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Title: The Four Sisters
Author: Sweetivy420
Disclaimer: Don’t own anything I reference to or Roswell yadda yadda yadda

Isabel- Fire (she controls fire makes them appear when her mind wills it) (Subconscious Mind control)
Liz- Earth (She controls anything in the plane of reality in the Earth like for example She can move people and object she can disappear into Earth it will be better explained as the story progresses) (Conscious mind control)
Tess- Water (She can turn herself into water control it and all that good stuff) (Also Subconscious mind reading)
Maria- Air (She controls the weather kind of like storm on X-Men) (Conscious mind reading too)

They can all move any object with their mind and Have premonitions. They have a gaurdian angel named Jacob. He tells them where danger is how to fight it pretty much the just of Leo on Charmed

Max, Michael Kyle and Alex are Aliens they live in Roswell as Always waiting for their war they are the important parts of the army that is to come to Earth one day and Kill Kivar who is hiding somewhere. Ok I am giving away to much so read and tell me what you think.

Also I took alot of these things from some movies and shows and meshed it all together Charmed, Practical Magic, The Craft. It is not a crossover. So don’t expect to see Sandra Bullock and Nicole kidman to come in somewhere down the line. So on with the story................

Part 1

“Tess!!” Liz screamed down the stairs at her sister who she figured was having brekfast in the kitchen.

“What?” She heard Tess Yell back up the stairs at her sister with her Mouth full. She stood at the end on the stairs leading up to where Liz stood.

“Where is my skirt?” Liz asked furiously looking at her sister. Tess had her light blue skirt on that slit at the end with Liz’s White silk tank top on. Liz greeted her teeth at this Tess was the first person that she accused when it came to her missing clothes.

“I don’t know ask Maria you loaned it to her last.” Tess said starting back to the kitchen. “Now I have to go and open up the shop.” The four sisters owned a Pagan book store left to them from their mother one half is a bookstore and the other is a coffee shop..

Liz started to turn on her heel to go before shouting to Tess one more time. “And you better not stretch out my shirt with you big boobs.” She received Tess sticking her tongue out at her before continuing to her breakfast.

Liz started to go back to her room but stopped at Maria’s room She opened the door to the White colored room not an insane white more of a peaceful on. She saw Maria sleeping peacefully on the bed. “Maria!” she shouted with not getting a response from her she walked over to the side of the bed to wake her sister. Maria lifted her head to look at the intruder upon seeing it was Liz she mumbled something incoherent and layed her head back down. “Maria where is my skirt?” Liz asked hearing Maria mumble something again. “What?”

“Isabel has it.” She finally got out.; Liz looked at her sister and shook her head
“God I hate you in the mornings” Liz mummbled as she began to exit Maria’s room.

“Ditto” She mummbled back as Liz stepped into the hallway. She reached the door across from Maria’s to the deep red decorated room.

She wasn’t surprised to see her sister up she smiled when she saw her holding up her white skirt as she sat at her bay window. Grabbing it out of her hand she glanced at her sisters reading it was one of the spell books given to us down the line from our family there were our symbols on each book intrusted in each sister’s care. Isabel had the one with the symbol of fire on it.

“Next time I borrow something I will make sure to put down a deposit” Isabel said not looking up from her book.

“Come on I’m not that bad” Liz said rolling her eyes. Isabel’s head shot up from her book and looked at Liz.

“When you couldn’t find your brown clogs you started a worldwide search literlly you stared scurrying and truth spells hoping someone would fess up”

“I got them back” Liz said shrugging

“You found them under the couch” Isabel said. “After you gave up”

“I was also 13” Liz said

“Just proves your possessiveness over your clothes started at an early age” Isabel said with a smile. “So what part of the store are you working at today”

“Book Store. Well I’ll see you down their later try waking Maria up before you come down” Liz said walking to the door.

“Yeah right” Isabel said turning back down to her book.

Liz was now in her bedroom she loved when her mom let her decorate her room she helped her pick out all the decorations. Thinking about that day made her heart pang so she pushed it aside as she walked inside her room and putting on her skirt. She pulled her black tank top down over her head satisfied with her outfit she placed her black heels on and strode out of the room.

Down the kitchen steps and into the coffee shop she smiled at Tess who smirked back. She placed her elbows on the side of the counter.

“Find your skirt” She said with the smirk.

“Yeah sorry” Liz said walking behind the counter to start making herself a Mocha

“hey don’t worry about it” Tess said turning in her sisters direction she continued. “I have payback thought all out stretch your shirt until only my boobs can fit into it” Liz finished her Making her Mocha and turned to Tess to give her the evilest glare. Tess just let out a laugh she loved to get under her skin.

“Bitch” She said turning to walk through the small archway that led into the book store.

“I know” Tess yelled back.

Liz plopped down on the stool behind the counter, Setting herself comfortably and opening her book. This was her book every spell that was ever hers went down in this any powerful thoughts, premonitions, anything and everything they go through in their life of Magick. It was her own thought plane and she loved it.

The bell above her rang and she turned her head in the direction of the door to see something that would defiantly go down in her book she was staring studying the most soulful eyes she has ever seen............

TBC..................Tell me what you think. I will answer anyones questions if they need answering so feedback please


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Ok thank you everyone for the feedback. You have inspirspired me top keep going thank you agian and enjoy the next part.

Part 2

Liz has seen many things on this planet but nothing measured up to the wonderment in his eyes. She found herself smile inside like a light being turned on. When he looked at her he seemed to hold her gaze for what seemed like forever and then they broke it all of a sudden when Tess appeared snapping her fingers in front of Liz’s face.

“You still with me” Tess said still snapping her fingers. Liz grabbed her arm and lowered it blushing under her death glare at her sister. Tess just smirked but decided to give her an easy time. “Do you know where the new box of Bagels are?”” Tess asked looking at the guy who caught her sisters attention he was searching a rack of books. His back to her.

“I don’t know” Liz said finding her voice. “You could ask Maria.” Tess’s face fell and she scowled at her.

“Yeah I’m going to pass, last time I woke her up before 10 she punched me” Tess paused “I’ll just get Isabel” she said turning to leave but not before getting a look at Liz’s staring partner. He only turned around for a minuet then his back was turned to the books again Tess turned to Liz and mouthed ’hot’ Liz just smiled.

Her attention was back to her mystery man she noticed he was frowning at the row of books. Picking up all her nerve she approached him. “Can I help you?” She couldn’t help her grin that spread on her face as she leaned against the row of books and seemed to take in his scent it was extraordinary she had never smelled anything that smelled this good.

He paused looking at the angel that stood in front of him she was stunning he found it hard to find his voice upon finding it he was lost in her eyes. Her brown hair formed a curtain around her face for a minute he wondered what her hair would feel like between his fingers. Breaking the trance he began. “Yeah I’m a little lost” she smiled at him with a little laugh that warmed his heart. “Its my friends birthday and he has gotten into this religion he only has one book so I thought it would be nice to get him another one” Max finished

“What’s the religion?” She asked

“Budda?” he said looking at her doe eyes.

“Buddhism is over here” She said leading him to the rack of books that were over next to a display of decretive candles and totem bags. “Do you know how advanced he is?” She questioned looking at him pick up a book and stare at it in total confusion.

“Well he’s been into it for almost a year now but he has had the same book” He said not looking up from the books he was examining.

“I would go with this it kind of gives an overview of basics and then goes into a more advanced practice. but it should cover everything he needs.” She said handing him a paperback blue book he took it from her hands when he did his hand grazed hers ever so slightly. She felt a jolt and looked at him stunned by his expression she could tell he felt it too.

Just then they were interrupted. “Liz where are the bagels? Tess is having a fit she woke me up to find some freaking box of frozen bagels” Maria said in a huff she was wearing her long white robe over her flannel pj’s.

“I don’t know” Liz said looking at her sister kind of angry that they were interrupted twice by the bagel crisis. “Did you ask Isabel?” Her tone was irritated and Maria caught on.

“Yes I asked Isabel.” She said snidely back to her sister. Maria was oblivious to the guy that stood their watching their exchange.

Liz snapped her fingers pretending to really be thinking for a minute. “Under my bed I took them last night when my skirt came up missing” Liz said a annoyed forced smile across her face.

“I’ll go make other means of finding them.” Maria said sighing and walking off in a semi huff.

Liz turned around to her mystery man “Sorry” She said looking at him “Bagel crisis” she pointed behind her. “Their is always a morning rush that seems to invade and they seem to always want bagels with their coffee” she explained

“O? So how long have you worked here?” He questioned looking at her he wanted more than anything to get to know this angel.

“My whole life” She paused “Well practically me and my other three sisters have lived here all our lives above the store.” She pointed up above her to indicate. “Our parents left it to us” She finished hoping he would drop it their. Liz smiled and walked behind the counter to ring up his book. “Twenty five” she said simply she saw him fiddling for his money while he did that Liz reached behind her and placed four candles in the bag. white, green, blue, and red.

“Thank you for your help I know this will really make his birthday special.” Max said reaching for the bag. “Thanks for the candles too I really appreciate it.” He said smiling at his angel.

“No problem it will help him get a good rhythm with his meditation.” She said nodding ‘god he was so hot’ he mind screamed when he gave her a little half smile before leaving she thought her knees were going to go out right their.

Once the bell signaled him being gone she dropped to the counter and sighed heavy. Now she really needed some heavy coffee she thought to herself. It was second knowledge in the Sorivan family that coffee solves any problem.

She walked into the cafe and took a seat at one of the stools letting her head fall on the counter. “Triple mocha espresso.” she mumbled from where her head lay, to Tess who stood behind the counter.

“guy” Tess said simply before beginning on Liz’s request.

“I don’t even know his name” she said lifting her head from the counter. She really wanted to put a name with that amazing face

“I do” Maria said coming from the back to take a seat on the stool next to her sister. She was dressed in a guazed tan gown.

“You didn’t?” Liz said a little defensive over her mystery mans privacy.

“Its not like I read his whole Life story” Maria pointed out smiling but I did get some interesting information.” She smiled

“What information?” Isabel asked coming down the stairs and taking her seat on the other side of Liz. Isabel was wearing her Black dress which clung to her perfectly and ended right above her knees.

“Liz’s mystery guy. Maria read his mind and Liz is deeply thinking about if she want to know what she found out.” Tess filled in for her and setting down Liz’s espresso in front of her.

Liz gulped it down and watched as the morning crew filled in taking a line in front of Tess Maria got behind the counter with her, shortly followed by Liz and Isabel. ‘saved by the coffee freaks’ Liz thought to herself right before she began to really wonder what Maria found out.



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