Title: Thicker Than Blood
Disclaimer: I own none of the Roswell characters, because if I did...I wouldn't be doing this right Obviously.
Summary: Liz Parker and Maria Deluca, two women worlds apart, but connected from the day they were born...brought together by one man whom neither could resist. This is their story of their failures, loves, and triumphs. All of which are often...all the same.
Rating: R - NC-17

~ Prologue ~

New York City, July 3, 1985

Amy Deluca turned to one side and then to the other as she surveyed herself in the dressing room mirror. It was no use of course, buying this particular dress, she wouldn't fit into it in about a month. She couldn't believe that it had been 9 months already, when it felt like just yesterday she had received the devastating news that she was to have a child. A child that wasn't her husbands, but a man of mexican decent named Manuel. There was bound to be some obvious red flags that her baby wasn't her husbands when it was born.
With a sigh of defeat she changed out of the dress and then back into her clothes. But just as soon as she stepped out of the dressing room, a sudden unease slammed through her, nearly toppling her to the ground. Then almost like elastic, she heard a snap, just seconds before warm liquid came pouring down from between her legs.
Amy looked up once again to the mirror to see her dress soaked clean through and her eyes overflowing with tears. No...not yet.

* ** ** ** ** ** *

"It's a girl!" Cried the nurse as the baby itself wailed.
Amy couldn't believe that anyone would go through that torture twice until she heard that wonderful sound of her baby's crying. However, when they brought her new daughter around to see her, Amy's eyes only filled with tears of fear. She looked every bit like Manuel. Dark eyes and dark hair, curled up on her head. She wouldn't be able to hide this from her husband, her wonderful husband, whom she should never have betrayed. He'd saved her so many times and this was how she repaid him.
Opposite of Amy's dour response to her child, her hospital roomate cried out with joy as they brought her, her baby girl. She was beautiful...blond hair and teal eyes. Amy almost felt jealous, but the woman was just so happy as she ranted..."Nick will be furious..." She laughed,"...He wanted a boy this time, we already have 2 girls." And then she laughed again.
Now holding her baby, Amy could feel herself drifting off to sleep as they took the baby out of her arms. And as she drifted off, her head was filled with thoughts of Manuel. He didn't even know he had a daughter. Her husband had become suspicious long ago and had sent him off packing. She remembered how she used to sneak down to the workhouse and spend hours while her husband was far away, in the arms of Manuel. Making love to him as she had no other man, legs clasped tightly about his hips. She would probably never see him again, except for everytime she looked into her daughter's eyes.

* ** ** ** ** ** *

Burning...something is burning.

That was the first conscious thought Amy was able to process as she awoke from deep slumber. The hospital was on fire, she could smell the smoke distinctly and then in the backgroud she could just barely hear the screams. Looking over to her roomate who was still asleep she called out to her. "Gina!" She called her name again as she through her legs over the bed, just as a nurse came bursting through the doors.
"Come Mrs. Deluca!" The nurse yelled and then continued off down the hall way.
Suddenly all thoughts of Gina or the nurse flew from her head, when she realized that her baby was still in the building. She quickly took off out the door and down the hall to the nursery, bursting through the doors to see all the beds already emptied and one nurse rapping an infant in a blanket. "Where's my daughter?!" Amy cried and the Nurse quickly turned.
"All of them have already been taken out, this is the last one." The Nurse explained.
Amy read the tag around the baby's wrist and saw that it said 'Parker' was Gina's baby. Gina. "Nurse, their's a woman still up in my room. Gina Parker!"
The Nurse's eyes went wide, before she quickly handed the baby over to Amy. "Here, you take her out and I will go find Mrs. Parker. Oh wait..." The nurse quickly unfastened the identification bracelet from around the infants wrist. "The plastic might melt to her skin." She explained and then hurried out, Amy following close behind, but not before she noticed all of the other discarded bracelets, especially the one with 'Deluca' enscribed on it. Her baby was safe.

* ** ** ** ** ** *

Outside of the hospital there was nothing but chaos. Nurses, doctors, and firemen running back and forth and then in the distance, baby's crying. Amy followed the sound of the wails until she came upon a group of nurses all holding and rocking crying infants. One nurse approached her, who didn't have an infant in her hands. "You are so fortunate that you were able to get your child and yourself out alive. Others were not so lucky."
For a moment, Amy was at a loss, until she realized that this Nurse thought this infant in her arms was her child. Looking down, she noticed how many simularities this infant had with her husband, the light hair and eyes...She was suddenlt bombarded with images of her husband playing happily with this child...again she heard the Nurse speaking...
"We were just told that one of our Nurses died trying to save a patient, whom perished too in the surely are blessed, Ma'am." The nurse nodded for emphasism.
Amy stared blankly at her for a moment, before she briefly nodded. "Yes...yes I am." As soon as the words were spoken, Amy knew that she would never see her own daughter. She would never see her grow up and she would never see who she was to become. It was her price to pay. She had betrayed her husband and this was her punishment. No one would ever know, the two who did know were now dead and she'd seen for herself the record room go up in flames. This was her punishment and it may as well have been written in blood.

* ** ** ** ** ** *

**Ok, so what do you guys think so far? This is a very dark idea that I have, but it will get lighter I promise. This is going to be one of those stories that's like really woven in and out of lies and betrayals and misfortunes. So let me know what you think so far and then I pop out Part 1. Thanks! FEEDBACK!!**