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Rachel september 2002

Title: Destined forever.
Rating: PG for now but the ratings WILL change.
Disclaimer: Don't own the Roswell gang. They belong to UPN and Melinda Metz. But I own and Sarah also little Serena
Authors note: I hope I'm doing this right. Feed back please!!!!!!!
This is mainly Liz Pov and Zan Pov after EOTW and start of Meet the Dupes. Don't worry I'm still a dreamer!! But Max in season 2 isn't as he used to be. Just read or I will give too much away.

Part One

Why do I feel this void in my existence?
A gaping blackness - it doesn't go away?
A feeling of loneliness and neglect?
Slowly eating me away?

Will it ever stop?
Or will I have to end it first?

Liz parker sat arched in a rigid ball, in the furthest corner in her dark room. The windows, wide open as the frozen draft constantly flowed in, causing her dark dull curtains to billow and entwined together like a crazed animal.

I'm not myself anymore...
Forever changed...- cannot go back.
I'm alone and not loved...
No body cares anymore
Too busy suffocating in their pitiful lives...

The man that I ever loved is gone....

Elizabeth Parker once curled into herself gradually come undone. She slowly walked to the bathroom, hearing the soft clicks of her clock, counting down to her horrific demise

I'm sorry Serena; water flowed like jewels from her blood shot eyes. It's not your fault.

She pulled out Kyle's pistol she had stolen earlier and pressed the cold chamber to her forehead. Before she could pull the trigger a voice that wasn't her own in screamed inside her head so loud she could have sworn her nose started to bleed.

Don't do it cornball!!!


FBI agent Walker was assigned to closely watch a group of streets punks who have been prime suspects in alien encounters.
Oh Please, Sarah thought. If the beau was going to sack her because of last week then why then assign her to this?
She quickly shook that thought away and pulled a small mobile phone and pressed the red button spoke into her communicator.
"The ducks are in the bag," She whispered and tried not to snort but failed. These code words were quite odd if you didn't know what they really meant.
She hid behind the degraded blue dumpster and intently watched them from afar.

The New York streets always lingered with street punks and terrifying gangs however; there was one who defined them all.

A teenager, with dark spiked hair, pierced body parts, goatee, and the most haunted amber eyes you have ever seen. For those eyes carried the will of the world.
Three other characters followed close behind him, as if they were afraid to over step him.

Yep, Sarah thought. That's our guy. The Mohawk guy called him Zan. Is that short for Alexander?
The girl with short spiked hair, obviously streaked with thin black lines was telling Zan something while holding a brown ball. So was the other teen, petite with short pink hair.
Zan turned red in the cheeks and stopped, turned clockwise to the Mohawk guy and simply said.
"I'm Da man. Don't forget"
Sarah heard that line perfectly because they were only a few feet away from where she was. Which was behind the blue dumpster.
Sarah trembled as she picked up her mobile phone. Sweat began to bead under her arms.
"The Duck is here," Sarah whispered.

The girl who was next to the Zan looked suspicious. Her daunting eyes were was on the Mohawk's face the whole time as she shoved the basketball on to the pavement.
Zan went to pick it up as the Mohawk kicked Zan's butt and Zan's face met the pavement.
A blue truck was coming down the side street. The Mohawk punk stared at Zan while shot out his arm, aimed at the truck. Suddenly with out warning the truck sped rapidly and over Zan's body.
There was a loud thump like dropping a heavy bag on the floor filled the streets. Zan's body had just been run over.
The pink haired girl screamed which almost pierced Sarah's delicate eardrums.
The Mohawk punk and the girl dragged the dismayed teen away from the dead corpse.
Or so it seemed.
Because if they saw what Sarah saw they would know that Zan wasn't dead.
Before the Truck hit him he struck out his hands and a green shield covered his body as the truck drove not through him but over him.
He passed out before the truck drove away but not before Sarah heard Zan quietly whisper, his eyes glazed over.

Don't do it cornball
Then he collapsed, asleep.
When the three others were out of sight she sighed heavily.
Sarah swiftly dragged Zan's limp body behind the dumpster and spoke forcefully into the communicator.
"The hunter has shot the Duck," Sarah snorted to herself. " I repeat Hunter has shot duck and needs assistance,"

It has been three days since Liz had that odd foreign experience.

Don't do it cornball? Liz scrunched her brow. She hasn't heard that term before.
While listening to Ms Hardy babbling about something she had learnt or there was no point in learning this fact. Sub consciously her right hand had been doodling something on her note pad for the past half and hour. The words 'Neri' was engraved on the lined paper.
Her left eye was trained on Ms Hardy while the other was focus on Max's cold face.
The guy you know from school
The guy you see down the street.
The guy who used to love you with all his soul
The guy you've been lying to
The guy you love so much

The past two months and three weeks Liz would rather be receiving water torture than this.
Tess Harding, and how she was like a thorn in the group. Then Future Max comes along and asks her to save the whole world by destroying her only change of happiness. Then there was the whole Serena fiasco.

Serena.... oh how I wish you were here....

Because then Liz wouldn't have to endure total isolation from everyone she trusts and cares about.

Then one day Liz couldn't take the cold shoulder from Max. The constant ramblings on how she was number one bitch from the Ice Queen or Maria having total disproval of her. Last of all Kyle resorting to not even know my name and Alex.... wishing he didn't even know me.

Liz remembered the whole procedure as if it was yesterday.

She received a phone Call from Her Aunt in Florida, explaining her parents died in a plane crash on the way to Miami. Leaving her to look after the Serena situation.

Then Liz noticed that everyone started ignoring her, like she was a disease and if she touched you you'll be infected with her evil essence of some sort.

Then the last thing she could think of was pointing the gun at her head and four words " Don't do it cornball" forever rotating in her head as if the person was trying to summon her- tell her not to do the thing she was about to do. The next few hours were cleaning out the blood that stained her eyes, ears, nose and her mouth that kept bringing up the blood.

Something is quite odd, Liz thought. And I'm going to find out.

The indication that lunch had begun rang loudly like a foghorn. Liz was the last one to stumble out of the room. Max immediately grabbed Tess's hand and walked into the quad, laughing along Maria and Isabel.

A single blood tear escaped her left eyelid; too fast for Liz to register this- she was already in pain.
Little did Liz notice three men and Sarah Walker walk closely behind her.

I will die for you
I will die for you

I've been dying just to feel you by my side
To know that you're mine

I will cry for you
I will cry for you
I will wash away your pain with all my tears. And drown your fear

I will pray for you
I will pray for you
I will sell my soul for something pure and true.
Someone like you

See your face every place that I'm walking
Hear your voice every time that I'm talking

You won't believe in me
And I will never be this mort

I will burn for you
Fell pain for you
I will twist and knife my and bleed my aching heart
And tear it apart
I will lie for you
Beg and steal for you
I will crawl on hands and kneels until you see
You're just like me
Violate all the love that I'm missing
Throw all the pain that I'm living

You won't believe in me
And I can never be this mort

I will die for you
I will kill for you
I will steal for you
I do time for you
I will wait for you
I'd make for you
I'll sell ships for you
To be close to you
To be part of you
Cause I believe in you

I believe in you
I will die for you

#1 Crush Garbage

I see her in my dreams
Hear her in the streets
See her face in every mirror I look
An't it sweet, Lonnie would say.
Zan likes to taste a human bitch
Why don't you fuck her now then focus on ya destiny.
Zan couldn't figure out how his sister compared to her slut and tramp ways could have noticed?

Then for a while she faded, like an old dishrag.
Then babe made another appearance that night.
He could see her in his eyes, while he sub consciously focused on shielding himself from da truck.
She was pointing da pistol to her face.
He was used to da images that captivated dis mind.
However he couldn't let this babe ruin her life.

Suddenly without waring Zan's foreign side, his dark side dat he had try da hide from ya all around him woke up from his slumber. The unknown focused on the stricken image and somehow his mind was travelling past all da chaos and bright lights of his crib to da place she was trying to kill herself.

Zan wished he did not remember dis moment of da time.
Then he wouldn't have her human yet indistinguishable feelings taking over his soul- slowly drowning him in total isolation and depression and deep sorrow for this Serena person.

He didn't want dis white silk angel to wallow in thoughts sprung by jerks, sluts, and arseholes.
Zan had this sudden primal urge to tell her not to do dis thing. Tell his angel dream girl that he could treat her like a Queen.

With out waring their eyes locked. He milk chocolate eyes like hot wax engraved on his body. Her pout lips wide open in shock. Then this spiritual moment with his dream honey faded.
Then he ended here...

No lights in a small dark room. Except for a dim glow bulb that loosely dangled from da ceiling.

And yet one question formed in his mind
One that he wouldn't of expected in the situation he was in.

Is she real?


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story continued

Liz rolled onto her side, clutching her sides together. The bed creaked with protest. No matter what she tried the memories wouldn't fade.

"You must help me fall out of love with you,"

"I may love you Max, but I won't die for you,"

"Liz what's wrong with you? If you don't tell me the truth its over between us as friends"
"Looks like you don't know me that well, Maria"

"I know it's hard. You will get through. I am here for you,"
"Thanks Serena"

"I can't believe they're gone,"

Liz could still taste the acid in her mouth when she had to lie to her friends but she had to.
So she could save the world from being taken over.

Memories - Back to before

It was hot and even hotter inside the Crashdown Cafe. In Roswell New Mexico bizarre heat wave. Metal fans surrounded the diner. They were all running at full speed but that wouldn't stop Liz and Maria sweating like roasted pigs on fire.

"Liz did you sleep with Kyle or not," Maria's voice seemed so far away to Liz as a deep cloud covered her mind.

"Flight 546 to Miami at Gate 56 last call..."

"We will be back honey,"

"I love you mom,"

Liz focused so hard on the memory that her veins began to show up, pulsating on her head.
It was the last time she ever saw her parents.
She still recalled when sheriff Valenti Called and delivered the news. She still remembered the raw pain that was ripped out of her heart. When she came to the realization that her parents died in a plane crash.
Liz couldn't take this - she wanted to cry out but she couldn't. She didn't want everyone to know how weak and pathetic she was to come to terms with death. She already faced Nasdeo, the special unit and Future Max. So she could handle this. Even if it tears her up inside to not tell her best friend Maria how lost she was feeling.

"Liz?" Maria waved her hands in front of Liz blank expression. " Were done closing up so I will get the ice cream. Tell Aunty Maria about your Problems starting with Max totally hating you because of the Kyle Fiasco which I know isn't true." Maria babbled on for the next few minutes on how Liz was faking the sex ploy to push Max to his destiny.
Liz stomped to her bedroom in frustration.
Did Future Max think this was easy?
Did he think that she could shut down and automatically past Max would jump Tess's bones?

That last thought Liz regretted. She was getting mental images of them together.
She hugged her stomach and flopped onto her would be mattress but she missed it by five centimetres. She hid the wooden floor with a hard thud.
"Chicha are you alright?" Maria sang from the kitchen.
Liz managed to reply with a rasped yes with grasping a necklace from under her bed. Liz came out from under the bed, sat up and rubbed the pendent between her fingers. She remembered how she received this from a street Kid with dreadlocks at the 1994 crash festival when she was ten.

Liz gasped as she traced the amethyst pendent in her hand. The swirls of magenta a pale purple swirled into endless circles with the same orb symbol engraved on each side of the prism surface.
Suddenly the unexpected happened.
A rich purple light shot out like a laser out of her head an onto her wall.
Five balls of fire rotated around her head in slow motion before rearranged itself into a V shape. Liz knew she should be sacred but apart of her wasn't. It was like she knew what was happening.

The one in the middle of the V shape glowed with such intensity Liz thought her eyes sockets could dry eyes from the constant rays of excruciating heat evaporated within her.
"Liz?" Maria footsteps became louder with each second that when she entered the room. The light had already disappeared.
Liz sat there shocked of what happened. The pendent rested now outside her uniform just above her chest.
"Tell me the truth,"
Liz thought of what happened before with the strange light and what Future Max warned her about the end of the world.
I can't tell her. No matter how much I want to tell her I don't to put her in danger. I don't want to be responsible for her death just like I was responsible for Michael and Isabel's.
"Kyle left his handcuff's here," Her voiced wavered as she stood up to face Maria's stern expression.
"I said Kyle left the Handcuff's here when we did it. You know how adventures he is," Her voice grew with confidence with each passing second
I must protect Maria and everyone I care deeply for even if it kills me inside. Liz heard her heart broke in two again as Maria slapped her hand hard on the face. Her left cheek stung as a red handprint remained on Liz's shocked face.

"Liz what's wrong with you? If you don't tell me the truth its over between us as friends,"
WE must stop the end of the world; future max words hovered in her troubled mind.
"Looks like you don't know me that well, Maria"


In the time it took to get from New York to Roswell New Mexico's Eagle rock base, which had some heavy-duty overhaul because of May 1999. Zan had been whipped, shocked, sliced, prodded and interrogated about his unknown origin.

In all the chaos and mass destruction Zan remained quiet and quickly healed his wounds with a snap of his fingers. He seemed to be in control of the situation.

But he wasn't.

Every six hours the men in black would haul into in what they Called ' The Boiler room' it’s a small coffin, where you breathe in steam and endure cobras nibbling at your flesh. In out of all the " experiments" Zan Hated and fear that one the most.

The pan Zan experienced every six hours left him feel like a mouse who was trapped in an endless maze of turmoil.

It was dark in Zan's cell as the guards kept watch outside. He knew this from personal experience cause he was left in the boiler room for twelves, which would want to make anyone puke.

Zan was beginning to rethink the whole situation that maybe he should have listened to Rath earlier.

Too late now, Zan scratched his neck.

All his piercing was removed when he was knocked out.
Maybe it was when he was almost friggin killed, Zan was going to make them pay for taking his stuff.

The lights were switched on and almost seared Zan's haunted amber eyes.
"Dis not time man," he stretched his palm forward on instinct- forgetting the fact that his powers were drained eight hours ago.

The middle aged female stood there with three bodyguards as protection from him.
"Welcome to Eagle rock Base Zan," She lifted her hands in a superior matter. " My name is Janet Pearce. I am replacing the Late Daniel Pearce, my brother." Janet smiled and tucked a loose lock of hair behind her pale face.
"You are going to be playing a key role in our new program Called " Reef,"

Zan crossed his strong arms over his bare tattooed chest in a defence matter.
"Dis doesn't suit Da man," Zan lend his back against the wall, creating space between him and Janet.

She laughed like a hyena, her mouth open so wide Zan could see Janet's last night breakfast.

"Oh you like this one. It our new program where we see how a human female and alien male react to a formula which induce mating for an animal," Janet checks her watch.

"Sarah Walker would be collecting the subject when the time is right by then you have all the information you need to complete this task."

"Your telling me I am involved in you mapping out how we work well in the sack. From most of the woman I fucked I an't half bad," Zan chuckled.

"Your a virgin Zan. We have already checked that out. Now you better co-operate or your so-Called friends will be dead. Including the frail pink lady,"

Zan's only friend Ava and his sister Lonnie and also his pain in the arse friend Rath dead?
No, It ain't gonna happen. Even though they tried to kill me.

"By your silence I guess you accept this experiment. The girl won't mind. From most of the nurses who undressed you complimented on your large lets say package?" Janet left the room, leaving the guards to inject him with the unknown blue formula, which left Zan, paralysed.

Dis ain't good, Zan collapsed onto the hard cold floor.

Liz's Aunt third corridor seemed dull with the out dated wallpaper. Some of her cousins had already begun to rip some layers off. Liz walked to her sister's room with the letters 'Serena' in bold letters and a picture of her next to the name.

Liz touched the sliver doorknob; it was cold under her palm. She turned ti to her right and pushed forward.

Serena was in the middle of the room sitting on a wooden stool while her doctor had some flash cards, showing Serena the blank side in front and the number or picture at the back. Her jagged short burgundy hair and her sapphire eyes were focused on the blank card. She held out her small hands and made a sign which meant " Tree,"
The doctor smiled and gave her a red plastic circle and shows her the next blank card.
Serena again made a gesture, which is roughly translated as the word "Re-incarnation,"
This amazed the young female specialist and pushed the flash cards to one side.
The doctor spoke very slowly to Serena and used her hands as well.
* Let's try something else* the doctor said and Serena nodded but seemed confused.

Liz watched on, eagerly waiting for some progress from her younger sister. Liz smiled when she realized her sister had dyed her hair from her normal colour brown to burgundy.
It looks quite odd, Liz thought but shrugged Serena has done far weirder things in the past.

"Apple," the doctor said, her strawberry blond curls framed her puzzled face,
Serena clenched her fists together; she seemed frightened and yet frustrated, her face was flushed from anger, the doctor trembled and gulped in what might happen.
Serna opened her mouth but the word apple didn't escape her lips. Instead an inhuman screech filled the streets. The doctor fell off Serena's king size bed with a hard thud, her hands over her ears.
Serena pounded his fist together and tried pulled at her hair while she whirled in endless circles, screeching until her lungs explode.

Liz quickly rushed into the room, pulled the frightened doctor aside and grabbed a purple marker,
Okay Liz, what to draw? What to draw?

With out wasting another moment Liz drew some symbols she remembered from the cave she and Max found. Also where River dog gave them the stones.

She held the blank flash card out and waited for Serena to stop tearing up the place.
Serena slowly turned around, her face twisted in a hideous expression but then soften as she began transfixed by the card.
She made a gesture with her hands and drew three crosses on the black board next to the bed. The sound of chalk striking the surface filled the room.
*What is it Liz* Serena asked, a goofy grin on her face.

Liz sighed. The ordeal had passed unlike last time.

Liz smiled and placed the card into Serena greedy hands " Keep it," Liz whispered but Serena didn't need to know what Liz had said. She some how already knew.

The doctor and Liz closed the door behind them, leaving them alone in the hallway.

"The the board di didn't tell me this," The new doctor was in hysterics. The ones before her never stood in Serena door.
"Shhh," Liz said. " She just doesn't want to speak I guess,"
"Uh she has ESP and that's usual for a fourteen year old who lost their hearing at seven?"
"She always had ESP but ever since that pipe boom.... it hasn't been the same," Liz remembered that day. That's when everything started going wrong.

"My name is Mary Allure. I'm twenty-seven years old. I haven't seen a teenager so out of control-"
Liz pushed Mary against the wall in sudden anger," She is not out of control. She is just frightened of you. Give it time,"
"Her parents don't fund this treatment anymore. It expired two weeks ago," Mary stated.
Tears coated Liz's cheeks when Mary mentioned her parents. Knives slashed through her heart.
"I was at my parent funeral today. How can you say that? I am looking after my sister Serena. How much does the bill cost?"
Mary stood there- still pushed against the wall sighed. " Serena's case is unheard of for a girl at her age. It is going to cost you twelve thousand a month which is three thousand a week."
Liz released Mary from her firm grip.
She bowed her head in confusion.
I don't have any strength anymore; Liz's stood there looking at the doctor for a few seconds.
"Just give me the address," Liz said.

Mean while in Serena's room Serena had worked out successfully what the symbols represented and drew out an explanation for her sister Liz to give to her when she visit next month.
My sister is going to be so proud of me, Serena grinned.


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Beams of hot sunshine seeped through Liz's window. The warm rays of light tickled her leg, which was hanging out of her bed. She turned onto her side making the sheets ruffle with sudden movement. Her long cocoa-coloured hair covered half of her face. She looked like an angel: a drunken angel. Liz opened her eyes enough to vaguely make out the outline of the clock, flashing its neon-red numbers.
With a grumble she eased her white cotton sheets to the floor, hating the fact that she had to go to school, and also the fact that Serena's bill was overdue.
I'm seventeen, God damn it; I can't take anymore of this, thought Liz. She looked into the mirror.
I look like a tornado's whipped through me…
She walked into her bathroom.
She slid off her sapphire Japanese pyjamas and turned the water on to have a shower. The warm water whooshed down to the shower's tiled floor like a thousand tiny needles. White mist engulfed the room. She hopped in, letting the warm sensation awaken her body.

Don't do it cornball...

We have to do this or everyone dies

We were married at nineteen in a Las Vegas Elvis Chapel. You looked so beautiful.

Did you sleep with Kyle or not?


I love you Mom

It was you

I may love you but I won't die for you...

"Stop! PLEASE!" Liz pleaded to herself but the voices still came in full force.

The voices trapped Liz in her mind she was oblivious to everything. Even when Liz's front door was being forced open with a loud bang. The sound of footsteps could be heard easily from Liz's room. However Liz was too distracted from the voices to notice that intruders were in the house. Sarah walker smiled to herself while the group of men looked around the house.

No one will suspect anything. Sarah placed the envelop to Liz's friend Maria. Explaining she will be away for three months on an exchange to Australia and will call soon.
Sarah also wrote that she was sorry about before so Maria would be fooled into thinking it was really Liz. No one knew that they had been watching the whole group the whole time. After all they are still on the list that Daniel Pearce address to the special unit. There are at least five hundred companies working for the special unit in all states.
"It's time," she silently spoke to the group of armed men. " Go,"


It's amazing what a man can do when a thirty-year-old female fancies your package,
Zan smiled at Janet Pearce.
"No that won't work either, Zan" However Janet's cheek's flushed. What kind of stories did she hear? Zan cringed. He is only going to flirt with this frustrated human to get out and worn the others. But that's as far as Da man would stoop.

The dream girl, Zan thought. She looked familiar but from where...

Suddenly the memory of where he met his dream girl flooded back.

"Spaceman I always to go to Space land. Space man I always wanted to go to Space land."
Shouted the mob of Alien believers at the 1994 annual Crash festival.
However eleven-year-old Zan had other issues to deal with. Nicholas and the band of skins were after him again.
The desert air was cooler than normal as people eagerly waited for the plastic spaceship model to crash and burn.
The colours of what people wore blurred together as Zan prepared to use his powers.
As Zan closed his eyes a girl crying loudly bumped into him- stopping him using his powers.
"Ah shucks," he muttered, rubbing his fours square tattoo on his left arm.
"So-rry," sobbed the girl.
"Oh my bad-" Zan was suddenly awestruck on how beautiful the girl was. Her long brown hair was braided and also wore silver antennas that bobbled on her head. Her doe eyes sending chills down his spine. However they weren't the frightened kind of chills.

Zan looked left and right- no sign of skins. He took her hand gingerly and softly asked
"Are you lost?"
She nodded and he blushed.
"I.. am Liz Parker . My birthday is tomorrow- turning eleven and ah-" She sniffled which Zan found amusing.
"The name is Zan babe,"
Liz giggled which sent Zan's heart pumping. " Come on," he tugged her closer to him and they weaved through the crowd that was too busy watching the spaceship on fire.
One eye was focused on Liz and the other was on the crowd - on Nicholas.

They just walked for a while and each step they inched closer to each other.

They passed the house of mirrors and Liz halted, pulled Zan to her side.
"What?" Zan asked but then looked in the mirror.
A mirror image of them holding hands stared back at them. They looked odd compared to her cleanness and his filthiness. Her long brown hair and his short black dreadlocks and an eyebrow ring. But somehow he smiled warmly at the image and turned her to him.
He cupped her face and focused on making a connection.
The warm liquid feeling passed thought their bodies, Liz giggled and he smiled.
He just wanted her to keep her smiling and so he made the connection again and again -Each time slowly linking their minds together.
He opened his eyes and looked at her beauty carefree face and kissed her on the cheek.
She blushed and then gasped.
"My parents," she pointed at the blue bus where her parents were waiting anxiously.
Before she dashed off Zan pulled her to him again and kissed her on instinct. She tasted like strawberries, Zan thought to himself. When he pulled back he placed a pendent with an amethyst crystal around her neck.
"Keep this- an early present from Da man," She smiled for the millionth time and whispered " thankyou" and Zan watched Liz rushed back to her parents, leaving him to find a way to escape from the Skins.

"Oh shit," Zan said silently as the guards strapped him to the metal chair for the second time. Zan began to understand what he'd done when he was eleven, which was the reason behind his connection to Liz parker.


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Part two

I just want to feel safe in my own skin
I just want to feel happy again

I just want to feel deep in my own world
But I'm so lonely I don't even want to be with myself anymore
On a different day if I was safe in my own skin
Then I wouldn't feel lost and so frightened
But this is today and I'm lost in my own skin
And I'm so lonely I don't even want to be with myself anymore
I just want to feel safe in my own skin
I just want to be happy again.

And I'm so lonely I don't even want to be with myself anymore
And I'm so lonely I don't even want to be with myself anymore

I just want to feel safe in my own skin
I just want to be happy again.

Honestly ok- Dido no Angel

Why didn't I think of this before?
Why didn't I remember what I did?

When Zan made that connection he didn't only make her connected to him but as his mate forever. The only way to break the bond is for one of them to die.

Oh shit man


Zan tapped his fingers along his cell box- a caged animal.

For some reason he remembered a tabloid he read on a newspaper about people's experiences in those concentration cribs where the Jews were stashed.

Cold air rose from our dry mouths while we lay among cold dead bodies in our cold dark prison.
The sound of wood being gnawed at by long bony fingernails filled the awkward silence of defeat.
Except for the shriek of terror of being burned alive in the chambers every Sunday morning.
There is a hell
But not down there
But here
And I fear that I would be joining my comrades soon in the chamber of fire.
Help us...

It's ironic how we never think it ain't gonna happen until it hits us in da face.

The door creaked open. Janet walked inside with a smile on her ashen face.
"It's show time,"
The guards dropped the stranger onto the tiled floor next to Zan.
"We'll just let you two get to know each other before we start the tests,"

Part Three


Max's Bedroom- sunset

Don't try to reach me- I'm already dead
The pain when it grips me, for things that I've done

Well, I try to make you proud
But for crying out loud
Just give me a chance to hide away
Exhaustion takes over- will this someday be over?

Fearful, tears are running down
The pain, you've laid, don't speak a sound
Don't take my heart away from me
And they think I fell down

Daddy, don't you love me
Then why do you hit me?
And Momma don't you love me
Then why do you hurt me?
Well, I try to make you proud
Just give me a chance to hide away
Exhaustion takes over- will this someday be over?

A teardrop falls from up in the heavens
Drowning the sorrow of angels in high
For the least of the hopeless- the helpless
The loveless
My Jesus, his children, he holds in his arms
HE- Jars of clay

Have you ever gone for three weeks with out ice cream, just eating fat free products- no taste what so ever?
But tonight Max was slurping his creamy strawberry ice cream with red-hot sauce in his dark dull room.
The blissful Cream coating your taste buds in endless tingles of delight
The rich cold liquids sliding slowly down your warm throat
The cold metal of the spoon resting on your tongue
That's pure paradise if you asked anyone.
Except Max...
When he put the spoon in his mouth- the cream oozed into the deep creases of his tongue, scorching and repulsing his throat while his stomach churned with acid.

Oh man, Max thought. I can't even eat ice cream without feeling sick.
The loud tapping jolted Max out of his trance. He put the ice cream down and walks to his window.
"No Michael, not now not ever," he stated loudly as he drew back the morbid curtains.
Instead of Ominous Michael stood a hysterical Maria; Mascara tears encrusted her foundation face.
"Can I..." Maria gulped.
"Sure," Max stood back and allowed Maria to stumble threw and almost landed on the floor. If it wasn't for Max's chair that stopped her fall.
Maria forced a crinkled piece of paper to Max's left hand.
"Rea-d," Maria sat on Max's worn leather seat.

Dear Maria,
I am sorry about last night. That fight was so stupid and I forgive you... even for slapping my face. I know I haven't told everyone this but I am going on an exchange to Australia- Gold coast. I am staying with a family away from any aliens and my worried parents.
Apparently they have a great barrier of reef? Got to check that out!
Okay now I am sounding like a dork... but I can't wait - sunshine! Sandy beach!
Well I got to go if I'm going to catch my flight.
Love Liz
Ps. I will Call later or email you- mine is DaOrb_1947⊕
Corny isn't?

"Maria what's so..."
"This isn't her Max,"
"Well email her," Max said, he couldn't deal without having his heart bleed with sorrow of Liz's betrayal.
"Max, I think we should have a meeting- I Called everyone else, they'll be here in ten min-,"
"Even Kyle," Max's voice dropped to a hoarse whisper. Even the mention of his name brought more pain- a thousand daggers in his back each time he saw Kyle with a grin on his face.
"Yes," Maria knew how much Liz having sex with Kyle crushed him.
"Fine but this is a waste of time," Max towered over Maria, his arms crossed.
"When it concerns Liz it is not wasting our time," Maria shot back


Cynical, just your way
You play the doubting Thomas
Feel the scars and wipe the stains

So you fight, and retreat
And talk yourself out of believing
In any peace that you can't see

Blind words you Call
Blind words will fall

You're logical, you can't find
Any reason to Believe in love, you are blind

Crucify, and deny parse the blame and burn
The mission
Till dust remains and wash your hands

Blind words you Call
Blind words will fall

BLIND- Jars of Clay

Floating- that's what it felt like- her body was in the air and yet she felt heavy as a stone at the bottom of the ocean.
Liz couldn't describe it- she couldn't even think straight. Her mind was rotating in circles-drunk and a very bad headache is one way to describe it what Liz felt like right now.

Liz cringed and regretted opening her eyes- White heat shot like laser beams and seared her eyes.
Too bright, She whispered.
As if someone answered her Call a large tattooed hand clasped warmly on her eyes and began rubbing her eyes with their index finger and thumb.
"Yo, chill- don't want to waste your energy- we wouldn't want dat," The deep voice echoed in her chaotic mind.
"Mmgh" Her tongue seemed to be glued to the roof of her mouth.
She slowly opened her eyes for the second time.
Colours swirled and fuzzily edge the exterior of what seems to be a male around her age.
Her vision cleared.
Her stomach jumped " Ma-"
"No Sweet cheeks I'm his dupe Zan Da man- know what I'm saying?" Zan scratched his head.
"What?" This couldn't be possible- this couldn't be?
"Ah let me give you a run down Liz when we crashed- there were eight of us one in Roswell and in New York- hence me looking like some poof from tinkle town,"
"Hey- he is not a poof and second of all how did you know my name?" Liz said. Who ever this guy is he isn't polite but rude and ignorant.
Zan stared at her, like a panther he paced around the room and tugged her to stand.
She stood frozen still....
"I'm da guy that-" He touched her purple pendant " gave you this Liz,"
Oh my.... Liz thought. He was the boy that found her at the Crashdown festival? What was he doing in Roswell?
"What? How? Why am I here?" Liz finally noticed the four concrete walls that surrounded the two.
"Do you hafta know babe?"
"The names Liz and yes - after all I was dragged from my house,"
Zan brooding figure, they way he sounded and walked reminded her so much of Max and yet very foreign.

"This is Eagle rock-,” Zan began.
"An I'm your host Janet Pearce- Daniel's Brother,"
Liz and Zan whirled around to find a middle-age woman in a suit, smiling at them like they were her next noble prizes.
Zan walked in front of Liz -as a shield to protect her from Janet. She was half pleased and half annoyed.
Her head buzzed, floated drunk around in her mind but she still heard those few words.
"Welcome to project Reef,"


Part two- continued

"Come this way," Janet guided them through the hallway, alongside six guards with machine guns strapped across their chest. Janet opened the third to last door and Liz walked through and nearly laughed.
She was in a Kitchen with a wide bench, two bar stools and a milkshake machine.
"Yo, You have been watching too much Big Brother Jan," Zan said.
"Actually this house is almost accurate to the 1st big brother house in Australia." Janet replied with enthusiasm.
"Almost?" Liz squeaked
"We changed a few things," Janet pointed to the large Olympic sized Lounge with Five-foot mirrors as walls.
She led them to one of the doors and instructed one of the guards to open the door.
"Whoa," Liz said out loud.
Zan smirked " Cornball,"
Two wardrobes carved out of rare teak stood firmly in the left and right corner of the room. The walls were painted brick red. On the furry white carpet was a long thick bear rug in front of the four poster King sized bed. Complete with a white feather-down quilt and red satin sheets. The wall facing the bed was covered in one-centimetre red glass chips.
"This will be your room for the next couple of days. Zan your belongings will be returned to you. Both your tastes in clothes are in the wardrobes. Dinner will be served at seven,"
"What's the catch?" Liz asked. No FBI agent will be treating an alien and a human this good.
"You will obey our commands or your loved ones won't be spared." Janet turned to Liz," Even Serena will be killed,"
Liz gasped," How did you-"
"We know a lot of things," Janet replied with a devilish grin.

Meanwhile at the Evans House

"I don't know Maria it sounds a lot like Liz," Isabel said in full Ice Queen mode.
"Then you don't Liz that well or didn't even try to considering your sticking your tongue down half of the guys at West Roswell High," Maria shot back- her olive eyes that once portrayed a Calm lake was change into a freak storm in the middle of the pacific ocean.
"Maria that was a bit harsh," Alex sat on the Evans couch. Luckily, Mr and Mrs Evans were out in conference at Santa Fe for two weeks or they'll have a lot of explaining to do.
"Sorry," But it didn't sound like a proper apology from Maria but Isabel quickly accepted it when Max entered along with a confused yet smug Tess Harding.
"Looks like everyone is here," Max, said.
"Except Kyle," Tess sat next to Alex and pulled out a Mars bar and began to chew on the chocolate happily.
"He is shutting the Crashdown- looking in Liz's room to find some stuff about her whereabouts,"
"Which is Aust-," Isabel began.
"Izzy- it might not hurt and Kyle won't be stupid he is with Buddha," Alex said.
"I missed a hockey game for this?" Michael said with his arms crossed.
"And you Call yourself a boyfriend," Maria seethed.
The front door was shoved open; the wall was left with a deep dent.
Kyle stormed through, his face grim.
"Liz has been keeping a lot of secrets from us," Kyle dropped a box filled with papers, documents and photos on the coffee table.

He picked up a photo of Liz and a girl with jagged short burgundy hair and blue eyes.
Kyle used his index finger to point at the fourteen year old.
"This is Serena and she is Liz's sister,"
The whole room went silent. All pairs of six eyes were glued to Serena smiling face.
Kyle placed the photo on the table. He pulled out a sheet of paper with the logo - Angel's wings Hospital Florida on the front.

"Her bill for Serena treatment is overdue- she owns them three grand," Kyle explained " Serena has an unknown illness. She lost her hearing due to a pipe boom exploding in the girl's bathroom at the age of seven. This damages her linguistic side of her brain and lost the ability to speak. Now at fourteen with her fifteenth birthday just two days ago has developed a gift of ESP and works well with symbols- I can't really explain but the treatment cost three grand a week and a sum of twelve grand a month,"
"How come didn't she tell me this I'm her best friend, I-"
"Maria do you think you can explain this to a best friend when your older sister Rosa died due to an overdose when she was eleven-" Alex was trying to Calm Maria down.
"Also her parents died a few weeks ago in a plane crash," Kyle added holding up the death certificate.
All six heads whipped around to Kyle.
"Looks like this meeting was worth it," A pale Max stated with all authority that a king should have bestowed on him.
Part three A

Janet sat crossed legged on her office chair, watching a wall of camera, surveillance systems of the house. The middle five centre metre television showed an image of Zan with his belongs returned, smiling as Liz inspected the wardrobe.
She pressed her intercom.
"How long until the drug kicks in and were in business?" Janet asked.
"Half an Hour," The voice croaked through the intercom.
"Good and make some pop-corn will ya? In half an hour project reef will commence," She tapped the screen with her pink fingernails.
"Show time," She smiled at the screen with Liz ushering Zan out of the room so she can get changed. " This is gonna be good,"


Part three B

Liz perched on her black barstool while Zan took a shower.
She sub-consciously rubbed her pendent, tracing her mind back to the crash festival.
What was he doing there In Roswell?
"This is BIG BROTHER," An odd deep female voice hissed.
"Copy cat," Liz shouted to the walls. Geez- Louise these people watch too much Big Brother, Liz thought.
"You seem bored Honey? We will put some music on. How bout 'I see you baby' -By GROOVE ARMADA Featuring GRAM'MA FUNK from the Hottest 100 no. 8- Triple J CD" The breathy voice giggled.
"What's Triple J?" Liz blankly asked.
"Shut up and listen! And while ya at it make some lunch you haven't being doing anything for the past three hours," The intercom voice whined.
"I just got ére,"
What do these people want? Do they want her and Zan to do some cheap porn movie? Or they ran out of ideas to interrogating people and decided to treat them like Gods in a house prison.
Liz growled in frustration.

There was a ghastly silence.
For about two seconds.
Then the music was switched on.

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse

Liz crossed her arms. She wouldn't give in to their stupid request. Nevertheless Liz's left foot began to tap to the beat, her hands on her hips.

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
All right don't touch me

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
All right don't touch me

Liz swayed her head left and right. Her hips started to rotate as well her feet began moving to the beat.

I can't believe I'm doing this, Liz whispered.

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
All right don't touch me

I see you baby

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
All right don't touch me

I see you baby

Don't touch me
Don't touch me
Don't touch me

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse

I see you baby
Shaking that arse

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse

I see you baby
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
Shaking that arse
All right don't touch me

I see you baby...

Liz skipped to the fast beat, hurling her purple tee off and tossing it to the plastic pot plant. For some reason it was fifty degrees hotter than it was half an hour ago. Or maybe it was all from that dancing around the kitchen that made her to sweat everywhere.

The music burned Liz to the core. She touched her brow an almost scolded her finger! She was burning up, a few blisters started to form.
Resembling an experienced belly dancer she floated around the kitchen. Screaming at the top of her lungs, " shaking that arse". After all there was no one here to see her as a complete loon.
I deserve to be stupid for once. After all I survived the death of Rosa and my parents. Also surviving future Max. Liz coached herself.

So it was her turn to be stupid for once.
Liz slowly turned her head to the cabinet. She watched the kettle turned to a pile of ash as the cabinet melted into the wall as if it wasn't there to begin with. The refrigerator opened itself up and all the vegetables formed a big circle around Liz and swirled until all you could see was a big blur.

Make love to Zan... the refrigerator squeaked.
Make him beg for more, the walls cried.
Kiss him- touch him- Taste him. Liz whirled around in circles. Clutching her head, her headache pulsed with soreness.
Fuck him until you die, The plastic pot plant screamed with utter madness.

What the Fuck.. Liz thought. Her head was being knocked by a jackhammer. She clutched her head together, pressed until her head could break open. The walls seemed to be melting into each other. Slowly swallowing Liz whole by its evil voices, guiding her to give herself to Zan.

Then it stopped. The refrigerator closed, the vegetables piled into their draws. The cabinet resurfaced and the kettle reconstructed it self. The voices ceased.
Liz trembled and struggled to get up on her two legs.

It seemed something weird had just taken place. But only in Liz's mind. The drugs were starting to kick in like venom. Liz walked to the refrigerator and waited for it to speak. It didn't utter a single word after ten minutes so Liz opened the freezer hatch and pulled out the strawberry ice cream.
Meanwhile Zan was standing at the entrance of the living room with "tented" white silk boxes. Trying to control his desire to thrust Liz against the refrigerator and devour her until she was so exhausted she fainted to the floor. He was also trying to block out the voices in his mind.

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Janet Smiled at Zan, on the floor and Liz, eating strawberry ice cream looking around the room for any abnormal effects.
Janet's eyes gleamed with self-satisfaction, as Zan propped against the wall clenching his head and crotch as some how to stop the pain he was experiencing. Two milliseconds later Liz suddenly dropped her ice cream bowl, it shattered into tiny pine needles. Liz clutched her stomach and wailed in pain and broke out in stinking sweat.

"It's about time the drugs kicked in," Janet chuckled while greedily stuffing herself with buttered popcorn.



"So where does Serena live now? Santa Fe asylum?" Isabel arrogantly asked.
"Aunt Laura in Florida, a beach house," Kyle read off the Angel's wings hospital bill.
"Maybe she has some answers to Liz's whereabouts?" Maria hiccuped twice, showing how distraught she really was. Michael being himself wrapped his arms around her, kissed her blonde curls.
"From what we know Serna could be a complete nut case?" Michael said to the group.
"I could go to Florida," Kyle suggested.
"No, your not some I can trust," Max confessed.
Kyle backed away slowly and raised his hands.
"I don't like you either Maxi," Kyle shot back, going head to head against Max.
"Stop," Tess slid her arm to Max's left shoulder. " Max If you think we should go to Florida and see this Serena girl then we'll go but if you don't we will all drop it," Tess glared at the three humans. Her unruly curls created a veil around her immorality eyes.
Max walked to the bay window. Sighed, a heavy weight on his shoulders. He looked to the stars in silence.
An image of him and Liz together, kissing under the stars
An image of Liz and Kyle in bed together
Liz laughing
"I won't die for you,"
"I want to date normal guys,"
These metaphors flashed through his mind. Each one a knife sliced through Max's soul.
Max looked at Alex, Maria and Kyle.
"No," Max bluntly said.
Tess and Isabel smiled. Michael had mixed feelings about the whole situation. The three humans were poignant.
A small disagreement created a small rift between them. And the gap was growing wider.


Her brain felt nauseous. Her eyes had bags underneath, enough for a two-week holiday. Liz couldn't sleep even though her body failed to react to anything. She felt heavy, very hot and most of all wet but not the kind of wet you get from water splashing in your face or a bath, not even a shower. No, this kind of wet came from inside her.
It was clear with a sheer of lime powdery clumps. This moisture was the type that comes in drips and drabs but if it stains, it will never come off and neither would the odour. Which in fact smelt like the south East Asia rain forest.
The cold liquid of a milky coffee coated Liz's dry tongue. She had to stay awake and not fall asleep. Or else something weird would happen like the bed would turn into quick sand and the wardrobe would explain the importance of brushing your teeth night and day.
Maybe Liz was going insane. Her parent's death and being kidnapped by an alien, the stress of keeping Future Max a secret was making Liz see things? Or maybe she has the gene for schizophrenia?
People with schizophrenia usually experience two types of symptoms.
"Positive" symptoms
· Hallucinations
· Delusions
· Disorganised thinking
· Agitation.
Hallucinations are disturbances of perception common in people suffering from schizophrenia. They are perceptions that occur without cause in the real world. Although they can occur in any sensory form (sound, sight, touch, taste and smell), hearing voices is the most common type of hallucination in schizophrenia. The voices may describe the patient's activities, carry on a conversation, warn of dangers, or even issue orders. Delusions are irrational personal beliefs held despite contradictory evidence, unexplained by the person's cultural background. Patients suffering from paranoid-type symptoms (about one third of patients) often have delusions of persecution, or irrational beliefs that they are being cheated, harassed, poisoned, or conspired against. Delusions of grandeur may also occur, in which the person believes he or she is a famous or important figure. Some patients report bizarre delusions, such as believing that a neighbour is controlling their behaviour with magnetic waves; that people on television are directing special messages to them; or that their thoughts are being broadcast aloud to others.
Disordered thinking: Schizophrenia often affects a person's ability to "think straight." Thoughts may come and go rapidly; the person may not be able to concentrate on one thought for very long and may be easily distracted, unable to focus attention. People with schizophrenia may not be able to decide what is relevant and what is not relevant to a situation. They may be unable to connect thoughts into logical sequences, their thoughts becoming disorganised and fragmented. This lack of logical continuity of thought, termed "thought disorder," can make conversation very difficult and may lead to social isolation. If people cannot make sense of what an individual is saying, they are likely to become uncomfortable and tend to leave that person alone.
There were lists of negative symptoms but nothing matched up to Liz's disturbance like Hallucinations and disordered thinking?

Liz's eyes fluttered shut but she snapped them right open, you could almost see the whole eyeball, shaped like an egg.
"Can't sleep?" Zan trudged to the kitchen refrigerator, waited a few seconds and opened. The glass jars clattered together. Zan must of experienced Delirium also to think the refrigerator was going to speak, Liz thought to herself and made her third cup of coffee. Usually by now Liz would be energetic, fired up and hyper active and start cleaning things. However this coffee made her even sleeper.
Must be a different type of blend, Liz yawned. Maybe she should ask for a stronger coffee, a different blend to give a hard kick. Not a small baby kick this coffee induced. Zan ripped the bottle cap off his beer; the capped popped and flew across the room.
Foam erupted and trickled down her tattooed hand.
"Have you seen anything queer Babe?" Zan whispered.
Liz couldn't understand why he was speaking so softly. It was only the two of them in the prison house. Unless....
They could hear everything we say
Oh shit Liz slapped her hand.
Zan pushed her to the nearest wall and pressed his firm body against hers. Liz face began to flush a red tomato.
The moisture dribbled down her legs. Her hips arched into his, two dark amber pools burned into hers. His gazed flicked to her Lips, then to her eyes. Zan kissed her cheek and Liz whimpered. The warmth of his lips against her cold skin, Liz heaved as her breasts went rock hard.
What the hell is happening? Liz panicked.
Zan breathed heavily through his nose. His "arousing member" was making it known against Liz's inner thigh.
Small love bites were decorated on her neck. Liz remained frozen still. He hushed into her ear.
"Were being watched Liz. Be careful what chà say. They gave us something earlier and it makes us want things," Zan began to suck her earlobe. Liz almost strangled his neck from wrapping her arms tighter to him.
Want things?
Liz travelled her gazed to his low-slung jeans. The snail trial of dark hair made her insides squirm.

When Liz was thirteen and her mom finally decided to give her advice on boys in " that" department. This is what her mother said.

Sex was like a bushfire
It only takes a small spark to start the fire. And once it roared, no one can stop it until the damage is done. There is a point in a bush fire of no return. There are morals and thoughts whipping through your head. Your mind says no but your body says yes. After a while the body wins. It is best to walk away and not be scarred.
Her mother added some lame humour into the" talk" and said " be on guard during bush fire season".
"Zan...... we need to stop.....table .... no .... no-" Liz mouth was covered by his hot lips, small sucking was applied.
Zan walked backwards, guiding her to the cold surface of the table.
Liz was placed on the table and her head throbbed in pain.
But that pain vanished when Zan gently spread her wide open. So far until Liz could almost felt her legs being snapped off. Zan slid on top on her and propped his elbows at the side of her shoulders. Liz was far-gone.
There was the spark....

Zan rested on of his hands on her stomach and made eye contact with Liz. Liz faintly nodded. The fire was spreading fast and she had not water to put it out.
Zan's hands crept upwards to the swell of her left breast. His thumb hooked under her bra. Liz mouth was wide open. She gasped out loud which he used his lower body to create no fraction of space between them.
He used his thumb to slowly press into her lukewarm skin of her bosom. His thumb pushed upwards and watched the breast move forward. He removed the pressure and saw the breast wobble back into place. Zan could only see the dark colour of the purple tank top. However He felt the small goose bumps he produced.
With his right hand he tangled himself in her long soft thick hair. The aroma of sweet berries shoved his senses in havoc.
His left hand slowly started to fondle her breast. He twisted the red bolt until it was so hard it made Liz beg him to stop doing that.
His left hand, still under the tank top, reached for the strap to snap the garment loose.
She entwined her legs with his. His pushed his hips lower against hers, further.
He twisted her arms behind her and unlatches the strap he was looking for.
His goatee slowly tickling her chin and her lips sucked on his metal stud on his chin like a pacifier.

Liz began impatiently pushing his ripped shirt over his head. Zan didn't complain he just started ripped her top off using his teeth.

They both stilled, half naked on the table in the quiet house. Her aroused breasts pressed firmly against his rock solid chest.
Her lips were red, like ripe berries. So Zan tasted her lips like he would eat strawberries. He sucked her dry. His 'arousal' was rock hard, as if it was frozen on a slant. And Zan knew any moment he was going to cum.
The fire was at its peak. And neither one of them wanted it to be put out


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Janet Smiled at Zan, on the floor and Liz, eating strawberry ice cream looking around the room for any abnormal effects.
Janet's eyes gleamed with self-satisfaction, as Zan propped against the wall clenching his head and crotch as some how to stop the pain he was experiencing. Two milliseconds later Liz suddenly dropped her ice cream bowl, it shattered into tiny pine needles. Liz clutched her stomach and wailed in pain and broke out in stinking sweat.

"It's about time the drugs kicked in," Janet chuckled while greedily stuffing herself with buttered popcorn.



"So where does Serena live now? Santa Fe asylum?" Isabel arrogantly asked.
"Aunt Laura in Florida, a beach house," Kyle read off the Angel's wings hospital bill.
"Maybe she has some answers to Liz's whereabouts?" Maria hiccuped twice, showing how distraught she really was. Michael being himself wrapped his arms around her, kissed her blonde curls.
"From what we know Serna could be a complete nut case?" Michael said to the group.
"I could go to Florida," Kyle suggested.
"No, your not some I can trust," Max confessed.
Kyle backed away slowly and raised his hands.
"I don't like you either Maxi," Kyle shot back, going head to head against Max.
"Stop," Tess slid her arm to Max's left shoulder. " Max If you think we should go to Florida and see this Serena girl then we'll go but if you don't we will all drop it," Tess glared at the three humans. Her unruly curls created a veil around her immorality eyes.
Max walked to the bay window. Sighed, a heavy weight on his shoulders. He looked to the stars in silence.
An image of him and Liz together, kissing under the stars
An image of Liz and Kyle in bed together
Liz laughing
"I won't die for you,"
"I want to date normal guys,"
These metaphors flashed through his mind. Each one a knife sliced through Max's soul.
Max looked at Alex, Maria and Kyle.
"No," Max bluntly said.
Tess and Isabel smiled. Michael had mixed feelings about the whole situation. The three humans were poignant.
A small disagreement created a small rift between them. And the gap was growing wider.

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Authors note: 1. I am very very tired cause I had an all nighter with my best roswell friend Christine. watched videos eat chocholate ice cream popcorn rented more videos etc. no sleep

2 I am very %^&^$&^ that one that I can no longer post parts from " destined forever" and if you are a newbie you can look for the parts. Becasue the net isn't working and I am soo close to smashing this computer.

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5. for the reader/old and new thanks for reading and also
The warrior- squeal will be up soon


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Authors note: 1. I am very very tired cause I had an all nighter with my best roswell friend Christine. watched videos eat chocholate ice cream popcorn rented more videos etc. no sleep

2 I am very %^&^$&^ that one that I can no longer post parts from " destined forever" and if you are a newbie you can look for the parts. Becasue the net isn't working and I am soo close to smashing this computer.

3. I will be back tommorow to post the rest when the net is running smoother and I got some sleep

4. feed back is nice. and I am not trying to be rude but this is drving me insae that it is very slow and I have no patience

5. for the reader/old and new thanks for reading and also
The warrior- squeal will be up soon


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is where you find all the parts to this story



“ Ready?” He whispered.
Serena placed her small delicate hand in his, and closed her blue eyes.
Their link was instantaneous.
Looks like it’s now or never, Serena thought and focused on building up her energy

The size of a hot air balloon Serena and Michael’s combined powerful struck the door’s hinges at the door broke off with a hideous sigh.
Isabel, Serena Michael Closely followed by Maria, Alex, Kyle and Max who carried Tess still in a trance. Max handed Tess to Kyle and healed the hinges and the group turned to Isabel.
“ She is in some kind of boiler room, three doors down,” Isabel brow was covered in sold sweat.
Max bolted down the hallway.
His heart beated in a rhythm of finds Liz. Instead of hearing ba-boom in his mind Max heard strongly Find-Liz, Find-Liz
Three doors down and Max waited impatiently for Michael. Serena got to Max’s side first and stretched her arms forwards. With a scream it blew, white smoke at every bolt. Tess was slowly coming out of the mind warp and everyone was inside before any guard knew what hit him or her.

It was a coffin-sized prison. Everyone heard the muffled screams.
It was Liz Parker.
The coffin was metallic and everyone saw Max horrified expression followed by anger. Isabel placed her hand on the side, her hand glowed and she focused on opened the door. Nothing happened.
“ It’s uranium, we need more strength to make a hole, this includes everyone,” Isabel took the leader role while her brother was frozen in place.
The group of eight formed a circle around the five feet metallic coffin.
“ How can we help?” Maria asked.
“ Focus on picturing of an open door,” Max said, “ Picture yourself opening the door and Liz rushing out,”

They all bowed their head in silence.
Then the room turned into a box of blood- or what it seemed with all the lights flashing.
“ Shit,” Alex said, his face turning pale.
“ I won’t give up on Liz, focus,” Max instructed.
They all picture a big wooden door; they all pictured stretching their arms to push the golden cold leaver down and jerked the door forward.
Slowly the coffin was opened and a steamy hole was formed. Snakes piled around their legs and Liz dropped forwards but Max left the circle and caught Liz. The purple crystal necklace shone around her neck.
I haven’t seen that before, Max thought but dismissed the thought.
Liz was here!
“Now all we have to do is leave!” Alex said.



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from part 14
“Now all we have to do is leave!” Alex said.

Part 15

Liz felt empty inside, although being in the arms of the man she loved sparked a few wires inside her mind, something was terribly wrong.
“ We have to get her out of here,” someone said.
“ Sister?” Liz could hazily see her sister clutching her arm to Michael’s right upper bicep.
Wait… her sister was here?
Max picked her up, and cradled her into his arms.
They were all here…. Where was she exactly?
Liz was neatly tucked in Max’s neck, shielding her worries away.
“ It will be okay Liz,” Max said, over and over again.
Liz held on tightly, she tried to regain her breath slowly.
Fire engine horns whirled around the complex as the lights changed from white to red.
“ Shit,” Tess said.
“ Okay Plan B, you know what to do,” Max said.
Serena stretched her arm to Liz’s grazed elbow- heat flowed into Liz’s veins and the gash was healed.
Serena was an alien?
Liz closed her eyes- where was her head?
Liz looked back at the group left behind. It was Kyle, Alex, Maria and Isabel.
The Feds came in groups of ten, all running at the same pace as loud drums pounding to the sound of their rapid heartbeats.
Isabel just stared at the Fed with her eyes closed.
The doors closed, Liz was bumped against Max’s back.
Sorry Liz, he muttered.
Howling came up from upstairs, Liz looked upwards at the blinding red lights, hearing the frightful Gnostic screams of pure terror, horns and walls crashing melted into one vibration.
What was Isabel doing?
Why were her friends left up there?
Red blood seeped down the spiral staircase.
No more screams, just the sound of red blood dripping.
Michael, Serena and Tess opened the door upwards into the cold night sky.
Finally Max put Liz down to her feet, Liz felt her knees weaken- she wasn’t quite ready to stand on her two feet.

Isabel was gathering her strength while she gazed at her brother closing the door behind them.
She twirled around; her locks were red from all the lights blinding them.
Meanwhile Isabel knew all she had to do was use her powers as a distraction and Kyle, Maria, and faithful Alex were the decoys until Tess would mind warping everyone to believe they weren’t there.
Isabel admired Tess’s strength to use her ability faster and stronger.
Like she said before- when on the run you learn things a lot quicker.
Isabel closed her eyes when the feds were closing in, she blocked out everything and focused on making herself feel lighter, her tiptoes of her black sneakers were floating off the pavement, her hair was repelling the ground and stood as trees.
Isabel exhaled and saw a flicker of her powers spurting outwards from her fingertips- she was glowing everywhere.
Isabel had to keep focus and picture herself lighter but stiff as a board. That’s why humans couldn’t understand the complexity of powers. It was more mental than physical.
Next thing she oped her lips and was ready to release her powers when something very tangy and salty flooded her mouth. Isabel dropped to the floor.

Help… a voice interrupted Isabel’s train of thoughts.


Pain sizzled up her left shoulder blade.
Isabel was sliding down the hallway and her head bumped the corner.
Isabel ground and titled her head upwards to look on what happened.
Isabel gagged and held her throat tightly.
She was covered in blood; human blood- the hallway was scarce except for Isabel and a large river of blood and rubber- human flesh and a few vacant eyeballs. Her clothes stuck to her skin and Isabel picked up a metre of flesh and flicked it across the room.
“ Kyle! Alex! Maria!” did she do this? Isabel wondered?
She could have- Isabel was trying to float in the room and make the feds fly backwards and back down a few levels. But when Isabel tried to move an egg the egg plopped and fried to a black charcoal. Max argue by saying the egg had no physical brain- it worked when Isabel made Max slap his own face. But it only worked fro ten seconds. Isabel only mastered dream walking but not this power- the power to control their minds and communicate telepathically.
Tess said that their powers were unknown but the mental side of things were much harder to master. It took a total of 5 years for Tess to master the mind warp without frying the person’s mind.
All that was left was a glowing black body bag.
Isabel flicked her dripping blood hair to one side and walked, without slipping towards the black bag.
“ What is that?” Kyle said.
Isabel gasped, nearly fell over the slippery floor if it wasn’t for Alex catching her mid fall.
“ What happed you guys?” Isabel asked.
Maria was a drenched sewer rat, she pointed at the glowing black bag. “ That thing embittered a bright light- everyone but was turned inside out and melted,”
From that statement Isabel knew she would be dream walking the three of them for a while- that description could give anyone nightmares.
“ Then why didn’t it destroy us then?” Alex said.
Something was drawing Isabel towards the black bag. There was something inside the bag that twisted her insides- something powerful and possibly evil?
An older woman, wearing a trench coat appeared out of nowhere and growled at Isabel. The lady hurled the bag to her side, two men helped her away down the hall. Isabel was too drained to use her powers to stop them- and yet something inside was foretelling her that someday she will be facing whatever that thing was in the black bag- in the near future.
“ You let them get away,” Kyle yelled.
“ Which is a good thing- Isabel is drained but do you want to know what was inside that thing?” Alex touched Isabel’s shoulder.
“ At least we got rid of em,” Maria whispered. “ Can we go home now?”
They all looked at Isabel, still in the same place and watching in the distance the three sketchy characters carry a black bag. “ Okay,”

Part 16

The Roswell gang where in Liz’s room- with Max and Liz at the balcony by themselves.
Isabel was on Liz’s bed- still hypnotized with the black back- something was calling her. Something very powerful and evil- whatever it was Isabel was going to find out. Maybe when Liz is sober Isabel could ask her a few questions.
Isabel focused her eyes on the drawing pad- she finished a picture of the three characters and the black body bag- folded it into little square and slid the paper into her hand for safe keeping- all her clothing worn that night had been swiped clean but the memory still remains.
“ Coffee?” Alex asked.
“ Sure. Coffee sounds great but not right now. Hold me,”
Alex said down on the bed, the bed squeaked in protest but quieted down and her hurled his lengthy arms around her. Isabel sighed and lost herself in Alex’s smell.

Michael sat Serena down in the Crashdown kitchen. His wife. That word seemed too strange and yet familiar when he gazed into her eyes.
“ Serena,” Michael sat next to her on a green polished stool. “ I know that before we were together. But … this is hard for me to say but your fifteen and your life is ahead of you. Choose your own destiny. I am with Maria. You and me can never be. I am sorry about the kiss but I guess it was the only way to find out who you are. Do you understand?”
Serena breathed in harshly and tears seeped from her sapphire eyes. “ Okay. But I like you. A lot Michael,”
Michael touched her soft hair. “ I know but I think it’s best if we weren’t together. But I do want to be friends – Izzy and myself could teach you some of your powers if you would like and Liz. She is a great girl and I am sure she could help you with anything you want.’
Serena stared at her shoes” I want you Michael. I feel drawn to you.”
“ It can never be, Serena but I assure you will meet someone someday who you will like just as much. We are here as a team. No one can change that but we choose our own destiny,” Quoting from what Max had said to Michael earlier.
“ I understand,” Serena dully said.
“ Michael,” Maria called.
“ You better go,”
Michael left- and Serena- once again her wings of joy were clipped by the dragon.
People say you can fall in love with someone at first sight. She had with Michael. He was strong and independent. They were alike- same powers and both suffered isolation. Serena chipped the black nail polish from her left thumbnail onto the floor.
“ I know how yo feel Serena, chick babe. But honey I’ll help you score the cornball,” A voice whispered.
Serena twirled, her hair spirally in a clockwise direction- Mascara stained her ivory face. A boy around her age and a woman who looked exactly like Isabel but with heavy makeup, piercing tattoos short hair and ripped attire.
“ Yo,” The lady struck out her hand. “ I’m Lonnie and this is Nicholas- we are going to help you get your man,”

Liz was in her pink cotton pyjamas with Max behind her, his arms looped through her skinny waist.
“ We have a lot to talk about,” Max whispered into the shell of her ear. Then sweetly kissed her forehead.
“ I know but not tonight. Some other time” Liz replied. She touched the purple crystal under her pyjama top.
“ I love you Liz,” Max said to her.
Liz turned around and looked into his eyes, shining with tears- tears of relief.
“ I love you too Max,” Liz replied and bit down her tongue as she hugged him.
A bitter cold wash over her, something inside her was telling her that she no longer loved him but someone else. Liz tightened her grip on him and ripped the necklace off and tossed it to one side. The coldness died down but the feeling was still there.
What ever happened in eagle rock was something Liz would never find out.
Or will she?


that's the end

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title: the warrior.
rating: PG- it will change
plot: fifteen years later. What has happened to each character.. etc
Authors note: please read. writing is my passion.

PART ONE - 2015

Liz Parker Evans smiled happily as her three adoring children stampeded down the hallway of their apartment in New York. Max was at work- he is apart of the FBI. Pretty funny huh? An alien king joins the FBI. But her husband works in cases he chooses and most of them don't include anything to do with aliens. Will, Luke and Bethany (Beth for short) were all staring at the Television screen watching Spiderman, the cartoon version.
"Mommy can we have some icecreamprettyplease!" her youngest (eight), Beth said while biting her lower lip.
Liz smiled and tucked her shoulder length cocoa-brown hair behind her ears.
"No Beth no ice cream before dinner. We are having pasta tonight!" Liz took of her jacket and dumped it on the table; she was a waitress part-time (again) at Michael's restaurant near Central park. She was still finishing her course in becoming a scientist- micro- biology.
Only few more months, Liz said to herself. She was only thirty-two.
William, the oldest and was eleven-started tickling Luke who was only nine and was very fragile since he broke his arm-playing hockey.
Remember- note to self- kill Michael, Liz smiled. She bent down in the kitchen and fetched the pots and pans. Something scratched her cheek while picking up the utensils. Liz grimaced and rooted through her bag on the table and got out her pocket mirror. She waved her hand across her left cheek that was scratched by the pot lid and sighed.
No bigge, Liz smiled, again because her husband was coming tonight and the children we staying at Aunty Isabel and Uncle Alex. And Max and her haven't been alone together in weeks.
Liz- someone said her name.
Liz looked up cautiously while putting the dried pastas into the boiling water.
"Will Phillip Evans- if you want an A in Home Ec be a dear and watch the stove and keep an eye on your younger brother and sister," Liz said, a chill went up her spine. Someone is inside her house.
"No problem. But only if I can go and play hockey with cousin Karl," Will smirked- one Liz had seen before. It wasn't Max's but when she tried to connect to the smirk and a face her head went all fuzzily- no reception.
"Kay but I'll check with Aunt Isabel," Liz smiled and whirled around and paced through the living room and entered the hallway.
Liz walked down the hallway, sliding off her work shoes and allowed her feet touch the cream carpet.
Liz, this time it was a bit louder. It sounded like Max but more- Liz couldn't describe the sound but it felt like he was in pain and deeply heartbroken.
"Who's there?" Liz whispered and flipped on the light switch in her and Max's master bedroom. There was no one there. Except for the open window and the emerald curtains danced in the cold wind. Liz walked up, the wind billowed her hair in every direction until shut the window. She slipped out of her black skirt and white shirt and put on her gray trackdacks and one baggy west Roswell shirt. It was Max's.
She stared at her reflection in the mirror and combed her shoulder length locks in front of the mirror. She closed her eyes- she felt a tug in her heart. Someone was in her house and it was someone she knew very well. But the question is who is that person. Liz couldn't lie and say it has only happened once. It happened everyday for the past fifteen years. Each time the feeling grew stronger and no matter how many times Liz tried to lose herself in Max's tight embrace. The feeling was still there. Liz opened her eyes and turned around and screamed.
There was a man, wearing loose black cargos and a red shirt and black hood jumper. He had a goatee and spiked dreadlocks- pitch black with the tips colored ruby. He had a stud on his chin and on his left eyebrow and in his tongue. He looked like Max but he had foursquare tattoo on his left arm.
"Liz," He whispered. " I Love you,"
Liz was frozen, here is this strange man whom looked like Max but as a punk and he ... he said he loved me? Liz thought. And why was her heart beating and feeling love for him in return.
"Mommy," Beth stood in the hallway, covered head to toe in tomato sauce. Two amber eyes were covered in tears.
Liz stared at her and then back to where that man, that punk was but he was gone.
"What happened," Liz touched her daughters red cheek.
"Luke. Luke said that the cookie monster was gonna EAT me and I threw his truck at the wall and he poured sauce all over me," Beth sobbed and Liz smiled.
"Aww poor baby, how about a nice hot bath and a nice hot coco with Tabasco?" Liz hugged her daughter covered in sauce. Her daughter, when she was two watched Sesame Street and saw the blue furry monster eating cookies. Beth loved cookies. Will told her that since she ate so many cookies the cookie monster was going to eat her. Ever since that day Beth curled up in daddy’s arms and Max, oh how much Liz loved him as he sang to her and grounded Will and Luke for a while. Now and then Beth got some nightmares but Liz wondered how a little alien was scared of a puppet? Liz couldn't lie that she was afraid of Big Bird until she was Beth's age.
But when she thought of Max and her love for Max. She was recalled of that punk- the love for him was much deeper and stronger. Which sacred Liz very much. Was she dreaming? Liz didn't know. She couldn't remember anything that happened at Eagle rock except for been taken there and thrown into a cell. That was about it.
"Now, Beth lets get you into the tub,"
__ __ __

Zan pounded his fist into the sand; he was in the Greece- somewhere at his foster parent's mansion/ beach house. He finally got through to her but she didn't recognize him. It must be those drugs, Zan thought.
Zan looked at the sand as the sun sunk lower into the ground.
I love you Liz, he thought to himself. I will do anything to find our daughter Levi.


At Cal’s mansion in Los Angelus in the fitness room

"When his forward arm presents itself, as in a reaching guard, you can grab his wrist and apply a middle-area kick." Cal said.
Melissa did as she was told and kicked the man in white in the middle. He was struck to the ground.
"Very good Melissa Levi Langley,"
Melissa smiled," Thanks Dad."
__ __ __ __ __ __

“ Serena, can you pass me that wooden spoon,” Michael said. Serena smiled seductively and bent down to get the spoon from the draw, making sure he sees her tight black skirt,
“ Uh.. Can you.. Pass me that now!” Michael groaned which was a good sign, she liked to push his buttons when its peak time at “ Dr Love Café and restaurant “. Dr Love came from when they all went to Las Vegas, except for Serena who had to cover their disappearances. Michael made a sweet request for Maria to sing while in Las Vegas.
How pathetic, Rath was a warrior and he didn’t need to stoop so low. She learnt all about her past life from Lonnie and Nickolas and Serena knew Michael is destined to be her husband.
Serena wore a tight short leather skirt and a tight white blouse with the red bold words Dr Love with mini angels stenciled around. Dr Love is very popular with celebrities.
“ Brad Pitt and his wife Jennifer would like it if they were placed in a booth,” Maggie (an employee) said.
“ Sure, and Jason Behr, Shiri and Colin Hanks are arriving in an hour so make sure table four is ready,” Serena placed a pencil behind her ear and waltz around the kitchen and staff area. Michael was head chef and owner of the diner. Usually their other main chef, Greg was here but tonight he is celebrating his honeymoon with his newlywed Katie, how romantic.
“ You got it,” Maggie hurried out into the diner.
Maria, Michael wife was out on tour, Australia, Germany, Tokyo Japan and finally Los Angelus. Right about now Maria would have finished in Japan and on to Los Angelus with their fifteen-year-old daughter Josephine.
A few saucepans started to split in the middle and her blue eyes grew darker.
Tess Harding, Serena hoped she could help her snatch Michael but she married Kyle and has eight-year-old daughter Sara Valenti- and is best friends with Beth Evans.
So she was no hope, looks like Serena had to make her own plan. And believe me, Serena thought- this one would surely break Michael’s stupid marriage, forever.

__ __ ___

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