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Title:Changing Faces(possiblity I might change the name)
Author:Not of this earth a.k.a Ala
Summary:AU NO ALIENS.Liz goes through a transformation after a tragedy happens.Liz POV.
Disclaimer:I own nothing ROSWELL.It all belongs to whomever it belongs to now.WB.UPN.20centuryFox. Scifi channel.


As I laid there with the blood pooling around me,I thought...Well actually I'm getting ahead of myself.I should start from the beginning...


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I'm Liz Parker and I used to have the perfect life.I had a mom,a dad,an annoying little brother,even a dog,Pugsy. I loved that dog.Anyway,back to what I was talking about,my oh-so perfect life.I was head cheerleader, popular,I even had the jock boyfriend,Kyle Valenti, to top it off.I did chairity functions with Isabel Evans,fellow cheerleader,sometimes party friend.I worked in my parents cafe,the Crashdown,with Maria,my best friend. Yes I had friends,I wasn't that shallow.Hell I don't think I was shallow at all.Sweet little perfect Lizzy Parker.Back to friends.Yea I had true friend two to really count.Alex was the other best friend.Together we were the three muskateers.A bit corny I know but we had been friends since forever.Like I said my life was perfect.

I could go on for hours about what life for me used to be like,but I'll stop for now.I'm tired of remembering my little brother's silly jokes,my dad's behr hugs,my mom's singing.It's all gone.The things that were so great.You're probably wondering what happened to me.Well lets just say life screwed me over.

Liz closed the colaged looking book and started to make her way through the busy streets to the subway. Still remembering all the things she used to be,used to have,but wasn't anymore.She entered the sewer and looked around at her new 'family' and wanted to cry,not because she didn't like her new 'family' she just wanted her old one back.She put the book in the drawer next to the bed.She took off her close and crawled into bed with her lover,Max.As she drifted off to sleep her last thought was of that fateful day that her life changed.


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Hello everyone

First off,I would be nuts if I thought Liz didn't think Max was good enough.I kind of forgot to mention that there was other people in the sewer with them.Meaning she wasn't really looking at MAX when she had the thought. But others.You'll see what I mean when I get this thing going.

Second,I need your help.All of you.What do you want to read about next.Liz's past or Liz life now?

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