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Title: Anything For You
Author: ARoswellAddict aka Nina
Category: CC (Something for everyone )
Disclaimer: I own nothing but a piece of crap computer that occasionally saves my files and alternately eats them, lots of college debts, a love of Roswell and a vivid imagination. So please don't sue me.

Anything For You
Chapter 1

The constant screeching was finally starting to achieve its desired affect; he was slowly going insane. He had been able to block the mind-rapes by erecting a wall in his mind but that would not be what finally gave them the information they were trying to get. No, it would be the screeching that allowed them to finally take his mind. The screeching finally subsided allowing him to take a full breath and relax. His body had tensed the moment the noise began and he did not realize until then that he hadn’t been breathing, not fully at least. So as he took that full breath it allowed him to relieve some of his tension and allow him to think. He had been fighting the pain in his head and it was draining all of his energy, not only was his breath in short supply but most of his bodily functions were shutting down. He knew he had to get out of there one way or the other, while he preferred that it be alive he knew that death was a possibility as well. To protect his friends and their secrets he would do something he had already done once-he would gladly give up his life to save the ones he loved.

He had to stop thinking about the pain. Right now he needed to get out. He had one and he used the short recesses between the mind-rapes and screeching to activate his plan. He knew that the end of the screeching meant that they would be returning to him starting the process all over again. The constant assault on his senses would return but now he was able to work and he was thankful for the time.

He sat up from his bunk and opened his eyes everything was still black but his eyes quickly adjusted he fought down the bile rising in his throat and told himself later, later he could be sick but right now he had to work. He scanned the contents of his ‘cell’ and still there was only gray walls, his bunk securely fastened to the floor, his gray mattress covered by a dingy old blanket. There was a door but no hardware could be seen. So again he began working on loosening he leg from the bed, he knew he had to work quickly for they would be coming soon to work on extracting information from his mind. Information he would die before allowing them to have. He knew not only the secrets of the Granolith but he also knew its location something Khivar desperately wanted.

Finally, the leg was free. But he put it back and carefully sat on the bed to assure that it wouldn’t be apparent that it was free from the bed. Everything was ok. He sat there waiting patiently, he knew it was only a matter of a few more minutes and when they returned he would be not only awake fully but he would be watching and making his final preparations. He knew he could keep the blocks in his mind up for a few more assaults but he would only need this one last time and then the next one would hold more for his captors than even they were prepared for.

Ok, this is my first foray into writing fanfic. I have been addicted to reading and have had the opportunity to read so many wonderful and talented writers here. So I decided to pull out some of the stuff I have written and post it here.
Please leave me fb. I want to know what you like, what you don't like and where you think it is going as well as what you think is happening.

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I have to tell you that I am giddy that anyone is reading this. You know its kind of nice to actually have someone read what you have written and leae you fb about it, it empowers you. Enough gushing for now and on to the thank-yous.
Thank-you to Lana Lane (which I am reading one of yours right now and I love it), Isis7777, Shama, Roswelllady, Darth Maul214 (cool sn), and last but not least Roswellluver. Thank-you to all of you and btw, good guesses guys but I can't comment just yet *wink* Now its on with the show!

Title: Anything For You
Author: ARoswellAddict aka Nina
Category: CC (Something for everyone )
Disclaimer: I own nothing but a piece of crap computer that occasionally saves my files and alternately eats them, lots of college debts, a love of Roswell and a vivid imagination. So please don't sue me.

Anything For You
Chapter 1b

Nicholas stared at his surroundings. He couldn’t believe he was being forced to stay in this hovel but it was only temporary until he could locate a better place. But for now he was here trying to unlock the secrets hidden in the boys mind, which was increasingly difficult not only because of the blocks and mess but because the boy had yet to fully awaken. That was only a matter of time though.

Nicholas had discovered the boy by accident really. He knew that Tess had been working on something behind their backs without Khivar’s knowledge. But he didn’t know the extent of what the traitor had discovered until much later when he had overheard her talking with that boy she had been living with. Nicholas was unaware of how she kept that boy from telling his friends somehow she did and it surprised him. Since the others seemed so loyal to the idiot king, his sister and that fool Rath. But it didn’t matter to Nicholas how she kept him quiet just that she did because now Nicholas was able to get the information and he could be the conquering hero returning to Khivar with the Granolith.

It had been so easy to take the boy. No one was around they were all busy with their own problems. Zan had tried to do something to the boy, after Tess’s foul-up, but had given up and walked away. This surprised Nicholas because of the loyalty between this group but saw it as an answer to his own dilemma and seized upon it. With Tess’s plan in action the group was already divided and they were actually going to leave this boy alone and Nicholas rejoiced as they walked away from one of their own and onto their own problems.

Finally, after days of inquiries and Earth rituals the boy was left alone. Nicholas, seeing his chance took it. He went into the room where the boy was and grabbed him dragging him from his confines. The boy opened his eyes then, startling Nicholas into dropping him and almost ruining his chance to take the boy. Nicholas certainly hadn’t thought the boy would be out of the trance this soon but he was and this was going to make it even easier to accomplish than he first believed. The boy’s eyes were wild with terror and his mouth kept flapping open and shut like a fish out of water. The boy was trying to scream but he was only managing to expel air out of his lungs, his voice not cooperating. Nicholas wanted to laugh; in fact he did allow a deep chuckle to escape before he picked the boy up roughly. He pushed him out the door and closed the door forever on the dark abyss the boy had been in for so long. The boy closed his eyes to the light invading his mind and that was when Nicholas decided he didn’t need any additional problems to deal with. So Nicholas pressed his hand to the boy’s neck and formed a connection it didn’t take much and he was in. Nicholas could see the mess Tess had left behind in her feeble attempts to infiltrate the boy’s mind and retrieve the information stored there. Quickly he found the nerve he was seeking and with his mind he squeezed. The boy lost consciousness then, and Nicholas threw him in the trunk of his car, as if he were an old piece of luggage. That had been twelve days ago and Nicholas had been working feverishly ever since to get into the boy’s mind. He needed to extract the Granolith information and get off this damned planet. He hated it here and once he had the Granolith he could return home.

At first the problems appeared to have been the mess created by Tess’ reckless attempts to enter the boy’s mind to extract the information. Nicholas thought for the thousandth time ‘stupid girl always messing things up, she can’t even get a simple plan right, what did Khivar ever see in her?’ Tess never thought before acting she trudged ahead with her own goals the consequences be damned and whatever mess was left behind someone else could clean it up. Nicholas was once again cleaning it up but only the information about the Granolith he wasn’t about to help her with the rest of her predicament. It was a long process but one he would get through but first he had to find somewhere they could ‘hide’ somewhere he could ‘work’ with little interference and had the equipment he would need. Nicholas knew just the place and left to make the needed accommodations.

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Title: Anything For You
Author: ARoswellAddict aka Nina
Category: CC (Something for everyone *wink* )
Disclaimer: I own nothing but a piece of crap computer that occasionally saves my files and alternately eats them, lots of college debts, a love of Roswell and a vivid imagination. So please don't sue me.

Anything For You
Chapter 1c

He heard them coming, Nicholas and Guido. He quickly checked the blocks in his mind. He wasn’t quite sure how he knew to put the blocks up but he knew someone had shown him how to do it before the accident and he was eternally grateful. He couldn’t remember a lot, in fact the last thing he could remember clearly was Isabel’s birthday party. Things were really sketchy after that and they were only getting fuzzier with each mind-rape. He was thankful to whomever it was that showed him how to put the blocks up and he was pretty sure that Nicholas was not aware of his ability to put up the blocks. He did know that the person responsible for his ability to put up those blocks was also the person responsible for his knowledge of the Granolith and its location. He lay on the bunk waiting for the pain to return. This time would be the last, he had finalized his plan and now all he needed was an idea of what was beyond that door. So he waited and when the door opened he was watching, for his very life depended on it.

Nicholas came in and saw that the boy was awake. He felt a nudge in the back of his mind warning him to be aware of this boy but he quickly shrugged the feeling off. Nicholas saw the boy as just that a boy, who was beaten and down, no one knew where he was and no one was looking for him - he was by no means a threat.

Following Nicholas, was the one the boy referred to as Guido. I t wasn’t really his name but he never spoke and as far as the boy could tell his only purpose was muscle to physically wear him down when the mind-rapes had not worked.

The boy took note of the area beyond the door. He made a mental note about what he saw; library stacks, bright lights, Guido and Nicholas had come from the right side of the door, and there was a strange sound-it sounded like murmuring. It didn’t all fit but he couldn’t think about what made sense right now he needed out and that meant being aware, taking notes and sorting the information out later.

His thoughts were cut short when a third person entered behind Guido. This was a person he knew and he was terrified, the arrival of this new person meant he wouldn’t be activating his escape plan. No, this time they would be able to unlock his mind blocks. Terrified he began reliving his life in painful flashes. He saw them all, his parents, Liz, Maria, Isabel all of his friends. He saw the people he wanted most to protect and he knew he could not give up no matter what tricks they played on his mind. As the flashes began, Nicholas could fell the terror coming off of him in waves. What could have inspired so much fear he wondered? Nicholas began to laugh and grabbed the boy’s hair, pulling him up off the bunk.

“Well it seems you have finally regained consciousness,” he told the boy.
Defiant eyes met Nicholas’ and the nudge returned to the back of his mind. The boy sat up pulling away and spit in Nicholas’ face.

“You will regret this!” The boy spat vehemently.

Nicholas laughed wiping the spittle away, “No, no I won’t. Because, you see, no one knows you are here, further they don’t care that you are gone. They have abandoned you and you will stay here as long as it suits me.”

That statement hit the boy hard. He couldn’t understand why no one had come for him, they had to know he was gone and they had always banned together against Nicholas and the skins before. The defiance in his eyes wavered but it returned anew and he began laughing. With the boy laughing the third person that had entered the room spoke.

“What are you laughing at?” She spat.

“You, I am laughing at all of you. Now you expect me to believe that my friends have abandoned me. I have only been here a few days but they will be here. It just takes time to figure everything out and they will be here. Then you WILL be sorry, “ he spat at her.

She began to laugh, that deep rich laugh that only she could laugh. God how she reminded him of her but he knew she couldn’t be her she was the enemy. Laughing, Lonnie turned to Nicholas asking “what have you done to this foolish boy? He doesn't even know how long you’ve been working on him.”

Nicholas shrugged his shoulders and reached over to the boy touching his head and told her “His mind is a mess that stupid girl didn’t what she was doing. She screwed up. I told you we should have used the other one.”

Lonnie sounded so much like Isabel and that bothered the boy. Did they bring her here so she could alter her appearance as she had done before? As Isabel, she would be able to sway him and convince him to lower the blocks so they could find out about the Granolith. The boy’s mind began to burn and the pain was returning. Once a mind-rape began the boy lost himself to the pain and was barely able to retain those walls. If Isabel were there to influence him it would probably work. But he reminded himself not to allow Isabel to influence him, he had to stay strong in order to protect her and the others. The thought that it would be his love for Isabel that finally caused him to betray her terrified him and strengthened his resolve to remain inside the blocks. He knew it was up to him to protect the Granolith and the people he loved because everything was at stake now. The pain in his head had multiplied by a thousand times and he could feel the heat being generated. But his resolve was strong as he kept his eyes tightly shut.

The boy struggled against the pain and was erecting yet another block when the heat abruptly stopped. the pain was still there increasing ten fold with each passing moment but there was a soft familiar tug in his mind now. Startled, his eyes flew open and he saw the piercing blue eyes before him.

“Hello, Alex. I’ve missed you,” her voice crooned.


Feedback please. I am really enjoying writing this story and know where I am going but I love to hear your take on what is happening and what should happen. Don't worry there is plenty of Max/Liz and Michael/Maria on the way and for soem reason my muse keeps adding Tess, but we will see.

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Hi guys, to those of you reading I apologize for not having another part out. But my muse kept insisting on Tess being a part and we all know how I feel about her so it was difficult to cope. But I think we have worked out a solution and we are back on track now.

I hope to get that next part finished this morning and have it out tonight or tomorrow am at the latest.

Thanks to those who keep reading.
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In case anyone out there cares update tonight. I am tweaking the chapter now which totally took over and ran my life all night last night and this morning.*big*
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Alright kiddies here is the next chapter. You are going to be shocked by my version of Tess, so I am warning you that my muse, for some unGodly reason, is insistent that Tess be a part of this. Read on and enjoy.

Title: Anything For You
Author: ARoswellAddict aka Nina
Category: CC (Something for everyone *happy* )
Disclaimer: I own nothing but a piece of crap computer that occasionally saves my files and alternately eats them, lots of college debts, a love of Roswell and a vivid imagination. So please don't sue me.

Anything For You

Chapter 2

Tess’ life was forever changed. She had agreed to a path she didn’t really understand nor want but she had agreed so now she was stuck. She waited patiently for Liz to arrive. Tess knew, as the others did, that Liz loved max and whatever he asked of her she would do, no matter her personal cost. Finally, Liz knocked on the door. Tess knew what she would ask before Liz had even formed the plan that brought her here now. Tess couldn’t help but be surprised, even though she knew that humans treasured love above all, it still surprised her that someone could love that deeply but here, before her, stood the living proof of love between soul-mates willing to sacrifice their own happiness for the other. Tess agreed to let Liz ‘help’ her get closer to Max. Nicholas had been right after all, the girl was in love with Max and she followed the course set for her by her beloved’s enemies, never suspecting it was a hoax perpetrated by Nicholas and the skins.

Later as Tess looked back at all that had ensued over those turbulent months, she wished that she could feel that part of her that made her human. For whether she, or Nicholas or even Khivar liked it she was a hybrid making her human as well as Antarian. Tess had watched the dance between Liz and Max, still in love, even while they were apart. She felt herself growing closer to Max but her human heart ached, it longed for love and acceptance. She followed the plan erasing minds, planting thoughts and images, warping them into seeing things that weren’t really there. She was the dutiful traitor and played her role well but a loathing was growing inside her each passing day and she still longed to be loved.

Alex had been the one to discover her futile attempts to decode the book. Things were already happening in the group and they were distancing themselves, they were choosing sides and did not even realize it. None of them even suspected the manipulations making it easier to fool them. So Alex had been easy to persuade and manipulate. Things had only escalated from there, Nicholas decided to take Alex and force him to decode the book he had already started working on voluntarily. But Tess was hesitant to take him and knew it would spell disaster. She didn’t want Alex to disappear; the others would ask questions and investigate. She also knew that Nicholas would kill Alex once he had finished. There had been a time when killing a human had not been a deterrent for Tess. But now after living with them and getting to know them she could not kill or allow to be killed another person who was an innocent in the war for the control of Antar. No she wouldn’t allow Nicholas to kill Alex. Tess did not tell Nicholas of her feelings on the matter instead she proposed an alternative.

Tess convinced Nicholas to that Alex was of more use to them alive and that was when she developed the cover of Sweden and the exchange student program. Alex was of course confused at first, not remembering applying for the program. But that had been easy to fix, Tess just planted the thought and Alex accepted his fate. The others were shocked but supported his ‘decision’ knowing Alex needed to move on from Isabel. She did not appear to be ready to thaw the ice princess act with Alex any time soon so he needed to move on and it would give Isabel the time she needed to look in her heart and decide what was really important.

Then Alex had ‘gone to Sweden’ leaving the others behind. It wasn’t hard for Tess to control him in Las Cruces. In fact, Nicholas had made it his priority, at first, to supervise Alex’s work and Tess visited at least three times a week implanting memories in Alex’s head erasing his current ones along the way. Alex worked on the alien book decoding each page; learning more and more about the Royal Four, Antar and the Granolith. Nicholas’ had been unable to stay being called away to deal with urgent business in Copper Summit, but others had come in his place and stayed with Alex while he completed his work. But soon they were called away to deal with the after affects in Copper Summit. So Tess was left to deal with Alex but her absence would be noticed that meant that Tess needed someone she could trust, thus leading to Ava’s arrival. Ava and Tess were identical in so many ways except that Ava knew Zan’s heart never belonged to her and she knew hers was not his either. Ava knew her ‘other half’ was out there and she too was seeking him.

Ava stayed with Alex until he completed decoding the book. Ava learned what she could from Alex and the translation but more importantly Ava taught him to control his mind. Each day was spent delving into the past, not Alex’s past, humanity’s past. Back to when Antarian’s and Earthlings had been brothers. There lies the secret to a human capturing his ability to control his own powers. Ava spent each day teaching Alex to access those abilities. Tess visited encouraging Alex to continue helping by lending her own abilities to the discovery. Tess did not care that she was betraying the skins in fact she saw this as a means to her own ends and would use Alex, the knowledge he held and his latent abilities when and if she ever needed them. Finally, the time came for Alex to return to Roswell. Ava and Tess satisfied that Alex had sufficiently developed his ability to block access to his mind, started erasing Las Cruces from Alex’s mind and implanting Sweden memories knowing that one day he would discover those memories to be false and uncover his true memories. They just hoped that the rest of their plan would be completed before that happened. While implanting memories Tess, who was unable to explain why to Ava or even to herself, felt it necessary to implant Alex with a seed of hope. Hope for love, between he and Isabel. That hope was already alive and well in Alex but Tess felt he needed to feel loved by another and to give him more hope that he was able to be loved by Isabel. Tess and Ava were careful to leave Alex’s mind in tact while making it appear to others who might be probing that Alex’s mind was a mess, a jumble of thoughts incoherent and irrelevant. They knew that if Nicholas tried to access the information stored in Alex’s mind that it needed to be impossible for him to find, then thinking the boy was useless would leave him alone and try to decode the book another way. This gave Tess her way out of the deal with Nicholas and the skins. Let them believe the information lost she thought. There was no evidence of the book translation; Nicholas had felt it too risky, so Tess hid what Alex had done. Nicholas did not know that Ava was helping and he believed Tess too stupid to do anything but follow his orders, so he did not take precautions to keep them from getting a copy of the translation. Ava and Tess secured the transcripts from prying alien eyes and felt they had accomplished their goal, protecting the Granolith until they could use it themselves. Tess had finally found a way out of her deal with Nicholas and she had her sister to help her. Finally, things might turn out well for the girls. Still each longed for their soul mate and friends.

When the day of Alex's return arrived, Nicholas appeared demanding Alex’s translation. Tess looked at Nicholas and told him that Alex had not been able to decode the book. Nicholas infuriated screamed “why? Why? He was here for weeks and he couldn’t decode the book? What the hell was he doing this whole time?”

Tess answered “he was trying to translate it but his mind is just too weak. Human minds are not meant to be erased over and over. There minds are too fragile, Nicholas. I will have to get it another way. Maybe Max could help me decode it.”

Nicholas roared at the suggestion, “No! You are to work on getting that idiot king to go home using the Granolith. He knows how to use it and where it is. Get him to do it. Follow the plan we have set out. Once you get home with the Granolith Khivar can get his scientists to decode that damned book. YOU FOLLOW THE PLAN! Do you understand?”

Tess trembled with fear and looking up at Nicholas with terror in her blue eyes, shook her head yes and in a subdued voice answered “I will do as you say.”

Nicholas grabbed Alex and started searching his mind. Nicholas grew angrier by the minute until throwing Alex to the ground. Alex lost consciousness from all of the pain and the sudden entry into his mind. Nicholas bellowed for a while longer about the useless humans. Finally, jerking Alex up off the floor he slapped him hard bringing him back to consciousness and attempting to access the boy’s mind. Tess saw the comedy before her and with each passing moment that Nicholas felt powerless, Tess became the empowered one. Tess stood by silently and began laughing inside. Nicholas had believed she was a fool. Haha jokes on him, she had accomplished her goal and now she would be getting away from his influence finally. Nicholas gave up trying and at Tess’ insistence Alex was allowed to live and returned to Roswell. Nicholas let them leave and he was none the wiser that Ava and Tess had duped him.

Tess continued with Nicholas’ plan (her own twist added now) of alienating the king from the group. Tess secretly hoped that if she returned to Antar with Max that they would be able to seize power from Khivar and rule Antar as they were meant to do. She also “knew” that once she was off this planet her human side would stop nagging her and she could become the queen she once was. But even as she and Max grew closer Tess felt the guilt pulling at her as well as the loneliness that being unloved could bring. She watched Max and Liz love each other from afar, she watched as Michael and Maria, so much in love, danced around loving each other and finally committed to giving the other what they had to give. Tess even saw the sparks fly between Alex and Isabel, igniting into a roaring fire that threatened to consume them as they both gave into the desire to love and be loved completely. She could have, and almost did, feel something for Kyle; but she knew it wasn’t soul mate love. Her heart longed to find true love, her soul mate. He wasn’t here but she could sense he was nearby and he was searching for her as well. As she grew closer to Max, Tess felt a growing need to tell him of the deal with Nicholas and ask him for help to break it. But each time somehow Nicholas would sense it and he would remind her of who she was and who she could be once again, reminding her of her destiny a word she despised with all of her being. Thus Tess would return to the plan and continue implementing it.

Alex came to her one day, the blocks in his mind bleeding one into the other. He remembered bits and pieces but not everything. He knew he hadn’t been to Sweden but not where he had been. Tess wasn’t sure why this was happening but she knew this was a result of her deal with Nicholas and felt her world closing in. She was desperate and it felt as if the cosmic gods were playing with her, sending her a message that she was indeed a traitor not only to her people and Max but to herself as well and now she was going to be the one to suffer for it. No matter how she felt about the group and how desperately she wanted out of her deal, she was being reminded that she had made the wrong choice. So she entered Alex’s mind and found the right vein and squeezed, causing Alex to sleep. Tess called Ava in a panic and filled her in on what had happened. Ava arrived to help Tess deal with the matter and together they worked to resurrect the blocks. As they worked a mysterious figure watched and then left abruptly to report.

As Nicholas heard the report he grew furious. “How dare she?” he bellowed.

Tess had deceived him but what else she lied about to him? How long had Ava been a part of her scheme? Nicholas stormed into the Valenti home, knocking Kyle out in the process. That was when the idea of how to solve this dilemma struck him. He marched into the room where Ava and Tess worked on Alex, grabbing Ava and pressing the right vein in her mind until she was rendered unconscious as well. Screaming at Tess, “Traitor!” Nicholas turned to her. Tess began laughing hysterically. Nicholas thought she had lost her mind. Finally, Tess stopped laughing and stood up. Tess blue eyes flashed fire and she brought her petite frame up as tall as she was able to muster, then looking Nicholas straight in the eye said, “Yes, I am. But not the way you think.” Tess was scared but tired of the battle in her soul and she resigned then deciding not to fight it and to continue her deal with the skins because she was just to tired to defy them any more. She needed it to be done. She no longer wanted to be queen, to be the one to get Zan home, to be the hero returning the Granolith to Antar. She just wanted it all to be over. There was no turning back for Tess now and she knew it. She looked at Alex lying on the bed and sighed, she had one last chance to get this right. “What do you want to do now? Kill me? Or continue with our plan?”

Nicholas was shocked by the resignation in her voice. Looking her in the eye he told her of his plan to deal with the immediate problem he dared her to disagree. She agreed to everything except Ava’s death assuring Nicholas that if he let her go Tess could control her. They then carried Alex’s body to the car; they did after all have to make it look real. Nicholas woke Ava and ordered her to implant a memory in Kyle’s head. He was to see Alex ‘die’ while Tess had been mind warping him and for good measure a memory making him an accomplice to the deed - Kyle carrying the dead body of his friend to the car. Ava did as she was told only after seeing that Tess thought that it was for the best. Ava feared that Nicholas would sense their duplicity but he never knew that he was once again being fooled and that the girls were in fact still following their own plan a altered plan but still on their own.

They waited until the truck came by and watched as the truck slammed into Alex’s car. They manipulated the minds of the witnesses, human minds were so easy to manipulate, especially here in Roswell, and they want to see what they are so ready to believe. Finally the police arrived and took Alex, declaring the whole incident a suicide at Tess’ urging. Even as Alex lived on they believed him dead and buried no one suspecting the pain he endured and suffered through every day to protect them and the Granolith. Nicholas had Alex and he worked on ‘retrieving’ the information buried deeply in his mind while Tess persisted with their plan. Nicholas was unaware that the girls worked each day in opposition to what he had been able to do. For every block he weakened during their session, Tess and Ava helped Alex strengthen and increase at night. Tess worked by day to get Max to return to Antar and each night she and Ava worked with Alex, protecting him and the Granolith.

Tess spent weeks with Max but he still would not give on Liz, he pined for her always. Tess knew that Nicholas was growing impatient and would not be able to continue the way things were. Finally, Tess saw her chance, following a distraught Max to the observatory. The next morning before dawn, Tess awoke lying next to Max. He hadn’t touched her, sexually at least, she had just held him as he cried and finally fell into an exhausted sleep. Tess was appalled that she had even tried to get MAx to touch her and make love to her and as much as she hated it she was going to go through with the plan and make it appear as if they had. Quickly, Tess waved her hand and their clothes disappeared. Max was beautiful, his naked form took her breath away, but strangely, she knew he was not the one and despite the stirring she felt her heart wasn’t in it and she knew that her heart had to be the initiator for it to work. Tess snuggled down into Max’s arms, combating her urge to vomit, and as the first rays of the sun broke across the Roswell desert Tess knew she couldn’t turn back now. She felt Max stiffen as he awoke, but she kept her eyes shut a moment longer stealing herself for what she had to do. As Max realized where he was and their state of undress, Tess opened her eyes and smiled coyly at Max. She reached up and brushed the hair from his eyes, then she brought her lips up to his. All the while, sending memories to his befuddled mind. In that moment Tess felt her last chance to change this slip away resolved to continue, Tess nudged his mind filling it with images, resulting in Max’s totally resignation to the idea. She couldn’t turn back now the damage was done.

The next day at school Tess felt his revulsion coming off of him in waves but he steeled himself and took her hand anyway, forcing a smile. She had at long last accomplished her goal and now Max would leave with her returning to Antar. But as soon as Max laid eyes on Liz, Tess knew it was far from over. That moment is when the ‘baby’ came into being. Max wasn’t hard to convince he had always feared that he would allow his feelings for Liz to sweep them away in a moment of passion and she would wind up paying for it with a baby. So Max believed her lies right away, thinking his passion for Liz had forced him to seek another outlet and Tess had been the unlucky recipient. So guilt had reared its ugly and Max vowed to take care of Tess and the baby. Michael and Isabel were more skeptical but once Max ‘connected’ with the baby, they were convinced. Isabel still felt Alex’s presence and though the baby would be his way of returning to her so she vowed to defend the baby with her life. Michael had Maria to contend with and he did not fully accept that Max would ever get that carried away. But still they weren’t returning to Antar. That was when the baby couldn’t survive on Earth. It had been simple mind warps and soon they all believed. Max knew that the Granolith, no matter what else it did, could return them to their home so the decision was made for the baby to live they would return home. Now Tess was getting what she wanted, or was she?

They were leaving when Liz showed up, they were all locked in the chamber. Michael backed out at the last minute; it seemed that he had found what he was looking for all along, in Maria. Michael was going to have what Tess so desperately wanted for herself - to love and be loved by his soul mate - and she almost backed out at that moment but Liz appeared and she was caught. So when Max discovered the truth it stung that it was a human girl who had out witted her and the things he said hurt so Tess reacted. Tess lashed out at Max for 12 years of pain, living with Nasedo, him not waiting for her to emerge from the pod, and mostly for him not loving her in this life nor in their previous life. She hurt him with half-truths and deception. Even as she stepped into the Granolith she knew she would be staying here but she had to hurt Zan the way she had been hurt by denying him something he loved even if it wasn’t real. The Granolith ‘took off’ leaving the teens standing on the rocky desert plateau asking “What do we do now?”

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Also I wanted to let you all know that originally I posted the first three parts as seperate chapters but felt that they were really one so I re-numbered them, making former Chapters 1, 2 & 3 now Chapters 1A, 1B & 1C.

Anyway. look for Chapter 3 tonight or early tomorrow.

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Title: Anything For You
Author: ARoswellAddict aka Nina
Category: CC (Something for everyone *happy* )
Disclaimer: I own nothing but a piece of crap computer that occasionally saves my files and alternately eats them, lots of college debts, a love of Roswell and a vivid imagination. So please don't sue me.


Anything For You

Chapter 3

The exploding pain in his head and body finally won and Alex lost all conscious thought. Although he was unconscious his mind was still aware of the violent intrusion and fought the only way it knew how and had grown accustomed to - by erecting block after block denying the intruder the information he so desperately sought. Nicholas grew impatient finally throwing Alex to the floor of the bare cell. Nicholas turned to Tess and ground out “You created this mess, you fix it!”

“I don’t know what you want Nicholas. I told you he didn’t translate the book. What do you think I can do?” she spat back.

Nicholas looked at her incredulously, knowing she was lying but not caring any more. “Get the book and make him translate it. I don’t care how but you have three days to get it done. Lonnie will stay with you until it’s done.”

“What? Why me? I thoughts yous was gonna kill ‘em and I’s coulds stays wit yous, “ Lonnie seethed.

“No! You will stay here with them until the mess is fixed,” he replied. “Besides, I told you I want you to appear to him as Vilandra, I mean Isabel. That stupid boy loves her and she is the key to what I, oh I mean we, want,” he said with an obvious smirk.

“Fines,” Lonnie answered, “but yous gonna owes me big.”

“Lonnie, I told you to get rid of that accent and if you let it slip again I will make you pay,” Nicholas spat out.

Tess watched the display before her. Her mind was whirling with the information. How was she going to get out of here with Alex now? Sully and Ava were waiting for her in Roswell. they had agreed to wait a week before the enacted plan B. It had already been five days, Tess had only two days left and now she had to deal with Lonnie being there every second. Two days until Nicholas discovered her treachery and if she were still here she would pay for it with her life.

Alex awoke to find Isabel arguing with someone but Isabel didn’t sound like herself, she sounded so strange. It had to be his mind playing tricks on him, she was not here, he must be dreaming. But he knew he was awake because the excruciating pain in his head was back at full strength and the fire in his body had resumed threatening to engulf him. Finally he saw whom Isabel was arguing with and instantly recognized him as Nicholas. Suddenly everything came flooding back he was being held prisoner, for what a week now, he was in his cell and Nicholas had been mind-raping him trying to retrieve some information. His groggy brain did not remember what Nicholas wanted exactly but he did remember that it was important. He continued to scan the room and saw Guido silently exit the room, leaving the door open. Beyond the door was dim but Alex saw what had to be a library but which one he did not know. So where, where was he was the question of the day and how could he enact his plan if he didn’t have the strength to lift his head much less his body? The door was open and Nicholas was distracted, so for a fleeting second Alex considered trying to exit through that door right then but he knew that the rooms occupants would never allow that and he did not have the strength to go right then. So he would wait and tomorrow he would enact his plan or die trying. Alex lay still pretending to be unconscious. Then he saw Tess but she looked different to him some how, something about her ‘felt’ different as well. She seemed so familiar to him and her presence somehow soothed him, bringing him comfort. Alex wasn’t sure why he felt that way but shrugged it off thinking it must be that she was familiar to him. Alex noticed her stance and how protective it seemed, yes it seemed that she was protecting someone or something.

The others were not aware that Alex had regained consciousness but Tess was acutely aware of it. She had moved to protect him from the others, standing between them, blocking his body from their view.

Nicholas had finished telling Lonnie what he wanted her to do and turned to Tess.

“You get the book and make sure he translates it this time. No more mistakes. I better not find Ava here or I will execute you both, queen or not. Because without the Granolith, no one goes home. Do you understand?”

Tess nodded her head in acknowledgement, watching Nicholas’ retreating back as he walked out the door and slammed it behind him. Relief, relief is what she felt because Nicholas did not know she had the Granolith. But she also knew that without the information in Alex’s head it was good to no one.

Tess knew that Nicholas meant what he said but if her plan worked it wouldn’t matter because she would have the Granolith, the information, control and the power to choose. She knew that she and Alex would be gone from here soon or that she would die trying, for once things were going to go her way. Tess had no intention of dying at Nicholas’ hand, she had so much to live for and she knew that whatever had transpired in the past would eventually be forgiven even by Liz. But if they didn’t forgive her it would not matter because Tess had what she always wanted now and was doing everything she could to hold onto it. So no, Tess would not allow Nicholas to take her life and she would bring Alex back to life for the others, and back to Sully.
Lonnie watched Tess with guarded eyes. Lonnie didn’t like Tess, but hen she didn’t really like any females, no she liked men. All women presented a problem - they were difficult to control. Lonnie could control men by using her body. through the years Lonnie had gotten whatever she wanted when her powers had failed by just using her body. Men liked sex and so did Lonnie so when she used that to get what she wanted it worked out well for her. Lonnie preferred sex with Antarian men but it wasn’t that bad with Earth men, so it hadn’t been an obstacle for her to have these encounters with men, each time she had gained something in return and she was happy. Her intended mate, Rath had been easy to please and he had been kept in control by Lonnie but she tired of waiting to g home and in an effort to gain favor with Nicholas had shown her loyalty by killing Rath.

Lonnie felt little loyalty to anyone even her family that was why she had been so readily able to let Rath kill him. Zan had been harder to control but she had controlled him to some extent. Zan was blindly loyal to her, even if he was a fool and selfish he loved his sister. So when she had arguments with the others Zan had always sided with her, right or wrong. But Zan was also stubborn and believed he was the true king not just the decoy dupe. So when Rath and Lonnie had tried to convince him to attend the summit and he had refused Lonnie was willing to let Rath kill him. They would convince the real King to go and take them back with him. That had failed but now she was with Nicholas and when they went back to Antar she was going as well. She may not be the true princess but she could serve as one. But she was not so happy about staying inside trying to get information from that stupid boy. No that was far too menial for her. Lonnie had been attending to Nicholas twisted needs for several months now and she would not be resorting to helping to translate that damn book, no thanks. She would leave that to the traitor who stood before her and then when the time came to kill her she would get the honor.

She had agreed to help Nicholas with the stupid boy because he was the ultimate key to home. So she had assumed Princess Vilandra’s form and cleaned herself up to look more like Isabel. She had even been able to work on her speech and improve it, because as Nicholas liked to point out, Isabel spoke well. To Lonnie she sounded stuck up and snotty, so Lonnie had practiced being more like Princess Vilandra knowing it would help at home as well.

So here she was and here she intended to stay until Nicholas took her home. She was helping Nicholas to tap into the boy’s mind. She had been coming here to see the boy every day for three months trying to find out what he knew. Then at night while she lay sore and recovering in her bed at night, after Nicholas had long since rolled over and gone to sleep she would dream walk the boy. At first, she had invaded the boy’s mind seeking only information about the Granolith. That was when she found that he definitely had decoded the book which she had eagerly reported to Nicholas, and she also found that he had knowledge of how to resurrect the blocks in his mind. She thought that the one who had taught him to do that was Nasedo but they knew it wasn’t possible so they were not sure who it could be since Tess did not possess that knowledge. Nonetheless, the blocks were there and they believed that maybe she could gain access to his mind at night while he slept. Soon though Lonnie discovered that Alex knew she was there and had was able to block her from the information stored in his mind. But he did not block her from his dreams and that was how she had decided to learn all she could about Princess Vilandra and uses that to induce him to lower the blocks. She found out what Alex saw in Isabel with each dream. Alex would dream of her each night; often they were gazing up at the stars holding hands content to be with each other, other times they were at a dance holding each other tight, then other times he would dream of her standing off to the side of the stage at one of his concerts always there was adoration on their faces. There were other times that he dreamed of the future, a future Lonnie thought he would never have. He would dream of making love to her, of marrying her, of their children together, growing old together and always he dreamed of the stars with the two of them watching them from behind ridiculous grins. Lonnie knew that humans treasured love above all but she did not understand this. So as she stood in this tiny cell watching him, she remembered his words to her the day before.

Nicholas had just finished his mind-rape of the stupid boy and thrown his lifeless body on the bed. Tess, as usual, stood by watching her eyes never leaving Nicholas (Lonnie just assumed that Tess wanted Nicholas and did not care, in fact she would welcome it. It would finally give her a break from his twisted idea of sex.) Nicholas had stalked over to the corner then and ordered her to get what she could from the boy. Lonnie walked over to the bed where the boy lay and picked his head up. Sitting down on the bed she laid his head in her lap she began stroking his hair and whispering in his ear as she had seen his Isabel do a thousand times in his dreams.

“Alex, I’m here baby. Please wake up,” she crooned sweetly into his ear.

Lonnie continued on this way for ten minutes, Tess’ eyes never leaving Nicholas and Nicholas watching with an amused look on his face but he was growing agitated and Lonnie knew it. She sat there desperately trying to get the stupid boy to wake-up because she did not want to bring Nicholas’ anger down on her. Nicholas finally stood up angry but resigned that there would be no information today. Nicholas told her he was leaving and they could do whatever they wanted. Nicholas left and surprisingly Tess stayed, Lonnie did not know what to make of this so she stayed where she was continuing her task. Tess’s sharp blue eyes watched as she continued crooning into the stupid boy’s ear. She was frustrated but she had to try a little longer she could not give Tess the satisfaction of quitting and her possibly getting the information out.

“Alex, honey please wake up. I need you to tell Nicholas what you know so he will let us go and we can be together. Please, so we can leave? I need you,” she lied to the boy.

The boy’s eyes fluttered then and she had felt a wave of triumph sweep through her. The stupid boy opened his eyes fully and he looked up into her eyes searching. Fortunately, Tess interrupted causing him to look away and allowed her to guard her eyes, for he would surely know by looking into her blue eyes that she was not the brown-eyed beauty that he loved. Tess mumbled something to him and he looked up at her again. Leaned down to his ear again careful not to let him search her eyes.

“Alex, I need you,” she whispered.

Alex answered “Anything for you, anything.”

The answer had so startled her that she had dropped him back on the bed and fled the room with Tess at her heels.

Lonnie now watched the boy and she knew that Tess felt that something was not right but she did not care. She could not explain it but it disturbed her that the humans cared so much for the Antarian Royals and it was something she had not bargained for, caring, love, friendship. She knew she could not continue to be Nicholas way into the boy’s mind but she had not figured out how to get out of it, so she had acquiesced and stayed not wanting to get into it with Nicholas. All she knew right now was that she would not stay here when Nicholas was not here. So she turned to Tess.

“Tess, you deal with him, I’ll be back later. You better not tell Nicholas either or I will kill you before Nicholas even finds me I will be able to get to you and kill you, do you understand me?”

Tess grew excited, ‘remain calm, act casual, breath dammit, breath’ she reminded herself. Lonnie was leaving and now she could feel her plan coming together. Yes, she would be returning to Sully, soon. She just had to get Lonnie out of here.

Tess told her “I don’t care what you do or don’t do. As for Nicholas, once I give him what he so desperately deserves then I will be the one with all the power. So you can leave or whatever, I really don’t care one way or the other.”

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Title: Anything For You
Author: ARoswellAddict aka Nina
Category: CC (Something for everyone *happy* )
Disclaimer: I own nothing but a piece of crap computer that occasionally saves my files and alternately eats them, lots of college debts, a love of Roswell and a vivid imagination. So please don't sue me.

I know, I know, its been forever but I have finally been able to wrestle the muse into service and RL has realized it belongs in the back seat compared to Roswell. So here is Chapter 4, in case anyone is reading and gives a darn. Read and enjoy. I believe I will be able to return to regular updates next week (at least one a week.)


Anything for You
Chapter 4

Every time he saw her, she took his breath away. No matter what she had done to push him away he couldn’t stop loving her. From the moment she had come into his life things had been difficult. But in the end all that really mattered was that he loved her.

At night, in his dreams she was always there laughing, smiling just being who she was but then something would happen and she would become afraid, striking terror in his heart. He would yell telling her not to be afraid, he would never allow anything or anyone to hurt her. Repeating, over and over “I love you. I would do anything for you.” The dream always ended with him waking, sweat stained bedclothes surrounding him and an overwhelming desire to sob uncontrollably. He knew he had hurt her, he was hurting her and he felt powerless to control it.


“Alex,” Isabel awoke with a start.

Startled, Isabel searched the room trying to identify where she was. Her eyes settled on the man next to her and her heart sank remembering that he was not Alex. Guilty for feeling disappointed to be next to her husband, Isabel swung her legs over the side of the bed and grabbed a robe covering her naked form. Fully aware of where she was the memories of the last year settled in on her and she was again reminded that the man next to her in bed was her husband Jesse and her life was now inextricably connected to him.

Isabel rose from the bed careful not to wake her husband and left the room. She walked quietly into the living room, picking up the throw from the couch, she settled into one of the armchairs. Isabel tucked her long legs under her and pulled the soft cream colored throw around her shoulders. Inhaling the comforting scent of the throw, which surrounded her like a cocoon. Isabel allowed the calming sensation to center her and focus her thoughts. This was Isabel’s favorite time of the day (or night, as the case may be.) Here, alone in the dark, she could sit and be herself, she could be alone with the memory of who she was and who she could have been. Here she could talk to Alex and she could remember how much he loved her and how much she had loved him. Isabel bitterly recalled that horrific day exactly a year ago. It had been the day her world had shattered.

She had finally allowed him to see into her soul, into her secret heart and she had discovered that he already knew her deepest, darkest desires and secrets. Alex had already known how alone and afraid she had been and it surprised her that he didn’t care about her insecurities, making her love him all the more. Her heart had swelled with love for Alex because he had seen who she was, all along and had loved her in spite of it. She had always loved Alex with his gentle, caring soul, his calming ways and his quirky sense of humor. But Isabel had been all about control and she held her ‘ice princess’ title like a cloak around her shoulders warding off anyone of substance, but Alex had wormed his way into her heart and life in spite of that. Isabel had treated him like a lovesick puppy but secretly she wanted him to continue to pursue her. Isabel had preferred to date and be seen with only the elite guys at school, the ones who were superficial and shallow, they treated others as their playthings and took pleasure in making others feel bad about themselves. Isabel’s dates had all carried around that “Its all about me” attitude and that had served her purpose, because she never had to really know any of them and they could be kept at arms length from really knowing her. But Alex had changed that.

Alex had seen through Isabel’s charade, and had finally broken the ’ice princess’ exterior. Then, suddenly, Isabel’s world had shattered into a billion pieces, pieces she did not believe she could put back together without Alex. Lost and feeling so alone, Isabel had crept along for weeks. She had not really eaten well, sleep had become a thing of the past, and Isabel was grieving and did not know how to put it back together. Isabel felt her life was to be spent alone, no husband, no children and no one who would really know her and love her as she was. Sure, she had her brothers but they could not understand her woman’s heart, her desire to be a normal woman and a woman’s fear of being alone.

Isabel had finally come to the conclusion that Alex would want her to have some semblance of a life and accepting her fate as being alone she had started to piece her life back together. Although she would have a solitary life it would be on her terms. Deciding some changes were in order, Isabel arranged to graduate early, applied to a college in California, and worked on convincing herself that Alex was truly gone.

Then her world had gone topsy-turvy, again. Max’s personality changed and his mistakes as a result of those changes disrupted all of their lives again. Isabel had been furious with Max but in the end she knew that she had nothing here to keep her and maybe she would be accepted on their home world. But once again her world was to be disrupted by the chaos that was constantly entwined with their lives. She had to stay on Earth as a result of the betrayal by the one who was ultimately responsible for Alex’s death and she was once again thrust into a whirlwind. Livid, Isabel had decided enough was enough and she was to be captain of her ship, setting Isabel on course with a life she could not modify easily. Isabel made some rash decisions changing her life forever.

That summer, Isabel had met Jesse. She didn’t know much about him but he was successful, nice and seemed to be interested in her. So she began dating him and somehow the chaos of her life had engulfed them and they had wound up engaged. Isabel had breathed a sigh of relief feeling that maybe Alex had sent her someone to help her feel “normal” and “accepted”. She had even convinced herself that Alex approved and had given his blessing to the pairing. Forging ahead, Isabel had married Jesse in spite of Max and Michael’s objections. Her heart still ached for Alex but she had taken the vows and married Jesse hoping that maybe, with time, he could fill the void in her heart and her soul. Every day was a struggle and each day brought a new challenge to their marriage. Isabel knew their problems were because she had not been totally honest with Jesse about herself and hoped that the truth would settle her heart and set her free. But each passing day the truth became a little more muted and muddled and Isabel knew in her heart of hearts that Jesse would never and could never accept who she was, at least not the way Alex had.

Sex had never been a problem for them, actually it had been fantastic. But to Isabel each time she made love to her husband she felt she was betraying her heart and Alex. Eventually, Isabel had started seeing Alex in every move that Jesse made during their lovemaking. It was Alex that she saw, Alex’s hands and body that she felt, Alex who claimed her heart, soul and body. Isabel had to wrestle with her urge to call Alex’s name. One time she had looked directly into her husbands warm brown eyes Isabel had forgotten that he was not Alex and had called out in climax “Alex!” At that moment she no longer saw Jesse, she saw only Alex, she smelled Alex and felt his warming presence caressing her. It had only been temporary and she was sure that Jesse had been so caught up in the moment that he had not heard her slip-up. After that Isabel did not allow herself to be so swept away for fear that next time she would not be so lucky and it would be a very big problem for her to explain to her husband why she was calling out a dead man’s name during their love making. Furthermore, Isabel’s sex life had just become perfunctory after that, initiated only by Jesse and without much interest from Isabel, although she had hidden it well from her husband. Meg Ryan had been right, women fake much better than a man does and Isabel was an expert at “orgasm” without the actual act of orgasm.

Tonight had been another night of duty for Isabel and she had been thankful that Jesse had rolled over falling asleep almost before he was done, leaving her to ’finish’ with Alex on her mind. Shaken from her reverie by Jesse’s voice Isabel stood and ambled back into the bedroom. Jesse was having another nightmare and was tossing about on their bed. Isabel crawled in next to her husband and whispered into his ear “Shhhh, its alright, I’m here. We will find a way.”


Jesse bolted up in the bed gasping for air.

“Anything for you, anything!” Cried Jesse passing out again.

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Thanks, glad you like it. I am done with chapter 5, just need to re-read and edit. Chapter 6 is half done as is chapters 7 & 8.
Sternbetrachter originally wrote:
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Thanks for the offer her address is 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Ninaland I believe you have the link to my board already. If not let me know and I will send it to you. She is definitely being a major pain in the ass and needs her butt kicked into shape. *big*

BTW, I will post 5 tomorrow night or Friday evening at the latest.
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Title: Anything For You
Author: ARoswellAddict aka Nina
Category: CC (Something for everyone )
Disclaimer: I own nothing but a piece of crap computer that occasionally saves my files and alternately eats them, lots of college debts, a love of Roswell and a vivid imagination. So please don't sue me.

Here you go, chapter 5. It was a bit of a pain but I wrestled it out. Thanks to Roswellluver and of course Trude. Read and enjoy guys!


Anything For You

Chapter 5

Michael Sullivan waited. Waiting had become his way of life lately and it was starting to wear on him. Waiting had never been one of his strong points but he was learning to wait. Michael remembered the day that waiting had become such necessity in his life.

The day was just another day in the life of Special Agent Michael Pierce, it was hot and here he was waiting in the small little town of Roswell, New Mexico outside of the UFO museum. Yes, Roswell New Mexico actually had a UFO museum and it was filled with all the typical tourist trap items and what some deemed to be genuine alien artifacts. But Special Agent Sullivan was not here this day to visit the sites no he was here on more important business, they were tracking an alien. Special Agent Pierce had ordered Sullivan here to wait for the ‘alien’ to arrive and he was waiting for his boss to contact him so he could report his findings to him. So Agent Sullivan was here waiting for his boss Agent Pierce to call him.

Michael Sullivan, Special Agent of the elite Special Unit was serving proudly as a member of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations. As proud as Agent Sullivan was to be an agent he also knew in his heart that he was a traitor. Oh he was not a traitor to his country, he was far worse he was a traitor to his heat. He knew, in his heart that what the special unit was doing was wrong but he was one who followed orders and so he was here to follow orders. Finally, his cell phone vibrated, indicating an incoming call and Agent Sullivan answered with a heavy heart knowing that Agent Pierce would be issuing him an order that would cause him to irrevocably destroy his heart and all that he held dear.

Michael Sullivan had grown up in East Tennessee in a sleepy little town called Maryville. He faithfully went to church every Sunday, attending his neighborhood Southern Baptist Church and he was a devout servant of God. Michael believed everything that his faith taught with one small exception, he believed that extraterrestrials existed. So, in direct disagreement with his church’s teachings, Michael Sullivan believed that we were not alone in this universe and every opportunity he got he did anything he could to learn about alien life. Michael believed that God had created man and the world in seven days just as his faith taught him, but he also believed that God loved everything in His universe and so He must have created other beings. Michael also believed that he would one day get the chance to meet and learn, first hand, more about those other beings. Believing this, Michael kept the fire alive in his heart that allowed him to hope for more than just here on Earth.

As a result of his beliefs and obsession with alien life Michael excelled in science and math. Michael Sullivan was not afraid to tell anyone who would listen of his belief and any ‘evidence’ he found to support his belief. However, one day when he was in his science class at Eagleton Junior High School, his science teacher laughed at his belief and his ‘evidence’. Crushed, Michael tried even harder to convince his teacher of his beliefs. His teacher finally became angry and told Michael he would fail him if he heard even one more word about this subject. The teacher made a note of Michael’s insistence in his fantasy and clipped it to Michael Sullivan’s permanent record, which followed him throughout school and later into college. Although Michael Sullivan’s beliefs in aliens haunted him throughout high school it was a major factor in securing his appointment to Annapolis and then the Special unit of the FBI.

Determined to succeed, Michael excelled at Annapolis, graduating first in his class. Michael had been recruited had been recruited heavily by many security agencies in and outside of the federal government but Michael wanted to serve his country as a Marine. Michael trained as a part of a highly elite and secretive intelligence unit. He served in that capacity proudly for two years before Agents Pierce and Holt approached him. They courted Michael promising him the moon and stars (literally) and they used his desire for knowledge as the ultimate weapon and were finally able to persuade Michael Sullivan to join the FBI’s Special Unit.

Finally, Michael had the freedom to track and study aliens. Michael loved his job and served with great pride for two years. He actively sought alien life forms here on Earth, having acquired the knowledge that the Special Unit held on aliens who had already been here. Michael even discovered that area 51, was exactly what it had been rumored to be for so many years. Michael visited area 51 every chance he got and studied the artifacts he had access to. It was there when he discovered quite by accident that aliens had not only visited here but were still living here. It was just a matter of finding who they were and where they were. That was the day that Michael’s elation over the perfect job was shattered into a million pieces. He had discovered that Agent Pierce was not following the Special Units prime directive to search for and learn from alien life forms. No, Special Agent Pierce had his own agenda and that did not involve tracking and studying not he believed in capturing, torturing and ultimately killing and then dissecting them. Michael had spent the 26 years of his life knowing that aliens existed, embracing their existence, hoping to one day learn from and live in harmony with them. Pierce had forced him to betray his heart the day Pierce had pulled rank and ordered him to help torture an alien known as one of the Roswell survivors - Max Evans.

Pierce had terrorized this teenage boy who was so human it took scientific tests to show any differences at all. The differences were so subtle but they were there and that was all that Pierce needed as ‘evidence’. The teen even had emotional attachments as any human teen would have and that was the weakness that Pierce had attacked him with. Pierce tortured the boy and terrorized him for hours on end, trying to get him to give up the others. But to the boy’s credit, he would not give in until Pierce had used the boys love of a girl against him. But the boy had held firm, even in the face of such great loss, and as soon as he was able he had escaped. Granted his friends had come for him but if Michael Sullivan had not turned a blind eye to the rescuers actions, Max Evans would never have made it out of the facility. Michael Sullivan could have ended the escape before it began, for he had seen the two men in the morgue preparing. One changed his whole appearance and the other only slightly changed but a telltale blinding white light had accompanied both transformations. Michael had known something was about to happen and had turned, walking to the other end of the facility deactivating alarm systems along the rescuers escape route.

Agent Pierce had been furious when he had discovered his toy was gone and his own duplicity in the escape. He had gone after them and he had ordered Special Agent Sullivan to the UFO center to await Max Evans. Pierce said that he would be coming here and he had been right. Max Evans and his friends were inside the museum, regrouping and trying to figure out what to do next. Agent Sullivan had not reported to Pierce as directed instead he was standing by watching Max Evans and his friends. He envied Evans and his friends; they got to learn things Sullivan longed to know. Sullivan knew he would have to report that Evans was there but he wanted to wait hoping to give the boy and his friends time. He hoped they would leave soon so that when Pierce arrived they would be long gone. He was even tempted to alert the boy but that part of him who had taken his oath swearing allegiance to the Special Unit would not allow him to go that far. So he stood there waiting. He watched and waited for his boss to contact him.

He sensed the phone vibrating before he actually felt it. He stepped out of the hall and walked quickly to the alley outside. Once he was outside he answered the call.

“Agent Sullivan” he stated.

“Is the target present at you location?” Barked Pierce into the cell phone, impatiently.

“Yes, sir. He just arrived.” Sullivan lied to Pierce.

“Good. I will be there shortly. You are to stay in place until I arrive” stated Pierce.

“Yes, sir. Sir, you need to know that the Sheriff was part of this rescue. He is in there right now with Evans and several of Evans friends.” Sullivan reported.

“It makes no difference to me. I will recapture Evans, take in all of his friends and if the Sheriff is a problem I have the authority to kill him.”

“Yes, sir. I was just letting you know, in case you need to bring additional backup,” Agent Sullivan reported.

Pierce’s answer caused Sullivan’s heart to drop.

“I will be coming alone, I won’t need any help other than you,” Pierce declared shutting off the phone and any further discussion.

Agent Sullivan had been surprised by the last statement as well as disheartened. Pierce expected Evans and his friends to give up easily, something Sullivan knew would never happen.

In an uncharacteristic move, Agent Sullivan decided to leave. He wouldn’t go far just away from the building so that when Pierce arrived he would not be forced into helping destroy something he believed in. Consequences be damned, when Pierce arrived Agent Sullivan would not be there. Agent Sullivan would cover his actions later, how he was not sure but he would come up with something later. He had to leave and before Pierce got there. So Agent Sullivan walked over to the Crashdown cafe, the irony of the situation was not wasted on Michael Sullivan as he slid into a booth in the back of the cafe, where he could see without being seen. Agent Sullivan was pretty sure that, without his help Pierce would not be able to capture the group and they stood a chance of getting away.

Agent Sullivan recalled that day so clearly he had waited at the Crashdown for what seemed like hours. He had seen Agent Pierce arrive and look around for him, he had not called for backup he had just shrugged his shoulders and gone into the building anyway. Hours had gone by and finally, growing worried, Agent Sullivan left the diner walking across the street to the museum. He practically ran over Agent Pierce emerging from the building.

Agent Pierce had appeared to be disoriented, not knowing Agent Sullivan at first, this had struck terror into Sullivan’s heart because he had left his post and allowed Pierce to go into the building alone. When Agent Sullivan questioned him about the suspects Pierce told him that they were not who the Special Unit had been searching for. Agent Sullivan had been suspicious of this Agent Pierce. But what clenched it for him had been when Pierce had failed to dress him down for his failure to follow orders and remain at his post. Agent Sullivan had expected at the very least to have received an ass chewing and possibly even disciplinary action but nothing had happened, Pierce had not even accepted the half hearted apology offered by Sullivan. It was then that Agent Sullivan remembered the blinding white light and the man transforming into one of their dead agents. Sullivan knew then that Agent Pierce was dead and this man was an alien. Sullivan did not regret Pierce’s loss and had no intention of sharing what he knew until he found out this alien’s agenda.

Agent Sullivan spent the next several months helping this Agent Pierce destroy the old Special Unit and return the unit to its original goals. Many of the Special Agents in this unit were not happy with Pierce’s change of heart but did their grumbling away from Pierce and accepted the changes. One day, shortly before the death of Congresswoman Whitaker, a friend of the old Agent Pierce, this new Pierce disappeared and Sullivan had not heard from him again. Agent Sullivan was not sure of how, but he knew that Pierce’s disappearance and Whitaker’s death were somehow related.

Agent Sullivan continued to serve as a Special Agent of the Special Unit until a year ago. He had been sent to investigate a report of a meteor that had appeared out of nowhere over Southern California crashing to Earth in the desert. It was there, in Death Valley, that Michael Sullivan had discovered his heart.


Tess could not believe her luck. After all this time she was here alone with Alex and no one would be returning any time soon. Finally, she would be able to get the hell out of this place and take Alex with her. She reached down and touched Alex on his forehead. Alex’s eyes flew open in surprise meeting her startled blue eyes; he stared into their very depths, seeming to be searching her soul. Tess wondered what he saw there. Did he see her duplicity, betrayal, lies, and hatred of his friends and herself? Did Alex see how much she craved to be normal, human, accepted? Tess fought to break the contact as she saw flashes of Alex’s life in her mind. She saw him meeting Liz for the very first time; he saw how much he loved her and Maria, how much he had been willing to sacrifice to keep them safe. She saw the first time he laid eyes on Isabel and how beautiful she appeared to him, how his heart ached for her and how lonely he knew she was. Then she saw something that truly disturbed her deep down to her soul; she saw the first time he had defended her to Liz. Alex had sided with Tess even knowing that she was breaking his best friend’s heart. She could hear his or her argument, no one else was around and Liz had been crying she had seen Max kiss Tess and it broke her heart. Alex had come to Liz and tried to comfort her but had only intensified things by saying that Max must have done something to make Tess think it was ok to kiss him. Alex had seen how lonely Tess was and wanted them to give her a chance. Alex had sensed somehow that Tess was important to the group and that she had seen and been forced to endure terrible things in her time before coming to Roswell. So when Tess saw the last flash from Alex she was finally able to break away from him. She flew back falling on the floor; she stared at Alex who was slumped over on the bed. Had he really known about her life prior to Roswell? But how could he have known? Tess was confused and her first instinct was to run, leave Alex alone and run. But Tess remembered her promise to Sully and her desire to return to her family, leaving Alex behind would not allow her to repair the damage. So she knew she could and would take Alex out of this place and return him home in one piece. So she reached out for Alex one more time initiating contact urging him to stand. Alex stood up from the bed on wobbly legs. Tess saw Alex’s deep purple hues emanating from his aura, he was groggy from all the damage Nicholas had inflicted on his mind but the would be ok, his aura rippled and the purple hues were now tinged with his natural amber hues.

The time for his escape was at and Alex knew he had to act now. He saw Tess was she helping him? He wasn’t sure of her intentions but he knew that they were alone and he could not stay there one more day and survive. Suddenly a shadow loomed in the doorway, Guido had returned and was standing watching the scene before him. Alex could not allow any more, he had to get out he had to get home, Isabel was in pain and needed him, Liz and Maria had not let go of him and they cried out at night, while they slept, for their friend. Alex knew then that no matter what he had to leave here and go home to his girls and help them with the forces to come. Alex reached under the bed to retrieve the bed leg he had worked free from the bed.

Tess looked Alex with fear in her eyes; did he not know she was trying to help him? She had to make him understand. She knew the door was right behind her and she could get through it before he could strike she hoped and as she started to turn to run, she saw Alex’s hand draw back.

Alex raised the bed leg high above his head and started to bring it down with an amazing ferocity, he was aiming for the intruder's head. He knew he needed to knock the large man down with one blow anything less and he would not get a chance to strike the skin on the tab that would turn him to dust by destroying the husk that held him together.

Tess was certain that the blow would mean the end for her, she thought of Sully and how much she loved him. She remembered her promise to Ava that she would never allow anything to happen to her and that she would help her to find her soul mate, just as she was sure she had found hers in Sully. She remembered Max and Liz and how much she owed them for all the hurt she had heaped on them. She remembered her ”son” Zan and knew she would never get a chance to return him to his real parents now. Sadly and with tears in her eyes Tess attempted to turn to get out of the door when she was stopped by two large hands and realization dawned on her that Nicholas must have returned if he was here.

Alex brought the bed leg down as hard as he could, hitting the large man squarely on the top of the head. Alex was careful not to let the bed leg hit Tess as the big man hit the floor. Alex swooped down toward Guido and lifted his shirt looking for the tab and finding it smashed it, turning Guido into dust. He stood and looked at Tess, seeing the terror in her eyes he tried to form the words to ask her what she was doing here. But instead she spoke.

“We have to get out of here, now. If he came back Nicholas can’t be far behind and he is going to kill us both when he finds what we have done.”

Alex looked at Tess, she was sincere and he knew she was right. Alex would rather die trying to get out than die at Nicholas’ torturous hands. So he held his hand out to Tess who took eagerly and led Alex from the room he had been imprisoned in for over a year.

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Title: Anything For You
Author: ARoswellAddict aka Nina
Category: CC (Something for everyone *happy* )
Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me, they belong to Jason Katims and Melinda Metz. I own nothing but this piece of crud computer, about 25 grand in college debts (which you can have if you really want them ;) ,) a love of Roswell and an active imagination. So please don't sue me.

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Anything For You

Chapter 6a

Agent Michael Sullivan waited. Agent Sullivan was becoming increasingly worried, and with each passing moment because there had been no contact. Agent Sullivan was growing restless waiting and it showed in his haggard features. He needed something to do besides wait; he began pacing back and forth in the tiny cabin he had been holed up in, waiting, for the last three weeks. For the millionth time he reflected on the events that had led to this moment and his role in what was sure to be a major upheaval for all involved including several who were unaware of their role in this game of cat and mouse.

Finally, Michael Sullivan gave into his frustration and picked up his cell phone. Flipping the phone open he debated silently within himself, trying desperately to decide whom to call. He couldn’t call Tess and risk her cover being blown, he could call his FBI friends but that meant certain death, and the thought of calling his old Marine pals flitted through his brain for one fleeting second. No, he could not call any of them for help this time he would have to rely on the hybrids for back up but he had no idea of how to achieve that little minor miracle. Finally, he decided and pushed the appropriate button on his cell phone. Again, he waited as the connection was made and he remembered while he, once again, waited.

They had decided to give it two weeks, two weeks was all. In two weeks Tess would be back with Alex and they could return him to Roswell and answer all of the others questions together. But in order for them to recover Alex, Tess had to leave returning to Nicholas and his group of treacherous goons. Agent Sullivan had watched the blonde climb into her black Suburban waving goodbye, her eyes reflecting the smile in her eyes, confidant that for the first time in her life she was doing the right thing for the right reasons and that she would finally be able to rest when it was all over.

Michael Sullivan now knew that something was wrong. Tess had not returned nor had she contacted Ava. They needed to get to Tess and help her, of that he was completely sure.

“Hello?” Said the lyrical voice on the other end and for a split second Agent Sullivan thought he had punched the wrong speed dial button. Her voice sounded so normal, so ok, so right. During that split second of uncertainty, he thought of her bright smile and piercing blue eyes, she sounded so right lulling him into a false of security and feeling of well being. Shaking his head as he heard a “Hello? Anyone there?” He reminded himself of whom he was calling.

Clearing his throat he replied “This is Agent Sullivan. We can’t wait any longer; we need to act now. Hell we should have acted a week ago.”

“I know” came the weak reply. Again her voice sounded so right, good in fact. But Agent Sullivan reminded himself that she was not Tess, she was her twin, or dupe as they referred to each other.

Ava’s voice brought him out of his reverie. “Sully? We have to go to Roswell, you know that don’t you?”

“I know but whom do we contact? My friends, who mean death for all of you including the ones we have worked so hard to protect or the ones she betrayed? They could mean death to Tess and that is an unacceptable risk.”

“Meet me at the Tumbleweed this afternoon at four o’clock, I think I have a plan. I have been thinking of this since she failed to return at the designated time a week ago.” Ava stated.

“Glad one of has done something besides wait. I have racked my brain but I think I am too involved to think objectively,” Agent Sullivan replied. “I’ll meet you then. But be careful; remember the FBI is watching.”

“I will” replied Ava as she disconnected the connection.

Agent Sullivan chuckled, flipping his phone shut. What plan had she concocted in that little head of hers? If it had been Tess he would have known for sure that whatever the plan was, would be reckless and a desperate attempt to rectify things between she and her ex-family. But Ava tended to more level headed except when it came to her sister, then she thought with her heart and was willing to risk more. The laugh continued to bubble up from deep in his chest but it was becoming more and more a wild laughter almost out of control. Hysteria was taking control and Agent Sullivan knew that loosing his control right now was the worst possible thing that could happen. His mind wandered back to the night she left. Immediately, Agent Sullivan sobered as the thoughts flooded his mind, reminding him of the reason they were in the quandary they were now forced to deal with.

“I caused this mess so I have to at least try to fix it.”

“You don’t owe them your life because an alien freak, who molested you, led you astray and played mind games with you for years,” he vehemently spat out. He did not like that she felt she had to risk her life like this, he felt powerless to stop the whole situation. It was not fair that he had finally found his other half and that she had immediately embroiled him so deeply in her problems. Not that he would have traded one second with his wife, no he treasured every moment with her and he fully intended to help her. He just wanted it all to be less risky and less messy.

“I know seven people who would disagree with you,” she said smiling at him. She still couldn’t believe her luck. After all the terrible things she had done, her she stood in front of her soul mate and she was lucky enough to have his love, his ring on her finger and she would be presenting him with his child in a short eight months. But for now Sully, did not know about her condition nor would he until she had returned to Roswell and made peace with her family. In order to make things right in Roswell; she had to return Alex and to come clean about her role in everything that had happened in Roswell.

She was nervous he could tell, but he had to admire her valor. So he finally acquiesced saying “You are probably right but there must be a better way, than you offering yourself up by returning to Nicholas’ camp.”
“There is no way to get Alex away from Nicholas. You don’t know the extremes Nicholas is willing to go to in order to attain the Granolith and its power. He wanted to kill Alex and take one of the others in order to get the information. But because Ava and I are so strong together, we were able to convince the little asshole that Alex was our only hope of learning about the Granolith. So now I am responsible for Alex and for the others. Besides, Nicholas needs me. As the queen, I have the power to activate the Granolith once he has learned what he needs to know about controlling it. He needs me more than I need him; he won’t hurt me.” She assured him.

Standing up, Tess began pacing back and forth. As Agent Sullivan opened his mouth to speak, she held her hand up halting the protest about to pour forth. “I am not always been this noble so let me continue. I know that originally Ava and I were using Nicholas’ greed against him for our own gains but now I am working for another end. I am doing all of this to make things right, so that I can spend the rest of my life living in the open, proud to be your wife, proud to be Tess Sullivan, proud to be human. Please understand that this is the only way that you and I can be happy and honest and together. I could never live with myself knowing that you had to walk away from being an FBI agent, its what you love and you should be allowed to do it. If I can’t live in the open, freely always looking over my shoulder, I can’t be with you and that is not acceptable. So this has to be done. Let me do it. Because of you I can’t let another human pay for my mistakes, I can’t let my family go on believing that I was unredeemable. Alex deserves better, Liz deserves better than I have given her, and Max deserves better. But most importantly, we deserve more.” Tess turned to look Sully in the eyes, and she found compassion burning there. Sully understood; he didn’t agree that her life was worthless without everything being put right, but he understood her desire to start their lives with a clean slate.

“When I fix this, we can move on. But until then, you have to trust me and trust that I love you and I will do everything in my power to return to you.” Reaching up she put her arms around his strong neck and tilted his head down toward her. Tentatively, she brushed her lips over his igniting the flame in their hearts.

Her impassioned plea moved Michael Sullivan. He knew she was trying desperately to make amends for her past. She was also struggling against her alien heritage clinging to her human heart, embracing everything that tied her to her human side. In the end, Sully had relented and had helped her plan her return to Nicholas’ camp and how she would get Alex out.

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