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Title: The Battle for Antar and Liz
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. ~boo hoo~
Summary: read and find out. This is an AU fic.
Rating: prolly PG-13 THROUGH R
Pairings: M/l and some M/M and some A/I
Author’s note: I decided to make a past fic. And AU fic.

Part One

Antar was a desert wasteland. Cactus and stubby plants were the only plant life in most of the world. Most the lush green rainforest were cut, some common animals became extinct. The air was stale, so stale that most humans suffocated from lack of beautiful oxygen. Antarians died in a tremendous amount that everywhere you may go you could see graves lied down next to each other. And there was an army that caused all of it.
The army consisted of betrayers who wanted to take over. But there were places where the army hadn’t reached yet, and in those fertile lands, there was one man and woman that could prevent the army from taking over the planet that people call Antar.
That one man was a warrior for his planet. He was handsome, with dark hair and mesmerizing eyes. He could fight better than the leader of the army. But he didn’t understand his power. He had a symbol on his right shoulder that looked like a V constellation. He knew it meant something great, but he didn’t want to learn about it. But he didn’t have a choice.
The one woman was cursed with the gift of seeing things from the past, present, and future. She could also lift things with her mind. And she was cursed with beauty. She had a mark on her left shoulder of a constellation. When she met the man, it was love at first sight. But there was a problem. She was the enemy’s sorcerer. And he was supposed to kill her.

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Part 2

"I hav called this meeting to adjust some things about th enemys advance on antar-"
Sean Deluca stopped in the middle of his sentence as 2 men appeared out of the dense forest.
the men were wearing hoods, they're face covered.
"Ah they're u are," Saen's Father said, his old hand pointing to the one with a knife on his belt.
sean Deluca's father through out a bag to them, holding rubies.
"Father taht is the last of our treasury!!!"
one of them took they're hood off, and Sean realized he was the prince of Antar, Max evans. and the person beside him was second in command, Micheal Guerin.
"U hired the royal court?!??!"
Sean's father ignored his son and told Max that that was the 50 rubies taht they needed.
Finally Max spoke.
"Thank u. We will now kill whoever u watn us to kill."
"I want u to kill Khivar's Sorceror, Liz parker."
"A Woman???"

thas al..... sry its soooo short.