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Going Down

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Rating: NC-17
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Part One

Her eyes clamped closed involuntarily as their lips pressed together, his tongue flicked against her lips seeking entry to the warm moistness of her mouth. She gasped her lips parting when he pulled her flush against his body, feeling her breasts pressing against his chest as the kiss deepened. A groan erupted from deep within her throat as his hand cupped her breast kneading the firm globe as his thumb circled her stiffened nipple. She gasped softly when she felt her tank top trailing upwards, his fingers brushing her abdomen rising higher towards her breasts.

Her hooded eyes lowered as he leaned forward to take first one and then the other nipple between his lips, flicking the erect buds with his tongue and grazing gently with his teeth. A thrill coursed through her body when she felt his strong arms fasten around her waist as he lifted her up on to the table, wedging his knee firmly between her legs his fingers kneaded the delicate skin of her thighs as her skirt slipped to the floor.

She stiffened as he dropped to his knees before her his head hovering between her legs. Self-consciously she moved to clamp her legs together but he held them gently apart. He gripped each ankle and parted her legs further nuzzling the silken, material of her panties, his tongue lapping at the edges of the material before slipping inside the loose elastic. She froze and he ceased his ministrations withdrawing slightly to look into her eyes “just relax, let yourself go.” He trailed his hands soothingly along her thighs as his head inched closer to her center. He hoisted her legs upward snaking them around his shoulders as he clutched her rear drawing her closer.

Pulling her panties aside his tongue languidly traveled the length of her thigh. She jerked at the first contact of his lips, squirming in pleasure as they traveled the length of her, his tongue skirting along her cleft tasting her wetness. His tongue flicked at her lips; taking each in turn he gently nibbled and tugged with his teeth as his tongue lapped up her juices. She moaned in ecstasy her pelvis grinding frantically against his face. Her breathing became more labored as his lips fastened around her clit coaxing it from its fleshy confines. Her fingers stroked through his hair groping strands as his mouth worked more swiftly, his tongue flicking rapidly in and out of her liquescent depths.

She felt her stomach knot and warmth begin to spread across her belly and thighs. Her breathing became more rapid and she gripped the edge of the table arching backwards as her pleasure rose to a fever pitch. She bit down gently on her lip in a vain attempt to stifle the cry she unleashed as she peaked. Her body quivered violently in his arms as she reeled from her release, whimpering in satisfaction.

He rose to his feet kissing her hungrily on the lips as his fingers wound in her hair. Their tongues meshed and she could taste her essence as it lingered on his lips and tongue. She became acutely aroused by her taste on him, pulling back they panted for breath as she raised large doe brown eyes a timid smile gracing her lips as she whispered “thank you.” He brushed a lock of damp hair from her brow his fingertips caressing the length of her face as he smirked “it was my pleasure.”

She pulled him closer her lips clashing urgently with his as she cupped his erection through the denim material of his jeans. Her gaze lowered to the evident bulge in his trousers and she reached out a hesitant hand looping her fingers in his belt. Her hand shook as she tried desperately to unfasten the buckle, she laughed nervously a pink tinge colouring her cheeks, as their eyes locked “I’ve never done this before.” She saw some emotion flicker in his eyes but it was fleeting and she could not distinguish what it was. Feeling foolish she lowered her head, he tilted her chin as he kissed her softly on the lips “I think I should go”.

Her brow wrinkled in confusion as she watched him walk towards the door “wait! Did I do something to upset up, did I do something wrong?” He hesitated his hand on the door handle as he turned slightly “you didn’t do anything wrong, we had fun that’s just leave it at that.” She lowered her eyes blinking back the tears that threatened to fall as she folded her arms protectively over her body in an attempt to mask her nakedness. She shook her head cursing herself for her stupidity, of course Max Evans didn’t want to sleep with her, he hardly knew she existed. He didn’t even know her surname; she was just an overweight awkward geek that shared some of his classes. Her head snapped to the door as she heard it creak open. Max looked over his shoulder smiling slightly as he spoke “It was just a one night stand Liz nothing more” and with that said he walked out of her life.

Liz Parker ran a hand over the glazed mirror, the steamy mist condensing into water droplets as her hand came in contact with the cool glass pane. Brushing her damp locks she studied her reflection, she’d changed a lot over the last five years. The weight had dropped off, the thick-rimmed glasses had been replaced by contacts and her timid disposition replaced with confidence. No longer the wallflower, Liz Parker was a temptress. The chime of the doorbell sent her scurrying from the bathroom towards the front door. She flung open the door to reveal the smiling face of her best friend Alex Whitman.

She opened the door wide gesturing for Alex to enter, they embraced and Alex pulled away still clutching Liz by the shoulders. “What’s the deal Parker why haven’t you called to tell me how the interview went? I’ve been sitting by the phone all day.” Liz smiled weakly at Alex as she pulled away from his grasp “I know I’m sorry Alex I’ve just had a lot on my mind.” Alex slumped down on the couch beside Liz rubbing her arm soothingly “I’m sorry Liz but it’s not the end of the world there will be other jobs, better jobs.” Liz shook her head in confusion as she looked at Alex “What are you talking about Alex?” Alex smiled sympathetically as he spoke “the job, you didn’t get it.”

Liz’s eyes widened in understanding as she laughed lightly noting the puzzled look on Alex’s face “for some one that’s just missed out on a job you don’t look too upset.” Liz slapped Alex playfully smirking as she spoke “that’s because I got the job.” Alex’s brow rose as he scratched the bridge of his nose “okay so let me get this straight. I come over here to find you down in the dumps, I logically assume that you didn’t get the job but now your telling me that you did. So what gives Parker.”

Liz frowned, as she looked at Alex “I sort of had an encounter with my past.” Alex looked expectantly at Liz waiting for her to continue. She took a deep breath knowing that she couldn’t avoid the issue not with Alex “Max Evans works at the firm, he’s my new boss.” Alex’s jaw slackened as he absorbed this new information, Max Evans who they had attended College with, the same guy that Liz pined for the whole way through their degree, the guy that didn’t even know her name, the guy that broke her heart. “Please tell me you turned down the job.”
“No I start Monday.”

Alex sprang from the couch his arms flailing in the air as he paced the length of the living room “Liz are you crazy! That dick treated you like shit and now your goina work for him. I mean won’t that be just a little bit humiliating?” Liz stood before Alex clutching his hands as she spoke “I appreciate the concern Alex I really do but he didn’t even recognize me. He never knew my full name and lets face it I have changed a lot since college.” Alex nodded his head in agreement “that’s true but why Liz, just tell me why you’d want to work for that asshole?” Liz looked directly at Alex her gaze locking with his as she spoke “it’s simple Alex, Max Evans is goina pay for the way he treated me.” Alex looked nervously towards Liz as he spoke “Liz don’t do anything stupid he’s not worth it, promise me you wont do anything that’ll get you in trouble.” “Alex I promise I wont get in trouble, I’m goina do to Max Evans what he did to me. I’m goina make him fall in love with me then break his heart. Max Evans is going down……………

How come I didn't see you
Were making fun of me
How dare you change the rules
You made me look a fool
When are you gonna see the
Last laugh's not on me
What am I gonna so to get my
Revenge on you

You're goin' down
Goin' down

Was it just another line
Or did I misread the sign
What else could I do
I was so into you
With all this bad luck I’ve had
My karma must be bad
You've played your little game
Oh what a shame

You're goin' down
Goin' down
Goin' down

I'm singing it out loud and I don't
I'm singing it proud everywhere

Now I feel no remorse
My life is back on course
From this little hit
I have become a superbitch
But don't be afraid by that
Confession I’ve made
I am not a whore
I have gone hardcore

You're goin' down
goin' down
Goin' down
Goin' down

I'm singing it loud and I don't
I'm singing it proud everywhere
I'm singing it loud and I don't
I'm singing it proud everywhere

Ha ha ha ha
You're goin' down
Goin' down
You're goin' down
Goin' down


Mel C – Goin Down.

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Part Two

Max swiveled his armchair around to face the window, he liked nothing more than to look out over the Manhattan skyline first thing in the morning as the film of mist disappeared making way for the blistering July sunshine. He was distracted by a presence; glancing sideward he noticed feminine fingers imprinting themselves on the flesh of his shoulder. “Merchant holdings reports” he watched as the heavy file was thrown haphazardly upon the desk. Turning his chair fully he smirked slightly as he reached for the report “Maria this desk is antique Oak it cost me 2000 bucks.” Maria perched on the edge of the desk staring directly at Max “You didn’t call me on Saturday night, so what happened?” Max squirmed in his seat loosening his collar that suddenly felt restrictive to the point of suffocation “I was um, otherwise engaged.”

“So still bonking Tess I see” Maria sniffed disdainfully.
Max assumed a defensive pose sitting a little straighter in his chair “Maria I don’t see what business that is of yours.”
Maria’s eyes rolled closed her head shaking from side to side as she spoke
“ Max I’m your best friend and as a best friend it’s my duty to open your eyes to the fact that your girlfriend is a vapid whore. Every time you sleep with her you sleep with at least three quarters of the male population of Manhattan.”
Max laughed, as he looked directly at Maria “for your information Tess is not my girlfriend we’re just sleeping partners so to speak.”
“Well Max a word of warning, you lie down with DOGS you’ll get fleas” a satisfied smile graced Maria’s lips when she saw Max roll his eyes.

Maria’s legs dangled from the desk as she absently fiddled with the handheld stapler on the desk “so it’s not love then she’s just a good lay.”
“She’s neither I’ve just been busy with work and Tess, well Tess is convenient.”
“Oh and don’t forget easy.”
Max looked pointedly at Maria noting the victorious look in her eye; he could just imagine her tallying up points scored. “I get it Maria you don’t like her.”
Maria’s nose wrinkled, as she looked at Max “dislike isn’t a strong enough word, now hate would be closer to the mark but then again I haven’t liked any of your conquests.” Maria leaned forward pinching Max’s cheek as she spoke in what could only be described as a baby voice “why can’t you just meet a nice girl, settle down and have babies.”
“You know you sound more and more like my mother everyday, she didn’t put you up to this little pep talk did she?”

Maria sighed loudly as she looked at Max he was a lost cause “Look at me Max happily married, wonderful husband, first baby on the way.” Maria’s eyes glazed over as she rubbed her distended belly affectionately “you need some stability Max.” A smile spread across Max’s lips as he spoke “Your using your relationship with Michael as an example to entice me toward marriage?”
Maria’s arms crossed against her chest defensively as she spoke “what the hells that suppose to mean, I’ll have you know that Michael is extremely content with our relationship and I couldn’t be happier.”
“Maria any woman’s happy so long as she’s got a ring on her finger and a bun in the- WHAT THE HELL! Maria you just missed me by inches.”
Max’s eyes darted from the industrial staple that had been fired into the upholstery of his chair just below the groin region.
“Max you finish that sentence this time I won’t miss.”

Max scooted his chair tighter against his desk removing the target from Maria’s line of view; he relaxed visibly when she placed the stapler on the desk. Deciding that a change in topic was needed he looked directly at Maria as he spoke “so I gather we have a new staff member. I caught a glimpse of her Friday when Kyle was interviewing. You wouldn’t happen to know what department she’s with.”
Maria watched Max closely scrutinizing his features as she answered, “ She’s in Credit control with Kyle.”
Max smiled slightly as he stared absently across the office “really well I’ll just have to look into that.”

Maria tensed visibly, she kicked Max’s ankle gently to draw his attention “Max………”
He looked at her his brow wrinkling in confusion as he spoke “what?”
Maria’s frown deepened “you have that look.”
Max veined innocence “what look?”
“The look that says your goina pursue the new girl. I’ve talked with Liz, she’s nice I don’t want to see her get hurt Max.”
Max smiled reassuringly at Maria as he spoke “Maria I have no intention of hurting Liz, she’ll enjoy what I have planned as much as I will.”
Maria rolled her eyes skyward “Christ your one arrogant ass Max Evans. What makes you thinks Liz will be interested huh? I mean not all members of the female species are susceptible to your amorous charms.”
“Hey I resent that comment.” Max huffed indignantly.
Maria rose arching her back as she walked towards the door “I meant what I said Max.”
Max nodded in understanding “I know, could you send Kyle in on your way out.”

Max nodded slightly in acknowledgment of Kyle as he entered the office “Ah Kyle you’re just the man I’ve been waiting to see.”
Kyle took the seat opposite Max folding his hands as he spoke “so what can I do for you Max?”
Max leaned forward slightly in his chair looking directly at Kyle as he spoke “It’s about our new employee, Liz…”
“Liz Parker” Kyle replied.
“I understand she is to be working with you.”
Kyle nodded eagerly as he spoke “yes that’s right, do you have a problem with me selecting her for the job Max?”
A smile touched Max’s lips as he spoke “on the contrary I think you found the perfect candidate and that’s why I think it would be better If Liz helped me and you could have Sarah.”
Kyle frowned, he wasn’t happy with this situation “actually Max if it’s all the same I’d like to stick with Liz.”
Max cleared his throat “actually Kyle I do mind, I didn’t want to have to play this card but you’ve left me no other alternative. As CEO of this corporation I’m telling you that Liz Parker will be working with me is that clear?”
Kyle rose from his seat as he spoke “You’ve made yourself perfectly clear Max, Is that all?”
“That’s all”. Max paid little attention to the forceful slamming of his office door, a smile tinged his lips as he thought of how he’d seduce Liz Parker……

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Part Three

The car weaved in and out of rush hour traffic, Alex flitted from concentrating on the road to concentrating on Liz, she was so wound up it looked like she could snap at any moment. He watched as she stared out at the skycaps inhaling deeply on a cigarette. Easing the car toward the curb he turned toward Liz noting the apprehensive look on her face as she stared at the building before her, her new place of employment Ruddock and Shearrat Finance.
Alex touched Liz’s arm to draw her attention, he smiled slightly speaking gently “why don’t we go have a coffee or something your twenty minutes early-”
Liz stubbed her cigarette not looking at Alex as she spoke “I’m a busy girl Alex new job, boss to seduce…”
Alex scowled as an image of Max Evans flashed in his mind “well from what I can remember of Evans you’ll have achieved your objective well before lunch.”

Liz finally looked towards Alex shaking her head “it’s not enough, I want Max Evans to salivate at my feet, by the end of the week I’ll be leading him around by his over sexed dick.”
Alex’s eyes softened as he clutched Liz’s hand “I just don’t want to see you get hurt, your telling me this plan is about revenge that you wont become emotionally involved but your forgetting one thing Liz Parker, I KNOW you.”
Liz sighed deeply “So I’m making a big mistake huh?”
“That’s not for me to say Liz” he wrapped his hand over hers squeezing gently.
“Alex I know your worried that I’ll get hurt but I have to do this, I need closure” she wrapped her fingers around Alex’s squeezing in a gesture similar to his own.
Alex smiled shaking his head as he looked at his best friend “go knock em dead Parker!”
A laugh escaped her lips as she leaned over and kissed him tenderly on the cheek. Flinging the passenger door open she stepped out onto the sidewalk trading a small salute with Alex as he drove away. Smoothing down her skirt she turned towards the revolving doors of the office block breathing deeply as she stepped through “well here goes nothing…….”

Max jumped slightly startled by the slamming of his office door, he sighed deeply when he saw Sarah come towards him. He could tell by her folded arms and scowling face that she was not happy with his decision to shift her to a different department.
“Ah Sarah good morning.”
“Don’t good morning me Max, what the hell do you think your playing at? I came in this morning to find a memo saying that you’ve shifted me to Credit control.”
Max smiled slightly as he looked at her “yes well we have a new employee and she’s more qualified to assist me.”

Sarah’s eyes narrowed “let me guess as to what those qualifications might be, bigger breasts than mine perhaps. What’s the matter Max am I not a good enough fuck for you anymore?”
Max leaned back in his chair, as he spoke “It’s not that at all Sarah we had fun, now it’s over. You’ll gain a lot of experience down in Credit control with Kyle.”
She leaned forward her breasts spilling forth from the confines of her tight blouse “but I want to stay here with you, I thought we had something special.”
Max shook his head as he looked sympathetically at Sarah “I told you before we started this I don’t do relationships, It was just sex between two consenting adults.”
“You bastard” she turned muttering under her breath as she walked toward the door.
“Sarah I never meant to hurt you I’m-”
“Save it for someone who cares Max!” and with that said she exited the office.

He sighed deeply as he looked out over the city; it was always the same with the women he encountered. He’d spell out in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t interested in a relationship just sex and they’d agree but there always came a point when they wanted more, intimacy, commitment, love and they where things he wasn’t willing to offer or couldn’t offer.
Max was drawn from his revere by the slamming of his office door; this was becoming a frequent occurrence. He turned his chair slightly expecting to see another disgruntled hormonal woman and he wasn’t disappointed.

Maria Deluca stalked towards the desk, her face flushed in anger “You didn’t listen to a word I said did you?”
Max shrugged his shoulders in confusion “What are you talking about Maria?”
Maria moved around the desk until she stood directly beside Max her arms folded against her in agitation as she spoke “I just had a very interesting conversation with Kyle Valenti, apparently you pulled rank and insisted that Liz Parker work with you.”
Max straightened in his chair “that’s right I think Liz would be a great help, I have a major audit coming up-”
“Bullshit! This isn’t about work; it’s about sex it always is with you. A fresh face and your like a dog on heat.”
Max’s face clouded with anger as he spoke through gritted teeth “I don’t have to justify myself to you or anyone else Maria.”
Her face softened as she looked at Max “I’m worried about you, this behaviour is self destructive Max, you need to stop treating people this way.”

“What do you want me to say Maria, I don’t intentionally set out to hurt anyone. I make it clear what I’m after, is it my fault that they want more?”
Maria chuckled slightly her head tilting as she looked at her best friend, he really was oblivious “Max I know you don’t intentionally set out to hurt people but you have to understand you are an easy person to fall in love with.”
A cocky grin spread across Max’s face a playfully gleam dancing in his eyes as he spoke “really, easy to fall in love with aye?”
“Yes despite the fact that your conceited, self absorbed, chauvinistic, the list is endless.”

Max grabbed Maria’s arm rubbing gently as he smiled tenderly at her “Ria you’re the last person in the world I want to fight with. I know I can be an ass sometimes-”
Maria arched her brow in amusement as she spoke “just sometimes?”
Max laughed despite himself shaking his head in defeat “okay most of the time, but you have to believe it’s never my intention to hurt anyone. It’s just that, well I’m a man!”
Maria punched his arm playfully as she spoke “say no more that’s explanation enough.”
They stared intently at each other before Maria spoke “just treat Liz with the respect she deserves Max, that’s all I’m goina say on the subject.”
“Your letting me off easy Deluca, I don’t believe it!”
Maria made a swipe for Max as he dodged “well I could always retract that last statement.”
Max held up his hand in surrender his head shaking slightly “no, no forget I said anything.”
A soft tap at the office door drew their attention Max smirked slightly as he looked toward Maria “well at least one of my employees knows the concept of knocking on a door before they enter.”

Liz heard the muffled “come in” from the other side of the door. She drew in a breath smoothing her hair into place as she pushed the handle “get ready to meet your match Max Evans……….”

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Part Four

The door inched open slowly to reveal Liz Parker. She lingered momentarily on the threshold before stepping fully into the office.
Max watched as she made her way towards the center of the room. His gaze travelled the length of her body appraising her attire. She wore a knee length black skirt and a fitted white blouse that accentuated the curve of her body. He watched riveted as she strutted towards him her trim hips swaying seductively as she moved.
His gaze travelled higher to the curve of her breasts, which were clearly evident through the thin material of her blouse. A lop-sided grin tinged his features as he mused how perfectly each firm globe would fit in the palm of his hand.

His gaze finally came to rest on her exquisite face, a cascade of raven hair swished against her shoulders as she sauntered toward him. Her large doe eyes widely set apart, were dark brown and full of passion. Luscious cherry coloured lips teased him, taunting him to reach out and touch, to taste their sweetness.
He stared transfixedly at her pouting mouth suppressing a groan when her tongue snaked out running the length of her full bottom lip.
Liz Parker was arresting, the kind of woman that could bring a man willingly to his knees. Max had never encountered such a woman, a woman whose fiery spirit and resolve were clearly evident in every stride she made, every gesture. He knew that it would be difficult perhaps even dangerous to seduce a woman such as this but he was more than willing to take the challenge.

Liz Parker smiled triumphantly as she saw the glazed look in Max Evans eye. She took the opportunity to examine him, for a split second she allowed herself to forget their history, to forget her plan as she scrutinized the man before her.
Her pulse raced as she looked into his warm amber eyes housed below thick curved brows as black as his raven coloured hair.
Her gaze travelled to his full and sensual mouth, her own lips tingled as she remembered how they had felt on her own so many years ago. His chiselled jaw jutted out proudly.
He was even more handsome than she had remembered; overtly masculine he exuded an arrogant confidence that she found actually quiet appealing.

Liz cleared her throat slightly to draw Max’s attention, he was caught unaware by her action and to cover his sudden confusion he coughed several times his eyes locking with hers as he murmured “Ah you must be Liz Parker.”
A vivid smile touched Liz’s lips as she out stretched her hand; he took it firmly in his own stoking his thumb teasingly along the base of her hand as he smiled seductively.
His eyes probed her in question but she remained inert to his ministrations “Mr Evans I presume?” she replied as she extracted her hand from his firm grip.
Max gave Liz a small smile that hinted of shyness “We’re very pleased to have you on board Miss Parker, welcome to Ruddock and Sherrat.”

Maria watched in amusement as the scene before her played out, she had to stifle a laugh when she saw Max blush, it was clear that he was taken with Liz Parker. Maria had never seen him take the softly softly approach with any woman before normally he’d go straight for the kill spelling out in no uncertain terms that he was interested but this time it seemed Max was playing it cool. Maria looked between the two noticing they were still locked in a staring contest she discreetly made her way to the door.

Max gestured for Liz to take a seat, straightening slightly in his chair as she crossed her legs flashing a little more flesh than was necessary.
Liz stared intently at Max her gaze never wavering from his as she spoke “I’m actually at a loss as to why I’m seated in your office Mr Evans. At the interview I was under the impression that I would be working in Credit Control with Kyle Valenti.”
Max leaned forward slightly in his chair as he spoke “please call me max, yes that was the initial plan but it turns out I need and want you more than Kyle Valenti ever could.”
Liz arched her eyebrows in question as she spoke “Is that a fact, I hope you mean you need my assistance in a strictly professional capacity because I-”
“And if I had meant more?” Max interjected.

Liz folded her arms across her bosom as she looked pointedly at Max “ well if that was your intention I’m afraid your set for a major disappointment. I’m not in the habit of screwing my bosses especially on my first day.”
Max chuckled slightly rubbing absently at his chin as he spoke “well Miss Parker I believe that if you want something bad enough you can usually get it, if you work hard at it of course.”
Liz nodded her head slightly as she looked directly at Max “well were I’m concerned it requires extremely hard work.”
“Ah but hard works my favourite kind, I relish it!” Max retorted.

Liz shook her head from side to side in disbelief at this mans arrogance, she deliberately leaned over the desk, her cleavage directly in Max’s line of view as she spoke “I know your type Evans, you’re a strictly four F Guy.”
Max’s brow knotted in confusion as he spoke “four F guy, I’m not familiar with that term care to elaborate?”
“You’re a find em, feel em, fuck em, forget em guy, and whilst I’m not opposed to a casual fuck at the office I draw the line at sleeping with employers. I have no need for that kind of leg up. That’s just keep this strictly professional, from what I’ve heard of you Mr Evans that may be a hard concept to grasp but in my case you’ll just have to learn.”

Max smiled in admiration for this woman, damn she was spirited with a razor sharp tongue and wit to match. He’d never had his advances rebuffed but he found it acutely arousing.
“As you wish Miss Parker but it’s your loss. I’m sure you’ve heard that from the office gossips also. Your office is just outside on the left, I’ll call you when I want you.”
Liz nodded before turning and walking towards the door, Max watched as her body swayed, he didn’t know how long he could hold out for Liz Parker but he was sure it would be worth it.

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Part Five

Max watched from his office as Liz struggled to reach the top shelf of the bookcase, he shuffled closer to the door pulling it open slightly. He had every intention of rushing to her aid that is until he saw her skirt ride up her slender thighs. Cocking his head to the side he admired the view an amused grin tingeing his lips when she turned her head slightly in his direction, frowning she turned away and proceeded to reach for the shelf whilst skillfully holding her skirt in place.
Max walked forward reaching up he effortlessly retrieved the file and handed it to Liz.
She snatched it from his grasp her eyes narrowing as she spoke “finally decided to help after you’ve enjoyed the show that is.”
Max folded his arms leaning his body against the bookcase “and what a show it was, you have the most exquisite legs.”
Liz smiled bitterly as she spoke “yeah my legs are absolutely fascinating they go all the way from my ass right down to the floor.”
Max sighed deeply looking directly at Liz, as he spoke “why can’t you just learn to take a compliment Liz?”

Liz threw her head back laughing softly before her gaze returned to Max “if that’s what you call a compliment Max, it’s no wonder you’re still desperately snapping at my heels like a dog on heat.”
Max ‘s mouth twitched in agitation, his face colouring slightly as he stared at Liz, for the three weeks she’d worked here every conversation between them had been the same. He would make an effort to get closer but she’d pull away, her sarcastic comments making him feel somewhat inadequate and before her it was a concept quiet foreign to him.
“Your really going to have to learn to curb that acid tongue of yours Liz.”
Liz’s brows arched her eyes sparkling with defiance as she spoke “really is that a fact, well I’ll do that when you engage your brain instead of your dick.”

Max raised his hands in defeat smiling warmly as he spoke “okay, okay I’m sorry but can you blame me for trying. You’re a very attractive and intelligent woman Liz and that’s a mix I’ve rarely encountered.”
“Well Max it’s a sure bet you wont find too many rocket scientists trailing around strip joints” Liz retorted.
“Look we got off on the wrong foot, that’s just start a fresh.”
Liz rifled through the documents in her hands glancing up as she spoke “look Evans we won’t be getting off anywhere any place any time.”

Max reached for Liz’s arm as she tried to walk away “why can’t we just try and be friends forget all the other stuff for the time being. Who knows you might even change your mind about me.”
Liz looked pointedly at max “you wouldn’t know how to be friends with a woman Max.”
Max straightened his stance defensively “hey I resent that remark, Maria Deluca is my best friends and there’s never been anything sexual between us.”
Liz smoothed her blouse as she looked disinterestedly toward Max “I bet it wasn’t through want of trying on your part. Maria’s a smart woman she wouldn’t have fallen for your cheap one liners.”
Max’s jaw clenched his Adams apple bobbed up and down as he glared at Liz “You’ve got me all wrong Liz. You’re being a little harsh in your judgements I mean you’ve only known me for a couple of weeks.”

Liz bit down on her lip to stifle the laugh that so desperately wanted to erupt from deep within her throat. She’d really enjoyed goading Max for the past three weeks; she enjoyed his acute embarrassment it was clearly evident that Max Evans wasn’t accustomed to having to work for a woman’s favour.
“That maybe so and maybe you never had sexual feelings toward Maria but the fact of the matter is we can’t be friends because you have sexual feelings toward me.”
“You seem very sure of that Liz.”
“Oh so your telling me I’ve got it wrong you don’t want to screw me?”
Max’s mouth opened and closed as he thought of an answer, he was caught between a rock and a hard place no matter what he said she would be dissatisfied so choosing the safer opinion he kept his mouth shut.
Liz beamed at Max extremely satisfied with his lack of reply, Max Evans speechless she never thought she’d see the day “I’m glad we’re agreed on that Max, now if you’ll excuse me I’m busy.”

Max’s fists clenched at his sides as he watched Liz’s office door close muttering under his breath he walked towards his office stopping abruptly when he heard a snort of laughter behind him. Max turned side ways groaning softly when he saw Maria doubled over in laughter.
“That’s right go ahead have a good laugh at my expense, some best friend you are.”
Maria wiped at her eyes breathing deeply to calm herself as Max walked towards her desk.
“I’m sorry Max but the look on your face was priceless.”
Max perched on the edge of the desk arms folded as his face flamed “ That woman’s insufferable I ought a fire her.”
Maria’s nose wrinkled as she looked at Max “ Max, Liz refusing to sleep with you is not a valid reason to give her, her P45.”
Max frowned, as he looked at Maria “she just makes me so-”
“Horny?” Maria interjected before dissolving into a fit of giggles.
Max smiled shaking his head slightly “I was thinking more along the lines of angry but yeah horny works too.”

Maria slapped Max on the shoulder smiling sympathetically as he looked at her “Max your going about this all the wrong way. Liz is a different calibre than the women you usually date and I use the word women loosely bimbos would be my choice word-”
Max looked pointedly at Maria, as he spoke “this isn’t helping.”
“Listen up Max if you want Liz your goina have to treat her with respect, get to know her, find out her likes and dislikes.”
Max’s face contorted as he gazed at Maria “it all sounds to much like hard work and besides I wouldn’t want her to get the wrong impression. I don’t want a relationship just sex.”
Maria sighed her lips puckering upwards, she rubbed her belly as she spoke “I think uncle max protests to much when it comes to relationships, I think secretly deep down that’s what he really wants.”
Max leaned over kissing Maria on the cheek as he touched her stomach tenderly “thanks for the advice Ria I might just take heed.”

Maria smiled at Max as he walked towards his office “Hey max, so how come you never did try to come on to me?”
Max smirked as he glanced over his shoulder at Maria “you were too much woman for even me to handle De Luca.”
Maria nodded her head “yeah I thought that was the reason.”

Max walked towards the window; he peered out over the skyline as he pondered Maria’s words. He’d never had to work this hard for a woman normally they’d be begging to spend the night with him but not Liz Parker. It was goina require a lot of hard work to get Liz on side and even then there wasn’t any guarantee she’d actually sleep with him but he had an instinctive feeling that all his efforts would be worth it.

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Part six

Liz ran for the elevator, her bag wedging between the doors to halt its ascent. She stepped in breathing a sigh of relief when the doors closed. She turned slightly realizing that someone was looming over her shoulder, Max Evans.
Her eyes locked with Max’s and she smiled slightly in anticipation. She waited expectantly for some lurid comment or suggestion to spill forth from his mouth; readying herself with a sarcastic retort but he just smiled warmly.
She tried to disguise the frown that had settled on her face, she turned towards the door watching as the numbers flickered past.

Max watched as her shoulders tensed and her grip on her briefcase tightened, he smiled slightly musing that she was probably upset by his lack of attention. It took all his will power to refrain from commenting suggestively but Maria’s advice was at the forefront of his thoughts.
He rifled in his brief case, retrieving the file he held it out towards Liz a lazy grin tingeing his lips.
She raised questioning eyes to Max as she reached for the manila folder “what’s this?”
“It’s the portfolio of a potential client, we really want his business so to get him on side you and I are goina wine and dine him tomorrow night. I’d be grateful if you could familiarize yourself with this before then.”
Liz looked suspiciously at Max “are you sure this isn’t some ploy to get me on my own so you can wear me down.”
Max shook his head, as he gazed at Liz “don’t flatter yourself Miss Parker this is strictly business just like you wanted it, I told you I’d back off and I meant it.”

Liz looked dumbfounded at Max; she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A slight blush tinged her cheeks and she lowered her eyes towards the papers in her hand as she fought to regain her composure. Liz cleared her throat before glancing at Max “well I’m glad you’ve finally gotten the message, now if you’ll excuse me I’m busy.”
The elevator doors opened and Liz stormed down the hallway, the slamming of her office door reverberating around the hall.
Max laughed softly “she really does have a fiery temper”. He shook his head walking toward his office perhaps she felt something for him after all.

Liz leaned against the closed door hurling her brief case half way across the room “Damn you Max Evans” she muttered as she made her way towards her desk. If Max backed off now all her carefully laid plans would come to nothing, she’d just have to figure out away to regain his interest. Reaching for the phone she dialed the number from memory, the phone rang once before being picked up “Alex how about we meet for lunch, I need to pick your brains about something.”

Max entered his office to find Maria swiveling in his chair “comfortable there Maria?”
“Give a heavily pregnant woman a break, so how did it go?”
Max sighed as he walked towards Maria a frown contorting his features “I don’t know about this Maria maybe it isn’t such a good idea after all.”
Maria clasped her hands together as she looked at Max “Max as a woman of the world you should take my advice. No matter what Liz says she enjoyed the attention you lavished on her, I mean what woman wouldn’t If you play it cool and pretend your not interested it’ll spike her interest trust me.”
“I still liked my plan to make her jealous” Max replied.
Maria’s nose wrinkled in disgust as she tutted “Max no woman in their right mind would be jealous of Tess Harding. What you just said was one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard uttered from your mouth. If you go that road you’ll never get Liz.”
Max nodded his head “I just don’t know how much longer I can hold out, she’s driving me crazy I can’t stop thinking about her.”
Maria stroked his arm sympathetically “ well you’ll just have to be patient Max, I know that’s asking the impossible but it’s what’s required.”
“Yeah but If I don’t get laid soon I think I’ll explode!” Max replied.

Maria rolled her eyes in disgust “can’t you think of anything a little more profound than getting laid Max?”
“A blow job?” Max’s brow arched suggestively and Maria laughed despite herself.
“I thought Malibu Tess would have been only to willing to oblige” Maria scoffed.
Max sighed as he spoke “well she would but Tess is out of town on business. Look I know you don’t like her but could you refrain from the Barbie jibes, she’s not that bad once you get to know her.”
Maria’s face crumpled “Oh come on Max, who are you trying to kid.”
Max laughed lightly “maybe we should just drop the subject and besides I need my office back Deluca.”

Maria hoisted herself from the chair flashing her wedding band at Max “It’s Guerin now Max.”
Max shrugged “you’ll always be DeLuca to me, now go do some work!” he said playfully.
“Yes sir” Maria saluted him as she walked to the door “but I want regular updates on the situation with Liz.”
Max rolled his eyes as Maria exited the office, he didn’t know if he could handle all these demanding women, the ringing of the telephone startled him. He smiled as he picked up the receiver but it soon faded “Hi Mom”

Alex glanced up to see Liz strolling through the door of the café; he jumped slightly when her briefcase was slammed forcefully on the ground. “So what’s Max Evans done now?”
Liz slumped down in the chair her arms folding over her chest as she glanced at Alex “He’s the most infuriating Man I’ve ever encountered. This morning we’re standing in the elevator and he doesn’t make any suggestive remarks, not one and then he tells me that he’s backing off just like I asked him to.”
Alex scratched his head “so I guess the plans not working, I told you to ease up on the rejections, a mans pride can only take so much.”
Liz waved her hand at Alex “okay, okay you were right, so what do I do now?”
Alex looked thoughtful, as he munched on his sandwich “I can’t dissuade you from this crazy seduction plan?”
“Nope” Liz shook her head resolutely.
“Okay then your goina have to do some of the running. Maybe let Evans know that you’re interested.”
Liz groaned as her head fell in her hands “Alex I can’t just do a complete U-turn, I mean what am I supposed to say, oh I made a mistake you can screw me now?”

“Parker I’m not saying go into the office and spread your legs for him, maybe just a quick little kiss, a sneak preview of what’s on offer. I guarantee Evans will be eating out of the palm of your hand and besides it’s a woman’s prerogative to chance her mind, so I’m told.”
“Alex I can’t just walk into the office and plant one on him!”
“I didn’t tell you too, wait for the right opportunity I’m sure one’ll come up.”
Liz smiled brightly as she spoke “actually we’re going to dinner with a client tomorrow night, maybe something could happen then.”
Alex nodded as he stuffed the remaining half of his sandwich into his mouth talking as he chewed “that-sounds-like-a plan.”
Liz’s face twisted in disgust as she watched “God you men are such pigs.”

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Part Seven

Liz’s nervousness was starting to show, Alex watched in amusement as she paced the length of the room, her gaze casually flickering to check her reflection in the full-length mirror every so often.
“Relax Liz I mean your not planning on screwing Evans tonight or are you?” Alex’s brow rose up and down suggestively, he ducked just in time as Liz hurled her handbag at his head “chill out Liz it was a joke, you know funny ha ha.”
Liz threw Alex a willering look as she slumped down on the couch beside him “Alex I know what your thinking but this has nothing to do with Max Evans, this client is extremely important to the firm.”
“Little defensive aren’t we, you really expect me to believe that your dressed to the nines for some fat business tycoon in his late fifties” Alex snorted.
Liz punched Alex on the arm smiling in satisfaction when he yelped in pain “that was uncalled for Parker, I was just making an observation.”
“Yeah well you analyze things to much Alex, I mean as if I’d get dressed up like this for Max Evans” Liz replied.
A smile crept across Alex’s face as he watched Liz’s lip twitch the way it always did when she was lying “I know it’s unthinkable.”

The chime of the doorbell sent Liz into a flurry of activity, she leapt from the couch walking briskly to the front door before turning abruptly “Alex you have to hide.”
Alex’s brow wrinkled as he stepped towards Liz “why do I have to hide, Evans won’t recognize me.”
Liz pushed Alex forcefully towards the bedroom ignoring his protests “Alex he’ll recognize you, you haven’t changed one bit since we were at college.”
Alex huffed indignantly as he was forced through the bedroom door “thanks a lot Parker!”
Liz turned pleading eyes to Alex as she rushed towards the door; she glanced back once gesturing with her hands for Alex to close the door.
Breathing deeply she plastered a smile on her face and flung the door open.

Max felt his jaw slackened as the apartment door was opened, Liz parker stood before him looking every bit the temptress she was. Her hair was curled loosely falling back over her shoulders, her red satin dress accentuating her curvaous body. His gaze travelled to her mouth and he licked his lips thinking about how badly he wanted to kiss those pouting ruby lips.
He looked into her eyes startled, she was looking at him strangely “I said do you want to come in, I just need to get my purse but you can stand out in the hall if you really want to.” He swallowed convulsively deciding that his voice would betray him he nodded before stepping into the living room.
He glanced around the apartment before turning to Liz “nice place.”
Liz smiled “yeah which is surprising considering the pittance my boss pays.”
Max smirked his eyebrows arching as he decided to play along “real tight is he?”
“Most definitely, he’s-”
“What was that noise?” Max looked towards the bedroom before returning his gaze to Liz “it sounded like something moving in your bedroom.”
Liz laughed nervously “oh it’s nothing don’t worry about it. We should really be going-”
Max’s eyes twinkled in amusement “oh there’s no rush yet we’ve plenty of time.”
Liz looked on in horror as Max sat down his arm leaning on the back of the couch as he made himself comfortable.
“Look I thought you wanted to make a good impression on this client.”
“I do but I’m not leaving until you tell me what’s in the bedroom.” Max stated.

Liz thought quickly smiling as she spoke “that’s just my dog, he gets over excited around strangers so I decided to put him in the other room. We wouldn’t want him ruining that nice Armani suit now would we?”
Max watched Liz suspiciously she had on a poker face, he couldn’t tell if she was lying “I love dogs maybe I could have a little peak at him.”
Liz stood in front of the bedroom blocking Max’s way “No! Max trust me you don’t want to see the dog, he’s a pit bull, really vicious with strangers.”
Max backed away slightly “what’s his name?”
Liz looked towards the bedroom “Alex, his names Alex.”
Max laughed “Alex? That’s a gay name for such a tough dog!”
Liz heard muffled sounds from the bedroom, she opened the door a crack looking pointedly at Alex “yeah Alex is a really gay name, I’m actually thinking about getting him put down.”
Max nodded as Liz closed the door “well if he’s as vicious as you say that’s probably a good idea. Shall we go?”
“Yeah lets.” Liz pressed her ear to the door; she stifled a laugh when she heard Alex mutter angrily under his breath “you be a good boy Alex!” and with that said they exited the apartment.
Alex waited a few minutes before leaving the bedroom “Alex a gay name! I always knew Max Evans was a dick I just didn’t realize how big a one.”

Max lead Liz to the table his hand resting gently on the small of her exposed back “that’s Richard over there in the corner, now remember just hold that tongue of yours, be pleasant.”
Liz smiled brightly at Max as he pulled her seat out “when am I ever anything but pleasant.”
Max reached across the table grasping Richards hand firmly “Dick! It’s good to see you again.”
Richard shook Max’s hand vigorously paying little attention to him as he stared at Liz “yeah you to max, so whose the little lady?”
Liz scowled as she looked at Richard “the little lady as you put it is Liz Parker” her voice dripped sarcasm as she reached out her hand for him to take.
He looked from Liz to Max as he spoke “oh she’s a sexy one Max, your one lucky dog!”
“I beg your pardon? Now you listen to me dick-”
Max placed his hand on Liz’s he shot her an apologetic look as he spoke “no Dick you’ve got the wrong end of the stick, Liz is an associate at Ruddock and Sherrat. She’ll be your new accountant if you come aboard.”

Dick smiled at Liz “sorry about that doll I was under the impression you were Max’s Twinkie.”
Liz’s teeth clenched together as she spoke “I can assure you I’m no ones Twinkie.”
Max cleared his throat he had a really bad feeling about this evening luckily Liz’s comments hadn’t fizzed on Dick he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box “shall we order?”
The first course arrived as they chatted about business or rather Max chatted about business much to his annoyance Dick seemed overly preoccupied by Liz.
Dick smiled seductively at Liz “so tell me baby doll since you and Max aren’t together what’s the chances of us getting to know one another?” His eyes brows cocked suggestively.
Liz snarled her head shaking from side to side “well I’d say there pretty slim, you see dick, Dick just doesn’t do it for me.”
Dick looked puzzled “I don’t get your meaning?”
Liz sighed as she spoke “I’m a lesbian.”

Max choked on a mouthful of food as he heard Liz’s comment; he reached for his drink gulping it down quickly as he stared at Liz.
Richard fiddled with his collar uncomfortably “looks like Max here is as surprised as I am.”
Max looked from Liz to Richard “you have no idea.”
The rest of the meal went well, with Max and Richard talking business. Liz would give her opinion whenever she felt the need to; they had had a very pleasant and enjoyable dinner.
Richard rose from his seat reaching his hand out to Liz “look I know you swing the other way and all but make a straight man happy and have a little dance with me.”
Liz looked at Max and he shrugged “I’d be honoured Dick.”

Max watched as Dick led Liz across the floor, he knew it was irrational but he felt a twinge of jealousy as he saw them laugh about something while they danced. He was envious he wanted that kind of relationship with Liz, a lop sided smile rested on his lips as he thought how beautiful she looked, he’d never seen a more beautiful sight.

The dance started out well that was until Richard started getting a little over familiar “Dick keep your hands to yourself.”
He groped her ass “that’s not what you really want, I bet I could turn you given the chance.”
Liz slapped his hands away “the next time you put your filthy hands on me, I’ll rip your arms off and bet you to death on this dance floor with them.”
He grabbed her wrist roughly the stench of bourbon from his breath wafted in her face “come on that’s me and you go somewhere.”
“I don’t think so.”
Liz peered over Richards shoulder at an extremely pissed off Max Evans. He grabbed Richards arm roughly “I don’t think the lady wants to dance anymore dick.”
Richard winched as he pulled his arm away from Max “well she better and a lot more if you want this contract.”
“Why you-” Max pulled Liz back positioning himself in front of her “Liz calm down please.”
Liz raised angry eyes to max “but that bastard-”
“I’d listen to your boss girly, if you want to keep your job you better please me isn’t that right max?”

Liz raised startled eyes to Max as his fist impacted with Richards jaw sending him half way across the dance floor “Your right dick I think we understand each other perfectly. My firm can do without your custom.”
Richard rose to his feet nursing his bruised chin “ah your welcome to her Evans!”
They stared after him as he exited the restaurant, Max turned concerned eyes toward Liz reaching gently for her wrist he examined it “he didn’t hurt you did he?”
Liz smiled “no just my pride, thanks for what you did but I could have handled him.”

Max nodded as he drew her closer “feel up to a dance?”
Liz smiled warmly as her arms locked around Max’s neck “I think it’s the least I can do after you defended my honour and all.”
Max chuckled as he moulded her to his body, his eyes flickering closed as he inhaled her heady scent “I’m sorry about that Liz if I had have know that he was going to be like that I never would have asked you along.”
Liz rested her head on Max’s shoulder “Dick by name, Dick by nature.”
Liz stifled a yawn, max pulled back looking into her eyes “I think I should get you home Miss Parker.”
Liz nodded her agreement and they walked hand in hand to the car.

Alex had waited for Liz to come home, hearing muffled voices he went to the door looking through the peephole.
Liz stood leaning her back against the door as she gazed at Max “I had a good time for the most part of the night.”
“Yeah me to apart from the choking part.”
Liz grinned shyly a rose blush tinting her cheeks “yeah sorry about that it just sort of slipped out.”
Max turned amused eyes on Liz “well if you were a lesbian it would boost my ego at least I’d know I haven’t been losing my touch.”
“Well sorry to disappoint you Max but I’m as straight as you are.”
Max hung his head as he spoke “so I am loosing my touch.”
Liz stepped closer tilting his chin upward as her mouth moved closer “on the contrary you never had lost it.”

Max went ridge for a split second as he felt her lips touch his, he kissed her hungrily his tongue seeking entrance into her sweet mouth. She opened willingly her tongue duelling with his own. His hands twanged in her hair pulling her closer to deepen the kiss further if that were even possible. Her tongue snaked along his lower lip her teeth tugging as he moaned softly. Liz pulled away abruptly and Max looked at her with glassy eyes, she smiled seductively as she opened her apartment door “night Max”. Before he had a chance to respond or come to his senses the door had closed. He placed a hand to his lips a frustrated groan spilling forth from his mouth as he looked at his straining groin “Liz Parker really is going to be hard work.”

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Part Eight

Liz slide the door closed, her back pressing against the frame as a dreamy smile played on her lips, she closed her eyes remembering the dazed expression on Max's face when she had kissed him and what a kiss it had been, her fingers pressed against her lips as she sighed deeply.
Alex observed Liz from across the room, she'd been standing by the door since she'd entered a goofy grin plastered across her face, she was oblivious to his presence. He cleared his throat laughing loudly when Liz whimpered in shock her eyes darting across the room.
"Alex what the hell- it's 1.30 in the morning why are you still here?"
"Is that anyway to talk to your best friend, a friend that waited up well past his week day bedtime just to make sure you got home okay" Alex replied.
Liz flopped down on the sofa beside Alex "oh drop the concerned best friend act Alex you forget that I know you too well. You just wanted to find out if anything happened tonight."

Alex's brow rose suggestively as he looked at Liz "well did anything happen?"
He watched closely as Liz debated on how to answer, she looked thoughtful for a second before replying "no, nothing happened".
Alex suppressed his laughter when he saw Liz's lip twitch, a dead give away that she was lying "your such a bad liar Liz, you can play the denial game all you want but I saw with my own two eyes-".
Liz's mouth flopped open her eyes narrowing into slits as she glared at Alex "I can't believe you were spying on me- no wait I take that back it's just typical of you."
"I was not spying I just happened to be looking through the peep hole when you and Max came along" Alex replied an impish grin spreading across his face.
Liz laughed her head shaking from side to side as she looked affectionately at her best friend "your insufferable Alex."
"True but that’s why you love me."

Liz reached out slapping Alex playfully on the thigh "so you saw the kiss with Max huh?"
Alex nodded "yep in graphic detail, tongues and all."
"God you didn't did you?" Liz said her face colouring.
"Relax Parker you don't call me Clarke Kent, it was just a logical deduction that there was a little tongue on tongue action."
Liz groaned her eyes raising skyward "why do I even bother trying to have an adult conversation with you?"
"Your one to talk hiding me in the bedroom- and what was all that crap about Alex being a gay name! Evans can't talk I mean Max, now there's a gay name." Alex replied.
"Um yeah what ever you say Alex, look its late we both have work tomorrow lets just go to bed." Liz said as she tried to stand only to have Alex push her back down.
"No way no one sleeps till I get every last detail. You can start by telling me how that kiss came about."
Liz rubbed her eyes wearily conceding defeat "this is goina take sometime."

Max closed his office door whistling softly, he hadn't been in this good a mood since he last got laid. That single kiss from Liz had broken his resolve, Maria's suggestion to play it cool had been forgotten the moment her tongue had slide against his. He had decided last night during his lengthy cold shower that he would resume his pursuit with renewed vigor.
A smirk touched his lips when he saw Maria swivel round in his chair "Tell me Maria are you the boss here or am I. It's just you seem to spend more time in my office than I do."
"Stop Max your killing me" Maria replied sarcastically.
"So what can I do for you Maria?"
Maria's mouth twisted into an agitated frown "you know damn well what I want Max. Tell me what happened last night, did you get anywhere with Liz, was it a good night?"

Max chuckled slightly as he sat in the chair opposite Maria "well if you'd stop talking I might just be able to get a word in."
Max's eyes widened when he saw Maria reach for the stapler, unpleasant memories of their last encounter fresh in his mind. He made a mental note to throw it in the trash when Maria left "okay so where do you want me to start, the part where dick cracked on to Liz, the part were I almost chocked to death or the kiss?"
Maria's eyes bugged as she leaned forward "you kissed her?"
"That’s what you wanta talk about first, thanks for the concern did it even register when I told you about me choking?" Max said playfully.
Maria waved her hand dismissively "well you’re still breathing aren't you, now get to the juicy stuff- I can't believe you kissed her."
Max leaned back in his chair, a smug grin tingeing his features as he spoke "actually she kissed me."
"I knew my advice would work, you owe me big time buddy."

Max observed Maria cautiously he leaned forward reaching for the stapler while she was basking in her glory, her attitude would change when he told her that there was a change in plans.
"I really appreciated your help Maria but I think I'm goina try this my way. I'm not so sure the softly softly approach is goina work."
Maria snorted, "Try it your way? Max, Max, Max when are you going to learn."
"I just think it would be a good idea to step up my campaign, If last nights any indication she's interested."
"Well I guess we'll see when Liz comes into the office but don't be surprised if she says it was a mistake, a one off."
Max looked uncomfortably towards Maria "can we just change the subject please."

Maria's nose crinkled as she smiled "as a matter of fact we can. I had a very interesting conversation with Diane this morning."
Max's eyes closed as he spoke "what did my mom have to say for herself?"
Maria looked pointedly at Max "well for starters she wants to know why you haven't called her in over two weeks."
"I've been busy" Max replied weakly.
"Chasing skirt does not constitute busy, this is your mother we're talking about Max you could spare five minutes to pick up the damn phone and talk to the woman."
"Maria you know that every time I talk with my mom we end up having the same old conversation. Why haven't I settled down, why don't I bring anyone home to meet her and dad, I just can't face it right now." Max replied grimly.
"Yeah well there's a reason why she's so interested in your girlfriends."
"She wants to Marry me off" Max sighed.
Maria shook her head licking her lips before she spoke "she thinks your gay."
Max's gaze whipped to Maria in shock "she what- well I hope you put her straight."
"And spoil my fun, no way!" Maria laughed.
"Some friend you are" Max grumbled.

Max turned towards the door when he heard it open, his conversation with Maria forgotten as Liz stood in the doorway. He smiled warmly her name tumbling from his lips "Liz".
Maria rose from the chair brushing past Liz as she exited the office "hi Liz".
"Hi Maria" Liz smiled politely.
Maria paused in the doorway looking towards Max as she spoke "I'll just leave you two alone, remember Max you owe me lunch."
Max nodded at Maria before the door closed; he stepped closer to Liz waiting expectantly for her to speak.
Liz lifted her gaze towards Max's breathing deeply to muster the courage to say what she needed to say to move her plan along "Max we need to talk...."

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Part Nine

“Max we need to talk”
His heart thundered against his chest in anticipation, he stood rooted to the spot staring intently as he waited for Liz to speak.
Liz moved past Max unable to hold his gaze “what happened last night was a mistake.”
He watched closely as she looked out over the city, her back facing him a hint of her profile reflected in the glass pane as she spoke “it was a momentary lapse in-”
“Control” he whispered against her ear as he moved up behind her. Her eyes flickered closed for a spilt second savouring his close proximity, it was getting harder to keep up the pretence, harder to resist.
“I was going to say judgement” she turned around to face him her bold eyes locking with his.
“So your not denying that you enjoyed it” Max smiled cockily.
Liz’s own smile mirrored his “on the contrary I enjoyed it immensely, its just not goina happen again.”

“Why?” Max questioned as he gazed out the window not wanting her to see the disappointment set in his eyes.
Liz sighed heavily “we’ve already had this discussion you’re my boss.”
“Okay then I’ll fire you” Max stated flatly.
Liz turned surprised but amused eyes towards Max “excuse me?”
“I said I’ll fire you, I’d much rather have you in my bed than on my payroll.”
Liz laughed dryly her anger spiking “you do and I’ll take you all the way.”
“I was hoping you’d say that” Max retorted before spinning her to face him, taking full advantage when her mouth opened in protest.

He seized her lips his tongue thrusting deeply into the recesses of her mouth. She tried to resist but he held her firm, the palm of his hand gripping the base of her skull, drawing her body closer to his.
His free hand stroked up her arm, gliding along her face before tangling in her soft tresses.
He kissed her fiercely, almost to the point of brutality but he couldn’t stop, wouldn’t stop. He needed Liz Parker like he’d never needed any other woman or one thousand women put together.
He had come to the realization that this was not his usual conquest, she stirred him to his very core, he was bewitched.

Liz suppressed an excited groan when she felt the gentle forward stroke of his tongue.
Her body betrayed her, shuddering forcefully when his fingers travelled the length of her arm towards her face.
She could feel his heart thumping wildly against her breast, or perhaps it was her own she could no longer distinguish between the two.
Instinctively her tongue sought out his, meshing together dancing rthymically in and out of each other’s mouths.
Her tongue trailed across his full lower lip as her mind told her to pull away not to reciprocate but she couldn’t, not yet. She just needed one more kiss.

Max growled in frustration when Liz pulled away. He watched through hooded eyes as she panted for breath, her face flushed.
She licked her swollen lips, her gaze looking with Max’s as her hand connected with his face.
“What the hell was that for?” he rasped wincing at the stinging sensation in his cheek.
“When I say something’s not going to happen again Max I damn well mean it,” she replied.
“Well I didn’t see you object too much when I kissed you and as I recall you reciprocated willingly. Correct me if I’m wrong but that was your tongue in my mouth” Max retorted his eyes challenging her.

“Your one arrogant bastard!” Liz seethed.
“Your only angry with yourself Liz, just admit it” Max stated confidently.
“What the hell are you talking about, why would I be angry with myself?” Liz bite through clenched teeth.
Max smiled lazily, his eyes blazing with passion, his gaze so intense that she had to look away “your angry with yourself because you want me just as much as I want you.”
Liz sidestepped Max as he reached for her, she needed to get out of this office before she did something she’d regret.
“If believing that massages your ego then please feel free but you couldn’t be more wrong. Now if you’ll excuse me I have work to do.”
“Ah I have work to do, Liz Parkers famous last words! Why is it when ever things start to get heated between us you run away?”
Liz glared at Max as she walked towards the door “I damn well don’t!”
“You’re doing it now! What’s the matter Liz afraid you might not be able to keep yourself in check around me?” Max goaded.
“Don’t flatter yourself”
The slamming of his office door reverberated around the room, he rubbed his neck sighing deeply as he stared at the door “That’s it Liz Parker I’ve waited long enough for you, no more mister nice guy.”

Liz inhaled deeply her eyes squeezing shut as she tried to reign in her anger, Max Evans brought out the worst in her, the sooner she took him down a peg or two the better.
“You wanta talk about it?”
Liz opened her eyes to find Maria Deluca smiling at her warmly.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea with you being Max’s best friend an all” Liz said.
“Look I love Max dearly but trust me when I say there have been times I’ve wanted to knock him on his ass too.”
Liz’s fists clenched, her face flaming as she walked towards the coffee machine “he’s just the most conceited man I’ve ever met.”
Maria smiled knowingly she couldn’t jump to Max’s defence on that one “yeah I know what you mean, I could think of a few choice words myself none of them pleasant.”

Liz chuckled as she poured two cups of coffee “you know he just attacked me in his office, forced me into a kiss against my will.”
“But didn’t you kiss him first, last night I mean” Maria said her eyes glinting in amusement when she saw Liz’s eyes widen.
“He told you about that?” Liz replied indignantly.
“Well in all fairness to Max he didn’t have much choice in the matter.”
Liz smiled nodding her head in agreement “yeah I’m the same way with Alex, my best friend.”
Maria sipped her coffee glancing side ways at Liz as she spoke cautiously “you know Liz Max isn’t really that bad, infact he can be quiet sweet on occasions. Maybe you should give him a chance, I think you’d be just the woman to tame the beast.”
Liz smiled setting her mug in the sink “thanks for the chat Maria, maybe we could do this again.”
“Definitely” Maria watched as Liz walked towards her office “oh and Liz, just think about what I said.”
“Okay I will”.

Liz started slightly when her office door banged shut; she raised her gaze towards the door, squinting in the semi darkness to make out the figure. Her brow puckered in confusion as she saw Max leaned against the door, his face partially lit by the lamp on her desk.
“Max what are you doing here so late, I’ve said all I need to” Liz replied wearily.
“Well I haven’t.” he stated sternly.
Liz moved around the desk towards him, her eyes widening in shock when she heard the lock click closed.
“What are you doing?”
Max turned determined eyes on her as he placed the key securely in his pocket “we’re not leaving this office until you admit that there’s something between us.”
Liz snorted her eyes flashing in defiance “well it looks like it’s going to be a long night.”
They faced each other off, their gazes locking as Max spoke “you can count on it.”

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Part Ten

Liz stalked angrily toward the door, pressing down roughly on the handle “if you don’t open this door right now, I’m goina scream.”
Max smiled in satisfaction; it felt good to have the upper hand for a change “is that a promise?”
Her eyes flickered closed an agitated sigh escaping her lips “you just can’t stand it when a woman stands up for herself can you?”
Max shrugged his head tilting to the side “your right standing doesn’t really work for me, now lying down….”
“Aaagh! You’re the most infuriating, conceited man I’ve ever had the displeasure to meet” Liz snapped.
His eyes sought out hers, a seriousness settling over his features as he spoke softly “you’re the most fascinating woman I’ve met in my entire life.”
“Yes I know” Liz boasted smiling in triumph when she saw Max’s face drop.
“Hey I was trying to be sincere!”
“So was I” she replied.

Max laughed as he brushed past her, he watched as she rattled the door handle a string of obscenities spilling forth from her mouth, he patted his breast pocket smiling wickedly “Liz your wasting your time, the only way your getting out of here is if you admit you have feelings for me.”
Liz turned from the door, her eyes narrowing in a death glare as she bit out coldly “when hell freezes over!”
Max smiled confidently “you want me Liz Parker”
Liz walked slowly toward Max stopping short of her desk, her hands clasped together as she fought the urge to castrate him with her letter opener “what I want is for you to leave!”
Max leaned forward his gaze locking with Liz’s “you know what your problem is?”
Liz snarled her eyes penetrating Max as she spoke “yeah I’m looking at it!”
Choosing to ignore her last comment Max continued, “Your problem is that you’re afraid.”
“Afraid of what?” Liz questioned.
“Of what you feel for me” Max stated flatly.
Liz’s arms folded against her chest defensively “believe me when I say I have absolutely no problem embracing my feelings for you Max.”

Max moved towards her his hand reaching out to caress the soft flesh of her cheek; she felt so warm, so receptive despite her constant protests.
Liz’s eyes closed as she reveled in the feel of having Max touch her, even after all these years of hatred and bitterness he could still evoke lustful feelings and it scared her “Max what are you doing?”
He moved closer his lips brushing over her ear lobe “isn’t it obvious? I’m trying to seduce you.”
“Why?” Liz whimpered as she felt his tongue flick against her ear.
Max pulled back cradling her head between his hands as he looked deeply into her eyes “because I’m attracted to you, I’ve thought of nothing else since the first day you walked into my office.”
Her eyes softened momentarily before she pulled away “I’m really not your type Max, I’m not inflatable”.
He shook his head in disappointment, he’d opened up to her and she still ridiculed him, he wondered even considering his reputation how she could judge him so harshly, after all they hardly knew each other “Liz if you would just”
She raised a hand to silence him an impish grin tingeing her lips “save your breath for the inflatable.”
Max felt his frustration grow, Liz was determined to stand her ground but so was he “Your hiding behind those sarcastic jibes and one liners Liz but deep down we both know that you can’t resist me.”

Liz smiled seductively as she moved closer to Max, her hand gliding up his chest “your right Max I just can’t fight it anymore.”
Max tensed his eyes following the path of her hand “Wha-what?”
“I can’t deny my feelings, I want you” she replied huskily.
Max yelped in surprise when he felt a hand caress his rear, this was an unexpected turn in events “I told you it would just be a matter of-
Max’s words were cut short when he felt Liz’s lips touch his; they kissed hungrily their tongues brushing together. Max moaned when he felt her small hand lock around his bulging erection, he continued to kiss her as she unzipped his pants, her free hand roaming across his chest.
He growled in pleasure when she rubbed up and down his shaft, he’d waited so long for this to have Liz Parker completely and it was finally happening. He reached to unbutton her blouse never breaking the kiss but she pushed him back slightly her hand still working up and down “no Max this isn’t about me its all about you.”
“No buts Max, just relax let yourself go” the words stung; she remembered how he’d uttered the very same words to her so many years ago.
Max buried his face in her hair, drinking in her scent she was wreaking havoc on his body, he felt the familiar tingle in his balls as they tightened, a few more seconds and he’d be there.
Liz pulled her hand away quickly smiling in satisfaction at the dazed expression on Max’s face.
He looked on in confusion as she pulled away “Liz what are you doing I was just about to-.
“Oh I’m sorry Max, I know there’s nothing more frustrating than an unfinished job but it was necessary so I could get this.”
Max strained his eyes in the darkness struggling to make out the object Liz was waving in his face, he froze as he saw it gleam, she’d gotten the key “so you just did this to distract me!”
“Well yes but also to let you know that noone messes with me Max. The next time I say something isn’t going to happen you better take heed.”
Max watched in horror as she unlocked the door, his gaze flickering to his straining erection “Liz you just can’t leave me here like this!”
“Watch Me,” she replied as she walked through the door “but it was fun, looks like the office gossips were right you are pretty big.” With that she disappeared down the hall leaving a very angry and frustrated Max Evans

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Part Eleven

“I come bearing gifts.”
Liz shook her head as Alex made a dramatic gesture holding up the tequila and ice cream for inspection.
“Awwww Alex you shouldn’t have” Liz replied as she ushered him into the apartment.
Alex walked towards the kitchen opening and closing cupboards and drawers in search of glasses and cutlery “I wish you’d stop changing everything around I was just getting used to the old arrangement.”
“ Annoying you is my only pleasure in life” Liz sighed smiling when Alex hit his head on the open cupboard door he’d forgotten to close.
“Shit” Alex muttered whilst rubbing the tender spot “oh it’s not just me you live to torment, Max Evans remember him.”
“Oh I could never forget Max” Liz murmured her eyes dancing with mischief.
“ Did something happen that I should know about, you haven’t slept with him have you? Alex questioned his face twisting into a grimace.

“Ye of little faith, of course I haven’t slept with him. I’ve humiliated but not slept with.”
Alex ceased pouring the tequila his full attention fixed on Liz “what did you do?” he asked cautiously.
“Nothing he didn’t deserve” Liz quipped biting on her lip to suppress a grin.
“Details Liz I need details come on brighten up my weekend” Alex said a wicked grin tingeing his lips.
“You really take a perverse pleasure in Max suffering don’t you?”
Alex shrugged noncahently “what can I say the guys a dick he deserves everything he gets.”
Liz shook her head “your still upset about the gay name comment aren’t you?”
Alex glanced at Liz noting her playful tone “maybe just a little but I hated him before remember.”
Liz nodded her head in affirmation holding her glass out for Alex to fill “it’s a good job you brought this along”
“It is?” Alex asked filling Liz’s glass to the brim.
“Yep it’s just what I needed to celebrate my victory over Max” Liz raised her glass towards Alex smiling broadly “ here’s to revenge it’s never tasted sweeter.”
“To revenge” Alex drank back the tequila wincing at the slight burning sensation in his gut “ so care to elaborate and explain in excruciating detail what this act of revenge was.”

“You really need to get a life of your own Alex its not healthy to live through other peoples” Liz muttered as she reached for the bottle.
“And were is it you purchase those again?” Alex joked as he shovelled a spoonful of vanilla into his mouth.
“Alex you photograph beautiful woman for a living, supermodels no less. You can’t possibly tell me that you couldn’t get a date with at least one.”
Alex looked pointedly at Liz his spoon jabbing the air as he spoke “ I’ll have you know that I’ve had more than a few supermodel sandwiches in my time.”
“So why are you single?” Liz asked quietly not wanting to push the subject.
“ I just haven’t found the right girl” Alex replied dejectedly.
Liz reached across rubbing his forearm affectionately “you will, your some catch Whitman.”

Alex clasped Liz’s hand smiling warmly “ maybe you could set me up with someone at the office.”
Liz shook her head vehemently “there’s only three types of women were I work and none of them would interest you.”
“Humour me” Alex replied pouring some tequila from his glass into the ice cream bowl “ummm that’s nice, you wanta try some?”
“No that’s okay Alex you knock yourself out” Liz replied while pushing Alex’s spoon away from her mouth and towards his.
“So these women” Alex mumbled whilst licking his spoon.
“Well there’s the over fifties, the married and then there’s the women who’ve slept with Max. I’d be willing to put money on it that the third category is by far the largest” Liz replied her voice a mix of sarcasm and bitterness.

“Enough said, so while we’re discussing Max do you think you could get around to telling me what happened tonight” Alex stated firmly.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
“Try me.”
Liz smiled in remembrance of her encounter with Max “He locked us in my office refusing to let me out until I admitted I had feelings for him.”
Alex pushed his bowl aside “so how did you get out of there, you didn’t tell Evans that you had feeling for him because that would have been a mistake- you don’t do you? Have feelings for him I mean.”
Liz raised her hands “calm down Alex deep breaths, I didn’t tell Max that I had feeling for him.”
“Alex sighed in relief “so what did you do?”
“I distracted him,” Liz stated simply.
“And what did this distraction entail?” Alex asked his brow arching in question.
Liz looked straight at Alex as she replied calmly “I groped him.”

“What?” Alex spluttered his mouth flapping open and closed as he fought to form a coherent sentence “so you groped then what?”
Liz giggled girlishly as a mental image of Max standing in the middle of her office, trousers pooled around his ankles sprang into her mind “ I took the key and left one very unfulfilled Max Evans.”
Alex snorted his face colouring as he doubled over, his laughter causing Liz to join in, after several minutes they settled down, wiping their tear stained faces.
“Bravo Liz, Bravo. I would have paid money to see the look on Max Evans face. Well at least now you can put all this revenge stuff behind you and get the hell away from Evans.”
“ I’m not giving up Alex” Liz stated her voice determined.
Alex’s brow furrowed “Liz don’t you think your getting a little Glen Close here, like you said you’ve had your revenge so just drop it.”
“I’m having fun Alex” Liz pouted “besides maybe it isn’t about revenge anymore.”
Alex gripped the table his face draining of colour “I knew it your falling for him.”
Liz smiled holding Alex’s gaze as she spoke “I’m not falling for him Alex, its just things were left unfinished between us in college, there’s only one thing I want from Max Evans.”
“And that would be?” Alex questioned already knowing the answer.

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Part Twelve

"Oh it's you" Max murmured gruffly as he typed furiously, the pounding of the keys resounding throughout the office.
"Now is that anyway to greet your sister?" Isabel prodded as she slumped into the chair opposite.
He glanced briefly at her before returning his full attention to the document before him, after the weekend he'd had the last thing he needed was a dressing down from Isabel "I'm busy."
"Yeah that's the same excuse mom's been using for the past three weeks to explain away why you haven't been home to see her".
"I called her two days ago" Max replied weakly knowing full well that it was a feeble excuse but truth be told he had enough complications in his life without dealing with his mothers misguided notions about his sexuality "look I'll drive down Sunday."
"That just isn't good enough Max" she scolded, he really could be an insensitive prick sometimes "your going to have to make more of an effort, a weekly call the odd monthly visit just isn't going to cut it, this is mom we're talking about" Isabel pleaded hoping Max would take heed.
"Your right and I will Make more of an effort" he replied apologetically "it's just I have enough problems without trying to convince mom I'm not gay!"

Isabel’s eyes rose in surprise "you know about that?" she questioned a little on edge.
"Yeah Maria told me" Max replied eying Isabel suspiciously "you don't seem surprised that mom would think that" Max stated as he watched his sister squirm.
"Of course I'm not surprised mom told me first" she replied non-chalently, hoping Max would buy it.
"You told mom I was gay! I don't believe you Iz" Max boomed the pieces of the puzzle finally slotting into place, where else would his mother have gotten such a ludicrous idea.
Isabel opened her mouth to deny the accusation, but closed it again before a wicked grin spread across her face "lighten up Max it was just a bit of fun."
"Well I never did like fun at my expense Isabel" Max snapped his irritation rising another notch as he thought about the other woman in his life that had played him for a fool.
Isabel sighed her arms folding as she looked pointedly at Max "well what was I supposed to say when mom asked why you never mentioned any long term girlfriends or brought anyone home for dinner?"

Max returned Isabel’s hard stare "well maybe you could have told her the truth" he replied determined to make his sister see the error of her ways and of course make her apologize.
Isabel raised a finger to her lips "hmmm the truth, well you didn't seriously want me to tell mom that your a bed hoping himbo that barely has a woman around long enough for breakfast let alone Sunday dinner" she quipped.
Isabel winced at the dismayed look that swept across her brothers face, she instantly regretted her harsh words even though they were meant in a teasing manner "Max I’m sorry you know what I'm like I was just kidding."
Max slumped forward his head nestled in his folded arms "but your right" he replied in a muffled tone.
Isabel leaned forward ruffling Max's hair affectionately, his sudden behaviour had her unnerved normally he'd just brush off her sarcastic quips but from the look on his face a moment earlier something had hit home and cut him deeply. "You wanna tell me what all this is about?" she questioned softly not wanting to push the subject.
Max raised his head slightly his eyes locking with Isabel’s "It's just that-"

"We need to talk" Liz stated firmly as she burst into Max's office not caring that he was with someone.
"Liz I can't do this right now I'm with someone" Max replied as he gestured towards Isabel.
Liz smiled sweetly at Isabel as she appraised her "I'm very sorry" her gaze returning to Max "but I don't give a damn, we talk now."
Isabel watched as heated glances were exchanged between her brother and this mystery woman. The girl was gutsy she had to give her that, not many employees would barge into their bosses office and point blank demand to speak with them when they had someone else there. Deciding that someone needed to disperse the tension Isabel cleared her throat as she rose fixing her gaze on Max "God Max your so rude aren't you going to introduce me?"
Max broke eye contact with Liz "Isabel Liz, Liz Isabel" Max replied dryly his hand sweeping back and forth as he gestured to the two women.
Isabel extended her hand smiling warmly at Liz "the part he forgot to add is that I'm his sister."
Liz gripped Isabel’s hand returning a genuine smile as her words penetrated through her jealous haze "you have my deepest sympathies."
Isabel laughed despite the death glare sent in her direction from Max, Liz was spirited, she liked the girl and if she wasn't very much mistaken so did her brother. "I'll just leave you two alone to discuss whatever it is you need to discuss" she replied backing towards the door "call me if you need to talk Max."
"Thanks Iz" Max called out as he watched the door inch closed.

He turned cold eyes towards Liz "Isn't it enough that you embarrass me privately without doing it infront of my family!"
Liz's arms folded against her chest defensively "get over yourself Max, you think I embarrassed you Friday night? Believe me you have no comprehension of true embarrassment" she replied her eyes glazing over for a split second as she was catapulted back to the night that this whole revenge kick had started.
"And I suppose you do right?" Max replied bitterly.
Liz's head snapped towards him her cheeks flushing in anger, it was time Max Evans knew a few home truths "tell me something Max when you chose me for this job did you even bother to check out my credentials or was my physical appearance enough to sway you?"
Max shrugged his shoulders "I don't see what this has to do with anything" he stated simply.
"It's everything!" Liz growled her emotions and patience clearly frayed "if you had bothered to look you would have realized that we went to the same college."
Max shook his head in confusion "I still don't see-" he started.
"And that we were in the same year" Liz replied softly as she eyed Max.

"That’s just not possible I would remember you- Oh God" Max said quietly paling visibly as recognition dawned "I can't believe I didn't realize it was you!"
A false chuckle tumbled from Liz's lips but did little to mask the pain she really felt "well you hardly knew I was alive then so why would it be any different now."
Max moved forward griping her arms in a gentle firmness "that’s not true Liz, I knew who you where, I mean we almost..." Max trailed off his jaw clenching at past memories, past hurts none his own.
"Almost being the operative word,” Liz replied as she escaped from his hold "if I remember you left me sitting naked in my dorm room telling me to forget that anything happened, that I was just a one night stand!" Liz seethed anger and resentment emanating from the depths of her eyes.

Max swallowed past the lump in his throat "Liz" he offered softly reaching out for away to ease the hurt.
Liz ignored Max's plea her eyes clouding with tears as she continued to release seven years of harboured emotions "My friends warned me that you were no good, that you were a player and I knew you had a love em and leave em reputation, but I saw past all that told myself that you were just afraid, that’s why you treated people the way you did. That whole hurt don't get hurt thing. I was crazy..."
"Liz please" Max managed to choke out, distressed by her mounting upset.
"I offered you something special that night Max, something noone had ever had before and you threw it back in my face" she sobbed barely containing the tears that wanted to betray her.
She flinched as Max moved forward stopping him in his tracks "don't touch me."

Max felt his heart clench as he watched her fight to regain her composure, he hadn't expected her revelation but on hindsight it had been plainly evident. Liz Parker hadn't humiliated him because of his reputation or constant pursuit but because she wanted revenge. He ached at the thought of having caused such pain that even after all this time the wounds of his miscalculated actions were still fresh.
"Liz you've got it all wrong" Max pleaded, "Please just give me a chance to explain."
"No! This is my time Max; you need to understand what you did to me that night. You have to know so that you never hurt anyone in that way again,” Liz stated firmly.
Her gaze locked on Max penetrating him to his very core "you broke me that night Max, I lost faith in myself. It's taken me along time to like what I see in the mirror first thing in the morning." she smiled bitterly moving past him to look down over the city. "You know I was always a hopeless romantic always waiting for my prince charming and can you believe I actually thought it was you. I foolishly believed that if someone showed you what it felt like to be loved, I mean really loved not for the popularity or the reputation but just for you that you'd be able to love back, be able to love me back."
A single tear escaped gliding slowly down Liz's cheek as she turned to face Max "but I learn't the hard way that fairytales were just that, made up stories to shield you from the harsh reality, I stopped believing in love that day too."

"Liz please you have to let me try to explain" Max pleaded helplessly, a panicked sense welling from the pit of his stomach. He couldn't fathom why but this felt like finale closure, an infinite goodbye he was not willing to comply with.
"There's nothing to explain Max, I've said my piece gotten the closure I need" Liz replied flatly.
"Damn you well I haven't, I'm not going let you go like this, with this distorted view of events" Max said frustration marring his features.
"You've no choice in the matter, I resign we'll be out of each others lives by the end of the day" and with that said Liz bolted from the office leaving a stunned Max Evans but only for a second before he was straight out the door in pursuit determined to make known to Liz Parker how he really felt.

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Part Thirteen

Max was hot on Liz’s heels weaving his way precariously through rows of office cubicles, ignoring the mounting interest of onlookers “Liz wait!”
“Please don’t do this, nothing you have to say is goina change this or make it go away,” Liz offered over her shoulder in a desperate attempt to contain the situation.
Max perused her relentlessly her resigned attitude spurring him on “will you at least give me a chance to put my side of the story forward?”
Hesitating on the threshold of her office she turned to face him a look of indifference setting her features as she waved him forward “okay I’m listening.”

He stood rooted in the center of the room, his mind a whirl of thoughts and feelings that he desperately wanted to convey “what happened between us back in college, I can understand why you’d thought that I’d deliberately set out to hurt you, I handled the situation badly.”
“That’s an understatement!” Liz seethed her eyes narrowing in anger.
Max stepped forward slightly in an attempt to bridge the physical and emotional gulf dividing them “I didn’t purposely hurt you Liz that was never my intention” he stated with a sincerity that he didn’t know he was capable of.

She raised her eyes to meet his, her arms folding against her middle in comfort as she voiced aloud the question that had plagued her since that fateful night “so what happened did you just decide that I repulsed you physically?” she murmured breathlessly almost afraid to hear the answer.
Max’s head shook furiously in denial “no don’t ever think that, I wanted you more that night than I’d ever wanted any woman” he replied his voice cracking with intense emotion.

Liz could feel herself flushing and tears threatened, partly through relief, she had expected him to admit that he had been disgusted with her. “Then why did you leave?” she questioned needing to hear his full explanation, finally willing to let him try and explain if he could.
Liz sank heavily onto the couch beside the window, her gaze flickering to Max as he shuffled closer, staring transfixedly out over the city “back there in my office you said that you’d offered me something that noone else had ever had. You were trusting me with your heart that night and I didn’t deserve it” he stated firmly.
“What are you trying to say Max?” she whispered her eyes resting upon the floor as he pinned her with an intense stare.
“I couldn’t hurt you Liz and that’s what would have happened if we’d slept together” Max replied sadly.
“But you still did” she quipped.

Max smiled thinly as he flopped down beside her “like I said I handled the situation badly…but If I could go back I’d do the same thing over” he stated with conviction.
Liz’s head whipped towards him her brow crumpling in confusion “what?”
His stomach knotted in regret, as he looked upon Liz “You deserved more than I had to offer, I couldn’t give you what you needed.”
“And what was it that I needed?” she replied lightly.
“Love” he stated without hesitation, the word rolling so easily from his tongue that he was taken aback “and that’s one thing I couldn’t give, I didn’t think I was capable of…. until now.”

Liz sprang to her feet towering over Max “no you don’t know how to love” she stated resolutely her head shaking in denial of his admission.
Max shook his head coyly as he moved towards her “wrong, very wrong.”
She backed up as he advanced forward “this is crazy” she murmured trying not to lose herself in his eyes.
He stared at her for along time, watching the anger in her eyes, and the pain, and the hope. “I know you don’t believe me, but I can prove it to you. You can’t believe what you see. But you can believe… what you feel. I’ve been thinking about this since you came back into my life.”
Liz bit her lip nervously “and what exactly is this?”
Max cupped Liz’s face between his hands, gazing deeply into her eyes as he stated simply “Love, this is love.”
Her eyes flickered closed reveling in the feel of his strong hands stroking rhymically across her cheek “This is crazy. We’d never get along. I mean, look at us we’re always fighting.”
“Foreplay” Max bantered his mouth twisting into an impish grin and despite all attempts Liz found herself smiling too.
He ran his fingers through her hair gliding across her cheek before the tip of a finger rested on her full lips “I’ve never meet anyone like you. You’re totally unique, compelling.”

Liz trembled under his touch “it’s not as simple as I love you Max, I might feel that too but there’s no trust.”
“Then let me try to earn your trust, all I want is a chance Liz,” he pleaded hoping that he’d managed to soften her heart.
“If we do this it’s on my terms, I can’t get hurt like that again…” she broke off her eyes clouding for a second before she returned her gaze to Max “I’ll give you a chance, give us a chance.”
For a long breathless moment they stood still staring deeply into each other. Max felt his heart race as he encircled her in his embrace. She was in that moment, the comfort, the warmth he craved, the expression of the aching need in him and so he kissed her, a searing kiss not of lust but of love.

Max pulled her body flush against his, he wanted to feel every part of her, Liz Parker was a sea and through that one kiss he was happily drowning. Pulling away they gasped for air, foreheads touching as their bodies calmed. Max turned his flushed face into Liz’s cheek his grip tightening “Let’s live in the present Liz, let the past die it’s own death. I’m goina restore your faith in love Liz Parker, make you believe that fairytales really do come true.”
Turning suddenly she twisted her face to stare up into his, a small smile playing on her lips as she replied, “I think I’m already starting” before locking her lips to his……..

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Part Fourteen

Liz glanced nervously around the bustling café a Luke warm coffee cup clutched firmly between her fingers.
She chanced a covert glance at Alex as he studied the menu; she felt a flutter in her stomach at the prospect of telling him about Max.

For three weeks she’d managed to keep it from him, fearing how’d he’d react but now was the moment of truth an opportunity to get everything out in the open whilst she had the courage and at least in public Alex would have to restrain or mute his response.

“Alex?” Liz ventured pausing until she was certain she had his full attention “now before I go on you have to promise your not going to over react okay?”
“Okay I promise even though I’m probably goina regret it….so what gives Parker?”
She clutched the coffee mug a little tighter, squirming under Alex’ intent gaze “Max and I” she started before wavering her eyes darting to the tabletop then back to Alex “we’re seeing each other and it’s not just sexual, we’re involved”
Liz held her breath in nervous anticipation of his response “well aren’t you going to say something, anything?” she asked impatiently wanting to get Alex’s tirade over and done with.

Alex smiled briefly shrugging nonchalantly as he reached for the menu again “I already knew” he stated matter of factly.
Liz’s jaw dropped she had not been expecting that revelation “what?” she managed to choke out past her vastly constricting throat.
Alex clucked his tongue grinning impishly as he spoke “I’ve known from the get go, I just thought I’d wait until you grew a pair and told me yourself.”

Liz shook her head in an attempt to clear the haze and process this new information, oh how the tables had turned “let me get this straight Alex, you’ve known all along and you’ve let me agonize over how I was going to tell you?” she exclaimed in disbelief her voice raising a notch.
“Yep” Alex replied immensely enjoy Liz’s ruffled state of mind.

Liz eyed Alex baffled by his seeming lack of interest or reaction “and now that I’ve told you, what do you think of this whole situation?”
“Does it really matter what I think” he replied flatly “after all it is your life.”
Liz reached across the table gripping Alex’s hand firmly, smiling when he met her eyes “of course it matters you’re the closest thing to family that I’ve got Alex.”
He returned a smile warmed by Liz’s words “well in that case I think Max Evans Is a grade a dick!”

Liz laughed lightly swatting Alex’s hand as he grinned slyly “I was prepared for that.”
“I also think that a leopard never changes its spots and your goina whined up nursing a broken heart.”
“Thought you’d say that” Liz replied pushing against the gnawing doubt that he could be right.
“And lastly I think, no I know that I’ve never seen you as happy as you’ve been these past few weeks.”
“Huh?” Liz offered any intelligent verbalization fleeing her mind at his comment; Alex had really thrown her for a loop with that one. “Who are you and what have you done with the real Alex Whitman?”

Alex grinned disarmingly his head tilting slightly to one side as he pondered his answer “I don’t know, I don’t like Evans and I sure as hell don’t trust him but he makes you happy right?”

Liz felt her heart surge just at the mere thought of Max, the brief time they had spent together as a couple had been magical, he was sweet, considerate and attentive to her feeling and needs, in a word he’d been perfect.
“Yeah I am happy….I’m not sure I’m completely convinced that this is goina last but I’m willing to work at it. All I ask is that you give Max a chance to prove himself, after all if I can so could you.”

Alex took one look at Liz’s hope filled face and melted, he was such a sucker. Groaning he raised his hands in submission “Okay I’ll give the guy a chance but it’s not like we’re goina be best buds or anything….I still haven’t forgotten that whole gay name incident.”

Liz smiled proudly at her best friend she’d really lucked out in the friend stakes having someone like Alex in her life “have I told you how fantastic you are and how much I love you?”
“Not lately” Alex quipped while gesturing for a waitress.
“So you had sex yet?” Alex couldn’t contain his laughter as Liz spluttered choking on her coffee; if she thought she was off the hook she had another thing coming…

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Just wanted to say thanks for all the support, it's been awhile since I've written anything so I'm just finding my feet again.
Hopefully a new part will be out in a couple of days.

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Hi guys, thanks to everyone thats left a comment or bumped the story. I know I said a couple of days but I've actually just found a part time job so things have been pretty crazy this week, I promise to have a new part posted monday.

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Part Fifteen

Liz barely had time to take in her surroundings before she was pulled briskly through the apartment door, her body melding to Max as he seized her lips in a searing kiss.
“God I’ve missed you,” he panted urgently clutching her face between his palms.
Liz smiled at the seriousness in his voice “Max you saw me today at the office” she glanced quickly at her watch “ exactly two hours ago.”

Max’s gaze lowered “I know but even that’s too long a time to be apart from you.”
Liz felt her heart skip a beat as her gaze locked with Max’s, the loving adoration openly on display in his amber eyes made her go weak at the knee’s “I feel the same way” she whispered her eyes never wavering from his.

Max Kissed her softly before leading her more fully into his apartment “so what do you think?” he asked raising his hands in a sweeping motion “does the place meet with your approval?”
Liz turned full circle her eyes moving casually around the sparsely decorated apartment “this place defines the term bachelor” she joked moving past Max to look out over the city “but I like it.”

Max moved forward his hands gliding across Liz’s abdomen as he encircled her waist his mouth resting close to her ear “yeah the views not bad either.”
“It’s beautiful” Liz breathed in awe of the twinkling lights of the Manhattan skyline.
“But not as beautiful as you Miss Parker” Max teased as he turned her in his arms.

Liz reddened slightly despite her best attempts to keep the hot flush at bay, she still hadn’t gotten used to being complimented, deciding to change the subject she fixed Max with a stern look “I thought you’d invited me to dinner?”
“I did.”
“Well I can’t smell anything cooking” Liz replied suspiciously “I hope it’s not just me on the menu.”
Max feigned innocence, a wicked smile betraying him “oh don’t worry Liz your not the main course” he replied moving towards her like a hunter stalking it’s prey, getting ready to go for the kill “your just the dessert.”

Liz bit her lip to suppress a pleasurable groan as Max kissed her neck languidly, dessert couldn’t come quick enough “maybe we should skip straight to afters” she teased as Max took her hand leading her towards the balcony.
“There’s no rush, we’ve got the whole night…. Now close your eyes.”
Liz looked questioningly at Max as he blocked her view of the balcony “what’s going on Max?”
Max laughed softly his head shaking slightly “must you always be so inquisitive, just this once couldn’t you do something without arguing?”
“No” she replied sulkily punching Max lightly on the forearm.

“Just close your eyes, it’ s a surprise.”
Liz complied letting Max guide her along “okay but be warned I don’t like surprises.”
“Well you better start liking them because I don’t intend to stop surprising you….open your eyes.”

“Max…” Liz breathed taking in the scene before her, the balcony was awash with candles bathing the champagne picnic in a golden hue, a large bouquet of white rose caught her attention as Max held them towards her.
Taking them she smiled in appreciation “It’s perfect Max, No ones’ ever done anything like this for me before.”

“I told you that I was going to restore your faith in fairy tales and I meant that Liz, I’m determined to make this work.”

“Oh Max I want things to work out between us too, but you don’t have to try so hard” Liz replied earnestly.
Max smiled lovingly as he placed a tender kiss to her palm “that’s were your wrong Liz I do have to try because I’ve never tried to work at a relationship before… I’ve never wanted to until now- I love you Liz.”
Liz felt the tears well in her eyes, she felt an overwhelming sense of joy and relief at knowing Max wanted this as much as she did “and I love you Max.”

Max pressed his lips gently to her mouth letting her soft tresses glide through his fingers as he pulled her closer.
Their mouths caressed each other lovingly, gone was the earlier urgency and in its place was tenderness.
The food was forgotten as they tumbled on to the blanket never breaking the kiss both knowing that this is were their love would be sealed, were they’d make love to each other for the first time under the watchful gaze of the stars.

*I'll pick up from here in the next part, so expect nookie*wink*

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Chapter Sixteen

Max pulled back breathlessly, reluctant to loose complete contact with Liz. He rested his lips against her forehead as his laboured breathing calmed "Liz are you sure about this? because if you aren't ready we can stop at any time..."
Liz's head swished fervently as her hand came to rest on Max's chest "I've never been more ready for anything in my whole entire life" she murmured seductively pushing Max further to the blanketed ground "I want you to make Love to me Max."
An audible hiss escaped his lips as Liz settled above him brushing lightly against his erection "well if you insist" he smiled innocently vaining nonchalence. He reached out pulling Liz flush against his heated body his voice thick with emotion "I can't tell you how much I've wanted this Liz lets forget our past history and make some new memories starting tonight."

Liz stroked his cheek gently with her finger tips as she kissed him softly on the lips "that sounds like a plan."
Max clutched her body gently rolling them until their positions changed and he rested above her. He watched her flushed cheeks and parted lips in awe of the beauty before him "your so beautiful" he murmured reaching to touch the curtain of dark hair that fanned out behind her.
Max flattened himself against Liz his face burrowing in strawberry scented tress'. He felt Liz shift slightly perhaps in surprise as his lips made contact with her ear.
He felt a shiver run through her as he suckled and kissed his way down her slender neck to the valley between her breasts.

"Max" Liz hissed as she felt his warm hand glide through the buttons of her blouse to cup her breast. She gasped as he toyed and teased her nipples into peaks feeling an intense wave of pleasure crash through her body, shaking her to the core as his hot moist mouth clamped around her. She fleetingly wondered how the removal of her blouse had escaped her attention as she drew Max closer to her bossom clutching roughly at his dark locks as he envoked feelings and reactions within her body she had never experienced before. Max suckled her breast harder spurred on by her encouraging whimpers of pleasure, he couldn't get enough of her soft flesh, her scent, her taste. He wanted to devour Liz Parker, to have her envelope and fill him completely in the ways he knew only she could.

Liz felt her body tighten in anticipation, she had regained some semblance of control and had proceeded to work at the buttons on Max's clothing, her hands roaming freely in abandon over his sculptured torso and tort muscles.
She pressed her body closer to im as they kissed hetedly, loving the feel of his naked skin against hers. She reached lower her hand moving blindly between their insistant fgrinding bodies to gently cup Max's manhood.
It jerked and stood proud under her scrutinising grip, her hand clamped tighter around him moving ina fluid motion.
Max groaned his approval "oh God Liz" he panted against her lips as her hand moved in a furious motion over his everhardening member "I want you Liz ."
"I wnat you too" she rasped feeling her skirt slide down her thighs her panties following suite shortly after. "I need you Max, God I need you right now" she breathed her voice lust filled, she pulled Max flat against her.

Their eyes and lips locked as Max moved gently into her body, they started a slow rhythm bodies melding together moving in a unison of mutual pleasure and of love and for the first time as Max gave himself over completly to Liz he could say that he honestly knew for the first time in his life what it felt like to make love, what it flet like to be in love....

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