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Title: Friends And Lovers
Author: Jeremiah
Rating: Pg 13- NC 17( I will let you know when.)
Disclaimer: I own Nothing
Category: UC/CC
Summary: What would happen if Liz Parker would happen to fall in Love with the Person that she cant have?

Authors Note: I know I am sorry, But I got this in my head and it wouldnt leave me alone. I hope you enjoy!

Part One

Hi, Its Feburary 14 and I am Liz Parker. And Today I crossed a line that I wasnt suppose to. But one that I so desperatly wanted to do so much. I kissed my Best Friends Boyfriend. How am I suppose to live with my self? And It was on Valentines day too? Can you talk about a cold hearted Bitch? I hate myself for doing that to Maria, she has been my best friend since I can remember, And this is what I do to repay her for years of wonderful friendship? I go after her boyfriend.

But you want to know what I really hate myself for? I enjoyed it! I enjoyed it so much That I didnt want tit to end! And what is worse is that He wanted it to go on too. I felt the way that he kissed me back, he enjoyed it as much as I was. We are horrible people! I mean we dont deserve to live! Oh God! what mess have I gotten my self into? Maria is My best friend, How could I? How could I, On Valentines Day no least!

I guess I should fill in some of the blanks for you. No we werent drunk! We were defenatly sober when It occured. I guess I should go way back huh? I had always had a crush on him. Since Back in elementary. He just does something for me. I was going to admit it to him , Oh sorry, this time we were in our freshman year of high school, No One knew I had a Huge Crush on HIm, Not even Maria. Well I was going to tell him after History, I was almost there to his locker, when I saw him making out with Maria! Well I just went home and died. I cried my eyes out for what seems like hours. Then to top it all off Maria came and told me the news. I couldnt bear to let Maria Know what was going on with me, so I covered. She told me she had a boyfriend! I was happy for her, I really was but why did it have to be my guy? The one that I wanted. So I covered my hurt and pretended to be happy for her. After all she didnt know what my feelings were for him. No One knew, We were Like oppisites , complete and total polar oppisites.

But I guess I really made up for that? Didnt I! They are cute together, I have to admit that. But There were times were I would dream that it was me that he would dance with and hold. The one that he would kiss when he thought no one was looking. The looks that he was giving her, I wished he gave me. But I guess I got my wish after all.

I Kissed Max Tonight, and I want to do it again.

P.S I Know this is short but please leave feedback, it would be greatly helpful and appreciated!

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I want to thank Janelane. Lana Lane and goddessdiva for all leaving me feedback! This story is probably going to be about may be 5 parts. Not a real long one but I couldnt help but write it! Thanks for all the terrific feedback!
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I want to thank everyone for the terrific feedback! I know I promised that I would update my other stories, but I ran into a little problem, I misplaced the papers that had my stories new parts on them! I am in the process, Of trying to find them, if I dont it will be a while for me to update them. But I do have a new part for this one though and I hope you enjoy it!

Part 2

I kissed My Girlfriends Best Friend! What kind of dog does that make me? I mean come on, What kind of man does that to the girl that he supposedly cares about? But the thing is, That I do care for Maria, and all she is a good and sweet person. She is just so much fun.But there is something missing. When Maria and I kiss, Its like kissing someone you are related to now. I mean at first there were fireworks and all, But then it fizzled. But tonight when I had Liz in my arms and kissing her, It was like something inside of me that was dead all of a sudden came to live. There were fireworks and so much more. It was like seeing stars literally. See what I am talking about? I am a complete and total D*O*G! Plus to top it off it was on Valentines day too. I had just finished coming back from my date with Maria, when I bumped into Liz at the park. She was just sitting there looking more beautful then I had ever seen her. I mean she is completely beautful as already, but tonight she just took my breath away. She was sitting on the park bench looking up at the sky, she had her eyes closed.

" Hi Liz." I say as I walk up.

"Max, What are you doing here? she asks in her angelic voice.

"I was coming......I dont know why actually."

"Didnt you have a date With Maria? Liz asks me. I can tell their is sadness in her voice. I wonder what that is from?

"oh yeah, well that is were I was coming from, I just dropped her off at home."

"So your going home? Liz questions.

"I was but now, I dont want to." I say as I look into her beautful eyes, that just pull me in even deeper.


"What?" I try and comprehend what she just said to me.

"Oh I said Sit, Lets talk."

So I did sit down next to her and we talked and we laughed for over an hour. I then made the mistake of looking at her just then. Then I was kissing her. And she was kissing me back. And all I knew was that it felt so wrong, yet it was right. We were pretty gone for a few minutes, None one of us wanted it to stop, but we knew we had to and when we did.

It broke my heart. Then I finally realized something.

That I was In Love with my Girlfriends Best friend.

P.S I hope you like this part.

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Part 3

Today must of been my punishment. Not saying that I dont deserve it. I do, Every single angonizung part of it. Today was the day from hell. Maria has been calling me all day since the incident at school happened. Well I guess you want to know right? it all started when I got up this morning. Already not looking forward to seeing Maria. Maria and Max. They were both in my first period class. Not a way to start of the day, Your Best Friend and her Boyfriend that you want. The one that you kissed Last Night. Making Me the other woman. I use to hate and despise all women that could go after another girls guy. Thinking they were nothing but sluts. Easy and pathetic sluts. Well I should become the clubs president. As I was entering the room, I saw them. And it hurted.

They were kissing. Max had his arms around Maria and they were sucking face. I could feel the rise of bile coming in my throat and I took off. I couldnt bear to watch anymore. Well there goes that theory that he enjoyed it as much as I did. A part of me hates hiim for doing that! Then I realise that I have no reason to feel that way, he was kissing his Girlfriend after all My Best Friend.

They were only doing what came naturally. I was about out of the room, when I guess Maria found me, They actually stopped sucking face for about a milli second! That is a new Record!

Can you tell that was meant to be sarcastic! God! What is wrong with me! I mean I sound like a pissy little brat that when dosent get her way, throws a fit. I mean I should Be happy for Maria, She after all is my BestFriend. And in all codes of best friends is that you should always be happy for the other. Well it wouldnt be the first Best Friend code I would brake. I already had broken the number one rule.: Dont go after your best friends boyfriend.

Some best friend am I.

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Thanks to everyone that has left me feedback! it is appreciated.

Part 4

How Lucky am I? I must be one undeserving girl too have this much luck. I mean look at me, I have a best friend that is beyond a sister to me. And I have this gorgeous guy that happens to be my Boyfriend. How can a girl be so damn lucky? First off there is Liz, We have been Best friend are whole lives. I trust her with my entire heart and soul. I have her back, and I know that she has mine. I know for a certainty that she would never betray me. Well you know that saying that blood is thicker then water? Well we have someting much stronger then that. We Have Love. That is why I am trying to see what is up with my Lizzie. I mean she ran out of the classroom and didnt come back. I mean it is not like Liz to miss even a fraction of a second of school. Liz is the kind of person that would die before she missed an exam. She and Max have that in common. Oh By the way Max is my boyfriend that I mentioned earlier. His Name is Max Evans, and he is the hottest guy in school. Well I think so anyway. All the girls in school want to get in his pants. Especially that slut whore Tess Harding. I mean the girl is so skanky she makes Heidi Fliess look like a virgin . Everytime I turn around there she is flirting away and being total obvious! but my Maxie sees through it and just laughs in her face. He is the greatest guy a girl could ever wish to have as a boyfriend. He is not your typical guy that thinks with his little brain but with his heart. He has never pressured me into having Sex. Which by the way I am not totally ready for, and he understands. Sometimes I wonder why he is with me. I mean he has more in common with Liz then he has in me. I mean they both love school, They Love science, and they help out with the community. I mean if you saw them together , you would think they were in fact the ones that were together.

But Know, somehow I ended up with the guy. I Maria Deluca Am truly the luckiest girl alive.

P.S I hope you like this part, I am deciding to make this a longer story then I intentionally planned, so I hope you guys follow were ever I decide to take this.
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Part 5

How am I suppose to keep this from getting out? How am I suppose to protect my Girlfriend when All I want to do is to let the truth come out. That I am in Love with Liz Parker. My Girlfriends best friend. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I Care for Maria, and I thought it was love but, When I kissed Liz, I realised that it wasnt . It didnt even come close to what I felt with liz. Tell Me how Am I suppose to turn my back on what my heart is so dying to do? I will tell you why. It actually is because of two things. One Maria is a kind and sweet person, she dosent deserve to be treated like this. She deserves someone that will love her with his whole heart. I do Love Maria, but not nearly as I feel for Liz. And I am also keeping this hidden because Maria is Liz's Best Friend, and It would kill Liz to know that her best friend would get hurt! And I cant let that happen. When people would say about loving two people, I thought they were crazy because how can you love two people at same time, but now I am a believer.

Because I do. I love both Maria and Liz at the same time. And it is so unfair to both of them. I mean they deserve and I guess I can even say for myelf that we all need some one that they could picture spending the rest of their lives with. I picture that with Liz. I know, I have known her my whole life and now I seem to do nothing but daydream or fantazie about her. I spend my dreams on how it would like to have her as my wife. How it would be to have her be the mother to my children. I see us having one boy and one girl. I am working at some hospital as a ER doctor, and she as a famous world scientist. We would live in the surbans of san fransisco, Dont ask me why, I just see us living there. We have a good life. I even have to admit that someimes I dream on how it would be like to make love to Liz, to be able to have her in my arms at night. To be able to be in the same bed as her. I even picture us bring the other to the heights of pleasure in our mad passionate lovemaking. Yet I know at the same time I know it would be tender and soft. Our bodys reaching out for each other. The little electric shocks we would get from our bodies contact. And that alone sends shivers down my spine.

And your saying, you got this from a kiss. Well I guess it's time to admit the truth. It's kind of scary. I kept it for so long. So here it goes. I had a crush on Liz for what seems like my whole life. I picture what it would be like to have her as my girlfriend. In fact before I was going to ask her to go out with me. I still Remember the day We had the same biology class together. I had finally worked up the courage to ask her out. I was nervous as hell. I just kept running through my head, wht would anyone as perfect and caring and gorgeous as Liz would want with some one like me. I had finally put that behind me, when I got a suprise waiting for me. Liz and Kyle Valenti were kissing. That was when My dreams stopped. And reality sank in. That was when The whole Relationship with Maria started. I was by my lockers when She came up to me. I have to admit that it felt good for my ego to know that someone wanted me, If Liz didnt. So ther that was the begining of this whole mess.

I guess that isnt fair description either. Because in Time I grew to love Maria. In fact that when liz and kyle were done with, it didnt even bothered me, It bothered that Liz was alone, But I was with Maria. But It wasnt until that kiss, that I realised that my feelings for Liz havent gone away, not by a long shot. I know some guys think it is all that to have two girls but believe me I am not enjoying this. Because I have to make a decsion, and one of them will be hurt. I just hope that I make the right one.

P.S: I Hope you enjoy this. let me know.
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This is dedicate to Michaela!*tongue*

Part 6

When has my life become such a soap opera? I mean I use to have this little quiet existence going on, and then BAM! it goes up in smoke when I Kissed some one, not just any someone, but my bestfriends boyfriend. Ok I know I already told you that but I cant help the guilt wont let me forget. Which maybe is a good thing. Becuase As much As I love Max, I love Maria even more. I knew her the longest and we have been through everything together! When ever My life has become such a mess, she was there for me. The only diffrence is that now with this , I cant exactly go up to her and say, please help get rid of ehat I am feeling, I kissed your boyfriend, realise that I still have deep feelings for him and would you please step aside. I dont think she would appreciate that very much.

I tried going out with other guys to get over what ever it is that I feel for Max, but it is just pointless. There will never be anyone that could make me feel as the way , Max does when he just looks at me.

I remember one time when I was in the bio room, and Kyle came up too me and we started to talking, and then out of no were he had kissed me. I was so shocked that I just stood ther frozen. I couldnt kiss him back, I couldnt my heart belonged to another. Well after he decided to pull his lips off mine, I told Kyle that I only saw him as a friend and nothing more. He agreed and that was that. See That was an hour before I saw Max and Maria getting together.

I was so hurt. I was going to tell him , Max that is that I had feelings for him. But it was too late. He was taken.

Taken by my Best Friend no less.

I tried hooking up with Kyle again, But No Nothing. I even dated Sean, Maria's loser cousin. Yeah, I decided I didnt want to date some one who's ex cell mate was named bubba. So Now I am stuck here in this horrible position.

I have no one.

I want what I cant have.

I want Max Evans. I am pulled out of my thoughts when I hear a knock on my window.

I turn around and see a Desperate max evans on my balcony.

"Max? What are you doing here?"

"I had to see you."



"For what, What do you need?"

"I need to do this." Max says as he then cupps Liz's face and kisses her. Liz wanted to stop it, but couldnt . She wanted this as much as he did. Even more, even a wild bunch of hourses couldnt pull her away. They couldnt stop touching each other, in places were only lovers touched. The Next thing you know clothes are being shred, and Max lies Liz down on her bed, and slowly moves down her body with his lips. They ended up making love that night. All night in fact.It was like they couldnt get enough of each other. Like they couldnt quinch that thirst.

What they didnt know was that while Max and Liz were in the throws of passion, They had a visitor come by.

It was Maria.

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Part 7


Extreme pain!

Oh My God! I cant breathe!


How can they do this to me! How! I mean I thought I could trust them!

And they do this to me!


I have to get out of here! I cant let them see me . I dont want to disturb their PRECIOUS FUCKING TIME!

Fucking asshole!

Fucking two face BITCH!

I hate them both! I hate them! Oh God, I lost them, I lost everything. My Boyfriend. But what hurts the most is that I lost a best friend. I mean how could lizzie do this to me. I mean after all we been through.

What is wrong with me? Am I not to beautful enough? is it that I come from a single parent home? Tell me what is wrong with me. What could I have possibly done wrong to deserve what they did to me.

How can my boyfriend be sleeping with my best friend? Have they been doing it behind my back all this time?

I Hate them.

I hate them.

Maria was walking along trying to cope with what she saw just a few minutes ago. The loss of a trust that thought could never be broken.Maria was so lost in thought that she didnt see the car that was coming her way.

P.S I hope you like. Feedback please.
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Part 8

Tonight was the best night of my life. Yet it was also the worst. Which one do you want to know first? The good, Ok I guess I can tell you that.

Max and I , we made love. We made love all night it seemed. it felt so good, It was undescribable to finally surrender to this passion that we both felt for each other. The way that he held me after,, the way he slowly carresed my body. It was a feeling that I havent felt before. It was one that I so badly wanted to feel again.

Now here comes the bad news.

Maria was hit by a car. I found out by my parents. It was right after max left. He wanted to stay and I wanted him to, But we need to get things settled. Plus I feel gulity as hell.

And I should, after all I made love with my best friends boyfriend.

I should burn in hell for this one.

But at the same time I feel that it was worth it. What we shared it was more then just a physical release, It was us finally admitting to ourselves that what we wanted was each other.

We had come to an agreement. We were going to tell Maria tomorrow.

Then the accident had to happen.

And our world came to a crashing hault.


She has been my Best friend since I can remember when. I would just die If I lost her.

I know what your saying. You will lose her trust and friendship after she finds out about You and Max.

Well I rather have her mad at me and not speaking to me, then to have her dead. I will make this right between us again. I have too.

But at the same time, I cant give up Max. I cant I love him, and he loves me. And if maria says are friendship is over, then I guess it is. I cant believe that I got myself into this mess.

P.S I hope you like this, I know it's kinda short and all, but I will update again soon as like in tomorrow. Plus All pixie lovers, I love Maria too, and so dont worry I cant kill her, so dont worry, things will turn around shortly.

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Part 9: The healing

You would never know that I had got hit by a car, almost a month ago. What can I say, maria deluca is a fast healer. And not just from a car hitting me. But an emotional one as well.

I am still mad that Max and Liz kept this from me. But I am begining to accept it. it still hurts to see them together. But I have to give them thanks for not shoving it in my face.

Yeah, I know I saw them fuck, but I am just glad their not rubbing their new relationship in my face. I know how much they wish they didnt hurt me, and to tell you the truth it does seem like I am forgiving them way too soon. Maybe I wasnt really into this relationship that I had with Max as much as I thought I was. I love him, But I realise that I wasnt in love with him.

What can I say. I am a shallow person. I was somebody! I was on the arm of Max Evans the most popular guy in school! I am starting to think that was why I got together with him in the first place. Maybe no Real emotion was involved at all.

And I even have to admit that they do look good together. It looks like thy found their other half. something that was missing from Max and I's relationship. And as much as I want to hate them. I cant. liz is my best friend and she will always be. it will take some time before we will be back to were we were once at. But I know that we will.

It takes time. But I know that I will be ok.

I Take that back.

I KNOW That I am going to be ok.

P.S I really hope you like this. This story is winding down. I should have the last part out sometime tomorrow.
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Part 10

Damn! the Guy is a Wonderful Lover! So sweet and tender. Always wanting to explore my body. It takes me back a little to realise that He is Mine! After the hell that we have been through. We deserve this! I am just so happy that Maria is Ok and Our friendship is going to be ok, Because as Much as I like to be with Max, Maria is my girl and that comes first. Maria is doing Really well now. In fact she is on a date with her New boyfriend Michael. I still remember the day that we all went on that double date. Maria asked me If I planned on stealing Michael away from her too. I deserved that. But Maria was having fun with Michael. It took awhile but our friendship has finally gotten back on track. And max and I are doing great! Well actually more than Great! In fact he is with me in EVERY way!

The way we make love is incredable! The way that he knows my body, the way I know his. It feels like home everytime that we come as one. I found my soulmate, My Best Friend, the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. My Lover. And I am his. I am completely in LOVE with him. The way that he smiles, the way he cries at some parts during a romantic movie, and the way that he tries to hide it. I Love the way that when we talk on the phone, it takes forever to hang up Not wanting to end that connection. The connection that has our Hearts, Souls and Bodies connected.

It has been about five years now. We have all graduated from college. Now the next big thing that we are alll waiting for is Max's and Mine wedding. I am going to make sure that I spend the rest of my days as I promise to love him. I want to make sure That I see him smile. Knowing that I am the one that put it there.

Max's Pov

I am truly a lucky man. I am about to marry the love of my life. I would never had thought that this day would come. Not after the way that we got together. I still have Regrets to this day that I hurt Maria. She deserevd to someone that was capable to love her for her. Not someone that was craving a rebound relationship. But I believe that she has that with Michael. Now we all have a future that was meant to be. a future for love and happiness. Thanks to the love that Liz has for me.I became a man that I could look at in the mirror. With Liz by my side, I know things are possible. Everything we have is so good. I have a Best friend, the woman that has made me more happier thaen I can remember. And My lover. I dont mean to sound like a dog. But I am definetly lucky when It comes to That department. Liz is an Amazing Lover. She knows my body better than I do. The feelings of pure esctasy pass through. Everytme we come as one. The more I feel alive. I crave her everyday, every minute. She is Mine and I am Hers. As Long as She wants me. I am hers. Mind,Body and Soul. Sometimes when you want something, Like a love that is endless. The special one that captures your Heart all you have to do is look.

Friends and Lovers. There is a thin line between the two. Sometimes it messes things up. But in this case, It makes everything seem better. Yeah. Everything seems Right.