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Disclaimer: I do not any of these characters..Doesn't that bite?
Summary: Max and Liz are engaged. Liz is a teacher, Max a owns a law firm. When Max and Liz get in a terrible accident and Liz....well, you'll just have to read and find out won't you.
Couples: A/U, M/L, Some M/T M/M A/I
Rating: PG-13 (If someone offers to write nc-17 when I need it!)

Max Evans is a wealthy owner of his father's law firm. That's how he met his fiance. Liz Parker. Although his father really did not approve of her, he really did not care. Their wedding was in two weeks and they we're going to make amends with his parents. "Liz, are you sure you want to do this?" Max asked slightly turning his head.

"Max, please do this for me. It's important that your father likes me." Liz sighs. "I know its hard. But it was hard with my parents, but we got through it didn't we?" She asked taking his hand and kissing it.

Max smiled and stopped the car at a red light. He leaned over and gave a slow but passionate kiss. All of a sudden they hear a loud horn and tires screeching. Liz and Max both look up....The last thing they see is the bright head lights and then black...........

Max sits up slowly a few minutes later. He hears sirens in the far background he turns to look at Liz; He see's her slumped to the side, head bleeding due to the glass being cracked...and the worse part she was unconcious..."Sir are you alright?" The parmedic asked.

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Part 1:

3 years Later:

"Okay kids take a seat....Class is about to begin and a new student will be here soon, so I want you to be extra nice to her alright?" The teacher spoke.
"Really, we get more new students?" Lee asked.

"Just one." She laughed. "Alright quiet down and I'll answer your questions.

"Is it another boy?" Leah asked. The boys groaned and girls gigled.

Liz rolled her eyes, "No, its a young lady."

"What's her name?" Meghan Parker (sister) asked.

Just than there was a knock at the door. Elizabeth Parker turned her head quickly and suddenly got dizzy. She quickly sat down and shook her head. Ever since her accident and she lost her memory things have never been the same. She smiled a waved the dirty blond head in with the little girl attached to her arm. "Hello, my names Maria Deluca. I'm like this girls aunt, her brother was unable to make it."

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened to the parents?" Ms. Parker asked.

"Oh, a few months ago they moved away and decided it was best for Sarah to stay in Roswell with her Max. That's her brother. You know you look really fimilar."

"Really, I get that alot. Will, Max be here to pick her up at 1?" Maria nodded. "Good. Meghan why don't you introduce her to the other's while show Ms.Deluca out."

"Otay." Sarah waved goodbye and Liz smiled.

Evans Household

"Maxie!!!" Sarah screamed.

"I'm in the den, Sarah working. Come tell me how your day was." Max hollered back. Sarah came strutin' in. "Hey cuttie how was your day?"

"My teacher wants to meet you tomorrow at 1!" Sarah said huffin. "You were supposed to be there. You sent Tess! Ewww."

"Sarah...Tess is my girlfriend you know better. Why don't you like her?" Max asked leaning back in the chair.

"Because she wears to much make up, and her hair its to makes her face to tight.." Max holds back a laugh his sister was cute for a 7 year old, he was so proud of his thrid grader. "Besides she was rude to Ms. Parker."

"Parker?" Max raised an eyebrow. "That sounds fimilar." 'Parker...Hmmm, why does that name sound fimilar?' He thought.

"That's what auntie Maria said. Who knows. Can my friend Meghan come over tomorrow? She's the teacher's sister."

"You met a new friend already?" Sarah nooded. "Well, I guess it will give me a chance to meet the teach."

"Thank you." Sarah ran up to her room.

Next Day At School:

Meghan: I don't know I have to ask my sister. Our parents past away a few months ago so she's like my gurdian.

Sarah: That's like my brother Max, only my parents just live in New York. (she looks down. Liz comes over and sits on the bench between them.)

Liz: Hey kids whatchua talkin' about? (looks between them)

Meghan: Lizzie, can I go over Sarah's and you can come pick me up and meet her brother for that meeting. (Liz looked at her than at Sarah than at Meghan and smiled.)

Liz: I guess so!

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Part 2:

Liz walked up to the beautiful house and looked at it. 'Why does this house look so fimilar?' She shook her head and walked to the door; she rang the doorbell. She heard the sounds of footsteps running. She smiled as the door opened. "Hi Meghan...Hi Sarah is your brother home?"

"He's in the study working. Follow me." Liz took Meghan's hand and followed Sarah. "How are you Ms. Parker?"

"I'm fine Sarah and you?" Liz asked smiling.

"I'm good..I'm so happy that I met Meghan. Me and her decided to be best friends. Isn't that right Meghan?" Sarah asked. Meghan looked up at Liz and nodded. Liz entered the study and Sarah cleared her throat. "Max, Ms. Parker is here."

Max hadn't turned around yet and said, "Go play upstairs, we'll holler when we're done." The kids ran out of the room.

"Mr. Evans, your sister is very smart. But you need to keep your promises. Now I might be over stepping my boundraies, but when that little girl's face fell....."

Max turned around and that's when his face fell, "Liz..."

"How do you know my name? Do I know you?" Liz asked. She stepped closer to him and cocked her head to the side. 'I love you Liz.' The voice said in her head.

"How can it be, weren't suppose to wake up...Ever since the car accident you were in the coma...I visited you in the hospital...They told me you would never wake up..." Liz backed up...

"MEGHAN!!!! Meghan get down here..NOW!!!!" Liz walked out of the study looking for Meghan. She found Meghan on the stairs looking confused. "We're getting out of here now." She grabbed Meghan's arm and led her outside, Max followed.

"Liz, wait. You don't understand." Max stopped her.

"Meghan wait in the car." Liz turned back to Max. "What?"

"Three years ago, farther than that we got involved. Than it got serious we got engaged and then it happened the worst thing ever, the thing that changed my life. The car accident that put you in a coma." Max said looking down.

Liz shook her head, "I had no idea." she looked down then back up, "How desprate a man can really get!"

"You think I'm making this up?"

"Stay away from me!" Liz walked to her car and drove off.

"I'll prove to you, I'm not giving up." Sarah came out and handed Max the phone. "Hello, Hey Tess. Tommorow? Umm, yeah sure, come on over. Bye."

Next Day At School

Sarah approached Ms. Parker's desk. "Ms. Parker, my brother asked for me to give this to you." She handed her a beautifully wrapped gift.

"Thank you Sarah." She took the gift as everyone was talking she stared at it than opened it. It was a journal, a brown leather journal with her and max's intial's inscribed on it. She opened and Read it.

"Today Max Evans kissed me. It was the best kiss I ever expierenced. I guess its official now, we're dating. I know we're only 17 but I guess we've been in love since we we're 15. Odd how things can happen. He gave me a promise ring saying we're going to get married at 19 young huh? We don't care if we have to elope, we're going to be married.

Mr. Evans hates me, he states that I ruined his sons future. Me and Max decided to run away. We're in his jeep right now. This is probably not helping anything right now, but we don't want to be seperated. Max wanted to go get married but I decided that I wanted our friends and family there no matter what. He knew I was right. So we just decided to go to the desert and hold each other."

Liz suddenly looks up, "Class time to begin."

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