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Title: Thr Roswell Strangler
Rating: PG-13 to R
Disclaimer: I don't own the charecters or the show
Summary: Read and find out


Liz scanned the paper quickly, just picking out the important details.
'Girl staying home alone while parents out, man quickly raped and strangled the 17 year old......5 victim in 2 months'
Liz sighed. She gathered her stuff and ran to the parked Jetta outside where Maria is waiting.
'God, when is it gonna be save again' she thought as she looked over her sholder. But the truth was no one was save. Npt untill the mad man was caught and put away.
"Ready chica?" Maria questioned. "Don't worry" when she saw her look over her sholder. "Mom loaded me down with pepper spray and gave me permission to kick any guy where the sun don't shy if he messes with me. Tommy get ready to be in pain!" she said and laughed.
Liz couldn't help but laugh to. But she couldn't help be scared either. Scared for her life while the Roswell Strangler was still at large

LEAVE FEEDBACk! If you don't I wont finish. So you have to.

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Glad you like. I'll post part 1 later.*happy*
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Part 1

Liz smiled at her friends. Alex & Maria were arguing over what songs were the best they had narrowed it down to Madonna's "Material Girl" and John Mellencamp's "Jack & Diane". She just smiled listening to both of their arguments. She never joined these arguments.Her Answer was always the say Pat Benatar's
"Heart breaker" no matter what.

She loved times like this. She was with her best friends in the world. It had been a few weeks since the last attack. The police said it wasn't over but everyone was acting like it was. They all thought he had left town.
Even Liz let her gaurd down, a little.

They were driving down town coming home from school when they stopped at a light.

"Whoa Whoa Whoa..... who are the hotties?" she said looking over her retro sun glasses. Liz followed her gaze. Her mouth dropped when she saw the two guys sitting on the curb next to the bus station. They were obvousily new.

"I don't know they must be new" Liz said observing there concert t-shirts and baggy jeans. No one dressed like that in Roswell. Atleast no one they knew, and they knew everyone.

"Hmm... hope we see them in school before Pam Troy and Tess do." she said with a laugh. The light turned green and they pulled away. Little did they know that while they were observing, they were being observed to.


Liz got ready for the annual Friday night concert. It was a local event in the park where the local garage bands got together and played for the local teens. She pulled on a pair of Maria's skin tight low jeans and a red tube top. Her hair was pulled up loosely on her head. Glitter graced her sholders. It wasn't her usual outfit but Maria convinced her.

She practically ran to the park. It was only a two block walk but she couldn't wait. She wanted to see the ....concert thats it. No she wasn't looking for the new boy that was tall and handsome.

'Who am I kidding' she thought as she looked around. A local girl was singing to a band. It was some pop ballad and no one was listening. She went behind the stage to see if she saw Alex and Maria. W
When she saw Alex she smiled. He was sitting there playing his guitar. Humming along. It was how he warmed up everytime before he got on stage. Maria was shaking her hips to the head phones mouthing words.

"I'll be watching with Isabel." she told Alex.
"Hey Liz you wanna do me a favor?" he said before she walked off.
"Sure Alex, anything." she said wondering what he wanted.
"Good" he said "See you out in the crowd."
"Okay......" not knowing what he wanted.

"And here are the Whitmans and the lovely Hurricane Deluca." a voice announced.

Liz smiled and clapped the hardest along with Isabel Alex's girl friend. She knew how much it meant to them. They were the best band that performed every Friday. When they were on everyone listened. So she did, like everyone else listening to the blend of Vertical Horizon's, No Doubt, and their own songs. It was just about over when Alex made a special announcement.

"Hey Liz, how bout that favor?"
Liz stared at him speech less. Liz wasn't the worst singer, she was actaully preatty good. But getting up in front of people. NO WAY!

But some how Liz found her feet moving up the stairs of the stage and taking her place next to Maria. She waited for the beat to begin to know which song it was. When she heard it she smiled. This was going to be interesting:

Your love is like a tidal wave
Spinnin' over my head
Drownin' me with your promises
Better left unsaid

Your the right kind of sinner
To release my inner fantasy
The invinciable winner
And you know that you are born to be

You're a Heartbreaker
Love taker don't ya messa around with me
Your a Heartbreaker
Love taker don't ya mess around with me

You love has set my soul on fire
Burnin out of control
Ya taught me the waves of desire
Now it's taken it's tole!

Your the righjt kind of sinner
To release my inner fantasy
The innvincaible winner
And you know that you are born to be

You're a heart breaker
Love taker don't ya mess around with me
You're a heart breaker
Love taker don't ya mess around wiht me

You're the right kind of sinner
To release my inner fantasy
The invincable winner
And you know that you are born to be

Your a heart breaker
Love taker don't ya mess around with me

Your a heart breaker
Love taker don't ya mess around with me
Your a heart breaker
Love taker don't ya mess around with me
Your a heart breaker
Love taker

Liz danced with Maria while she sang. It was fun. She usually hated the stage. But now it was if some one was watching her telling her to keep going and she knew if he kept looking at her.... whoever he was she would never stop


Liz never knew who it was watching her. But it was the man she saw earlier at the bus station. Him and his friend watched the concert with interest in the two girls.

But unfortuantley they weren't the only ones watching. And the other set of eyes had worse things on his mind.

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Is Max the night in shinning armor? Is it some one we know. Maybe and maybe you'll have to come back later today to find out. *wink*
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Part 2

Maria and Liz laughed. They had a great time. I was the best time either of them had at the concert. We were laughing so hard Maria had to run in front of me into an alley because she had to pee.

I looked for any perves trying to watch so she could go. But nobody was around at twelve o clock at night. No one that was sane anyway.

After about five minutes Liz ventured into the alley to find Maria. She started to breath harder. She couldn't see her in the dark. She felt her way around the slimmy walls till her eyes adjusted to the dark. She looked behind an old abandoned couch, but she wasn't ther.

"Maria? God Maria where are you?" She started to cry untill she saw it. It was an old metal cabnit at the end of the alley. She could hear banging going in there.

"Maria?" she ran towards the cabinet and threw it open...

"BOO!" Maria screamed as Liz opened the cabinet. She started laughing at Liz who looked luike she had seen a ghost. Then she started to hit Maria.

"That was not funny! come on we better get back to my place before one or my parents won't leave us alone for a week." She pulled Maria down the alley to the sid walk. They didn't know the two men who were sitting behind a dumpster. All of a sudden those two men smiles got a little bigger......................

sorry its short but I'm sick so

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Part 3
Max Pov

We couldn't help but smile when we heard they were going to be alone. And we also know they want us. We could feel their stares on the corner. I know that the little brown haired girl got up there hoping I was watching, knowing that I was.

But we also knew that we needed a place to crash for a few days. We lived in the street for most of our lives me and Micheal. We searched for our pasts while trying to survive. We finally got a clue about Micheals past and we decide to follow it. It lead us to Roswell, Hick capitol of the world or so we thought. We had seen the high school full of jocks and girls that wanted to impress them. But they were different. They didn't fit into the plan, but we are willing to work it if we got a chance.

You see all we want is to fine the final clue. That will lead us to Micheal's past, and it will lead to mine. Me and Micheal are brothers in a since. We were put into the same foster home as eachother. He had been in the system his whole life. While I was new. My mom had died and they seperated me and my sister.

I haven't seen my sister in 8 years since we were 8. Were twins you see. I miss her alot. I know shes out there somewhere waiting for me to find her like I promised. It took a long time and there still have been no clues to where she is. But I know when we find Micheal's sister we will find mine.

The two girls they were just plus' they were just something good on the way to better. At least I hope. I can't wait. Were gonna have fun I can already tell.


Liz smiled at her dad. She gave him a hug her mom a kiss. She kept that sweet smile on her face as she waved to them from the Crashdown window. She stood there waving untill she was sure they couldn't see her anymore. Even through the rear vien mirror. Then she want to the counter. She looked around.

The Crash was empty. It was going to be closed for the ay till Liz could open it on her own. But as she looked around she couldn't help but think with a wicked smile:
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Part 4

Liz didn't waste any time to call Maria.

"They're gone, they're gone." she sang into the phone.

"Liz they've been gone for what two minutes and your already happy." Maria said trying to be calm. But she found that she couldn't help it. "Ekkkk" she shreiked just as happy as Liz was.

"Party" both screeched. Then they calmed down and started planning. Tonight was gonna be ...... GREAT!


Liz smiled. It hadn't taken a long time to get to the word out. Actually all they had to do is tell Kyle Valenti and a built in list of party goers were sure to be there.

But it was party time now. Alex was down stairs playing Dj while Maria and Liz got ready. Maria was flining clothes left and right. Liz just smiled and started to dance around the room in her bra and panties. Maria saw and laughed.

"Liz come one." she said watching her friend dance around the room. But she couldn't help but join her. They had no idea while why they were dancing a pair of eyes watched and the man licked his lips.

' Two for one's even better '


When Maria finally deemed them both party appropriate,
they went down stairs. The cafe had been turned to a rave. The blinds were down. Strobe lights were on. Music was pounding and drinks were being poured. The party was just getting started.

They were dressed like vixens. Maria in her black leather pants that went all the way to Mexico as Alex put it. Her pink halter top ending at the edge of her breasts. Liz was in a red leather mini, a see through black lace top, her bra showing through. They were dressed to kill and every male in the room could see it.

They smiled. They were getting the attention they wanted. They went to the counter where Kyle pored them a shot. They drank it down wincing. The alchol had a good effect they nboth were ready to start the evening.

They made their way to the center of the floor. Maria grabbing Liz and pulling her to her. The two put on quite a show for everyone around. Grinding and making all the guys sweat. There glittery skin shined in the light available. Everyone watched the girls with envy..... and for that matter the guys two.

But the two set of eyes they wanted to be there were. Watching their every move. They made their way over. They were ready. Taking place behind each girl they slowly pulled them away and turned them around.

Liz smiled. Mr. Right was here. He finally was. And as much as she wanted to enjoy the music in the dancing all she could think about was how right it felt to be in his arms.


An angry pair of eyes watched. It didn't matter about the lights. He was seeing in red.

'How could they! They were mine! Oh well I'll make them pay. I'll make them suffer. They were supposed to be different. They did it to themselves. They made this happen. I'll kill them for cheating on me.' he thought. He pushed the slut off his lap and ran out of the diner. His thoughts were dangerous. But he was even worse.

'They're gonna pay!' was all he thought as he went to put his plan into action.

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Thanks for the bumps Clueless. Heres a new part for you. Sorry its so short. More will be posted soon if I get feedback.

Part 5a:

Liz smilied as she felt him pull her closer. She was ready to pull him into the back room. So she did. She eased out of his arms and grabbed his hand. She lead him through the door that said employee's only. Then up the stairs. She didn't stop until she reached her room. She struggled to open her door as he kissed his way down her neck.

Instead of opening it she turned around and caught his mouth. As she wrapped her hands around his neck. He leaned her against the door. Then when she least expected it opened it and caught her before she fell.

He laughed at her pouty face. " Sorry babe" he said. He then picked her up and layed her on her bed. Before he layed down with her he felt a hand on his sholder. He turned surprised he saw an angry face he had never seen before his world went black and all he hear was Liz's scream