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Title: Practical Magic~Roswell Style
Author: Morrigan Undomiel(Danie)
Rating: It will change. I will get dirtier. I promise.
Category: AU M/L M/M
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me. They belonged to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, UPN, etc. etc.
Summary: Ok this is based on Practical Magic. Umm there is no posession though. Just a haunting. I kept a bunch of the stuff the same, and the rest, you'll just have to find out!

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Part 1

Magic is everywhere in everyone. It is apart of us, inside our very hearts. The next time you think there is nothing special about you, remember:
“There’s a little witch in all of us.”
This is a story of two sisters and the magic in their lives. They were blessed with a wonderful gift, passed down to them by the women in their ancestry. They were in turn blessed with their gifts by the first Owens woman ever to set foot on the island where Owens women would reside for generations to come. “But with the sweet, comes the sour.” They were cursed by Isabel Owens legacy and the promise she made to herself that no man would ever hurt her. This promise soon turned into a hex on all Owens women and it has been that way ever since…

Maria and Liz Owens walked hand in hand to the large house where their two aunts awaited them. On a normal day, the ten year olds would be ecstatic that they were coming to visit their Aunts, who always had something interesting to show them, and wonderful surprises waiting around every corner. But this was not a normal day and this wasn’t just a visit. Their mother had died, and their lives were changed forever. The even more tragic fact was that their father was dead also, and this was why they now walked the cobblestone path to the mysterious house that held their future. Maria let the tears slip down her cheeks holding her head down as if in some eternal prayer for her mother’s memory. Liz however, kept her head high, trying to give her sister some of her courage. “It will be alright.” She reassured her, never saying a word.
“What makes you so sure.” Maria whispered back, though never using her lips to answer.
“Because we have Aunt Morrigan and Serena, and we have each other remember forever and always.” Maria looked up at Liz and smiled. They didn’t need to say anything more. They reached the welcoming arms of their aunts and gripped the ancient women tightly, inhaling their scent of herbs and magic. The smell of magic was every good smell you could imagine, the earth, flowers, rain on a summer’s day, and the very air when it carried all of nature in it. They looked up at their relatives and saw their sad eyes for they were also mourning the loss of Maria and Liz’s mother.
“Hello girls”, Said Morrigan warmly, “Come on inside.”
“We have some things to tell you dears.” Serena added, an ominous tone to her voice.
“Oh honestly Serena are you trying to scare the children to death!”
“I’m just telling them!”
“In the most morbid fashion you could?”
“Oh you.”
As the two women continued to bicker, Maria and Liz giggled a little. This certainly made them feel better; watching the entertaining way their aunts loved to argue. The heavy fabric from their intricately embroidered robes swirled about in clouds of dark and light while they each made their points with flourished hand movements. Liz tugged on Aunt Morrigan’s dark velvet robe, decorated with beautiful floral designs in every color, while Maria tugged on Aunt Serena’s cream vintage sundress whose trailing sleeves reached the floor. Both women looked at the girls immediately, dropping whatever subject they were arguing about.
“Yes dears?” they asked simultaneously.
“Umm…can we go inside, and have some chocolate cake?” Liz asked.
Both women smiled and picked up the girls’ tiny suitcases.
“Of course you can!” Morrigan said loudly.
“You can have whatever you want dears and then we’ll go in the back and talk.”
The four walked into the house.
The aunt’s home was built on a beautiful island in New England that was cut off from the rest of the town they lived in. This was one of the reasons why there were so many rumors surrounding them. The interior of the house was just as lovely as the outside. There was a twisting staircase, a warm living room, a quaint dining room, and charming décor that made the house seem a living personality itself. The girls loved this house and always felt comfortable there. The garden was full of herbs and other helpful ingredients, the kitchen was always full of delicious or interesting smells, the beds were always warm and the aunts were always there, with their wise words and quirky idiosyncrasies. Maria, Liz, Morrigan, and Serena all gathered in the old-fashioned country kitchen and Serena retrieved the cake from the window.
“Fresh baked girls I hope you like it.” Maria and Liz’s mouths were already salivating at the thought of the rich creamy chocolate icing. Morrigan cut them each a big slice and passed it to them.
“Come on girls we’ll eat this outside.”
The backyard of the Owens house was just as beautiful and mysterious as the rest of it. The view of the ocean as it beat against the rocks and sang it’s sad song of the island’s history took the girls breath away every time. The girls thought of their mother and let the tears fall again. Maria looked up at Serena her green eyes swimming with tears.
“Aunt Serena, why did my mommy die?” Liz gasped. Her chocolate brown eyes went wide with disbelief. A lump caught in her throat and she felt like she was choking. Her Aunt Morrigan sat her down on a white garden chair and Serena did the same with Maria. The Aunts went to the chairs opposite them and placed their untouched pieces of cake on the glass table. They looked at the girls for a minute; their ageless eyes dim with sorrow. Serena stroked her hip length blonde hair and closed her ice green eyes. Morrigan kept her dark purple eyes on the girls while her feathery black hair curled around her face.
“My dear your mother died of a broken heart.” Liz and Maria felt confused at this, but somehow, deep within they understood.
“Because of Daddy?”
“Yes because of your father…girls there’s something we must tell you, about who you are and where you come from.”
“Don’t be frightened dears, it is nothing bad, it is just a little hard to accept.”
“Serena let me finish will you?”
“Oh alright alright, I’m just trying to comfort them.” Morrigan shot an annoyed looked at her sister and cleared her throat. She began the story with a swish of her robes.
“Alright girls this is the story of your family history. By now you must have figured out that your mother was, well, different. There was something special about her just as there is something special about you. My dears you have a gift the gift of magic!” Liz and Maria looked at her a little shocked but not very surprised. They had known their mommy to do wonderful things. They focused on their aunt absorbing every word.
“You come from a proud line of magical women, dating all the way back to the 1600’s and the first Owens woman on this island.”
“Isabel Owens?”
“Why yes Lizzie dear Isabel Owens. How did you know that?”
“Mommy told us a little bit about her.” Maria interrupted.
“Well Isabel Owens was a beautiful woman. With long blonde hair and almost mystical eyes, she broke quite a few hearts in her day, being known as the Ice Princess for her lack of seriousness in any relationship she started, and usually ended. She was very independent. The townspeople were always very frightened of her and she lived on the outskirts of the village, alone. They wanted her far away though, further than she already was to their quiet little town. So one day they gathered up the courage, they stalked their way to her cottage and told her to either get out of town or to be hung as a witch. Isabel’s heart was breaking and she scanned the crowd for her current lover whom she had fallen deeply in love with. She thought they had made a silent promise with a quick gaze at each other to reunite, so sadly, yet willingly she left and came to this island awaiting her lover. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and he did not come to her. Meanwhile his handiwork had her left pregnant and alone to fend for herself. As the baby grew so did her sadness and her anger. One day in a fit of rage and despair, she promised herself that no man would ever be allowed to hurt her again. As her despair grew so did that promise until it became a hex on all Owens women. And now my dears, any man that falls for an Owens woman is doomed to die.”
Liz’s mouth dropped open, she could hear Maria crying again at her side. She couldn’t believe that. Her daddy died because of a curse? It made her angry, angry with Isabel Owens.
“I hate her.” She exclaimed to be met with looks of surprise by the aunts.
“She killed my daddy.” Maria cried out and ran into the house. Liz followed her trying to catch up. Serena started to rise when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“Let them get used to it.”
“Oh pish tosh! Get used to it! Something that might not even be true.”
“Of course it’s true! Look at the history of this family Rena, every man ever involved with this family has ended up six feet under.” Serena slumped down beside Morrigan.
“I suppose your right. Still you could just pretend you don’t believe it for their sake. Give them a chance to be in love Morgy.”
“Yes I know. But we had to tell them now, they won’t believe us when they get older.”
Liz followed Maria up to the bedrooms on the second floor. She caught up to her after she had flung herself on the bed and hid under the sheets. Liz’s heart constricted to see her sister in so much pain. She was aching too, but she tried to stay strong. She walked over to the bed and crawled into the sheets with her. She gripped her close and kept quiet, knowing Maria would talk to her soon enough. Liz closed her eyes and let the tears slip out missing her mother and father terribly. It wasn’t fair, losing both her parents so soon. She wished that they would burst through the bedroom door right now and scoop she and her sister up in a big hug. She held onto that dream for a minute until she was interrupted by Maria.
“Liz…do you miss them?”
“Of course I do! Just as much as you.”
“Do you really think the curse killed daddy?”
“I don’t know. I don’t want to think that daddy died just because he was with mommy but it’s hard to believe anything else.” The girls sat up and Maria rested her head on Liz’s shoulder. They were still in their black dresses from the funeral and their hair was back in tight braids. Liz looked around, her eyes trying to memorize her new home. Maria followed Liz’s eyes and she rested her hand on her sister’s.
“You’re trembling Maria! Are you ok?”
“Yes. I’m just a little scared.”
“Well don’t be. Remember it’s not as if we’re living with strangers. It’s the aunts! We’re going to have fun.”
“No it’s not that. It’s about what’s going to happen when we grow up. What if we fall in love? Will the curse kill the guys we fall in love with?” Liz didn’t say anything. She just thought about that awful possibility, of losing more people she cared about. She didn’t know if she could take that.
“I hope I never fall in love.” She said quietly. Maria looked at her in surprise.
“You mean not ever?”
“Yes. Not ever. I don’t want the boy I like to die because of me.”
“What if there is a guy who is meant to be with you and can break the curse?”
“I’ll never find a guy like that.”
“Yes you will.” Maria admonished. “We both will. We’ll find our soul mates and live happily ever after.” Maria smiled, this topic made her feel better.
“What will your soul mate look like Liz.” Liz rolled her eyes at her sister’s boycraziness. She always had a weakness for guys and talking about them never failed to make her feel better. She decided to humor her because if she didn’t Maria would hound her the whole night. She conjured up the image of her true love. It cheered her up as well, thinking about love, so she divulged the details with a smile on her face.
“Well…he’ll have dark hair. Dark eyes. A lot of dark. He’ll be tall, and have a pretty smile. He’ll be sensitive, and passionate.”
“What’s passionate mean?”
“…I don’t know but it’s a good thing.”
“Ok then. My guy will be passionate too. I want him to have spiky hair. And pretty green eyes, like me. He’ll be fun too.” Liz smiled mischievously.
“Let’s hope he’s not too much like you Maria or you guys would fight all the time.”
Maria pouted her full lips.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Well, its hard enough just living with one of you.” Liz giggled wildly as Maria jumped on her and pummeled her playfully.
“That’s so mean Liz!!!!!” She laughed loudly as Liz tickled her sides. The two girls were soon fighting and romping around on the big bed, until their hair was sticking up wildly, their dresses were crumpled and they were both exhausted. They lay down on the bed and tucked the sheets up to their chin. Maria was the first to fall asleep and Liz watched her for a minute. She smiled sleepily and tucked a lock of her sister’s hair behind her ear.
“I love you Ria.” Though she was fast asleep, Maria smiled and whispered.
“Love you too Lizzie.”
Liz stared up at the ceiling drifting slowly off to sleep. She thought about her “true love”. She thought about the curse. Well it would never get her. She would escape it, so she would never hurt as her mommy had hurt. Her last words before falling asleep was a determined.
“I hope I never fall in love.”

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Part 2

**8 years later**

Lizzie Owens lay awake in her four poster bed. She gazed blankly into the darkness, aching for something. I wish I was in love she sighed to herself. It was ironic that this was now her biggest wish when she had been in this very bed 8 years ago wishing the exact opposite. But a lot had changed in 8 years and she wanted a normal life. She wanted to experience what it would be like to walk through the streets and not be met with stares and glares. The aunts had told her and Ria to ignore them and realize how special they were.
“They don’t understand you girls that’s all, they’re just scared.”
Liz wished with all her heart they wouldn’t be. She wanted to be able to smile at them and have them smile back. Meanwhile, when not faced with reality she and Ria had become strong. They had an intimate knowledge of the plants and potions in their aunt’s spell books and had become in tune with the power of nature. It helped Liz cope with the outside world when she did magic. It made her feel peaceful and content. Then the night came, when all she could dream about was someone who would come to take her away and give her the normal life she craved. She sighed.


She sat up. ‘Ria?’ Turning on the light, she looked around her room. No one there.

“Where are you?” She projected her voice to her sister trying to concentrate. They had gotten better at the telepathy thing, but it still needed improvement. They could only do it at short distances.

“In my room silly! Lizzie Bear come here I need help!”

“Do I have to? I’m trying to get some sleep.”

“Yes! If you love me you will come here!’

Liz groaned. She always used that argument on her. Admitting defeat she swung her legs to the side of the bed and trudged her way to the bedroom next door. She opened the door and was greeted with the sight of her sister, fully dressed in her tightest jeans and red cut off tank with her long blonde hair in disarray, making out with a rather large and burly young man. She rolled her eyes.

“Hi Jack.” The boy turned and gave her a goofy smile.

“Hey…Jill?” Liz flashed him a fake smile.

“Getting closer.” Maria laughed and playfully punched Jack on the arm.

“Sweetie you know it’s Liz. My sister and best friend in the whole world.” To Liz the last part of her statement sounded like it was meant more for her rather than Jack. She flicked her two long thick braids over her shoulders, straightened her overlarge sweater and walked up to Maria with a confused look on her face.

“Ria what the heck is going on?”

“Lizzie Bear…please don’t freak out. Please.”
Liz looked over her sister’s shoulder to see a suitcase packed and her drawers empty. She widened her eyes in realization.

“Your RUNNING AWAY!” she screeched.

“Shh! Yes I am. With Jack.”

“But why??!!”

“Why? Why? Do I need a reason? I hate it here Liz. I’m cooped up; I can’t live my life. I wanna get away somewhere I can have fun without any worries.”

“What about the magic. I thought you loved that!”

“I do love it. But I can always come back here and do it again right? But the real world won’t come to me. I have to go to it.” Liz turned away from Maria and began to cry. She whirled around again with an angry look on her face.

“What about me? You want to leave me behind?” Maria’s face fell. She had forgotten about that.

“Well come with me!” she exclaimed. “Come with me and we’ll have so much fun Lizzie!!”
Liz looked down.

“I can’t Ria. You know I can’t leave the aunts. And we’re both only eighteen. This entire plan is crazy! Do you love Jack enough to just run off with him?” Maria’s eyes welled with unshed tears. There was so much she wanted to say, but she knew Liz had made her decision. Instead of crying she smiled widely.

“No I don’t love him. But I need a sugar daddy right? Someone willing to take me where I want to go.”

“And where is that?”


Liz smiled. That was her sister, blindly pushing her way through life. No plan, no thought for anybody except getting her own way. Still she loved her with all her heart, and she knew Ria loved her too.

“I’m gonna miss you Ria.” Maria let the tears run down her cheeks.

“I’m gonna miss you too Lizzie Bear.” The girls hugged and cried openly. Jack shifted his feet around uncomfortably.


The girls sighed. Maria walked over to Jack and whispered something to him. He smiled and grabbed her suitcase.

“Ok. Meet you downstairs.” He walked onto the balcony and jumped off.

“Wow Ria.”

“Yeah I know.” Maria walked to the balcony and Liz followed. Neither said anything for a moment or two.

“I feel your going away forever.”

“Of course I'm not! We’ll be together forever and always remember? This is only for a little while. I’ll be back before you know it.”

Liz hugged her sister for the last time, before she swung her legs over the balcony and disappeared through the picket gate with Jack in tow, laughing and giggling all the way. She slowly made her way back to her room. She wondered if she should tell the aunts, but decided against it. They would find out in the morning. She climbed back into bed and cried for a long time. Now she didn’t even have her sister. Life was beginning to suck. She stared into space, trying to get to sleep. Half an hour later, her eyes were still wide. She got up and went out on her balcony to stare at the sky. She felt like she had a hole in her heart, one of those empty spaces waiting to be filled. She stared at the stars and ached for that true love she had shunned so long ago. If only he was real waiting for her, then maybe her current lonely existence would seem like nothing. But there was no one on the other side, no one meant for her. Things like that just didn’t exist.

Far away, a young dark haired boy awoke from his sleep. He felt something in the air whispering for him, compelling him somewhere. Where that was he didn’t know. He laughed. That sounded crazy even in his head. He got up and looked out his window at the stars. They seemed alive tonight. He got a vision in his head, of a dark haired girl. He chuckled ‘Wet dreams?’ That’s what woke me up? He closed the window and jumped back into bed. He drifted off to sleep with his dream girl on his mind.

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Hey look who's updating!! This may be short, but still it's an update. I have to work gradually. And I'm lazy. I know I know lazy is the evil that I must defeat. Ah well.

A/N- Just so we're clear the letters take place over the course of like a year or something. It's not every letter that they wrote to each other as there is a huge gap between some of what happened but it's a basic outline. I wanted to do it that way cause I thought it would skip to the juciness faster than having all these parts about her life with Alex that I"m sure not many of you are willing to go into. I don't know how many True Bluers there are reading my story but I know that I'm a Dreamer and I want to get to the Candiness and the Dreamerness. Alright on we go.

Part 3

*4 years later*

Liz heard muffled yelling coming from outside her door. She groaned and pulled her pillow over her head.

“Lizzie!! Wake up darling!”

“Lizzie Bear why are you still sleeping?”

‘Maybe because it’s 8 in the morning’ she grumbled to herself. Why do the aunts insist on waking me up this early every…Sunday! RIA DAY! This was the day she usually got mail from her! She scrambled out of bed unbraiding her hair quickly finger combing it and ran to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and pulled a pair of jeans and light blue sweater. She rushed down the spiral suitcase to be greeted by the sight of the aunts casually making tea smiling at each other.

“Morning.” She sat and picked up a cup and a piece of toast. Sipping gingerly, she let her eyes wander to the aunts. Morrigan was chuckling to herself over some invisible joke. Serena was reading the paper gasping quietly as she read the daily horrors of the world. Liz giggled at the fact that they had and never would change. As time progressed her foot tapped impatiently against the chair. ‘Why aren’t we leaving?’ Tap tap tap. Tick tick tick. Gasp gasp gasp. Chuckle chuckle chuckle.

“AHH!” The aunts quickly turned.

“What’s the matter Lizzie?”

“Aren’t we going now?”

“To do what?” Serena asked innocently.

“To get the mail!”

“Oh that.” Morrigan mused.


“Well of course dear if you want.”

The three headed out and walked on the path that led to town. Liz smelled the crisp New England air and could feel it in her blood. She casually identified various shrubs and plants and could feel the magic in her very heart. When they reached town, they were greeted with the suspicious glares and stares of the local townsfolk awakening slowly in the early morning. The fruit vendors were out and various merchants getting ready for the new day.

“Hello.” Liz turned to see Serena greeting the early risers only to be rewarded with turned heads and contemptuous huffs. Liz rolled her eyes but felt the ache inside. As they passed a vendor unpacking strawberries Liz spied a tall skinny young man, about her age with dark brown hair and a beautiful smile helping him. She was intrigued. He looked up and their eyes locked. It was a tiny spark that rumbled between them but both could feel it. She smiled. He smiled.

“Oof!” Liz cried as she tripped over a box. She went down hard banging her elbow and knee.

“Oh Lizzie!” cried Morrigan.

“Oh dear are you all right?” questioned Serena.

“I’m…ow! No, I’m alright.” Liz tried to get up but felt the pain in her knee and decided against it. Then she felt a pair of arms lifting her. She turned to face the cute delivery boy she had tripped head over heels for. He was cuter up close.

“Are…you ok?” he whispered shyly.

“Umm, yeah I’ll be ok.” They stood locked in each others arms and eyes smiling, not saying a word.

“Uh, you can let me up, I’m ok now.”

“Oh! Oh yeah right.”

“Thanks by the way.”

“No problem whatsoever.”

Liz wanted to know his name but was afraid that he would ask her name, since he obviously didn’t know whom she was, and then all stories he had probably heard about her family would scare him off. Sigh. There was no way she couldn’t tell him though, he was bound to ask.

“What’s your name?” There. Predictable.

“Uh…um…Liz…Owens.” His eyes widened in recognition.

“Oh the witch family!” Liz felt a tiny prick in her heart.


“Cool. I’m Alex Whitman, I just moved here to be with my family. I was at college when I realized I wanted to live the quiet life so as soon as I graduated I came back here and…this must be really boring for you. Sorry for rambling.”

‘Cool?’ ‘That’s it, cool?’ No ‘Oh my god the witch family I need to run away!’ ‘Just cool.’ Liz couldn’t believe it. He didn’t run from her. Heck he didn’t even seemed to mind it all that much. She looked at the now identified Alex Whitman and her heart skipped a beat. No two beats.

“Hello Liz?”

“Oh! Oh I’m sorry, lost somewhere else. Um I was interested in your story though don’t say sorry for rambling I don’t mind.”

“Well that’s good.”



“Listen Liz, I uh, maybe we could, uh-”

“LIZZIE! Lizzie bear!” Liz flushed with embarrassment as she saw her aunts flagging her down over Alex’s shoulder. She looked at him again and saw that he was smiling.

“Lizzie Bear?”

“Yeah unfortunate family nickname.”

“Oh I see. I like it.”

“Well I’m glad. And yes.”


“Yes to the question you were going to ask me.”

“Uh, what question?”

“Where you were going to ask me out?”
Liz had no idea what had come over her, but she felt bold. It was as if forces were driving her to him and she had to take a chance.

“You mean you would go out with me?” Alex felt the force too but was still amazed a beautiful girl like Lizzie Owens would date him.

“Yes of course I would.”

The attraction was palpable and Liz felt a little scared. Was it magic? Magic was involved in every aspect of her life why not her love life? Who knew, all that she knew was that it was undeniable.

“Alright! Umm go to a movie and then dinner?”

“Umm how about a picnic in the forest? I’ll bring the food, you bring the blanket?”

Alex visibly gulped when he heard her plans. The forest, secluded private, where a couple could be totally alone and do whatever they want? Although it sounded a bit forward for a first date Alex wanted to go. Something was pulling him towards Liz and he wasn’t about to stop it.

“Ok. That sounds like an even better idea.”

Liz and Alex stared at each other a hidden agreement passing between them.

“Lizzie! Darling! We must be getting back!”

“Do you really have to go?”

“…Yes. We’re not really the most popular people here.”

“Well I’m looking forward to…”


“Right. Tomorrow.”

Liz didn’t want to go but reluctantly started walking to the aunts. They both wore wide mischievous grins.

“Shut up. The both of you.”

They laughed.

“Well dear we’re going to get some fruit, you can head up to the house and read Ria’s letter.”

Liz’s heart raced. Ria had written! She hadn’t heard from her in a month.

“Oh and she’s in California.” Serena yelled back as she threw the letter into Liz’s hands.

Dear Lizzie,
Well I don’t know how but I’m California. I guess I had just found some friends who were looking for adventure, and well knowing myself, I naturally wanted to come along. Oh you should be here Lizzie Bear the scenery is beautiful, the men are gorgeous, and people are always ready to party. I’m in L.A. right now; it’s a bit of a tough town but I’ve managed to adapt to its ways. But that was just the first week, the second week I met Billy. Billy Boyd. Liz I don’t know how to describe him or what happened but all I know is I’m in love. I just can’t believe how amazing he is. He looks at me like I’m a goddess. He treats me like I’m something precious and sexual and wonderful and I can’t get enough. And he’s strong Lizzie. He’s so strong. I’ve been here for three weeks and I’m going to New Mexico in two. Billy says he wants to explore America’s other beautiful resources. Corny I know but it made me blush. But I miss you Lizzie. I miss you more than anything. Sometimes I dream about us seeing each other again and I’m awakened to the sound of my own crying. I can’t wait to see you. I know we’ll be together soon. I promise we’ll be together soon.

Forever and Always,Ria

Dear Ria,
Sigh. Things are finally coming together in my life. I remember your letter 3 months ago telling
Me about California and Billy and I remembered how happy I was for you. Well it’s time for you to be happy for me. I’m getting married Ria. I found someone that I can love. His name is Alex and he’s everything I want. He’s simple (a college graduate fruit vendor!), he’s sweet, and he adores me. I felt something pulling me to him Ria and I couldn’t stop it. I was scared at first but now, I realize how perfect it all is. You found the one you love when I found the one I love.
Do you remember the curse Aunt Morrigan and Serena told us about? Well I don’t believe in it anymore. It used to scare me at night like a bad dream becoming reality. But now, I feel as if it all lifted and I feel free. I think I can be happy. I think I can live a normal life now and not have to worry about the whispers and stares. I’m going to walk down that aisle and then out of that church with the knowledge that I Elizabeth Owens (soon to be Whitman) will have the perfect life. I just wish you could be here for it. Damnit Ria do come if you can, I miss you terribly and I’m not accepting that excuse that you got sidetracked in Arizona. Ok well maybe I am but still you haven’t been home in forever! What’s it going to take a natural disaster? (Forget I said that, I don’t want to jinx myself.) You’re my sister and I want you to be my maid of honor. I promise my dresses aren’t even ugly (well I don’t think so). Just, come home soon. The aunts miss you. I miss you. And I want to see this Billy fella. You guys have really stuck it out. That’s something new and different for you. Just kidding. Ria you should see how happy I am. I hope now that your dreams of me won’t make you cry, but smile. I know mine of you do. I miss you. Write or come home soon.

Forever and Always,
Lizzie Bear

Dear Lizzie,
Well it’s been a month since your last letter so I guess your married by now. Congratulations Lizzie you’re all grown up! Married at 22 though that’s a bit too young for me. I signify marriage with slowing down and I’m just not ready to do that. Billy and I are great though. He’s gotten more intense if that’s possible. Sometimes it scares me, but I know that he would never hurt me. Well anyway how are you and Alex? Is married life agreeing with him? I’m sorry I couldn’t be there at your wedding Liz. You don’t know how much it hurt me. The thought of us missing all these important things in each other’s life fills me with an ache but I know that it’s only temporary. We’ll see each other again! The moon has been bright these last couple of days, a signal of a changes and new things coming to light (no pun intended). I’m watching the skies, and I hope you are too. I love you Lizzie Bear!


Dear Ria,
You came! You came to see Alexandria’s birth. I know you know that but I’m just still elated over the whole thing. The birth of my child (MINE!), the fact you came to help me through it and you got to meet Alex. I hoped you liked him. I’m sorry Billy was busy in Montana, but there always be a place for him. Oh come back soon Ria! I need you here. I know you’re off living the exotic life, but I’m here with a baby girl and one rather flustered and happy father. He’s going nuts Ria. He doesn’t even want to pick her up, he’s afraid he’ll drop her. I know it’s funny picturing him like that, but I swear he even goes out and buys things she won’t need for years in “preparation”. But in the end it’s adorable. He loves her more than life itself. He wants another one right away actually, so coughwe’vebeenworkingonthatcough. You should see us Ria. Everything is just so perfect. The aunts are having a great time with their new great niece. They are already trying to teach her magic, but seeing as how she can’t even crawl yet, I don’t think they’ll get much luck. Come back soon Ria, maybe for the birth of our second child (future hint, hint).