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Title: Owe Me Nothing

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Max and Liz and all the other characters belong to the people who created Roswell. Even if they didn’t realize that they had a hit waiting to explode on their hands and decided to ruin it by letting big boobs, blow jobs and bleached blonde hair run the show. The song “You Owe Me Nothing in Return” is by Alanis Morissette and is actually a really good CD. So if you ever have extra cash, pick it up.

Summary: Max and Liz are in college with the rest of the gang. Max has always been Liz’s shoulder to cry on, since their freshmen year in highschool. After a reevaluation of her life, Liz realizes that Max has always been there for her, but she’s never really been there for him. She makes it her goal to pay him back for his kindness to her after these many years of their friends and vows to become the friend to him that he is and was to her. I know the summary isn’t very good, but please give it a try.

Rating: Err... I’m in indecision, so I would say PG-13 or higher.

Category: M/L, why of course. AU. This means no aliens.

Author’s Note: Okay, I’ve never posted any of my stories on this board before, but I decided to give it a shot. Feedback would be nice, but it’s not needed. Post your opinion if you want. I’d be happy just knowing someone was reading it. 

“Ria’! I can’t find my boots!” Liz’s muffled and exasperated voice came from under the bed.

“Which ones?” Maria looked at herself in the mirror as she put in her left hoop earring smiling and humming along to the song on the radio. Tonight was party night! And her goal was to get smashed, while dancing the night away. What else are weekends for?

I’ll give you countless amounts of outright acceptance if you want it
I will give you encouragement to choose the path that you want if you need it
You can speak of anger and doubts your fears and freak outs and I’ll hold it

Liz pulled herself out from underneath her bed and flopped her body forward on the said bed in defeat. “ My fuck-me ones!” Rolling over she let out a yelp of pain that quickly turns into a sigh of relief. Pulling out from her unmade bed’s comforter were her boots. “Never mind!”

“Why do you need your fuck-me boots, anyway? Are you looking to get some tonight?” Smirking Maria turned from the mirror to speak to Liz face to face.

Hopping around on one foot, around the room, while trying to zip her boots up, Liz rolled her eyes at Maria. “No. It was either the fuck-me boots or the fishnet stockings. I needed an edge and the boots won. Oww!” Liz had succeeded in putting her boots on, but in the process of hopping around the room she had hopped her way right into her bedside dresser.

You can share your so-called shame-filled accounts of times in your life
And I won’t judge it and there are no strings attached to it

The shrill ring of the phone sounded through the apartment.

“Ria’, Can you get that? I’m kind of…umm… a little tied up.” Liz said from somewhere behind the bed. Walking to the phone, Maria past the bed to see a Liz sprawled on the floor nursing an injured head. Chuckling to herself, Maria picked up the phone.

“Speak or forever hold your peace.”

“Maria?” A hesitant voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Hey Max. What’s up?” Is Michael with you? She added silently to herself.

You owe me nothing for giving the love that I give
You owe me nothing for caring the way that I have
I give you thanks for receiving it’s my privilege
And you owe me nothing in return

“Umm… Alex, Ow! I mean I was wonder who will be sober sister tonight?”

“Err… Well I know it’s my turn, but I really, really need to get wasted tonight. All I’ve had is work, work, and work this week. And Liz was our designated driver last weekend, remember?” Maria crossed her fingers. Please, please, PLEASE!

“Yeah, well all right. I don’t drink that much anyway. I just won’t drink tonight.” Max’s voice came distantly from the phone.

“Ah ha! Found it!” Maria returned her ear to the phone holding up her ID card triumphantly.

“Maria?” Max’s voice came out questionably.

“O sorry, Max. I let one of Liz’s friend’s sisters borrow my ID, so they could get in an eighteen and over club. She gave it back to me, but I wasn’t sure where I put, but ha I found it! So what were you saying before?” Thank god! I thought I was going to have to use my fake one with the big hairy girl with the Katherine Heigl name. Eck!

“Umm…I’ll be the designated driver tonight.” Max smiled into the phone. Sometimes Maria’s cheerfulness was contagious.

You can ask for space for yourself and only yourself and I’ll grant it
You can ask for freedom as well or time to travel and you’ll have it
You can ask to live by yourself or love someone else and I’ll support it
You can ask for anything you want anything at all and I’ll understand it
And there are no strings attached to it

“Cool, is Michael over?” Maria asked hopefully, twisting her hands nervously.

“Yeah, do you want me to put him on?”

“NO! I was just seeing if he was there, that’s all.” Maria quickly responded.

“All right, well then can you put Liz on?”

“Sure!” Maria was back to her cheerfulness.

Walking back into the room where Liz was currently getting ready in front of the mirror Maria held out the phone to her. Liz turned her attention to her and then to the phone. “What?”

Rolling her eyes, Maria took Liz’s hand and placed the phone in it.“Max wants to talk to you.”

I bet you’re wondering when the next payback shoe will eventually drop
I bet you’re wondering when my conditional police will force you to cough up
I bet you’re wondering how far you have now danced your way back into debt
This is the only kind of love as I understand it that there really is

Taking the phone and placing it next to her ear Liz called out a simple “Hello?”

“Hey Liz, had a small drink before getting ready, did you?” Max’s amused voice came through the other end.

“Maybe… Yes! How’d you know? You know me way to well!” Liz replied.

Max chuckled.“It’s not that I know you too well, it’s just that you sound, well, a little slow.”

“What? I’m not slow!”

“Yeah. I know I was just messing with you. But the reason I wanted to talk to you is that you better not wear anything with an edge. This includes fuck-me boots and fishnet stockings.”

“Yes, dad.” Liz rolled her eyes, while lying through her teeth.

“Good, I’ll see you later.” Content with accomplishing what he was hoping for Max concluded their call.

“K’, see you later.” Liz hung up the phone. Looking at herself in the mirror for a second, Liz called out, “ Ria’, what would you think about me wearing the fuck-me boots with the fishnet stockings?”

You can express your deepest of truth even if it means I’ll lose you and I’ll hear it
You can fall into the abyss on your way to your bliss I’ll empathize with
You can say that you have to skip town to chase your passion and I’ll hear it
You can even hit rock bottom have a mid-life crisis and I’ll hold it
And there are no strings attached

“ I can’t believe the nerve of that guy!” An angry Liz exclaimed as she walked through the door into her nice, cozy, yet sometimes messy apartment that she shared with her good friend Maria who followed her close behind just incase she fell backwards. After all, Liz had a little too much to drink.

Undoing the zipper of her boots she threw them across the room. “How long has it been since he’s broken up with me? Two days. TWO DAYS! And he comes waltzing in with little Miss I-decided-not-to-wear-clothes-today slut!” Removing her shirt and throwing it on the counter in the kitchen, Liz yanked the refrigerator door open and pulled out some orange juice.

“I mean isn’t there some kind of unwritten rule that says you should wait at least a week to date after you’ve broken up with someone?” Liz looked at Maria expecting an answer.

Maria was lodging on the couch thoroughly exhausted. She had to listen to Liz say the same things over and over again on the ride back. Just goes to show that you don’t wallow your sorrows at the bottom of a bottle.

“Look, I’m sorry Liz. The guy was a total dick anyway and it should have been you that had dumped him and you being with some Mister who-decided-not-to-wear-clothes-today manslut two days after you dumped him. Forget about him. There are plenty of guys out there who would take interest in you that are really nice gentlemen. Now, how about some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream?

“Thanks Ria’, but I think I had a little too much to drink so I think I’ll set up camp next to the porcelain god.”

“All right,” Getting up, Maria walked over to Liz giving her a light hug, “ He really is a dick. I’m going to make my mom’s special hangover recipe that we all know and love and put it in the fridge. Drink it whenever you feel the need, okay?

Returning the hug, Liz replied drowsily, “Thanks Maria. You’re the best.”

Flashing her a grin, Maria replied with a tone in her voice that said this was obvious, “I know.” Patting her on the head she continued, “Now you try and get some rest.” With that Maria began picking up Liz’s boots and her shirt and cleaning up the living room. Liz had walked back to the bathroom and from the retching noise, wasn’t feeling real well. Shaking her head, Maria walked back in to the kitchen and pulled out some oranges, lemons, garlic, mustard, and salt. This’ll make her better!


Reaching out an arm to turn on the lamp, Max picked up the phone. “Hello?” He answered groggily.

“Max?” A raspy sleep filled voice came from the other end.

Sitting up at full attention now, Max answered.“Liz? Hey!”

“Hi.” She replied back lamely.

“Umm…You okay? You weren’t looking that great when Maria took you home. I would have taken you home, but I was…err…dealing with other matters.” Max’s voice portrayed how worried he was.

“I think I felt better before I drank that poison that Maria calls her mother’s secret potion to getting rid of hangovers, but other then that, I’m fine.” Snuggling more into her comforter, Liz smiled, “But it got me to stop throwing up. I think I was afraid that if I coughed up the stuff I might have to smell it again.”

Chucking Max answered back, “Yeah, that stuff is a little strong, but it really does work. So, you sure you’re all right?” Good ole’ concerned Max was back.

Knotting her eyebrows together in thought Liz replied, “You know, it was just strange to see him all over some other girl. I mean the other day he was all over me, but I just came to realize that I was being a little self-centered and I had fooled myself into thinking that I even liked him. I’m glad he broke up with me. But it didn’t stop it from feeling strange, but yeah I’m fine. I hope you didn’t do anything drastic, I was a little on the tipsy side and I blew everything out of proportion.”

“Well I’m glad to here that you’re fine.” Max’s fears were lifted. “So, what else did you call for?”

Noting that Max hadn’t rested her fears of him doing something drastic aside, she cautiously answered, “Just wanted to hear the voice that calms me and steadies me even when I feel like I’m standing upside down.”

“I’m glad that you turned to me. So ready for thanksgiving break?” Max tried to keep the huge grin that he was sporting at the moment out of his voice, but that was fairly difficult.

Sighing, “Yeah, it will be nice to go home and get away from school. I’m still not used to the college life and with the way it’s been going, I don’t think I’ll ever be used to it.”

“Don’t stress about it. It’s our first year; of course it’s going to be a little hard to get used to. We’re not at home anymore and we’re taking care of ourselves.” Max reassured.

“Yeah, so how’s the roommate, Sean?” Max wanted to sigh at the sound of her angelic voice. Even when scratchy from too much tequila, it sounded beautiful.

Finally acknowledging that Liz had asked him a question he ingeniously quickly recovered with a, “Huh?”

“How’s your roomie?” Liz inquired again.

“O! He’s cool. A little crude, but I guess where he comes from that’s the normal way for a guy to act.”

“And where does he come from? Earth? All guys are a little bit crude, Max. Well, except for you. But that’s only because I still believe that you’re some kind of alien king hybrid from some planet called Antar that can heal with the touch of his hands.”

“Where do you get this stuff, Liz?” Sometimes she was just plain crazy, but it was just plain adorable most of the time.

“I had a dream about it once in the 10th grade remember and I told you all about it and I even took your pencil that you were chewing on to check you cells.”

Max laughed into the phone, “ Yeah, I remember and when the cells were normal human ones, you still didn’t back down and you came up with a even crazier theory that I was a human host with an alien possessing me named Zan.”

Liz laughed along with Max at the memory, “Yeah, well that’s what New Mexico heat will do to you.”

“It’s almost four, you should be sleeping.” Max finally realized.

“Well, dad… I have nothing to do tomorrow and I don’t plan on going out in the sun that we rarely ever get in Washington that decides to show up tomorrow when I have a hangover, so I’m sleeping in anyway.” Liz rolled her eyes and smiled.

Smiling at her stubbornness, Max pushed forth, “ Still, you’ll mess up your sleeping pattern.”

“All right. I’ll go to sleep. Thanks you Max, and sleep tight.” Placing the phone next to her ear on the pillow, Liz snuggled into he comforter and pillow preparing for sleep to overtake her.

“Nite’ Liz.” Max whispered, while doing the same as Liz and placed the phone by his ear.

Doing something like falling asleep while listening to Max breathing from the phone was something Liz had done since their sophomore year in highschool. It always calmed her and she would fall asleep almost instantaneously. Max on the other hand would stay up all night listening to her breathing and that was how it was every time Max or Liz called each other late at night or early early in the morning. One would fall asleep and the other would lie awake listening and Max would be the one to wake her in the morning making mornings for Liz bearable, even mornings when she woke up with huge hangovers.


Okay, so I'll see if I can post a new part ASAP. I always think when your starting a new story, you should throw out at least 3 parts at the beginning, so you have a good pull. Beginnings are so tough for me to write because I want to get down to the fun stuff in the deep middle. So come back again. Thanks!

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New part as promised! ~~

~ Part 1 ~

“Whoa! Someone ate Monica!”

“Ah, shut up. The camera adds 10 pounds.”

“How many cameras are on you?”

Popping another kernel of popcorn into her mouth, Liz let out a laugh. Friends is the best show ever!

Walking out of her bedroom, Maria took a look at Liz then at the TV, that was displaying the ongoing of Monica’s and Rachel’s infamous prom night, grabbed the remote and clicked it off. “We better start packing.”

“Finished already.” Standing up, Liz looked around, the apartment looked really clean. “Did you clean the apartment?”

“Yeah, I needed something to do.” Maria answered while walking back into her room to start packing some warm clothes. It gets kind of cold around this time in Roswell, especially at night.

“Hmm…Was there any particular reason you needed something to do?” There was more to Maria’s cleaning escapade that met the eye. Maria was a slob and it took an act of god to make her clean. “You know, now that I think about it, you’ve been doing a lot of cleaning lately. Why is that?”

“Uh…No reason.” Trying to put a sound of finale into her voice, she only succeeded in making herself sounding weary.

Feeling that this was something Maria wasn’t really willing to talk about, yet, Liz decided to let it go. “Do you need any help packing?”

“Yeah.” Maria silently praised Liz for letting the subject drop. Something Liz was so much better at then she was.

“Okay, let’s start with ID’s. You need your real one, your fake twenty-one drinking one and your other fake twenty-one drinking one for just incase the bouncers don’t believe the person in the picture is you.”

“Next, we have music. I already have all my Weezer, Ben Kweller and Green Day CDs in my bag. I think I can live with those for a few days. You should bring something that will last you on the plane. Ah ha! Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton and if you need something more fun, Jimmy Eat World. And don’t forget Coldplay!!! You’ll just love their new CD. I’ll let you borrow those.”

Rolling her eyes, Maria knew she would be here all night packing with Liz. Liz always covered things thoroughly and fully. Why did you want her help again? O! Because she’ll make sure I won’t forget anything. “And what you need is a combination of light yet warm clothing. I would go for sweaters and long sleeves shirts with outerwear jackets. You can mix and match them and still keep warm, but if it gets to hot, you can still keep yourself cool. Ah! Here we go. This is just perfect! Now, next we need to…”


“So why did we fly to a city that we've never lived in before instead of Roswell again?” Maria inquired.

“Because we don’t have any airports in Roswell, Cheesehead.” Michael snapped out.

“You guys, can’t you stop bickering for at least an extended time of 10 minutes, please?” Liz turned around from her seat and pleaded with Michael and Maria.

“Well, tell him to stop being so disagreeable.”

“Disagreeable! I assure you that I’m being very agreeable and if there’s anyone in this may I say very cramped cab that’s being disagreeable it’s Maria and you, Liz!”

“I’m being disagreeable?” What? How was she being disagreeable?

“Yes, you’re being disagreeable, Liz. Will you just let the damn taxi driver, drive? I’m pretty sure she knows what the speed limit is and where Roswell is without you reminding her every 3 minutes.”

Rubbing her temples, Liz looked sharply at Max who was silently watching this with amusement as if it was his personal show. This is why you don’t put three people in a car without a radio. Turning back around in her front seat, Liz spotted the mile sign, they were a good 56 miles away from Roswell. This hell will be over soon. Turning back around to her two friends and brother, who had decided to take the backseat, well hadn’t decided to take the backseat, she had called shotgun first, she starting talking.

“Okay, we’re going to be home soon,” Liz looked at Max again and pointed her finger at him, “ you are going to keep those two,” Liz pointed her finger at both Maria and Michael next, “ silent and apart. Now, I’m going to ask our very kind and nice taxi driver,” Liz glanced down at the driver’s shirt real quick, “ Thelma, who I like to apologize to if I’ve been in any way the annoying customer, to pull over and you,” Liz pointed her finger at Max again, who look like he was on the edge of laughing, “ will sit between them and I’ll repeat again for you, keep them silent and apart, until we’ve reached our destination.”

And with that, it seemed that the rest of the trip home would be nice, peaceful and quiet, until, “ So, why did Alex and Kyle decide to drive down instead of taking the plane, again?” Maria inquired once again.

Rolling his eyes and leaning for to look at Maria properly, Michael inquired a question of his own. “Does everything have to be repeated to you twice for it to get the full effect?”

“Hey…!” Maria drawled out.

“Max!” Liz turned around in her seat again looking pointingly at him.

“What?” Max asked with his best-faked confused face.

“You were suppose to keep them apart and silent.”

And another match of bickering ensued in the tiny yellow cab. As it rolled along into Roswell, nobody noticed, except the driver, who couldn’t help thinking THANK GOD!


Max walked into his old room and landed on his bed with a nice thud. Maybe next time they come home, they should each get on separate planes. Although they had come close. Tess and Isabel had taken a little longer getting ready and had missed the flight (no surprise there), so they were taking the next flight out, while Alex and Kyle decided to just drive down to save money (they were saving for joint ownership over a fooze ball table together).

Shifting around on his pillow, something began poking out into him. “Ow! What’s this?” Max pulled a picture frame out from underneath his pillow. His mom really did leave his room the way it had looked before he left. The pillow smelt fresh though. She must have not really noticed the frame.

Looking down at the person in the frame, he couldn’t help let the sigh of frustration out. It can really be hard to be in close proximity with the person you have been pining over, since your freshmen year and know that they would never see you as anything more as a friend.

Deciding that the holidays wasn’t a time to wallow in his self-pity, Max picked up the phone from his bedside table and dialed the all familiar number that he had dialed numerous times, during his highschool year and was assaulted with memories he didn’t really need to think about just then, especially right before making this particular phone call. Shaking the memories off as the phone rang, someone picked up the phone.



Liz opened her all to familiar room’s door and walked into her room, turning around to slowly and silently close the door. Turning back to her room to examine it she let out a small shriek at the sight of her brother.

“Michael! Remember that rule that we made in the 3rd grade? The one that said to stay out of eachothers’ rooms and to not touch eachothers’ stuff!” Snatching the stuffed alien that her brother was holding from his arms, she continued, “ What do you want anyway?”

Silently deciding not to provoke his little sister into an argument, Michael had to resist the urge to point out that they had actually made that rule in the 4th grade and they had made another rule in the 5th that consisted of the promise that any rule that they had made, during an argument could only last two weeks. Michael knew for a fact that the rule his sister was trying to accuse of him breaking at the moment was made, during an argument that had started when Michael had walked in on Liz, during one of her dancing music workouts holding on to one of her favorite CDs that he was hoping to return, before she had come home.

“Err…I need to ask you a favor?” Please. Please! PLEASE!

“Shoot.” Liz unzipped one of her bags and began unpacking some of her clothes.

“You see…umm…I got into a little spat with Maria.” Michael’s said slowly to judge his sister’s reaction.

Not looking up from where Liz was unzipping, Liz continued for Michael, “And…”

Looks like she’s not going to make this easy for me. “And…I…err…was wondering…if you could play peacemaker and fix this mess.”

Liz let out a squeal, which caught Michael off guard. Was she really that happy to see him beg?

“Oh my god! I didn’t know I had brought this with me.” Putting the CD into the CD player, the sounds of Something Corporate came softly playing out.

Michael opened his mouth to repeat what he had said before, but Liz beat him to speaking first.

“Okay. I figured you guys had gotten in one of your infamous spats. Maria has been wallowing around the apartment, doing weird things like cleaning and cooking. So, first off, what were you guying arguing about?” Liz danced across her room and grabbed her cordless phone.

Aww… Man! “Well…we got talking about Thanksgiving and I asked…”

“Why do we need Turkeys for Thanksgiving anyway? Chickens taste so much better and you can actually feed the entire family without leaving any leftovers.”

“Well Mickey, it’s a tradition. A tradition that people have been following for thousands of years.” Maria answered to Michael’s obvious question.

“First Bonehead, Thanksgiving is a US holiday and the US is only about 200 years old. And what’s it with tradition anyway?” Sitting on the floor, Michael turned on the TV.

Huffing, Maria snapped up the remote from Michael’s channel surfing hands and clicked the TV off.

“Tradition happens to be very important. Without tradition people would marry more then one person, although Mormons already do that and so do people after divorces, but tradition is important! Without tradition we wouldn’t have Wedding Dresses, we wouldn’t have bended on one-knee proposals. Hell! We wouldn’t have weddings! No fireworks, no New Year kisses, no Santa Clauses…”

“Hold on here! Hold on! How did we get from turkeys to Weddings and Christmas?” What was this woman talking about?

“Eh!! Your impossible!” Maria exclaimed and with that she threw the remote into his lap and stomped out the door.

Michael ran to the door and opened it to find the hallway empty and he yelled out,“Maria, wait! I love Turkey!”

“…and I’ve been trying to think of ways to apologize to her, but nothing seems to work, so now will you help me?” Michael concluded and looked to his sister with hopeful eyes, only to find her crying and clutching her stomach trying to breathe.

“Liz, are you all right?” Was she having some kind of seizure? Because I know CPR, but I really don’t want to have to kiss her.

“I’m…fine…*gasp*…hahaha…*gasp*,” Liz tried to calm herself down, but only burst into another fit of giggles, “I…just can’t…*gasp*,” Taking in a much needed gulp of air, Liz calmed down enough to say, “You two fight over the stupidest things.” And with this said Liz fell to the floor and began laughing harder.

She was laughing at him. He had come seeking help and guidance and she was laughing. Sure the whole fight had been a little ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean she should be laughing at him. “You know what, forget it. Forget I ever asked…”

“No…no, no…wait! Just give me a minute.” After collecting herself, Liz began, “Okay, this fight you two had is really, really stupid. Of course you don’t need me telling you that, so this is what I’ll do, even though I usually go hands-off on these situations, since you’re my brother and she’s my bestfriend, but for those two reasons, I’ll call her, tell her you’re very sorry and convince her to forget about this little spat, okay?”

“Okay. Thanks a lot.” Michael said in all full gratefulness, but before he could waltz around in his accomplishment…

“But, it’ll take a lot to convince her, so I’m thinking, you and a lot of turkey in your tummy this Thanksgiving.” Liz smirked knowing what was about to come.

“WHAT?!? I HATE TURKEY!” Michael exclaimed.

“You’ll have to prove to her that you believe in traditions and you practice them religiously, which includes eating turkey on Thanksgiving enthusiastically.” Liz smiled, while she said all of this.

Michael was about to start again, when he thought this through. Ah! To hell with it. “All right. Fine. I’ll eat some damn turkey.”
“Good.” Liz picked up the phone and was about to begin dialing when she looked over to her brother who was looking at her expectantly. Placing the phone back on the hook and then placing her chin in her hand she said, “Need anything else?”

“No.” Michael replied.

“Then leave, please. Phone calls are private and I was going to call Maria before you came anyway.” Liz exclaimed.

“All right.” Walking over to his sister, he ruffled her hair and kissed her forehead. “Thanks, Lizbit. Don’t stay up to late.”

“No problem. And why is it that everyone seems to be concerned about when I go to bed?” Liz looked up at him questionably.

Chuckling Michael walked out the door.

Shaking her head, Liz reached her hand out to pick up the phone again when it started ringing. “Max?”

“Liz?” Yep that was Max.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Liz answered.

“How’d you know it was me?” Was she developing some kind of psychic power or something?

“No Max I haven’t been developing any psychic powers. It’s just caller ID.” Liz laughed silently to herself.

“How did you know that was what I was thinking?!?” Freaked out of his mind, Max questioned in disbelief.

“I just know you well enough to know you would think that.” Chuckling Liz continued, “ So, what’s up?”

“O, nothing much. Normal ‘I missed you’ ‘You’re getting too thin’ ‘Here eat some roast beef’ ‘Anyone special in your life, yet?’ phrases from the parental units.” Max replied, “How about you?”

“Oh my god! Do I have a new Michael and Maria spat to tell you about!” Liz exclaimed excitedly.


Thanks for the feedback! It means a lot! Hope you enjoyed this part. Sorry about the slowness of the beginning and the lack of M/L. I’ll update ASAP.

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Yay! I figured out how to change the title!
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Part 2 as promised! I don’t really need feedback to get me writing, but it’s always nice to know people are reading. So a quick hello would be cool. *happy*

~Part 2~

“Morning sleepy head.” Max teasing voice came out from the phone on the pillow.

“Ehh…I hate you Max. Couldn’t you have let me sleep in at least 10 minutes late? We did ride in a plane and then in a taxi with Maria AND Michael?” Liz droned out. Grabbing the pillow next to the phone she covered her head and moaned.

“Please, do you know how long I’ve been trying to wake you? Ten minutes. So you got your ten minutes of sleeping in.” You could hear Max rolling his eyes at Liz’s childish stubbornness


“Ahh!” Liz screamed falling out of her bed. Looking up she saw one angry Michael pacing in her room.

“Liz?! Liz? Are you all right? Liz!” Max’s concerned voice asked worriedly.

Walking over and picking up the phone from the floor that had fallen when Liz fell from her bed Michael replied to Max’s cries, “Morning Max. Liz would love to talk to you with her stinky-ass morning breathe,” Max could hear a muffled ‘Hey!’ from Liz, “but Liz has some unfinished business to deal with right now.” And with that Michael clicked the phone off.

“Hey! That wasn’t very nice.” Liz pulled herself up from the tangle of blankets on the floor by using her bed. Throwing her most irritated glare at Michael.

“Yeah, well, how about I do something nice and I tell you a story, Liz?” Before Liz could open her mouth to respond Michael plowed on, “ So this morning, I decide to call my girlfriend, Maria, thinking all is well for me to wake her with a ‘Morning Sunshine’ and I was going to say a simple I’m sorry and we’ll do what you call ‘kiss-and-makeup’,” Opening her mouth to say something, Michael quickly silenced Liz, “ No, let me finish. Imagine how surprised I was when Maria told me to fuck off and hung up.”

Liz was feeling it. That huge tearing, weight at the bottom of her stomach. Tears were welling up from all the guilt she was feeling at the moment.

“You see, my little sister had told me, everything would be fine in the morning.” Michael looked Liz straight in the eye, “So little sister, why was everything the same in the morning as it was the day before?”

With the amount of times Liz kept on opening her mouth, only to have it closed by Michael cutting her off, she looked like a goldfish,“ I’ll tell you why. Because you were on the phone with Max.” Michael taunted her, using a whiney voice.

Liz was now standing up face to face with Michael with her hand over his mouth trying to look threatening. Although it was pretty hard to look threatening when you only reach your brother’s chin so you have to look up at him and you are wearing rubber ducky pajama pants and a tank top with a rubber ducky that says ‘Aren’t I cute?’.

“Damn it! Michael shutup!!!” Liz was fed up. She felt guilty and he wasn’t letting her apologize. This was one of the main reasons why Liz tried to stay out of Maria’s and Michael’s spats.

Liz steadied her voice to make herself sound calm.“You're right. I was talking to Max. He called right before I was going to call Maria. By the time we were almost done talking it was too late to call Maria. We all know how she loves her sleep. I was going to call her first thing this morning. Beside you shouldn’t have called her in the morning. Once again, Maria loves sleep and she is REALLY grumpy in the morning. I’m really sorry. I’ll fix it, okay?”

Liz slowly removed her hand from Michael’s mouth, eyeing him. He looked madder then before.

Michael drew in a shaky breath. “So Max is more important then family?” He said in an angry whisper.

“No! No. That wasn’t what I said! Michael…” Liz begged.

“Save it, Liz!” Michael yelled and walked out slamming the door.

“Uh!! He’s impossible.” Throwing her pillows that had fallen on the floor angrily at her bed, Liz picked up the phone and dialed an all too familiar number.

“What is with people calling me in the wee hours of the morning?” Maria’s groggily voice came from the phone.

“Suck it up, Maria. It seems like everyone wakes up at this time, including my angry brother and my way to chipper best guy friend.”

“Liz? What is with the Parker’s and early morning rising?” Yep. Maria really isn’t a morning person. Mind you. Neither am I.

“Look I need to talk to you. It’s about my brother.”


Max looked at the phone with a confused expression. Looks like Michael and Liz are fighting again. It can be extremely funny, but do they ever stop?

Looking around his room, he notices how his bags are all haphazardly tossed on the floor. He’ll have to deal with that later. He walks into the adjoining bathroom that goes into his room and into Iz’s and washes his sleep filled face. Walking back out into the hall, down the stairs and in the kitchen, he opens the cupboard and pulls out his favorite cereal, Fruit Loops.

“Morning Max. Have a good sleep?” Diane asks Max.

Pouring Milk into his bowl full of fruit loops, Max answers, “Yeah. But I got a rude awakening from the room next door. I’m assuming Isabel’s home?”

“Yeah, she got in late last night and early this morning.” Diane confirmed.

“Compol.” Max responded through a mouth full of cereal.

“I’m going to be at the grocery store today. I need to get some last minute ingredients and I want to go to Amy’s and talk to her about the pies.” Diane informed Max.

Swallowing, Max looked at his mom strangely and then asked, “We’re having Thanksgiving dinner here, this year?”

Looking up from where she was rummaging in her purse, “Yep! It was our turn this year. Now, your father is at the office trying to wrap this case up, so everyone can go home and enjoy the holidays. Wake up your sister around noon. I don’t want her throwing off her sleeping pattern. Although I’m sure you guys did that anyway, my big college boy.” Diane said with a babyish voice, pinching Max’s cheeks.

“Mom!” Max whined.
“All right. Well, do you think you or your sister can be around the house around four? I’m having the center piece sent here and I need an Evans to sign for it.”

“Sure, mom.” Max answered.

“All right, I’m off. Love you, Max.” Grabbing her purse, she opened the kitchen door.

“Love you, Mom.” Max returned.

Diane wrinkled her noise and then walked out the door. Max held his breath, until he heard the Explorer pull out of the driveway. Rolling his eyes, but smiling fondly, now Max knew where Isabel got her Christmas Naziness. Only she must have gotten the next holiday over from Thanksgiving.


Freshly showered with outerwear clothes on, Liz was just about to walk out the door, when, “Liz, sweetheart, don’t forget that you need to be over at Diane’s around four thirtyish to help with the cooking.” Nancy Parker’s voice rang through the doorway.

Rolling her eyes and shutting the door, Liz turned back around and walked into the main living room to see her mother surrounded by cloth of every color.

“Whatcha’s doin’?” She questioned, eyeing her mom’s Band-Aid covered fingers.

“I’m making a quilt. Diane keeps on showing me all of this home magazine stuff and I thought I might as well get into it and try something motherly. Ow!” Nancy replied and succeeded and poking herself in the fingers again with the needle.

“Sweetheart, hand me the Band-Aids, right there.” Liz obediently followed her mother’s orders and tiptoed her way through the jungle of cloth and sat cross-legged before her mom.

“So, seen Mickey G this morning?” Toying with her mom’s sewing kit, Liz looked down so you she wouldn’t look so suspicious.

Placing her needle down, Nancy looked toward Liz.“Yeah. About that, what were you two fighting about?”

“O, nothing. Just the regular stuff. Did he look mad?”

Using her index finger and thumb, Nancy put together just about how much Michael looked mad.“Just a tad bit.”

“O.” Liz guilty stared at her mother’s hand, then pushed herself up. “Well, I’m just going to go and bug Max. Maria is stilling sleeping in, apparently phone calls have the tendency to take up valuable sleeping time.”

“Hmm…I did not know that.” Nancy smiled and looked at her daughter.

“Well, umm…yeah. I promise to be at the Evans at 4:30. Good luck on the quilt. Bye!” Slipping through the door and shutting it, Liz laid her back on it and let out a sigh. She had made it without her mom trying to pull her into something else. Now if she can just get out of the café without her dad seeing her. Open the backdoor, slowly walk through it, and shut it softly. Yes! Freedom!

“Hey Liz, off to somewhere?” Jumping in fright and trying to hold in her moan of despair, Liz looked and there was her father taking the garbage out. Damn! Usually the back works. I should have used the fire escape.

“Umm…Yeah, was just off to Max’s actually.” Please, Please, Please, don’t try and start a conversation right now.

“Really. Cool, do you think you can do me a favor later though?” Jeff looked at her daughter expectantly.

Liz couldn’t hold this groan, this time. Looking at her dad and hoping she wouldn’t regret what she was going to say. “What do you want me to do?” I just knew coming home, my parent’s would suck me into a black hole of favors. Why doesn’t Michael ever do their favors?

Ahh!!! The beginning is going a lot slower then I thought it would. But don’t worry, as soon as I get them out of Roswell and back to school, everything will get shaking. New part ASAP. *happy*

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