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Title: Someone To Call My Lover
Author: Jeremiah
Category: Max/Liz/Zan
Summary: What if Max and Zan were prostitues and Liz was their Pimp?
Disclaimer: I own Nothing, belongs to the SciFi Channel.
Rating PG 15-Nc 17

Part One

Have you ever felt like you were nothing? Like you were a complete and Total Loser? Well If you have welcome to my Life and what it is for me 24/7. Oh By the way My name Is Zan Evans and I am the loser. Or so that is what my parents like to think of me. Sure they dont come out and say it to my face, But I know it is what they are thinking.
If they could see me Now, they were be rolling over in their graves. You see I too was a preppy like my twin and oh so perfect brother Max, I used to wear same color shirts and jeans. Have my hair trimmed and cut. I too use to make the grades,Hell I was even on the Honor Roll a couple of times! And I use to listen to Mommy and Daddy too. But then I got some balls and decided to be me. I lost the clothes and got cutoffs shirts, baggy jeans, I also decided to lose the underwear, I like it to hang loose if you know what I mean. I spiked my hair and highlighted some aspects with a touch of blond. I also grew a goatee, which The women happen to like! I got a few tattos across this great body of mine! No I am not just being cocky, You can just ask any one of the sweets I's screwed. Gots some pierces , both my nipples, oh the sensation when a ladies tug at them! my left eyebrow,and my tounge and of course the trusty ears. I might say I would Fuck my self if I could.
Now you might wonder how I could feel like a loser, when I think so high of my god given body, See its cuz I found no ones special to share my life with. Of course It dosent matter anyway with the job that I have. And before I go any further, I will just tell you what I do.

I am A prostitue. I am a MALE prostitue! I sleep, No that is the wrong word I fuck pussys for a living. I sell my body for money. How could I do that? You ask. I will tell you. First when I moved out here to LA, well I should say When I got kicks to the curb by my parents, I needed money and Needed it fast. I had nothing but a few bucks to my name. I was walking some were along the strip when I heard a few catcalls, I am not suprise, cuz have you seen this body! I am DA Man! That was were I met Liz. The most Looking fine woman on this planet! She offered me a Job, I didnt know what it was until we got back to her place. I was expecting or I should honestly say, I Hoped for a good roll in the sack, she looked like she was real Tight. But when We got there I was then Realising what she was and what kind of job, I was going to be getting. She was a female Pimp! And I was going to be her Bitch! all I could say was BOWWOW!
It Started out not as well, I got a few ladies in their fifites , I guess they never had Sex, Cuz they came a few seconds after I shoved my cock into their Pussy. Some might wonder what it feels like to have sex and get paid for it. Some might call it degrading, some might call it disgusting, BUt I call It my LIFE! I enjoy Sex and I enjoy women and I enjoy Money so it is a win-win
situation. Plus I am honored people are willing to pay me for my body, I mean I am so damn fine. Cuz I am DA MAN!
I remember the first job I came back from, Liz was waiting for me, And She wondered how it went, I told her and how it felt. I gave her her share of the money. Then that was when I got a taste of heaven. Liz wanted to know if she could of a show of her own, she said she wanted to Test out one of her Toys. I obliged. I never felt so good before when I slipped into her as deep and as far As I could possibly go. She was beyond Tight. She was no virgin, cuz she was a pimp after all. But Damn she was tight! She was pefect, Her perfect little breasts with her pinkish nipples, harding after I twist and flicker them with my fingers then my tounge. She screamed My name so Loud I thought the cops would come out and arrest for disruppting the peace. But I didnt give a shit. We fucked all night long, I swear I thought I was going to die when she sucked my cock dry,The way she paid attention to my body, Oh God! I was dying! But what a way to go! We did it every were , the living room, the kitchen,Bathroom, the bed and of course outside with a view. That was the best sex I ever had.That was when we came up with our little arrangement.

P.S Please let m know what you think. Max's and Liz's Pov's are coming up later. Like always, Feedback! No Feedback and No story!

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Part 2

If you knew who I was back in High school and if you saw me now. you wouldnt believe it was the same person. I use to be the one who was an Honor student.The one that took the team to state championship title year after year. But If you saw me Now, you would definetly know that Max Evans is not that same innocent boy. I lost the innocence a long time ago.And it's name was Tess Harding.She was the one to destroy me. I Really Hate that Bitch! She cost me my Life. Oh I guess you want some more Background information right? Well I guess there is no harm in Telling you what happened to shape the kind of person that I am today.
It all started back in High School.Sure I was popular and I could get any girl that I wanted. But there was One girl That I only had eyes for. Her Name Is Liz Parker. She was my godess.My Guilty pleasure. She was perfect in every way. I was just content to just stare at her for the rest of my life.
I never thought it was possible that she would feel the same way for me as I did for her, but she did and we got together.People thought that we were going to get married.Hell I thought We would after graduation that was our plan, we were going to get married Go off to Harvard together and become a family. We were on our way, until that FUCKING Gerbil screwed Everything Up!
It was the night before our wedding in fact. Michael and Alex decided to take me out to have a little bachlors party. We were all having a good time. it was just the guys hanging out at the pool hall. That was when she walked through the door.At first it was fine she wasnt hanging all over me like she usually does.So I made the mistake that I could trust her.Well I was wrong. I found How wrong I was when I woke up the Next Mourning In Tess's Bed.
Now you might wonder how the hell did I get there? I didnt know how either until I found out that she drugged me, she put something in my beer last night.And I guess we ended up having Sex.It made me sick to my stomach. I Never wanted to do anything like that with HER! Only with Liz! Speaking of Liz,I think I am going to be sick just remembering her face. When she walked in on us.
I wanted to kill myself right there.I knew by the devestated look on her face that my world was over. I lost My dreamgirl. I tried to explain to her, I pleaded with her to understand. That What happened was not my fault. But I guess with me still being naked along with a naked Tess, it really did not help my case.Liz told me that the wedding was off, that she couldnt love a man like me anymore. I was scared to death I had to make her understand, I couldnt let her leave me.
But That is what she did. The next day she was gone.Out Of my life.All My hopes and dreams that I wanted to come true so bad were now shattered in the wake of decit.I had my doubts but they were proven when Tess told me that she did indeed drugged me. She didnt even want me, she just wanted to hurt Liz. In that moment, I almost beacme a murderer. But I couldnt. And I couldnt stay in Roswell anymore. So I left.
I ended up In LA. When I left Roswell, I left in a hurry. I only brought so much money that I was deperate for cash. I didnt have a college degree so I couldnt find a decent job. I was a busboy at some local dump when my destiny changed forever.
So that is how I became who I am today. Max Evans a male prostitue. I sell my body for sex. The only person that I wanted to give my body to no longer wants me, I cant blame her though I wouldnt want me either. I havent seen her since that night. I probably will never again. That was when I died,And this Max Evans standing in front of you telling you this story came to be.Without my soulmate beside me I had no reason to be me anymore.I dont do this for the money. I do it so I can numb the horrible gut wrenching pain that is in my chest.
I wonder how she is doing every second of my life. I wonder is she is happy. I wonder if she is with another.I have no right but I cant stand to think that some other Man Is touching Liz, My liz were I should be touching her at.That thought nearly kills me. But thenI realise yet again That I have No right. No right at all.
So I got to go. I am meeting a client. God well I ever be able to stop! I want to so bad, but my only reason is gone. Liz is gone.

P.S Let me know please on what you think! I have Liz's Pov coming next. I am a dreamer so dont worry about that, There is angst coming up and it wont be easy but I hope you like what I have planned. So Please FEEDBACK Please!
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Part 3

Who would ever thought that sweet and Innocent Liz Parker would be riding a cock so hard between her legs? Who would of thought that I would be talking about sex, let alone having it! You see I am no longer that sweet and trusting little girl. That person died back in that rat hole called Roswell New Mexico. When her supposely devoted Fiancee Fucked the Local trash, Right before our wedding. I want to apologise for my language. Can you tell that I am still very bitter. So her I am Liz parker Having Wild and sweaty Sex with previous mentioned Ex- fiancees brother. I know paybacks a bitch, I should move on with my life. And to tell you the truth It is Not that I am Not enjoying having Zan in my bed, Because I do, I do very much. It is just I have changed so much from the person that I was once.And I am afraid that I cant find My way back. Now you are all wondering how I came to be such a cold and bitter person. Well like I mention before My loving Fiancee cheated on me with a whore that was so disgusting that a sewer rat wouldnt even screw, but I guess that kind of Trash turns Max on. we were supposed to get married the next day. It would of been the happiest day of my life. I was finally getting a chance to marry my dream guy, The one that I had a crush on since I could remember when. I was shocked that he would even have feelings for me, but he did and we were inseperable. I mean by our sixteenth date we were already talking about marriage. Maybe that was a sign, and I just missed it. Maybe I was suppose to listen and ended it right there. I mean come on Talking about marriage when we were still in Higgh School? Now talk about rushing the gun. Well I found out that max obviously found it to be the same, but he forgot to clue me in before I saw Him In Bed with Her! I was a total fool. But what made me a bigger dumbass was that I got a call from Tess to come meet her at her house, For something important. Well I guess that what she wanted to show me was that she and my fiancee were getting it on.
I am done talking about that Asshole and that slut! Now you wonder what I am doing with Zan? Right. Well he is my so called bitch. Thats right Little Lizzie Parker is a pimpette, or a better word is madam. I make money by having people have Sex with deperate and Lonely people. I usually dont Fuck a employee more then once. Zan is on his tenth. What can I say? He is a tiger in bed, and I like it rough. he reminds me of Max. He dosent know that Max And I were even together, I never told him. And when we were in Roswell We were never in the same circle. And By the time Max and I got together zan had already left Roswell.
He is a God in the sack! I mean he is beyond good. That is probably the reasion that I keep him around. That and he is a popular with the ladies clientle. He brings in a fortune for me.
OhhhhhhhGooooooddddddddddd, he is making me cum even more, I love how he fucks me hard and with out care, I ....iiii.......IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FFFFFFFFFFuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!

Now we are all finished. I kick him out of the bed. I throw him a couple bucks thanking him for another night of pleasure. he leaves my room completely naked and still sweaty from our little activity. he should see the way he moves his toned ass! I mean I am already soaking wet again.

Shit! I have to meet a client at some damn party! God this so sucks my ass! It is always so hard to wind up clientle and employees. So thanks for listening to all my troubles . her I go, wish me luck.

P.S now I plan on Max and Liz meeting next part. Now do you want zan to show up, or have Max and Liz have it out.
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Liz was waiting at the table at Spago's. Waiting to meet her new account. Wondering if he would be a good tumble in the hay. Liz watched the door casually waiting to see when he would come. he agreed to be here at 7:30, It was Now 7:50. The bastard was late. No One ever stands Liz Parker up! As Liz was about to leave and head for the door, that was when she got the suprise of her lifetime. Max Evans was standing there in front of her, With the same expression on his face as she had on hers. It felt like all the air was sucked up at that time. it was hard to breath just looking at the past again. She thought she moved on with her life.'NO!' Liz thought, There was no way that she was going to let him get to her. Liz didnt even say one word to him, She walked by not even giving a second glare back.

Max thought she never looked so beautful. her long silky brown hair, how he so wanted to run his fingers through it again. Her beautful brown eyes that just made him get lost everytime he would look into them. Max couldnt help the thought about how she would of been his, If it wasnt for that one horriable night. The Night that he lost Everything that mattered to him. He lost the future the one that he so wanted. Liz walked past him nothing even giving him the pleasure of a second glare. He couldnt let her go like this. he had to try and fix this. So many thought were going on in his head, like Why was Liz out in california? How long she was out here and why didnt she tell him? He couldnt help but be a little selfish when It came to the last statement. He had always loved her, and would probably always will. He has to fix this. Max turned and Raced out of the resturant, finally spotting Liz standing on the curb. After a few seconds Max had finally found his voice. He was going to speak to the love of his life for the first time in years.

"Liz?" Max gently spoke. Just praying that Liz wouldnt send him away.

"Go Away, Max." Liz said in a small whisper. Max wasnt even sure He heard it.

"It is Nice seeing you. You look so Beautful, Liz." Max said with his voice full of awe. He would never get tired of looking at her.

"Cut the crap Max! And Leave Me the Hell alone!" Liz screamed. Not even looking at him as tears were falling down her face. She was too scared to face it. Liz loved him with her whole being only to get burned in the end. It caused her to be what she was today.

A Common Whore.

Liz was no longer the Sweet and Innocent as she was once. Liz had to hold back a sob as she wondered what Max would think of her now that she was....

A Common Whore.

It broke Max's heart to hear the pain so obviously in her voice. Knowing that he was the one to put it there. Yeah he might have benn tricked But that dosent change the damage that has already been done. He wasabout to give up and leave, But his heart was the one that made him stay.

"Liz, Please I Know I hurt you, but you have to understand....." Max didnt get to finish as Liz cut him off. Anger burning in her eyes. Max was sure But he saw hatred there as well.

"I Dont have to understand anything Max! What is done is done! You slept with that Bitch! on what was suppose to be OUR Wedding Day! You Know what I felt when I saw you two?" Liz asked with venom in her voice. She wanted to hear his answer.

"I Know You Must..."

"You do NOT Know Me! And I sure as Hell didnt know You as well As I thought I did! Because I never saw that coming! I have to hand it to you! getting some from the local gutter slut. I mean Wow Max, what a way to show a Girl you love her!" Liz was fuming. but Getting out the anger and hostialty she held for him.

"Please! Liz, let me explain!" Max pleaded with his life. Tears were now flowing down on his cheeks looking at the one woman that would hold his Heart and soul.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!" Liz cried as she slapped him across the face. Max bring his hand up to help the sting from her slap. He felt like crying Right there. He looked at Liz and saw the pained look on her face. Then he knew. It was truly over between them. No More chances. No More silly wishes about changing things. Things were done and final for them. Max Just silently turned around and stared to walk away from the only one that he would ever love. He then turned his head around to speak one more time.

"I Love you Liz Parker. You Might Not Believe that, And I Cant blame you . I Just want to Thank you for Giving me a Chance to Love you. I Obviously didnt deserve it.I Know that now. I Just Want to say, Thank You for showing me How Love feels. I can now hold on to that as I lay awake alone. Which I only have myself to blame. Thank you Liz Parker. For making me human." Then he just walked away.

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Part 5 NC 17- Also for language.

Max was completely lost. He knew that Liz would be Upset.But He thought that time would sorta healed the wounds. Guess he was wrong.he could still feel his cheek sting from were Liz had slapped him. By the way the she acted tonight, who would of thought that she was ever in love with him. But he screwed it up. As much as Tess was to blame for it, he had to take resposablity for it. He knew Tess's game. She had been after him like always. But he was too soft. he thought that she was in trouble the night of his bacehlor party. Max could feel the Anger boiling in his blood. That bitch took away what he wanted. A future with Liz. Max didnt know were he was headed. A certain direction yet not planned, Max continued to walk down the street. trying to find a way
to go on with His life with out Liz. This time finding a better Job. at that moment Max felt the bile rise up in his throat. he wondered what Liz would think about what he was doing now. If Liz thought Ill of him before, Max couldnt picture her Reaction to him selling his body for money. Max continued to walk down the road trying to clear what was left of his mind.


She was angry as hell! How dare he expects me to listen to what he had to say. He was the one that Fucked that low life bitch. He was the one to stick his cock in that whore, Now he has to live with the consequences. Liz slammed the door to Zan's house that he has on 4th and Main. Liz was sure as suprised as hell to run into Max Evans again. After all these years she could still feel the pain. The pain of the betrayl. Just seeing him today again, brought back all those feelings again that she so desperatly wanted to but her behind her. Liz was looking for zan. When ever she was pissed she could always count on zan for a great screw. That was what she needed. Just a Good Fuck. No Love, No emotion. Just the Pure Raw Adultrated Sex.

"Where the hell is he! ZAN!!!!!!!!!!!!" Liz screamed out. God! Where the hell is a Man when you need one. Then she hears some moans come from his room. Liz opened the door to a very busy Zan and Pam Troy. Liz was pissed. She went over pulled Pam by the hair and dragged her out of the bed.

"What the Fuck!!!!!!!!" Pam screeched.

"What the hell does it look like, bitch. I am the only one that gets to ride Da man!" Liz threw Pam out then shut the door. Then turned around to a very suprised Zan.

"Yo Liz, I ...I was..." Zan was stumbling the words. He was shocked to say the least. He never saw Liz be so pissed. He had to admit that it turned him on.

"Shut up! Zan." Liz yelled as she started to take off her clothes. " Now Just FUCK Me!" Liz said to a very willing Zan.

"Comes here to da man! sweets." Zan said as He opened his arms. He loved it, when Liz was in this mood. Hell He wasnt going to complain when Liz was in the mood.

"This isnt about Love. So I dont want to hear the words I Love you. or Making Love. I just want to get Fucked. Got It!" Liz said as he looked Into Zan's eyes. Zan just replied with a grunt and pulled her into his arms. He moved his lips over hers to kiss her lusicous lips. He loved Liz's lips. She defently knew how to work her mouth. Liz just replied with a moan as She and Zan played tough and war with their mouths. Zan moved his hand down to the perfect mounds that were her breast. As he slighty tuged on her pinkish nipple, causing Liz to gasp.

"Like that baby." Zan said huskily. he loved sex with Liz. It was always deffrent.

"Yes." Liz answered " Please...."

"Please what?"

"Dont make me beg!" Liz said as she moved her hand down to his throbing manhood. Zan hissed at the touch.

"Lizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" Zan hissed. He loved it when she touched him there.

"I said fuck me, Zan and I mean it." Liz said but before she knew it, Zan couldnt take it any more, Zan flipped her over so he was on top. As He spread her legs a little rubbing her wet area with his finger. Liz just lost her self in the touch. Zan moved into her pussy withone finger, thrusting a little harder,Liz meeting him thrust to thrust. She loved it when He fingered her. Then He put in a second then a third. Liz cried out as her orgasim hit.

"Zannnnnnnnnn" Liz cried. It made Zan swell with pride to know that he was doing this to her. To make her lose all of her control. He couldnt take any more. He removed his fingers, he wanted to be in her. He moved his throbing cock, then thrusting right into her not even caring at the pain at first that came with thrusting in a little fast. Liz loved it. he loved it Rough. And that was what she wanted.

"Faster!" Liz cried out. she brought her hips up to let him know that was what she wanted. Zan couldnt refuse. He didnt want to be rude. He moved in her a a rapid pace. You could hear the smacking of thier two bodies coming together.

"UhhhUhhhhAHHHHH" Liz moaned.

"Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk! I love your tight little pussy Liz." Zan moaned into her neck. He moved down to her breast taking one at a time. Sucking on each sweet nipple like it was his last meal. He bit a little on Liz's nipples, cause he knew that she loved that. Her reaction proved how right he was.

"YESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Liz cried out in pure pleasure.

Zan continued to pump and pump into her sweet tight little body. He loved to fuck her. He lifted her legs up and put them on his shoulder so he can penetrate even further.

Liz was in heaven. She felt so good.

Zan continued his thrusting as He moved his hand behind her and entered his finger though her behind. He was now fucking her in the front with his cock and in the behind with his finger. He was on fire. she dose amazing things to his body. Liz was so close, she could feel her walls clenching, ready to let go.

"Ready baby?"

"YES!!!!!!!!" Liz screamed . He was always a great lover.

The sweat from their bodies glimered from the moonlight from the window. Two bodies coming together for a common goal. Release. Liz had always believed that he was an increadable Lover. Liz moved her hands down Zan's back as she reached his firm buttocks giving them a squeeze. telling him she wanted him even deeper. Zan of course obliged. Zan moved faster and harder. sweat was falling from his forehead, Landing on Liz's own perspired face. She loved it. they way that he was with her body. he was moving even harder now. Liz bit down on zan's shoulder. Causing him to groan himself. He pumped and pumped.





The bed was holding up from the Rough yet delicious activity that was taking place. Zan was moning in and out of Liz much to her delight.Liz dug into zan's back due to his pumping his hard cock into her. On some scratches it drew blood. But they couldnt stop. Both were near thier release. Finally they couldnt hold it any more. they crashed over the edge together.

"LIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!" Zan cried out in pleasure.

"Oh YESSSS MAXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!" Liz cried out as she passed out from the work out. Leaving a pissed off Zan awake.

"What the Fuck?"

An: I hope that this is alright. I am not sure if I could do NC 17. Let me know so I can see if I can do this with out the NC 17 if I suck at it. sorry about the wait guys. I will try and update this more often.

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