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Title: Betrayal of Trust
Summary: When Liz’s older cousin visits Roswell it becomes apparent that Liz is hiding something, but at what cost to the aliens?
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, though wouldn't mind sharing Michael...ok, I wouldn't mind having Michael.
Distribution: Anywhere just as long as you tell me. It'll be easier to direct people to my fic if they want to read it. ::long pause:: FINE! So I can sit there and stare at it like an idiot because other people can see my name.
Author's Notes: No, I'm not mentally insane, even though I like to pretend it. No, I'm really not an idiot and if you put my fic someplace, I wouldn't sit there and stare at it...much.

Chapter One:

Liz walked out from the backroom, her face a mix of emotions. “Mom, he can’t come and visit. Why did you invite him?” Liz asked.

“He’s your cousin Liz. He wants to see you. There’s nothing wrong with it.” Nancy Parker argued back, not getting why Liz was resisting so much. She used to not be able to stand being away from Ezekiel Parker. They were next to inseparable, reasons unknown to Nancy or Jeff Parker. Zeke was a good 6 years older than Liz.

“Nevermind. Can’t wait to see him.” Liz answered, her voice tinting on sarcasm, of which Nancy Parker missed completely.

“Great! He’ll be here tomorrow.” She said, then headed upstairs.

“Tomorrow? Why so soon?” Liz asked to herself.

The next day went quickly until a large bus pulled up in front of the Crashdown. Out stepped a generally tall man, with slightly spiked medium brown hair. He had light hazel eyes and an undistinguishable tattoo right below his left ear. His clothes were nothing of importance. He looked around, an expression of disdain crossed his features briefly before they brightened up at the sight of Liz.

“Zeke!” Liz called out as he stepping into the Crashdown, smiling as he hugged her, lifting her off the ground.

“Liz! God, it’s been ages since I’ve seen you.” Zeke said, his arm resting around her shoulders. “How you been?” He asked, letting go of her to sit down.

“Great. Life here is just great.” Liz answered, her mind telling her to tell him the truth, but her heart kicked that though out of her head. “It’s mostly boring though.”

“You should have been there Liz. You would have loved it.” Zeke said, as if getting ready to tell a grand story. “There were four of them. Me, Jas, and Tio found them. You remember Jas and Tio, right?” He asked, waiting for her to nod before continuing.

She so didn’t need this right now. An alien-bagging story wasn’t going to be the highlight of her day like it used to. She nodded her head at Zeke’s question.

“So we’re just walking the streets of New York, right? Well, we come across these two rejects just sitting there. Apparently one of them tried to blow us up. Well, Jas didn’t get hurt too badly, he’s ok. But anyhow, Tio throws this knife and it hit the thing in it’s heart and then this angry chick with long blonde hair tries something and it throws Tio halfway across the block.” Zeke continues excitedly.

Liz frowned internally. There were only four aliens that she knew of. And last time she checked they hadn’t been to New York and they were still alive. “Well…” Liz trailed, pretending to be impatient for the rest of the story.

“Now, by now the weird spiky haired fire freak is dead. This blonde chick’s acting like it’s the end of the world or something cause he’s dead. Jas sneaks up behind it and snaps it’s neck. So that’s two down. The other two haven’t shown up yet. Out of nowhere these other two things appear in front of us. Musta been some mind trick and the short blonde kicks me. It can’t kick very hard apparently, but it tried. And I just pushed her hard against the nearest wall and her head cracks.”

Liz was suddenly happy that the Crashdown had been closed today. She was bordering on sick at his descriptions. She could just imagine him, Jas, and Tio doing this to Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess. It was awful. “What happened to the other one?” Liz asked, dreading the answer. The last one would have been the one like Max.

“Well, you see, that was the best one. This freak thing came at us, trying to act all macho, and it seemed it for a little while, until me and Jas get it beat up pretty good. So we sit there and try to have a human conversation with it, after it’s tied up so tightly we’re surprised it can breathe, if it needs to breathe that is. No surprise here, it didn’t talk to us, so, ya know. We tried…alternate… methods of communication. That was fun. By now the pathetic thing is so far gone we put it out of its misery. You would have loved it!!” By now he noticed a slight paleness in Liz’s face. “You ok Lizzie?” He asked, concern apparent.

Liz swallowed hard. “Umm, yeah. I’m just not feeling too good today. Maybe the flu or something.” She said, standing up. Zeke reacted as predicted.

“Liz, you shouldn’t be out of bed. Maybe you should go to the doctor’s. I’ll call him myself.” Zeke said, while gently leading Liz upstairs. He waited until he was sure that Liz was safely tucked in bed before leaving, not quite agreeing to Liz’s ‘I’ll be fine’ statements, though he agreed not to call the doctor.

Liz smiled to herself. She always knew how to manipulate him. That’s how she ended up in the Alliance. She knew just what to say and do to get her anything she wanted. As she looked back she realized that as a child, she was very manipulative. Something she regretted at the moment.

So what if the only way the get away from his horrific descriptions was to fake a day of sickness? Now if she could just keep Max, Michael, Isabel, and Tess out of his way for the next few days and they’d all be fine.

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This is probably going to be a short fic, three chapters at most, but there WILL be a sequel.
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Yep, but there will be more background in the next chapter. Don't worry. I should have the chapter up by tomorrow...if you all keep reviewing.
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Note: This is the last chapter for this story, but look for the sequel 'Betrayal of Principle' to be out soon.

Chapter Two:

Zeke got tired of pacing around the Crashdown, even getting tired of talking to his aunt and uncle, so he made some excuses to go walk around. It had been ages since he’d been in Roswell and he’d get to see what it looked like now.

There were some new places and some fixed up places. Like the UFO museum that had him shaking his head. Hard to believe that a whole town practically depending on creatures from another planet to keep the town afloat. That just didn’t sit right with him.

Zeke nearly received the shock of his life when he saw four things he assumed to be humans, look exactly like the four things he’d killed back in New York. Zeke’s mind reeled as they got closer, they looked the same, but different at the same time. These ones looked cleaner, more normal. But they couldn’t be human than could they?

And the shock was complete when they spotted him and started walking over. He had yet to decide if they were human or not, so he figured he could be civil…for now.

“You’re Liz’s cousin, right?” Isabel asked, holding out a hand for him to shake. “I’m Isabel, this is my brother Max and these are our friends Michael and Tess.” She said with a smile.

“Umm, yeah. I’m Zeke. Liz’s cousin.” He said, though hesitant to shake her hand, he did anyway. “Nice to meet you.” He added with as nice of a smile as he could. He checked Isabel out and decided that at least she looked better than the other one did.

Zeke tried his best not to let any awkward emotions show about aliens or them in particular. Surely Liz had done the proper tests on them, followed Alliance code on any beings that she deemed suspicious. If anyone knew Alliance methods, it was Liz. She had been the youngest member among them, a mere 13 years old. They’d been reluctant to let such a young child in, but when she showed her scientific excellency she’d proven herself. She’d been a natural. Wait, who was he kidding. She hadn’t rebelled. She still was a natural. She was born to belong in the Alliance.

He shook his head as if to clear those thoughts out of his head. Now wasn’t the time to think of things like that. “So, give me the tour?” He asked, being as charming as he could manage, though the doubts still existed.

Isabel looked over at Max, Tess, and Michael, who all looked more than a little wary of this person, for reasons unknown to Isabel. He seemed perfectly nice to her. “Sure.” She answered, not waiting for the others to answer before leading him away.

“Where are you from?” Isabel asked, making quiet conversation. It seemed like he generally knew where everything was since he’d even pointed a few things out to her and she lived here.

“I travel. Here, there, around. Spend a good month and a half in New York recently.” Zeke answered.

“New York? What was it like?” Isabel asked, wondering why she felt kind of apprehensive about him in general, yet also enthralled by him. It was more than weird.

“It was New York. Loud, fun, dangerous. Lots of stuff. What’s it like here now? I lived here when I was younger, but it’s been ages.” Zeke said, looking around. “I moved, say, 10 years ago. I was 12. While I visited frequently, Roswell was so not my choice of home.” He said, surprised at how easily talking came. He never was much of a talker except when it came to Liz, Tio, and Jas. And, well, of course the rest of the Alliance.

“It’s boring and more boring, but you get used to it. Country living isn’t what it’s cracked up to be these days.” Isabel answered and managed to get a smile. There was hope for him yet.

The days generally passed slowly, Zeke and Isabel hung out more with each other than they did with anyone else. When Max first told Liz that Isabel was talking a lot with her cousin, she pulled a full alarm panic, but Max reassured her, and his original doubts increased ten-fold. He started following Isabel and Zeke around and his actions attracted the curious Michael who asked him what he was doing.

One day Isabel was finally able to leave Zeke long enough to actually hang out with Max, Tess, and Michael. They were walking and it was getting pretty late, so they were heading home when Zeke arrive out of nowhere.

“What are you doing here?” Isabel asked, kindly.

“Just taking a walk. Look, there’s something you should see. It’s really important.” Zeke said, walking in a different direction than their planned one. He looked over his shoulder. “Well, come on!” He said impatiently, continuing.

Isabel was, of course the first to follow him. Max followed her to make sure that she’d stay safe, as did Michael and Tess. When they ended up in an alley, only then did Max see that it was a trap. And that Liz, in her own way, had tried to warn him. Great. He needed to learn to listen to her more.

“What do you want from us?” Michael asked boldly, stepping in front to protect the rest of the group automatically, then seeing the large knife Zeke pulled out, decided that maybe it wasn’t his best move to make.

Zeke twirled the knife in the air. “So little Lizzie isn’t as truthful as she used to be. So, you are all aliens. Isn’t that just grand. Killed four just like you in New York. And when I mean just like you, I mean identical you’s. And it’s a natural reaction to think that if they were aliens, you are too.” He said, not noticing the figure step behind him, distancing herself from them.

Michael was the first to notice her, when his hands started to twitch as he was about to blow Zeke up. Liz motioned for him not to do anything, and he stilled, though he didn’t know why. When Zeke unexpectedly swung the knife towards Michael, Liz stepped up automatically and grabbed his arm. Though he was stronger, he at least stopped the descent of the knife.

“You have no right, Liz, to stop me.” Zeke growled, a sound that frightened pretty much all the aliens, but didn’t faze Liz in the least.

“These are people, Zeke. Human beings. Not aliens. They didn’t do anything to you but be nice.” Liz pointed out, hoping that it wasn’t to late for something to be done. If he were here alone then it meant that he hadn’t called in reinforcements.

“It’s impossible. You and I both know it.” Zeke argued.

“No it isn’t. They are innocents and just because they look like some aliens that you killed doesn’t mean they have to die too.” Liz retorted, pretty upset that he’d decided to do this, but knowing that he would have anyway. It was his nature, had once been her own.

“I remember not too long ago when you would have gladly killed innocents in the search for aliens. What were a few innocents, friends, when you could save the world? What happened to that Liz? The girl who would never turn down the Alliance, no matter how demanding, ruthless, or cruel their orders were.” Zeke ranted, glaring at Liz, who met his gaze unflinching.

“I’ve changed. I’m not the same person I was back then. Things have happened, important things. Things I’ve decided that are more important than the Alliance. More important than you, even. I’m not going to let you hurt my friends, my human friends. You don’t belong here, never have. It’s my suggestion that you get out of here before something happens.” Liz warned.

For a full minute, no one moved a muscle until Zeke lowered the knife, only to raise it up and let is slash into Liz’s palm, causing her to gasp in pain. “You think that hurts a little? The Alliance can hurt you a million times worse…and keep you alive.” Was Zeke’s cryptic statement before taking his leave.

Liz just stood there, watching the blood flow steadily from her palm, until her arm was grabbed by Max. “What the HELL just happened here? You own us a huge explanation.” Max commanded angrily.

Liz jerked her arm back, aware of the painful sensation it brought. “I don’t own you anything. You all think you’re so high and mighty so you decided to treat me like shit. Well, guess what? Right now, to me, my life is more important than yours could ever be.” Liz said as she stormed away, leaving the pod squad to process the weight of what she just told them.

Zeke pounded his fist into the nearest breakable object and had the satisfaction of listening to the glass fall to the floor. The stupidity of Liz! He couldn’t believe the risk she had just covered the both of them in. As if deciding to kill them hadn’t been bad enough, but that fact that he liked the tall blonde named Isabel was the worse thing that could have happened.

Shaking his head, he made a decision, possibly the most important one of his life. Slowly he picked up his cell phone and dialed a very familiar number and waited until the customary three rings before someone answered, saying nothing. “Zeke Parker. I need to talk to the boss.” He waited until the line connected.

“Sir, we have a situation.”

To Be Continued…

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Trying to keep this slightly resembling current in case someone wanted to read it for the sequel. I'm suffering from more than slight writer's block. It's awful and I haven't updated any of my fics for quite some time. Note: If you liked this fic and still don't know, the sequel is called Betrayal of Principle and the first part is up already.