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Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Laura
Category: It’s mostly M/L (I am a total Dreamer) but it also has some M/M too.
Rating: I’m not really sure what to rate it so you can decide for yourselves.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.......I’m not sure what else to put here so......
Summary: Max and Liz are grown ups living different lives, one working as an attorney, the other as a waitress/cook at her own restaurant and waitress at a bar at night. When one day changes their lives and brings them together. Maybe even forever.....

Part 2

Max was just finishing up some papers when he looked at his watch and saw what time it was. It was 8:45. He had 15 minutes to change and get to the club! So he packed up and rushed out the door. Instead of waiting for the elevator to come, he decided to take the stairs. So he hurried down and flew out the front doors, just as a petit woman was coming around the corner. Bam!
They crashed into each other and their belongings went everywhere.

Max: I’m so, so sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going. I hope you’re ok.

Max stood up and then looked down into the most beautiful brown eyes he’d ever seen. His breath caught in his throat when he saw the whole person he’d slammed into. She was short, had brown eyes, shoulder length brown hair and was rushing to get her stuff that she’d dropped when they crashed.

Liz: No, it’s my fault. I should have been watching instead of daydreaming. Are you ok? Do you have time for some coffee or something. You know, to make up for bumping into you?

Max: Unfortunately I don’t. I have to meet a friend. I’m late.

Liz: I know the feeling. Anyway, it was nice bumping into you.

She said this with a laugh. Who knew she’d bump into a totally hot guy? Her eyes swept over his clean, most likely, expensive suit, his short brown hair and most of all his amazing, amber brown eyes.

Max: Yeah, it was. Well, I’d better get going. Nice chatting with you.

Max didn’t want to go but knew that Michael was going to be furious with him as it was. His mind was so focused on her and hers on him that they didn’t even bother to ask each other what their names were. Liz hurried off to the left of Max and he turned down the street from which she had come. He hurried towards his apartment thinking... “Michael’s going to kill me.”


Liz was out of breath by the time she got to Maria’s apartment. Knowing Maria, Liz knew that she’d have to have a good explanation for being late. Liz went into the building and pushed the button for the elevator. She got in and then realized the mistake she’d made when she bumped into that good-looking guy. She forgot to ask him his name. How stupid could she be? She groaned and got off the elevator and went to Maria’s door and pushed the doorbell. As she waited for an answer, she wondered if he was thinking of her and the fact they forgot to exchange names. Maria opened the door and started to question her.

Maria: Why are you late? Were you worrying about the financial trouble the restaurant is in? I told you not to worry about it. This night is for fun not to keep worrying about that. It’s to help you get your mind off things.

Liz: Maria, that’s not the reason I’m late. I bumped into this guy coming out of this building and we started to talk. Then I hurried over here as soon as I left. I’m sorry.

Maria: So.....was he cute? Tell me all about it while we’re getting ready. I know this club we can go to. I’ve never been but I always wanted to go. So........what does he look like?

Liz: Well....he wore an expensive suit, has short brown hair and really amazing amber-brown eyes.

Maria: He sounds yummy.

Liz: He is.

As they were chatting Liz put on a black slip dress with embroidered roses on it. It had thin strapsand came just below her knees. Maria chose a red dress that went just past her knees and had only one thick strap. They both chose black 3 inch heels to go with their dresses and started to apply the makeup.

Maria: So do you think you’ll see each other again?

Liz: I doubt it. I forgot to ask what his name is.

Maria: Oh well. We’ll meet all sorts of guys tonight. Ready?

Liz: As ready as I’ll ever be.

Maria: Ok, let’s go.


It was getting pretty crowded when Liz and Maria arrived at the club. The club is one of the most
popular places to go. The club is called Sweet Dreams and has even been mentioned in some famous fashion magazines. Anyway, Liz and Maria make their way into the club and find a table.

Maria: See I told you this would be fun. Look at all the hot guys here.

Liz: This is fun. Your right, I did really need this. It’s just that with all that is happening right now, it doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time. You know?

Waitress: Are you guys ready to order now?

Maria and Liz: Yeah.

Waitress: So what will you have?

Liz: Ummm I’ll have.......a martini please.

Maria: I’ll have a bloody mary. Thanks.

Waitress: I’ll be back in a minute.

Maria: Oh, look over there. They have a help wanted sign up. Why don’t we go ask for a job here? It would be cool. I bet they’d even let us sing and dance up on the bar. You know like that movie “Coyote Ugly”?

Liz: Oh, I love that movie! That Adam Garcia was pretty cute.

Maria: So what do you say? You want to go and ask? I bet we’ll get the job.

Liz: Ok. It might help my other situation. The one I’m not supposed to be thinking about.

Laughing together, Maria and Liz head off to the bar to check out the job offering.

I love the feedback. You want a new part, you gotta give me the feedback. Hope you're enjoying it.



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Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Laura
Category: It’s mostly M/L (I am a total Dreamer) but it also has some M/M too.
Rating: I’m not really sure what to rate it so you can decide for yourselves.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.......I’m not sure what else to put here so......
Summary: Max and Liz are grown ups living different lives, one working as an attorney, the other as a waitress/cook at her own restaurant and waitress at a bar at night. When one day changes their lives and brings them together. Maybe even forever.....

Part 3

As Max entered the club he immediately found Michael sitting at a table all by his self, looking less than happy. Conjuring up all his courage, Max headed over to confront Michael.

Michael: Where have you been Maxwell? I thought you weren’t going to be late? You were working on that case you told me about, weren’t you?

Max: Well....ok, yes I was but........

Michael says interrupting Max: I thought you were coming to have a good time? I thought you weren’t going to even think about your work! This is supposed to be our night out. Where we can relax, dance, check out girls, drink. You know......

Max: I know and I’m sorry. But I have to tell you something. I ran into this girl. Literally. I was running out the door because it was quarter to nine and I still needed to change and have a shower and I bumped into this girl. She was really pretty. I just felt like I knew her or something. I just felt this instant attraction to her. I’ve never felt like that before.

Michael: Well, as much as I’d like to be pissed off at you I have to say that’s great man. So what’s her name? Are you guys going out now?

Max: Her Name?

For a moment Max seemed confused at the question but then he realized that he’d forgotten to get her name.
Max being sarcastic says: Great! That’s the one thing I forgot to ask. I was standing there and we were talking.......Now I’ll never get the chance to go out with her or even get to know her!

Michael: I’m going to get some drinks for us at the bar, ok?

Max kind of mumbles: Ok


Maria: Excuse me? I see you need help here and me and my friend want to apply for the job. Do you have an application we need to fill out?

Manager: Actually you don’t need to fill anything out. If you want the job, you’ve got it. As long as you can waitress. Do you have any experience waitressing?

Liz: Actually, we do. We waitress........

Maria cuts in, knowing if she doesn’t they could end up not getting the job.

Maria: What my friend means is that we used to work at a restaurant. We were waitresses there.

Suddenly Maria is bumped from behind. (Guess who!) She turns around to see who did it, only to stare at the hottest guy she’d ever seen.

Michael: Sorry. I didn’t mean to bump into you. I was just trying to get to the bar.

Maria: You know how you can make it up?

Michael: How?

Maria: By buying me a drink.

Michael: Sure. Do you and your friend want to come and sit with me and my friend, Max?

Maria: Sure. Come on Liz.

Liz: No thanks. I think I’m going to head home now.

Michael: Are you sure? Max would love to meet you.

Knowing he got lucky, scoring with a really, really hot girl, Michael decided to try and fix up Max so that he wouldn’t be so sad about the girl he ran into earlier that day. Since she didn’t seem into it he decided to give up and head back to the table to wait for Maria to say good bye to Liz.

Maria: Are you sure you don’t mind?

Liz: I’m sure. Just go and have a great time. I’ll be fine. I’m going walk home. It’ll be good exercise. Have fun with that guy.

Maria: Thanks. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Liz: Bye Maria.

Maria: Bye Liz


Maria stumbled slightly, as Michael (the guy she met at the club) guided her up towards her door. They turned towards each other. Michael, thinking he was about to get lucky, leaned towards Maria, slightly brushing his lips against hers. Maria shivered at the contact.

Maria: Unfortunately, I have to go now. Thanks for the drinks and the dancin.....

Before she could continue, Michael brushed his lips against Maria’s again, this time making it deeper and more passionate.

Maria: mmmmm. Well, um, I’d ask if you want to come up but I have an early shift tomorrow. Do you wanna get together after I get off work?

Michael: Sure, I guess.

Feeling disappointed, Michael started to walk back to his car when Maria suddenly grabbed him and pressed her lips onto his one last time before he left.

Maria: You’ll call me though, right? Here’s my number if you want to.

Maria grabbed a pen from her purse and wrote down her number, hoping he would call her.

Michael, seeing her sad face says: If you’re thinking that I won’t call, don’t worry. I will.

Maria: You will?

Michael: Yep. I’ll call you tomorrow, ok?

Maria: Ok, bye.

Michael: Bye.


What do you guys think so far? Is it good? Feedback would be awsome.


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Can't you just see Liz in that Black flowered dress? It does exist too. I looked it up on the internet. Anyway, the reason it's been posted so fast is because those parts were typed up ahead of time. So it might be longer for the next part to be posted but I'll try and post it soon.

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Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Laura
Category: It’s mostly M/L (I am a total Dreamer) but it also has some M/M too.
Rating: I’m not really sure what to rate it so you can decide for yourselves.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.......I’m not sure what else to put here so......
Summary: Max and Liz are adults living different lives, one working as an attorney, the other as a
waitress/cook at her own restaurant and waitress at a bar at night. When one day changes their lives and brings them together. Maybe even forever.....

Part 4

As soon as Maria got in, she decided to call Liz and tell her about the guy she’d just met. As the phone rang, she went over the evening. Did Michael really like her as much as she liked him? She hoped so.

Liz: Hello?

Maria: Hey, Liz.

Liz: Hey Maria. What’s up?

Maria: You know that cute guy I met? Well, his name is Michael Guerin and I think he likes me. I gave him my number and he said he’d call me. I’m just so....

Liz: So what?

Maria: So excited. You know, like it’s my first date or a first kiss. I’m just really excited.

Liz says giggling: I can tell. So how did it go at the club?

Maria: Well, we danced, had some drinks and then when he took me home he kissed me twice! And then I gave him my number. I hope he calls.

Liz: I’m sure he will. If he doesn’t then it’s his loss. You could find plenty of guys who would go out with you in a second. Unlike me.

Maria: Don’t worry Liz. You’re pretty. You’ll find someone right for you. Oh yeah! Michael has this friend and he was wondering if he could hook you guys up. It won’t be like a blind date or anything.

Liz: Yeah right. I don’t believe that. Just out of curiosity, what does this guy look like? Have you met him yet? Is he nice?

Maria replies with a smile on her face: Yes, I have met him and yes he is nice. He has short, brown hair and amber-brown eyes. His body isn’t bad either. He’s totally built. But not too built. So are you willing to go out with him?

Liz: You’re going to have to let me think about it ok?

Liz sighed and knew she wasn’t getting out of the blind date that Maria was so obviously talking about. Anyway, the idea intrigued her. The guy Maria was describing sounded totally familiar, even though she’d never met the guy.

Liz: So, what time do we have to be at the club for? You know, we should leave early, so we won’t get on their bad sides on the first day.

Maria: Way to change the subject Liz. But I’ll let you off this time. We have to be at work for 9:00 p.m. So why don’t I come over to you’re house tomorrow at 6 and we’ll find some amazing outfits to wear for our first night on the job. Maybe Michael and Max will be there.
Maria blushed at the thought of Michael’s eyes being on only her for the whole evening.

Maria: So what do you think? Do you want to or not?

Liz: Fine, but I need to go shopping after work though, cause I have absolutely nothing to wear. You wanna come with me?

Maria: Sure, that’s what best friends are for. you have an answer for my previous question? Will you go out with Michael’s friend Max Evens?

Liz sighed and slightly nodded, forgetting that her and Maria were on the phone.

Liz: Yes, Maria. I’ll go out with this Max guy. But I’m only going on this one date. If I don’t like him than that’s it, ok?

Maria: Fine. I’ll see you in the morning then. Ok?

Liz: Ok, Ria. Good night.

Maria: Goodnight, Liz.


Just a little after Michael got in his phone rang. It was Maria.

Maria: Hey. I hope I didn’t wake you up or anything.

Michael: No, you didn’t. So what’s up?

Michael loved hearing her voice, especially if it was directed to him.

Maria: I had a great time tonight. Anyway, I called to tell you that Liz agreed to be hooked up with Max. I think she’s actually excited. I mean she hasn’t had a date in, like, forever.

Michael: Yeah, I know. Max too. Although, I haven’t told him about it yet but I’m sure that he’ll agree. He hasn’t had fun in ages.

Maria laughed and said: Sounds like they have a lot in common. Liz hasn’t had fun since her grandma was alive and owned the restaurant. Now all the responsibility is on Liz’s shoulders. I wish that I could do something, but it doesn’t seem like I can.

Michael: Max is the same except for the restaurant part. Ever since he took on this client that wants this property, Max doesn’t seem interested in doing anything else. It’s like, it’s his life now.

Maria: Enough of them. Liz and I are working at the club now and...... I was wondering if you were going to be there tomorrow night?

Maria was holding her breath while waiting for Michael to respond. Hoping his answer would be yes, she clutched the phone tightly.

Michael, not believing his luck, answered with a soft: Of course.

Maria: Great, so I’ll see you there?

Michael: Of Course. I had a great time tonight too. Goodnight.

Maria: Goodnight.


Feedback please. Hope you like it.


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I just wanna say that either the next part or the part after that is when Max and Liz are going to meet. If you want me to continue please post more feedback. I'm not sure if alot of people wanna read it. Thanks.

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Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Laura
Category: It’s mostly M/L (I am a total Dreamer) but it also has some M/M too.
Rating: I’m not really sure what to rate it so you can decide for yourselves.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.......I’m not sure what else to put here so......
Summary: Max and Liz are adults living different lives, one working as an attorney, the other as a
waitress/cook at her own restaurant and waitress at a bar at night. When one day changes their lives and brings them together. Maybe even forever.....

Part 5

Liz: I can’t believe I let you talk me into buying this outfit. I’m going to look horrible in it. It’s totally not me.

Maria: Don’t worry. You’ll look fine. Besides, you’re going to just blow Max’s mind when he sees you.

Liz sighs and walks over to her bed and sits down. For some reason, she can’t get excited about the date. It’s probably because you’re still hooked on that guy you ran into, Liz thinks to her self.

The dress that Maria picked out for her and repeatedly reassured her that she looked hot in, was a short, black strapless dress, that went down a little in the back. In order to get Liz to wear the dress, Maria bought the same dress but in navy blue.

Liz: So he’s coming tonight then? I mean, Michael’s bringing Max?

Maria: Yep. That’s what he said. I know I haven’t known Michael very long, but I feel as if....I know him from someplace. I feel comfortable with him. I feel as if I can trust him with anything. But he also really annoys me sometimes. Trust me, I don’t think Michael would lye about this kind of thing.

Liz: How do you know all this stuff when you only met the guy last night?

Maria: I don’t know. I just have this feeling.

Yeah, I know the feeling, Liz thinks to herself as she remembers bumping into that gorgeous stranger.

Maria: Well, we should get going now.

Liz sighs and then says: Fine, let’s get this over with.


“These are the rules, girls. You can sing and dance on the bar if you like and if you do you have to look like you’re available. Secondly, you can’t bring boyfriends into this club. That’s because sometimes they get jealous and pick fights with costumers. You break one of these rules and you’re fired on the spot, no arguments. Do we have an agreement?”

“Yes sir.” Liz and Maria replied.

Mr. Smith (their new boss) left them so they could get ready.

Liz: I can’t believe I let you talk me into wearing this dress, Maria. I look horrible in it!

Maria: Lets go and get the first night over with. The first night on a job is the worst.

Liz: Fine.

Maria: And you look gorgeous.

Liz: Thanks Maria.


Maria and Liz went out and took some orders which kept them busy for a while until the late comers came in and were expecting some dancing and singing girls up on the bar. This was the part Liz was really nervous about doing.

Liz: Do we HAVE to do this Maria? Can’t you just do it or something?

Maria: Liz, we took this job together. All you have to do is go up there and pretend to be someone you aren’t. Just sing and dance ‘til you can’t think anymore!

Liz: I guess I’ll just have to try.

Liz sighs and then picks up one of the microphones that was left for her. There are about 3 other girls who have already picked up their microphones and were getting up on the bar to get ready to sing and dance. Maria and Liz climbed up onto the bar as many guys hooted and hollered at them. As soon as Liz and Maria got up on the bar the music started. The song was Genie in a Bottle by
Christina Aguilera.

I feel like I've been locked up tight
For a century of lonely nights
Waiting for someone to release me
You're licking your lips
And blowing kisses my way
But that don't mean I'm gonna give it away
Baby baby baby (baby, baby, baby)

Liz closes her eyes and starts to sing and sway to the music.

Ooooh (my body is saying let's go)
Ooooh (but my heart is saying no)

If you wanna be with me
Baby there's a price to pay
I'm a genie in a bottle
You gotta rub me the right way
If you wanna be with me
I can make your wish come true
You gotta make a big impression
I gotta like what you do
I'm a genie in a bottle baby
You gotta rub me the right way honey
I'm a genie in a bottle baby
Come, come, come on and let me out

At this point both Maria and Liz are singing loudly and dancing to the music. Maria didn’t even notice that Michael walked in. And Liz didn’t notice the guy that walked in with Michael.

The music's fading
The lights down low
Just one more dance
And then were good to go
Waiting for someone
Who needs me
Hormones racing at the speed of light
But that don't mean it's gotta be tonight
Baby, baby, baby (baby, baby, baby)

I'm a genie in a bottle baby
You gotta rub me the right way honey
I'm a genie in a bottle baby
Come, come, come on and let me out
I'm a genie in a bottle baby
You gotta rub me the right way honey (if you wanna be with me)

I'm a genie in a bottle baby
Come, come, come on and let me out


If you wanna be with me
Baby there's a price to pay
I'm a genie in a bottle
You gotta rub me the right way (you gotta rub me the right way)
If you wanna be with me
I can make your wish come true
Just come and set me free baby
And I'll be with you
I'm a genie in a bottle baby
Come, come, come on and let me out

The song finished and there was a lot of whistling when all the girls hopped off the bar. As soon as Liz’s feet touched the ground she was suddenly turned around and felt a pair of soft lips press down onto hers. When the lips left hers and she opened her eyes, she was looking into the amber-brown eyes of the guy she had bumped into before.

“Hi. My name is Liz Parker.” Liz whispered breathlessly.

“ Hi” Max whispered back. “My name is Max Evens”

Liz felt as if she were on a cloud. There was no way that this was really happening. The guy she had bumped into before, was the same guy that Maria had been trying to hook her up with.

Wow, she thought before she brought Max’s lips down onto hers once again.


As Michael led Max through the bar, Max’s only thought was of the date Michael had arranged with his new girlfriend, Maria.

I wonder what this Liz Parker looks like? I wonder if she’s smart or if we even have anything in common.

As soon as they got into the club, they could hear music coming from the bar. Michael could see the familiar face of Maria Deluca, as they walked towards the bar.

Michael: Look, there’s Maria and there’s her friend, Liz Parker.

Max looked up, only to find the face of the girl he’d bumped into before. How was this possible that they could have met again? It had to be fate. Suddenly he saw a guy trying to reach for Liz’s leg and couldn’t help the jealousy that suddenly overcame him. He started for the guy but the song ended and instead headed in Liz’s direction. Once he saw that she was down off the bar he
grabbed her and spun her towards him and pressed his lips down onto hers. He couldn’t believe the feelings he was experiencing at the moment. All because of one kiss, he knew in that exact moment that Liz Parker was the only girl for him. He knew that he loved her.

Hope you liked this part. I told you they would meet soon. But there are some surprises ahead for them. Same with Maria and Michael. Feed back is so appreciated. I know it’s a sort of small part but I don’t know when to stop. Hope you guys all like it.


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Hey guys!

I just wanted to tell you that I'll be away for 2 weeks and won't be able to post any more parts until I get back. Hopefully you guys won't get tired of waiting for it. Sorry about it being a long wait but......I'll post a big part when I get back. Please keep your interest with this fic! Thanks. C ya later!

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Hey guys,

I'M BACK!!!!! That means that I'll start on the next part as soon as I can and hopefully get it out really soon. Thanks for the feedback.

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Title:Sweet Dreams
Author: Laura
Category: It’s mostly M/L (I am a total Dreamer) but it also has some M/M too.
Rating: I’m not really sure what to rate it so you can decide for yourselves.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.......I’m not sure what else to put here so......
Summary: Max and Liz are adults living different lives, one working as an attorney, the other as a waitress/cook at her own restaurant and waitress at a bar at night. When one day changes their lives and brings them together. Maybe even forever.....

Part 6

Two hours later, Max and Liz were heavily making out in front of her apartment.

Liz: Mmmmmm......... Do you wanna come in? Maybe have a drink?

Max: Maybe for a little bit. But I have a meeting early tomorrow morning, so I can’t stay long.

Even as he said it, the whole early meeting thing left his mind. The only thing he could concentrate on was Liz. As Liz went through her purse for her keys, Max wrapped his arms around her and started to nuzzle her neck. Liz giggled as her concentration on her keys faltered, as Max’s hands travelled up and down her body.

Liz: That feels so good.......but can you not do that while I get my keys and unlock the door?

Max: Sure, but I’m not sure how long I can keep myself off you.

Liz smiled as she found her keys and opened the door. As soon as they were in Max grabbed Liz and pressed his lips to hers. They went to sit on the couch but ended up passionately rapped up in each others arms. Suddenly Max’s cell phone goes off.

Max: Hello? Oh hey. What’s up? You need to talk to me NOW?? I’m kinda busy at the moment.

As Max continued to talk on his phone Liz starts to kiss his neck and undo his shirt.

Max: Fine. I’ll be there in 20 minutes. Bye.

As Max gets off the phone he moans as Liz’s kisses travel downward.

Max: I’m so sorry Liz but I gotta go. I need to meet with a client.

Liz: Right now? But we.......

Max: I know, but I have to do this. I’ll call you tomorrow, ok? We’ll make plans.

Liz frowns but agrees and she gets up and leads him to the door. At the door Liz pulls Max down for one last passionate kiss.

Liz: See ya later.

Max: Bye.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As soon as Max left Liz decided to call Maria and tell her about her night.

Maria: Hello?

Liz: Hey Maria. It’s me, Liz.

Maria: Oh hey Liz. Umm listen could you call me back in about an hour. Michael’s over.

Liz: Sure I just wanted to tell you about my night that’s all. Anyway, I have to prepare for the interview tomorrow. You know with that guy who wants to buy the property and he’s bringing his lawyer or something. Anyway, I’ll chat with you later.

Maria: Ok but don’t worry about the restaurant. Everything is going to be ok. Call me in about an hour and we’ll chat about our nights.

Liz: Ok, Bye.

Maria: Bye.


Maria hung up the phone and went to the couch where Michael was sitting.

Maria: Sorry, that was Liz. She wanted to talk about her date with Max.

Michael: So how was it? Does she like him?

Maria: I’m not sure I didn’t ask her. I told her to call me in about an hour. Cause you know, I’m kinda busy right now.

Maria said this with a coy smile on her lips as she pulled him down to her. When Michael’s lips touched hers, she just melted against him. She couldn’t help it. He just had that affect on her. She moaned slightly when his hands started to roam. In a matter of seconds Michael had Maria’s shirt off and she was just pulling his over his head. After that, it was only a matter of time before
they both moved into Maria’s room. They never even heard the phone ring an hour later.


I can't believe that Maria wasn’t there last night. It was one of the most wonderful nights of my life and she wasn’t there for me to talk about it. Liz thought this as she got ready for the interview with the men that wanted to take her property away from her. She wasn’t dressed in her usual waitress uniform but in a blue blazer and matching mini skirt. She had her hair up in a bun and was just applying some lip gloss when she heard her friend Jessie calling to her that the men had arrive.

Well, here it goes, thought Liz as she stepped out into the restaurant to see a short bald man and a familiar tall man beside him.

Liz: Max??


What do you guys think? Like it? Sorry it’s been so long. Feedback please.


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Hey guys,

Sorry there hasn't been a part in a while but I kinda have writers block! I"m trying to think as fast as I can!
I'll try and get it out really soon.


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Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Laura
Category: It’s mostly M/L (I am a total Dreamer) but it also has some M/M too.
Rating: I’m not really sure what to rate it so you can decide for yourselves.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.......I’m not sure what else to put here so......
Summary: Max and Liz are adults living different lives, one working as an attorney, the other as a waitress/cook at her own restaurant and waitress at a bar at night. When one day changes their lives and brings them together. Maybe even forever.....

Part 7

Liz stood frozen at the sight of Max and the small man beside him.

Liz: Max, what are you doing here?

Max: I’m here for a meeting with the owner of the restaurant. My client would like to discuss some arrangements with them.

So he’s the guy who wants to buy the restaurant, Liz thought. And Max must be his attorney or something, to make sure the deal goes their way. As the thought drifted through her mind, Liz suddenly became angry with herself. I can’t believe I fell for him when.......

Liz was shaken from that thought when Max asked her........

Max: So Liz, I didn’t know you worked here.

Liz: Well, I do.

Max: So, do you know where the owner is?

Liz: You’re looking at her. Now what can I do for you?

Max: You’re the owner? Why didn’t you ever tell me?

Liz: Maybe cause I didn’t figure that you’d be the one trying to take it away from me. Let’s go sit and talk.

Liz points to a table in the far corner and starts to walk over there.

Liz: Now Mr.....

Max: This is my client Mr. Hewitz.

Liz: Hello. My Name is Liz Parker and I’m the owner of this restaurant.

Mr. Hewitz: Well let’s get right down to business. I want your property and I want to know how much you’d want for it.

Liz feeling very offended replied: I don’t want anything for it because I’m not selling it. This restaurant has been in my family for years. I worked here during high school and on weekends when my grandmother owned it and when she died she left it for me in her will. I’m not about to sell the only thing I have from her to your company just so you can tear it down and replace it with some big new restaurant.

Max: Now Liz, my client has offered to pay you a considerable amount of money for this place. You’d have enough to buy a new restaurant.

He could see it in her eyes that she was getting angry. He couldn’t blame her though. Ever since he first heard her say that she was the owner, he’d felt incredibly guilty for having to do this to her. He knew in that instant that the whole meeting was going to be hard.

Liz thought that she missed something. He was trying to buy her off? She suddenly saw red. Mentally she tried to count to ten to try and calm down.

Liz: Listen to me. I AM NOT SELLING THIS RESTAURANT. OK? Get that?

With that Liz got up and said: I need to get back to work now.

Max got up and grabbed her elbow and pulled her to the back room.

Max: I’m sorry about all of this. I honestly had no idea that you were the one that owned this restaurant and I can’t stop any of this from happening because it’s my job. I don’t want to lose you over something like this.

Liz sighs: Listen, Right now probably isn’t the best time to try and apologize. Give me some time to think about all of this and I’ll call you.

Max replies glumly: Ok. I’ll see you around.

Liz whispers bye as Max turns around and walks out to where Mr. Hewitiz is standing and they leave together.

TBC? Sorry it took me awhile to finish this short part. I’ll be back with a longer part. Feedback is great.

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Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Laura
Category: It’s mostly M/L (I am a total Dreamer) but it also has some M/M too.
Rating: I’m not really sure what to rate it so you can decide for yourselves.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.......I’m not sure what else to put here so......
Summary: Max and Liz are adults living different lives, one working as an attorney, the other as a waitress/cook at her own restaurant and waitress at a bar at night. When one day changes their lives and brings them together. Maybe even forever.....

Part 8

Liz walked slowly down the hall to her apartment after a long day of work with her legs feeling like lead. By the time she got into the apartment and changed out of her waitress outfit, it was already 5.30. She had an hour and a half before she had to go to work at the bar.

Liz groaned at the thought. When she thought of the bar she thought of Max and when she thought of Max she thought of his lips on hers during their heavy make out session.

She hurried, trying to eat supper quickly and then changed into a pair of low rise jeans and her
favourite top: a simple black tank with embroidered pink roses along the top.

She grabbed her purse and ran out the door.


Liz got there just as Maria was, and as they walked in together Liz told Maria what had happened between her and Max.

Maria: I can’t believe he did that to you! I mean, he should have known that it was you’re restaurant after he met you right? Cause he’d have you’re name as owner of the restaurant. So why didn’t he tell you before?

Liz sighed and replied: I don’t know, Maria. I’ve been thinking about that and I’m not sure. All I know is that he lied to me just when I ...........I started to fall for him.

As they walked in to the bar their boss, Mr Smith walked up to them.

Mr Smith: There’s something in the back that’s waiting for you Liz. I’m giving you the night off tonight, so you don’t have to worry about coming out for your shifts. Maria, I do need you tonight though.

Liz: Thanks Mr. Smith.

Puzzled, Liz walked to the door that lead to the back room, where the employees took their breaks.

As soon as she walked in she saw dozens of different coloured rose petals thrown all over the place and a small round table with place settings for two. Standing in front of her was Max Evens carrying a simple white rose.

Max: Liz, I’m so sorry about being involved with closing down you’re restaurant. You mean everything to me and I don’t want to lose you. I want you to know that I’m giving up the job to a coworker and I’m trying everything in my power to stop them from getting your property.

Liz: Oh Max

Liz said this with tears pooling in her eyes, shocked at all the trouble he went through just for her.

Max: Ever since that day we first met, I haven’t been able to think of anything but you. In all the world I’m most grateful of you. I can’t even imagine life without you. It took me the whole day to realize that I love you Elizabeth Parker.

Liz: Max, I love you too.

As Max drew Liz closer to him, she could literally feel butterflies in her stomach. In that moment before their lips touched, Liz forgot all about Max being apart of the people who wanted to take away her Grandma’s restaurant and all the silly things that had happened between them and knew that she would never love anyone as much as she loved Maxwell Evens.


Maria stood peaking through the glass at Max and Liz and grinned. Max had stopped by that day and asked her help in trying to win back Liz. She had told him that Liz absolutely loved white roses. Mostly since her Grandma had bushes of them in her backyard. Liz’s Grandma would always have them out on the tables in the restaurant and would always give Liz one to keep.
Anyway, she told him to prepare a romantic table and that she would make sure that Liz went into the back room. It was so sweet the way he came up with the rest.

Suddenly Maria felt hands go around her waist and felt warm breath by her ears.

Michael: Will you sing for me?

Maria turned around and kissed him lightly on the lips.

Maria: I’d love to.

So Maria went up to her boss and whispered something in his ear. Mr. Smith nodded his head and handed her the mike. Maria got up on the bar and suddenly slow music came on and Maria began to sing...........

Spend all your time waiting for that second chance for a break that would make it okay there's always one reason to feel not good enough and it's hard at the end of the day I need some distraction oh beautiful release memory seeps from my veins let me be empty and weightless and
maybe I'll find some peace tonight

in the arms of an angel fly away from here from this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear you are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie you're in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort there

As Maria sings, Max and Liz have finished their kiss and have sat down to dinner.

so tired of the straight line and everywhere you turn there's vultures and thieves at your back and the storm keeps on twisting you keep on building the lie that you make up for all that you lack it don't make no difference escaping one last time it's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees

in the arms of an angel fly away from here from this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear you are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie you're in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort there you're in the arms of the angel may you find some comfort here


Sorry this took so long. Hope ALL you guys like it and feedback is welcomed!

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Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Laura
Category: It’s mostly M/L (I am a total Dreamer) but it also has some M/M too.
Rating: I’m not really sure what to rate it so you can decide for yourselves.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.......I’m not sure what else to put here so......
Summary: Max and Liz are adults living different lives, one working as an attorney, the other as a waitress/cook at her own restaurant and waitress at a bar at night. When one day changes their lives and brings them together. Maybe even forever.....

Part 9

Max and Liz are in the middle of their dinner when they hear Maria begin a new slow song. It was Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch.

Liz: Max, do you wanna dance?

Max: I’d love to.

Of all the things I've believed in
I just want to get it over with
Tears form behind my eyes
But I do not cry
Counting the days that pass me by

As Maria sung, Max brought his lips down to meet Liz’s and they seemed to touch for ever. Liz brought her arms around his waist as they tried to get closer. As the kiss ended, Liz struggled to regain her breath.

I've been searching deep down in my soul
Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old
It feels like I'm starting all over again
The last three years were just pretend
And I said,
Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

“I’m so sorry Liz, about everything that’s happened. I love you and I want nothing to ever come between us again. I hope you can forgive me.” Max whispered, as out of breath as Liz was. It couldn’t be explained how she affected me that way.

I still get lost in your eyes
And it seems that I can't live a day without you
Closing my eyes and you chase my thoughts away
To a place where I am blinded by the light
But it's not right
Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

“I know. You had no idea and neither did I. Max, I love you too. And there is a way that you can make this all up to me............” Liz suggested flirtatiously.

“How?” Max asked coyly.

And it hurts to want everything
and nothing at the same time
I want what's yours and I want what's mine
I want you
But I'm not giving in this time
Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

Liz leaned over and whispered her suggestions into his ear. His eyes widened and perked up at the
plans she had for him. As the song ended Max and Liz left their table with their half eaten dinner.

And when the stars fall
I will lie awake
You're my shooting star


“You were unbelievable!” Michael shouted to Maria as she came down from the bar. “I never knew how talented you were.”

“Thanks, Michael” Maria said blushing slightly at his comment.

Maria had sung 2 sets and was now coming down to get ready to go home.

“So, you ready to go?” Maria asked as she headed to the back room to clock out and grab her coat.

“Yeah, are you?”Michael asked.

“Yeah, let me just say goodbye to Liz and grab my coat and then we can go.” Maria replied.

As she opened the door to the employee lounge she noticed that the table where Max and Liz were supposed to be eating, was empty. She looked around for them but they weren’t there.

“Where do you think they could have possibly gone?” Maria asked, puzzled.

“ I have no idea” Michael replied.


Back at Liz’s apartment Max and Liz were lying in bed next to one another just enjoying being in each other’s arms.

“This night was so amazing Max, I just can’t believe it.” Liz smiled dreamily.

“ That’s only because you were with me. You made this whole night amazing. Just being with you makes me feel so alive. And now, what we did, just makes it even more perfect. I love you Liz and as long as I live I’ll always remember this moment when I’m here and have you in my arms.”

Max gently bent down and kissed the top of Liz’s head and sighed in utter content.

“Oh Max, ever since we first met on the street all that I could think of is being here in your arms and loving you. I fell in love with you at first sight.”Liz snuggled up against him as she drifted off to sleep, thinking of all the things that she planned to do with Max.


It was night and she was walking down a dark abandoned street when she came up to a large
dark apartment. As soon as she neared it she knew who’s apartment she was going into. Max’s. She could feel his presence even as she entered the building. She walked slowly, as if she had no place to get to. She headed down the eerie, dark hallway which led to the old elevators. She pressed the button and the elevator seemed to get there as soon as she pressed the button. She walked in and waited for the elevator to stop. Somehow, she seemed to know that his apartment
was on the 6th floor. She walked down the hall to room 612 and stopped. This was his room, she was sure of it. She quietly opened the door and went in. The place was clean and organized, Liz thought as she walked in. It fits Max’s personality perfectly. When she entered the living room she started to hear noises. So she started walking quickly towards the back of Max’s apartment and opened the door at the end of the hall and saw...........


Liz gasped as she slowly woke up from the dream. She couldn’t believe what she had seen. It couldn’t have been real. Could it have?


He was in his apartment, he knew that right away. It was dark and gloomy. He was sitting on his couch thinking of the fight that he and Liz had. But right away he realized that he and Liz hadn’t had a fight. That they were perfectly fine. But why was he thinking about them having a fight? It must be a dream he thought as he continued to see the scene played out for him. All of a sudden a knock shook him away from his thoughts. He got up and went to answer the door. It was

“ Thanks for coming. You’re the only one I could think of to call” Dream Max replied hoarsely.

“ Don’t worry about it. Call me anytime you want to talk. You’re hurting right now and I want to help you get through it.” replied Meagan.

“ I don’t know what to do. Liz and I had this big fight and it seems as if it’s really over between us. I really hurt her.” Max said, feeling hollow and wishing the pain would go away.

“Let me help you” Meagan replies as she leans over and lightly brushes her lips over Max’s.

Max moans as he kisses her back. Surprised at his urgency and need to do more to her. He picked her up and carried her down the hall to his room where he gently laid her down on his bed. Meagan sighed with delight as Max started to undress her and himself. As soon as he was done they slid underneath the covers. They were so involved that they didn’t see Liz’s face as she saw them together and as tears slid down her face. She backed out of the room and ran out of there as fast as she could. As Max was dreaming this he saw how devastated Liz was to see him and Meagen together, sharing a intimate experience together. He then began to feel her pain. It got so strong that it jolted him awake.


Max awoke soaked in sweat. He glanced to his side to see Liz murmuring in her sleep. She looked so beautiful and somewhat peaceful. Was his dream real? Was it some glance into the future? Or was it just a horrible dream? He didn’t know but he knew for certain that he wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep. So he got up and went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee and settled down to watch a late night movie.


Sorry it’s been awhile. Hope this part makes up for it. FEEDBACK is welcomed.

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Thanks! It looks awsome!
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I haven't had time to write the next part but I'm planning on writing it today or tomorrow and posting it as soon as possible. Sorry about it being so long!

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Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Laura
Category: It’s mostly M/L (I am a total Dreamer) but it also has some M/M too.
Rating: I’m not really sure what to rate it so you can decide for yourselves.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.......I’m not sure what else to put here so......
Summary: Max and Liz are adults living different lives, one working as an attorney, the other as a
waitress/cook at her own restaurant and waitress at a bar at night. When one day changes their lives and brings them together. Maybe even forever.....

Part 10

When Liz woke up drenched in sweat, she noticed that the other side of the bed was empty. Max was gone. She got up and walked out of the bedroom into Kitchen where she noticed a piece of paper. It was a note from Max. Liz picked up the note and sat on the couch and began to read it.

Dear Liz,
I couldn’t sleep so I decided to go for a walk. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be back soon.
Love always, Max

What does this mean? Liz thought as she got up to get herself a cup of strong coffee. Did he have the same dream as I did? That thought worried her because if they were having the same dreams then maybe the dreams were showing them what was going to happen in the future. But why would he do that to her? Hurt her that bad? No, the dreams can’t be visions. Max would never, ever do that to her. Would he?


What the hell happened in his dreams last night? They had seemed so real and intimate but also painful at the same time. How could he do that to Liz even in his mind? But it wasn’t real and he didn’t hurt Liz. Then why are you walking the New York streets alone at 2am in the morning? A voice nagged at him. If you don’t think or believe the dreams are showing you the future than
why are you so worried? The voice was right though. Why was he so worried? Probably because he’d made mistakes in the past and didn’t want them to happen with Liz. Probably because he caught the glances that his secretary, his very attractive secretary, had been giving him ever since she started working for him. He knew that she was interested in him. But ever since he first met Liz, the thought of him and her flew out of his head. He wasn’t interested. He was totally in love with Liz and he always would be, no matter what happened. He sighed and turned around, deciding to head for Michael’s to talk to him about all of this.


The door to Michael’s apartment rang but all you could hear from inside was the faint sound of Michael’s snoring. The door rang again more insistantly which finally woke Michael up. He groaned and grumpily got out of bed and stumbled towards the door, ready to personally kill the person disrupting his sleep. He opened the door to find Max, looking dishevelled and in pain.

“Come in” Michael grumbled gesturing Max in. “What’s up?”

“I need to talk to you about something important”

“What could be so important that you had to come over at 2:30 in the morning and wake me up?”

Michael asked starting already to grow tired of the conversation.

“I dreamt something tonight. I dreamt that I was having an affair with my secretary and Liz came to my place to see us...........well you know. Anyway, I say the hurt in her eyes and the dream felt incredibly real. I think it might be a vision of the future but I’m not sure. What do you think?”

“Well, first of all it’s only a dream Maxwell. It doesn’t mean anything. Second of all, even if it was you can change that outcome. You and Liz are like soul mates or something. You guys belong together, why are you basing your future on a dream?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, you’re right Michael. I mean, the dream was nothing, right? And even if it’s showing the future I can stop it. Thanks, Michael. I’m sorry I woke you up.” Max tried to reassure himself but he couldn’t help the feeling that what he dreamt would happen, no matter what he did.

“I”ll see ya later.” Max mumbled as he headed for the door.

“Hey Max.” Michael called out.


“Don’t let Liz get away. She’s it for you.”

“Yeah, I know.”


Liz heard the door close quietly and heard Max approaching the bedroom.

“Hey” she whispered as he came in the room.

“Hey” Max replied.

“So why are you up this early? Is something wrong? Did something happen to someone? It’s Maria isn’t it?” Liz was starting to become hysterical.

“No, no. Nothing happened to Maria or anyone else. I just needed to think about things. Work and stuff.” Max soothed, hating lying to Liz but didn’t want to upset her.

“Why don’t we go back to bed? It’s only 3:15am.” Max suggested, a grin slowly spreading.

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day.” Liz replied laying back down into the bed.


The next day, after Max left for work Liz got up and had a shower. She was feeling great. After a wonderful night with Max and a hot shower, she felt she could face anything. Well, except for the dream. That’s what she’s been calling it. The Dream. Why couldn’t she get it out of her head? It was only a dream. That was an understatement. The dream had been horrible.....seeing them together like that. It gave her shivers. She wasn’t blind. Max was an extremely good-looking man. She’d seen tons of women looking at him when she first met him at the club. But that was different. He hadn’t acted on flirting or anything. He’d just looked at her. The way she’d always wanted to be looked at. Especially when she was a child.....but that was a story she didn’t want to tell. Max made her feel special. She looked at her watch. Oh great! She was going to be late. Maria and her always went shopping on Fridays when the restaurant was closed. Then they’d go out for lunch. Then, tonight she was meeting Max at a new restaurant called Wildfire. They were going to have a romantic dinner and maybe he’d come back to her place, Liz mused. So she grabbed her purse and headed out to meet Maria determined to have a great day and to not think about that certain dream.


“So how do I look in this dress?” Maria asked Liz referring to the black halter sparkly dress that she was wearing.

“Do you think Michael will like it?” Maria asked hopefully.

“Yeah, of course. How do I look?” Liz said pointing to the magenta coloured halter dress that she was wearing.

“Perfect. We’ve got the outfits, the make-up and the jewellery. Now all we need is the hair. Come on. I’ve booked us at Hairquarters for 3:00.” Maria rambled on. They had been shopping for nearly three hours and stopped at J.J Kapps for some lunch. Now they were heading for the hair salon to get their hair done for that night. Maria had a date with Michael and wanted to look
extra-special for him. As they were sitting in their chairs side by side, Maria kept babbling on about how special Michael was, where he was taking her and how he could be The One.

“Ok Maria, stop! I need to talk to you about something.”Liz blurted out. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She needed to tell Maria. So as their hair was finished Liz told Maria the whole dream and how she felt it could be showing her, her future with Max.

“Liz, you’re overreacting. It’s just a dream. It doesn’t mean anything. Listen, you’re going to get dressed up and go to a romantic dinner with the man of your dreams. You’re going to have a great time, so don’t reck it. You got it?” Maria demanded.

“Yes, Mom” Liz teased. She finally realized how ridiculous she was being. Max would never do that to her and the whole idea of it was silly.

“Let’s go back to my apartment and get ready for our hot dates together.” Liz suggested, giggling.


She was just putting on the finishing touches to her make-up when Maria came in.

“I have to get going now so I hope your date goes well. I know mine will.” Maria said.

“Yeah, I do too. I hope you guys have fun.” Liz said as she leaned in to give Maria a hug. “I’ll talk to you later about how it all went.”

“Ok, see ya later.”



With that Maria was gone and Liz quickly finished her make-up. As soon as she was done, she grabbed her purse and left her apartment. She tagged down a cab and gave the directions to the driver. As they passed buildings, Liz thought back to what Maria had said about the dreams. What Maria had said was realistic but the thing was that this wasn’t the first time that she’d had visions of the future. She’d had them about her father and her mother and even Kyle. But nothing had hurt as much as this one did. It was if Max and her were......

“We’re here.” the driver told her, interrupting her thoughts. She thanked him and payed him. She stepped out of the cab and headed into the restaurant. She wove her way around tables when she finally saw Max. But he wasn’t sitting alone. She walked up to the table and asked..... “Dad?” Liz whispered.


I’m sorry I’ve taken so long with this part but I’ve wanted it to be good so I hope you like it. I love feedback!


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Part 11“

"What the hell are you doing here?” Liz demanded, looking close to tears.

“I wanted to see you. Find out how your doing and apologize to you about all those years ago. I know you had a rough time when your mother died........”

“ You think I had a rough time????? You have no idea what I went through when mom was slowly dying! You were off somewhere with that blond you were seeing! You didn’t even know she was dying until her death and funeral was put in the paper!” Liz screamed at him until she realized that all eyes were on her, including Max’s.

“Why don’t we go somewhere else and talk about this?” Pleaded Jeff Parker “Lets go and I’ll tell you all that I went through when I found out your mother died and you were left alone.”

“I don’t give a damn about what you went through!” Liz screamed, her throat getting raw from all the yelling she was doing but didn’t let up. “Do you even know how much pain and suffering you put me and mom through? She loved you with all of her heart and you left her for your stupid bimbo secretary!!” “How could you?” Liz started to simmer down. Her legs suddenly couldn’t hold her up. Max was immediately at her side, his strong arms encircled her waist.

“Are you okay?” Max whispered in her ear. “Do you want me to take you home?”

“No, lets just go somewhere so my father and I can talk some more.” bitterness was evident in Liz’s voice. “I wanna hear what he has to say.”

“Okay, if that’s what you want to do, then lets go.” Max replied sensing that Liz needed him right now.

“You should go home or something. I don’t want you to hear about my past life. It’s horrible and I don’t want to drag you into all of it.” Liz said.

“Liz, I don’t care how hard or horrible your life has been. I just want to make sure that your future is the happiest and brightest that anyone has ever seen or imagined. I want to make all of your dreams come true. Can I do that for you Liz?” Max asked.

“Yes.” Liz whispered, too afraid that whatever she said would ruin the sweetness of his promise. “But please don’t hate me after all that you hear.” Liz didn’t know if she could go on life knowing that Max hated her and what she was before.

“Liz, I could never hate you, how could you even think that?”Max was shocked at her words and the emotions behind them.“

"Well, why don’t we get this over with?” Liz responded.

And with that Liz, Max and Jeff all left the restaurant with about a million eyes all on them and the soap opera that was preformed for them.


Maria was just doing a final check over when she heard a knock at the door. That has to be Michael, Maria thought with a grin. She gave one final check and then grabbed her beaded black purse and hurried to answer the door. She yanked the door open and then screamed.


Liz had chosen to take the two men to her apartment where she knew she could scream at her father all she wanted because most of the people in her building were old and needed hearing aids. She opened the door and let them both in. As soon as the door was closed was when Liz finally spoke.

“So tell me your explanation as to why you weren’t there when mom needed you the most as well as two little girls who had no idea as to why you left. That had no idea as to why their father left them and never even called or wrote to say where he was or if he was ever even going to come back. Please tell me.

“ Liz, I’m sorry if I hurt both you and Jennifer but.......your mother never told you this but the
first person she told about her illness was me. I was scared about losing her. She said that it would be alright and that she’d fight it and win and we’d all be a family again but I knew that there was no hope. That at some point she would lose and I couldn’t handle that. So like a
coward I ran and took comfort in the only person I knew that could understand and that was Karen. She lost her husband to cancer and felt all the things that I did. Which is how we got involved.” Jeff finished exasperately. 

“ You could have found comfort in us, Dad. Jenn and I felt so alone and we had no idea what to do other than comfort mom. I think that mom understood why you left her and how you were feeling but I don’t think that either Jenn or I ever will. How could you do that to her? You understood the fear that you were feeling. Multiply that by ten and you’d get mom’s fear. Do you have any idea how scared she was? She was dying for Christ’s sake! I do understand your fear for her because I felt the same way and even though you keep apologizing, it’ll never be enough. You left mom when she really needed you but she was strong. She kept her feelings bottled up
so that you’d never feel any guilt and we’d never know how much it affected her. I think you should go now Dad.” Liz sighed, not realizing how much the whole conversation drained her.

“Okay. Maybe I could call you tomorrow and we could do something?” Jeff suggested, hoping that his daughter might begin to forgive him for what he’d done.

“Maybe.” Liz whispered.”Goodnight Dad.”

“Goodnight my Lizzie.” Jeff said, using her childhood nickname.

Liz locked the door behind him. Anger, sadness and love stirred in her. Max came up to her and wrapped her in his arms.

“Why don’t we cuddle on the couch for a little bit.” Max suggested.

“I’d love that.” Liz said as she laid herself down on the couch beside Max. Max wrapped his arms around her and they just laid there, comforting each other.


Maria screamed again. She couldn’t believe who was standing here in front of her. It was Alex and Isabel, her two best friends in the world apart from Liz. They had all grown up together. Alex, Maria, Isabel and Liz. But then things changed. Alex and Isabel began to get closer and
eventually gave in to their feelings. They started dating and have been dating for about 3 years now. Last month Alex proposed to Isabel and they were going to get married at Christmas.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you guys are here!” Maria squealed as she gave them both huge hugs and told them to come in. “When did you guys get here?”

“We got here yesterday and wanted to drop by to see how you and Liz are.” Isabel replied with a huge smile on her face. It had been so long since she saw Maria or Liz. “Oh, are you on your way out?” Isabel noticed that Maria had a black sparkly dress on and looked as though she were expecting someone.

“Actually I was. My boyfriend Michael was coming to pick me up. We have a date tonight. I have an idea. Why don’t you guys come with us. That’ll give us a chance to catch up and you can meet Michael. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

“Sure, if we’re not intruding.” Alex said. He couldn’t believe how long it had been since he’d seen Maria and couldn’t wait to spend time catching up with both Maria and Liz. “Where’s Liz by the way?”

“Oh, she’s out with her boyfriend Max.” Maria replied. “He’s a lawyer.”

“Wow. I didn’t think Liz ever dated much less had a boyfriend.” Alex said.

“Well she does and he’s amazing. You’ll have to meet him while you’re here.” Maria told them. The doorbell suddenly rang, reminding Maria that Michael was here. “Now, you’ll finally get to meet Michael” Maria giggled as she opened the door.



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Part 12

"Michael, these are my two best friends besides Liz. This is Alex and Isabel. Alex, Izzy, this is Michael, my boyfriend.” Maria stated as she made the introductions.

“Hey Alex, Isabel.” Michael whispered. Maria noticed that he looked a little strange.

“Are you okay?” Maria asked, concern evident on her face. As she looked to Alex and Isabel, she noticed that Isabel’s face was the same shade of white as Michael’s. This is strange, Maria thought.

“Do you wanna go out some other time if you’re not feeling well?” Maria asked Michael concerned that he was coming down with something.

“No. Let’s go. It was just a brief chill or something. I’m fine.” As Michael said this his gaze shifted back to Isabel. Isabel met his gaze with her own haunted one.

Michael grabbed Maria hand and said “It was nice meeting you Alex, Isabel.” He then gave them a curt nod.

“ We’ll see you guys later or we might not. Izzy, you look sick. You might wanna lay down for awhile. You guys can stay in the guest room if you want.” Maria suggested, concerned for her friend.

Maria shut the door and walked hand in hand with Michael, concerned about his behaviour.

“Are you sure that you want to go out? You look kinda .......queasy. Maybe we should go out some other time.” Maria repeated her original question.

Michael stopped and grabbed both of her tiny pixy hands in his big ones.

“I’ve looked forward to our date all day and even if I was dying or really, really sick I’d still go out with you. Nothing would stop me from going out and having fun with you and at the end of the night kissing you. Maria, it scares me to know just how much you mean to me in such a short time that I’ve known you. I think I’m falling in love with you.” Michael whispered the last part,
anxious at finding out if she felt the same way or if she thought this was just a fling or something.

Maria was stunned at the words Michael just told her and the emotions behind the words. The thought that really shocked her was that she felt the same way. Her eyes glistened with tears as she prepared her self for what she was about to say.

“ Michael.....I.........I’m not just falling in love with you, I’m in love with you.” Maria expressed, silent tears running down her face freely as she looked at the man that she loved, waiting for his reaction to what she just stated. Hoping that he wasn’t shocked into running away from her.

She’d already had too much of that in her life already. First her father running from her and her mother when she was only five. All she could remember now was that she was so upset when the man who she thought was going to be there forever ended up leaving and taking the one thing in her life that meant anything to her. Her brother. She couldn’t even remember what he looked
like. All she new was that he was her brother and not just a brother but her twin, someone who was a part of her and knew her inside out.

“Maria.....” Michael mumbled, interupting her memories. Michael gathered her into his arms and looked down into her amazing eyes and wiped a stray tear off her face. “I love you too.” He then leaned his lips down to meet hers in a slow, sweet, passionate kiss holding both of their
strong emotions where anyone within their distance could feel their love radiating off of them.


Liz woke up to find Max’s arms still around her. She snuggled in closer wanting to be as close to him as possible. Liz shifted around so she could look at him while he was sleeping. He looked so peaceful, at rest and had a slight grin on his face. She could only imagine what he was dreaming about. As she was thinking about what he could be dreaming about she suddenly got a flash of that dreadful dream right in her mind. It was of Max and that women doing things, things she didn’t even want to think about. She could feel bile raising in her mouth, so she rushed quietly off to the bathroom and got there just in time. She’d been feeling funny for a couple of weeks now. She’d been throwing up in the morning and was wanting to eat all sorts of gross things like pickles and peanut sandwiches. Oh my god, she thought to herself as she rushed off to look at
her calender and realized that she should have had her period last Monday. She checked the date. Sunday. I couldn’t be pregnant, could I? Liz thought as she went back to the couch and back into Max’s arms.


Max stirred as he began to wake up. As he opened his eyes and looked around he first didn’t realize where he was. He looked down to see that Liz was awake and worry clouded her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Max asked. He didn’t know what had happened to her while he was here but he wanted to find out.

“Nothing, I think.” Liz replied. “ I have an appointment today, so I should go get ready. Maybe we can get together for dinner tonight?” Liz said as she got up and made her way to the shower.

“ Sure.” Max replied, not knowing what was causing Liz to act this way. As Liz was having her shower Max decided to make breakfast for the both of them. The eggs and bacon were ready by the time Liz was out of the shower. He put in a couple of pieces of bread and waited for them to pop up.

Meanwhile, Liz was in her room trying to decide what to wear to her doctor’s appointment. What would happen if she were pregnant? What would she do? Would she tell Max? Liz sighed and went to her closet and chose a simple black two piece pant suit. She got dressed and went out to the kitchen where Max had set the table and made breakfast for the both of them. A daisy from her garden in the back was in a vase at the table and Max was just bringing a plate of toast over to the table when he looked up and saw her. Liz thought she would cry at the sweet simple gesture.

“Max.” she said as she tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to overcome her. “This is so sweet. Thank you so much.”

“Your welcome.” Max said with a blush, glad to see that he pleased her.

They sat and ate their breakfast, barely talking, just glad to be in each other’s company. After breakfast was finished and the dishes were put away Liz had to leave to get to her appointment.

“I’ll see you later, okay?” Liz asked Max.

“Okay.” Max replied and smiled at Liz. She looked so beautiful and had a strange glow to her.

“Bye” Liz told Max as she leaned into him and gave him a quick kiss. “Stay as long as you want but lock up before you leave.”

“I will”Max promised. “Bye”


Liz sat in the waiting room for close to an hour when finally she was called in. She was told that Dr. Janet Smith would be seeing her in a moment. Liz walked over to the one wooden chair in the room and waited for the doctor to come in. Five minutes later the Dr. Smith came in.

“Elizabeth Parker? Well, what’s wrong with you?” Dr Smith asked.

“I think that I could be pregnant but I’m not sure.” Liz replied.

“Have you taken the home pregnancy test?” Dr. Smith asked.

“No.” Liz answered.

“Well, if you want to know right away, than we can do some tests to see if your pregnant.” “How late are you, first off?” Janet asked.

“About a week now.” Liz responded.

So for about an hour Liz took some tests and then when the tests were finished she came back to the small room where she met the doctor. The doctor told her that the results would be back in about 10 minutes. Liz was nervous. Even though she and Max really liked each other, she wasn’t sure how he’d react to finding out that he’d help create a child. He might not even want it, Liz
couldn’t help thinking. Before she could torture herself with any other questions the doctor came back in and said the answer to the question that she’d been waiting to get answered.

“Congratulations Miss Parker, you’re going to have a baby.”



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