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Title: Room Share
Author: Angelic and DragonFire
Category: M/L Roswell/Charmnd
Disclaimer: W/B and UPN*sad*
Summary: Can Witches and Aliens live together? Liz is Pagie.


Part 1

"Why are Aliens going to live with us?" Liz asked. "Because are going to
them with there powers and they are going to help us." Piper said.
Liz was not happy about this. Ever since she and her sisters got there
powers it has just been them. When Leo first came it was no big deal with
her. He was nice and a good person. There is no telling with Aliens. They
be mean and to in to there selfs.
"Liz I need you to make room in your room for a bed." Piper said. "Why?"
asked. "Because one of them is going to be sleeping in your room." Piper
said. "MAN." Liz yelled. She walked to her room. She was not happy about
at all.

While Liz was in her room, Piper was cleaning the living room ,Leo was in
bastmint trying to clean it out and Phobe was makeing room in her room. The
door bell rang.


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Piper went to open the door. "Hi I'm Piper.Isabel you will be shareing a room with Phobe. Max you will be with Liz. Michael you have the bastmint."Piper said.
Phobe came down."Hi I'm Phobe." Phobe said. "I'm Isabel." Isabel said.

Max picked up his stuff and went in Liz's room. "Hey." Max said. "Whatever you can put your stuff over there."Liz said. Max went over to the bed. He couldnt see her face. She had her back to him. He didn't like how she said 'whatever'. She sounded like a girl from the movie ClueLess. This was going to be hell. He had to work with the devil her self. He didn't like the owl witch thing. Didn't they kill people ans animals? He wanted out. He only came because Isabel said that this was going to be some thing new and fun.

Isabel and Phobe got along great. They were both into the same things. Make up ,same type of guys,movies and powers.

Michael was glade that he did not have to share a room with a girl. Max walked into the bastmint. "I HATE HER. SHE IS A STUCK UP BRAT WITCH. ."Max yelled.
Michael just laughed. "What is so funny?" Max asked.
"You hate her all already? That was fast."Michaell said.

"I HATE HIM. HE IS A JERK."Liz yelled. "Liz give him a try." Piper said. "I did." Liz said as she laid on Piper's bed. Just then Leo walked in. "Whats wrong?"Leo asked. "Liz hates Max."Piper said.


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Part 4

"Max thats really funny!" Michael told his buddy as
soon as he had calmed down. It had been almost
an hour and Michael was still pissing himself with
laughter at his friend.

"Whats funny!!! That she could orb in any second
and for all I know see me naked! Thats not a good
thing Michael. Thats not even very funny!"

"Oh just admit it my friend you want her and the
fack she could see you in all you glory or lack of


"Sorry could help myself," Michael grinned, "but the
fact she can see you in whatever way turns you
on." Max's face went an interesting shade of pink
giving Michael the answer he wanted. It also ment
that Michael had a huge amount of controll over is

"I uh don't think thats the point Michael!" Max told
his best bud, whilest trying to not blush, "I just
hope I can survive the year, no scrach that I hope
I last the week. Maybe she's not that evil and god
shes beautiful, I mean um nice lookin....." Max
trailed of forgetting what to say. Michael just
looked at him,

"You've got it bad!"