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Title: I Don’t Believe in Aliens
Author: NewYorker18
Rating: G-Pg 13 or so, for now!
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell. I do how ever have a little creative right to Kyle’s point of view, which has never been fully explained.
Summary: Mainly Kyle’s POV with FlashBacks. Kyle tells his side of the whole Roswell plot, from the moment Max heals Liz. Well maybe a little bit before that. This is mainly a reflection on what started the whole thing. I can’t tell you how long ago this happen because that requires too much brainpower.

Roswell, New Mexico. That is far behind me, us. A lot has happened since high school: breakups, Graduation, weddings, births. I can’t believe I’m reflecting on my life already. It was an ordinary life until high school. Then life took an unexpected turn.

Let’s see. Freshman year of high school. I was on the football team. My father was the sheriff of Roswell. I got away with everything, including the most beautiful girl in school, Liz Parker. Liz’s parents owned the alien themed (what isn’t in Roswell) restaurant The Crashdown Café . I think that’s its formal name. We all just called it “The Crashdown”. Liz had such beautiful hair, so long, and sweet smelling. KYLE! Focus.

Hey!! They are my memories, right?

Liz worked for them after school and on weekends with her best friend, Maria Deluca. Maria… Well, Liz’s and my relationship was going okay for a while. Then Liz met someone else. Well, she didn’t really meet him. He was a friend of hers from Biology or something. She’d always, basically, known him. Everything changed the day he saved her life.

What do you guys think about this so far? *bounce*Please let me know, cause if it’s stupid or sucks or something, I won’t write it anymore! Just a little something I sort of dreamt about one night!

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New Post soon, I promise!!
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Glad you all like it. New part will be out soon!!
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How about now Michaela?
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Well, sorry guys, but I realized I didn't have the next part finished!! I'll get typing right away. Part should be out later today!!
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Here's the second part. I don't have the screenplays for all the episodes, any episode, but this is the best I can do!! Hope you enjoy, especially you Islandgirl. Hope I spelled it right!!


We walked back to the Crashdown to watch the movie we picked out with her grandmother. We saw an ambulance in the front of the Crashdown. (After that everything happened so quickly. I think we drove in one car to the hospital. We drove really fast. Good thing my dad wasn’t on the road that day. :chuckles: God knows where he was. We found ourselves sitting in the waiting room.)

Grandma Claudia had a massive stroke? How? She was fine an hour ago. I hope she’s alright.

“I have to get something to drink” Liz said.

“I’ll go with you” the words just spilled out of my mouth.

“No, I need to be by myself.”
*End FB *

She found a phone and called Max. I was getting a little upset at that point, especially since he came in, claiming his friend was in an accident. He saw me and left.

I’m running after him. Why? What? Oh why does he have to be al over my girlfriend? I’m going to stand in front of his car. He won’t hit me.

“You know, I know you didn’t come to the hospital for any friend but Liz. Now, I appreciate you calming her down after that incident at the Crashdown, but you are out of line. You’re all over her! I don’t like it. Stay away from Liz!

“I realize that.” And he drove off.
*End FB*

I can’t remember everything you know. I think I finally went home and started to watch T.V. just for the noise. I needed to think. I won’t go in-depth into this scene because I think it was one of those things I wanted to forget. So here it is. My dad came in and started talking about stuff. God, it seems so long ago I don’t even remember what. I know we did talk about the divorce. We also talked about me and Liz. Then dad brought up Max. He told me to stay away from him. That had me confused for a while, but I didn’t ask questions.

Then the next day at school, I tried to open my locker, but to no avail. I found out later that day, it had melted shut!!

Then my friends and I were talking about it and Max came up again. They told me that they had beaten him up. I yelled at them and got angry. I ran to the hospital.

“Liz, I know my friends hurt Max, but I had nothing to do with it. I swear. I just found out today!!”

“They’re your friends Kyle, you had something to do with it.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Look, there’s nothing between us, Max and me, but there’s nothing between you and I either. This is it Kyle, goodbye.”

I got angry and said some things and she ran inside.

Here’s a little about the rest of the group, like an insider thing.—Max helped Liz find closure by bringing her grandmother’s spirit to say goodbye.


I have limited online time, so I’ll check this and my other story every other day. Sorry, my mother is a pain!
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Hey Michaela, like your new icon!! Here's part 3 if you will, not much here, but I'm going by the episodes here.

Not much happened in MISSING so here's the jist.

I try to get Max away from Liz, she comes back asking if I stole her journal. Something has to be up!

TBC-- I told you it was short! More next time I promise!
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Working on 285 South and River Dog. Will post both episodes together since they go together.
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Come on Michaela, I said I was working on It!!!!
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So far, I'm stuck writing about 285 South, I have all the ideas, just no words to go with them, I'm leaving early Thurday morning, and I'll not be back until probably the last week in August. Um, I'll take my work with me but I don't know if I;'ll be able to post it from where I'll be!
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Ok, here is the next part, just for you michaela! I know it sucks, but read it anyway!

Well we were all in class. We had a new project we had to do in pairs. Liz was paired with Is, Maria with an absent Michael, and Max…with me.

Joy I get to work with Max Evans. After class I talked with Max about our contact information. I saw Liz coming, didn’t want to have a scene and walked away. We’d decided to meet at the Crashdown.


“What’s your favorite TV show?”

“I don’t watch a lot of television. You?”

“Americas Most Wanted, I watch it with my dad.”

“Ok, what’s the best thing that ever happened to you?”

He looked at Liz!! I know he loves her.

“Must have been when I was adopted.”

(Oh, I sneered, I sneered.)


“When I won a junior rifle competition.”

Liz has started walking over her with ketchup.

“You guys okay?”

“Since Liz is here, we can jump down to question 16; Have you ever been in Love?”

“No,” he said calmly after a pause.

Now, I know he loves her. I’m not stupid.

*End FB

Then Liz got a call, and they all left! I followed them out.

“Trouble in Paradise so soon?” I said to Liz.

Then Max told Liz to come on and she did.

I went home to try to figure out where they went.


I’ve called everyone. I don’t know where she could be.

“Hey dad. They all just rushed off this afternoon and they lied to their parents about where they went.”

“Do you know where they were going?”

“I really don’t know. Do you know something about Max? If so what is it?”

“I have to go back to the office.”

And he left! He knows something, but what? I wish I could just figure it out.

Well, I tried Liz again. She answered!!

“Where were you?”

“I told you, I had some errands to run too.”

“Liz, you know that’s not true.”

“Bye Kyle.”


I’m going after them. I’ll find them myself.

Driving and Driving and Driving

Found them!

*Walks up behind them silently* “What were you talking about? What are you doing here?”

“Get lost, Kyle.” Michael said.

“No, I want to know. You steal Liz and she lies for you. What’s going on?”

“UGH” He just threw me on the couch. God, he’s stronger than I thought! (I grabbed Liz to take her with me.)

Max stepped up and said heroically, (A/N: sense the sarcasm?) “Leave her alone, Kyle.”
*End FB

We yelled and yelled

“Stop this foolishness! Kyle, I’m not your girlfriend anymore. Go home, this is none of your business!”

Oh that made me mad. I was totally over her then. In fact, I don’t know what I saw in her!

TBC—Thank God!! That took me forever to write. Now please leave me feedback!! I’ll try to churn out another part before I leave, but no promises!!
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I'm working on a new part for before I leave. I'm gonna try for two parts. If I can only get one up. Michaela could I email you the second one and could you post it for me? I know You can't change my title but It would be a help! Just let me know, hopefully by today!
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Thanks Michaela!! I am having a hard time finding info about Kyle, I have 1/2 a part but maybe I'll get it done!
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Ok here is part 5 of this. Hopefully another part soon.

The next day or so at school I was minding my own business, still a little upset at the events that transpired the day before. Liz walked up hurriedly and we went into the janitor’s closet.


“Gee, isn’t this ironic? We shared our first kiss here.”

“Kyle, I don’t remember it like that.”

I am so confused! What is she doing?

“Kyle, are you alright?”

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone anything until I find something that will destroy him.”
**End FB

And I left her standing there alone in the closet. I am such a jerk. She probably hated me.

A few days after, Alex Whitman came up to me and sat down at lunch. I asked him if he was there to protect Liz’s secret. He looked really confused. He asked me if I knew what it was. I told him I wasn’t falling for that since I couldn’t believe he didn’t know what was going on. Then I left.

I had a basketball game later that week. Alex, Isabel, Maria, Michael and Liz were there. I could here Liz cheering me on very loudly. I think she was trying to make Max jealous.

I ran past the bleachers where they were sitting, trying to dodge the other team’s player when I heard Liz scream for me. I looked up. The next thing I knew I was on the ground in the middle of the court in great pain. Some how I got home and was on the couch. I hurt so much I don’t even remember going to the hospital. I remember that Liz brought me a pie. I ignored her, even when she tried to apologize for getting me hurt.

I told her I just didn’t want to talk. She dropped her head and I just watched her leave. I picked up the remote again and started flipping channels.

I went back to school the next day and hobbled all around. After school, I decided to apologize to Liz. I did act pretty mean toward her.


“Hi” I said as we sat down. She smiled slightly.

“I’m sorry I hurt you when we broke up. Since now I know what it feels like, I know I hurt you.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t act understanding, even though you were straight with me about everything.”

“Can we work toward friendship?”


“Is there anything high in cholesterol and fat on the menu?”

“This is the section just for such dietary needs.”

**End FB

I ordered some burger and a soda. That was the beginning of our friendship.

TBC- It took me forever to find episodes with enough of Kyle in them to produce this. This is based on Episodes River Dog through Toy House. Hope you enjoy this. I hope to churn out another part for m14 to post mid next week!
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Well, Here is an unexpected reply. Please don't post until midweek! I didn't know if I'd have internet access, but I do. For a while. Thanks a bunch m14 for all your help and support!! E-mail me ⊕ NewYorker18Dreamer⊕hotmail when you post please! Thanks! Hope you guys did'nt give up on me. I'll be home soon.*angel*
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Hey thanks, Nice to know somebody still cares!! BTW- what was the name of that story you're doing with Jess?
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Wow, that was a great part!! I am so glad two people are reading. Bump!! Thanks for posting that Michaela! I have to sign off until I move to the college campus this week, or so cause I have to dis assemble the piece-of-junk computer!
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That's fine jeremiah. I thought everyone gave up on me. I am only here by chance, so I don't know when I will be able to be here again, happy reading!!*angel*
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I'm here for today, my computer won't log onto the internet. I can use another computer, but it doesn't have my favorites list. If I haven't replied to your story in a while, thats why! Sorry, hope to be back soon
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I'm back now, so I'll try to post as soon as possible. Do you guys have any suggestions on the second and third season eps? Where I could get copies, or summaries? If you did it'd be great.*angel*
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Iam skipping UFO onvention, nothing happened to Kyle in it. I will have to write on Blind Date next. plz bear with me!!
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New Part soon I swear! I'm working as hard as I can. I've been busy studying and working on "Dorm Spirit"*angel*
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I went home after that little escapade. I knew work was still more important to him.

Well, now that I’ve recovered again from that emotional trauma, I’ll just skip a few days and go on to Liz’s ‘Blind Date’.

I casually walked into the Crashdown after school one day and saw Max staring longingly at Liz. Of course I decided to be an idiot. I walked up behind Max.

“I’m very sorry for you Max, you have my deepest sympathy, since I too am a victim. You see…”

Max glared at him.

“…my theory is that Liz, there, is a man eater who finds someone, then falls in love and looks for someone else to fall in love with.”

“Look Kyle there was nothing ever between Liz and me.” He said without emotion.

(I smirked and walked away.)

Great Job loser, messed up again. Why are you like that? Cause I can be stupid.

End FB

Then I went home and chilled and watched TV like I always did.

**Friday Evening

Here I am driving to Max’s house. What a stupid thing to do, especially since I’m drunk, and with friends. As we pull up, I hear the radio out of an open window.

I hope it’s Max’s room.

“Max” “Max” Maaaaax!”

“Hey Max, come with us to see this guy with Liz!”

“I don’t think so Kyle.”

“Come on, aren’t you a bit curious as to what, who this guy is?”

“Look, I can’t go, cuz I’m drunk, unless you drive. We’ll camp on your lawn all night!”

Whoa! Yes, he’s in!

(He took the keys, though I was drunk, I was surprised.)

We arrived at the restaurant and looked on from outside. Max had a look of horror on his face as the date kissed Liz. Then Liz and the guy disappeared.


“Hey Max, I… I’m…I’m sorry. I didn’t know that would happen.” (I said handing him my bottle of alcohol.)

“No Thanks”


He took it! Maxwell Evans took a sip of alcohol. Whoa, its like he’s drunk. What? He’s gone!

(I went to look for him and I found him on the roof of a building.)

“How’d you get up there?”

“Used a ladder silly!”

“There’s no ladder.”

“There isn’t one now.”

“Just get yourself down before you hurt yourself.”

“Hey, thanks for the alcohol.” Max said after he slid down the pipe.

“How much did you drink anyway?”
“Just a sip.” Max said while making a small amount with his fingers. “That stuff allows me to freely express myself.”

“I think you are a funny guy, though you can be a real jackass. I love Liz. I will win her back, we’ll both win her back.”

How’ll we split her up? Every other day of the week, alternating Saturdays, what?

(Then I followed and we ended up at Liz’s house. Max was inside doing something, while I was out looking over the balcony.)

“How far have you gone with Liz?”

“We’ve seen each other’s souls.”

What is he talking about? Souls? Can you do that?

“We went to second base.”

Patting him on the shoulder, Max said, “You can’t win ‘em all.”

I want to check out her room.

End FB

I was checking her underwear drawer, like a pervert. Yes I admit it! Max was changing pictures of her friends into himself. Wait, he was? Oh yeah, what I know about him now explains that little thing quite well. I thought at first it was because I was drunk.

That moment, Liz and her date came in. She asked us what we were doing there. Max told her we were drunk. She tried to cover after she asked me what I’d done to him by saying he says false things when he’s drunk.

To which he replied, “This is the first time I’ve been drunk.”

Then she dragged him out while I tried to hold Mr. Blind Date back. We fell on her bed, struggling, when the radio crew came in.

I think I got a ride with the radio crew, but, after all, I was drunk.

Next think I know, there’s Liz being dragged on stage with her date, then I get pulled up with Max.

Her date said something lame as I left to throw up.

Then after that, I have no Idea what happened. I became quite friendly with a toilet named Ray. However, Max did something, that I do know.

TBC~hope whoever is reading this, stalkers and lurkers alike, I hope you really enjoy this story. You guys are the only reason it is continuing, so I hope there are lurkers out there, and I hope you enjoyed!

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Ok, SELFISH BUMP because I have a feeling nobody is reading this. So I want to lure more readers in!!*angel*
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A/N:hey all, I have a feeling this fic is dying. Nobody is reading it and I might just stop writing it!! If you want it to continue I need to know its being read.*sad*
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Hey all, I'm not writing until I get some replies!! Where's the peer support? Come on!! *sad*
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I'm trying Kieran!! You know there isn't alot of info on Kyle out there! Soon I promise*angel*
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Part 6

A couple of days later, I walked into the crashdown after meeting the new girl, Tess. Just about as soon as I walked in Liz came up.


Uh, thanks for coming. Can we talk?

About what?

Well, I saw you with that new girl, Tess.

Oh, man! What a knockout, huh? Can’t beat a blonde. Oh, sorry. Stupid Kyle

No, she is...she is really nice. What were you guys talking about?

Why are you so interested?

Well, it’s just that I’ve heard some things about her.

Oh yeah, what things?

Just, you know… the way she treats guys. She like leads them on, and then she just drops them cold.

Yeah… I guess it takes one to know one. Oh, yeah, score Valenti

Well, just be careful with her. You know, if I were you, I would just stop seeing her altogether.

What, is this like a jealousy thing? Oh, 2 points for Valenti


Ok, so it’s just an everybody-deserves-to-be-happy-but-Kyle thing. now I feel bad

No. No, Kyle. It’s not. Please trust me, ok? I know it sounds strange, but I promise you it’s for your own good.

So it would really bother you if I just spent a little more time with Tess? Say like we happen to have a study date later tonight, or something?

Kyle, there’s things about her that you don’t even know.

Well, I like what I’ve seen so far.

Just don’t be alone with her, ok? She could be using you.

That’s exactly what I had in mind, but just in case you’re right, what about the library? Hmm? Think I’ll be safe there?

The public library?

*End FB

That was a weird conversation. I left after that. I went to the library. Tess just wanted some company finding some stupid book that I found out later would change all our lives forever.

The next time something strange happened, it was just a couple of days later.

This FBI agent came to the door. Man was I scared! He started talking to nobody, and then I knew something was up. Then Max came and punched the guy. I started to ask him questions. He gave me vauge answers and then I threatened him. He told me to stay put cause my father wanted me to be safe. Like stupid Kyle would listen! I went to the gun case and took out a gun.

I snuck in the auditorium. The guy Pierce said the six had my father. He took my gun as I walked away. I should have known Liz wouldn't be part of abducting my father.

Next thing I know, I had a horrible pain in my chest. I saw a beautiful white light. I started moving toward it. Then I was pulled back to my body. I died, then I lived.

That's when I found out the big secret.

Max Evans healed me, saved my life! Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are aliens, as is (was) Nasedo.

I didn't believe in aliens.

TBC? ( or should I let it end here. If TBC there will be an epilouge thats all.) FB please! *angel*
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So that's my life up until I found ou about aliens being real. You know they made a TV show about this? Yeah, they called it Roswell, how unique. Most of the story was true except for the end of the second season and season three. What? I only watched it to make sure it was accurate!! That part was all wrong. First of all, Alex didn't die, they put that in for effect. Max and Tess never had sex and Liz didn't go away. In fact, it sorta went like this:

Alex and Isabel were closer than ever, I had decided to give religion a try. Which one did I chose? Buddhism. Strange huh? Not for me! Tess fell in love with me, after I'd been in love with her for a while, we became a couple. Michael and Maria? Still going at it. Then came graduation. After Max and the white room, the government know us all. They thought we were all aliens. Well, the truth was, only 2 of us weren't. Yes 2, Maria and Alex. Liz and I aquired some alien powers about a year after Max healed us. We knew the gov't was after us, we knew it all along. We just didn't think it'd be at graduation they'd try to incinerate all 8 of us! Michael saved Max's ass for once as Max was giving a Thank-you-for-letting-me-live-amoung-you speech. He was willing to sacrifice himself so the 7 others of us would live. We all exited before that, knowing with the guest speaker they were coming. Liz, not Tess, was pregnant with Max's son Zan, and Max had proposed. We all decided to run. Oh, and that Jesse guy, he um, was investigating us, not Mr. Evans. We had to tell them though, tell them all what had happened. They took it well and with my dad to catch Amy as she fainted, all was well.

We hopped the next van outta there. We promised to visit and we got to Las Vegas where Liz and Max ere married. Alex had proposed to Isabel about 2 days before. Maria was still waiting on Michael. Tess and I were happy as a couple, we still had to get to know each other.

So, now we are all back in Roswell, alot older than when we left. No one suspects us. Max and Liz have Zan and a girl, who's about to start college. Alex and Isabel have twin girls who are going into the 9th grade. Tess and I have a little blonde girl who's as gorgeous as her mother.(We got married, eventually) She's 7. Kylee is her name, Kylee Teresa Valenti. So beautiful. Michael and Maria, they got married after Kylee was born. Took Michael long enough. Maria has a 4 year old, a boy, a toddler little girl, and is pregnant again(we know its a girl, she doesn't) My dad and Amy got married, oh, about 12, 13 years ago. Amy finally accepted Michael, after he proposed by saying, "Its about damn time Michael Guerin." You see where Maria gets it from? Liz's father died a while back in a car crash. Some drunk bastard site-seer. Max wasn't around. Liz and Max own the Crashdown, her mom does the books and plays with all the kids, and spoils the older ones. All in all, I think we are happy.

Roswell, New Mexica is far behind me. The old Roswell, its not refuge, or home anymore, its just were I live. We live our lives to the fullest. Not fearing danger, but we never know which day will be our last.


How'd you guys like it. It didn't turn out where I wanted it to, but I think I like it just the same. Tell me what you think. Next out will be 'Gerbils and Gigolos'(shortened title) for out stargazers, then my M/L AU fic. For G&G I will use some ideas from the epilouge of this. Just to let you know. FB please!!

Kylee (or Kylie)*angel*

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I didnt go into S2 b/c I don't have time to keep up with it. Glad you liked it though!*angel*