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Title: Dangling Perspective (#1)

Author: Vix

Email: Vix_Chic⊕

Rating: PG

Disclaimers: I own all the people except for the original eight.

Spoilers: none

Summary: Roswell’s future generation.

Category: Other

Author’s note: It might be a little out there, but come on how much fun would it be if it wasn’t? *g*

Here I am, dangling from a tree outside my aunt and uncle’s house. Why am I not alarmed you ask, because this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. I have been placed in many places that are most uncomfortable when I can’t keep my mouth shut. Would you like the long or short version of why I am here hanging from this great oak?

You’ll get the long version because well, I have no where to go and no way to get down.

This all started yesterday during school. I go to West Roswell High. Three of my cousin, and I are juniors. Let it be known that I love and fear them a great deal. I fear them because when they put their minds to something there’s no stopping them. Look at what they did to…

Hold on. I’m jumping ahead of my self. Like I was saying, yesterday I was walking down the hallway’s of my high school with my arm thrown casually around one of my cousins, Nicole.

She’s a bit… volatile, but then again so are her parents. On a side note, it’s at their house at which I am tied up like a piñata.

As we were walking down the hall towards the quad we accumulated two more people, Josh and Edward, also know as Eddie, they too are our cousins… in a way.

As we approached our usual table a boy ran into us spilling chocolate milk all over Nicole’s shirt. Being the gentlemen we are we laughed. That is until we discovered who had spilt it on her.

My arm tightened around her and Josh and Eddie stood on each side of her. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t her we were protecting, it was him we were trying to keep safe. Even though we didn’t like him any more than she did, but that doesn’t mean we wanted blood all over our clothes.

His name was Randy Jackson and they fought worse then her parents did, and take it from me that’s really, really bad.

She instantly glared at him making it apparent that she would like to rip his throat out with her bare teeth, and if we would’ve let go she probably would have done so.

Her gray eyes looked like they were trying to send death rays through his eye sockets, and lucky for him we don’t have that power.

Before I continue with my story you should know that we’re not your normal teenagers, then again are any teenagers normal? We are aliens. We’re hybrids if you want to get technical. Each one of us comes from an alien-human relationship, a very strange alien-human relationship.

Now that that’s out of the way I’ll continue.

This Randy guy was your average golden boy. He has the grades, the money, the ride, the popularity, the looks, and the girls. He is captain of the football team, a MVP basketball player; and to top it off he has won the wrestling state championship for three years in a row. I might make my point a little clearer if I informed you that he has only been on the team for three years.

He’s a complete opposite to my cousin who isn’t your average chick. She isn’t an air headed bimbo that throws herself at him; in fact she’s probably the only girl who hasn’t thrown herself at him. At least not in a flirty way, but as a fighting strategy… Back to the story. She was an artist of many kinds. She had a voice like an angel, she had a way with words that would probably make Shakespeare green with envy, and she could paint a picture that would take your breathe away.

She had gray eyes that looked like they were made of steel, which wasn’t very far off from her personality. She was a sturdy person to say the least: sturdy, loyal, strong, and above all… loud.

She had dirty blonde curls down to her shoulders and the sharpest tongue ever known to our kind. I say our kind because no alien I know, not that I know many, could rival with her in an argument. Maybe her father, but he’d lose. To see her mother and her go around would be an endless fight, but then again I said aliens, not humans.

She continued to glare at him as she reached out quickly and grabbed her cherry coke and Tabasco drink and dumped it over his head. Had it been anyone else she would have shrugged it off with minor damage, but this wasn’t someone else.

We just watched as the drink poured all over his gelled hair and his expensive letterman’s jacket. That was going to leave a stain. We have had enough experience with the concoction to know that it was hard enough to get cherry cola out of cloth, but mixed with Tabasco… unless he was like us there was no way it was coming out, and even if he did get the stain out the smell…

I watched him insult her and I felt my blood boil in rage. This was practically my little sister he was talking to here. I knew Josh and Eddie felt the same way, but to our surprise it was Nicole that was handling it the best.

She let his insults roll over her like they were water. Of course this just made him that much more frustrated. He continued to yell things out at her in rage, and she continued to smile and laugh.

“Chill out Golden Toy. You’ll be fine. I mean come on, look on the bright side, you didn’t melt.” With that she walked around him taking our other cousins and me with her.

Randy glared at her as we walked away. Golden Toy was Nicole’s pet name for him that always pissed him off.

After lunch and the other three classes we had to endure before we could go home were practically unbearable. After all we’re all 16 and it was a Friday.

But since our luck has never been too great we should have expected the assignment our language teacher gave us to finish over the weekend.

We decide to help each other out a bit so we all drove over to Nicole’s house to do our work. It was a great two story white Victorian House, which, from the out side, looked like a traditional all-American home, but that was anything but true. On the inside you could tell that the Guerrin’s lived there.

There were her father’s paintings all over the walls. Her mother’s books and CD’s were all neatly organized in the entertainment center, and here brothers’ things every where. The house screamed controversy.

Once we reached the kitchen to grab some munchies we saw her mother siting over her laptop, on the table, typing up her latest chapter to her third book. She was caught off guard by the sudden sound of four heavy book bags hitting the tile floor.

“Hey kids. How was school?” She asked closing her laptop.

“Great. I had a nice pleasant run in with the Golden Toy.” Nicole said sarcastically as she walked over to the refrigerator to get something to eat.

“What happened?” Aunt Maria had asked us.

“They resumed their flirting game long enough to ruin each other’s clothes.” Eddie said quickly.

Eddie isn’t our… brightest cousin. He’s closer to being the dimmest of all of them. What can I say? He’s a jock.

So no one was surprised when Nicole through a coke can at his head, and no one was surprised when he caught right before it hit him. What did surprise everyone is when it exploded in his hands.

Nicole’s body was shaking from laughter, as was everyone else’s, everyone except for Eddie’s of course.

Her mother quickly recovered and gave us a lecture on using our powers against each other and made Eddie and Nicole clean up the mess, the human way.

Nicole and her mother, being the talkers they are, talked the entire time they had to clean.

“So what happened?” Aunt Maria had asked sympathetically.

“He spilt stuff on me on purpose so I dumped my drink on him.” Nicole said while mopping the floor.

“It was an accident and she dumped her cherry cola and Tabasco sauce on his letterman jacket.” Josh said giving her mother the entire story.

This of course was a bad move on his part, but there was no way she would hurt him, when there were witnesses.

“You’re right they are just like Michael and me.” Her mom said while looking over at me.

‘Thanks Aunt Maria! You’re a real pal!’ My mind screamed, but on the outside I just avoided eye contact with everyone, especially Nicole. That girl has put the fear of God in me since we were children, just like her mother did to my dad. It was a cycle… I’m getting off track, again.

The reason I blame the accident in the quad on why I’m up here is because it lead to this very discussion which after a while gave Nicole an idea for our language project. We were to describe something that was very obvious to others but completely ignored by those who were doing it. Don’t ask me what’s wrong with our teacher. I just go to her class.

Nicole had thought it would be a good idea to document our parents’ relationships. Her mother and she had been the only one’s that thought it was a good idea, but we three were smart enough to not go against two Guerrin women with no one around to hear us scream.

From then on out it was a rough ride. After her father came home around six we all decided to order pizza, and Aunt Maria had us call our parents to let them know where we were. Which of course let my mom and my aunt talk for a very long time and it gave my uncle and father a chance to roll their eyes every few minutes.

After we had gotten bored with the television, the play station, the computer, the trampoline, and the four wheeler racing we decided it was time to go work on our project.

Of course by then it was around midnight, but that was also not an uncommon occurrence. We trudged up to Nicole’s room on the second floor with our book bags.

Once we got there we took our places in a circle on the floor facing each other. We brought out our binders and got out our writing utensils.

“OK. So we write about something that’s obvious to us, but our parents have no clue they’re doing it, right?” Eddie asked again.

He hadn’t been paying much attention to the teacher, but he had been paying too much attention to the cheerleader next to him.

“Yeah. This should be really easy for Joshie.” Nicole said as she reached over and roughed up Josh’s dark hair.

Josh’s parents, Aunt Liz and Uncle Max, were very obvious about what they… felt for each other.

“Please, blind people even get sick of them doing that soul mate thing.” Eddie said chewing on the end of his pencil.

Actually it was my pencil I let him borrow, that was until he salivated all over it of course.

“They are so strange. I mean they’ll stop in the middle of… anything and just look at each other.” Josh had made a disgusted face and sighed noisily.

“You think your parents are strange?” Nicole had asked as she looked around at us.

“My parents call each other names: Spaceboy, Earthgirl, Cheesehead, Dorkbutt…” She began to count their childish flirtations out on her finger when our cousin broke her concentration.

“So? My parents try to discretely talk about sex by referring to it as ‘trimming’. By the time I hit puberty I figured out what it was; it’s like foreplay. It’s just wrong.” Edward said covering his face with his hands.

“Yeah well at least your parents try to be discrete about it! Mine have literally jumped each other in the middle of the mall. They’re like rabid dogs half the time. They scream and fight, then like five minutes later they’re all over each other again. Personally I would prefer the ‘trim’ talking as foreplay.” Nicole said in one breath.

Don’t ask me how she talks so fast, and don’t ask me how we can understand every word. We were thinking about taping it and send it in to Riply’s believe it or not collection, but she found the tape and… That’s a whole different torture story all together.

It was at that time that I opened my big mouth. “My parents aren’t that bad. There’s the occasional kissing, sappy songs, and that love sick puppy thing they do, but other than that it’s a walk in the park.” I said with a smile. For the record, I regret that very, very much because it’s very, very cold out here.

They all looked at each other and simultaneously jumped me. I didn’t stand a chance.

After a few hours of torturing me inside while I was tied up they decided it would be better I got ‘in touch’ with nature.

So here is where I have been since five in the morning. Right now it’s about nine o’clock. I can see my parent’s car coming up the drive followed by two other vehicles. We always have Saturday breakfast together on the first and third Saturday’s of the month. It is a tradition of sorts. I’m tied up behind the house, so I know they can’t see me.

“Kids, what is Thomas doing hanging from that tree?” Michael asked the three teenagers gathered around the large breakfast table while looking out the window.

“He’s what?” Isabel asked loudly before jumping out of her seat and running out the door to the back yard where her son was dangling from a branch about six and a half feet off the ground.

“What did he do this time?” Alex asked Kyle’s son, Eddie, as he walked outside to follow his wife who was already working on the knots.

“How should we know?” Nicole asked with a sly smile as she grabbed Eddie’s arm in one hand and Josh’ in her other dragging them towards the tree.

“OK, this is the last knot. You ready?” Uncle Max called up.

I looked down at him. Was I ready?

“I was ready four hours ago!” I yell.

“Four hours! You tied him up there for four hours!” My mom yelled at them.

“What did he do?” Uncle Michael asked my father’s question.

They just smiled. They weren’t spilling, and I knew from personal experience that I would keep my mouth shut about what they did.

My dad laughed after I was down and checked out by my still panicking mother. He laughed along with everyone else. Except my mom, she just glared at them while hugging me.

Uncle Kyle and Aunt Tess looked at their niece, nephew, and son sharply, once the laughter died down. Uncle Kyle wrapped one arm around his wife, and Aunt Tess wrapped hers around Eddie and they made their way back towards the house.

Uncle Max smiled slightly and put his arm around Josh’s shoulders as he led his son and wife back to the house too.

My mom didn’t release me completely as my dad patted me on the back and wrapped his arm around my mom’s waist.

Uncle Michael put one arm around Aunt Maria’s shoulders and one around Nicole’s waist as we all walked back behind the others.

Once seated we prepared for the questions that would go unanswered, and the long excruciating lecture we would have to endure from Aunt Maria.

“Thomas Whitman,” I thought to my self as I watched my Aunt’s lips fly at an alarming pace, “time to break out the old trusty dusty ‘Maria filter.’”

The End

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I'm glad you enjoyed the first one. There is like so much more to come. Keep checking back!

Title: The First Gig (#2)

Author: Vix

Email: Vix_Chic⊕

Rating: PG

Category: Future Children

Disclaimers: I own nothing but the kids.

“Cinderella said to snow white
How does love get so off course?
All I wanted was a white knight
With a good heart
Soft touch
Fast horse
Ride me off into the sun set, baby I’m forever…” Nicole sang as she set up her microphone.

“OK, the country thing isn’t going to work. You know that right?” Thomas asked tuning his guitar.

“Sorry it’s stuck in my head, Eddie was listening to it all the way over here.” Nicole explained glaring at her cousin, Eddie who had no doubt inherited the taste and CD from his father.

“Well if you wouldn’t have broken my Lee Ann Rhymes CD we could have listened to that.” Eddie said with a slight shrug of his broad shoulders.

Nicole let a slight shudder of nausea run through her before she turned back to her work.

“So we are schedule for nine, right?” Nicole asked Thomas who had moved on to the amps.

“On the dot. I can’t believe they gave us a gig without any references.” He said with his father’s silly grin playing at his face.

“He heard us practice, and our parents have very strong credibility with the owner. It’s not that surprising.” Josh said from the corner setting up the keyboard.

“Dude, you take all the fun out of it. With like… facts.” Eddie said leaning back in his chair.

“Are you going to help set up or what?” Nicole asked hooking up the main sound board.

“Fine.” Eddie said as he got up and went to set up his drums.

“So we are getting paid, right?” Eddie asked as he looked over at Thomas.

Thomas’ mother had done all the negotiating. She was an outstanding lawyer, and had been over come with joy to help her family with their first gig, especially since her baby boy, Thomas Whitman, was the guitarist.

“Yeah, cool huh?” Thomas asked the grin getting even wider.

“You’re not going to wear your…well, your not going to wear anything you own, are you?” Nicole asked directing the question to everyone around her.

“Yes, we are. Have a problem with that?” Thomas asked pointedly.

“It’s just you’ll look like High school rejects.” She said with a casual shrug of her shoulders.

“And we like it like that.” Josh said looking down at his clothes.

“I was just thinking something a little more stylish, something a little more…” Nicole began only to be cut off by Eddie.

“Ricky Martin?” He asked annoyed.

“Please, that old guy? Not even. I was just thinking you could wear something a little more showy.” She said looking up from the board.

“Oh, are we set on the first song?” She asked with a smile.

“Yes, since you insisted on singing it.” Thomas said thinking of the way that they always caved so easily with her.

“Who’s handling the lights?” Eddie asked.

“I thought Uncle Alex was.” Josh said looking over at Thomas.

“Yeah and my mom will handle the rest of the decorations and laser effects.” Nicole said pulling her blonde hair out of her eyes.

“So we have an hour and a half to get ready?” Nicole asked looking down at her watch seeing it was already 7:30.

“You actually need an hour and a half to get ready?” Thomas asked still amazed at how very long it could take a girl to get dressed.

“Well I better go start, don’t want me to be late now do we? I’ll meet you here, twenty minutes before nine, OK?” She asked the four guys rechecking their equipment for what seemed like the hundredth time.

A string of ‘laters’ and ‘yeahs’ followed her as she made her way to the front door and out to the parking lot.

She strolled to her car and jumped in before zooming across town to her house.

Once she was there she found her Aunt Tess, Aunt Isabel, Aunt Liz, and her mother going through her closet.

“Hello.” She said loudly breaking up the conversation amongst the old time friends.

“Hey honey. We’re sorry we snooped but we were just wondering what you were going to wear. So we decided to find you something.” Maria said taking out another dress.

“I’d appreciate the help. The concert starts in an hour and a half, and I still haven’t figured out what I want to wear.” Nicole said tossing her messenger bag towards the corner of her other wise neat room and plopping down on her bed next to her aunt Izzy.

Her mother took out another dress and smiled at her.

“No. There’s no way you’re getting me up there in a dress.” She said shaking her head firmly.

“What’d you wear your first concert?” Nicole asked her mother as she began to sort through the close her mom had dumped on her desk.

“This little halter top and pants, but I was thinking maybe you should wear something a little more stylish. Say how about this?” She asked holding up a silver metallic like top and a leather mini skirt she had never seen before.

“Since when do I have a leather mini skirt?” She asked suspiciously.

“Well you know your leather pants…” Tess began but was cut off by Nicole.

“Tell me you didn’t, I really liked my pants and if you did…” She looked at her and Tess quickly looked away.

“I’ll wear leather pants, but the skirt thing isn’t happening. Neither is that.” She said pointing to the top.

“OK, so we have leather pants and no top.” Isabel said wandering over to the closet where Maria was standing.

She took out a blue tie top dress that went to floor. It was dark sparkle blue and had a sparkle Chinese design on the front with a small two-sided dragon in the center.

“You people and your sparkles.” She mumbled under her breath as she waved a hand over it making it a very short top.

It tied around her neck and then linked right below her chest in the back.

“OK, so I’ll wear that.” She said with a grin. She was going to knock the socks off of everyone in there.

“Why don’t you where any of these thing we buy you?” Liz asked looking through there and finding several tops and skirts hung up that looked as though they were never touched.

“I like them but I’m more comfortable in my baggies.” She said roaming through her magazine looking for a hairstyle.

“Of course, your baggies.” Maria said shaking her head. “You’re so much like your father…”

“How about this?” She asked showing them a picture of a girl who had put all of her hair into mini buns leaving little bits sticking up.

“I like this one better.” Isabel said pointing to the cover of a different magazine all together.

“Yeah I definitely go with Isabel.” Maria said looking at the outrageous style her baby girl had chosen.

“She could always roll them in section all the way back you know, like this.” Tess said when she noticed no one was following her thoughts.

She walked over to her niece and ran her hands across her hair and showed them what she had been unable to explain.

“Cool.” Nicole said as she looked over into her vanity mirror.

She ran a hand over her hair undoing it before shooing her aunts and mother out so she could shower and change.

She let the water rush over her taking away her stress with the hot stream of flowing water.

She was more nervous then she’d like to believe. She had never really cared what others had thought of her she had no reason to. She had three wonderful best friends and a huge family that loved her unconditionally.

She always figured that it didn’t matter what she did or wore because her soul mate would love her for her not the person she pretended to be. She had seen her parents and Aunts and Uncles love each other through the rough and the smooth. Soul mate love was…. Something she had been wishing or since she had read her first love story. She couldn’t wait to fall in love and it scared her to death at the same time.

She turned off the water and made her way into her bedroom and over to her vanity to get ready.

As soon as she was done she raced down stairs to tell her family good-bye.

Her mother gave her a hug and squeezed her hands before letting her get to the door.

She opened it as soon as her father came in from out side.

“You’re not wearing that!” He said protectively.

“I wore stuff like that when I was sixteen.” Maria said coming to her daughter’s defense.

“Yeah and we were together when you were sixteen, and I remember me at sixteen.” He said trying to move both girls back into the living room entrance away from the door.

Maria leaned over to kiss her husband as her daughter ducked under his arms and ran out the door offering a ‘See you later’ before jumping into her Jetta and speeding off towards the club.

Once she arrived she walked into the club by the back door and found the guys sitting on the amps and Eddie on his drum seat.

She boldly walked up the stairs and towards the three guys who were oblivious to her entrance.

“Hey guys.” She said casually before walking in front of Josh to sit between him and Thomas on the large amps.

“Oh my God, your father let you out of the house like that?” Eddie was the first one to speak.

“Not exactly.” She said dipping her head slightly.

“The old tag team trick?” Josh asked looking his cousin over.

Nicole just smiled a little blush covering her cheeks as a small giggle escaped her lips.

“So we set up?” She asked the three boys who were still staring at her in disbelief.

“Yeah. You might want to double check your mike, I let Eddie set it up.” Thomas said smiling over at his cousin sitting in the chair across the stage.

“Shut up Whitman.” Eddie said with a glare.

“Make me Valenti.” He said good naturally.

“When do we start?” She asked double checking her mike.

“Soon. Have you seen the crowd out there?” Eddie asked as he got up and walked to the side of the stage where the edge of the curtain was.

“No. Why is it big?” She asked as she followed him, Thomas and Josh not far behind.

As he lifted the curtain back revealing a huge crowd that covered the club from side to side, and back to front. Nicole started to hyperventilate.

“I can’t go out there, wearing this.” She said as she backed up wrapped her arms around her bare midsection.

“Why not?” Josh asked confused, he wasn’t used to his cousin chickening out like that.

“Because I just can’t, OK? I’ve never stood let alone sung in a crowd that big before, and you expect me to go out there in… in this?” She asked her voice becoming higher and higher and her breathes shallower and shorter.

“Chill drama queen, you’ll be fine, if anyone can pull this off it’s you because you never back down from anything.” Josh said placing a comforting arm around her bare shoulders.

“Yeah, and besides you look great.” Thomas said placing an arm around her waist enter locking his hand with hers on the other side of her petite frame.

“Yeah way better than us high school rejects.” Eddie said gesturing to his own outfit.

“Well I have to, you forget I’m the cool cousin.” She said with a smile before taking a deep breath.

“What ever you say Nicki.” Eddie said raising his hands in defeat before turning around to find his soda and walking right into the manager of the club.

“Are you ready?” He asked not waiting for greetings.

“Yes sir.” Thomas said with his two thumbs up gesture, taking his had from around his cousin.

“Ready as we’ll ever be.” Nicole muttered as Thomas answered for them.

The quickly took their positions as the curtain began to rise.

Nicole took a deep breath as her cousins started the intro. to their first song, ‘Tragic’, She wrote it and Thomas had put music to it.

The music started of soft, as did her voice…

“I feel like jumping, isn’t it tragic?
I feel like over dosing, isn’t it tragic?
I feel like dying, isn’t it tragic?”

Her hips swung to the slow and steady beat.

“You make me feel like living, isn’t that romantic?
You make me feel like flying, isn’t that romantic?”

As she began the next part of the song she snapped her eyes open for the first time since she had taken her position. Her voice took on a harden edge as did the music.

“But you and me will never be, so I guess I’m back to my tragedy.”

They had finally completed their first session and went to take a small break.

They went out into the audience to find their parents.

“That was a nice opening song.” Liz had said as they reached their table.

“Hey don’t look at me I didn’t write it.” Josh said pointing towards his cousin, Nicole.

“What? I liked it.” Nicole said shrugging her shoulders before taking a sip of her father’s cherry cola.

“It had a nice beat.” Alex said from across the table looking at his son.

“Thanks.” Thomas said with a grin.

“You all did wonderful.” Isabel said in a motherly tone and a wide smile.

“Thanks.” The four said in unison.

“I’ll be right back I’m going to go get some water.” She said as she headed to the bar to buy something.

“Nice outfit, girlie.” A guy said walking up behind her leaning in slightly to whisper it into her ear.

She’d know that voice any where. She whipped her head around quickly not giving him a chance to back away.

“Well if it isn’t the Golden Toy himself. What brings you here?” She asked leaning in closer glaring at him.

“Well you of course.” He said with a mocking tilt of his head.

“What can I get you?” The worker asked before she could smack Randy.

“Water.” She said not looking away from Randy’s amused eyes.

“What are you really doing here?” She asked as the man went to fetch her order.

“Like I said,” He answered as the man came back, “I came to see you.” He finished getting up and throwing the man money for her water.

“Later, girlie.” He said as he walked off.

“Golden Toy strikes again?” Eddie asked amused as his cousin came back to the table looking slightly flustered.

“Shut up Valenti.” She answered glaring at him furiously.

“Oh, so what you want to play rough?” He asked even further reiterating her.

“Don’t make me hurt you.” She said with a soft terrifying smile.

“How about we go play before you two kill each other?” Josh asked as he got up and walked towards the stage not giving them a chance to protest.

The other three followed orders and followed him to the stage.

Nicole smiled as she found the pair of jade eyes she was looking for and started to sing, ‘Golden Touch.’

The End

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I posted parts three and four at the front

If you want I can post them here too.

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Title: Sugary Sweet Revenge (#3)

Author: Vix

Email: Vix_Chic⊕

Rating: PG-Pg13

Disclaimers: I own everyone except the parents.

Summary: Just read it…

Author’s notes: FEED ME!

“I want to go back.” Nicole told Allan calmly. As calmly as a female Guerrin could after being repeatedly come on to and insulted.

“Come on, you’re no fun.” He said moving towards her again.

“If you don’t take me back I’ll walk.” Nicole said inching towards the door in anger and fear.

“It’s too cold for a pretty little thing like you to be outside.” He said moving even closer to her, “I’ll keep you warm.”

“If you touch me… Let’s just say it isn’t a good idea.” She said ice lacing her words and she meant every word.

“What, you going to kill me, or are you going to have your little brothers attack?” He asked with a cocky grin.

Everyone knew how protective her little brothers were. They weren’t that little they were in the tenth grade and they were taller than she was.

“There won’t be much left to attack after I get done with you.” She said menacingly, and it was true if he didn’t let her go she would hurt him.

“I have at least fifty pounds of muscle on you.” He said a bit too smug for her liking.

“If you don’t take me home right now I think my family might have a big problem with you.” She said with a tight smile.

She wasn’t kidding either. If her father and her uncle’s didn’t take care of him her cousins and brothers would. Of course that was all based on the assumption that her Aunt’s and Mother didn’t get a hold of him first. There wouldn’t be any of him left if they did.

“You know what. If you want me to take you back then maybe you should bribe me.” He said wiggling his eyebrows.

“OK.” She said playing along with an overly done seductive voice.

He moved in and she punched him as hard a she could right in the nose. She quickly got out of the car before he could get his grubby hands on her again.

She had enough for one night and she didn’t feel like going home, she felt like going to see her best friends. Which were in town which was a long way a way from where she was standing on the side of the road.

She started to walk then it dawned on her that she left her jacket in Allan’s car, and there was no way she going back there to get it.

She looked down the dark road and started to walk again.

Randy saw a figure walking in the dark as he drove up he recognized who it was immediately.

Randy pulled up along side her, not completely stopping, and said, “Get in.”

At first Nicole had been startled but once she saw whom it was she felt a lot better.

“Screw you.” Nicole yelled back.

“Listen, it’s like 18 degrees outside with wind chill and you don’t have a jacket. Get in the car and I’ll take you home.” Randy said driving very slowly down the deserted road.

“What do you not understand about ‘screw you’?” She asked in a heated tone.

“Just get in, please.” Randy said again as calmly as he could manage.

“Listen Golden Toy, if you think…” Nicole began stopping to look into the window at him.

“That’s it.” Randy threw the car into park and got out.

“Get in or we’re both staying out here.” He said walking beside her.

“OK. What ever you say.” Nicole said as she turned around and started walking in her original direction.

“OK, plan B.” Randy mumbled as he picked Nicole up and threw her over his shoulder and walked back to the car.

Nicole thrashed around as best she could, but the boy had an iron grip around her.

Once he had dumped her in the back seat of his car he got in beside her bringing the front seat to it’s upright position so she couldn’t get away from him.

“Either you agree to stay in here and let me drive you somewhere or we both stay here till the temperature gets warmer. Take your pick girlie.” He said staring at her.

She felt so cold. She had only been walking for an hour but it was so cold outside and she was still so far from town.

“I’m walking the rest of the way. Now let me out.” Nicole said putting her arms around herself protectively.

“I’m not letting you walk the rest of the way to your house. Your father would kill me, I should know I work for him.” He said seriously.

Randy had been working with her father at the art gallery for about a year now. He was an artist and he got ragged on for it but it paid good money to help out around there, and he had even sold one of his more flattering pieces.

“I’m not going home, and if you don’t let me out I’ll kill you.” She said leveling him with a glare.

“No.” He said firmly. “If I let you walk and you get kidnapped or if you freeze to death I’ll have more than just your father to worry about.” He said with genuine fear.

“No one has to know you saw me out here. Just let me go and we’ll both be happier.” She said gripping on to her sides even tighter.

“Why are you out here?” Randy asked curiously.

“None of your business that’s why.” She said angrily.

“Yeah you just happen to think that it’d be a great idea to take a stroll fifteen miles out of town in this kind of weather, right?” He asked sarcastically.

“Wouldn’t believe me if I told you because you’re all the same.” She said shaking her head slightly.

“Whose all the same?” He asked a bit confused.

“You jocks. You all stick together so it doesn’t matter what I tell you, you won’t believe me.” She said her nails felt numb from the pressure.

“Does that go for your cousin Eddie too?” Randy asked in disbelief.

“He’s different.” She said instantly.

“I thought you of all people wouldn’t believe in those pathetic stereo types.” He said shaking his head in disappointment.

“I know you’d take your friends side over mine, it’s not a stereo type, it’s common sense.” She said still glaring.

“Who’s this supposed friend?” He asked curiously.

“Allan Johnson.” She said scooting farther into the side of the car.

“He’s not my friend.” He said anger in his eyes.

“Why not?” She asked.

“He’s just not. He’s not a respectable guy, and he’s not a guy I want around me.” He said shortly.

“So what does he have to do about you freezing out here?” He finally asked the question she had been dreading.

“Everything.” She said with loathing in her voice.

“What did he do?” His anger rising, if he hurt her…

Nicole looked around the car trying to avoid his eyes.

“Did he try to hurt you?” He asked point blank.

“Don’t worry about it.” She said still avoiding his eyes.

“What did he do?” He asked his voice raising in tone.

“He wouldn’t take me home and he advanced on me so I punched him and left.” She said suddenly locking her eyes on her shoes.

“How long ago was that?” He asked looking at the clock.

“About an hour ago.” She said quietly.

“Where do you want me to take you?” He asked his teeth clenched.

“My cousin’s house.” She said finally giving up on getting out of the car.

“Which one?” He asked a bit confused.

“I don’t know who’s home.” She said quietly.

He reached between the front seats and got out his cell phone. He handed it to her wordlessly.

“Hey is Josh home? No don’t worry about it. Just tell him I’ll be over in a little bit, OK? OK, I love you too, bye.” She said shutting the case and handing it to him.

“I guess take me to Josh Evans’ house.” She said looking up at him finally.

“OK.” He said as he opened the door and got out standing there waiting for her to get out too.

Once she was out he opened the passenger door for her then went to get in on his own side, like the perfect gentleman.

“He lives where?” He asked as he turned the car on and began to drive towards town.

“Murray Lane.” She said simply as she ran her hands up and down over her cold arms.

Randy looked over at her and shrugged off his leather jacket, “The heat doesn’t work very well, I have to take it into the shop soon.”

He tossed it to her and she caught it stunned for a moment. She finally put it on and the warmth wrapped around her like a blanket.

“Thanks.” She said quietly starring out the window and into the dark sky ahead of them.

“Didn’t Eddie warn you about him?” He asked quickly.

“He doesn’t know I’m even out on a date.” She said defending her cousin.

“But no one has ever told you how Allan operates?” He asked again.

“All I have heard are rumors, and I don’t trust those.” She said shortly now defending herself.

“I hate him. He’s a sleaze he does this to every girl he dates.” He said his knuckles turning white.

“You know how to make a girl feel special don’t you?” She asked sarcastically.

“Never date Allan, or any of his friends.” He said looking over at her.

“Sure boss, whatever you say.” She said even though she fully planned to steer clear of dating any of the jock species.

“I’m serious.” He said looking back out the window.

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan to date any jock ever again.” She said with a tight grim smile.

“Not all of us are all that bad, I mean take Eddie for example. He’s an all right guy even if he lacks a little on the field. He’s respectful to all the cheerleaders. He’s dated all the cheerleaders.” He said with a small chuckle.

“I don’t know how he has dated all of them he’s not the brightest guy I know.” She said honestly.

“Yeah, but he’s a jock. Jocks always get the cheerleaders. It’s like an accessory that comes with the letterman jacket. Come to think of it, thanks for ruining my letterman jacket.” He said as he turned to glare at her.

“You spilt chocolate milk all over my sweater on purpose.” She said glaring back at him.

“I tripped.” ‘Over my tongue, which was on the ground because you wore that sweater,’ He of course didn’t add the last part.

“Yeah but at least you got the chocolate milk out of yours.” He said gesturing at the sweater she was wearing.

“Yeah, I have a good dry cleaner.” She lied.

“Well not even a dry cleaner can get that stuff out of the leather, what was that any way. Cherry cola and Tabasco?” He asked.

“As always.” She said with a small smile.

“I swear you have ruined more of my clothes with that drink than I have with anything else.” He said shaking his head.

“Tell you what, since I ruined you letterman jacket how about I get it fixed?” She asked looking over at him.

“How, and how much will it cost?” He asked looking at her skeptically.

“I have my ways, and nothing at all. Since I ruined it I’ll fix it.” She said looking back down at her shoes.

“OK.” He said turning into Murray lane, “I’ll bring it by the office Monday. Now which house is Josh’s?” He asked looking around at the houses that lined the street on both sides.

“That one.” She said pointing at a two-story house to the left of the street.

He pulled up to the house and cut the engine of his mustang and parked it quietly.

She began to take off his jacket. Once she had it off she turned to look at him, to thank him.

His hand darted out and tucked a wild curl behind her ear gently resting at the side of her face for a moment longer than necessary.

“Thank you.” She said softly while looking into his green eyes. They weren’t like her mothers at all. Her mother had vibrant cat like bright green eyes; instead his were a rare jade color. They were dark and shiny. They were… entrancing they were beautiful.

“Your welcome.” He said in the same manner.

She opened the door and closed it quickly. She didn’t look back as walked inside the house.

Once she was safely inside he backed out of the driveway and made his way over to Eddie’s with one thing on his mind.

“Hey Aunt Liz. Where’s Josh?” Nicole asked as she walked inside.

“Up in his room.” Max said walking up behind his wife and putting his arms around her pregnant waist.

“Thanks Uncle Max.” She said with a smile as she made her way to the stairs.

‘Definitely oblivious to the obvious.’ She thought as she walked right into his room.

“Hey, I’ve been waiting for you, what took so long?” He asked not turning away from his computer.

“Are you and Thomas permanently attached to your computers?” She asked purposely avoiding the question.

“Yes. Now stop delaying and answer my question.” He said still not turning from the chat he was having with Eddie and Thomas.

“I had to drive back from the desert.” She said grabbing a piece of paper from his desk and a pencil from its holder. She took a moment to look around his room it was so neat, it was so… Josh. Her cousins were so different it was practically comical.

Josh was a neat freak computer dweeb, Eddie was a disorganized jock, and the only thing Thomas didn’t forget was anything about his computer, and she… she was the biggest controversial one of all.

“What were you doing out there?” Josh asked confused typing a reply to Eddie.

“Stargazing.” She said bitterly as she grabbed a hardback book and laid down on his bed laying her head at the foot of his bed.

“It’s midnight, and your brother’s have the Jetta. Who were you with?” He asked reading the conversation on the screen.

“Allan Johnson.” She mumbled in hopes that he wouldn’t hear her.

“What?” He asked loudly as he turned around sharply in his desk chair.

“Chill out. Nothing happened.” She said halfway honest.

“So he turned out to not be a jerk after all?” He asked turning back to the computer.

“No he’s a total jerk.” She said staring at the paper trying to figure out what to draw.

“If he’s such a jerk why’d he bring you back with out a fight. There wasn’t a fight was there?” He asked looking over at her again.

“He wouldn’t take me back so I started walking.” She said meeting his eyes.

“So who brought you home?” He asked turning back to his computer to see what Eddie just said, “Randy Jackson?” He asked quietly.

“Yeah, how did you know?” She asked confused.

“I thought I heard his engine outside.” He offered lamely as he quickly typed a reply into the computer and exited it so she couldn’t see what he had said.

“Oh…” She said not believing him but not pushing him. She turned down to her blank sheet of paper and finally began to outline a figure.

“Don’t you have to be home soon?” Josh asked grabbing his jacket and car keys.

“No, my curfew isn’t till 12:30, and besides as long as I’m over here my parents don’t care. Why are you trying to get me out of here so fast?” She asked as he picked her up and carried her out of his room and down the hall to the stairs. What was she tonight a sack of potatoes?

“Because I’d love to stay and do the girl friend thing but I have to be some where. Now.” He said checking his watch as he walked down the stairs.

“Honey where are you going?” Aunt Liz asked from the couch where she sat with her husband.

“To a friends, I have my pager and my cell phone. I might not be home tonight so don’t freak out. Love you.” He said in a rush as he put on his shoes and walked to the door.

“Night Aunt Liz, Uncle Max.” Nicole said as she followed her cousin to his jeep.

“Where are we going?” Nicole asked as she jumped into the vehicle beside him.

“You’re going home and I’m going out.” He said shortly as he started the jeep up and backed out of the driveway at an alarming speed.

Nicole stared at the disappearing headlights of her cousin’s automobile in confusion.

He was up to something; he was definitely up to something.
“Why does all this matter to you any way?” Thomas asked staring at Randy.

“He’s just a jerk that needs to be put in his place. I want to help.” He said shrugging his shoulders uncomfortably.

Thomas, Josh, and Eddie sat there and looked him over. He seemed sincere, but there had to be a reason.

“Why’d you come over here?” Eddie asked from his computer chair.

“Because of something Nicole said.” He said looking nervously between the three guys.

“And what was that exactly?” Thomas asked suspiciously.

“That she’d given up on every jock, and I figured if she did then eventually so would all the other girls and that wouldn’t exactly do great for my social calendar, you get my drift?” He replied shortly.

“Yeah. So you really think this’ll work?” Josh asked the taller boy.

Randy just smiled as he thought of what was going to happen to that poor Allan Johnson.

Nicole stared back and forth between the two guys on her right and left, Josh and Thomas.

“What are you doing?” She asked as they grabbed a hold of her and pulled her towards the football field.

“The boys are practicing we just wanted to see what our team looks like this year.” Thomas offered lamely knowing she’d never buy it.

“What are you doing?” She asked with a little more anger.

“Just come on you won’t be sorry.’ Josh said as he walked towards the gate leading into the field.

She stared around the over crowded bleachers and side lines as her cousins’ lead her to the dug out.

“Yeah, right like I believe that one. I know you’re up to something, does this have something to do with…” She was soon cut off by her cousin Eddie’s voice booming through the speakers that were set up around the field.

“You have your pies ready?” Eddie asked looking over to the dug out that had a quite few cheerleaders and other girls in it each with a pie in hand.

“Here’s yours.” Josh said as he grabbed a chocolate pie and handed it to her before moving out of the way.

“Get ready ladies cause here he comes!” Eddie said, as Allan Johnson was lead out of the other dug out, and across the field so he was in throwing range, with his hands tied behind his back and only a diaper on.

Nicole laughed in spite herself they had even but a bonnet on his head, and a pacifier around his neck.

Nicole was doubling over when the first pie hit him square on the stomach.

The girls started to pelt them at him with a volatile force and then they dove for the extras on the table in front of them.

She too took aim and let it fly.

It landed right in the center of his face and crowd roared with laughter and applause.

She started laughing even harder as the captains of the boys foot ball team, Randy, made him turn around so he could be covered in the pastry dishes.

Who ever said revenge was sweet had no idea…

The End

posted on 21-Jul-2002 9:14:08 PM by Vix
Title: Like Father Like Son (#4)

Author: Vix

Email: Vix_Chic⊕

Rating: Pg-13, maybe

Category: Future Kids

Summary: Read the title. History always repeats it self.

Disclaimers: I own Amanda, Randy, Josh, Thomas, Eddie, Nicole, Josh, and Mrs. Burg.

“Hi Amanda.” Josh said quietly as he took his seat beside her at the lab table.

“Hey.” She said with a huge grin on her face.

“How was your weekend?” He asked adjusting everything on his side of the table.

“It was wonderful I spent the entire weekend camped out in Fraser Woods watching Venus in the morning sky. I love the stars and plants.” She said tucking a piece of medium brown hair behind her ear.

“That’s the plant of…” Josh began.

“Love. My favorite planet of all.” She said smiling at him again.

“I still don’t understand how you can be so happy on a Monday.” He said shaking his head slightly.

“It’s called coffee and chocolate, they do work wonders.” She said searching for a pencil.

Once she had gotten the pencil from her pencil bag on the bottom rack of her chair she sat up in her seat. She accidentally clanked heads with Josh as he was leaning back into his seat after checking out the display at the front of their table.

“OW.” Amanda said grabbing her head.

“I’m so sorry, are you OK?” Josh asked softly placing both hands on the side of her face.

“Yeah, just wasn’t expecting to run into that brick wall.” She said playfully pointing at his head.

“I’m really sorry.” He said releasing her face from his big hands.

“Don’t be, I’m fine, you’re fine. We’ll live.” She said slightly blushing.

Mrs. Burg walked through the door.

“POP QUIZ!” She said loudly with a smug smirk on her face.

“Spoke too soon.” Amanda said shaking her head slightly letting one section of hair fall over her face.

Josh’s hand instantly went out to replace it behind her ear. She looked up and smiled at him mouthing a small ‘thank you’ before Mrs. Burg slapped two quiz papers down on the desk giving them a hard look.

Nicole looked over at Eddie and Thomas from her seat, next to Randy, then pointed to the two love sick nerds and rolled her eyes.

They shook their heads with the affirmative, they had to do something about that and soon.

Once Nicole had finished her work she put it up front and took out her binder and started to write.

‘Stranger to love
But it accompanies you so much
Stranger to pain
But it won’t seem to go away.
Ask me what you gain if you live
And I instead tell you what you lose if you die.
And then I scream and then you cry.
Straight answers come with a price something you can’t pay
Things never come nice and that’s the way things are to stay.’

“Do you always have to be so pessimistic?” Randy asked from his seat next to her, peering over her shoulder.

“Big word for a jock.” She said with a sarcastic smile and went back to her notebook.

“You really should try to be happier half the time. I mean you might even seem human.” He said with a cocky grin.

“How would you know what I am? You’re just a typical cave man jock, Golden Toy.” She looked up at him angrily.

“Well no one can really tell what you are under all that hostility.” He said staring into her cool gray eyes.

“I’m not hostile.” She said looking straight at the board where the teacher was writing.

“Yeah, whatever you say Girlie.” He said.

That was it. Nicole double-checked to make sure the teacher wouldn’t see her and she smacked him right up side the back of his head.

“That’s what I said, Golden Toy.” She said through gritted teeth.

That’s when she heard it a slight giggle. The famous giggle coming from the one and only Amanda.

She glanced over at her cousin to see him whispering something into her ear making her giggle a little more than before. She looked over at him, when he backed away, with wide eyes before nudging him with her shoulder.

“Definitely have to talk to him about that.” Nicole mumble under her breath so only she could hear, but of course, Randy had heard.

“Why, he’s had this Jones for her since what, the beginning of time? He’s making progress I mean look no drool.” He said gesturing to his chin.

“You’re so mean.” Nicole said trying not to let a small giggle escape.

“Yeah, I might be mean but at least I’m not,” He gathered his books as the bell rang, “hostile. Later Girlie.” He finished with a sly smirk as he walked out of the door.

Nicole shook her head muttering words she knew she wasn’t supposed to use inside those walls and walked to the three people waiting for her by the door.

“So lover boy, how’s the Mrs.?” Nicole asked as she roughed up Josh’s hair as she walked out the door of the biology room.

“When will you stop calling us that?” He asked trying to fix his mop of dark hair.

“When you ask her out.” Eddie said dropping an arm around his cousin, Nicole.

“I’m not sure I can ever stop I mean ‘lover boy’ is so good for black mail purposes.” Thomas said walking backwards so he could face them.

“Come boys, off to lunch we go.” Nicole said putting her books inside her locker as her cousins did the same.

“You really should ask her out.” Nicole told Josh seriously as she bit into her hamburger.

“And why, might I ask, would I want to do some thing that stupid?” Josh asked as he spread peanut butter over his chicken.

“Come on dude, she was so flirting with you in bio. I mean come on, Planet of love.” Eddie said drawing out the word ‘love’ as he rolled his eyes, his voice raising a few octaves.

“That just happens to be her favorite planet, and that’s normal for a teenage girl to like love.” He mumbled embarrassed as he took a bite of his chicken.

“Boy, you have to take the initiative. Take the dive.” Thomas said taking a bite of his sandwich.

“You remember what happened last time I took the dive?” He asked looking at the three responsible for almost killing him at the city pool when they were five.

“Come on how was I supposed to know that you couldn’t swim?’ Eddie shrugged his shoulders.

“I told you, like all the way down there in fact.” He said slightly glaring at Eddie.

“Why are you complaining? How do you think I felt? I was the only one with enough guts to explain to the parental units why their son was afraid to take a bath.” Nicole said sipping on her drink.

“Yeah, you did such a good job with that too.” Eddie glared at her remembering his punishment.

Nicole just smiled at him.

“Do you think she’d say yes?” Josh asked quietly gazing over at Amanda who sat underneath a great tree reading a book.

“You’re so far gone.” Thomas said shaking his head slightly.

“What’d she say when she noticed your… unique taste in food?” Nicole asked a blushing Josh.

“She said she thought it was cute and that it kind of added to my character.” He replied taking another bite of his chicken.

“OK, what did she say about your dorky tendencies?” Eddie asked.

“I don’t have any dorky tendencies.” Josh glared at him.

“Sure you don’t.” Eddie said a mocking smirk playing at his lips.

“OK boys don’t make me get off this bench.” Nicole said sternly before looking at Josh, “Yes, she’ll say yes, but you have to ask.”

“But she’s… her and I’m me. It’d never work.” Josh said hanging his head a little lower.

“Please you two go together like two peas from the same pod chamber.” Thomas said rolling his eyes.

“That’s the problem my dad did come from a pod, hers didn’t.” He said lowering his voice.

“Is that what this is about?” Eddie asked softly, a deep contrast to his usual tone.

“Partly, but I’ve never done anything like this. I mean I’ve never even kissed a girl.” Josh said truthfully letting his nervousness finally fully show through.

“You’ve never liked any other girl except for Amanda.” Thomas reasoned.

“She’s more experienced than me, what if she’s disappointed?” he asked looking over at Amanda again.

“She won’t be. Have you met your father? The Romeo of the millennium according to our folks.” Nicole said raising her eyebrows.

“She’s going to turn me down.” He said as he gathered his courage together. “But I have to ask.” He stood up and threw his remaining food into his bag and began to walk towards his goal.

“Go lover boy!” Thomas called out giving the patented ‘Whitman’ two thumbs up to his cousin’s retreating form.

“Hey Amanda.” Josh said shyly ducking his head.

“Hey!” She replied tossing her book to the side.

“Sit.” She said gesturing to the ground beside her.

“What were you reading?” Josh asked as he sat down.

“Nothing important.” She said tossing the book into her bag.

“Are you OK?” She asked as she watched Josh wring his hands together.

“You look like there’s something you want to say.” She continued.

“There is something I want to say, it’s more like there’s something I’d like to ask.” He confessed keeping his eyes locked on his hands.

“Ask away.” She said instantly.

“You know that… I was just thinking that maybe… This is really hard.” Josh finally said looking up at her.

“Just ask me.” She said with a sweet smile and soft tone.

“Would you like to go out sometime?” he asked looking at the ground again.

“Like as friends?” She asked trying to clarify things in her head.

“Like date.” He said finally looking into her warm amber eyes.

“I’d like that.” She said giving him a thousand-watt smile.

“Great, how about Friday? We’ll go to the club. I’ll pick you up around eight. I mean that’s if it’s OK with you.” He said suddenly unsure of himself.

“That’s fine, that’ll be great.” She said grinning even wider.

“Really?” He said starting to grin too.

“Yeah.” She replied as the bell rang bringing them back to reality.

Josh stood up and proceeded to help Amanda before walking her to her next class.
Nicole watched her cousin pace around the length of his floor as did Eddie and Thomas.

“Chill out. It’s not a big deal.” Eddie said with amusement.

“Chill out, how am I supposed to chill out? I’ve never done this before.” He said while looking at the two bottles in his hands.

“It’s just cologne.” Thomas said taking them out of Josh’s death grip.

“Actually cologne plays a big part of the date. Women do this sniffing thing when they greet you.” Eddie said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Sure we do.” Nicole said as she raised her eyebrows.

She got off of Josh’s bed and took the bottles from Thomas. She sniffed each one then handed ‘Polo Sport’ to Josh, and putting the other one up.

“Problem solved.” She said as He sprayed some on his neck and clothes.

“Now get going Romeo!” She shooed him out the bedroom door and down the hall, Eddie and Thomas right behind her.

“OK, wish me luck.” He said as he reached for his jeep keys.

“You won’t need it.” His mother said as she came out of the kitchen, “You’re a chip off the old block.”

She leaned back into her husbands awaiting arms.

“Just don’t trip over your tongue.” Thomas said nodding his head.

“Or your ears, and remember to not drool on her.” Nicole added with a smirk.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” Eddie smiled.

Max and Liz instantly glared at him.

“Night.” Josh said as he kissed his mother on the cheek and Nicole on the forehead before practically running out the door and jumping in his jeep.

“Our baby’s going on his first date.” Nicole said in a nostalgic voice.

“They grow up so fast, don’t they?” Thomas played along putting an arm around Nicole and wiping away an invisible tear.

“Come on we have to get going if we’re going to make it there in time to watch him make a fool out of himself.” Eddie said yanking at their arms.

“We’re not going to see him make a fool out of him self. We’re going so we can pick on him for his sappiness. Never mind it’s the same thing.” Nicole said walking over and kissing Liz and Max on the cheek before picking up her keys off the coffee table and walking out the door.

“Later.” Thomas and Eddie called out as they followed her to the Jetta shutting the door behind them.

“You’re not going home to change?” Thomas asked from the front seat looking over Nicole’s work clothes.

She looked down at her dad’s old overalls and an old work shirt that were both covered in paint.

“Grab the wheel.” She commanded.

As soon as Thomas had it she waved a hand over her outfit turning it into tight jeans and a blue tank top that were spotless.

“The hair.” Eddie said pointing to her blonde curls.

She brushed her hands through it making it shine and styling it to lay down flatter than usual. She then looked in the mirror and found her face to be covered in paint too.

After she fixed that she took the wheel back, “Thanks.”

“Maybe we should change our appearance so they don’t notice us.” She said thoughtfully out into the car.

Thomas looked at Eddie and Eddie shrugged his shoulders in answers, Thomas looked at Nicole and did the same.

Once they pulled up in the parking lot and turned the engine off they began to ‘help’ each other with their new look.

Nicole stepped out of her car with straight black hair a little longer than hers and higher cheekbones, a smaller nose, but her eyes remained their striking gray. Thomas came out with big blue eyes, lower cheekbones, hair to the tips of his ears that was a funny red color, and his nose had grown longer. Eddie on the other hand had green eyes, dark brown hair in a floppy cut, higher cheekbones, and a more defined jaw.

Once they were inside they took the table closest to the couple. Once seated they ordered their drinks and began to follow out with their plan.

“Either of you want to dance with a beautiful lady?” Nicole asked two boys as Josh and Amanda made their way to the dance floor.

“Point one out and…” Eddie began but was cut off by Nicole’s platforms kicking into his shin.

“I don’t dance.” Thomas said backing his legs out from underneath the table quickly.

“Fine I’ll go find some one else.” She said defeated as she strolled up to the counter.

“What’ll be?” The bar tender asked.

“Refill, cherry coke and lime.” She said scooping out the guys around her.

‘Nerds, jocks, nerds, jocks, oh where does it end?’ She thought to herself as she waited for her order.

“A water, please.” Randy asked the man as he came back to give Nicole her drink.

“Thanks.” Nicole said as she laid a couple of dollars on the bar and began to turn around.

She knew he was there she recognized his voice, but she knew he wouldn’t recognize hers she had been sure to ‘change’ it before getting into the club.

“Excuse me.” She said as she accidentally bumped into him looking up into his eyes.

“Do I know you?” He asked trying to trace his memory back to a time or place he could recall seeing her.

“Does that line work with all the cheerleaders?” She asked motioning to the letterman jacket he was sporting.

He looked down at his newly cleaned jacket.

“Do I know you?” He asked again with a small smile.

“I’m just passing by never been here before in my life.” She said as she leaned her back against the bar.

“You seem familiar.” He said still trying to place her.

“I just have one of those faces.” She said beginning to step away.

“Would you like to dance?” He asked gently grabbing her arm.

“Sure.” She said walking over to her table and putting her drink down. Randy sat his down by hers and followed her to the dance floor.

Nicole placed her hands around his neck softly. She was a bit surprised by the way he pulled her closer to his body.

Sparks flared from her back to her neck then back again in secession. She was being tortured in the most pleasant way possible.

She looked into his deep jade eyes and found a questioning look there.

“What?” She asked curiously.

“You seem so familiar.” He said slightly shaking his head.

“I told you I just have one of those faces.” She said.

“No you don’t look familiar you feel familiar.” He clarified.

“There’s just something about you.” He said silently almost to him self, “You remind me of Nicole.”

She hesitated for a second, “Who?”

“Just a girl I know. She um… she has your eyes.” He said starting to blush slightly.

“You have very pretty eyes.” She said truthfully.

“Thanks. I figured gray eyes were as uncommon as jade ones.” He said still gazing into her eyes.

As the song stopped and they reluctantly released each other she leaned in and whispered ‘they are’ into his ears before walking off and out the door.

She walked calmly to the Jetta and sat down in the driver’s seat before she had a serious break down.

Thomas and Eddie came out side and found her laying her head against the steering wheel. She was already back to her normal appearance.

“What happened?” Thomas asked getting in the passenger side of the Jetta.

“Nothing happened.” She said calmly not lifting her head off her zebra cover on her steering wheel.

“Yeah, what ever you say.” Eddie said in disbelief as he lounged comfortable in the back seat.

“What happened to Josh and Amanda?” She asked trying to change the subject as she lifted her head.

“They sat there and talked about astronomy. They have no life.” Thomas said making a distasteful face.

“He did feed her some line about Venus’ brightness being pale in comparison to her eyes beauty, or something. I figure we can make him squirm with that one for a little while.” Eddie said titling his head a little.

“Yeah, I guess. Listen guy’s I’m not feeling well. I think I’m going to go home and to bed. Where you want me to drop you?” She asked looking over to Thomas as he changed his face back.

She looked over to Eddie who was doing the same.

“I guess…” Thomas began but was cut off by screeching tires.

They jumped out of the car and ran to the figure that had just been hit.

The explorer roared off to the main road and didn’t slow down.

Once they came closer to the figure they could make out two of them.

Then they felt terror rip though their bodies as Josh put his hands over her body finding the damage and repairing it quickly.

“Josh!” Nicole was the first one who found her voice as she stood there dumb struck with her cousins.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t just let her…” He began looking up at them with tears streaming down his face.

“I know.” She said softly.

“Oh my God, what are we going to do?” Eddie said putting his hands behind his head.

“Please start by telling me what you just did.” Amanda said trying to sit up.

Josh put his arms around her shoulders to steady her.

“We have to take her to your house.” Thomas said getting his cell phone out of his pockets.

“We have to tell our parents. I’ll call them and have them meet us over there.” Thomas said as he dialed his home phone number.

“Get her in the jeep. I’ll call my parents.” Eddie began to speak finally.

“We’ll warn yours and meet you there.” Nicole said walking over to put a reassuring hand on her cousin’s arm, “It’s going to be fine.”

She walked over to her car and sat down in the front seat.

Thomas and Eddie followed her still talking to their parents.

“Call my dad, Thomas and Eddie call Josh’s parents.” Nicole said starting the car her mind on autopilot.

“I’m not telling Uncle Michael about this. He always kills the messenger,” Thomas said shaking his head, “ and if I get your mom… I don’t even want to think about that.”

“If you want something done right get a Guerrin to do it.” She said grabbing the phone out of his hands and dialing her number.

“Daddy, I love you. What makes you think I want something? Fine, just go to Aunt Liz’s and Uncle Max’s we’ll meet you there. Bring mom. OK, dad I really do love you.” She finished a small tear sliding down her face.

“It’s going to be fine.” Eddie said placing a hand on her shoulder as he hung up his cell.

“You remember what happened last time one of us saved some one? Grandpa Valenti and Pierce were all over our parents.” She said wiping at her tears.

“Don’t worry it’ll be OK.” Thomas said soothingly.

“OK? Last time this happened my father killed someone!” She screamed.

“Well Uncle Max couldn’t let Aunt Liz go anymore than Josh could let Amanda.” Eddie said softly letting the possibilities of what was to come wash over him.

“Let’s just hope she’s as trust worthy as Aunt Liz was.” Thomas said.

From then on out they rode in silence until they reached the driveway of Josh’s house.

Five vehicles lined the driveway including the Jetta.

As soon as Nicole reached the steps of the porch the jeep drove up with two stunned teenagers inside.

They watched as Josh walked over to them with his arm supporting Amanda.

Nicole walked up and into the house leaving the door open. Then entered Josh and Amanda, Josh and Thomas were the last one’s through the door shutting it soundlessly.

Once they reached the living room Isabel and Alex shot up off the couch allowing Josh to lay down the girl.

“What happened?” Max asked confused and worried.

“Is she OK?” Isabel asked at the same time grabbing her husband’s hands.

“What happened?” Michael repeated Max’s earlier question.

“We need to go to the kitchen.” She said leaving no room for discussion.

She walked into the kitchen and leaned her head against the cool tile of the island. Thomas and Eddie stood on each side of her.

“You all might want to sit down for this one.” Nicole said as she took it upon her self to explain seeing as Josh was preoccupied.

Once the parents had done as requested she took a deep breath and reached for her cousins’ hands. She drew strength from them before starting the story.

“As some of you know we followed Amanda and Josh on their date. When we were getting in the car ready to leave we heard screeching tires. We got out and walked over to the accident to find Josh hovering over Amanda as the car speed out towards the main road. He… he healed her.” She said finishing.

A deafening silence filled the now thick air. She took a small shuddering breath before adding, “We didn’t know what to do… who to tell… what to tell… We didn’t know what to tell her so we came to you.” She finished looking up at eight very thoughtful adults.

“We can’t tell her.” Michael said instantly, but regretfully. He didn’t regret the words, only that the fact that they were true.

“We have to tell her something.” Tess said grabbing Kyle’s hand on top the table.

“She’s right we have to tell her something.” Maria said leaning against Michael as his arm came around her shoulder’s pulling her closer.

“Not again. I don’t know if I can do this again.” Isabel said shaking her head.

Alex reached out and kissed her temple leaning his head against hers.

“What are we going to do?” Liz asked the table as she too took comfort in Max’s arms.

“Tell her the truth.” Josh said from the entrance to the kitchen.

“We can’t do that. We have finally gotten settled and we’re safe. We can’t risk it. We can’t risk losing our families.” Michael said.

“We risked it once and it brought our families together. In fact if we wouldn’t have risked it we wouldn’t have any families right now.” Max said.

“We didn’t risk it Maxwell, you risked it.” Michael said evenly.

“And I don’t regret it one bit and neither do you.” Max said looking over at Nicole then back to him.

“Of course I don’t, but it still such a big risk Max. We can tell her something else.” Michael said.

“We have to tell her the truth. We don’t have a choice.” Josh said walking over to the counter beside the island.

“What do you mean we don’t have a choice?” Alex asked.

“On the way over here I asked her what she remembered and she told me that she was walking to the jeep and a car came out of now where and hit her. She said she knew she was dying and that some how I brought her back. She found the hand print.” He said resting his head in his hands

“Great.” Michael said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t let her die.” Josh said looking his uncle in the eyes.

“Could you let Maria die?” He asked hoping he wasn’t stepping out of line.

“I know what you did and I know why you did it, and I’m sorry you had to make that kind of decision, but Josh you have to understand how hard it was for us when your father saved your mother. I don’t want to put us let alone you kids through all that.” Michael said.

“She’s different.” Josh said silently almost to himself.

“What are we supposed to tell her?” Eddie asked.

“The truth.” Josh said firmly.

“I think we should ask what she thinks happened then just go with it if we can.” Nicole said

“And if we can’t go with it?” Max asked.

“Then we tell her the truth.” Isabel said calmly.

“Agreed?” Liz asked every one around her.

“Agreed.” Kyle and Tess said together.

“Agreed.” Maria said squeezing Michael’s hand.

“Sure.” Alex said a bit nervous.

“Ditto.” Thomas said from Nicole’s side.

“Yeah I’m in.” Eddie said taking a deep breath.

“I don’t like this.” Michael said.

Nicole looked over at her father, “What if it had been Mom that had been shot? What if it had been me that had been run over, or you for that matter? Would you like to be lied to? Would you feel like you deserved the truth?” She asked putting a death grip on her cousins’ hands.

“I’m out voted anyway.” He said quietly avoiding all the questions.

Josh was the first one out of the kitchen followed by the rest of the family.

“Here we go.” Thomas said taking a deep breath before following everyone out of the kitchen and into the living room.

“Again.” Alex added putting a comforting arm around Isabel and a hand on his son’s shoulder.

“Amanda can you sit up?” Josh asked softly to the goddess lying on the couch.

“I think so.” She said struggling to do so.

Josh reached behind her and helped her right herself. He backed away slowly and found himself standing between his parents.

“Amanda? I’m Liz. I’m Josh’s mom.” Liz said smiling at the younger girl.

“Hi nice to meet you. Congratulations.” She said gesturing to the lady’s obviously pregnant stomach.

“Thank you. I’m Max, Josh’s dad.” Max said with a slow warm smile of his own.

Amanda just nodded.

“I’m Maria and this is my husband Michael.” Maria said gesturing to the man sitting beside her on the love seat.

“They’re my parents.” Nicole said from her spot on the floor right in front of them.

“I’m Alex and this is Isabel, we’re Thomas’ parents.” Alex said waving his hand and Isabel smiling.

“I’m Kyle, this is my wife Tess and that’s our son Eddie.” Kyle said gesturing to the said wife and son.

“Nice to meet you, all of you.” She said smiling slightly.

“You wouldn’t have any Tylenol would you?” She asked reaching for her head a little.

“Sure.” Josh said as he left the room and came back with both two Tylenol and a glass of water.

“Thank you.” She said quietly.

“Oh no, another one.” Isabel said through gritted teeth.

“Excuse me?” Amanda asked suddenly lost.

“Amanda what do you remember about what happened tonight?” Max asked covering a smile.

“We were walking to the jeep and a car hit me. I could feel myself beginning to shut down… beginning to die and then Josh… Josh saved me.” She said looking over at Josh.

He moved away from the couch and back next to his parents immediately fearing what her initial reaction would be about finding out about them… about him.

“How do you think he healed you?” Michael asked softly.

“I’m not sure. It does seem crazy doesn’t it? I know I probably sound like I belong in a loony farm, but I know Josh did something he helped me some how.” She said looking over at him with sincere eyes.

“No honey, it doesn’t seem like you’re crazy. Actually I have a story to tell you.” Liz said walking over to the couch and sitting beside her but far enough a way to be able to face her and the rest of the room.

Max walked behind his wife seating him self close to her, “When’s your curfew?” He asked.

“It’s Friday so I can stay out till 12:30. Why?” She asked confused.

“What we have to tell you will take a while.” Nicole said, “Maybe you should call your parents and tell them that you’re staying with me.” She said taking the portable off its base on the in table and handing it to her Uncle so he could pass it along to where Amanda was sitting.

“OK.” She said as she dialed the number to her house.

“Mom, yeah… No everything’s fine… Yes I know… Actually I was calling to see if I could stay with a friend… Nicole… No, Nicole Guerrin… Yes… At the club… I will… I promise… I love you too… Bye Mom.” Amanda said as she hung up the phone and handed it back to Liz.

“You said you had a story like mine?” Amanda said after taking a deep breath to prepare her self for what was to come.

“When I was your age I was working at my fathers café…” Liz began a long tale that would take a while to sort out.
Everyone looked expectantly at Amanda as the story was concluded.

“Aliens… 1947… oh God, I really have gone crazy.” She said her eyes widening before her head fell into her hands.

“No you haven’t gone crazy it’s all true. We can prove it.” Josh said pressing a hand against the couch.

“Watch.” He said as he changed the cream color to a bright red.

“Joshua Michael Alexander Evans if you don’t change the color back this instant pregnant or not I will do bodily harm to you.” Liz said as she watched her furniture turn into a rainbow.

He did as told.

“What else can you do?” She asked a small tremor in her voice.

“We can dream walk.” Isabel said.

“We can make people see things that aren’t there.” Tess volunteered.

“We can heal, manipulate molecular structures, connect with people, we can put a shield up and…” Max began to count off their other powers they had developed

“We can blow things up.” Michael said in a casual tone.

“Great. I’m in a room full of aliens that can make me see things, but up a shield so I can’t hurt them, torture me in my dreams and blow me up.” Amanda said touching her hands back to her forehead.

“I can understand if you’re scared…” Maria began but was cut off by Amanda.

“No, I’m not scared. I was just thinking how lethal this could all be for you all if it got out. That’s what other people would think. They’d see the bad.” She said smiling reassuringly over at her.

“Why don’t you see the bad?” Josh asked.

“Because of you. When we… connected,” She said looking at the others to make sure that was what he had done once they all shook their heads in the affirmative she continued, “and you healed me I felt things. I felt how you felt towards your family. You weren’t scared. I take that back you had a healthy fear of Mrs. Guerin and Nicole, but other than that all you felt for them was love and your need to keep them safe. I knew what you were thinking when you healed me. I knew how you felt towards me and I now know what you risked to save my life. I’m not scared… I’m impressed. I’m… I’m anything but scared.” She said looking into Josh’s beautiful golden chocolate eyes.

“You can’t tell anyone, you can’t tell your mom, your friends. You have to keep this a secret.” Michael said stressing the ‘have to’.

“You mean I have to lie.” She said a bit dismayed.

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t tell anyone. Besides, who would believe me?” She asked smiling a little. “I won’t tell anyone.” She repeated to reassure them.

“How about some coffee?” Maria asked as she made her way to the kitchen.

“With Tabasco?” Michael asked as he too walked that way.

Isabel, Alex, Tess, Kyle, Eddie, Nicole, and Thomas followed them into the dinning area.

Max on the other leaned against the bookcase between the entrance to the kitchen and the living room, unnoticed.

“Thank you.” Liz said small tears coming to her eyes.

“No, thank you.” Amanda said grabbing Liz’s hand gently.

“For what?” She asked confused.

“For raising such a great son.” Amanda replied her own eyes watering.

Liz smiled and couldn’t help but to hug her. Amanda returned the hug with a little less force scared of hurting her stomach because of the position they were in.

Liz got up and walked towards the kitchen but not before roughing up her son’s hair.

Once she reached the entrance a hand reached out and brought her against his chest. Liz laid back and enjoyed the feeling of her husband.

“Amanda would you like to talk, on the porch?” Josh added noticing his parents near by.

“Sure.” She said standing up, swaying a little.

Josh was by her side instantly helping her to the door, grabbing his coat with the free arm.

Max and Liz crept over to the closing door. They caught it before it could completely shut letting them hear the conversation outside.

Once out side he helped her sit down gently on the porch’s side, her feet swaying over the wooden edge.

He sat down next her putting his jacket around her shoulders.

“Are you OK?” He asked looking her over carefully.

“Yes, I’m fine. You do good work.” She said smiling.

“Are you OK with all this?” He asked gesturing to what happened inside the house.

“Does it matter whether I am or not? I have to live with it and you know what? It could be a lot worse. So I’m not complaining.” She said seriously.

“Are you grossed out?” He asked jumping off the porch and standing in front of her.

“Why would I be?” She asked.

“You know, you might think I’m three feet tall green and slimy.” He said receiving a smile from her.

“Well if you are three feet tall and green and slimy then so am I. You changed me, remember?” She asked seriously.

“I’m sorry…” He began to apologize again.

“Don’t be. I’m alive, you’re alive, we’ll live.” She said smiling.

“I didn’t mean to mess up your life…” He stated again ignoring her dismissal.

“You didn’t mess anything…” She began again.

“I can understand if you hate me.” He said seriously looking into her eyes.

“I don’t hate you at all.” She said firmly.

She leaned in and kissed him like she had wanted to do all night. She let her tongue slip past his lips and explore every part of him, alien and human. She wrapped her arms around his neck bring him closer to her.

He wrapped one arm around her body then another around her shoulders molding her body to his. His hand’s trailed up and into her hair. He almost moaned when her tongue tentatively reached for his lips. He of course responded quiet quickly.

“Did that get through that brick wall?” She asked smiling as she reached up and placed her hands on each side of his face.

“I have to say this has been the most interesting first date I’ve ever been on. How exactly to do you plan to top it next time?” She asked pulling him closer for another kiss.

Liz began to walk towards the noisy kitchen with her husband in tow.

Liz stopped right before she reached the entrance and whispered to her husband, “Like father…”

“Like son.” He finished kissing the top on her head.

The End