is planning something. I just have to keep my eyes open. It’s sick that people forget about people so easily. People die and people act like nothing happened. School has been going so slow. Isabel insists that I need to go shopping with her. She said something about my great fashion sense. I wasn’t really listening. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Max and Michael but I think Michael wants me to go away. He’s very moody. If it weren’t for Max I wouldn’t put up with Michael’s shit.


“So why is Michael so distant?” Liz asked Max while on patrol. Giles told her she needs to patrol every night and train everyday. She pretty much has been ignoring the whole training part.

“He’s always been like that. Don’t take it personally.” Max said.

“well he shouldn’t be able to treat people like shit.” Liz argued.

“He’s had a hard time. He blames himself for Tess’s death. He doesn’t trust easily.” Max turns Liz toward him. “He doesn’t do it on purpose. He’ll come around.” Max leans down to kiss Liz. It get passionate quickly.

“Maybe we should take this somewhere else” Liz said between kisses.

“definitely” Max says while grabbing her hand and taking off toward his place. Before they could go any further they hear a scream. They both go running towards the scream. They round the corner and see a blonde girl struggling with a vampire. Liz goes running toward them and pulls the vamp off the girl. She kicking his ass while Max pulls the girl away. Liz finally kills him and starts walking towards the girl.

“are you okay?” Liz asked the girl.

“yeah” the blonde said while lifting her head. “you’re the new girl. I’ve seen you around with Isabel.”

“Yeah well she just hangs around”

“I’m Maria Deluca.”

“I’m Liz Parker and this is Max Evans.” Liz said while standing next to Max.

“You’re Michael’s brother.” Maria said excitedly.

“Yeah well I don’t like to admit it.” Max joked.

“Listen Maria do you have someone you can walk around with at nights. A guy?” Liz asked.

“Yeah my friend Alex can.”

“Good we’ll walk you home but don’t go out at night without anybody. It’s not safe.” Liz said.

“Okay…..Um.. Liz?”


“what was that thing that was attacking me?” Maria asked.

“well there’s no sense in lying to you. You see the thing was a vampire. Blood sucking demon. You know the story. They drink blood blah blah blah. He was trying to suck your blood.” Liz said.

“way to put it nicely Liz” Max commented.

“Okay so what are you?” Maria asked.

“I’m the chosen one. Into each generation a slayer is born. One girl, in all the world, a chosen one. One born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. I am the vampire slayer.”

“Okay I’m going to faint now” and that she did.

“well I’ve had worst reactions” Liz said trying to lighten the mood. Max just smirked at her.


(Damn that slayer!!! She took my sacrifice! I should have known better than to send someone to do my dirty work. If you want something done you have to do it yourself. Watch out slayer because here I come!)


I know this is short but I wanted to Maria in the picture. Hopefully Alex will come soon!!! Thanks for the feedback!!!!!!!


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: WOW! Thanks for all the feedback!! I love it!! I'll try to update soon! I have family in town and I'm swamped with work. Maybe by Monday or Tuesday! Thanks again!!

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Here’s the new part you’ve been waiting for. Thanks for the feedback!

Part 7

Okay so right now I’m completely freaking out! There’s such things as a vampire slayer. I thought I was dreaming but when I woke up I knew I wasn’t. I believe in some weird shit but this is too unbelievable even for me. It’s like believing in aliens. I mean come on! Alex is never going to believe this. I can barely believe it. What is Max? Is he a vampire slayer thingy? What about Michael? Okay brain overload. I’m going to lie down now.


“So how did she take it?” Michael asked after Max explained what happened last night.

“What? You are not going to give me the lecture on how we shouldn’t tell anyone our secret?”

“Shove it Maxwell! Just answer the fucking question!”

“Fine. She handled it fine.” Max was no longer paying attention to Michael because Liz just came through the door. “Bye Michael” Max rushed to Liz like a puppy dog in heat “Hey” Max said. He didn’t give her a chance to reply before he stuck his tongue down her throat. A few ‘get a room’ were thrown their way but they were to engrossed with each other.


Michael was so pissed at Max that he went straight home and forgoed his usual Metallica CD and put one of Max’s CD’s.

(Now here is a song Max needs to listen to)

I’m drunk off your kiss
For another night in a row
This is becoming too routine for me
But I did not mean to lead you on
And it’s all right to pretend
That we still talk
It’s just for show, isn’t it
It’s my fault that it fell apart

Just maybe
You need this
And I didn’t mean to
Lead you on

You were everything I wanted
But I just can't finish what I've started
There’s no room left here on my back
It was damaged long ago
Though you swear that you are true
I still pick my friends over you
(My friends over you)

( Yo Maxwell take some form advice from these guys)

Please tell me everything,
That you think that I should know
About all the plans we made
When I was never to be found
And it’s all right to forget
That we still talk
Its just for fun, isn’t it
It’s my fault that it fell apart

(Liz and Max came bursting through the room and Liz squealed that she loved this song. She began dancing along with it.)

Cuz maybe you need this
And I didn’t mean to
Lead you on

You were everything I wanted
But I just can't finish what I've started
There’s no room left here on my back
It was damaged long ago
Though you swear that you are true
I still pick my friends over you
(My friends over you)

Just maybe you need this
You need this…
And I didn’t mean to
Lead you on

You were everything I wanted
But I just can't finish what I've started
There’s no room left here on my back
It was damaged long ago
Though you swear that you are true
I still pick my friends over you

“Shouldn’t you guys be making out somewhere?” Michael questioned.

“Duh! That’s why we’re here.” Liz replied. Before Michael could say anything Max pulled her away.


Max and Liz were busy with themselves so Michael left. Little did he know what would be waiting for him.

“Dear brother. How are you?”

“What are you doing here Tess?” Michael said with venom.

“I just wanted to see you.” Tess said smiling devilishly.

“You’re not wanted”

“Michael when will you learn. You can join me. You’ll be invincible, young, and powerful.”

“Yeah up until the point someone puts a stake through my heart. No thank you!” Michael turned back towards the apartment knowing very well Tess couldn’t enter.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” Tess’s answer was a door in her face. “Soon Michael soon”


That bitch! How dare she! I cared for her and in death she wants to make me suffer? Not this time! Tess will gets what coming to her even if I have to kill her myself. Liz is useless. I’ll kill her!


Sorry so short! I promised you a part and here it is. Sorry it’s a couple days late. Hope you liked! I used New Found Glory’s “My friends over you” Hope you liked!!! Hopefully there will be a new part soon. I’m trying to decide if I should rate it NC-17 but I need help with the nookie part of it. Any help would be great!!!


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey everyone!! How's it going? I''m just letting you guys know that I'll try to post soon. I just started college today and I'm going to be busy. Thanks for the feedback!!!

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Hey everyone!! I promise I will try to update this weekend. Thanks for the feedback but if you want more I need more!
posted on 11-Sep-2002 9:13:25 PM by Loralee0607
One more thing! My heart goes out to everyone who lost someone because of the terrorist attacks one year ago. May God be with you and may your hearts someday heal.

posted on 13-Nov-2002 9:01:30 PM by Loralee0607
AUTHORS NOTE: Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted. I'm definetly going to have to write a new part. That is if I get feedback so I can know if anybody is reading this still. Thanks for the feedback I have gotten!!!!