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Summary: Larek gives the Pod Squad some information, they just have to figure out what he?s talking about.

For almost everyone in Roswell, this was the most normal of days. But not for Elizabeth Parker.

?Mom, it?s not like it?s gonna be the end of the world f I do nothing!? Liz exclaimed, sitting across from her mother. The Crashdown was empty for the time being and they were sitting upstairs.

?You know better than to say that. This is you destiny. It?s not something you just take lightly.? Nancy Parker said sternly to her daughter.

?Fine! I?ll be ore serious about it. I?m gonna go back to work.? Liz said, and without another word from either of them, so walked downstairs.

Meanwhile, Larek was attempting to speak with Max. ?Max, listen carefully, this is important. Antar is in serious trouble. You see, a few thousand years ago there were beings known as the Keys. There were five of them, one for each planet in the system. They resided on their respective planets until one day, they were threatened by a person trying to overrule the planets. Take the threat of Kivar and multiply it by about 100 and that?s what you get. Now the Keys, they are sort of like mystics, oracles, seers, and etcetera. They all but controlled the planets. They advised the Kings and Queens of what to do and they assisted in every aspect of life that they were welcome. They were worshipped and praised. No body did anything without the approval of a Key.? Larek started.

?And what does this have to do with now, with us?? Max asked, impatiently. This wasn?t the way he had planned to spend his day.

?I?m getting to that.? Larek snapped. ?When they were threatened, they all agreed that they?d be safer elsewhere, separated. They were each went to different planets, leaving only a few choice people with their whereabouts. The Antarian Key was sent to Earth, the Mavian Key was sent to Derute. And so on. After these Keys arrived at their destination, their Keepers were sent. They keep watch over the Keys, assuring that they stayed safe. Most of the Keys were unaware of their Keepers, but some knew. It was a really complicated procedure to keep them all safe, making sure the wrong people weren?t told and all.?

?And??? Max asked.

?You know that the Keys control the planets, and the Keepers watch over the Keys. Now let me tell you about the Antarian Key. This particular one was one of the most powerful Keys ever. She could literally move sky and land with a thought. This was the one Key that this person wanted. With her, he could take over the whole system with no one being able to get in his way. He had almost succeeded when they had decided to separate. She was sent here, along with her two Keepers. You?ll also need to know how to find a Key and the Keepers, so that?s what I?ll tell you now. The Key has a distinctive mark on her lower back, halfway on her side. It?s a circle and within the circle is the mark of Antar. The 5 planets with the one representing Antar darker than the rest. This mark is passed down throughout the family line, most always by females. The Keeper?s mark is slightly different. The mark of Antar remains the same, only for the Keepers, it?s surrounded by a tilted square, not quite diamond shaped.? He said, and then stopped, waiting for Max to ask questions.

?Are this Key and these Keepers human or hybrids or what?? Max asked, not to the surprise of Larek.

?Yes and no. If they still have any of our DNA passed down from their original ancestors, they could possibly still be one of us, but that?s highly unlikely. Though human or not, they would still have their ancestors powers, and yes Keepers have powers as well. Just enough to protect the Keys.? Larek answered calmly.

?So, I find this Key and her Keepers and then what? Talk to them? Ask them how to get back to Antar? What?? Max asked.

?You don?t get it, do you?? Larek asked. ?This person can?t grow to hate Antar if she knows about it. I?d do my best to keep the people that know happy, until you can find out something. It?s more than likely that they?d be drawn to you even not knowing who you were before.? Larek advised, before walking away. Before you knew it, he was Brody again.

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