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Title: Sexual Revolution-Hard Fucking
Author: Morrigan Undomiel(Danie)
Rating: Ok this is NC-17. Rape, Violence, Sexual situations(I've always wanted to say sexual situations, how does that work anyway, you walk into a room and it's like "Uh folks, be careful this is a sexual situation, hee hee, hee...sorry), a bit of harshness about the human condition.
Category: AU M/L M/M A/I K/A
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me. They belonged to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, UPN, etc. etc.
Summary: This is Roswell Clockwork Orange style. Meaning that gangs run the streets and cops can do nothing. There is plot! It's a love story folks(eventually). Also I used Ava because I will never use the foul Tess Harding as a good person in any fic I write. She is the sole cause of everybody's troubles on Roswell. So die Tess die. *big* Song by Tenacious D

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Ok then.

"Fuck Her Gently"

This is a song for the ladies
But fellas listen closely
You don't always have to fuck her hard
In fact sometimes that's not right to do
Sometimes you've got to make some love
And fuckin give her some smoochies too
Sometimes ya got to squeeze
Sometimes you've got to say please
Sometime you've got to say hey
I'm gonna Fuck you softly
I'm gonna screw you gently
I'm gonna hump you sweetly
I'm gonna ball you discreetly
And then you say hey I bought you flowers
And then you say wait a minute sally
I think I got somethin in my teeth
Could you get it out for me
That's fuckin teamwork
Whats your favorite posish?
That's cool with me
Its not my favorite
But I'll do it for you
Whats your favorite dish?
Im not gonna cook it
But ill order it from Zanzibar
And then I'm gonna love you completely
And then I'll fuckin fuck you discreetly
And then I'll fucking bone you completely
But then I'm gonna fuck you hard

Part 1- Acquaintances made

Tonight it was just the four of us, dressed in our best, minds sharp, hormones raging.
We were shopping lads and lassies. Shopping for a little fun. I looked over to my happy companions stalking their way along the path, Alex with his jolly smile and mischievous nature, Michael with his penchant for excitement and rowdy times, Kyle with his desire to please and give back to his community, and me my dear friends in the thick of it all searching for the never ending high. We walked and walked that night, the sound of our heavy boots echoed in the empty streets. Crunch crunch went the gravel underneath us and whistle whistle went the empty wind. But this was no fun my friends, there was no one around. And no people meant no girls. And no girls meant no soft skin! No red lips! No open legs inviting me to enjoy the promise in between them! This would not do, no it wouldn’t! Our heads drooped in disappointment. We were all feeling the pain of this development.
Then the music of heaven filled the air. Laughter, light giggly sounds that escaped creamy throats and open mouths. Hmm the evening was taking a turn! My four gentlemen friends and I perked our heads up in excitement and searched for the location of the tempting treats that awaited us. We spotted them turning a corner, dressed in their best.
“Max do you see what I see?” Michael commented a hungry smile on his face.
“Yes I do my fine friend, a few lovely ladies without an escort.”
“Well we should do something about that right men?” Alex quipped giving us his most charming smile.
“I’m always willing to do things to help out my…community.” Kyle joined in.
We stalked casually sizing up our prey with approving eyes. Four choice items on our list tonight, but which would I choose?

Maria, Liz, Ava, and Isabel walked briskly through the abandoned sidewalks. Isabel led, while the three girls in the back held to each other worriedly. It was too late at night to be wondering around. In heaven’s name how had they come to this end? One word was summoned between the shivering girls. Isabel.

“I can’t believe she dragged us out here.” Maria whined quietly.

“I know, I swear any minute we’re going to get abducted or something.” Ava whispered.

“Don’t talk like that. We’ll just get to this club and everything will be fine.” Liz reassured, not to sure herself. They clung to each other trying to keep warm and safe in the chilly night air. All four girls were wearing rather skimpy attire and had managed to forget about sweaters. Liz sported a flowing black vintage 40’s dress, with her dark hair Veronica Lake style. Maria was decked in 60’s swinger attire complete with the white boots and had her blonde hair piled on top of her head. Ava was more punkish with pink hair and black streaks, a leather mini skirt, and a tight burgundy top, and Isabel shined in a flashing red number with a scandalous low back and heels that boggled the mind. Her flowing golden hair was waved softly and flowed around her exposed shoulders. The four girls looked spectacular, but only Isabel seemed to notice that while her three friends desperately tried to pull their skirts down and hide their cleavage. It was a losing battle. Finally when she could take it no longer Isabel whirled around and whined.

“Guys! We’re going to a club! It’s extremely hard to get into, completely elite and has some of the hottest guys Roswell has to offer! Could you please act more excited? We all look beautiful and fuckable so relax!”
This did not make them feel any better.

“Isabel are you sure this is the way? Why would they put a club that was so special and elite in the warehouse district?” Isabel opened her mouth, but couldn’t think of an answer to Maria’s question.

“I don’t know ok! I may have miscalculated the directions a tad. Nevertheless we will get there!”

The three girls gaped at their flustered friend and tried to ignore the mind numbing fear that crept up on them.

“What do you mean you miscalculated?” Liz asked trying to be calm.

“Well I remember the address was something like 167th or 147th.”

“What!! That is a big difference Isabel. 167th where we currently are, is the middle of nowhere! 147th is the more populated area of this district and PROBABLY WHERE THE CLUB IS!!”

Isabel winced as Ava screeched at her angrily. She had messed up big time. Although she was taller and bigger than all three petite girls in front of her, she shrank from them as if they were giants. She looked at them apologetically.

“Guys I’m really sorry, you know how bad I am with directions.” All four girls huddled together now the reality of the situation hitting them like bricks.

“Ok guys we’ll just head back to the car and go the other way around.” Maria rationalized. “No need to get snippy.” The girls quickly nodded their heads at that plan and began the trek back to the car. All four had begun to fight with their clothing. A tuck here a pull there, all the while trying to be aware of their surroundings as much as they could. They almost made it. The image of the car being around the corner gave the girls hope and they almost reached their goal. But unfortunately, fate had made other plans.

“Hello…ladies.” Before they could think four large, intimidating men in identical trench coats of different colors surrounded them. The coats went all the way down the length of the men. Only their boots could be seen. They tapped their heavy boots upon the floor, whistled, smiled, and eyed them as if lions going in for the kill.

“Oh god.” Liz whispered.
“Oh shit.” Ava and Maria said simultaneously.
“Oh fuck.” Breathed Isabel.

The tall dark one of group stepped up to the frightened girls and waggled his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry for startling you good birds, but we happened to notice that the four of you were very pretty, very alone, and look awfully lost. Might we be of some assistance?”

The girls shoved Liz forward, since she was the most eloquent of the bunch. She gaped at the dark haired stranger, her chocolate eyes as wide as saucers.

“Umm we’ll manage thanks. We were just getting back to our car and we were going to head to where we really need to go so no thank you.”

The girls sighed. They knew they could trust Liz to fix the situation. But as they moved to continue their journey, they noticed the four males didn’t budge. In fact, they hadn’t seemed to notice that Liz had said anything at all. The shortest one in the deep purple trench just pouted and crinkled his eyes slyly at them. The tall spiky haired one, in the black trench shook his head and looked at them viciously. The thin gangly one in the deep brown trench chuckled as if they now played a game. And the one in the middle in the rich red trench coat looked down for a minute and then looked up with a sinister smile upon his face. His eyes were accentuated by black eyeliner and his lip curled as if in a growl. The girls shook with fear. They waited for the men to speak but none said a word. They all just stared and tapped their boots on the ground. Finally the spiky haired one cleared his throat impatiently and startled them.

“What my friends are trying to say is that you looked lost. Now you are found. There’s no need for you to go back to your car. You’re with us now.” The purple and brown trenched men grinned and slapped their friend on the back. The red trenched one just sighed and widened his smile.

“Forgive us. We’re a rather rude bunch, why we haven’t even introduced ourselves. The black trenched gentleman is Michael. He’s a good fellow though a bit rough around the edges. The purple trenched sir is Kyle. He’s a very giving sort of chap. The brown trenched mate here is Alex. He loves to have fun especially in the company of lovely ladies such as yourselves. And I’m…”

The man spun elaborately on his heels and faced them again.

“Max. At your service.”

None of the girls moved. They realized this was not where they wanted to be. The four men were just a little too predatory for their tastes. Liz tried again.

“Look. We don’t want any trouble. We said we had somewhere else to be so p-p-please move out of our way!” The girls started to walk away but the four boys moved quickly in front of them. They tried to move the other way but again the boys blocked them.
“RUN!” Isabel screamed and they scattered off in the other direction.
At first the boys didn’t move, they just smirked. Then Max whispered while shaking his head.
“Always the hard way.” And the boys took off.

The girls ran as fast as they could though their heels were giant obstacles. Ava fared the best in her combat boots. They ran scared shitless. This is not what was supposed to happen tonight. They were supposed to go party and maybe meet some new people. Now they were being chased down the streets by a gang of rapists or murderers or whatever who were steadily gaining on them. The worst part was the hyena like laughing that was coming from the gang of hoodlums and the click click of their boots on the pavement. Maria screamed hysterically and tried to speed up. Isabel was crying and trying to remove her heels so she could run faster. And Liz just ran and ran her lungs bursting with each step.

Isabel was the first to fall. With a mangled cry, the girls turned their heads to see their friend grabbed by Kyle. She screamed and kicked him but he just laughed and dragged her off.

“ISABEL!” Ava screamed and almost stopped running. But Liz pushed her along.

“NO! Come on we have to keep going.” Ava nodded and sped up. Maria was next. The screaming had slowed her down considerably and before she knew it, she was grabbed by Alex.

“Gotcha! Hee hee!”

It was Liz’s turn to scream.


Ava pulled her arm and the two girls kept running. The fear was thick around them like fog. Exhaustion was beginning to overtake them and they knew time was running out. Then it happened. Michael grabbed Liz and laughed triumphantly. Max swooped Ava up and the boys headed in the same directions as their friends with their prizes.

Kyle struggled with the golden blonde. He giggled wildly as she tried it kick bite and scratch him. He shoved her against a wall and held her there tightly.

“So your Isabel huh?”
Isabel fought blindly. There was no way she was going to just let this happen. Kyle pressed his body against her and she felt sick.

“NO. Get off please get off!”

“Why would I do that? I thought we were having fun.”

Kyle took note of the girls beauty. Nice. He ran his hands through her hair and stroked the length of her body. Still…this wasn’t the one he wanted. She was fun but wasn’t the little punk one who looked so vulnerable and cute. Now there was someone he would like to give his services to. Hmm…this was a predicament. Kyle mulled over what his next course of action should be, when a sharp pain to his naughty bits made him double over and release his captive.
Isabel had moved her leg in between her captor’s and jabbed him hard in the nuts. Then she took off again trying to find her car in the darkness. Kyle screamed in anger and hobbled after the girl. She wasn’t fun! He wouldn’t stay with her any longer. He would meet the guys back at the hideout and switch with whoever had gotten the punk girl. But he had to catch the Ice Bitch first. He caught up to her and lunged crushing her to the ground. Isabel screamed in pain as she was slammed into the concrete. Kyle reached into his trench coat and used the hardcover version of Clockwork Orange he was reading to knock her out. He stood up and thanked the novel.

“I knew this book would be useful in my daily life.” He replaced the book back in his coat, swung the girl over his shoulders, and headed for the warehouse.

Alex was disappointed in his catch. ‘This one is no good.’ He thought to himself. Maria was crying hysterically and literally had to be dragged along as Alex struggled to get her to walk. He had tried to carry her but she pulled herself away and had to be caught again. ‘Maybe I should knock her out.’ He reached in his coat for something hard, but they were empty. ‘Damn’ just my luck.

“Girlie don’t worry. I’m not going to keep you.” He grunted as she tripped for the millionth time. Maria looked up hope blossoming in her chest.

“Really?” she sniffed.

“Really. I’m going to take you back to the warehouse…and give you to one of the other guys.”

She began to scream again. Alex rolled his eyes. Way too emotional for him. He tried to drag her faster hoping that he would reach home soon.

Michael liked this girl. She was small, pretty, and smelled good. His mind wandered over all the delicious things he could do with her. The only trouble was…she didn’t struggle. In fact, she seemed so lifeless. He carried her and she wasn’t kicking or screaming, she was just sniffling softly. He put her down and forced her against the wall. She cringed at his touch.
Liz was frozen with fear. There was nothing she could do in this situation so she just stood there as listless as possible. ‘Maybe he’ll get bored and let me go. I’ve heard they like it when you struggle.’ This mantra ran repeatedly in her head and she prayed it would save her.
Michael licked the side of her face and smiled. This would do something to her. He looked and saw…nothing. He frowned. She was boring! He wanted someone he could tease, who he could torture. He liked that. He hadn’t had one like that in forever. He squeezed her breast cruelly in one last attempt. When he saw this did nothing to her he sighed and lifted her up again. One of the guys would want this one.

Max was angry as hell. The pink haired demon in his arms reigned every curse word she could at him. He was beginning to get annoyed at the abuse.

“GET THE FUCKOFF YOU COCK PUNK! OH I SWEAR!” She wasn’t struggling that much but seemed to be trying to scare him into thinking she could be very violent. He grinned. She was all talk. He walked a little faster and jerked her harshly and she cried out.

“Ow! That hurt asshole!”

Hmm. He was going to trade with someone for sure.

Kyle arrived at the Homestead first and was disappointed to see none of the guys there. He walked to the middle of the large warehouse and opened a cage that looked like it was for tigers or such at a circus. He shoved Isabel in and locked the door. She had regained consciousness a while before and fought of course rattling the cage’s bars and clawing at him while he made fun of her from the outside. He soon grew bored and walked outside to wait for his friends. He saw Alex dragging up the hysterical blond and laughed at the sight.

“A hand here brother!” Alex gritted.

“Oh…sure.” Kyle snickered.

He grabbed the girl and the two men pulled her inside. They opened the cage and struggled for a minute as both girls tried to get out but then shoved them back in and locked the door. Isabel clung to Maria and tried to comfort her as she sobbed. She glared daggers at the two men.

“Bastards!” she spat. Kyle and Alex looked at each other and burst out laughing. They danced a jig and in a sing song voice chanted the word bastard over and over. Then Michael walked in with a Liz dangling from his shoulders. Alex and Kyle gasped.

“Have you killed her brother!”

“No you assholes. She isn’t even knocked out. She just refuses to move. Come on open the cage.”
Kyle opened the cage and Michael thrust Liz in none too gently. She saw Isabel and Maria and dropped to her knees. She hugged them tightly grateful they were still alive.

“Oh god I’m so glad to see you guys!” she whispered. Maria yelled her name aloud and gripped her so hard she had trouble breathing. Liz looked up at Isabel

“She’s hysterical. You gotta calm her down.” Liz stroked Maria’s hair and hugged her back. The boys looked down at them and sneered.

“Hey. Group action”

“Fuck off you pricks!” hissed Isabel.

“Whoa!” teased Alex “I like this one.”

Max was the last too arrive. He strode in with Ava in tow and scowled.
“Who wants this one. She’s got a mouth like a sewer.”

He headed to the cage and shoved her in. Ava rushed to her friends and hugged them. Now the gals and the guys were all reunited and as the boys stood shoulder to shoulder admiring their catch, the girls sat in a huddle sick with fear over what was to happen to them next. All they knew was that they were locked in a big cage in the middle of nowhere with four very dangerous people looking at them as if they were lunch.

Max pulled up a large cushiony sofa that had been pushed up against the wall and sat down resting his feet. Alex, Kyle, and Michael all pulled up chairs of their own and got comfortable.

“So,” said Alex, “What do we do now.”
The boys looked at each other and smiled.

“Well, we got em here, now all we have to do is pick the ones we want.”

“Well I know for a fact that I’m not happy with the one I picked.” Remarked Max.
“Me neither.” Said Michael.
“Me neither.” Alex and Kyle responded.

“So are we saying that we would like to select a different lady to accompany us tonight? Mates?”

“Yes.” They all answered cheerily.
Kyle went first.

“Ok well anyone who picks the Ice Bitch, uh Isabel get ready to fight. She’s a bit of a hell beast. But for me, I’ll take the little punky one. She’s so cute.”

“FUCK YOU!” Ava screamed. Kyle was startled.

“Yeah she’s got a real dirty mouth, but she’s all talk.” Max reassured him.

“Well how about you Max?”

“Alright Mike. Well since I’m into brunettes, I’ll take that silent one. What’s your name sweetheart?”
Liz looked up in surprise. She stared Max down in contempt but still supplied him with her name.

Max smirked.

“Hmmm Lizzzzzzz. I like that.”
The boys laughed.

“Hey Max a warning, she’ll lay there cold as a fish.” quipped Michael.

“Well then I’ll just have to warm her up won’t I?” Max relished, glad to get a bit of a challenge.

“Well Alex my boy you’re next.”

“Well it all depends on what Mike wants. Far be it for me to leave my brother with leftovers.”

“Aww that’s sweet man. But I don’t want to leave you with leftovers either.”

“As long as you leave me the tall blond I’ll be perfectly fine.”
Mike laughed. He looked at the hysterical little swinger cowering in her friends’ arms. He felt a stirring in his loins and knew she was the girl for him.

“I can accept that offer with grace and aplomb.” He sneered.

The boys giggled amongst themselves excited at the good times to come. Max opened the cage and welcomed the boys to their rewards. Isabel and Ava tried to fight but were pushed down. Michael came in and grabbed Maria.

“Liz! Please help me!” Maria screamed as Michael dragged her off to the room next door. Liz gasped and gripped the bars helplessly as she watched her friend being dragged away. She looked to Max and whispered hopelessly

“Are you going to kill us?”

He raised his eyebrow and turned to her. For a minute, there was an emotion. For one split second, one could see perhaps guilt surface in Max’s eyes. But as quick as it was there, it was gone and he gave her his cruel smile.

“We’re not going to kill you love. We’re going to have our fun and then put you back where we found you.”

“But why not kill us? We would tell the police.” He chuckled. Alex and Kyle followed suit. He stared at her with sinister eyes.

“The police would and could do nothing to us. See love in this world my friends and I reign supreme. You shouldn’t have come down here if you weren’t looking for fun.” He let Alex come in and claim Isabel. She fought hard and Alex had trouble controlling her.

“You sure you can handle her brother?”

“Oh yeah I’ve got some handcuffs and some whips in my room, I’ll be just fine.”
Again, Liz and Ava watched a friend carted off to be the object in these boys perverse fantasies. Now it was just the two of them left. Kyle lifted Ava and took her away laughing at her spray of insults.

“You fucking dick! Let me go!” She pummeled his back with tiny fists. Her cries grew fainter as Kyle led her across the large warehouse to his room. The door slammed shut and Max and Liz were left alone together.

The two looked at each other both questioning what the future held. Max conjured images of interesting positions and screams of pleasure, while Liz wondered if she would ever see home again. Neither knew what was in store, and none of the “couples” could know how interesting the future was going to get.

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Wow! I love all the postive comments for my story! You guys are so nice. I just have one comment.

Wench on a Leash- You always prompt me into conversation! (that's a good thing) Yeah I know it is hard to fathom love between them. But have you ever heard or seen a movie about those people who are kidnapped and then fall in love with their captor, even though they may do evil things to each other? Well you know. I mean it's always gotta be complicated they can't just fall especially if make them really harsh. But I think that I'm going ot give the guys a real soft side. So the girls don't just see the hard side. And that will you know...change their minds...gradually.

I don't want to give to much away!
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Wow I'll tell you what wow! I just want to say I'm blown away by this response! You people are dirty freaks is all I have to say. Well part 2 is here. I know it's not as dirty as some would have hoped, but come people story development! Ok the jazz lyrics are from the song "But not for me by George and Ira Gershwin. Gotta love that Gershwin stuff!

If you guys like this story please check out my other two
Practical Magic Roswell style and Sabotage. Give em a try and leave fb!

Ok here's a picture of a beautiful couple. I just wanted to post because I feel like it. If you are interested it's from this amazing show called Cowboy Bebop(ignore dumb show name) That is like the best anime on the planet.

Alright on with the show!

Part 2- Sleeping Arrangements

“Come on sweetheart let’s go.” Max walked into the cage and lifted Liz up gently. He felt the goosebumps on her skin and saw how she shook. He put his mouth to her ear.

“Shhh. It’s ok, I’ll take good care of you.”

They walked to Max’s room, which was behind one of the six doors in the warehouse. The storerooms in the district were all joined and the boys had selected four to be their rooms since most were abandoned. No one came down to this area anymore, they knew if they did they had a good chance of never coming back. Gangs were everywhere and they were always restless.

Max opened the door to his room and gently pushed Liz inside. She looked around and noticed the room looked like a throw back to Arabian Nights. ‘A bad throw back’ she thought. It looked like he had taken several Persian rugs and hung them up all around the walls. She spotted rope piled in a corner, another large cage shaped like those ones you put birds in, she saw handcuffs, massage oil, and blushing hotly something that looked like a vibrator.
‘What does this guy do all day long?’ she thought to herself. They must not have been the first female “guests” the guys had brought here. She shuddered. How many girls like me have ended up here? Max grabbed her hand to lead her over to the pile of plush cushions he had piled to look like a bed. She didn’t move. He frowned and tugged her again a little harder. She shuffled along and hugged her arms around herself. He plopped her down on the cushions and sank in next to her. Neither said a word. The silence gave both time to observe each other.

Liz saw that the evil degenerate was actually rather gorgeous. His eyes were flecked with gold; his dark hair fell over his eyes and curled around the nape of his neck. The eyeliner he wore only served to accentuate his rakish looks. He was beautiful she admitted to herself. If only he wasn’t like this. If only things were different.

Max saw how beautiful his little brunette really was. Her eyes were deep lucid pools. Her lips were deliciously tempting. Her dark hair shimmered like silk and he wondered if it was as soft as it looked. He reached out his hand to touch it but she violently jerked away.

“Stop touching me!” Liz hissed quietly.
Max smiled placidly then jerked her hair so that she was forced to lie down.

“We do not play this game by your rules sweet. We play by my rules. And this is a very physical sport we play.”

Max kissed her hard. He forced his tongue in between her lips and tasted the sweet cave of her mouth. ‘Mmm like strawberries. She was living candy.’ He mused. He crushed his weight on top of her to stop her struggling.

Liz fought as she had never fought before. She tried to kick and scratch him but it served to prove how much stronger he was. She cried out angrily only to have it muffled by his lips on hers. She was trying to ignore the fact that his tongue was expertly fighting with hers as she garbled protests and pulled his hair. He had this drugging sensuality about him and she didn’t want to be trapped in it. She got her chance when he began to relax and loosen his hold on her. She wiggled her foot out and jabbed him hard in the shin. He cried out and she jumped up heading for the door and perhaps freedom. But he was too fast for her. He caught up to her in a flash and grabbed the strap of her dress. There was a horrifying rip. Liz felt her dress slip off her shoulders and she grabbed it quickly. Her cheeks grew red and hot. She turned and saw Max smirking and dangling the strap of her dress with the zipper attached in his hand. Without words or warnings he seized her and threw her against the wall. With a mangled cry she crumpled to the floor and passed out. Max picked her up gently, tenderly.

‘Better use the rope for this one.’ He thought to himself.

Michael laughed hysterically. Maria had managed to slip from his grasp at every turn but it was rather amusing watching her scramble around screaming at him to “Stay back!” while she tripped over his disaster area of a living space. Man he wanted this girl in the worst way, she was perfect! She was beautiful for one, the way her light blonde hair curled around her face and the way she moved with that pixie like frame and that vulnerability in her eyes. Hmmm this was too much too bear! Every time she had come close enough he had managed to steal pieces of her outfit. He loved to listen to that little yip she made when he dragged her down and stole her boots. Then he stole her hair clips and her hair had come tumbling down. In a surprising turn, he had managed to steal her bra, and he put it on his head to show his triumph. Now he had to get her panties…hmm how exciting!

Maria’s mind was racing. ‘WhatdoIdoWhatdoIdo’ she rambled to herself. She had been running around in circles for 20 minutes and she was getting tired. She was slowly losing all of her clothing and soon she would be stark naked and there would be nothing to stop him from coming at her. If only Liz was here. Oh God poor Liz! She’s going through the same thing. Oh god poor me! She tripped over a pile of sheets and fell.


she screamed and tried to get up. But a sharp pain rushed through her. She had hurt her ankle; she turned over to see the face of her captor looming over her lifting up her dress. She cried wildly and scratched at his hands but he still claimed her panties for his own and spun them around on his finger. He sniffed them and relished in their honey fragrance. He picked her up roughly and threw her down on his old mattress. He jumped on top of her, unbuttoned his coat, and flung it aside. Maria saw that he wore nothing underneath except black pants to match his black coat. He began to unbutton them and she hyperventilated in fright.

“No please! Don’t do this please!”

But her cries fell on deaf ears. He lifted the hem of her dress up to expose her bare flesh. He ran his hands on her soft curls and cupped her there letting his warmth run into her. She scratched the sides of his face angrily but he just laughed it off. Then she looked in his eyes and saw the raw desire that burned there mixed with enjoyment at her suffering. ‘How could someone become like this?’ she thought frantically. She pulled at his spiky hair and still thrashed but kept her gray green eyes locked in his. She saw that this affected him and he had begun to slow in his assault.

Michael looked into her beautiful eyes. He had never seen such beautiful eyes. She looked at him accusingly while she slapped at his face and struggled. He had stopped unbuttoning his pants and now fought to control her. She still looked at him with that hurt, pitying glare and it was making him angry.

“Stop looking at me.” He growled.

But she didn’t. He went rigid in rage as he saw even more accusation fill them. Her eyes burned into his soul and he felt it. ‘What right does she have to accuse me!’ he thought furiously. ‘She doesn’t know me!’ He couldn’t bear to look at her any more and flung himself away. Quickly Maria crawled from the bed to a dark corner and hugged her knees tightly. She watched as he threw things around his room yelling incoherently, angrily.

‘He’s mental.’ She mumbled. ‘Completely mad.’ She saw a lead pipe lying nearby and picked it up. ‘Well if crazy boy comes at me again, I’ll be ready.’

Ava lay naked handcuffed to Kyle’s bed. It hadn’t taken him long to strip her and hold her down. She was weaker than he thought. He had removed his coat and stood watching her beautiful body writhing around the bed. He like Michael was topless and he wore pants that matched his trench. Ava had stopped struggling when her wrists had started to bleed. ‘This is not happening’ she thought. ‘I’m not here.’ She wanted to scream but he had covered her mouth in duct tape.

Kyle walked around his bed, the muscles in his slight frame rippling with each step. His traditional looks were alight with complete arousal. He watched in fascination as Ava’s breasts rose and fell from her agitated breathing. He had to have this girl tonight. He needed her. He needed escape. Where else to find it but in the tight pussy of his little punk? Thinking of the possibilities had made him impatient. He flung his pants down and crawled his way into bed. He felt Ava grow rigid.

“Relax. It’ll hurt if you don’t relax.”
Ava closed her eyes and tightened herself even more. Kyle sighed.

“Suit yourself.”

He climbed on top of her, spread her legs, and pushed in her. Ava widened her eyes in horrified surprise and watched nauseously as he used her like she was nothing. She let her eyes close again and lay limp. Kyle didn’t seem to notice and kept at his motions. What he didn’t see was hollowness forming in the tiny girl with each thrust as her very sanctity was violated. What she didn’t see was the scars that had encased this boy’s heart and mind, the clawing need he had to lose himself in someone in something. So both bodies lay there in that sickening condition praying for help.

Isabel had given Alex a black eye, a kick to the shin and was working on breaking one of his fingers. Needless to say his patience had flew out the window. He didn’t really want to hit a woman but he was willing to do it if she asked for it. Some more. Finally after many more painful minutes of grappling he managed to tie her down.

“There! Hopefully that will make you more amicable.”

Isabel spit at him and hissed like a cat. Alex pulled up a chair and sat watching in awe the beautiful woman struggling like mad on his bed. He couldn’t wait to touch her, to have her to himself.

Isabel would never let this guy get close to her. She would do anything and fight as hard as she had to. She watched as he got back up and went to a large chest beside his bed. She watched his every move, focusing on the slightest jerk or twitch, observing the way he functioned. ‘He was very cute.’ She thought for a minute. She liked the boyishness in his face and the way his brown eyes crinkled when concentrating. She shook herself. No, there was no way she was going to think of her potential rapist as cute. Yet…he still only was potentially going to rape her. He hadn’t specified why he had brought her here. He never said rape. He could just be shy. It didn’t hurt to think that he was attractive…right?

Alex rose from the chest with a vinyl record in his hands. He walked over to his record player and placed the needle down. The smooth sounds of a jazz band echoed through the storage house that was his room. He snapped his fingers to the slow melting beat and sat back down with a smile on his face and his eyes closed. Isabel glared at him.

‘He has taste?’ she quipped to herself ‘That’s nice.’ Almost subconsciously, she opened her mouth:

“You listen to jazz?” Alex opened his eyes and looked at Isabel. She gasped; there was so much beauty in them, so much emotion and intensity.

“Yeah. I listen to jazz. I love jazz, it’s beautiful.”

“Hmph. I didn’t think someone one like you could appreciate it.” Alex narrowed his eyes.

“Someone like me?”

“Yes someone like you. Some one who is so desperate and pathetic you have to tie women down to get them to fuck you.” Alex laughed bitterly. He shifted in the chair and put his hands behind his head in relaxed pose.

“I knew you were the same. A carbon copy. Like that sheep Dolly. Ha that’s a fitting metaphor.”

“What do you mean the same? The same as what?”

“As all those girls I ever knew who made fun of me for who I was. Those beautiful gorgeous girls that knew they were gorgeous and treated everyone like shit.”

“Well you know what? They were right. You are pathetic. That’s why they made fun of you cause they knew that’s all you would ever manage to be. A pathetic little boy who acts like he’s so tough but in truth is just afraid of the real world. And you know the only reason you managed to get Maria is because she was hyster-“

Before Isabel could finish her sentence Alex leaped from his chair and slapped her across the face. He was trembling with anger and he looked at her as if she were filth.
Isabel stared in shock at Alex. Yet, she wasn’t afraid. In fact, she enjoyed the fact that she had upset him.

“Ha. You had to wait until I was tied down to do-“

“SHUT UP!” he screamed.

He jumped on the bed and grabbed her cruelly. He pushed his lips on hers and bit her lips painfully. When she cried out he jammed his tongue in and moved furiously in her mouth. He began to rip at her dress.

“Is this what you want? A nice good rape? Would that make you happy!”

Isabel didn’t say anything. Alex moved his hand to her breast and squeezed painfully.

“NO!” She blurted out. Tears sprung into her eyes and she tried to blink them away. Alex saw this and sat up with a disgusted huff.

“God you are so infuriating. I try to be nice. But you beat me up, you insult me, and then you cry when I retaliate.”

“Well you shouldn’t have kidnapped me!”

“Well…” Alex looked down. Isabel saw guilt writ on his face.

“If you feel so bad about it why did you do it?” Alex didn’t say anything. It looked like he was about to say something to her but then his eyes hardened.

“None of your business.” He unbuttoned his coat that he hadn’t removed the entire time and exposed his bare chest and brown pants. He rolled over and pulled a blanket that was beside his bed over him.

“Go to bed. Be glad I didn’t rape you or kill you. But cheer up, there’s always tomorrow night.” He said nothing more.

Isabel could soon hear his breathing become even and sighed in relief. Then she thought of his words.

“There’s always tomorrow night.”

The jazz from the record went on in the silence. The female vocalist crooned on with the band.

“They're writing songs of love, but not for me. A lucky star's above, but not for me. With love to lead the way I've found more clouds of gray than any Russian play could guarantee.”

Isabel closed her eyes and began to cry.

Kyle opened his eyes to the sound of sniffling next to him. After he had “played” with Ava he had fallen asleep, unsatisfied and unhappy. Something had been missing from the whole thing. Now someone was crying. Well not just someone, but his little punk. Something strange came over him. It felt like something burning him in the heart, the throat, and the stomach. ‘Is this me feeling guilty about what I did?’ he pondered staring out into darkness. ‘But what have I done wrong?’ Then a flash came to him of the tiny girl with the pink hair crying as he thrust in and out of her lying limp and dead like he was taking her soul with each grunting push. He knew what he had done. He had raped her. But he had never felt guilt over doing it to anyone before. Why did he feel it now? He heard her soft sobs and the urge to comfort her stabbed him in the gut. He knew she wouldn’t want him touching her again ever again so he didn’t move. ‘The first girl I remotely like, and I rape her’ he thought bitterly. Once again, he had made a mess of everything in his life just like always. God did the pain ever end. He closed his eyes and tried to forget it.

Maria had watched as Michael raved for half and hour at everything and nothing. Then completely exhausted he had turned off the light, fell on his bed, and went straight to sleep. At first, she had been very happy, he had forgotten to tie her up so she could escape. Now still in the corner she realized she was too frightened to move. And a little annoyed that he had just forgot about her. What a dumb ass kidnapper! She knew he was a moron from the start. And of course she had to get moron. ‘Just my luck.’ She decided to try escape thinking that he was probably a heavy sleeper. He was a dumb ass. She gripped the pipe in her hands and stood up slowly. She sneaked her way around in the darkness and prayed that he didn’t wake. She crept carefully past the ‘bed’. She made it to the door and hope filled her. She was going to get out of here! She would help the other girls and they would get out of here! She started opening the door when she saw the lights come on.

Michael whirled Maria around and pushed her up against the door.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He pulled her roughly towards a mangled chair. He slammed her down and grabbed handcuffs from a nearby box. He locked her up and grabbed her face.

“Look don’t try to escape! And don’t make too much noise I’m trying to sleep! You already pissed me off once.”

“Wait…your just going to leave me in this position.”

“You have a problem?”

“Yes! It’s uncomfortable!”

“And I’m supposed to care.”

“Oh! You ass!”


“God isn’t this just a perfect night! I am kidnapped, almost raped, and now forced to suffer under the hands of some pitiful heathen.”

“I’m pitiful?”

“In the worst way! You are just the most stupid, inconceivable bastard I can imagine…and your dick is small!”

“You looked?”

“Don’t get happy, how could I have not when you had it flailing around like some glorified vanilla tootsie roll!”

“First of all I know for a fact it’s bigger than a tootsie roll, I’ve measured! Second my zipper was half-undone and my boxers were half off. So you had to look. It was not flailing.”

“…Ooooh. You- you-”

“That’s what I thought. You want me. Now good night. Before I pick up where I left off.”

Michael turned off the light and flung himself on his mattress. He was asleep in minutes. Maria wanted to scream, but feared what he would do.

“Just kill me now.”
In waiting for Liz to regain consciousness, Max had fallen asleep. He now snored softly next to Liz’s shoulder. He had put her in his coat so she wouldn’t get cold. His naked chest rose and fell deeply, one hand resting on his deep red pants.

Liz’s eyes snapped open. It felt like someone had taken a jackhammer to her head. She winced and tried to look around. She noted that she now was tied up and lying on the cushions. She looked down and saw that Max had put her in his red coat. She panicked for a moment. ‘Had he? Did he?’ She tried to tune herself into her body and feel changes. Well…nothing hurt and she had only had sex a couple times a year ago so that was a good sign. As she focused more and more of every aspect of her body, she didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary and sighed in relief. Then she pondered. ‘He hadn’t hurt me in my vulnerable state.’ Why not? Though she would deny it, her respect for him went up a notch. She turned her head to see Max asleep next to her. She gasped. He had fallen asleep? ‘Wow, I must have been out a long time.’ ‘Well it is his fault the disgusting bastard.’ She struggled against the ropes for a moment before realizing it was hopeless. ‘Well I better at least get some sleep.’ Wait what was she saying? Sleep next to rape boy! No it couldn’t, wouldn’t happen. She started to roll over to get to the other side of the cushions but then saw that Max had put an arm around her in his sleep. She couldn’t budge. Then she saw that Max was also topless. Oh boy. His muscular body made her mind stop all thought. She had never seen such a beautiful body. He had all the right things in all the right places. Her eyes moved down and then she noticed…He had a large banana in his pants? No wait that was his…Oh my Goddess! It’s huge! It’s like a flagpole! She looked up quickly and knew that there was no way she was going to be able to get away. She tried to focus on anything else except his penis and his body. Then she realized how afraid she was. Oh great, way to focus on something else! The fear knotted in her gut. I mean she had gotten away tonight, but what about tomorrow. Or the next day? What if she never got out of here? That fear kept her awake all night.

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Wow guys hello! I'm soooooo sorry for not updating! I feel like crap. Well here. I can only hope you like it. Jeez I'm really sorry. But thank you for all the fb and the bumps! It makes a girl feel special. Ok here is Part 3!

Part 3: Damage Control

In the early light of dawn, decisions are made. Morning is a time when the creatures of the night realize their mistakes and crawl away to hide in the shadows until night returns. But for the four boys whose comfort was the blackness this was not a luxury. For they had captured rays of the morning who were ready to expose them to the harsh light of day.

Liz mumbled incoherently. She had been pinned under the arms of her captor all-night and forced to cuddle in his trench coat for warmth. She had lay awake for hours until finally falling into a fitful sleep. She dreamed of darklings and sinister laughing. She ran and ran in trying to escape it as she heard the sounds of her friends being taken one by one and disappearing with screams. She couldn’t breathe; she couldn’t go faster she could only run. It felt like she was running in molasses and with each step she went slower and slower. Then she was turned around by a looming shadow with dark hair. He came at her bare-chested, smiling, laughing maniacally.


She awoke and jumped up but was forced down by her bindings. Hyperventilating, Liz struggled wildly against the ropes and Max. Max woke to see his little brunette trying desperately to get free. Her eyes were wide with fear while tears streamed down her cheeks and he could feel her heart beating madly under his arms. At first, he groaned with exhaustion. ‘Did she really have to struggle?’ There was no way that she was getting out why didn’t she just give up? He went to hold her down when he fell into her eyes. He couldn’t stop looking at them. They were mesmerizing! He was surprised he hadn’t noticed before. Liz was unaware that Max had awakened and continued to struggle. She had to get free; there was no way she could take this anymore. Liz felt Max’s body weight on her first and realized he was awake. She fought harder and could feel the ropes slipping a bit. Liz looked up to see Max staring at her. She couldn’t tell if he was angry or amazed that she hadn’t given up yet.

“Stop struggling.”


“Why are you so stubborn!”

“What kind of a question is that?”

“Well…most girls in your position would have given up by now.”

“Pft. What kind of pussy girls have you kidnapped before?” Max gave a mock gasp.

“Such language! Those “pussy girls” as you so charmingly referred to them as, gave up because-“

Max leaned in close to Liz’s ears so that she could feel every rumble in his deep voice. She did not fight his advance.

“They knew my reputation.”

Liz looked up at Max and tried to look unshaken by his cocky words.

“You don’t scare me.”

“I did last night.”

Liz lay there expectantly waiting for more taunts, more threats, or more abuse. But none came. Max just studied every part of her. Her cheeks grew warm and she looked away. Then he did something she expected least of all- he untied her.

“Don’t think about making a break for it. I’m only untying you so I can take you to the cage outside.” Liz eyes widened in panic.

“Why!? Why are you taking me there? What are you doing with me now? Oh god…are you going to share me with you friends? Are you switching between yourselves again?”

A very possessive looked flashed over Max’s face mingled with pity as he heard the deep fear and disgust in her voice.

“No. I’m not going to share you. You want to eat don’t you?”

“No. I’m not going to accept anything you give me.”

“Alright fine then, I’ll lock you up in here. But I thought you might want to see your friends.” Liz’s heart caught at his last comment.

“My…friends.” Max chuckled.

“I knew it. Well the other guys might take the girls out as well. But you would just have to find out.” Liz’s eyes narrowed in anger and resentfully she muttered.

“Ok fine.”

Max pulled Liz up by the collar of his coat and pulled her towards the door. He wrapped his arm around her waist and turned her around. For Liz this moment was both unbelievably scary and extremely tempting. Something in the back of her mind told her to keep her defenses up, but it was quickly quieted by her racing pulse. Pressed closely to her bare-chested oppressor she could feel his muscles flexing as he squeezed her closer to him. She didn’t want to look up. Liz felt that his eyes could see right through her. She felt his hand under her chin as her face was lifted to meet his.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why…do you care?”

“Does it matter whether I care or not?” Liz felt his hot breath on her lips and her breathing became shallow.

“No. Either way you’re still a heartless bastard.”

“Then why’d you ask if I care. Do you want me to care.”


“Cause if you want me to-“


Max looked deep into her eyes wanting to lose himself in them again. He could see her building up her walls as they spoke so he burned even harder into her gaze hoping for another connection. What was it about this girl that made him so crazy? This had never happened before with anyone. All the girls he had before were just that- girls he had. He liked the feeling of physical pleasure so he took it whenever he could. But now…Liz. He hadn’t even taken her yet though he had had the opportunity to do so. There was something more he wanted from her, something deeper. He could see her brilliant heart burning with passion and energy and for some reason he promised himself he would never break her spirit. In this moment as she wearily gazed up at him her eyes brimming with anger and fear, he wanted to earn her trust, her body…and her soul.

“Um…are we going outside.”

“Wha? Oh yeah. Yeah we are.”

Liz had seen the vulnerability in his eyes for a split second and silently mourned its loss when she saw them harden again as he went to open the door. He flung it open and she could see his transformation from bedroom Max to hanging round his Friends Max. She scoffed. Just like men.

“Boys! Rise and shine! We gotta go out!”

Liz took in the large room. She hadn’t really paid attention last night for obvious reasons. She saw the cage sitting in the middle of it and bristled. She saw the couches and several more of those hideous rugs thrown on the floor. She noticed rather disturbed a corner that had a few ladies undergarments strewn about. She shuddered.

“You still cold?”


Max opened the cage and pushed her in gently. She sat down bundled in the large red coat. She would never admit it, but she was grateful for it. It held his scent as well, which was none to offensive. It was virile and male and she took a strange comfort in it. She watched Max pace about waiting for his friends. Liz noticed how he would take quick glance at her every few minutes or so and she turned her head hoping to impede his view.

A door opened and Max and Liz both turned their heads to see Alex pulling Isabel along behind him. Alex looked grumpy and groggy. Isabel looked a bit self satisfied and very unhappy.

“Brother! But what’s the matter?”

“Nothing Max. I just had a time of it last night with this one.”

“Do you not like her anymore?” Alex turned to Isabel and smiled. Isabel scowled at him and tossed her now flat hair.

“Oh no. I still like her very much.”

He pulled her to the cage and deposited her there as if she were money at the bank. Something precious but obviously not precious enough. Liz and Isabel collapsed in each other’s arms and let the tears trickle out of their tired eyes.

“Are you ok Isabel?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

“Did he?”

“No. But he did hit me across the face.” Liz let out a bitter laugh.

“Yeah well I was thrown against a wall.”

“Oh my god are you alright?”

“Yeah yeah. My head only hurts a little now.”

“Did he?”

“Surprisingly no.”

“Then why are you wearing his coat?”

“Oh that. He ripped my dress.”

“The jerk.”

“I know. I really liked that dress.”

Sitting on the couches Max and Alex talked together their heads close and their voices low.

“So did you?”

“Oh yeah. I pulled off that red dress and showed her who was boss. We had some fun times.” Alex was very embarrassed he was lying. But it was better than having his friend think he was a pussy.

“Ha ha. I can see that. Nice shiners.”

“ Thanks. So how about you?”

“Let’s just say she was all tied up for the evening.”

The two boys snickered. Max felt a new surge of guilt for lying, but he couldn’t let his reputation be besmirched. He wondered if Alex was telling the truth. The two boys continued to talk when Michael burst through his door with Maria slung over his shoulders. Maria was screeching at the top of her lungs. Liz and Isabel quickly stood and watched with a mix of horror and amusement.

“God damn it you asshole! Put me down! I’m not some sack you can throw around.”

“Jeez you’re right.” Michael yelled as he plunked her down.

“Sacks don’t talk nearly as much as you!”

“Oh you bastard. You think you can shut me up after what you did to me last night!”

“What did I do.”

“What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO! How about abuse! Tying me to a chair all night with out even offering me a blanket! Attempted rape! Thank god only attempted!”

Michael saw Alex and Max out of the corner of his eye laughing wholeheartedly at the scene before them. ‘Damnit she’s going to give away that I didn’t touch her last night.’

“What do you mean attempted? I think we had some fun.”

Maria pulled one hand free and slapped him across the face.

“How dare you call that fun! You sicko! And what are you talking about anyway. You know the only thing you got close to was a simple-ugh-but disgusting whiff of my panties! Then you went all psycho murderer as I watched on in horror from my tiny corner holding only a lead pipe for my protection!”

“Shut up!”

Michael grabbed Maria by the arm and threw her into the cage that Alex had wisely opened quickly. Michael turned to see Alex and Max staring amusedly at him. He smiled nervously.

“We had fun last night.”

“Yeah I’m sure.”

Liz and Isabel gaped at Maria as she fumed. Her nostrils flared as she glared daggers at the spiky haired boy laughing with his friends.

“He didn’t rape me! He’s such a liar! Jeez can’t look wimpy in front of his friends. I can’t believe it!”

“Maria, honey…do you really care if he lies or not? The point is, he didn’t. Do you want him to change his mind?” Maria looked at Isabel and sobbed out

“No.” The three girls cried some more checking to see if everyone was ok.

“Well if these guys didn’t touch us maybe that other one didn’t hurt Ava.” Liz said hopefully. But she soon bit her tongue.

Kyle staggered out of his room holding Ava’s hand. She wasn’t struggling; in fact, she didn’t seem to notice the world. Her dark eye make up was streaked all over her face, her clothes were crumpled and ripped, and her hair was mussed. Kyle’s face was blank but he smoothly put on his smirk.

“Well boys I gave back a lot last night.”

Kyle cringed at his own words. He recalled her face, and her blue eyes so wide with shock. He mentally shook himself.
‘I don’t care.’ He tried to convince himself.

“Did you now brother!”

“Oh yeah.” The boys whooped and hollered as they were
all reunited.

Liz, Maria, and Isabel looked on at Ava. She wasn’t even conscious of what was being said. Max opened the cage and Kyle put her in. She crumpled to the ground next to her friends. Max looked back at Liz and felt another wave of guilt at the pain in her eyes. ‘I’m sorry’ he thought. ‘I really am.’ With that, he locked the cage.

“Ava!” the three girls whispered simultaneously.

Ava said nothing. All she could do was cry. She felt empty and dirty. He had woken up in the morning and dressed her while she watched him. Every time his hand touched her skin, she shook.

“Oh my god Ava…he did didn’t he.”

Still she said nothing.

Isabel seethed with rage. She looked at Kyle and felt the urge to kill. Ava put her head on Isabel’s lap and curled up in a fetal position. Maria and Liz stroked her shoulder and saw the bruises on her legs. Their teardrops fell on her hair. They looked at Isabel. Her breathing was ragged and she bit her lip so hard a drop of blood welled at the spot.

“Isabel you’re bleeding.”

“Does it matter.”


“What he did to her. Why did he have to do it. Why?”

“I don’t know.”

“I want to kill him.”

“Is we’ll get out of here I promise.”

“We’ll find a way!”

“Yeah Maria’s right we’ll find a way.”

“It’s still to late for Ava. Ava has to live with this now. She has to spend the rest of her life thinking of this horrible incident. Nightmares and paranoia. This is her hell and it’s starting right now.”

“I know. But we’ll all help her. We’ll make her well again.”

“I want to kill him.” Before they could stop her, Isabel called out to Kyle who had his back turned on the scene.

“Hey you!” The four boys turned around.

“How could you have done this to her?” Kyle swallowed nervously.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Was it fun? Was it fun when you destroyed her?”

“I think you should shut up now. I know my little punk had fun.”

“Stop calling her that! She has a name and it’s Ava! Now thanks to you she is going to suffer.”

Kyle’s heart constricted. The other three boys couldn’t say anything and just watched. But they knew that something was going on with Kyle. And they knew why.

“She is going to suffer and it’s all your fault. You psycho fuck-up!”

Kyle stood and menaced down at Isabel. She almost faltered but swallowed her fear and kept shouting. She wanted to hurt him. She wanted to tear him down for what he did to her best friend.

“It’s all your fault. It’s your entire fault. You are the most disgusting awful person. You might as well have killed her. I bet you have before. I bet you’ve killed loads of girls right after you took their dignity. Right after your forced yourself into them and crushed their spirit.”

“Shut up shut up.” Kyle whispered. He turned around and walked away from the cage. He saw it in his mind. He saw it all in his mind.

Laughing. The headlights. Squealing tires. Screams. A baby’s cry. Blood. It’s all my fault.

“It’s all your fault!! I hope it eats you alive!”

“Noooooo!” Kyle screamed startling the five other people in the room. He ran to the entrance and slammed it open. His friends watched him disappear down the alleyway.

Michael ran up to the cage and kicked it.

“Shut up! I swear I’ll fucking hit you!” Alex jumped up.

“Hey!” Michael turned

“What?” Alex stared at him torn. Isabel looked on in surprise at Alex’s apparent move to defend her.

“Nothing. Just uh, let’s go get Kyle.”

Max got up as well and followed Michael and Alex out.

He said nothing.

Liz, Maria, Isabel, and Ava all breathed a collective sigh of relief. Isabel held Ava tighter.

“It’s gonna be ok.”

Maria turned to Liz.

“What was that all about?”

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I thought I would make up for my giant leave and gift you with another part a little earlier. But sorry this is probably just a one time thing. I'll be back later with a new part, but you know later later.

Ok I guess I went song crazy in this one. It doesn't help I'm listening to my Cowboy Bebop soundtracks. Ok the songs are Call me Call me by The Seat belts and Yoko Kanno and Flying Teapot by Yoko Kanno. Umm Call me call me is metaphor. If you don't get it(this is not an insult, I'm just saying if you don't get my screwy way of making metaphors) then bmail me and I will explain but not right now cause you want part! So here you go

Part 4: Musical Interlude

Kyle ran hard trying to leave the taunts and memories behind. It’s all my fault, he repeated to himself. He saw the accident. Again. And again.

The boys found him collapsed on the floor. They noticed he was shirt less and went to offer him their coats when they realized they were all shirtless as well. Max who had been so silent before walked up to Kyle and knelt down beside him.

“Man it’ll be ok. Don’t listen to what that bitch said. It doesn’t matter.”

Kyle turned to Max. Max could see his eyes misted over. He had almost cried. But he couldn’t ever really cry. He didn’t have any tears left.

“It isn’t ok. It will never be ok.” Kyle rose to his feet and paced in front of the boys.

“It will be ok! Forget it man. It never happened.”

“But it did happen! It did! I killed them I did it! I saw them lying on the floor struggling for breath while I walked away. How can I forget that?”

“Because we all did!” The boys turned to look at Michael.

“We all ‘forgot’ something in our pasts. We all decided to band together and get away from it. And we’ve been fine! We have power; we have control we are one of the most influential gangs in this neighborhood if not the most. We are the masters of our own destiny! So Max is right! It never happened. It never happened. Now let’s get our coats and go ‘shopping’.”

The boys walked towards the warehouse again each silently repeating the mantra Max and Michael had so cleverly composed. But as they repeated it a small voice in each of the boy’s heads whispered.

“It did happen.”

The girls sat in silence locked in their own fear. They all wanted comfort but knew that they couldn’t give enough to each other. They wanted out. Ava had stopped crying though she was still curled up. I

sabel stroked her hair absently and thought strangely of Alex.

‘Why did he defend me?’ She saw his warm eyes in her head and smiled slightly. It was awful to think of these things, especially in the circumstances but she couldn’t help it. She couldn’t stop seeing something good in his eyes. Maybe it was the only thing she could cling to. She wondered what she looked like. ‘Ha in a two day old dress hair and makeup? Not good.’ She looked down at Ava. She took in a ragged breath as a sob caught in her throat. God why Ava? She was so sweet and energetic. She was always the one who wanted to party as much as her, always the one willing to have fun and try new things. Now she would never be that way, ever again. It wasn’t fair. Maybe she could talk to…no god what was she thinking? Talk to the rapist’s friend. What kind of a conversation would that be? Excuse me Mr. Kidnapper and friend of the man who raped my best friend could you? No way. He probably wouldn’t even listen. She just wanted to know what he was hiding. Alex had had a haunted look in his eyes last night and it had piqued her curiosity. She would find out what it was and then use it against him. Isabel’s thoughts were only on revenge. They needed to be taught a lesson and she was just the girl to do it.

Ava looked catatonic on the outside, but on the inside, her mind was alive. At first, all she could think about was last night. It ran over and over in her mind like a broken record. Now there was a strange somewhat calm that came over her. She was with her friends. She would be ok. She could feel Isabel’s hand on her hair and she took comfort in it.

“Lay your heart lay your soul upon my magic carpet...” Ava crooned the familiar tune under her breath. It was one of her favorite songs that Liz had burned for her last Christmas. She smiled at the memory. Last Christmas had been one of the best she had ever had.

“...Now we are flying to Venus just to kill some time for tea ok...”

She remembered all the pies they had gotten from their parents. Her mother had sent two apple ones and Isabel’s had sent two fruitcakes (which they quickly disposed of), Liz’s mom had made a cheesecake, and Maria’s mom had made some weird all natural wheat germ thing. They had sat together on Christmas Eve stuffing themselves on way too many sweets, laughing hysterically, and exchanging gifts.

“...Remember. Surrender. There’s nothing you can do...”

Ava remembered the best present she had gotten. Her little kitten Milky way. He was the most beautiful cat she had ever seen. It had been a present from Maria, Liz, and Isabel. They knew how much she had always wanted one. He was black and swirled with white hence the name Milky Way. Oh she had loved that kitty so much. She carried him everywhere and petted him constantly. She was so proud of him and showed him off every time people visited the house. One morning she had been sleeping and had forgotten to close her door. Milky Way snuck out and went in the cupboards knocking over everything, then he found a way outside. Ava woke up just in time to see the aftermath of his kitchen rampage and see him get crushed by an oncoming truck as he tried to cross the street.

“...Cause love’s such a joke...”

She had run out screaming at the driver who stopped when she jumped in front of him. He had gotten out yelling.

“What the fuck is your problem! You trying to get killed?”

“You hit something you fucking ass! You hit my kitty!” Ava ran to where Milky Way lay crumpled in a heap. She screamed loudly to the driver to call someone.

“Who do I call?!”

“911? I don’t know! Just call a fucking vet or something!”

Isabel, Maria, and Liz had heard the screaming and had run out to see Ava lying down next to Milky Way whispering softly to him.

“Be ok. I promise we’ll get you a doctor you’ll be as good as new.” She stroked his fur. His breathing was laboured and he mewed in pain. But his cry was growing fainter with each breath. Ava pet under his chin gently and he licked her fingers. He died looking at her.

Isabel pulled Ava up and hugged her tightly.

“It’ll be ok sweetie.”

“I know.”

She stilled stared at him. The driver was gone. He had apologized quickly and left. She stood in the middle of the street wearing her favorite pink and white striped pajamas looking down at his lifeless body. The girls had finally gotten her to move and they buried him under the tree in their backyard.

“ a little jack-in-the-box you know...”

They had buried him. They had covered him over in dirt. But Ava had never forgotten the way he looked. He looked the way she felt right now lying in this cage. Dirty and crushed, mangled and…and…wrong.

“Love’s such a joke, like a little jack-in-the-box you know.”

For some reason she thought of Kyle. She tried to see him as a person. It was hard. She kept seeing him crawling on top of her, but she managed. She had witnessed the entire exchange between him and Isabel. She had seen real guilt in his expression. Maybe he did regret it. But then again, why the fuck should she care. He violated her first. He had committed the ultimate act upon her body. She wanted to make him pay. However, she was too afraid to try anything. What if he did it again? She couldn’t go through it again. She would die. There was something in his past though; something he had regressed none too deeply and it had resurfaced. She wanted to know why. ‘Maybe if I know that he’s vulnerable, it’ll make me feel a bit better.’ Just a little bit. She hoped that little bit was enough.

“…like a little jack-in-the-box you know…”

Maria was going to rip Michael’s eyes out. That was her survival alternative. She would blind him so she could make an escape. Or maybe she would kill him with that lead pipe. But as she rolled through her choices she found each unappealing. She didn’t want to kill him. She didn’t want to hurt him…well not as drastically as ripping his eyes out. Maybe just a concussion. But why didn’t she want to kill him? Wasn’t he just the slime of the earth? Pitiful trash that should be put out of its misery before it becomes to toxic even for it’s own self? Yes he was all those things, but she didn’t want to do it. She couldn’t do it. Maybe it was her morbid curiosity. She knew she was going to escape that was her hope. At least while she was here maybe could try to well try to do something for him. Not sexually, but maybe emotionally. God she had gone as mad as he had.

Liz was lost in a dream. At first, it was a dream of escape, then a dream that none of this was happening, and finally her thoughts turned to Max. She felt herself slipping as she had gotten very little sleep last night and she gradually let it happen.

There was a room. Like the warehouse, she was trapped in now but less intimidating. It was smaller and more intimate. There were hundreds of candles lying everywhere. The glow framed her face. She didn’t feel real, as if she were a strange spirit half in and half out of her current dimensional location. Her skin felt like it was being caressed by a dozen hands that ran lightly over her with their fingertips. Then someone entered the room. She couldn’t see them at first but she knew who it was.

“I close my eye’s and I keep seeing things Rainbow waterfalls, sunny liquid dreams…”

‘Where is that music coming from?’ The shadow moved closer toward her. She could feel its gaze upon her.

“Confusion creeps inside me raining doubt, gotta get to you, but I don’t know how…”

It moved ever closer and Liz could feel it inside her. Her flesh tingled and her hair stood on end. The music grew a little louder.

“Call me…call me Let me know it’s alright, call me call me, don’t you think it’s about time, please won’t you call and…”

The shadow was reached her. She still couldn't see it’s face but she knew.

“Max.” she whispered. It echoed through the space. The music swelled all around her.

“Ease my mind, reasons for me to find you, peace of mind, what can I do to get me to you…”

The shadow reached out its hands and touched her. It thrilled through her.

“Max!” she cried trying to move closer to see his face.

“…Ten thousand years I’ve searched it seems and now, gotta get to you, won’t you tell me how…”

Liz wanted to see him she pushed herself closer and closer as he caressed her. Finally, she got a glimpse of his face. She saw his right side first. He was so beautiful, those amber eyes, his soft lips. She kissed him gently. The music grew even louder. It was beginning to hurt her ears.

“Call me call me…let me know you are there, call me call me, I wanna know you still care…”

She saw him smile and then turn his head. His image fogged again and she moved in closer. Then she saw him again. His flesh was pulled away to reveal muscle and skeleton. Her eyes widened in horror and she tried to pull away. But she couldn’t no matter how hard she tried. The music was swelling even louder.

“Ease my mind, Reasons for me to find you, peace of mind, reasons for living my life, ease my mind, reasons for me to know you, peace of mind…”

Then he turned again only this time to face her full on and she saw his whole face. One half was the handsome dangerous one she desired so much, the other…the face of death. She screamed.

“…What can I do, to get me to you.”

She finally managed to get away from him, but she still kept on screaming. He looked so hideous. The music screamed as loud as she did. It drowned out her voice. Max still looked on never saying a word. He smiled.

Liz was shaken awake by a very worried Maria.

“Liz goddamnit what’s wrong?!”

“Huh? Wha? Oh god, was I, dreaming?”

“Yeah you dozed off, what happened?”

“Oh it felt so real, so real.”

“What felt real?” Liz looked at Maria.

She couldn’t tell her. If she did, Maria would go ballistic.
There was no way that she could tell her best friend that she was developing feelings for her kidnapper. Especially Maria.

“Nothing, it was nothing. Just stressed about this whole thing.” Maria kissed her forehead affectionately.

“Don’t worry chica, we’ll get out of here.”

Isabel and Ava nodded their heads slightly, hoping Maria was right.

But that didn’t comfort Liz. Not anymore. There was something more she wanted.

“Yeah. Yeah we will.”

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I have been working on part 5 actually. There's going to be some exciting stuff(including maybe some...swords depending on how crazily nutty I want to get)

I hope you like it when you get it.

I apologize for this again. I feel really bad. But yes I am continuing this. Yes Yes Yes.

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Uh this will be a bit rough. Violence and stuff. I'm not taking any chances so I shall warn you all...I'm strange. I don't know it's 2 in the morning I'm jacked up. Ok heres Mr. Story!

Part 5

The boys returned with somber expressions. They eyed the four girls wearily. They were dangerous, Michael had said, their was something about them that was unnerving.

“It’s like keeping tigers in a cage, sooner or later they will break free and tear us to pieces.”

The three boys took one look at the dead serious expression on their friend’s face, and burst out laughing. They laughed hard and long, then awkwardly stopped. It was fate that had decided for all to simultaneously get the image of four very hungry tigers with brown, blonde, and pink hair eating them alive. Suddenly it wasn’t very amusing.

Kyle remained silent still feeling the guilt for his actions. He wanted to make it up to Ava. But he wouldn’t tell the guys that. Hell he didn’t want to believe it himself. This inward struggle was new to him, feeling remorse for his actions, something he hadn’t done in a long time. He had buried it all in the back of his mind. Now this wide-eyed wild child had pulled it all to the surface.

Michael stared at Maria trying not to be pulled in by her siren’s song. God she was just too beautiful to be true. It seemed she became more so with each breath. If only she wasn’t such a pain in the ass! What scared him was the fact that he didn’t mind much, in fact, he hardly minded at all. He liked her that way, she was smart and could one up him at every turn. He had been waiting for a girl like her. Someone who he could spar with and know wouldn’t run away in fright. He was in wonder of the pixie. He shook himself. If this was how she affected him after a day, he wondered if he could survive another hour in her presence. He had no other choice, unless he just let her go, and he couldn’t, wouldn’t do that.

He wasn’t mad at her. He should have been, he rightfully should have slapped her. But he didn’t, he couldn’t. Because secretly he had admitted that she was right. Now he felt the guilt seeping in. Kyle may have been the subject of her malicious attack, but he was also what she had said…a rapist, a kidnapper. It hit him heavy. He had had these feelings for a long time, but he never expressed them. He loved his three brothers too much. And he really did love them. They were his support group, his family, and the only ones that mattered to him now. His other family never cared, never once…well it was in the past. But Alex wondered with Isabel in his life, how long it would stay there.

Max Evans was not going to admit it, in fact, he didn’t even know it yet himself, but he was in love. Head over heels. From the minute he saw her, smelt her hair, touched her skin, he was hooked. She was already a fever in his blood and like a wolf searching for his lifetime companion, he was sniffing around for a way to make her his. Even if it was only subconsciously. He had already made that conscious promise not to hurt her, and that was the first big step. It was all working in mysterious ways. But it was working. And before he knew it, it would hit him.

The boys stood over the girls discussing, each trying to look as manly as possible.
Michael tapped the cage with his heavy boot and the girls perked their heads up cautiously. The boys winced. They could see the sharp teeth.

“You hungry?” Liz, the once unsuccessful spokesperson of the group tried her hand at leadership skills again.

“I’m not going to eat anything you give me, but I don’t know how the girls feel.” She looked at Isabel, Maria, and Ava. They shook their heads in firm no.

“They seem to not be very hungry either.”

Michael snorted, Kyle looked down, Alex scratched his head, and Max looked worried. What if she starved herself to death, what if she starved herself to death what if she starved herself…

“Fine.” Max retorted. “You don’t have to eat, but I would recommend it.”

“Well I don’t really think I’m going to listen to any advice you have to give me.”

“You’re a dumb broad then.” Michael snapped.

“Hey Ass! Don’t talk to my friend that way.”

“Don’t even think I’m going to listen to you, loud mouth!”

“Loud mouth-”

“Listen Liz you aren’t gonna get anywhere if you don’t eat-”

“I don’t see why it would be your concern-”

“- Most incompetent, arrogant, macho-“

“-have to be so stubborn?-“

“-not going to deem that with a response!”

“-shut up god damnit!-“

“-tied me to a chair all night!-“

“Ava I think you should eat something-“

“-don’t you dare suggest anything to her Kyle-“

“-wasn’t talking to you was I Isa-“

“-all night! A chair!-“

“-Liz be reasonable-“

“-Reasonable! Look you-“

“-went OJ on me-“

“-I’m not a malcontent!-“

“-She has a voice and a mind of her-“

“-one that you probably destroyed-“


“-Still an ASS!-“






“-Ice Princess-“

“Everybody- SHUT THE FUCK UP!” The room grew silent. Alex sucked in a deep breath and tried to regain his calm. Ava had been the only one besides him who hadn’t said a word.

“Max, Michael, and Kyle. Why don’t we go just get munchies. If they get hungry, they will eat eventually. Let’s not worry about it. Let’s go.”

The boys nodded their heads in approval. What had just happened here. They grabbed their coats from their respective rooms when Max realized that his coat was still on Liz. But Liz was also naked under that coat. Uh-oh.

“Be a man.” Max whispered to himself. Walking up to the cage he tried to put on his best hard look and scrutinized Liz closely. He faltered before he could get the words out.

“Uh Look! Liz, I need my coat…to go, and you must give it to me…now.”

“I am not, I am naked underneath this, this is the only form of clothing I have.”

“Liz. -“

“Don’t you dare ask me for anything! You know what my answer will be.”

“I wasn’t going to ask. This isn’t a request. Michael open the door.” Doing as he was told Mike stepped aside to let Max in. The malicious look on his face made Liz falter and she tried to slink back into the protection of her friends. Max grabbed her before she had the chance and held her by her neck like an unruly cat. Liz grunted in anger and clawed at his face. Isabel tried to fight for her but was pushed down by Kyle. She shuddered as if his touch were a repulsive thing and shielded Ava from his eyes. Michael watched Maria and dared her to try anything. She didn’t. Alex just watched the scene and felt the urge to punch Kyle in the face when he saw his mistreatment of Isabel.
Max ripped the coat off Liz’s body leaving her exposed wearing only the ripped remains of her dress. One breast and her soft back were exposed to his view. He hardened instantly and with a satisfied smile divested her of his garment. Michael closed the cage and Liz stood in abject humiliation frozen in horror. Max felt the burn immediately and turned away. The boys walked out again and closed the door behind them with a decisive bang.

Liz could not believe it. Well she could, but she had thought that he had begun to care for her. Maybe enough to spare her and her friends pain, unlike the others of his gang.
‘This isn’t a request, this isn’t a request, this isn’t a request…’ The agonizing embarrassment of the statement was that he spoke to her as if she was a child and he a harsh scolding parent. She thought he cared. Perhaps this is what her dream meant, there was a side of him that could destroy her, that could hurt her, a piece of his history that made him dark. He was after all still a criminal. It was becoming harder to remember that as time went on. The past few events of the hours had drawn her to him, not just physically but emotionally. It was an unnatural thing the vibrations she could feel radiating off him to her. For some reason, she felt them more strongly than any emotion she could ever remember consciously. Feeling him disconnect with her the way he had was a slap in the face.

“GUYS!” Liz turned to see Isabel working at the lock with a piece of wire. Maria sat up and watched her intently, silently cheering her on, Liz watched curiously, and even Ava perked up. Then there was the most beautiful sound that any of them could hear, the most satisfying reaction between the two metals rubbing together.


They were free.

No one could speak or move for a moment. It was an unbelievable emotion knowing that you can go home. Go home and take a shower, get a cup of coffee, watch monotonous tv. The feeling of freedom.

“How did you do that? What did you do it with?” Liz finally whispered. Isabel turned with a triumphant smile.

“I remembered I had a hair pin. My ex-boyfriend Kenny taught me this trick.”

“Oh.” More silence trickled in between their words. With a huff Maria picked herself up and helped Ava to her feet.

“Well instead of standing here admiring the fact that Isabel’s ex-sex partner was a criminal, why don’t we get out of here!” They all nodded their heads in agreement.

“Yeah, let’s get the fuck out of here.” They stopped again when they heard Ava utter the first words she had said since morning. It lifted their hearts to their crusade and they set out. The outside blinded them with it’s heat and streaked bands of sunlight, but all looked at it gratefully. They moved quickly and quietly, feeling safer now that it wasn’t dark. Liz clutched her dress to her breast. They turned the corner.

“Anyone there Is?”


“Let’s go!”

The girls looked around trying to find street signs or familiar sites. There were none.

The warehouse district of Roswell was a barren wasteland of civilization where people let the rubbish rot, both human and non. Human trash skittered about in the large abandoned buildings. Forgotten youth condemned to ostracism, young upstarts who came in with big dreams and stayed for the easy prey, a world where survival of the fittest was each breath, Darwinism at its finest. How did the world become this way? One always gets nostalgic when thinking about how things go wrong, a recollection of when boys didn’t rape in gangs and got away with it, where grown men weren’t afraid of their own sons’ shadows. Why did the upcoming men betray the expectations of all? Was it a backlash against society? An impact of the media? Perhaps they became tired of playing by the rules. Or maybe it was society’s great apocalypse, not of biblical but moral proportions. As times changed, the seven deadly virtues became a necessary evil for men, women, and children. The death of the standard, the murder of order, the slaughter of bohemian ideals. What place were truth, beauty, freedom, and love in the jungle of business? In the year of our Lord, big brother was our new neighbor. We were all Orwellians, drowned in the sea of information, and the cesspool of humanity. Somewhere inside that gaping hole was our morality, and somebody tucked it away in a neat little folder and labeled it “nostalgia”. So ladies and gentlemen, our very souls, karma, faith, decency, it’s all just nostalgia. Dust it off on a free weekend, place it in your crumbling record player, and listen to the song of your once living vessel of kindness, listen to it scream, listen to plead, listen to it bleed.

“I think I found the right street!” Maria waved madly to the other’s in the back. They tripped over to their excited blond haired friend. The girls could see the familiar path they had ran in the night and found a new hope. With each step their hearts grew lighter freedom was close, freedom.

“Hello ladies.”

Again the four girls were stopped by dangerous men. Except these weren’t Max, Michael, Alex, and Kyle. They were different, there were more of them, and they looked hungry. Fear crept like snakes heavy on their skin. Liz, Isabel, Maria, and Ava looked at each other and made a decision. They silently counted 1,2,3 before trying to take off towards the car. It was daytime, surely it would be easier to find their way around.

Liz was grabbed by one of the men, who was clad in what looked like a valet uniform and her hair was pulled cruelly like a horse’s rein. Isabel was tripped and held at gunpoint, Maria going quickly into hysterics was silenced by another laughing hoodlum with a punch to the face. His eyes told stories of complete barbarity. Ava had frozen and was grabbed by two of the men and held tightly arms twisted behind her. The valets snickered and ‘inspected’ them. The four girls barely struggled. This last twist had ripped the hope from them.

“Well well well boys. We got our selves some entertainment.” Liz strained free and faced the apparent leader. Her eyes were ragged with pleading.

“Please! Don’t hurt them! Just take me.”

Her efforts were rewarded with a smack..

“Pretty pussy doesn’t talk. And there is no either or darling, just first and second. And since you volunteered…”

Liz was held by 2 of the men and her legs were pulled open to expose the soft flowered panties under her skirt. Her ripped dress had been removed from her hands and her breasts were exposed. One hoodlum kneaded it until it began to tinge with black and blue. She tried to scream but was gagged; Isabel, Maria, and Ava tried to pull and kick free but were held tightly by the excited men. They could only be spectators to the defilement taking place.

“LIZ!” Maria choked on her own blood as she screamed her throat raw. The sight was too much for her. To watch her friend eyes wide with fear made her lose all control. Liz was the strong one. But not anymore. Isabel beseeched the man, tears of frustration blinding her. Ava felt selfish but all she could see was it happening to her. She could feel those anticipated thrusts, and hear the deep grunts of satisfaction. She thought of Liz in that position, while they watched on. This had to stop.

The boys didn’t expect Ava to struggle. She seemed to have accepted her fate and let go of any cheeky ideas. But when she broke free they knew they had a made a mistake.

She lunged at the stimulated valet and ripped her nails through his skin. The pugilistic encounter came to soon for the greasy haired boy and he was knocked to the ground slamming hard on his back. Ava molded his face to a new shape with her tiny enraged fists.


Liz joined pulling at his hair and kicking him in the back. She went to help the other girls struggle away from their captors and defend themselves. But there were only four of them and 6 of the oily small eyed men. They were held tighter now and faintly cracking bones could be heard in their sockets.

“That was not a very smart thing to do.” The injured man grated. His world was half covered in a dripping bruise and the gleam of his gold tooth flickered on the ground. He walked over to Liz and doubled her over with a punch to the stomach.

“If you want it rough, we’ll make it rough.” He traveled over to Ava.

His meaty hand gripped her hair and his other reached up to deliver a brutal blow, when a voice from hell froze him.

“CANDOR!” The boys looked in the distance, not needing eyes to see who was coming. Their bellies filled with dread. It was…them. They could see the one with the purple coat practically flying toward them his face a contorted angle of ire and promised suffering. The boy called Candor backed away into his throng of minions and eyed Kyle nervously.

“Kyle! What a pleasant surprise. What would you want?” Candor could spot Max, Michael and Alex behind him, adding to the ominous picture.

“I want the woman. She is mine. If you have touched her, I will make you live to regret it.” Kyle ground his heels into the pavement as he took a few steps closer to the simpering man.

“I have not touched her yet. But she did this to my eye, and I want revenge.” Kyle was inches away from Candor and examined him impersonally, dissecting his fear. At the word revenge Kyle reached an unforgiving hand to his throat and crushed his larynx whispering with malicious intent.

“The beast who desires revenge, dies a painful death, haunted by the agony, the screaming of his failure. For against me, the beast would always fail.”

Max, Michael and Alex tried to remain calm, though their ears captured every second of the altercation. They had no pity on Candor and his gang, as they were worthless to them and only caused trouble, but Kyle’s actions were what alarmed them. All four boys had been equally enraged when they saw their girls being abused by the Valets, but no one expected Kyle to make the first move. He had never made the first move. His stance was regal and his eyes were slits of malevolence.

Max turned his head to see Liz doubled over in pain. He had seen Candor punch her and his arms shook with unreleased animosity. Kyle didn’t get to have all the glory.

“Candor! I’m tired of you and your hoodlums in our territory. You know who rules these streets, yet you continually break the rules. This is the last straw. These women are ours.”

Max disguised himself with a half-smile, though his eyes glimmered with violence.

Candor wrung his hands ‘til they turned white. If Kyle wasn’t intimidating enough here was Max looming over him his lips curled into a mirthless smile. In the corner of his eye he could see Michael and Alex joining the fray. He had nowhere to go, he could do nothing, so he decided to try his luck.

“No. I won’t give them back. You’ll have to win them. You knew this day would come between us. Now we must see who is the better gang. And I think four against six are very fair odds.”

The four boys felt excitement spiral in them. It was finally time. Max stepped to Candor. The girls watched his shadow overtake his. Something was happening, what was going on?

“Very well.”

In unison Max, Michael, Kyle, and Alex removed their coats. Earlier all four had reached for their kitanas before they set out, a skill remembered from a life long ago. They hadn’t known they possessed it until they had stolen a shipment of the majestic weapons a while back. Michael had held it in his hands and begun to fight as if led by uncontrollable force. Then they all tried it. It was a tool they had tucked away from a life that was taken from them. How many lives had they lived? None were sure. How many had been taken away? It was yet to be seen.

With a swift motion, they stood poised and ready. The grip on their swords was one that could crush bones. Their muscles twitched and flexed beads of sweat collected on their temple.

Candor signaled to his boys to let the women go. In a flash, they were left in a heap on the floor as the five barbarians reached for their guns giggling madly.

“Your move Max.” Max grinned. It didn’t reach his eyes that were cold with murder.

“Let’s go.”

The six boys charged at the four and stumbled around in surprise when they touched none of them. The turned and saw the four boys standing where they once had been, still holding their swords, without a scratch. Liz tried not to blink for fear she would miss anything. How had they done that? Isabel wondered. Ava’s eyes were wide with disbelief Maria had half-fainted.

“You play games Max I thought you and your boys wanted action!”

“We want action, don’t you worry.” Growled Alex.

“The mighty Alex speaks! You know why you wear brown? Cause it’s the color of earth and that’s all you are. Your dirt, lower than it actually. And you know it.”

Michael saw the veins in Alex’s throat throbbing as his anger built. It made him angry too.

“Leave him alone Cassiel. Candor take control of your little cockroaches.”

The one named Cassiel raised an eye at his comment. He wasn’t about to be pushed around. The Royalty didn’t scare him, even if they did scare his leader.

“If we’re cockroaches, then squash us oh enraged one. Your temper will be the death of you, and I’ll be the one to give the final blow.”

“Silence Cassiel!” Candor’s brow was heavy with sweat. His fear grew as he watched the powerful men prepare themselves for the slaughter. And he knew it would be a slaughter. For no one had ever defeated the Royalty, that is why they were truly kings of the street.

“No! Why must we fear them! Cassiel is right!” A boy named Arthonath cried. The other three boys grunted in agreement. Why should they fear them?

“Fine! We shall show no fear, but remember boys. Remember who they are.” All six Valets readied their guns. Cassiel had waited for this day. Now they would see who was the true ruler.
“We know who they are Candor.” He gritted. “Beasts without fangs!”

The boys lunged and the fight began. Swift strokes and speed finished off Arthonath first. Alex was the one to give the blow. His sword entered his gut slicing quickly. Arthonath was rewarded with his intestines blossoming out of him, piling in his hands before he fell to death. A blood splattered Alex gained a boost of confidence.

“Fear me.” He whispered.

Kyle set himself on Candor, wanting retribution for Ava’s pain, wanting forgiveness for being the first. Candor aimed and shot but Kyle deflected with his sword.

He almost hadn’t. He had almost used them, but he reminded himself quickly. “I can’t use them. I can’t expose myself. Or the others.”

Candor shot again but Kyle moved sideways so the bullet didn’t even graze him. His sword raised in the air and swooped down. The clash of metal was deafening. Eye to eye the boys struggled against each other, Candor at the disadvantage as his only shield was his gun.

The sounds of battle surrounded the girls and they backed away until they bumped into a warehouse wall. If they had been afraid of the boys in the beginning, it was nothing to what it was now. They could sword fight. They could kill in seconds. They were pure killers, vicious, unfeeling. Why had they kept them alive?

“MAX!” Max heard Mike call his name and looked to see him being shot at from two directions by two of the hoods. He rushed over and cut. The hood did not even feel the metal cutting his bone and sinew and his head rolled on the ground. Michael gained advantage of the other and pierced him in the heart feeling the sword go through his soft skin. His eyes had become sable windows of nemesis as he pulled upward cutting the boy in half. His battle cry put shudders in Maria.

Max and Michael went to help their friends with the last three. Kyle and Candor were still grappling sword to gun. Max saw the exhaustion in Candor’s face. He was going to die soon. He scanned the area for Cassiel and the other hood. He could see Cassiel struggling with Alex but the other hood was not there, apparently the only intelligent one. He saw Mike join Alex against Cassiel. Kyle grunted and a man cried out. Candor was dead. The leader was dead. The gang would fall. Max went over to where Cassiel was kneeling on the floor. Alex and Michael held their swords at his throat. His eyes traveled to Max.

“Heh. Death doesn’t scare me you know. I just wanted to hurt you. It seems I have. How’s your arm Michael?”

Max and Alex looked to see Michael’s arm covered in crimson. He was struggling to hold his weapon.

“Shut it.” Max snarled.

“By the way, I saw you looking to the little brunette. Heh. You want to know what we did to her before you got here? Want to see her lovely tits now? You can only imag-“

Alex sliced his throat and his blood bubbled forth. He dropped to the ground.

“Thanks Alex.”

“No problem Max.” But the damage was done. Max saw Liz being hurt in his mind, and he was almost sorry he didn’t get to give him the deathblow. Kyle’s joined them.

“So I guess that’s it.”

“Yeah the sixth one ran off. Pussy.” Michael laughed.

“MAX!” Max’s blood went cold. He turned slowly to see the sixth hood twisting Liz’s hair back. His gun was pressed to her temple and tears streaked her face. The other girls did not dare move, for fear he would kill her.

“Don’t move boy. Or I’ll ruin this pretty face.” Max’s knuckles went white. He stood completely still, though his mind screamed to run and make a move.

“What…do you want?” he managed.

“You just killed my friends? What do I want? I want to see you suffer.” He saw it before it happened. The man’s finger squeezing the trigger, the bullet crushing into Liz’s head. He reacted before he could think.

He lifted his hand, the instant electricity in his eyes traveled to his palm and the punk’s arm was thrown back.

Alex, Michael, and Kyle tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. But nothing could erase Max using his powers so uncontrollably like that. What had he done?

Liz jerked free and ran to Max. She didn’t know what had just happened but all she knew was that she would feel safe in Max’s arms, no matter how crazy that sounded.

The boy fell back his gun almost slipping out of his hand. But he wasn’t as dumb as he seemed. He lifted the gun again, aimed and fired.

Kyle dropped to the ground in a heavy thud.

“KYLE!” Michael and Alex screamed. Max didn’t turn. Instead he rushed to the shooter and kicked him hard in the stomach. He fell to his knees. Grabbing the boy’s greasy hair, he placed his sword on the bridge of his nose.

“And your tears shall be scarlet.” He sliced and took off the top of his head, eyes first.

Ava was torn between running over to Kyle, and laughing at his plight. He was shot. He was going to die. Should she care? Did she care? Isabel stood slowly, followed by Maria. Ava got up last and they made their way to the outskirts of the situation. They saw Liz standing where Max had cradled her in his arms. Now Max was by his friend, trying to get a response out of him.

“Kyle? Oh god Kyle please answer!” Alex had propped his head up with his leg and Michael held his coat over the gushing stomach wound. They both knew what had to be done. They had to save Kyle. They couldn’t lose each other.

“Max you know what you have to do.”


“Do you want him to die!”

“No Michael. But our pact-”

“Screw the pact Max. Michael is right fix this!” Tears welled in Alex’s eyes and he didn’t wipe them away when they spilled over.

“Move your hand Michael.” With exact timing, Michael moved his coat and Max placed his hand on Kyle’s body. The wound was deep, especially since they had been fighting topless. Max saw Kyle’s flesh in his mind, he closed his skin, stopped the bleeding. He saw the life flowing back into him. He opened his eyes, panting from exertion.


He opened his eyes.


“Your ok.”

No one said anything.

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2crzy4roswell originally wrote:
Morgan ~

Do you realize how poetic your words are? Do you know I could see this as a cartoon?

Now reminder me, are not the one who likes that cartoon Space Cowboy? & I use the word cartoon loosely b'cuz it is actually an adult cartoon.

Did I even get the name right? I believe I've seen it a couple of times. . . very interesting. My kids are small so they are the ones that dominate the TV. . .I on the other hand have total control of the computer *place maniacal laugh here*

Anyway ~ What I was trying to say was your fic is amazing. I was wondering if you were going to have alien powers in this fic (It being Roswell & all *big*)

And when you called them "The Royalty" absolutely ingenious! *happy* I really did enjoy the sword fight too!

Now do all four of our men have the 'gift' of being 'alien' or is it just Max & Michael?

I suspected something 'unearthly' *giggle* when the "Valets" charged at our fantastic four and they were unharmed.

Thank you so much for that wonderful part. You know I would quote some of my favorite lines but then you would probably just be reading the whole chapter again except for a word or two *tongue**big*

Please don't wait too long before you post again. I don't know how long I can wait for another action packed episode.


Wow thank you for those really nice things you said!!!

Yes I am the one who watches Cowboy Bebop. Avidly now since I got them on DVD.

I was reading this over and I realized I did really make it very anime. And your right there not cartoons they are art. *big*

As for all the other things you asked you'll just have to wait and see, but just so you know I didn't name to Royalty for just any old reason*tongue*.

And just all the fb from everyone! Has been so wonderful! I really appreciate it!

I am working on new part. I will try not to take too long.
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I'm back. I have a new part. It's a bit short, but I'm still writing so. But I thought I would just give you something. Ok then.

Oh Politik I don't remember where I got the quiz
I think I just kinda found it searching for Cowboy Bebop quizzes.

I hope it's good. I was kinda having some problems. If it sucks I apologize. Alright enjoy!

Part 6 : Aftermath

A scream broke the silence. The seven looked to see Maria emptying her stomach.

“Oh god Maria!” Liz ran to her friend. Michael followed her.

Maria’s sparkling green eyes seemed twice as bright against the paleness of her skin. Her breathing was halted and painful. Liz gathered her in her arms and tried to comfort her.

“It’s ok Maria, shhh…”

“But Liz, I, they’re everywhere, oh god, it’s so red, everything is so red…”

Michael cleaned the blood off his coat with a wave of his hand and rested it over Maria. She winced. Liz looked up and for a moment, a silent connection was made between them. His eyes were honest. She nodded slightly.

“Maria honey, let’s get up. Ok?” Her head bobbed up and down like a lost child’s and she rose to her feet unsteadily. Liz let go of her hand and she fell, only to be caught by Michael’s ready arms. Liz saw this and walked over to Max turning her head quickly.

Maria felt his heat. It felt so good, safe. Subconsciously she pulled herself closer. The sweat on his body wet her cheek and arms. She wouldn’t have moved for anything.

Michael felt the same. Her body fit perfectly next to his, molding to his shape. She was still in her dress, her white boots; hair pulled in all directions. His heart ruptured. Her hands were so small. Who was he anymore?

Maria awoke from the moment and her senses took hold. She jerked away ripping the coat off and throwing it down.

“Don’t touch me, you bastard.” Michael immediately retreated into his shell.

“You came to me.”

She growled and walked away.

“Max…” He turned slightly. Max kept an eye on Kyle lying on the ground trying to comprehend why he wasn’t dead.
Liz’s eyes were his. Cliched metaphors weren’t good enough for, she was so much more. She conveyed fear and curiosity with pouted lips and surprised eyebrows.

“What happened? What did you do to Kyle? Who are you?”

Liz’s mind was a fire with questions. She had seen him save Kyle, by placing his hand upon his wound, sealing it. She saw him knock the gun out of the man’s hand with just his hand lifted in the air. Liz had never seen or believed any of that crap about supernatural powers or telekinesis but five minutes ago she hadn’t seen a dead man come back to life, with out a scratch.

Max felt paralyzed. He couldn’t answer her. He couldn’t tell her the truth. He glanced at Alex. “You have to do it” he mouthed. Alex looked down and studied the concrete. He looked back up and his eyes were cold uncut diamonds. He let his lids droop. He made Liz forget first.

She had to remember these questions. “What did you do to that man?” “How was it possible?” “Can any other…of …you…do.” Her mind was erased of all curiosity. All she remembered was the horrid battle, the blood, and Max coming to her rescue. Liz blinked quickly and with blank eyes turned to her friends. They had all forgotten too.

The boys gave a collective sigh of relief. But an ache followed. Something in them wanted the girls to know. A part of them was tired of hiding and living by death and fear. Who were they in the scheme of things? Lonely souls who gathered to share each other’s misery for they thought there was no one else who could share their suffering. The Royalty. That named seemed to mock them. How were they royal. Royalty had a sense of family narrative and majesty, they had a past muddled with betrayal and sorrow.

“Let’s go.” Max helped Kyle to his feet. He grabbed him in a fierce hug.

“Don’t do that again. You were careless. You could have died.”

“I’ll keep that in mind brother.”

Kyle went to Ava. She had been watching the exchange between he and Max. He reached his hand to her and she didn’t take it. He took it and pulled her gently towards the direction of the warehouse.

“You saved my life.” He almost didn’t hear her she spoke so soft. He turned his brown eyes to her blue. The shadow of 2-day stubble darkened his chin and lip.

“Are you asking me why?”


“Are you thanking me.”


“Then why did you say anything?”

“…Just marking the occasion.”

“If the situation arises, it won’t be the last.”

“We’ll see.”

“Come on.”

He didn’t have to tug her this time. She plodded along slowly following his footsteps, studying his face. He wasn’t able to hide his smile from her though it was slight. Ava’s mouth turned up too, though her smile still held grimace to it. There was time missing from their relationship, time they had to spend healing. And it would take longer than 24 hours for things to be all right.

“No wait. We’re not going home yet.” Isabel turned to Max. Alex stood beside him eyebrows raised, mildly curious. Her heart skipped a beat as he ran his hands through his hair. His dangerous eyes were a bit tired and it made him vulnerable to her. What was it about him that intrigued her?

“Where are we going with the chicks?”

“We still haven’t gone to get supplies. We’re going to Jet’s.”

“With the girls! We might as well just kill ourselves the amount of freaks that are going to be going after us to get them. This isn’t right Max!”

“Don’t get melodramatic Michael.”

“Uh I think he has a point. This is crazy.”

Max sighed exasperated with the lot of them. He picked up his coat and put it gruffly over Liz’s shoulders. The other three boys seeing his logic did the same for their girls. Ava winced, but slowly wrapped the coat around her. Isabel put on Alex’s coat with now question, grateful for the cover. Maria buttoned Michael’s coat up on her tiny frame after he had forced her into it. She grumbled lightly, but still smelled the collar for his scent.

“Look I know this is crazy. But since we obviously can’t trust them to just stay where we put them we have to-“

“Are you trying to make us feel guilty about what we did?” Maria snorted.


“With that little comment of yours where you said-“

“Look I don’t want to fight. It’s just the truth, and if you don’t like it, too bad. You and your friends are still ours. When we get to Jet’s you’re not allowed to leave our side or take off those coats. You think Candor and his Valets are bad. You haven’t seen all the men that run these streets in madness and blood. You think we’re scary. You haven’t seen anything. Don’t argue.”

“Why should we trust you. You’re all murderers.” Max looked down. He didn’t know why, but he felt guilty. Alex stepped up and stared Isabel down.

“Yes we’re murderers. Murderers who saved your lives.”

“Only because we’re your property!”

“You’re alive. Does it really matter why?” Max found his voice.

“Let’s just go.”

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Here's a new part I hope it's not too short for you, I know your used to 12 page updates, but well I figured you would want this sooner rather than later. I hope you enjoy.

Oh wait at the top of my head I want to thank some people who have been great readers! If I forget you then I am so sorry.

Thank you to Stardust Dreamer, LixMix, ChrissyP47, LanaLane, Meagzie, jeremiah, A Rose is True Blue, AvengingAngel, Sweet Lil Dreamer, aZNroSweLl anglgrl, roswellluver, 2crzy4roswell, starlady(yes he is inspiration, if Jet were a gross pervert. Which he's not he he), jassybee, Wench on a Leash(Read Truth Doesn't Make a Noise People!), Sternbetrachter,marteloise, Oh there's so many I can't write em all down! Cause I'm LAZY! But I still love you guys! You keep the story alive! *tear* *sniffle*

And by the way....if you guys think I'm talented at all, in the least, why don't you go you know...nominate me...for something.. *stops self-promotion* *big* Thank you for your time.


Part 7: Jet's

They trekked to Jet’s warehouse in the most central part of the district. Grated doors hung open like a toothless grin. The various street people made their way in and out, greeting each other and communicating with foreign gestures. Max, Michael, Kyle, and Alex pulled Isabel, Maria, Liz, and Ava along quickly. The sooner they finished the faster they could avoid trouble. The girls tried to disappear behind them, although it was hard to blend in next to four shirtless men wearing kitanas.

Jet was a run down biker with indifference towards everything except a good-looking woman. In fact, if you wanted a good deal, you could trade one of your captors for anything in the store, if she was pretty enough. His hair was spiked with oil and his face held grim lines that ran like canyons down a never handsome face. His narrowed eyes made him seem slanted and slick. He made the girls tremble with a smile. They moved behind their kidnappers clinging to them for safety, feeling shamed for needing them, but protected just the same.

“Jet.” A smog of cigar smoke poured from his thin lips which covered yellow gnarled teeth.

“Ah-eh! The infamous Royalty, with…god damn, some of the best looking little girls I’ve seen around here in a while. Care to trade? You get anything in the store, plus a bonus if they look as good naked as they do clothed.”

“No. Jet. They aren’t for sale. Besides they’re too troublesome for you.”

“Oh you know I’m the biggest charmer round. I could put some sweetness in them.”

“No man. We just need the goods. We got 2000.”

“Alright. Your money’s always good enough here.” Jet let out a ragged hack over the bills that Max dropped at his stained service window.
“Come on.”

They were pulled into the interior of the warehouse and moved cautiously around the many boxes and crates. Max squeezed Liz’s hand and she felt it tingle, like a hair soft touch. She averted her eyes to the shadows at the far end of the store. She could see three men trading guns, checking the aim, and weighing it against their palms. Behind them she saw cages with three or four women in them looking battered, cowering as four men appeared to be bargaining for them. She got the image of Max, Michael, Kyle, and Alex and gasped aloud. Maria turned to see Liz white as milk.

“Liz...what’s wrong?”

“There are girls here...just like us. In cages. I think- I think they’re being sold.”

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my-“

“Maria shut up!” Michael glared at her until her lips pursed with forced quiet. Liz followed suit. Still she thought of those girls. Trapped and caged was a feeling she now knew well. Were they to be sold too? Liz saw a man leave the cage area and walk to Jet. He was young and had a cruel attractiveness. His eyes were sharp and piercing. He eyed the girls quickly before giving Jet his full attention.

“What’s up my man?”

“I want you to tend to these guys alright? Do all that you can for them. Their money is good and they are…”

“The Royalty! God damn! I’ve heard of you guys. So what they say is true. You fight with kitanas. Whoa.”

The irritating assistant placed his hand upon Max’s shoulder and led him along
Jet waved and walked back to his post, brushing his fleshy hand along Isabel’s back. Alex glared brutality at him.

“Alright what do you want my man. We just got in a shipment of autos and semi’s last night. If you boys need any of that I’d be happy to show you-“

“We just need food. Perishable, non-perishable, and uh…girl clothes. We also need paper, towels, and we wanna pay for 3 months water access for Warehouse 10.”

“Anything else?”

“Yeah…we wanna check out the leather selection.” The thin man laughed.

“Heh. All right. I’ll call you when it’s all ready, I’m assuming you want a large selection of everything we got?” Max nodded.

“Ok the girl’s stuff… is over there. The leather is behind it. I’ll call you when it’s ready. I’m Loth by the way.” He cracked a grin over his chapped lips and looked once over the four men in his presence. This made an awkward silence and Michael frowned at his apparent intentions.

“Thanks Loth.” Michael gave him a fake smile and walked away, Maria in tow. Max, Alex, and Kyle followed. They pushed the girls toward the pile of clothing, collected, no doubt from women who had once been like them swallowed up in this world of violence and anarchy. The girls were at a loss at what to do, but could not ask the boys because they had gone somewhere.

“What do we do Ava?”

“I don’t know Liz, you’re the one who’s getting cuddly with that guy, Max or whatever.”

“I’m not getting cuddly with him! I was scared! Someone put a gun to my head and he saved me! I’m sorry if instincts took over!” Ava looked down, ashamed.

“I’m sorry, I’m being stupid. You could’ve died, oh god I don’t know what we would have done.” Tears threatened to fall. Liz smiled.

“I don’t know what I would do with out any of you.” The girls embraced and felt their warmth seep into each other, felt the love between them blossom like-

“OK! Enough with the sappy shit! I think we’re supposed to, pick out stuff for whatever.”

“I’m with Isabel, let’s not get all emotional in the middle of delinquent central. Let’s just get through this.”

Aware of the morbidity of the situation, they quietly picked items out of the pile, avoiding the ones that were…bloodstained and ripped. There were all kinds, from pajamas to evening gowns, showing how the women who wore them were taken. They were taken from their homes, taken while trying to go somewhere with a sweetheart or friends, stolen out of their comfortable situation and brought here where they were traded like chattel and used like dolls, then killed or placed back into their other world, no longer a part of it.

The girls had all heard the stories of the ones who disappeared. The men never returned- they were presumed dead, though everyone knew what had really happened to them. The women either came back dead or changed…that was all anybody ever called it. Rape was a socially insensitive word. Suicide wasn’t uncommon, the “ruined” girls were put in places where they could try to recover. Parents lived in fear and ruled with strict curfews, but teens rebelled, escaping to find freedom, finding something else. So Roswell died at night, only those brave few went out to face the other side of the tiny town. But bravery wasn’t enough to survive and it wasn’t enough to fight, so when someone was “lost” no one tried to find them. They knew where they would be and they knew how they would end up. All one could ever do was wait.

“Are you done?” Alex stood over them impatiently. They shoved what they had in his direction and turned away. He sighed, an exasperated sigh that held a hint of sympathy. He walked to Michael and Max. Kyle was out of sight.

“What do we do now?”

“I guess we stay here.”

“God I can’t wait till we get back somewhere safe back to that place-“

“Whoa whoa Isabel. You felt safe there? Like it was any more comforting than being here? At least these men know who they are. I don’t even think those four realize their absolute insanity.”

“You know what Maria? I did feel safer there. Maybe not completely safe, but I knew where I stood. I could keep my feet on the ground. Not like here, everything is so twisted and-and-“


“...Yeah. I would rather be lied to.”

“You were always the girl for denial.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”


“Ok wait! You two. Let’s not even start.” Maria and Isabel nodded to Liz, who stood between them.

The girls waited trying not to focus on anything but each other. Liz stared absently at a lock of Isabel’s hair she was twirling, Isabel watched Ava’s fingers tap nervously against the pocket of Kyle’s coat. Ava observed Maria chewing on her fingernails, and Maria was too anxious to watch other peoples annoying habits, but saw Liz pulling at her eyelashes.

“Let’s go.” All four looked simultaneously to see Kyle calling for them, a beset look on his face.

Max waved to Loth and the eight left Jet’s and headed to the warehouse, grateful to leave it all behind them. The day had passed quickly, the sun’s rays dipped low like a Roswellian’s dreams, the emerging blue and purple bruises on its once flawless aspirations. They walked with a tight cord pulled between them, stretched until almost the breaking point. This kept their lips from moving until they got to “home” and opened the door.

The girls were let in first, followed by the weary boys full of the days packages and problems. They dumped it all on the ground and slumped into the comfortable couches still pulled up to the large holding cage. The girls didn’t move. For now they had learned the first lesson: Stay where you’re put.

“…What are we going to do with them?” Michael yawned as Alex asked the unwanted question.

“Let’s just put them in this cage and go to bed.”

“No. They might try to escape again, we have to put them in our rooms separated from each other.”

Kyle could barely keep his eyes open, though his body was still active and waiting.

“Oh do we have to? Let’s leave them here and go out, get some kicks and get some sleep.”

“Kyle do you ever calm down? We had enough action today with the fight. May I remind you we killed 5 people.”

“Yeah we did. I’m not saying we have to kill anybody, but let’s go that club in the old soap factory.”

“Naw. I don’t feel like having all those bicycle women on me. Thank you very much.”

“Aww they aren’t bicycles once you get to know them.”

“Ha yeah right, by the time you get to know them it’s all over.” The boys were grateful for the laugh Max gave them. They watched him get up and grab Liz by the hand pulling her towards his room.

“I’m going to bed!” You all can do what you want.”

“Where are you taking her?” Maria yelled. Her heart reeled with her audacity. But it was time for them to start standing up, it was time for her to stand up for her friends.

“It’s really none of your business, but if your not daft, you’ll see my room.” Max knew Liz was watching him, but he pretended not to see.

“Are you going to…hurt her?” Maria’s stomach didn’t feel real, like it had been removed by her fear. But somewhere she felt good and strong.

“I don’t see how-”

“No Alex it’s alright.” Max envied what he saw in her eyes. Humanity. He didn’t even know if that was still a part of him. His envy grew to anger. Why wasn’t he allowed to be human, to be normal? Why was he never allowed to be anyone but a monster?

“I’m not making any promises,” he traced out. Maria knew he had made a promise against his will and her heart lightened. Maybe he wasn’t a lost cause after all. Liz looked back at Maria, curious fear reflected to her friend. ‘You’ll be ok’ she mouthed and faced the current man in her life. Volatile, rude, and just plain annoying, he was a case she had yet to crack, but to survive she was willing to try. She couldn’t run, she couldn’t hide, and she would have to face him, face this new challenge with introspection. She let Michael take her hand and pull her inside. Ava, Kyle, Isabel, and Alex followed, tentatively. Another night alone, yet with 24 hours of catharsis in them. The night would be one for their memoirs.

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LOL You guys are absolutely nuts! I can't believe some of the things you are coming up with!

I'm writing the new part now. I think I'm going to break it up in to sections, starting with Max and Liz moments.

If you guys like this story then why don't you try my other Sabotage?? I just updated. Pweaseee I would be ever so grateful *bats eyelashes innocently*

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*wanders in room, afraid for life* Hi...guys. How is everyone. I'm updating. Sorry for making you want so bloody long. Life's been busy, ken?

But I hope you like this part, I think there is something in here that you just might like a whole lot. Ok then, enjoy, don't hurt me.

*runs out of room*

Chap8: The warmth>lost in the moment>

Liz plopped down on the cushions hugging her knees to her chest feeling the pressure on her lungs. It was calming to feel it rising and falling in the cramped space of her semi-crushed ribs. The pain was familiar, safe. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Never stop the rhythm just…breathe.

Max closed the door behind him, his fingers lingering on the cold metal knob. He traced the sphere and watched Liz from the corner of his eye, trying to know what she was thinking. For a normal person, it would have been impossible. Thoughts were the secret no one could know. The subconscious could always be kept from the world.

Except from him, for he was not a normal person.

He let out a sigh and crouched down close to her. He studied her face. Liz stared him down. It was not a smart thing for her to do. His eyes trapped her immediately and moved inside her skin searching for hidden truths. Max looked hard into her wide eyes and brought them into himself. Without her realization, he placed his hands on either side of her face to make the connection. She would never know, and he had to know. Liz’s eyes swagged in the deep hypnosis and she smiled slightly when his warmth touched her cheek. Her eyes closed and she gave herself to him, without an inhibition.

Max first heard screams, the screams of the damned it seemed. They were shrill, piercing, like a whale’s croon amplified a thousand times. Then he saw Liz and her friends, Isabel, Maria, and Ava, walking to class, apparently on a large university campus, smiling and laughing. Maria was hopping a little in her excitement. He overheard their words as an invisible observer.

“Oh my gosh so are we getting into this place Isabel??” Maria jumped frantically.

“Calm down Maria!! Yes I think we are. We have some male friends waiting on the inside.” Isabel smiled wide, very proud of herself. It wasn’t as if everyone was invited to the elite Roswellian Skye.

Ava rolled her eyes.
“Male friends? They don’t think we’re prostitutes do they Isabel?” The fourth girl who had been traveling quietly behind the others suddenly burst out laughing. Max’s eye was drawn immediately and he watched Liz. Her hair shook with mirth and the girls joined her. This was how she looked…just living. When she wasn’t cowering with fear or doubt. This was everyday ordinary beautiful Liz. His heart was lost at her first smile, his soul in the next tiny toss of her hair. Liz was the most amazing woman he’d ever seen and that was saying a lot as he’d seen and experienced quite a few. His breath gave out when she began to talk softly drawing rapt attention from her three friends.

“I just hope we all have fun. Remember that time you only got dates for Ava and I and completely forgot Maria?” Isabel grew red with embarrassment, Maria’s eyes lit with recognition and she began to fume.

“Well she may not remember but I certainly do!”

The three girls looked at Maria’s enraged countenance, and burst out laughing.

“Oh Maria lighten up, it only happened once.”

Maria sneered “Yes it only happened once but it didn’t happen to you did it Ava? You got Cute Tim!” The girls laughed some more, remembering the boy of past affection.

“It’s so not a big deal guys, what matters is that we’re going out tonight and we can find guys for all of us.”

“Good thoughts Liz.”

“Thanks Is.”

Max smiled. He like this memory. It was a way to peek into her when she was in a sense of normal. That now familiar guilt returned to him. He had taken that away from her in an instant, and not even thought about it. Now that he was falling for her even if he could ever convince her to love him after all he’d done, he would still take away that normal. Because he wasn’t normal, and he had to think of that everyday. If he loved Liz, if she let him love her, she would think of it everyday too. He didn’t know if he could handle that, or if he wanted to put that on her. Liz deserved beauty, passion, and trust. As far as he was concerned, he would never have enough of that for her.

The flash dissolved in to the girls walking in his district, searching for Roswellian Skye.

“We’re lost.”

“We’re not lost Maria.”

“Come Isabel admit it.”


“I agree with Ria, we’re lost.”

“Shut up Ava.”

“Come on guys.”

Maria stopped and huffed at Liz.

“Alright fine miss voice of reason, why don’t you tell us where we are?”

“I just said come on so you guys would quiet down, I never said I know where we are. In fact I have no earthly clue, we’re lost.”

Isabel rolled her eyes and tossed her golden curls.

“Fine! I’ll find a way out of here though, we probably just have to turn back around.”

Max then saw himself, stalking towards the girls, with the other boys behind him. He felt sick. Did he really look like that? He looked like an animal. Something classified as a danger to humanity. He looked at Liz. Her eyes were filled with fear. Gripping hands squeezed at him, and he couldn’t look anymore. He shut himself off to her, and turned away. Liz awoke out of the trance and blinked a few times. Max was standing close to her, but in a distant way. She shuddered. Max noticed. He would have noticed if she breathed differently.



“Well what about those clothes we got you.”

“I don’t want to wear them.”

“Would you rather be cold?”

“I have your coat.”

“I want it back soon you know.”

Liz sighed and stared up at him exasperatedly. In a bold move, she rose and unbuttoned his coat slowly never letting her eyes wander from his.

Max’s mouth slacked open as he watched her take off his coat with nimble fingers. Then it smothered his face as she threw it at him. He pulled it down quickly, to see her carrying the remnants of her dress over body, not covering much, over to the pile of clothes. Liz picked a pair of pajama pants and a tank top out of the pile. She slipped behind one of the many hanging rugs to change. She walked out with a feigned look of annoyance. Truth be told she was grateful, she really needed to feel less naked than she had been. She took a long sweater as well and covered herself over. Ignoring the intimidating male in her presence she sat down on the cushions and undid her hair, finger combing it and putting it up into a high ponytail. She was well aware that he was watching her every move.

Max couldn’t tear his eyes away. Everything she did was so…appealing. The way she moved, with a subtle grace and sensuality. Her big dark eyes stood out even more as she moved her hair out of her face. The pajamas she had put on were adorable, with little sheep hopping all over them. He shook himself. When you started noticing the minute details, then you knew something was wrong with you.

“I’m tired.”

Max’s eyes lit when she spoke.

“Ok. Go to sleep then.”

“I-I don’t feel…safe when you’re awake.”

He felt that in his heart. It was a small pang, as he understood completely why she would be jumpy to be around him as she slept, but it still pricked none the less.

“Well then I’ll go to sleep first and then you.”


Max struggled with himself. He didn’t want to fall in love. He didn’t want to do this. He wanted to take her, just have her body. Didn’t he? God he didn’t know! What did he want?

Well one, he didn’t want her to escape.

“I have to tie you up though.”

Liz shook her head violently..

“Please don’t. I won’t escape. I promise.”

Be strong Max! She will escape, and she won’t be safe, even if that isn’t the real reason you want her to stay.

“No. I have to tie you up. I’ll…make it gentle.”

Her eyes welled with unshed tears and he could have kicked himself. He put on a scowl to mask the regret and bound her neatly on the pile of cushions. When he was done he removed his shoes and pants, exposing his boxers. ‘I really gotta shower tomorrow’ he thought to himself. He placed his clothes beside him on the floor, folding them with care, trying his best to ignore Liz and her tiny gulps of air. She was crying. Why oh why was she crying? Didn’t she know what it did to him? How his heart seemed to break with every tear?
No, he supposed she didn’t.

“Why are you crying? It’s disturbing me. I can’t sleep.”

“I wish…I wish I wasn’t here right now. That’s all. I want to be home.”

Liz didn’t know why she was even trying to explain this to him. He wouldn’t care or understand. He didn’t know what it was like to feel so alone, so afraid and so helpless. He would never know, because he would always be the aggressor. The one pushing it all down her throat and never the other way around.

Max knew he was the cause of all of this. He had never regretted anything more in his life. Part of him was selfish, because he was glad that he brought Liz here, who had been with him less than a day and already affected him so deeply. He had never felt this before. The quickening of his pulse, stomach fluttering. This emotion had only been before a battle. But there was no pleasant ending there. It was blood, screams, and emptiness. But this, she was different. She had warmth, a warmth he wanted to keep because he felt so cold. His whole life was an empty cold space, and she was filling it up.

He wanted to curl her inside himself, inside his soul, keep her safe, and…stay warm.

“You need something.”

Liz let out a sob.

“Yes. I need to feel safe. I want to feel safe.”

Max felt what she needed. He wrapped his arms around her. She went rigid, but exhaustion made her relax. His eyes roamed over her face.

“Beautiful. Is that the right word?” Max mumbled to himself.


Max bent down and touched her open mouth with all the safety he could give. Liz froze in shock. His mouth was soft and comforting. Her eyes drooped.

Max stopped breathing to kiss her. He brushed his lips over hers, fluttering his eyelashes against the skin of her cheek.

They kissed. The exploration of two conflicting bodies, wanting to feel right with each other, needing something from one another.

Their lips moved in unison, exploring what it all meant, abandoning existence. Liz gasped as his tongue flickered for a moment over her teeth. She moved against her bindings wanting to cup his face in her hands.

Max snuggled closer to her, enjoying the only moment they would probably ever have together. It was happening so fast, why was it happening so fast.

In that one kiss life was shattered and rearranged. Heat so thick a hazy fog settled between them, making them only more drunk with temptation. Soft sighs escaped Liz’s, deep throat, and Max moved closer and closer, melding her to him. This was what they had needed that night. One kiss, something that could release their souls. Tomorrow it would be different of course. They would wake with the heavy feeling in their guts, rise and make the best of things, swallowing back the events of this night, forgetting it happened, so the cat and mouse game could continue as it should. But not tonight.

Max’s hands glowed and shimmered faintly across Liz’s skin. Max couldn’t tell if it was an alien or human thing.

It didn’t matter.

The kiss kept going, until they began to breath evenly with sleep, mouths still entranced on each other’s lips, bodies wrapped close.

Their connected cores touched in their dreams, exposing secrets untold and bringing new emotions to light. Pulled in the cocoon of each other, the cold was no longer a problem.

Max and Liz sighed and gave slight smiles as their eyes flickered with R.E.M. They had seen each other.

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I was working on update for this story as quick as possible I wanted to get something up this week. But of course things had to go wrong there is a virus on my comp. We tried to fix it, but then my mother who is a big dumb idiot did something to the comp and now we can't even get into Windows. So as of right now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, and all my story is on my comp and I'm sorry. Blame my mom for the mess. I am on someone elses comp right now.

I don't know when I will get back my comp, I haven't talked to my online friends in days (Elle, Kat, Jess, Aly, Shannon, Meagz, Jen, Jenn, Mi, and all you other Shannons and Jens and you know who you are Hi Hi I miss you!)

I'm sorry, I'm really really really sorry. I'll try to get it fixed and then I will return with a vengence.

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I think it sucks but here ya go. An update. Have fun with it, I'm sorry sorry sorry I've been away so long and then deliver this. Sorry!! I hope I'll do better next time.


All Maria had ever wanted was a guy who could sing the blues. Well in general she always wanted a guy who could sing, but the blues in specific. Why? Because the blues were the first thing her father had ever taught her. And it was the last thing he had ever shared with her.
The day he left and went off to whereever dreamers go, he’d picked her up, sat her down in his lap with guitar in hand and said to her:

“Ria, what do you want me to play baby?”

Maria was 7 and in love with her daddy as much as any little girl could be. He was tall, handsome, and his smile would light up a room and your heart. When Maria was older, she realized that had been the problem. He lit up too many hearts and didn’t have the strength to deny them.

Maria crinkled her naïve eyes at him and tugged at his curly blonde hair.

“Play me the Malted Milk blues!!”

Her father rolled his eyes playfully.

“That again!”

“Yes yes forever yes!”

He laughed, he had the same crinkled eyes as Maria when he smiled. They turned upward making them seem even more jolly. He looked at his daughter, and twirled a bouncy curl on her head. His throat got tight and he grew sad. Maria noticed immediately.

“Daddy, what’s wrong?” Maria’s eyes went big with worry.

“Oh nothing, baby. Just looking at you. You’re so beautiful, just like your mom. My angel.”

“Oh daddy.” Maria fell into a fit of flattered giggles while her father watched her for the very last time. His beautiful girls, that he couldn’t treat right. He wasn’t good enough for them he knew. He kept hurting his wife, and he knew that one day Ria would catch on and it would hurt her to. He couldn’t do it anymore. He felt a huge coward, but he figured it was for the best. They didn’t need him, although he needed them. He knew they would be strong, because his girls were always strong and he would, well he would move on, and give them a second chance for happiness.

“Alright pumpkin time for the song.”

Mellow blues chords strummed out from his guitar. He opened his mouth to sing when Ria stopped him.

“What hun?”

“Can I…sing with you?”
He felt the tears start again. Maria had told him she’d always wanted to sing with him and it was as if she sensed this would be her last chance. He gave her a goofy smile.

“Baby I would be delighted and honored and privileged and happy, and-“

“Daddy! The song! None of your nonsense words.”

He laughed genially.


Her sweet tiny voice mixed with his strong clear belt and they made a harmony all their own.

I keep drinkin’ malted milk
Tryin’ to drive my blues away
I keep drinkin malted milk
Tryin’ to drive my blues away
Baby, you just as welcome to my lovin’
As the flowers is in May
Malted milk, malted milk
Keep rushin’ to my head
Malted milk, malted milk
Keep rushin’ to my head
And I have a funny, funny feelin’
And I’m talkin’ all out my head
Baby, fix me one more drink
And hug your daddy one more time
Baby fix me one more drink
And hug your daddy one more time
Keep on stirin’ in my malted milk, mama
Until I change my mind
My doorknob keeps on turnin’
It must be spooks around my bed
My doorknob keeps on turnin’
Must be spooks around my bed
I have a warm, old feelin’
And the hair risin’ on my head.

He played some more focusing on her favorite songs until she fell asleep in his lap. He put her to bed, tucked her in and went to his room. His wife was there, waiting, crying. He touched her and she didn’t move away. She whispered painfully:

“For tonight, I want you…one last time. I want to remember what it felt-“

He kissed her knowing that she wouldn’t be able to finish her sentence, and only happy to oblige her with the one thing he’d wanted as well. One last night. It was hard to think of it as the last time, knowing that he would never touch her in this way again. As they moved together, he could hear her sobbing softly. He tried to make it as good as the time before it had all fallen apart. He gave, gave, and didn’t care if he received. But she did. She always cared, so she gave just as much back. He started to cry. They finished tenderly holding each other tight, letting all that had torn them apart just stay away for one moment. Then they went to Maria’s room and kissed her. She smiled in her sleep.

With a tiny suitcase in hand, his guitar, and his favorite Humphrey Bogart throwback hat, he walked out of their lives that chilly early morning, forever.

“Here take this blanket.”

Michael threw a thick blue comforter at Maria and she caught it gingerly.

“Put it down on the ground.”

“I beg your pardon-“

“Just do it!”

Maria obliged him bitterly.

“There your highness, are you happy?”

Michael stopped. He turned with a sallow look. “Don’t call me that.”

Maria inwardly shook her head. God he had some serious issues. There was a 10-foot thick wall between him and everyone else and she had no idea how it had gotten there. He seemed to be having fun in this life. Raping, killing, living like a cave bear. She supposed it was just an act, a way to keep everything down. But why? Why the need to bury it all away?

Michael hated being called that. Your highness, or your majesty, it just rubbed him the wrong way, almost as if he knew somewhere he wasn’t meant to be called that, even in jest. As though in another life there was a time when no one would have joked about it.

“Now, sit down.” Maria glared at him for a moment before slumping down on the hard ground. The blanket did not provide any comfort. She shifted her dress and tried to relax. Michael stared at her while she fidgeted and tried to not show her discomfort. He moaned and reached for a bag.

“Here.” He chucked the bag at her knocking her over. Michael winced and prepared himself for the tongue-lashing. Maria however was too tired to argue. She rummaged through the pile until she found something comfortable and stalked off to a dark corner to change. He kept his eyes on her watching her hips sway, her hair tangled round her shoulders in disarray. Her beauty never left him, he was always aware of it plaguing him…in an annoying sort of way. He shook himself. There was no point in thinking like that, it never got a man anywhere but trouble. Seeking to distract himself, he picked up his sword and slashed through the air listening to the metal sing and his muscles tense. His gift had always been a keen ear, sometimes he could hear the sounds of 5 city blocks when the wind was right. He could hear the crickets and their tiny chirps on the grass of the old lots through the window of the warehouse, somewhere further than that there was a fight and bottles were falling with sounds of tinkling glass. Another typical night down here in district Roswell. He closed his eyes and swung at invisible opponents. He hoped to let it all go, the tension and despair, the pain and loneliness. Another typical night in district Roswell, wishing he was somewhere else.

Maria turned to see Michael practicing with his kitana. She froze now more afraid than before to leave the corner. She didn’t dare try to escape under his watchful eye now, he seemed to be able to sense everything even when he was “asleep”. No this was not the time now, but sometime soon, soon she would escape again, and the next time she would succeed. It was just a matter of careful planning. Plan: She didn’t intend to stay here and leave her life up to fate in the hands of this man. She would get out and make sure he was brought down to justice. She could never see this happen to another girl again. ‘This whole town was insane’ she decided, leaving their sons to fester and grow into monsters, leaving their daughters helpless and unprepared to face life. It was a plague that would continue to spread as much as they liked to pretend it only bubbled here. It would spread and go into the town. It had already begun. She moved slowly with careful steps back to the blanket at Michael’s bedside. He turned at her first footstep. His anger surprised her. She saw his arm trembling with exhaustion, gripping the sword and transferring his hate into it. A flicker of desire came to his eyes and Maria noticed. ‘I seemed to notice a lot about him’, she thought to herself. She shuddered. That was not a good sign.

The room seemed warmer now to Michael. It was the practice, he deemed. Why did he not seem so sure when he looked in her eyes? He ran a hand through his hair and plopped down in his bed sword in hand. He turned to her again. Maria had lay down and made a weak pillow with her dress. She banged into it with acrimonious fists and settled in. She saw him looking at her.

“Could you not stare like that?”

“I’m entitled to look anywhere I choose.” Michael said while shutting off the lights, casting them into darkness.

“Couldn’t you just- ooh forget it!”

Michael expected her to turn and ignore him so he closed his eyes, but five minutes later when they slid open she was still there staring at him in the black.

“What is it?”

“None of your business.”


“…I can’t sleep.”

“….do you want to come up here with me?”

“NO way in hell!”

Michael scowled.

“Fine. Then shut up and let me sleep.”



“I don’t know.”

“God if you don’t know why don’t you zip it and ponder while I sleep!”

“I’m scared.”

Michael felt his throat burn with culpability. He opened his mouth to say something, but discovered no words.

“I know you don’t care, I just wanted to say that. I hate the dark in strange places.”

“Just go to sleep, it’s dark when you close your eyes too ya know.”

“Well thanks for the comforting thought.” Maria sighed exasperated and closed her eyes. Eventually, swaddled in anxiety, she drifted into a light sleep.

Michael stayed up and listened to her breathing even and deepen. He sort of smiled when he heard her soft snores. He began to drift when he leaped up remembering something. He fidgeted with it for a moment before plunging into bed for the night.

The room was dark, light coming from the tiny street lamp outside the window cast a slim shadow on the wall. Everything else was pitch, except for a tiny sleeping figure, now lit by the flickering of candle glow.

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Because of recent events here some of my good internet friends(who happen to be ex-mods of this place) and I started our own board!


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