*angel* This is my first fanfic, so I hope everyone likes it.

Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Laura
Category: It’s mostly M/L (I am a total Dreamer) but it also has some M/M too.
Rating: I’m not really sure what to rate it so you can decide for yourselves.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.......I’m not sure what else to put here so......
Summary: Max and Liz are adults (they're in their 20's) living different lives, one working as an attorney, the other as a waitress/cook at her own restaurant and waitress at a bar at night. When one day changes their lives and brings them together. Maybe even forever.....

I’m Liz Parker and about 2 weeks ago was when I met my soulmate, Max. I didn’t know it then but he would change my life forever.....

Liz: Maria, I can’t believe that this place will close if I don’t get the money soon. I mean this place was my grandma’s and it meant everything to her. What am I going to do?

Sitting down at the table in the back of the restaurant Maria and Liz were going over ideas on how they could save Liz’s grandma’s restaurant from being sold to a large company. Liz was given the restaurant in her grandmother’s will and always knew that she would get it because of the special bond that she and her grandma shared. Plus she always worked there after school and
on weekends to help her grandmother out, especially during the time her grandma was in the hospital.

Maria: I don’t know but whatever you do I’ll be there with you. Anyway, let’s do something fun tonight. You’ve been worried all week and you need to do something to get your mind off all this financial stuff. Why don’t we go dancing tonight. You know check out all the guys and stuff. It’ll be a girls night out.

Liz: I don’t know, Maria. I have to deal with this and it’s taking a lot out of me. I might forget and then that might......

Maria interrupts Liz mid sentence.

Maria: You need some fun time Liz. We both know that. So, come on it’s only for one night. I won’t stop bugging you.

Maria says this with a smile on her face that tells Liz that she won’t.

Liz: Fine. But only for tonight and then WE have to think of a way out of this mess.

Maria: I KNOW! We can get a job at a bar. We can check them out when we go tonight. I know it’s not your thing but.......

Liz: Well you know what? I’m going to do it because I want to prove to you that I’m almost as unpredictable as you and I really need the money.

Maria: Then it’s all set. Come over to my house tonight and we’ll get ready together.

Suddenly Liz heard a bell ring and noticed it was for her table.

Liz: Ok. I got to go get my table now, so I’ll see you around 7:00, ok?

Maria: Ok.

Liz: Bye

Maria: Bye

Max: Can you get me Mr. Hewitz on line one please, Meagan? Thanks.

(Meagan is his secretary, who secretly has a crush on him. The whole building knows this except (for Max.)

Suddenly Max’s friend Michael comes storming in.

Michael: Maxwell, where have you been? I’ve been calling you to see if you want to do something fun tonight but all I seem to get lately is your answering machine.

Max: Michael, I’m sorry but I’m busy right now. Not only with the usual business but with trying to help this client buy some property that he wants to turn into a huge restaurant. The property is actually a restaurant at the moment but is in serious debt so....we’re trying to make a move on it. Anyway, this case is taking up most of my time and so I just don’t have time for fun right now.

Meagan: Mr Hewitz is on line one for you, Mr Evans.

Max: Thank you Meagan. Michael, just give me a moment ok?

Michael: Fine.

Not looking happy at all, Michael sits down into one of Max’s black leather chairs and waits for him to finish.

Max: Mr. Hewitz. Yes, I’m calling to tell you that I have an appointment made to meet with the owner of the restaurant. It’s for Next Friday. Can you make it? Ok, the meeting is for 4:00. So I’ll meet you there at 3:30. Ok. Thanks. See you there. Bye.

Michael: Now that you’re finished, will you be able to come out with me and have some fun? There’s this club that I’ve been dying to check out. Maxwell, it’s only for a night. You can get back to work tomorrow knowing that you had fun and might even feel refreshed. We can check out the girls and dance. Come on. You have to come.

Max: Will you stop bothering me? If I go that is.

Michael: I promise I’ll stop bugging you to go out more often.

Secretly behind him, Michael had his fingers crossed. Max, knowing full well that Michael would never stop bugging him, even if he went out tonight, agreed.

Max: So I’ll meet you there at 9:00 then?

Michael: Sure. Don’t be late though. Can’t waste any time!

Max laughed and said : Don’t worry I won’t. So I’ll see you there ok?

Michael: I don’t worry about anything. Ok. See you later.

Max: Bye.

Michael: Bye.


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