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Title: Species
Author: Joyce
Rating: PG-13
CAtegory: M/L AU Crossover
Disclaimer: Don't own please don't sue.
Summary: I'll summarize it later when I have more time.
Chapter One: New Year Surprises

December 25, 1988
Roswell, New Mexico

Inside an old rock formation, a Christmas surprise awakened. Three small glowing pods dominated one side of the cavern. One pod glowed an intense emerald green as a small crack appeared. A small set of human hands appeared pressing against the crack.
The crack grew quickly as two small legs slipped from the pod, followed by the rest of his small pale body. He stared around him; he slowly rose unsteadily to his feet and toddled over to the other two pods. He placed his small hands against each pod and cocked his head to the left. His thoughts raced across their connection, ‘ Come out. It’s time to go.’ No sound entered the chamber as the young boy conversed with the other two.
From inside the pods two figures shifted from their original position, then the one in the pod on the left sent his thoughts through their connection, ‘ We’re not ready yet. It doesn’t feel right yet. Come back later.’ The one in the pod on the right shifted towards the boy on the outside, her young mental voice echoed that of the other boy had said, ‘ Just a little while longer. Please brother.’ Flowed through their connection.
The young boy backed up to the wall and slowly slid down it, then he waited. Everyday for the next two weeks he asked them the same question, just to get the same answer. While he waited he explored the cave around him. Finally he rested.

January 7, 1989
The Dessert Outside Of Roswell New, Mexico…

The remaining two pods glowed a dark emerald green as small cracks formed in the center of each pod. Suddenly, two sets of little hands pressed against the inside of the pod. The cracks grew bigger until it was big enough to let the two small bodies slip out. The young boy waited several hours before pulling his two new companions to their feet. He waited until each was comfortable on their legs, then they toddled to the other side of the cave, his companions hands in his.

Upon reaching the far wall the young boy waved his hand over the surface. A glowing silver handprint appeared. Then he gently laid his hand over the silver handprint. A loud rumble was heard as the wall rose slowly, letting in the night sky. They walked for several hours; they had just gotten to the edge of the deserted highway. Brilliant, luminous lights appeared, freezing the three small children in fear. Noticing the young ones on the side of the road the young couple stopped their car.

The youngest boy, with spiky hair, jerked in fright pulling his hand away from the other two. Then he turned and raced off into the desert. The young couple in the car stepped out, and saw a young boy fleeing into the desert. Phillip and Diane Evans quickly walked over to the two naked children and swept them up and carried them back to the car. After bundling them up in the back seat, they drove to the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Valenti saw the Evan’s enter with two young kids so he called over to social service before going out to talk to them. Reluctantly they turned the children over to social service at their arrival before going home.

Lying in bed that night Diane turned to Phillip, “ Honey, I want them.”
“ Want who?”
“ The children.”
Phillip was silent for several minutes, and then he quietly replied, “ Alright, we’ll see what we can do. Tomorrow. Night Honey.’
“ Night.”
Early the next morning Sheriff Valenti did his usual check of the outskirts of the town. As he passed The Welcome to Roswell sign, he noticed a pale white shape sleeping underneath the sign. When he reentered Roswell the sheriff dropped the young boy off at social service.

* * * * * * * * * *
Foster Care…

They naturally gravitated to each other. Three lonely souls, similar in many aspects. None spoke yet it seemed as though they spoke silently to each other. Then everything broke apart. Their newly renewed family was once again split apart. As a social service lady came early one morning a month into their stay. She came and carried off his brother and sister. Several weeks later, she was back again. This time she took him and for a long time things were forgotten. Long at least in the terms of a six year olds point of view.

TBC... 1B

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Title: Species
Author: Joyce
Rating: PG-13
CAtegory: M/L AU Crossover ( Roswell/Prey)
Disclaimer: Don't own please don't sue.
Summary: Everythings different here. Liz never told Alex or Maria. Matter of fact Maria, Liz and Alex are all 2 years younger than the podsters. An unplanned moment of happiness, leads to consequences and the founding of a new species leads to new allies. A war is coming on two fronts. Who will survive?

( part 1 continued...)

Chapter One – Times Are A Changing

June 23, 1991
Evan’s House

Max walked quietly across the room and knelt next to Diane, “ Mom where do babies come from?” Diane painstakingly described how babies were made to Max. He looked at his Mom, “ Can I have a baby sister?”

“ Well honey, Isabel is your baby sister. Anyway, Mommy can’t have babies. Momma insides are hurt so a baby couldn’t survive.”

“ Oh, okay. I’ll make it better Momma.” Max quietly laid his small hands on his Momma’s stomach for a few minutes, then he skipped off. Leaving Diane smiling, even though she knew Max couldn’t possibly heal her. ‘ I can’t believe they’ll be starting school in two months. It’s a good thing we home schooled them the last two years, otherwise they’d be behind. Plus, this way I got to spend time with them. My babies are growing up so fast.’

· * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

September 5, 1991
Roswell Elementary

Maxwell Evans stepped off the glaring yellow school bus. Instantly his eyes fell upon a beautiful, angelic little girl with chocolate brown hair that fell down her back ending just above her butt. Her almond colored eyes turned towards Max, their eyes locked and the world around them ceased to exist.

His concentration was abruptly broken as Isabel grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him away. She dragged him into the school and downstairs to his first class. The day passed as Max waited impatiently for lunch. He had been getting those weird tingling feelings again. He always got those tingles whenever Isabel was around, but these were different somehow.

Finally lunch arrived and Isabel and Max sat alone at one of the lunch tables in the quad. Izzy rambled on about the gossip she had just recently acquired. In the few hours they had been in school Izzy had managed to become one of the most popular people in the third grade. She had even managed to form her own little clique.

As Max sat ignoring her, he was suddenly overcome with chills as the hair on the back of his neck stood up and vibrated. His skin crawled, as he swiveled on the bench where he sat. Scanning the quad as he did, looking for the person who had caused this feeling, a feeling he only got when Izzy was around. Finally, his eyes focused on a boy his age a few tables behind him. He had short spiky blondish-brown hair and intense amber eyes. He sat all alone with his head down. Max got up and walked over to his table and sat beside him.

He stared at him for a while then quietly stated, “ Hi, I’m Max Evans. What’s your name?”
“ Go away,” Michael muttered without looking up.
“ Come on,” he urged as Isabel walked over a mad look on her face.
“ Come on Max, it’s time to go.”
Michael stiffens at the words, they seemed so familiar to him, finally he replied, “ I’m Michael Guerin.”
He nodded, “ You’re like us aren’t you?” He asked knowingly.
“ What do you mean like you?” Michael demanded, “ I’m nothing like you!”
Max reached out with his index finger and gently wiped it across Michael’s hand, leaving a glowing streak behind. Michael quickly stuck his hand underneath the table to hide the glowing. Isabel stared on in shock, ‘this was the most she had ever seen her brother talk to anyone in one sitting, including her. Not to mention him using his powers in public and with a stranger to boot. She was going to have a talk with him about using his powers like that.’

Michael stared at Max in shock before he slowly nodded his head ‘ yes.’ Isabel’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. This anti-social kid was like them, unbelievable.

“ Prove it.” Isabel stated.
“ Excuse me, but what exactly do you mean, Prove it?”
“ I mean exactly what I said. Show us what you can do.”
“ Here? In public?”
“ Sure why not, Max did.”
“ Okay you two cut it out, how about after school. We can show you what we can do and you can show us what you can do. Does everyone agree?”
“ I suppose,” Isabel, mumbled irritated.
“ Okay.”

For the last couple of hours Max ghosted the halls on every opportunity, hoping to catch a glimpse of his mysterious dream girl. Finally the three companions were free; they raced out of the school and off towards Michael’s house. When they finally reached the two story yellow house just a little ways away from the trailer park. Hopping off his bike Michael ran inside the house and headed towards his room, yelling as he did, “ Hey Mom, I’m home and I brought a couple of friends over to play.”

“ Alright Michael, but dinner’s in an hour. I want you ready.”

Once they reached Michael’s room, they settled on his bed as Michael slammed the door closed and turned to face them. He quickly walked over to one corner of his room and picked up a baseball bat. He waved his hand over the bat once, changing it into a wooden baseball. Swiping his hand over it again he changed it back into a baseball bat. Isabel sat with her mouth hanging open. Then she glanced at Max who sat besides her gently smiling. “ Let’s go for a walk guys. Michael you can walk us home.”
“ So, Maxwell, why am I walking you guys home?”
“ Well I thought we should all talk, some where no adults can hear us.”
“ Okay, so what did you want to talk about?”
“ Well, I don’t think we should tell anyone else about what we can do. I don’t think that we should use our powers around anyone other than ourselves. It’s us three against the world. Does everyone agree with me?”
“ I agree,” Michael was the first to state.
“ Not even Mom and Dad?” Isabel inquired.
“ Especially not them. We can’t Izzy, we just can’t.”
“ Alright, I agree.”
After that fateful day the three became close friends. Everywhere one went the other two where usually just behind.

· * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

… Meanwhile at the Crashdown Cafe…

Five-year-old Elizabeth Marie Parker sat at the counter. A small container of vanilla ice cream with strawberry chunks sat in front of her. Her waist length amber waves were pulled back in a ponytail. She wore a brown dress with cupcake pattern on it. Her seven-year-old sister Janise walked from the back of the cafe. “ So, when’s your new friend, Maria was it, Coming over?”
“ Her Mom is bringing her over in a few minutes, then she’s taking us to the park.”
“ See you later, squirt.”
“ Yeah.”

* * ** * * ** ** ***

2 Months Later
December 25th 1991
Evan’s Home

Diane Evans dropped wearily onto the front room couch. Isabel, Max, and Phillip sat around the front room in various forms of unwrapping their Christmas gifts. “ Guys, I have a present for all of you.” They all turned and looked at Diane.
“ What is it honey,” Phillip asked worriedly.
“ Well you all know how tired and lousy I’ve been feeling lately right. Anyways, I decided to go to the doctors last week and ohm… He said, he said I’m pregnant.”
“ Pregnant, honey are you sure? The doctor’s said you could never get pregnant, just three years ago.”
“ I guess they made a mistake, because the doctor said I’m about four months pregnant.”
“ That’s great Mom,” Max said excitedly.
“ Yeah, it’s great Mom. Maybe I’ll get me a baby sister.”
“ We can’t wait,” Phillip declared.


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Thanks for all the feedback. Yes it's a crossover between Roswell and a show called Prey. However you wouldn't see that interaction until chapter five. Not to worry for those who haven't seen Prey.

I've managed to get a pretty good transcripts or scripts online of the 13 episodes that played, and I'll be posting them as part of the story. I've changed their format a little to make them seem more as a story than as transcripts or scripts.

Hopefully, chapter 2 will be out by next Tuesday at the latest. Hopefully.

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Kemperor: So is Liz a Dominant or something?

Well I don't want to ruin one of the running plots, of this yet unfinished story but No. This will be a whole new look. I'll be getting Tom out that change for those who seen Prey. But until I get all thirteen parts of Prey rewritten and interweave the stories. Let just say that Evolution got jump from some very unexpected places. Now, I'm sure that slightly ruin one of the plot lines but don't worry, I have a few more.

Chapter 2: Tragedies

September 25, 1996

The drove down the deserted road, suddenly a wide tanker took the curve. Heading straight for the car. Swerving left to avoid the tanker the small car twisted sharply as the drunk driving the tanker also swerved left. The two vehicles collided, a huge glowing ball of fire appeared as the cars caught fire. Killing the three people trapped inside instantly.
Michael tossed and turned in his bed, his dreams filled with fiercely glowing fires, burning cars, and sirens. Around 3 a.m. Jamie, Michael’s babysitter gently shook him awake. “ Michael, wake-up. We’re going for a little drive.” Michael slipped from his bed and into a pair of gym shoes, and jeans with a white t-shirt. Then he stumbled downstairs. His fists rubbed his sleep filled eyes.
Half an hour later they pulled into the hospital parking lot. Jamie shook Michael awake and ushered him into the hospital. The Doctor who attended to the crash victims took one look at Michael and Jamie and asked, “ Did the Guerin’s have any close friends?”
“ Well, I’ve seen them around town with the Evans.”
“ Do you know their phone number?”
“ Yes, I think I can remember it.”
“ Okay could you please call them?”
“ Sure.”
Jamie walked over to the pay phone her hands trembled as she dialed the Evans’s number. On the third ring the phone was picked up and a deep groggy voice answered, “ Hello.”
“ Is this Mr. Evans?”
“ Yes, it is.”
“ Mr. Evans, my name is Jamie Townsend and I’m Michael Guerin’s babysitter. We’re at Roswell County Hospital. Michael’s parents were in some kinda accident. I think it’s pretty serious, could you possibly come down here?”
“ Yes, yes, right away.” Phillip Evans rolled out of bed and quickly dressed. Then he leaned over Diane and gently shook her awake. “ Honey, I have to run down to the hospital. Michael’s parent’s were in an accident. It seems to be pretty serious.”
“ Well, wait for me. I’ll go with you.”
“ No, you had better stay and make sure the children don’t wake up alone.”
“ Alright, I’ll see you later.”
“ Love you, honey.”

TBC...(2B Tragedies) I'll post more when I have time to type and my carpel tunnel isn't acting up.

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(2B...Tragedies Continued...)


Roswell County Hospital
September 25, 1996
4:30 a.m.
Phillip Evans walked into the waiting room and saw Michael sleeping on the couch. Then quietly he walked over to the nurse’s station, “ Hello, I’m looking for Dr. Lockhart. Could you please page him for me?”
Over the loudspeaker you could hear the page ‘Paging Dr. Lockhart, a Mr. Evans is waiting for you at the fourth floor nurse’s station.’ Several minutes later Dr. Lockhart entered, his stride quick and even.
“ Hello, Mr. Evans. I called you here for several reasons. Firstly, Jane and Hank Guerin were brought in early this evening. There was a car accident, and they must have swerved to avoid the drunk driver. However, the road was wet and the drunk driver who was driving the tanker also swerved causing them to collide head on. When they got them here they were both DOA. What we need from you is some form of identification that they are who their ID’s say they are. We’ll also need you to contact any family members they may have had, and arrange for the boy to be looked after.”
“Alright let’s get this over with.”
Phillip and Dr. Lockhart disappeared a few moments later. An hour later Phillip walked back into the waiting room where Michael still slept. He could still remember the site of Jane and Hank Guerin’s bodies. According to Dr, Lockhart, they had died instantly on impact when their car had slammed into the tanker. He bundled Michael up and lifted him into his arms as he walked out of the hospital and to his car. He pulled into his driveway half an hour later and carried Michael upstairs and into Max’s room. Then he went to his room and snuggled down into bed next to Diane and quietly told her everything that had happened.

The Next Day…
Michael sat sullenly staring at the world around him. ‘ Everything was different now.’ Max and him had spent the whole day lying around; occasionally talking about the good times they had at Michael’s house. Later that night as Diane and Phillip went to tuck their children in they got a huge surprise. First they stopped in Isabel’s room, where Merry and she stayed. The door was slightly ajar.
They quietly peeked in, Merry slept soundly on her small bed tucked into one corner of the room. Their eyes drifted towards Isabel’s bed. She knelt beside it her hands clasped together, quietly praying, “ Please don’t take him away from us. Please God, don’t take him away, we lost our brother once before. We’ve barely just found him. Please don’t let us lose him. Amen”
Diane and Phillip waited several minutes before entering the room; they walked over to Merry and gently kissed her forehead and tucked her small body in. Then they walked over to Isabel and hugged and kissed her, before leaving. They headed down the hall to Max’s room. Entering they saw Michael stretched out at the foot of Max’s bed, his body comfortably ensconced in his sleeping bag, his breathing light and even. They went straight to Max’s bed, as they leaned down to kiss him goodnight, his soulful amber eyes opened and gazed at them, before he whispered, “ Are we going to lose him?”
They stared in shock before quietly answering, “ We don’t know honey. We’ll see what we can do about it.” Kissing his head they left the room as he stared up into the black emptiness of his room.
* * * * * * * * * * * * **

“ Diane, we can’t keep him. We already have three kids, a thriving business that barely leaves us time with the kids, and no more room. I mean Merry doesn’t even have her own room.”
“ Come on Phillip, you know we have to keep him.”
“ Give me one good reason.”
“ I’ll give you several. First being, they would never forgive us if we didn’t try to keep him with us. Secondly, he just might be their brother. You know it’s possible; there were three kids out there that night. Lastly, you know you want to keep him too, he’s already like family.”
“Alright, you have a point there, but what are we going to do about the space problem?”
“Guess we’ll just have to buy another house, preferably one with six bedrooms.”
“ Why six? You’re…not pregnant again are you?”
“ No, but when your mother and sister comes to visit where do you think their going to stay.”
“ Okay, okay. You have a point.”
“ We’ll start everything tomorrow.”
“ Night honey.”
“ Night sweetheart.”

Later That Week
Crashdown Cafe…

Maria waved Liz over to the booth she sat in, “ Chica sit down. Have you heard the news?”
“ What news Ria? Calm down! Sniff some cedar oil. Now tell me what you’re talking about.”
“ It’s like this, earlier this week that kid Michael Guerin’s parents were killed in that big explosion out on Route 98. Well he’s been living with the Evans’s since then.”
“ So what’s the big news? That news sound like what I heard earlier this week. Everybody has heard about the accident.”
“ Well, I just heard that the Evans are moving and that they’ve decided to take Michael with them.”
“That’s great about Michael, but sad about them moving away.”

July 15, 1997
A Year Later…

“ Michael, can you come down here. We have a few things we want to talk to you about.”
“ Be right down!” Michael yelled as he rushed down the stairs of the new house. At fourteen he stood at 5”6, and his hair still stood up in spikes. The real change had been in Max, he had doubled up on his classes, so that he could graduate a year early. However, what was really shocking was that he had let his hair grow out. It now hung down to his shoulders. He usually left it in a ponytail, so that it wouldn’t get in his way.
Michael leapt down the last two steps then walked into the front room and dropped onto the chair. “ You wanted to see me,” he muttered sullenly.
“ Michael, the adoption papers came today. All we have to do is it. What we want to know is what you want your new name to be and if you want us to sign the paper at all?”
He looked at them for a long time, then he glanced at the papers once more, then towards the stairs were Max, Izzy, and Merry sat staring back at him. Finally he nodded his head, Phillip and Diane Evans leaned forward and signed the adoption papers then slid the across the table to Michael. “ You can sign any name you want Michael.” Michael slowly picked up the pen and wrote Michael Thomas Evans_ Guerin.

TBC...3 Love's Chanigng Face
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Chapter Three – Loves Changing Face

Crashdown Caf
September 20, 1997

Thirteen-year-old Elisabeth Parker stared at the busy Crashdown around her. She couldn’t believe it her parents had agreed to give her and Maria part-time jobs at the café. Like with school her parents had agreed that as long as her grades didn’t suffer, she could keep her job and take a few extra classes.

She puttered from table to table taking orders and glancing at Max Evans, who was seated in his usual booth. As she was cleaning the counter Maria walked up to her and whispered in her ear, “ Max Evans is staring at you.”
“ Why would Max Evans be staring at me?”

“Because, you’re beautiful that’s why.”

“ Uh, right.” Liz gazed at Max under her lashes. As she went to serve the couple that had just sat down in her section. She walked over and handed them their menus, “ Hi, my name is Liz, and I’ll be your waitress today. I’ll bring over your ice water in just a minute. Is there anything I can get you?”

They looked at their menus, “ It’ll be a minute.” The young man replied. As Liz stepped to go around their table Larry grabbed her arm and whispered, “ Has your family been here long?”

“ Just four generations,” She smiles sweetly as she answered.

“ Did they see the crash?”

“ Well, my grandmother took this photo of the crash site just before the government cleaned it up.” Liz slipped a hand inside the uniforms pocket and pulled out an old black and white photo of an alien corpse. They stared at the picture amazed, and then Larry waved his hand at Liz until she leaned down, “ Who all knows about this picture?”

“ Well I know about it, and knows about it.”

Then she quickly stood and walked back towards the center, laughter gleamed in her eyes and she tried to stifle the laughter bubbling inside her. Maria however, was not amused at the two logger types sitting in her section, they had been arguing none stop since they had arrived an hour before.
“ Refill?”

“ No, now go away!”

“ Fine I’ll go away.” ‘Boy, I wonder what’s up with them.’ Just as she was passing a few tables from the counter, their shouting reached new levels, causing her to turn back towards them. They were both standing up and struggling; suddenly one reached into his coat and pulled out a gun. The struggle intensified, the gun was swung left towards the counter, “ LIZ!” Maria screamed as all the diners dropped to the floor and underneath their tables, the gun exploded in a flash of light and sound.

Liz stood frozen, suddenly her body crumpled her head striking the counter as she fell, then all she could feel was the pain. “ Liz, Oh my God, Liz?” Maria screamed as she raced towards Liz’s body.

Max leaped up out of his booth and grabbed Maria’s arm, “ Call an ambulance!” Then he ran over to Liz’s body dropping down beside her. Seeing the pool of bright red blood forming on her stomach. He ripped open her uniform and placed his hand over her wound. A faint glow appeared as he was overcome with flashes.

Four- year-old Liz walked around the Disneyland. Tears rolled down her face. Everywhere huge and strange beings walked around. Her parents had disappeared in the crowd hours ago. Leaving her alone and frighten.

Five-year-old Liz in a brown dress with cupcakes print walked into the schoolyard, embarrassment raced through her as she noticed the other children laughing and staring at her. If it weren’t for the fact that her mother had made the dress, she would never have worn it in public.

Eight-year-old Liz holding Maria after her father had walked out. Ice cream boxes littered the once clean floor, as tissue after tissue was carelessly discarded. The night passed in a whirlwind of conversations, snacks, and tissues.

Ten-year-old Liz and Maria walked passed a young boy about their age. He sat alone at one of the lunch tables. A guitar cradled in his arms. They stopped to listen to him play for a few, before Liz dragged Maria over to him, and introduced them to each other. “ Hi, my name’s Liz Parker, and this is Maria De Luca. What’s your name?” “ Alexander Whitman the third.” The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Slowly Max removed his hand, and then he grabbed a bottle of ketchup, breaking it against the side of the counter. He then poured it contents all over Liz’s stomach. Bending his head he whispered in her ear, “ You fell and hit your head. You were unconscious for a little while. You must have broken the bottle when you fell. Please my life depends on it?”

Liz slowly nodded her head as Max pressed a towel against the back of her head to stem the blood flow. The Sheriff and several of his Deputies rushed into the Crashdown a few minutes later. Jeff rushed in after them; the Sheriff glanced around the Crashdown. “ Everyone, I’m going to need a statement before you can leave.”
Several hours later, only a few people lingered around the now closed Crashdown. Maria sat in one of the booths, her trusty vial of Cedar Oil clutched in her fist. Max and Liz sat in another booth quietly talking. Her father gazed at her as he cleaned up the mess, made during the shooting as the Sheriff and Deputy stood finishing the statements they had just finished taking from Max, Liz, and Maria.

“ Max, how … were you able to do that? Where…are you from? What are you?”

“ I’ll tell you everything tomorrow at school. I know you’ve been taking some extra classes over at the high school. So, stop by the gym fifth period. That’s when I have wrestling practice. Please remember, Liz, you can’t tell anyone. Not Maria, your parents, the Sheriff or Alex.”

“ I’ll remember.”

Next Day, Fifth Period
West Roswell High…

Liz slipped into the gym and quickly spotted Max, she raised her hand and quietly gestured to him. Spotting her by the door Max walked over to the gym teacher and explained that someone from the office wanted him, pointing at Liz as he explained.

The teacher nodded as he grabbed his bag and jogged over to where Liz was, “ Come on, we can talk in the band room.” They walked over to the band room and slipped into the empty room.

“ So what do you want to know?”

“ Max, what do you think I want to know? How did you do what you did yesterday? What are you? Where do you come from?”

“ Well, I’m ohm... not really from around here.”

“ Where are you from?”

Max slowly raised one hand and pointed up.
“ Up North?”

Slowly Max raised his hand higher. “ What? Are you saying you’re an alien?”

“ We prefer the term not of this world.”

“ No, it’s not possible, aliens don’t exist.”

Max walked over to a clay statue and waved his hand down it, changing it to a block of unmolded clay. Then he swiped his hand across it once more, changing it back into the original statue. Liz stared in shock and then whispered, “ What else can you do?”

“ Well, we can manipulate molecular structure, which is what I did to you. I changed the structure of the bullet. I can heal and if I concentrate I can do small power blasts.”

“ You keep saying we, are there more like you?”

“ There’s me, my twin sister Isabel, and my best friend Michael.”

“ Where did you come from?”

“ We don’t know. All we know is that we were in the 1947 crash.”

“ How is that possible? The crash was over 50 years ago and you’re only 15.”

“ We were in some kind of stasis pods. We didn’t breakout until 1988.”

“ Oh, I guess that answers all my questions. I should go, I’ll be late for Biology.” Liz muttered as she maneuvered her way to the door. Just as she pulled the door open, Max pushed it closed with one hand. “ Our life is in your hands now.” Then he moved back and allowed her to leave.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ~

Closing the Crashdown that night Liz, thought over everything she had learned that day. As she slowly swiped the broom over the floor her eyes drifted towards the front door where Max stood staring at her. She set the broom down and walked over too the door, where Max stood. She stared at him for several minutes before she unlocked the door and motioned Max inside.

Max stepped through the door and waited for Liz to lock up and follow him in. “ What are you doing here Max?”

“I was thinking about everything that happened today and I realized that I may have scared you. So, I was thinking that maybe I could reverse the connection. You know, so that you could see that I’m still normal old Max Evans.”

“ Liz nodded her head her eyes glued to his, as he walked towards her. When he stood facing her he reached out and cupped her face, his eyes still focused on her.

“ I need you to empty your mind of everything. Be completely blank.”

“ Boy are you asking the wrong thing of the wrong person, but I’ll try.”

Max concentrated on life, picturing each of the most important moments, and then picturing Liz seeing them. Liz felt a tilting rush as images washed over her.

Max pushed out of his pod, his young body shivered in the cold. As he drifted back, over to the other two pods. Impatience curled through his body when his sister and brother refused to emerge.

They were engulfed in the darkness as the walked naked through the chilly and deserted desert. Suddenly the darkness was illuminated by the brilliance of light as a car raced towards them. Michael seeing the car, raced off into the dessert. While Max and Isabel watched as the young couple climbed from the car.

Eight-year-old Max stepped off the bus and immediately his eyes are caught of the face of the five-year-old angel across the playground. Her head rose as she looked up and into his eyes. Locking her image forever in his mind.

Christmas that year was filled with surprises, as Max, Isabel, and Phillip sat around the tree opening presents. Diane walked up to them and announced that she was pregnant. Joy filled the house as calls of congratulations were uttered.

Michael and Max lay talking about all the changes that had happened in their short lives. Max reached over and hugged Michael when the news that his parents had been killed in a car accident came. Then the decision was made to take Michael in with them. At last they were a family.

Max watched Liz Parker as she walked through West Roswell High School. Beauty Liz Parker was taking extra classes at West Roswell High, with him. Now all he had to do was get up the nerve to talk to her.

Just as suddenly as it began it was over and Max slowly dropped his hands and backed up until he slipped out of the Crashdown. Liz slid into the booth closest to her, her legs felt like Jell-O.

‘She couldn’t believe it; strong, quiet, shy, older Max Evans thought she was beautiful. Gawky little her, Liz Parker beautiful, but, what really shook her was that Max had loved her since he had first laid eyes on her and that he believed that she could never love him back.’

Eventually, she dragged herself up and finished cleaning the Crashdown, before she trudged upstairs, all the while making plans on how to get Max Evans to open up.

Journal Entry, # 23
Today is September 25, 1997 and I’m Liz Parker and five days ago I died. But, then the really weird thing happened. I lived.

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AN: These parts of the story containing the 13 episodes of Prey do not belong to me. They belong to the people of ABC, SCIFI, and many others. I have taken the liberty of rewriting the scripts a little to accommodate my story and to shift said stories from script format. The scripts of these episodes can be found at:, and Also I’ve made up these dates to correspond with my Roswell story.


Chapter 4 – Existence – September 1, 1997

A well-dressed woman stands behind a podium in a darken room giving a lecture to college students. “ Evolution. Natural selection. We’ve all heard these phrases our entire lives. But how many of us have ever really understood what they really mean? Or thought about their implications. Next slide.”

An Old Facility Across Town
Same Time…

Dark corridors flowed together and apart, pipes of all sizes lined the walls, and a group of cops came racing down the hall carrying flashlights. Suddenly, the crackling of the two-way radio shattered the silence. “ Suspect Randall Lynch. White male, age 32. Five feet ten inches tall, 175 pounds. Shoulder length brown hair. Suspect Lynch is wanted in connection with multiple murders and rape.”

A large black man in his late thirties to early forties, Ray Peterson raised his hand and clicked the portable radios that was attached to his shirt, he’s one of the Detectives looking for Lynch. “ This is Detective Peterson. Look, there’s nothing here. Lynch must’ve gotten through the perimeter and I wanna know where that hole is. Unit One, whatcha got?”

“ Unit One. Negative contact.”

“ Unit Two?”

“ Unit Two. We’ve hit a grate. We’re turning back.”
“ Unit Three?”

“ Unit Three. We got nothin’.”

“ Wait a minute. I see something moving.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~

Whitney University
Lecture Room 2-530

“ Let’s take a look at what happened to the Homo Neanderthalis. Neanderthals were the undisputed masters of their environment for over 300,000 years. They must’ve thought that nothing would stand in the way of their dominance.”

~ *~* ~* ~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*

Industrial Facility…

Detective Peterson searched through a large dimly lit room. “ Unit One, come in.”

“ Unit One here, over.” Randall Lynch crouched on a ledge high above Ray.

* * * * * *

Lecture Hall…

“ Until we came along.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

Industrail Facility…

Lynch leaped down and tackled Ray to the floor. Lynch began to kick and pummel Ray.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lecture Hall…

“ Next thing you know, Neanderthals were gone. Why?”
* * * *

Industrial Facility…

The rest of the units had converged on Ray’s location. One of the cops aimed the red laser sighting of his rifle at Lynch and shoots him in the chest. Lynch dropped stunned by the bullet. He climbed back to his feet and crouched in front of Ray, who sat recovering from Lynch choking him. Ray trained his gun at Lynch. He grabbed Ray’s hand and pulled the gun to his stomach. “ C’mon, do it. Come on. You just…pull the…trigger.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lecture Hall…

“ Why? Because two species cannot occupy the same ecological niche at the same time.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Industrial Facility…

Ray and Lynch are both still crouching facing each other. Ray refuses to shoot . A maliciously evil grin, spreads across Lynch’s face. “ That’s why you’ll never win.” The rest of the cops quickly moved in and wrestled Lynch to the floor, then handcuffed him.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lecture Hall…

“ Survival of the fittest.”


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AN: These parts of the story containing the 13 episodes of Prey do not belong to me. They belong to the people of ABC, SCIFI, and many others. I have taken the liberty of rewriting the scripts a little to accommodate my story and to shift said stories from script format. The scripts of these episodes can be found at:, and Also I’ve made up these dates to correspond with my Roswell story.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

A young woman of about twenty-six, with shoulder length auburn curls bicycled across the campus of Whitney University. She entered the Biology Building and reaches into her backpack and pulled out her security badge. She waved it in front of the guard at the desk.

“ You’re late Sloan.” The guard stated.

“ Thanks, Bob.” She walked down the hall to the Genetics Lab, through the lab glass doors, Ann Coulter, the woman from the lecture hall stood talking to an extremely dapper young gentleman in a dark suit. Sloan caught only a few snatches of their conversation as she walked through the door.

“ …this research.” Ann finished quietly.

“ Certainly.” The gentleman replied.

“ I’ll be needing complete confidentiality.”

“ Absolutely.”

They both turned and saw Sloan at the door to the lab; the man in the suit reached out and opened the door. As Sloan slipped through, “ Sorry I’m late, Ann.” She muttered.

“ That’s alright.”

The young man in the suit looked appreciatively at Sloan and gave her a bit of a smile. Sloan walked past him, glancing at him as she did.

“ Excuse me.” He spoke softly to Sloan, and then turned back to Ann he muttered, “ Thank you.” He slowly turned to leave, as he walked down the hall he glanced back into the lab through the glass doors. Sloan approached an office and poked her head in. “ Hey, Ed, how’s it going?”

“ Uh, fine. You know, Coulter’s looking for you.”

“ I know. I’ve got to prep her for court but I promise I’ll be back in time to go over last week’s DNA differentials reports-“

“ Sloan, it’s okay. They’re finished.”

“ Finished?”

“ Stayed up all night. Kind of, got on a roll.”

“ Ed, you’re amazing! I owe you one.”

“ I’ll see you.”

She turned and walked to Ann’s office, “ You all ready for court, Sloan?” Sloan slipped into a seat and opened a file on the desk.

“ Absolutely. Got the files right here. Randall Lynch. Raped three women, and killed five men in the course of a week. Our DNA analysis has positively linked him to each victim. Nice of him to make our work so easy.”

“ I wouldn’t categorize anything Lynch does as easy.”

“ What does that mean?”

“ Let me ask you something. Did you notice anything distinctive about Lynch’s treatment of his victims?”

“ Other than the fact that he severed their heads?”

“ Only the men. Don’t you think that might be significant? Let me ask you this. Why do you think he’d be so careless? He must’ve known the DNA would link him to the crimes. What does that tell you about his actions?”

“ I don’t know. That he wanted too be caught.”

“ Or that he just didn’t care.”

*~ * ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

The car drove Lynch pulled into the court parking lot, lots of cop cars, reporters, and jeering angry crowds surrounded the court. Detective Ray Peterson saw Lynch through the car window as Lynch stared at him. Eyes locked and looks are exchanged. Inside the courtroom minutes later the Prosecutor questioned Dr. Ann Coulter, who sat on the stand. “ Dr. Coulter, as an expert in the study of DNA, have you formed an opinion within the bounds of reasonable scientific certainty…”

Ray and Sloan shifted uncomfortably in their respective seats as the Prosecutor continued his questioning, “ … as to whether the defendant, Randall Lynch’s, DNA matched the blood and semen samples taken from each victim?”

“ I have.”

“ What is that opinion?”

“ In each instance, the DNA samples take at the scene of the crime matched exactly those of Randall Lynch.”

“ I could’ve told you that,” Lynch stated coldly.

A group of Lynch-groupies’ laughed uproariously at that statement. The Judge instantly started banging his gavel, “ Mr. Lynch!”

“ And what is the likelihood that the DNA that you studied could’ve come from any individual other than the defendant?” The Prosecutor asked.

“ Statistically, about one in eleven billion.”

“ You don’t know me.” Lynch declared, a wicked smile on his face.

“ Maybe I do.” Ann stated calmly.

The Judge once again banged his gavel, “ Mr. Lynch! One more outburst and you will be removed.” Lynch ignored the Judge as he continued to stare at Dr. Coulter, his looking determining something.

“ Well, Dr. Coulter, in your professional opinion, there’s no one else who could’ve committed these crimes.”

“ That is correct.”

Lynch stood up from the table, “ You think you’ve proven something?” He walked to the stand. “ You know nothing about me.”

The Judge stood angrily, “ Bailiff, remove the defendant.”

Sloan rose from her chair, concerned at the threat to her mentor. The Bailiff raced towards Lynch trying to apprehend him, but Lynch threw him off with one hand. Lynch grabbed Dr. Coulter’s lapels and pulled her to him, and then he whispered in her ear, “ You will all die.”

Several more Bailiffs rushed in and pulled Lynch off of her, and then they wrestled him to the floor. The Judge continued to bang his gavel. “ Order! Order! Get him out!” He yelled as Randall Lynch was cuffed, he turned and stared at Sloan.

~ * ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~

Late that same day Ann and Sloan burst through the doors of the Bio Lab. “ Ann, what is going on? You will all die?”

“ My guess is he means it.” Ann stated calmly.

“ Seems like more than a guess. It looked like you expected everything that happened. You practically dared Lynch to come after you.”

“ Let’s just say I wasn’t surprised.”

“ You’ve been evasive about Lynch all day. What’s going on?”

An older gentleman with a goatee peered through the doors at Sloan and Ann. Ann sighed resignedly, “ I’ve made a discovery about Lynch. There’s a genetic anomaly in his blood...” The goateed gentleman opened the door,” Oh! Sorry to interrupt, but we have a problem.”

“ Don’t we always?” Ann inquired.

“ I need some of your time. I’m sorry to be a pain but we are down to the wire on this CDC grant application. Without the two of us going over these numbers I am never going to get it in.”

“Does it have to be tonight, Dr. Attwood?” She asked.

“Deadline is midnight. I’ve already gotten one extension. We do this now or we don’t get the grant.”

Ann looked over her shoulder at Sloan as she walked off, “ Duty calls.”

Ed walked up behind Sloan, “ What was that all about?”

“ I’m not sure.”

“ Grab a coffee?” He asked.

Sloan shook her head, “ Gotta work.”

“ Erm, no, you look like you need some air.”

“Ed and Sloan walked to a coffee shop two blocks away, they sat down and started a conversation over a cup of coffee. “ She was completely unfazed, and when I asked her about it. She said, ‘ Let’s just say I was surprised.’”

“ What? Wait, what are you saying? You think Ann knew Lynch was gonna go after her?” Ed asked intrigued.

“ It was weird. She didn’t even bat an eye.”

“ What is that about?”

“ She was about to tell me when Dr. Attwood interrupted. She said it was something to do with his DNA. Did she ever say anything to you about that?”

“ Sloan, please. She didn’t tell you, she didn’t tell anybody.”

“ Yeah, I guess. So what are you up to tonight?”

“ Oh, think I’m gonna hit a movie. You wanna come?”

“ I wish. I gotta head back to the lab. I gotta makeup for the day I lost in court.” Sloan stood and patted his cheek affectionately.

“ I’ll see ya.” Ed muttered. Sloan turned and left the cafe and hopped on her bike. Sloan biked down the street late that night. Parked cars lined the street to her right. As she passed one, it started up and followed her discretely. A man is behind the wheel, but his face remained unseen. Sloan biked up to the Life Sciences/Bio Building and the car pulled into a parking spot. Sloan entered the building and flashed her badge at the guard.

She stopped realizing that the guard on duty wasn’t Bob, “ Oh, hey. Where’s Bob?”

" Don’t know.”

“ Whatever. Uh, did Dr. Coulter leave yet?”

“ Nope, she’s the only one still here.”

“ Thanks.”

Sloan left the desk. The guard stared after her. She entered the lab. Security alarms were going off, the monkeys were searching and hopping about the room. Sloan looked about the lab in confusion. “ Hi!”

She put on her lab coat and looked at some readouts. A monkey hopped onto her shoulder, scaring her. She called out, “ Ann! James is out. James! What are you doing out of your cage? James, come on. You know you’re not supposed to be off of your leash.”

The monkey looked agitated, “ Calm down, I’m not gonna bust you for this.” Sloan stated exasperatedly. Distracted by the monkey, Sloan finally entered Dr. Ann Coulter’s office. She paled as she saw blood smeared on the door, the walls, and the desk. A monkey sat on the body of Dr. Coulter, a sign around its neck that stated, ‘ You will all die.’ Sloan screamed, and grabbed the phone as she quickly dialed the police.

Half an hour later, the police were swarming around the Bio Lab. They took photos of the crime scene. Detective Peterson and a uniformed officer stood having a conversation. Sloan sat on the floor of Ann’s office, stunned and in shock.

“ The glass is two inches thick, but it’s busted clear out. It’s the only way the killer could’ve escaped.” The officer muttered to Ray.

“ It’s two stories up.” Ray uttered in disbelief.

“ I know but he didn’t go by the guard and there’s nothing on the security tape.”

“ Check the hospital. Maybe he broke a leg or something.”

Ray conversed briefly and silently with Attwood, then he turned and entered Sloan’s office. “ Dr. Parker, I’m Detective Ray Peterson. Do you think you could handle a few questions?” Ed entered a glass of water clutched in his hand and crouched beside Sloan.

Then he looked up at Ray, “ Do you have to do this right now?”

“ It’s okay Ed.” She muttered.

“ I’m real sorry you had to be the one who found the body.”

“ She’s not the body.” Sloan declared.

“ I understand you were close to Dr. Coulter. Do you have any ideals who might want to do this to her?” Detective Peterson asked.

“ Besides Randall Lynch?”

“ My first choice too but he’s already in jail.” He stated.

“ No one would want to hurt Ann.”

“ You’re sure?” The man in the suit from earlier walked into through the door.

“ Detective Peterson?” He questioned.

Ray looked up, “ That’s me.”

“ Tom Daniels, FBI.”

“ I don’t remember calling in the FEDS.”

“ You didn’t.” Tom looked down at Sloan, “ Dr. Coulter had been doing some classified research for us.”

Sloan looked up at that statement, “ And I’m here to make sure that data isn’t compromised by your investigation.” Tom announced. Sloan glanced up, wondering what he was talking about.

“ I’ll have to take her files with me back to the Bureau. No offense.”

' “ Okay, just let me finish up here.” Ray stated.

“ Don’t you think, maybe, the rest of your questions could wait until tomorrow?” Tom approached Sloan and crouched in front of her. “ Looks like Dr. Parker has been through enough for one day.”

“ Alright. We can pick it up tomorrow if there’s anything else.” Ray stated quietly.

Tom slowly stood as he helped Sloan up off the floor. “ Thank you, Dr. Parker.” Ray turned and left the office.

“ Is there anyone who could drive you home?” Ed swiftly raised his hand, “ Um, yeah, I can.”

Tom nodded the looked at Sloan, “ Good, you get some rest.” He turned to go.

“ Agent Daniels?”

He slowly turned back to her, “ Thank you.” She whispered.

Tom gave her a small smile, and then he turned and left. Ed looked at Sloan, “ Let’s get out of here.”

~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~*~* ~* ~* ~*

Sloan’s Apartment
Above the Flower Shop

Ed poured water out of a teapot into a cup. Sloan continued to cry softly, “ I’m sorry, Sloan. I really am.” He muttered.

“ Ann was the reason why I came here. Why I’m doing what I do.”

“ Ann, she was a good teacher.”

“ She was my friend. She was almost a mother to me.”

“ Remember five years ago when we first met her?”

Sloan smiled, “ I went up to her after class and corrected one of her lecture comments.”

“ I could not believe you did it.”

“Yeah, you would’ve done the same thing. I just beat you to it.” They both shared a small laugh as the memories of Ann swept over them.

“ See Ann saw something in you Sloan. You were not just another promising scientist. I mean, look at the way she confided in you. Even today.” Sloan slowly nodded her head.

“ I’m just gonna miss so much not having her to turn to.” She insisted.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Late that night Sloan slipped into bed, still distraught over Ann. She picked up the bag from the bottom of the bed and pulled out the Randall Lynch file out of it.

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Not to give away parts of Prey, which you will soon be reading anyway. But, in answer to your question Roswellluver you will be seeing some of Lynch's would be family. I'll try to post another part by Sunday at the latest. College, just started again. What hell.

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AN: These parts of the story containing the 13 episodes of Prey do not belong to me. They belong to the people of ABC, SCIFI, and many others. I have taken the liberty of rewriting the scripts a little to accommodate my story and to shift said stories from script format. The scripts of these episodes can be found at:, and Also I’ve made up these dates to correspond with my Roswell story.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Early the Next Morning…

Sloan walked around her apartment getting ready for the day. She picked up the phone and dialed 411. “ Los Angeles, please… FBI.” She got the number and dialed it. Someone on the other end finally answers her call. “ Tom Daniels?”

“ Hello, this is Tom Daniels.”

“ Mr. Daniels, this is Sloan Parker. We met last night.”

“ Tom, please call me Tom. So, how ca I help you?”

“ I was wondering if I could look at Ann’s files.”

“ Sure, come on down.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sloan walked into his office and sat at the desk in front of the computer, located inside of the FBI building. “ I really shouldn’t be letting you see Dr. Coulter’s files. The classified material hasn’t been removed yet.” Tom stated.

She smiled, “ I really appreciate it. Ann notes were important to my research.”

“ Take your time.” Tom turned and walked a bit away from her, no longer facing the computer screen. Sloan typed ‘Lynch’ into the files search box.

“ So Dr. Coulter was your mentor?” He inquired.

“ That’s right.”

“ That’s a good thing to have.”

The search came up empty, ‘ NO FILES FOUND’, flashed across the screen. Sloan distracted by the results, “ What?”

“ A mentor. That’s a good thing.”

“ Right.” She tried typing in, ‘Randall Lynch’.

“ Umm, I was lucky to be in the same room as Ann.”

“Tom stepped close to Sloan. ‘ She felt the same way about you. She… spoke of you all the time. She had a lot of respect for you.”

“ Really?” Sloan asked.

“ Why do you sound so surprised?”

“ Uh, I didn’t know that Ann talked about me.”

He grinned, “ Actually, I feel I know you quite well.” He looked at her coyly.

“ Well then you have the advantage.”

“ Maybe we’ll get a chance to close the gap.”

Once again, her search came up ‘ NO FILES FOUND’. Sloan stared at the screen. “ Is everything okay?” He asked. He knew it wasn’t. Sloan gave him a bland smile, “ Yeah, everything’s fine.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
“ I was, but I went to the FBI today.”

“ Why?”

“ To get Ann’s files on Lynch. Supposedly, Ann was doing classified research for the FBI, but I went there, all her files on Lynch had been deleted.”

“ So?”

“ SO?!? So, Ann is doing research on Lynch. All her research data is gone and now she’s dead. Don’t you think that’s weird?”

“ Sloan, come on. If there’s a connection don’t you think that the cops would’ve figured it out?”

“ Well I think Lynch had something to do with Ann’s murder.”

“ I’m sure they’re already questioned him.”

“ Well maybe that’s not enough.”

~ * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Prison Interrogation Room…

Sloan sat at a table as a guard brings out a chained Lynch in and sat him at the table. “ Thank you for meeting with me.” She stated. Lynch smiled smugly, “ No thank you.”

Sloan glanced at him, produced a pack of cigarettes, and offered them to Lynch, “Cigarettes?”

“ Clever. You want a DNA sample from my saliva. What happened to the sample you had?” He inquired.

“ I need a new one.”

“ I can’t imagine. How hard it must be for you to talk to me. After all, you think I had something to do with the tragic death of Miss Coulter, don’t you?”

“ Well did you?”

“ How could I?”

“ If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been detained. Are you scared?”

“ No.”

“ You should be.”

“ You don’t frighten me.”

“ Do you think you can stop the inevitable? You think bars and chains are gonna keep you from dying?”

“ I think they’ll keep you where you belong. Until they execute you.”

“ Is that what you think is gonna happen?”

“ I’m told it’s very painful.”

“ Will you be there to watch?”

“ If they’d let me, I’d push the plunger on the needle myself.”

“ I’d like that.” He stated. Underneath the table, he stroked her leg with his own she extracted her leg. Then he turned to the guard, “ We’re done here.”

He got up to leave. As he did, Sloan pulled a hair from his forearm. Randall Lynch screamed his frustration. Then glared at Sloan, “ You’re dead.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~

University Lab…

Sloan was back at the lab, testing the hair sample from Lynch. Her memories flash, interspersed with scenes of her working: Ed and her at the Coffee Shop –“ She said it had something to do with his DNA.
Lynch at the jail – “ Do you think you can stop the inevitable?”

Outside the Lab Offices with Ann – “ I’ve made a discovery about Lynch.”

She sat at the computer, “ Ready.” The computer stated electronically.

“ Create a new file for subject Lynch.”

“ File open.” The computer stated.

“ Extract and analyze the DNA of base subject Lynch.”

“ Analysis complete.”

“ Compare base subject Lynch to other known samples.”

“ No match in comparison.”

“ Compare the sequence of nucleotides of subject Lynch’s sample to all known ethnic populations.”

“ There is no match.”

“ Run DNA differential sequence program for all samples on file, including subject Lynch.”

“ Analysis complete.”

“ Is there a DNA differential between me, Sloan Parker, and Ed Tate?”

“ No. An exact match.”

“ Is there a DNA differential between Sloan Parker and a chimpanzee?”

“ Yes. One point one percent.”

“ So far so good. Compute the DNA differential between Sloan Parker and Randall Lynch.”

“ One point six percent.”

“ Repeat analysis.”

“ One point six percent.”

Sloan typed ‘Repeat analysis,’ into the computer.

“ One point six percent.”

Sloan flashed on an image of Randall Lynch’s eyes. “ Oh my god. He’s not human.”
~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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AN: These parts of the story containing the 13 episodes of Prey do not belong to me. They belong to the people of ABC, SCIFI, and many others. I have taken the liberty of rewriting the scripts a little to accommodate my story and to shift said stories from script format. The scripts of these episodes can be found at:, and Also I’ve made up these dates to correspond with my Roswell story.


Ed’s Apartment…

Ed Tate heard knocking and finally rolled out of bed, he staggered to the door in his boxers. “ Coming! Okay, coming!”

Sloan yelled through the door,” C’mon open up!”

Ed stumbled falling against the door,” and then he righted himself and opened the door and lets her in, “ It’s three in the morning.” He snuggled onto his soda with a blanket from the bed.

“ Ed, what I’m about to tell you… it’ll change your life.”

“I like my life.” He stated sleepily.

“ I’ve discovered a new species.”

“ Of what?”

“ Of us.”

“ Sloan.”

“ Coulter was doing research. I think she was about to figure it out.” She handed him her data and films. “ Read it. Tell me I’m wrong. I thought maybe the DNA in the sample was contaminated. I tested it. I turned those samples upside down. Ed, it’s not human.”

“ One point six percent different from us?” He inquired. Sloan nodded her head. Ed sat up as he became engrossed in the information in the files.

“ It’s definitely not human. It took an Ice Age to cause the last speciation. How, unless I missed something in the morning paper—“

“ Environmental disruptions, exactly! I’m thinking global warming.”

“ That5’s only a two or three degree change. It’s no where near enough.”

“ Why not? What if it’s more? What if the warming has occurred over the past hundred years, and not the past ten or twenty?”

“ This could be huge. Unless…it’s an isolated incident. We need other samples. Lots of them.”

Sloan realized that Ed believed her. She excitedly stated, “ We can start right now. We’ve got reciprocal deals with most of the big labs. I’m sure they’ll help out.”

“ Wait, wait, wait. Um, isn’t that too narrow, a task group? All those samples would be criminals.”

“ Hey, that’s were Lynch came from.”

Later that day Sloan paced about Ed’s apartment with a telephone to her ear. “ Yes, Hi, I’m Dr. Sloan Parker. I worked with Dr. Coulter. That’s right, Ann Coulter. Yes, it was a terrible shock, thank you.”

Ed sat at his desk with another phone pressed to his ear as he played with a basketball. “ No, that’s perfect. Whatever you got.”

Sloan spoke in the silence, “ Look, I’m following up on some of her unfinished work. I understand that you have some DNA samples…?” She said into the phone.

“ A blood or hair sample would be fine.” He stated into the phone.

“ Whitney University in Pasadena. That’s right. Thank you.” Sloan stated as she hung up her phone.

“ No, no.”

Sloan whispered to Ed, “ They’re emailing it over to the lab. It’ll be there by tonight.”

“ Great. I’ll be on hold.” He muttered.