Just a goofy fic.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, the world was almost reversed. At least that is how it may seem. You see this tale is told from a different point of view. A dolphins point of view. You see this tale is told about a place called Dolphin Kingdom. In Dolphin Kingdom, dolphins are as human as you and I.

King Max was the ruler of Dolphin Kingdom, along with his wife Queen Elizabeth, who was known as Queen Liz. The couple had two kids. Princess Emily, and Prince Samson, who went by Emmy, and Sammy. King Max’s enemy was King Khivar, the king of Sharkdoina. King Khivar knew that Princess Emmy and Prince Sammy was the king and queen’s only weakness. He knew that by getting them he could get King Max to do what ever he wanted.

One day King Max and Queen Liz were going to the city next to where the palace was for the birth of King Max’s sister’s first child. They were supposed to bring the kids with them but sadly Princess Emmy got a cold so both Prince Sammy and Princess Emmy stayed home. The city in which the palace was located was called Antar, and was about two hours away from the city Lorcroft, where the king’s sister lived. As soon as they exited Antar’s city gates Queen Liz got a bad feeling. Thinking it was because she had never been separated from the kids she shook it off. Nothin bad would happen, her parents were watching them. Instead she looked forward to seeing old friends at the ceremony in Lorcoft.

As soon as Khivar saw the king’s carriage pull out of the ity gates he ordered his plans to be put in motion. He wanted to kidnap the royal children. Lonnie and Rath were his best men, er persons to do the job. Lonnie and Rath slipped into the castle unnoticed as they were dressed as gaurds and kidnapped the two children while they happily plays Tunaland. Lonnie grabbed Prince Sammy while Rath grabbed Princess Emily. Khivar met them with his carriage and they quickly exited the palace gated.

For twelve years the royal children grew in Sharkdonia raised by the evil shark king Khivar. Only the royal children had been raised with so much the love their first four years they never turned towards evil. Meanwhile, King Max and Queen Liz moved their closest family and second-in-command into the palace to keep everyone better protected. One day, the kings second-in-command , Lord Michael, and the king’s brother-in-law, Lord Alexander came up with a plan to free the royal children. King Max, Lord Michael, and Lord Alex would storm the palace, while Queen Liz, Lady Maria and Lady Isabel would stay at home with the younger children

The plan went off successfully and within hours Princess Emily and Prince Sammy were back home in Dolphin Kingdom with family, friends, and six younger sibilings.

A few months later Princess Emily married Lord Michael and Lady Maria’s son the Duke Elliot, while Prince Sammy, who likes to be called Samson now, married King Kyle and Queen Tess’s daughter of the neighboring kingdom, Princess Skylar.

A year later, Princess Emily gave birth to twins, Princess Katherine Elizabeth and Prince Jesse Maxwell. And they all lived happily ever after.

Well? I no I no. Dumb huh? We had to write fairy tales for a school project and I based mine on my fave roswell couple.