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Title: Sick of you
Author: Jessica (AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, just simply borrowing them.
Summary: Two teens are forced to marry. Their marriage was arranged since the day they were born, They had never liked each other. But will that hate turn to love?
Category: This is Romance, all romance. Its Max and Liz by the way.
Rated: PG

She and he never knew, they carried on with their lives just as anyone else did.
They fell in love, but not with each other. With the people who they loved. They parents were overwhelming. Her mother always told her to act as a lady, and to only talk when spoken to. But she could not do that. She had her own opinion, and she always wanted everyone to hear it. But that always got her in to trouble. Her mother said, No man would ever want her, but she was dead wrong. Victor wanted her; he loved every thing about her.
He loved the way she would stick up for every living thing that was being treated wrong, whether it were animal or man, any race, any color. She loved everyone and saw not what they were but what they COULD be. She was an Angel to him. The only one he would ever need.

On July 24th their parents made their final decisions. But at this moment,
the Parkers daughter’s laughter was filling the air among the corn fields where Victor chased her. They both seemed happy beyond belief. She loved him with all of her heart. As he did for her. Then as she stopped in the center of the path, he came from behind and wrapped his arms around her, she yelped. And sank into his embrace. Then they both struggled and fell backwards into the mud. But it didn’t bother them. They just kissed and stayed with each other. They planned their lives together, only being seventeen. They knew they were the only ones out there for each other.

“ Victor?” Liz asked as she held his hand as they walked through the muddy path.

“ Hmm.” he replied.

“ Do you think you’ll ever come and tell my father and mother about us?” she asked as she pulled he fluffy white cotton dress up from the muddy puddle.

“ What! Are you completely insane? He would have me slaughtered.” he said as he let go of her hand. He jumped onto a log and rolled up his sleeves.

Liz stopped and looked straight into his eyes.

“ What? You don’t plan to marry me?” she asked. Knowing what his answer would be. Silence.

He never answered her question. He never did. he never wanted to marry, and
she knew it. He loved her but he was afraid of commitment. He wouldn’t touch any other but her but he was afraid that one day he might make that mistake. He made her so angry, but his presence made her so comfortable.

Later she walked up to her home and sat on the front steps, of the large white house. Her White cotton dress was completely ruined. But she didn’t care to much about it. She was the richest girl in town, she had plenty more beautiful, outstanding and extremely expensive dresses that she could wear. That was the problem that kept Victor and her apart, she was a Parker. The parkers were the second family in country that made a great deal of many. The family who made more than them was the Evans. Their father was a local Judge in town. Their mother stayed at home and kept herself busy in any way she could. Their names were Diane and Philip Evans. They were sweet and extremely friendly people. Philip had helped her father out of some legal problems a few years back, but Liz didn’t know any of this she was simply the naive daughter. But the Evans had two children. Isabel was the oldest. She was great though, she knew how to take charge, when she knew something was wrong and needed fixing, she was married to Alex Whitman, and was then disowned by her family because of it. Alex was nothing but a Farmer. And her parents didn’t like that. She had become pregnant with his child at sixteen. But she was still a great person, she always had the best things to say. Just last year they had a daughter, and named her Annabel. And her son was Gabriel. But then their was Max. Oh how Liz hated him. He was always just snooty. He was a bitter man, who was always so angry at the world. Her parents adored him, because of his money. That was always the reason. They just wanted the money to run in the family, they wanted to die filthy rich.
Then Liz’s thoughts were disturbed by the Carriage pulling up in the dirt road. It was the Evans carriage. It was rimmed with gold, pure gold, from what her father had told her when she was younger. And then Diane slowly stepped out with a grace no one could believe. Diane and Liz loved each other as if they were mother and daughter. Liz used to think that she was just a replacement for Isabel. And now she knew she was. But it didn’t bother her much. She came out in her white lace dress with a beautiful hat made with simple straw. She walked over to Liz and gathered her in her arms. She didn’t mind Liz’s not so great presence, because of her muddy dress. As she hugged her she looked at the carriage and saw Max and then his father, then followed by them was her parents. The last time that they had all gotten together like this was when someone had died. And they didn’t even liked who had deceased! Then as the adults walked in they stopped at the door with Max and Liz folowing behind them. The servant came over and took the Evans hats and purses to place them in the closet room. Then they all walked to the sun room, where they had tea and didn’t say a word.
“ Well children as your parents we have made a decision that helps both families out. We have been planning this day out since even before you were born. And we are extremley excited to bring such fantastic news to you.” Diane said with happiness filing her voice and a large smile spreading her lips. Liz smiled and wanted despratley to know what brought These people such joy just as Max wanted to know as well.

“ Max, and Liz,” Phillip started, then he looked at his wife and smiled as he squeezed her hand, looking back at him he said the most dangerous and heart breaking words in the world “ You two are to be wed in three days. You are to be MAn and wife.”

Max and Liz’s yes darted towards each other and screamed “ WHAT!”


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Title: Sick of you
Author: Jessica (AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, just simply borrowing them.
Summary: Two teens are forced to marry. Their marriage was arranged since the day they were born, They had never liked each other. But will that hate turn to love?
Category: This is Romance, all romance. Its Max and Liz by the way.
Rated: PG

Part Two

“ You have to be joking me, this is outrageous!” Max yelled loudly. He stood from his chair and crossed his arms across his chest as a stubborn eight year old would.
“ But what about Victor?!?” Liz yelled very loudly. Her parents looked at her with wide eyes, and she continued with “ Im in love with him!”

“ That pathetic Farmer Boy? Give me a break, all he wants is the money! What low life farmer wouldn’t. He’s just trash.” Mr. Parker yelled back.

The anger in Liz’s blood boiled to a point where she burst, and she slapped her father right across the face. His head snapped to the side as a piece of his hair flew as well. Max looked at her with wide eyes, but he couldn’t blame her he was just as angry as she was. He wanted nothing to do with elezabeth Parker, never had and never would. But now they had no choice, They couldn’t break the arrangments. Their parents choice’s outruled their own.

For the next few day’s that Liz and Max had before they were married Liz spent all of her time with Victor. Well, only a little bit of time. he heard and ran as far away from her as possible, Liz cried for the rest of the day. Max locked himself in his room, and wouldn’t let a soul in. The two teenagers were being forced to marry in two hours, and all they could do was stare off into space. Wishing they themselves were the farmers, raising the corn fields, the cows and horses. Just so they wouldn’t be forced to go through with this ugly and painful task. But their opinions this time were not heard. Liz sat on the small chair in her changing room in her dress and vale. Her tears poured down her face more than ever before. She was afraid. She was in pain. And heart broken. She was marrying a man she did not love, nor like. She then saw her maid of honor Maria come to the door. She had a sad look on her face. She knew how much Liz did not want to live this day, atleast not with Max. She then knew it was time to suck it up and lift herself from her chair. Her knees were weak with the pain that she felt in her heart. Maria came to her side and helped her to her feet. She knew it was time to meet her future husband. Damn.

At the end of the aisle. Max stood. His hands in front of him, and his posture perfect. No one could see how hard his heat was pounding or feel how sweaty his hands were. He had tried to suck up all of the anger in him as possible, but everyone could see in his face that, he was not happy, not this day. He did not love Liz, or for that fact even like her. Her hated her with a passion. She was always so mouthy and naive. She got on his nerves. But he had to admit as she started to walked down the aisle, she looked like an angel that fell from heaven. She was crying. But her vale hid it. He felt bad for her. She was in love with a man, who was probably a farmer and was ten times better than him. Max didn’t doubt that at all.

After the wedding they headed towards their new home that their parents had been secretly having built for them. They had been planning it for a while. The house was huge, it looked like a mansion. The inside was even bigger! Their was a large living room area and dinning room. The servants were already there. Liz was in awe when she saw it all. She had to admit that the house was great but she didn’t want to share it. Not with Max. Then as she walked around she saw there were four other bedrooms not counting the master bedroom, which was gorgeous!

“ Why are their four other rooms?” Liz asked as their parents gave them a tour of the house. Max and she then noticed they were a tad bit to close a quickly spread more apart.

“ Well your going to have children aren’t you?” Diane said over her shoulder as she continued walking around.

Max and Liz looked at each other with discussed looks on their faces. And shook their head and still continued to follow their parents. Jeff and Nancy had said later on that they had to go home and leave the two love birds to themselves. Max and Liz ignored this and shrugged it off with a fake smile, knowing that NOTHING was going to happen that night. Then later on Diane and Philip left as well, leaving the two teens alone in the large mansion. As the two sat in the living room they sat on opposite sides, as they had a very slow and boring conversation.

“ So how are we going to do this?” Liz asked as she pulled off her white glove and rested them beside her.

Max looked up confused. “ What do you mean?”

“ Sleeping arrangements.” Liz stated as she started to pull off her heels. “ I was thinking I would get the Bed and you could sleep on the floor.”

“ Bull Shit.” Max said as he sat up in his chair.

“ Well its not like you wont get a pillow and blanket! I’m not that cruel.” She said as she was surprised by his sudden outburst. Max just made a face and let out a deep breath of annoyance.

Later on as they were both ready to sleep. Max was having trouble finding a comfy position on the hard wooden floor. He hated that woman. She was so bossy, and so cruel. If he had been a tad bit more sensitive he might as well have been sleeping in the garden. But no he was on the cold and hard uncomfortable floor while she slept softly in the nice soft bed.

“ I hope your happy.” Max said a little pissed off still. “ I’m freezing.”

“ Oh be a man you wimp.” Liz murmered as she got comfy in the bed and turned of the light. half the night Max woke up and tried to find a position to sleep and not strangle Liz as she slept softly. Once he actually thought that she would even notice that pillow went over her head, and he could simply push her lifeless form off and take the bed. But then the thought made him sick. Coyote Ugly.


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Im ALMOST DONE with the next part. And it's pretty long too. I'll post it REALLY soon. Hopefully.

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Title: Sick of you
Author: Jessica (AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, just simply borrowing them.
Summary: Two teens are forced to marry. Their marriage was arranged since the day they were born, They had never liked each other. But will that hate turn to love?
Category: This is Romance, all romance. Its Max and Liz by the way.
Rated: PG


In the morning Liz slowly opened her eyes after a very Peaceful night. She slept like a rock! She was surprised that Max hadn’t killed her yet, because of taking the bed. He was always so pushy, and stubborn. Always had to have everything for himself. It had all started when they were young. Maybe two or three. They had just meant. And from what their parents told them they were perfect for each other. But how wrong were they? Very wrong. Max would always get so jealous when Kyle, his best friend, would play with Liz more than him. Then he’d get mad and throw something that would have all attention on him. And he never stood up for anyone, not even himself. he’d always stand back, and then walk away. It was like he was afraid. Afraid that everyone would hate him, that the smallest things would change. That’s the big reason why they never got along. Max always thought you should hold your tongue, and Liz if she did she go completely mad! But they were completely different people who had to have things go their way. And when they were actually together, there would be constant fighting, and protesting. So that’s the big reason they didn’t get along. And they probably never would.
Looking down she saw Max, sprawled out on the floor like a little boy. It seemed that in the middle of the night he had went to the couch down stairs and pulled the pillows from downstairs and laid them on the floor. His arm was behind his neck, and his legs where spread out. He looked so funny, he drooled over the pillow. His hair was going in many directions, you could never follow one strand of hair. Then as she watched him rollover she heard him moan “ Tess.” She rolled her eyes and swung herself right out of bed and onto him.

Max woke up with a start, he felt like all the air had been knocked out of him,
he opened his eyes, and noticed, he had. Seeing Liz walk out of the room. She was heading towards the bathroom. She had problems though, sometimes he just wanted to shove her right out of the stained glass window. Sometimes he could picture the intentional murder in his head. But then h would surly be killed as well.

Then he noticed some soft noise in the hallway , walking to the door, he opens it and finds his parents whispering. Then he knows that they are here to give both him and Liz a surprise and panics. He hears more whispering, getting even closer. Then as he runs to the bathroom door, but instead his socks slide right across the wooden floor and he runs into the wall. After running into the wall he falls to the ground making a large BANG. Liz hears this and runs out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel and her hair down, dripping wet.

“ What are you doing out here?” Liz asks, now pulling the towel closer to her body.

“ My parents are here.” he say’s still in panic, and freeze’s when hearing them right by the door.

Then both starting to panic they both rush to the bed and jump in, first Liz slips on her slip and robe and hops in, a good amount of room in between the two. Then the door opens revealing Diane and Philip Evans. They both see them in the same bed and smile. THye knew that they didn’t like each other that much. But obviously they were learning to get along. Right?

“ Well hello.” Philip said with a wide grin on his face.” Did we come at a bad time?”

“ Oh, absolutely not.” Liz answered as she got out of bed, herself in a robe. “ I just finished taking a bath.” She said as she played with her long wet hair.

“ Oh that’s good. Because we got you a marriage gift.” Diane said walking out of the room quickly.

“ Wasn’t thins beautiful house enough?” Max asked coming to Liz’s side.

And with Diane came a small basket. And in the basket was a small puppy. It had
gold like hair and its ears floppy down. It was a beautiful animal to Liz. She was so excited. Her parents would never allow animals in the house, and she had always wished to have one. She stepped forward and took the puppy in her arms. She had never been more happy. The fur was so soft, she could pet it for hours. And for once in the small time she had been in the house with Max, she looked up with him and asked something.

“ what should we name him?” She asked as she petted it’s head. Max just shrugged.

He had no idea how to take care of a dog. he never even liked dogs. In fact
he thought it was the worst creature to be made on the earth. When he was nine, he had been walking home from the school house, and a dog was looking at him fierce. He tried to walk away, but the dog followed at an amazing speed. He was attacked and ended up at the small hospital up the street for a week. His leg and arm were severely wounded and he was knocked out when falling onto a large log. But he thought he should still give the animal a chance.

“ How about Alex.” Liz said. She looked up at Max for and ok.

“ Why? Why Alex?” Philip asked. Just wondering.

“ Oh, I had a older brother a long time ago, and he was killed in war. He was very special to me so I thought it would be nice to name something after him” Liz told them. No one knew of Alex. And she knew she shouldn’t have brought it up. Not only was their now an awkward silence.

“ Well we must get going.” Diane said not knowing what else to say. “ But I need to see one thing first. I need to see my son and daughter in law, share a kiss.”

“ Um....I don’t think so.” Liz said then walked to the bathroom.

“ You know morning breath is a killer.” Max said as he showed his parents to the door.

But before his mother would leave she stopped and said in a whisper.

“ It’s all going to work out.” And left.

But Max knew better. How could to people who hate each other more then anything else in the world learn to even care for each other. Max didn’t know. He would just simply throw on his clothes and walk to the dinning area and think nothing more of it. Well so he thought. When he had first seen Liz Parker Two days before their wedding. She seemed happy, and filled with joy, and even though her expensive skirt may have been soaked in mud. she seemed she couldn’t have been any happier. Now as he watched her enter the room in her lace white skirt and her hair neatly pinned up, she seemed older and more lonely, scared, and unhappy. How could he blame her so was he. And he hoped so much that things could change, that one day he could run away, an Liz could live with the farmer boy she loved, and he could just travel from place to place, not worrying about anything just as he had planned before.

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Title: Sick of you
Author: Jessica (AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, just simply borrowing them.
Summary: Two teens are forced to marry. Their marriage was arranged since the day they were born, They had never liked each other. But will that hate turn to love?
Category: This is Romance, all romance. Its Max and Liz by the way.
Rated: PG

Part Four

The day had gone by fast, they had been married for two weeks now,
and hardly spoken much of a word to each other. But they did have a conversation later on, when they were both very tired and weak from the day’s work. Liz didn’t like to see servants work, when you could do all the work on your very own, so she gave them a week off. And Max, to her surprise, was completely fine with it. He had said that they had worked extremely hard, ad thought it was a good idea, and gave them a raise. Liz was so surprised. She thought of Max as a total prick before. Now he was kinda opening up a little bit. It was nice, to have such a large house. Actually Max and her had a conversation about the TESS, that Liz had strangely heard of.

“ Oh she was an old girlfriend of mine. She was a total stuck up snob though, she always had her nose all stuck up, and stuff. But I have to admit she umm... had a great body.” he explained to Liz as he sat on the old sofa in the room in front of the fire. Liz looked at him and then back at the fire

“ She was beautiful wasn’t she?” Liz asked as she looked into her cup of coffee.

“ Yeah, but you know,” Max started. He knew Liz was getting hurt.” There are many different types of beautiful.”

“ This may be a little stupid of me to ask, but hey were married right?” she started and turned toward Max, “ What about me is so revolting?”

“ What? Why would you think that. Just because you and I in specific don’t get along doesn’t mean that....” Max said and started to just drift off.

“ Just forget it. It was a stupid question. And I know I’m asking the wrong person.” Liz said a little upset and stood from her chair and towards the stair way.

Max looked at her as she walked to the stair way and noticed, that she was actual
very amazingly beautiful. Her dress fit her perfectly. And she walked with grace. Her petite figure made her look as if she were a angel. Just as she did on their wedding day. She wasn’t revolting in any way. Her smile could brighten up the room. Her outspokenness was actually kind of attractive. At least she had a mind of her own unlike most of the woman he may have been with. So he stood from his seat, and said something that he needed to say and something she needed to here.

“ Liz?” He called out to her. She slowly tuned and looked up to him, just as she started to lift her dress to go up the stair case. “ There is nothing revolting about you. Your just perfect, the way you are. Your Liz Parker. You can’t be anyone other than that.” he said as he stared at her with such wisdom and promise. Then with the awkward silence and her stare, showing how much awe she felt, he walked out of the room.

Liz stood their at the bottom of the stair case, just staring. She was so touched
by the way he had just explained her unseen beauty to her. She was so touched. Then seeing him coming form the dinning area she stared into his eyes, until he mad it past her, just as he did. Then as he reached the top she called out his name. He turned and walked down the stairs a little.
“ Your,” she started as she began to walk up the steps until she reached him and finished with “ not as bad as I thought.” she looked down and smiled and said “ I always thought you were some rich snob who cared of nothing but himself, since I first met you. I never gave you a chance after.”

Max grabbed her chin lightly and lifted her face up so he could look into her
eyes when saying what he was about to say.

“ We were only eight, people do grow up.” Max said and lightly kissed her hand. And with that he walked to the Master bedroom to get ready for bed.

She couldn’t believe how much she misunderstood and how naive she really was.
She never did give him a chance, never. And now that she saw some what of the real him he wasn’t that bad. He was actually caring, and considerate. Maybe things weren’t going to be as bad as she thought. Maybe it was going to be ok. And her hand which he had kissed still tingled. When Victor kissed her hand that didn’t even happen.
Then as she put her hand to her side she started up the stairs, but her servant
Margot came blazing up the stairs, screaming for her and Max. Liz span around, disturbed by the loud screaming. Seeing Margot’s dark face twisted and turned in such fear, Liz became worried and raced down the stairs to her. She grabbed her by the shoulders, and tried to calm her but she couldn’t.

“ Two man, were beatin and killed in the village earlier today, and their blaming it on Billy. I know Ma’m he has nothin to do with it. He is to gentle to Peaceful.” she cried. She was so torn apart. Her and Billy had been together since day one at the Evans Home, and had two lovely children, just as their parents.

“ Where Margot? Where?” Liz tried to ask, but Margot continued crying. “ WHERE!”

“ Just outside in the fields.” she said.

Then Liz ran as she never did before. She was afraid for what they would do to a completely innocent man. She would not let this happen. Just because they were black did not mean they could treat them as if they were nothing. Because they were all something. Then as she reached the fields she saw that right in the center that there lay Billy. And a man with a whip in his hand, but she knew that Billy had not been hit because his back was still fine. She ran as fast as she could and just as the man were about to strike she jumped in his way. The whip hit her side as if it were fire ripping at her skin. She fell and grabbed her side in pain. But she did say what was needed to say.

“ He is innocent. He was here at the fields working all day. Now, “ she said as she stood up, still feeling the pain at full force. “ Get the hell of my land.”

The mans cold gray eyes bore holes into Liz. His hate for her was strong. He very
bad man every human being knew it. He was evil just as every ugly man was. He hated everyone and didn’t care whether he brought others pain. So he walked away even though Liz sat on the ground bleeding badly.

“ LIZ!” someone yelled as they ran towards her, but she lay on the ground not moving her sight becoming blurrier at every moment. But she felt herself being lifted up and at that moment she fell into darkness.

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Title: Sick of you
Author: Jessica (AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, just simply borrowing them.
Summary: Two teens are forced to marry. Their marriage was arranged since the day they were born, They had never liked each other. But will that hate turn to love?
Category: This is Romance, all romance. Its Max and Liz by the way.
Rated: PG

She slept all day and all night. But her pain still lingered within her side. She had began a terrible fever which the doctor had come to see. She started to see things. That weren’t so pretty. She saw things that she hated. She felt pain she never wanted. She wished that she could be cured. But it wasn’t so easy. The whip she had been hit with was old and poisoned. The poison was meant for Billy to hopefully kill him. But Liz had saved him from pain, and maybe even his own death.
That night he visited her shortly. And he stood at her be side and took of his hat. He kneeled on his two knees and took her hand in his.

“ Thank you Madam Evans. You have done so much for me. You gave my family and I a home. You give us food, and feed us until we are full. That there is more than you should have ever done.” he announced.

Liz smiled. She knew that she had done so much. But she didn’t think that it was enough. She had the money she had the time, why not help someone who doesn’t. Billy was a great man. And whether he be black or white, she rewarded him with all she could.

“ And now, you give your own life for mine.” he said. “ I owe you so much.”

“ You do not owe me anything. I did this on my own. I didn’t ask to do thus. I did it out of my own will.” she said as she sat up. Billy looked to his side and at his hat. “ But you must know one thing. I shall never regret it.”

Billy looked up to her and smiled with tears in his eyes. He leant over and gave her a small hug and then left. But the pain was not yet over. Max sat in the chair at her bed side sleeping as she stayed awake staying out. Then all of a sudden she heard a voice in her mind.

“ Go ahead. Do it! You know you want to.” the voice said in mischief. “ All you have to do, is jump, and Splat! Ha Ha Ha. You wont feel a thing.”

Liz looked away from the balcony and at the wall. Refusing to let into this horrible mistake.

“ Oh come, there is nothing to stay for. Victor is sickened by the sight of you! Your cruel parents made you marry a man you don’t love. And then you have nothing. Your ugly. Max hates you, Victor hates you, your parents hate you. Everyone hates you Liz! So get it over already!” the voice egged on.

And before she knew it, she was sitting at the edge of the balcony,
looking at the dirt road beneath her. She didn’t even remember how she got there. She was just sitting, and seeing the end of the beginning. Or a better life. A way to feel no more pain. And you wouldn’t have to worry, hurt or feel, things wont make you cry. Your emotions are dead. Looking down, was looking at a life, so easy to live. But then she heard footsteps behind her. Turning she saw Max. her husband. A man who hated hr more than any one else. He stopped in his tracks. And looked at her.

“ Just walk away Max.” she told him putting her hand up. “ You would be better off.”

“ Liz, don’t” he begged, in a soft gentle voice.

“ If I jump, all the pain will be over. I wouldn’t have to remember the pain of Victor running from my as if I were a disease. And then I wouldn’t have to look t you and know I am married to a man who despises me more than any one who may walk on this earth. It will all end with a single fall, and my neck would most likely snap, and I wouldn’t feel anything, see anything, just be able to rest. No more unhappiness. No more lonesome heart ache. Just blank, nothing.” Liz told Max, as her back was still turned to him. Then she finished with, “ All I wanted was for some one to love me.”

Max looked at her tears in his eyes and walked to the edge and grabbed her hand. “ I will love you.” he whispered.

Liz looked at him with wide eyes and jumped from the balcony, and to the hard floor, she walked to him and started crying. Even though he and Liz didn’t get along he couldn’t stand to see her cry for some reason. And he hugged her, and held her as she cried. Then he picked her up, and carried her over to the bed. But as he tried to walk away Liz grabbed his arm and pulled him down beside her.

“ Could you possibly love me?” she asked.

“ Yes.” he admitted.

She completely touched by this, leaned forward and kissed him. It was passionate and loving. Max had never experienced such a kiss before. It was powerful yet angelic at the same time. She had wrapped her arms around his neck, and presses her body against him. He knew she was doing this because of the fever so he pulled away, and walked out of the master bedroom, with her calling after him. But he still closed the door and leaned against it. He slowly slid down until he sat on the floor. It could have been so easy to have her right then. But he couldn’t unlike all the other girls. But he couldn’t For some reason, he respected her. For the rest of the night he sat outside the door peaking inside the door to make sure she slept. But Max Evans, was afraid he may have actually married the right person.

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Title: Sick of you
Author: Jessica (AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, just simply borrowing them.
Summary: Two teens are forced to marry. Their marriage was arranged since the day they were born, They had never liked each other. But will that hate turn to love?
Category: This is Romance, all romance. Its Max and Liz by the way.
Rated: PG

It had been two day’s since that night, but Liz didn’t remember any of it.
She couldn’t remember anything after getting whipped. But she couldn’t find out why Max kept on looking at her. He never did that before. As they sat in the dinning area, she sat and ate as he ate as well, then he kept looking at her again.

“ Max, did I do something when I was sick that I should know about?” she asked, hoping she didn’t make a fool of herself.

“ Of course not. You slept the whole time.” Max lied. And he was good at it because Liz didn’t question any further.

“ I have to go into town today, Im meeting Michael.” Max announced as he stood from his seat

“ Well,” Liz said as she walked over to him, “ that’s perfect because, Maria is coming over today to chat. You know common gossip.”

“ Ok.” he said, not really caring. Then he started for the horse outside. But Liz wouldn’t let him go that far. She caught up with him, and grabbed his hand. He turned around seeing what she wanted, and she leaned in and gave him a light kiss on the lips. He completely amazed, tripped over his own feet and stumbled down the outside steps.

“ Oh Max! Are you ok?” she asked as she giggled a little.

He then threw down his hat and yelled, “ Now what was that for?”

“ I don’t know.” she shrugged.

“ You just kissed me, just out of the hell of it!” he yelled as he walked up the stairs.

He was angry because first she hates him, and can’t stand to be in two feet of him, now suddenly she kisses him out of the blue and has n idea why.

“ Well I’m sorry but I was simply being nice. God forbid I be NICE to the king of Bitterness.” she roared and stomped into the house.

“Hey!” Max yelled as he started up the stairs and inside to the ball room where she went. “ I’m not through with you yet!.”

“ Oh, looky here, Max Evans is threatening his wife. I wonder what people will think.” Liz said as she turned to him.

“ Will you shut up!” Max yelled.

Liz was surprised by his outburst and fell into a near chair. He seemed very angry and she didn’t know why. Her sudden child ness poured out of her, and started bickering with like she did when they truly hated him.
She was so scared. Scared that she cared for him, as she knew he cared for her. The way he was looking at her with anger and undeniable fear, she could see love in the back of his eye, blossoming like a beautiful red rose, waiting to be seen, and looked over by the heavens, once day light had come to it’s final hour. The beauty within his eye was obviously created for a reason, to suck someone’s soul and to see whether they matched. The golden flecks, were unique in a beautiful way. And as she looked into them with her big brown doe eyes, she felt herself being sucked in, and their souls. Matched. Liz couldn’t take it. She ran as far away as possible. Into the fields where she ran like she never did before. Until she tripped over a large log, and fell and cried, like she had never cried before. She couldn’t take it. Everything was changing around her so fast. She thought loving Victor was as much love could blossom, but with Max, it was an unseen, but a passion and love that rested in side of her that was waking up, she was becoming so confused, and she couldn’t take it.
Max back at the house, jumped onto the horse, and started down
the dirt path to town. So many things were zipping through his mind, he couldn’t think, or feel anything. Then the picture of Liz’s face popped into head every second he went on. And then the feeling of her skin. He was going crazy. He had never felt anything that he was feeling and it was driving him crazy. when he looked into her eyes, it was like she dived into him and danced with his soul. Now he wasn’t only afraid that he cared for her, but he knew he did. And it was tearing him apart.
The pain Max was feeling right then wasn’t even close to what he was about to feel. His horse made a sudden stop and Max went flying off of the horse, landing against the tree. He then felt a deep pain in his arm, looking at it he saw that a sharp stick had driven right through it. He knew he couldn’t take it out, because, he would bleed to death. Then the horse continually got on its back legs, swinging it’s front legs up and down. Max tried to calm it and, bring it down. As he tried the horse back fired and kicked him in the head with it’s hoof. He fell to the ground, seeing nothing, feeling nothing. He was deep in the dark world, and afraid.

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Ok, people, I have finally found my thread! Everything is harm. LOL. Well Im happy that you people like this story, I will have it updated very soon, so please, keep going with the feedback, I don't wanna lose my thread again! LOL ok be back soon.
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Title: Sick of you
Author: Jessica (AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, just simply borrowing them.
Summary: Two teens are forced to marry. Their marriage was arranged since the day they were born, They had never liked each other. But will that hate turn to love?
Category: This is Romance, all romance. Its Max and Liz by the way.
Rated: PG

Part Seven

When he finally came to he was in his own bed, with the blankets over him. he looked to his shoulder to find bandaging, and red blodd seeping through it. He winced in pain as he touched it. Then the door made a small noise as it opened. And there stood Liz. Her eye’s were wide and Her hair was let down, with a towel only covering her body. She was shinning from her bath.

“ Max!” she shouted. Then she smiled a large smile and ran to be and jumped beside him bringing him into her arms. Then as he awkwardly put his arm’s around her she started to cry.

“ Liz why are you crying?” he asked.

“ I didn’t know ...were....going to” She sobbed, her words becoming more unclear by the second.

“ you mean, “ he said as he started to smile. “ You actually cared.”

“ Of course I care you stupid old man!” she said to him. She smiled and then looked straight into his eyes. “ I never thought I would see those beautiful eyes again.” she wept, as she stroked his face with her palm. Then her gaze dropped to his lip’s. Shaking her head she loked away at the dresser.

“ well, I’m kind of hungry, I think I’ll go to the kitchen and fix myself something.” he said.

“ Actually, you might want to get dressed first.” she told him. She then looked away guilty.

“ What?” he said, uncomfortable. Then as he looked at her suspiciously, he pulled the blankets, only to find himself naked underneath. He gasped and put the blanket back down. “ Oh.” he said as he pulled the covers further up, “ Did you do this?”

“ Um,” she said and started to stand, “ Yes.”

“ Ok.” he said extremely embarrassed. “ So what did you think?”

“ Oh that’s for me to know, and you to NEVER find out.” she told him as she turned around and walked towards the dresser.

“ Well this seems a little unfair .”Max told her as she walked to the dresser.

“ What is unfair?” she asked.

“ That you were to see me completely un clothed, but I haven’t seen you.” Max told her. she then opened her eyes wide at he was asking. “ You complete and total Pig of a man.” she shouted, and then walked to the bathroom door.

She knew he had something for her. She always felt him looking at her complete figure, the way he looked her up and down taking in her small petite figure. So where is the wrong in teasing him a little. they were Man and Wife anyways right? She had to let her bad side out once in awhile. So she slowly dropped her towel lower until it was so low it was to her lower back, still turned towards the door, then walked into the bathroom. and closed the door. Leaving a Max, holding his breath, and extremely shocked. But impressed by this bad side of her. Then she stuck her head out of the bathroom door. She slowly dropped her towel onto the floor in the bedroom, and stuck on leg out.

“ you know if you want you can join me? she asked suducivley.

Max;s eyes widened as she winked at him, and then said “ In your dream’s old man!”

He smiled and thought devilishly if he did go in, what he would do. NOT!


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Title: Sick of you
Author: Jessica (AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, just simply borrowing them.
Summary: Two teens are forced to marry. Their marriage was arranged since the day they were born, They had never liked each other. But will that hate turn to love?
Category: This is Romance, all romance. Its Max and Liz by the way.
Rated: R

Part Eight

Liz stood in front of the mirror, looking at her self. her brown eyes, the specs of freckles across her chest area. Then she started to brush her wet hair slowly. She didn’t have the best child hood, and now when she looked into the mirror she saw nothing, A NOTHING! When she was thirteen she and her parents lived down the street from another rich man’s home. He was twenty five. And he was alone. He used to have a wife, but she had went mad many years ago, after their first child had died. He was a nice looking man, but something about him gave her the shivers. He liked to stare at her as she walked to her friends across the road from her many times. One day her parents had to leave for a little while. And he was told to watch over her. They trusted him, more than anything. But they shouldn’t have. He was to watch her for the day, and they would be back around the morning hours. He was only supposed to come up the street and check up on her every once and a while. But that’s not what he did.
he came late that night. Liz was dancing to her music in the music box her grandfather got her for her birthday, with her silk dress on. She span and span. then she came to a stop when she noticed him at the door. he was standing there looking her up and down. And she smiled.

“ Hi Harry! I’m fine as you see.” she said to him. He kept looking at her with hunger and desire though.

“ I noticed. You are fine.” he said.


I was wondering why he was looking at me like the way he was. And then he came closer to me, and grabbed me by the hips and brought me towards him. He was pulling me so tight to his body that I couldn’t breath. I thought he had no Idea what he was doing. Then I felt a bump on my Abdomen. He was thinking something else. I started to scream but he put his hand over my mouth and lifted me up. I struggled but his grip was to strong, there was no way I could get free. Then he found the bedroom, My parents. He threw me inside, and started to lock the door. I was to scared to move. But soon I got to my senses and I ran to the window trying to open it. It wouldn’t budge. Then I felt him grab my from behind. He pull me from the window ignoring my screaming, he through me on the bed.

“ Stop it! Stop it! Please!” I screamed with all my might. But he wouldn’t.

Then he tore my dress and started to touch and kiss my breasts. I couldn’t get him off of me! Then he did the unthinkable. He raped me. He took every bit of innocents from me and raped me. He did thing’s to me that I could never imagine. He bruised me, cut me, and scared me. Even looking in the mirror now I see the scar from where he punched me on my left eyebrow. But then in the morning when I finally woke up on the floor, it was still hours till my parents were to get home. he did it again. Then again, and again, and again. Soon he fell asleep and I fled out of the house to the court and screamed at the top of my lung’s what had happened. He put the man to the fields to work there for the rest of his life. He was the man who had whipped me in the field. He is the one with those evil gray eyes.

I look out of the door to find a Naked Max standing there in front of the dresser. it’s no big deal, I’ve already seen it. But hey no complaint here, he’s built like a god! But I wasn’t interested. Well, maybe a little. I did like to tease him once in a while. Like a hour ago, with the bath towel. Then without my noticing to deep in my thoughts her turned around and looked at me. He knew that I was staring, except now he had his pant’s on. He walked to the bathroom and pushed the door open, without any trouble at all. I couldn’t believe I was letting him in. Maybe it was because I was lonely, or still in pain from what had happened to me. But there he was standing right in front of me. And I instantly took it for granted. I jumped him. Well, not jumped him. I threw my arm’s around his neck and kissed him. Hard. And the surprising thing was, he kissed back. Then minutes later, I find myself on the counter my towel still on , but kissing, and kissing. Then I think Max got fed up with it just being that, and lifted me up. He carried me to the bed and set me down softly. And then he lay upon me and kissed me on more time, I wasn’t fighting. Then soon I no longer had on my towel, we were under the covers. We lay there breathing heavy, and in each others arms, I feel dirty again. And I see those gray eyes.