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Provence's story, which is beautiful so go read it NOW..well after this, gave me the need to write my own short story.

Author: Eden aka Melpomene
Title: The one he couldn't save
Pairing: M/L
Rating: pg-13
Disclaimer: Short story, only hope and the idea are mine. The rest belong to Jason Katims. Damn him. He could've just sold them to me. I would've had tons of fun.

She knew that her time was up and she started to feel that peacefulness set upon her. Her husband, soulmate, the man she loved, had not left her side since she got sick. He sat there with their 3 year old daughter, Hope, in his lap. He hadn't let go of her hand and her daughter kept smoothing her hair.

"Oh my god...MARIA, ISABEL!!"
"What is it chica?"
"It's blue, it's blue"

She could still picture the tears in Isabel's eyes and the joy on Maria's. When she told Max, he hugged her so tight she believe that she would never get a breath in, but she did. After she had Hope, she thought everything was perfect and right. But it wasn't.

"Hello, Dr. Matthews. You said my results were in.."
"Liz, I don't know how to say this, but you have a brain tumor...a cancerous brain tumor. We could try to remove, but there's an almost definate chance you'll die in the process. It's connected too too many nerves and arteries."
The phone just fell from her hand.

Max had tried to heal her numerous times, but everytime he was shot across the room. She was going to die and he couldn't stop it.

Liz let out a sigh as thought raced through her mind. She could barely talk because of the air tube in her throat. She would never see Hope's first day of school, or when she lost her first tooth. She would never be there when she had her first 'that time of the month'. She would never be there for her first date or her first kiss. She would never see her go to prom or graduate. She'd never see her wedding.

A solitary tear leaked from her eye and Hope wiped it away.
"It's okay mommy. Daddy and I love you. You're gonna get better."
Liz let out a strangled sob.
"Hope honey, go out to Aunt Isabel."
"Okay daddy." She kissed her mothers cheek and left.
"Oh Liz. I love you, I'm so sorry that I can't fix this or help. I just..." Max cried freely for the first time infront of Liz. She touched his cheek and gave him a weak smile, grasping his hand with her other.
She felt her eyes getting heavy and she gave him one last smile, before letting the darkness take over her.
"Liz...Liz? Liz baby wake up? Please......Liz. LIZ!" Max heard the loud, steady ring of her dead heart beat on the monitor. He looked back at Liz's peaceful face that still wore her beautiful smile. He layed his head on her chest and cried for the one he couldn't save.

~I felt like I needed to write that for some reason. I don't know why.~
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Thank you so much you guys! I'm glad that you all liked it!*big*

m14- you never know. I might just turn that into a full fledged fic. Guess you'll just have to wait and see. *big**wink*
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I'm really glad you liked it mystical and michaela you are like my favorite reader, lol you know that?

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Thank you both oh so very much. *big* I put some into awe, so I must be doing something right.