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Learning To Breathe
By Kristin80
An Alternate Universe Fiction

Disclaimer I do not own most of these characters, some of them I do own and they live in my head. Poor creatures. Roswell, and the characters of the television show and Roswell High books belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, Warner Bros, UPN Etc.

Description What if things had happened differently on that fateful day in September at the Crashdown Cafe? How would things be different?

Title "Learning To Breathe" is the title of a wonderful song my Switchfoot. The Lyrics will be included with the Prolouge.

Author I am the author, Kristin80 on this board, Kristin Alquist to others. My main email address is Kristin80⊕ feel free to email me about anything, I love emails. I am also the head writer of Roswell the final chapter, and you can get info about us, and read some other things I have written here:

I will be continuing with my other fics, including "I Won't Fear Love", and "Reality" so don't worry about those. This is just something I had to get out right now. I don't see this fic getting too long. I am invisioning about 10 Chapter, that is if you guys like it.


Hello, good morning, how you do?
What makes your rising sun so new?
I could use a fresh beginning too
All of my regrets are nothing new
So this is the way that I say I need You
This is the way
This is the way that I'm

Learning to breathe
I'm learning to crawl
I'm finding that You and You alone can break my fall
I'm living again, awake and alive
I'm dying to breathe in these abundant skies

Hello, good morning, how you been?
Yesterday left my head kicked in
I never, never thought that
I would fall like that
Never knew that I could hurt this bad

So this is the way that I say I need You
This is the way that I say I love You
This is the way that I say I'm Yours
This is the way, this is the way

The Prolouge Of the Fiction, Next Post...

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Learning To Breathe.....

"Liz??" "Liz come back to us..." Liz heard her name being called, but no matter how hard she attempted to
open her heavy eyes, nothing was happening. Liz was sure that she could hear people around her, not
strangers but people that she loves, Maria, her father and Mother, Alex. All of the people who meant
something to her in this world.

Liz felt her mind gradually start to wander and she went back, back to where she was when this had all
began. Liz and Maria had been working at the Crashdown Cafe. A seemingly normal afternoon. Liz had been
relativly mindless in her work, wondering what she should do about her relationship with Kyle Valenti. She
cared about him, there was no denying that. But it was friendship, that was all that it was to Liz.

He was a jock, she was a brain. He cared what people thought about him and what he was doing every
weekend, who he hung out with. Liz didn't, she just wanted to be herself, with her normal friends in Roswell.
Most of all, she and Kyle didn't have the spark. The spark that she always knew could exist in true love. Liz
Parker had always believed in true love, and she knew that she always would, despite that fact that she
hadn't found it yet.

The topic of true love, and how to tell Kyle Valenti that he wasn't hers was what was weighing on Liz's mind
when Maria broke her out of her thoughts. "He's staring at you again!" she shrieked. "Who?" Liz asked
sincerly. "Max Evans" Maria screeched.

"Max Evans?"Liz asked with question in her voice, but inside her mind was whirling. 'Was Max Evans really
staring at her? And if so why? Max Evans, deep broading soul of Roswell looking at Liz Parker, small town
girl extrodanaire. Was that even possible?

Liz shook off her feelings of embarrassment long enough to look over towards the table where Max always
sat with his friend Michael and sometimes his sister Isabel. There sat Max, along with Michael. And sure
enough Max Evans was staring right at her. Liz felt her face turn bright red and she turned away instantly.

"He is not staring" he whispered to Maria as she went back to cleaning off a counter that she had already
wiped off at least ten times since it was last used. "Keep telling yourself that" Maria said as she walked over
to the table. The guys were in Liz's section, but Liz had gotten busy with a big party of kids from school
earlier so Maria had taken the table earlier. Now she wished that she had left it for Liz. It would have been
fun to watch Liz squirm a little.

"Hello Boys, is there anything else that I can get you, I mean besides your eye candy Max?" Maria said
looking Max dead in the eye. Max's face began to flush and Michael choked on his soda. "Well there here is
your check, you can pay up front whenever you are ready." Maria said turning on her heel and leaving the
guys in a stump.

"Yeah Max, not obvious hun?" Michael said sarcasticlly to Max. Everyone in Roswell seemed to know how
Max felt about Liz Parker except Liz herself.

"Lets go" Max said picking up the check and heading for the front. "Well, I see that you gentlemen are ready
to head out" Maria said taking the check from Max's sweaty hand. Max wasn't even looking in her direction.
He was turned almost completly around searching the rest of the resturant for Liz.

Michael fished money out of his wallet paying Maria mummbling to Max that he owed him one and then
grabbed him by the arm dragging him out the front door.

"Are they gone?" Liz asked when Maria walked through the swinging door to the back of the Crashdown.

"Yes Princess Liz, they are gone." Maria said pushing Liz out the swinging doors. "I just, I am with Kyle
now, and Max, well he makes me uncomfortable." Liz said trying to rationalize her reasons for not wanting
to serve Max and Michael.

"He makes you uncomfortable because you like the way he looks at you!" Maria said winking at Liz as she
picked up some napkins to bring to a booth towards the front of the resturant.

Liz smiled not wanting to admit that Maria was right. There was Something about Max Evans that made her
all mushy inside. But not knowing what it was seemed to be the part that scared her away.

The commotion started quickly. A Rustle of papers, and then the two men standing up quickly. Liz heard
Maria scream her name, but she only had time to look into Maria's terrified eyes before she felt the shattering
pain in her stomach, It felt as thought something had been shot straight through her. What Liz didn't know
was that in reality, something had.

To Be Continued? Please Let Me Know...

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Liz listened to the heavy machinery around her, some of it scared her, and some of it made her feel less
scared. In all reality Liz was still dead, well dead to those around her, but she was alive. She was here, she
could feel the people around her, she could hear the people around her, it was just that they couldn't feel or
hear her yet.

Liz knew now that it had been two days, two days since "it" had happened. Everyone around her only
referred to whatever had happened to her as "it". She wished that someone would explain it to her better,
she had taken Anatomy for Christ sake, but of course they all assumed that she was in some
NeverNeverLand and couldn't understand anything that they were saying or doing.

Her parents had been her since it had happened. And she knew that Maria and Alex had been here ever
since. The one thing that had bothered her was that Kyle hadn't been here yet. At first she had just thought
that maybe he hadn't known. But he must by now, in fact he must have known right away considering that
his father is the Sheriff of Roswell.

The night was the loneliest time for Liz, granted that she would slip in and out of consciousness being inside
your body without being in control of your body. At least during the day people were there.

So far all that Liz had been able to gather was that she had been shot, she overhead that word, along with
bullet, nerves, and damage. What kind of nerves and damage she had no idea yet. She wanted to be alive,
she wanted to be able to ask all the questions in her head but right now she couldn't. She wanted to know if
the person that shot her had gotten caught, she wanted to know when she would wake up. She wanted to
know everything. All that Liz had managed to figure out so far was what it was like to be in a Coma.

Liz wondered if the whole town knew, she wondered if Max knew, and if he might still stare at her if she
looked different. It was a hard question for her to answer now, since even Liz didn't know what she looked
like now. Finally Liz fell into a fitful sleep, full of questions with no clear answers in sight.


Max Evans flipped off the light in his bedroom before hitting the play button on his CD player. The sounds
of the Counting Crows filled his room and his head. Thoughts of Liz kept circling in his mind. She was hurt,
and there was nothing that he could do to help her. She was hurt and it was his fault, well maybe not his
fault. But if he had been there Max knows without a doubt that he would have healed Liz Parker.

Michael and Isabel keep telling him what a good thing it was that they left when they did, they talked of how
crazy it would have been if they would have been there, any sort of suspicion, any sort of non normality.
Max didn't care what they said. Max just wished that he would have been there, he would have walked up
there in front of anyone who wanted to watch to heal Liz Parker, he would have sacrificed himself if it meant
he needed too, just to take away any of her pain.

He laid back in his bed and thought of her, her full lips, her big brown eyes, her long hair, He wanted too see
her so badly, he wanted to know if she was okay. What was he supposed to do? Just show up and start
asking questions? He couldn't do that. He wanted to walk into the hospital right now and heal her. That was
what he wanted to do.

Max knew that if he were the only alien that would be his decision, to give himself for Liz, but there was
Michael and Isabel to think about now too. It wasn't fair for him to lead a path straight to them and then not
be there to protect them.

Max picked up his phone, he knew that he shouldn't be doing this but he didn't know what else to do. First
things first he though. He slowly dialed the number for Roswell Memorial. "Hello, I was wondering if I
could check the status of a patient please." Max said slowly. "Well we can only give out medical information
to an immediate relative" the nurse said softly. "Okay thanks" Max said before hanging up. He knew better
then to lie. Roswell was too small of a town. Surely the nurses would know by now that Liz didn't have a
brother, or some other long lost relative.

Max took a deep breath before picking up the phone again, this time he had the small Roswell Phone book in
hand. He scanned the last page before he found a listing for WHITMAN and then dialed.

"Can I speak to Alex Please?"
"This is Alex."
"Hey Alex, This is Max...Max Evans.."
"Max...ummm Hi Max, what can I do for you man."
"Well, I know this is going to sound really kinda odd. Well I really, I just need to know how Liz is. I didn't
know who else to call. I just. she okay?
Alex took a moment before answering. "Max, I don't really know what to tell you."
"Tell me the truth please Alex" Max answered.
"Then No Max, No she isn't okay. She still hasn't woken up."
Max didn't know what to say. He felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him. "I'm sorry" he mumbled
before hanging up the phone.

It was then that Max started to cry. Max Evans, King of another planet, crying. He cried for hours that
night. Over Liz, over his mistakes of the past, over the love he had for Liz that could never be. And most of
all over what he was going to do the next day that would change everything between him and Liz forever.


Liz knew that it was morning, she knew that it was morning only by the fact that Maria and Alex weren't
there, and a nurse named Rose had told her that it was morning. By Liz's calculations it was Monday, which
meant that Maria and Alex had probably gone back to school today. Liz couldn't help but wonder what
period they were in right now. Was Maria in English? Was everyone going to wonder about her in Biology
today? Would Alex tell everyone what happened? Would everyone just go on like normal and forget about
her after today? So many questions just filled her mind that she didn't know where to start.

Liz figured many things out throughout the morning, she knew that they were feeding her through a feeding
tube. She also knew that she was on a ventilator because she was breathing unstabily. Maybe the most
important thing that Liz figured out was that she could move her left pinky finger half an inch. A small
discovery maybe to many, but this was all that it took to give Liz Parker hope that maybe she would come
out of this dark hole and back into the life that she once knew.

Liz practices moving her finger for hours and hours. Her father and mother came into see her, however with
her hands under the blankets and her mother and father weeping to each other nothing was noticed about her
new discovery.

Finally after several hours Liz's parents left, and Liz once again found herself alone. By what she could
figure it was about one in the afternoon. Not yet late enough for Maria or Alex to come and visit, but not yet
early enough for a lunch time visit from someone else. Liz was alone for the afternoon to come.

Liz slipped out of consciousness for a short time after the depression of being left alone for the afternoon,
but a soft noise brought Liz back into reality. She could hear soft footsteps leading into her room, and
afterwards she could feel the presence of another person sitting next to her.

Liz wondered who it was not recognizing the presence she was feeling immediately. Normally if it was her
father or mother, or even a nurse or friend they would still say the familiar "Hello Liz" even thought she was
sure that they didn't believe that she could hear them. This person not only believe that, they were sure that
Liz Parker couldn't hear them.

Liz listened intently trying to get a better feeling for who the visitor might be. She wanted desperately to let
them know that she was here, that she was listening, but with little more talent then a small finger movement
she didn't think that was possible.

Finally the stranger reached out and took her hand in theirs. The hand was obviously Male's. Strong, yet
gentle in taking hers. Liz savored the feeling of the skin.

"Hello Liz" the voice finally said. It was Max, It was Max Evans. Liz would recognize that voice anywhere,
even stuck in her own mind. Liz tried desperately to make some sort of movement, but with him holding her
hand she was unable to move her pinky, even enough for him to notice.

'He took away my trick'' was her immediate thought.

"Liz, I am so sorry. So sorry." Max began. Liz couldn't help but wonder what he was sorry for. He wasn't
the one who shot her. In fact she was sure that he had left before it had even started. Liz tried desperately to
make her lips form the word 'No' but no matter how hard she tried the words just wouldn't form.

"Liz, I should have been there, I should have been there for you, to help you, to protect you, to heal you."
Max said as a tear began to fall from his eyes.

Liz listened to what Max was saying. 'Heal Her?' what could he possibly mean by that? Max Evans was no
doctor. That she was sure of. Hell, if the doctors at this hospital couldn't heal her what made Max Evans
think that he could?

Max gently let go of her hand, and brought it down to her stomach. Liz felt her heart begin to flutter heavier.
'What was Max doing to her?' 'Was he going to touch her? And if so why?'

Liz felt her heart beat faster inside her own chest, and she could hear the monitors speed up with their
beeping record of her heart beats.

"I Love You Liz" Max said as he laid his hands over her stomach. Suddenly Liz felt very warm, warm all
over, and dizzy, her arms began to thrash and she could hear the machines all at once.

"No, No What are you doing?" Liz yelled believing that she was still inside her own mind, but to her suprise
she heard her own voice aloud.

Max lifted his hands off of her, suprised to see her reacting to his motions. But he had only begun to heal
her, he hadn't even started to repair any of the damage left.

"Liz let me help you" he whispered.

Liz looked into Max's eyes suddenly feeling very trusting of the man in front of her. Liz reached up to him
running her hand along side his face.

She moved to sit up, when suddenly the realization came to her. "Max" Liz whispered. "What It is Liz?" he
asked. "Max, I can't feel my legs" a very frightened Liz answered.
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Maria walked around school not wanting to say a word to anyone. How was she supposed
to go to school without Liz? Going to school without Liz was like going to school naked. Her and
Liz had always gone to school together. And everyone knowing what had happened just made
everything worse.

The people that did know Maria, and how close that Maria and Liz are looked at Maria as if she
was going to crumble and die. And the people that didn't know Maria and Liz looked at Maria as if
she was some sort of drug lord because her best friend got shot.

Maria's only saving grace was Alex, but he didn't look to hot today either. Apparently the
whole Biology class has wanted to discuss Liz's condition, a task that Alex obviously wasn't up too.
If anything he just wanted to go to class, and then discuss Liz with the people he cared about, and
the people who cared about Liz, not strangers, not people who only know Liz as acquaintances
or occasional lab partners.

Both Alex and Maria just wanted the day to be over so that they could get to the hospital to visit
with Liz. They didn't know how much more that they could take.

As if things could get any worse for some odd reason Michael and Isabel were staring at them
during lunch. "It must be some sort of weird staring game." Maria said taking a bite of her turkey
sandwich. "Maybe you guys have been putting something weird in the food at the Crash." Alex
added wondering why Isabel and Michael didn't seem to mind that they had been caught.

Finally Maria threw down her sandwich and stomped over to the table where they were sitting.
Alex jumped up close behind trying to stop her.

"Is there some sort of fucking problem that you are having today?" Maria yelled specifically at

"Very Low Profile" Isabel whispered to Michael.

"And you Ms. Ice Bitch, if you have something to say, spit it out, but if not can I please eat my
God-damn sandwich in peace!"

Alex stood stunned. He had seen Maria high strung, but never like this. Michael and Isabel just
looked at her. Finally Maria just turned quickly and walked back to her table, picked up her turkey
sandwich and went back to eating as though nothing had ever happened.

Alex followed her, always a step behind. Something was about to break here, and he was just going
to try to be here when it happened.

Maria finished her sandwich and bottle of water and was about to stand to throw it away when
she saw Isabel start to approach their table.

Before Isabel was even to the table Maria started talking slowly. "Look Isabel, about before, I am just,
well" Isabel stopped her, "Maria, I know. It's okay. All that I want to know is if you have seen Max.
I mean if Max has been around the hospital." Isabel asked as Michael came to stand behind her.

"Max?" Maria repeated confused. "No, Max has not been to the hospital. Neither has Kyle for that
fact!" Maria said emphasizing the last part loud enough for Kyle and his buddies to hear at the next

Kyle put his head down looking away from Maria. Before Maria or Isabel could say anything else
Maria's Cell Phone interrupted them.

She reached down to look at it.

"It's a page from the hospital. We have to go." She said taking Alex's hand and walking towards the
Parking lot.

"I hope this doesn't have anything to do with Max." Michael said. "We can't just hope, we had better
pray." Isabel added. "Let's head over there."


Liz tried desperately to breathe as the realization set in. "I can't feel my legs" she said louder and louder.
The volume was increasing over time. Max wrapped his arms around her and held her tight not
knowing how he could help her. He knew that he couldn't heal her with her so upset.

"Liz, Liz baby shhh" Max whispered into her ear. Before Liz knew it the room was filled with people.
Not people that she knew, not people to comfort her, but strangers.

"We have to calm her down." one man said pulling Max away from Liz. Liz cried not only from the terror
of the moment but also from the loss of Max's arms around her body.

Max fought the people pulling him away from Liz, "Liz It's going to be okay" He said as her eyes met
his, hers filled with fear.

"Why can't I feel my legs. Someone please answer me!" Liz yelled as the doctor laid her flat back on
the bed telling her not to move anymore. The machines filling her room were making an array of noises,
some from her movement, and irratic heartbeats, the others from her having pulled out her own IV from
being so upset.

"You need to go" a nurse said to Max as she led him out of the room. Max looked at Liz one last time
before obeying the nurse. He walked slowly out of the room and into the small waiting room down the
hall before he let himself cry freely.

Liz Parker was hurt, Liz was in pain, and right now there was nothing that he could do to help her,
Max had never felt so helpless in his life.


Maria and Alex sped into the Roswell Memorial parking lot with their minds running on overtime. A
page from the hospital meant something major, she knew that they wouldn’t page her unless a major
development had taken place. She only hoped that this development was that Liz had finally woken up.

Living life without your best friend was like living life without half of yourself, Maria wasn’t sure how
much longer that she was going to be able to hang on without Liz. She was just thankful that she had

Alex reached out and took Maria’s hand in his as Maria put the Jetta into park. “Whatever it is, we can
do this.” Alex said holding Maria’a hand tight.

“I hope your right” Maria said opening up her door and then walking towards the Main entrance,
Alex came up behind her and put his arm around her shoulder. “I love you Maria” “I love you too

Maria and Alex walked into the Hospital with their hands held together tight. They went down the
main hallway which led to Liz’s room. As soon as they went around the corner they could see a large
group of people gathered around Liz’s room.

Maria took of running calling Liz’s name. Jeff and Nancy pulled Maria into their arms. “It’s okay, it’s
okay” Nancy said soothing a girl who had become like a second daughter to her. “Liz is awake, it is

Alex watched from the wings, taking in the sight before him. Something seemed odd about the situation
that was unfolding. He wasn’t really sure what it was until he saw Max Evan’s slip out of a storage
closet and sneak down a back hallway.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Alex said aloud. “What?” Maria questioned. “Nothing, I’ll be right
back.” Alex said taking off after Max. He walked quickly trying not to bring attention to himself until
after he was out of sight. Then Alex took off, determined to catch up to Max and find out why he had
been in the hospital that day. And most importantly if it had anything to do with Liz.


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Liz buried her face into a soft pillow as the doctors pulled and poked at her legs. I guess she could be happy that at least she couldn’t feel that pain. “Can you feel this Ms. Parker?” What about this?” She heard over and over. She assumed that her silence would answer their never-ending questions.

“Please just leave me alone!” she yelled finally. Her main doctor Dr. Harding finally motioned for the rest of the doctors and nurses to leave the room. Liz’s parents still sat outside told that they would have to have a conference with the doctor before they could visit with Liz about her condition.

“Ms. Parker. We will need to run many more tests. I understand this is a shock to you. We will resume the tests in the morning.” The doctor said before finally leaving Liz to her thoughts.

The doctor exited leading the Parkers into a conference room. “I am not sure she should be present” Dr. Harding said when Maria followed. “She is part of the family,” Jeff said putting his arm around Maria. “Very Well then” the doctor replied seating the family.

“I am going to be totally honest with you.” Dr. Harding began. "There is little, if any, substantial possibility or probability that Liz will ever walk again."

Nancy dropped her head down between her knees.

“Of course it is early to know for certain, but from what we can tell. She has suffered severe damage to her spinal cord. Mr. And Mrs. Parker, Maria. Liz cannot feel anything below the point where the bullet struck her.”

“It is just, well it is just that it is not often that we see cases like this with a success rate. We believe at this point that Liz has extensive damage to these nerves. We are of course going to run more tests; we will do everything possible, for your daughter, for your friend. We just want you to be prepared for what might be Liz’s future.”

Maria took Nancy’s hand, holding it tight, squeezing it to let her know that somehow, someway, everything was going to be okay for them.

This wasn’t some normal girl that they were talking about; this was Liz.

Alex ran down the hallway with a new sense of purpose, Alex Whitman was not a jock, he was not on the track team, nor was he built like Max Evans, but he knew one thing, this was Liz Parker that was the topic here, and he would to anything for Liz Parker.

He saw Max’s shadow turn around the last corner of the deserted back of Roswell Memorial and out of the emergency exit.

“Stop” Alex yelled. He was sure that Max knew he was being chased right now. The only question was. ‘Why was he even running? What was he doing visiting Liz Parker?’

Alex pushed the door open to the outside, taking in a large gulp of fresh air as he saw Max jump in his jeep and pull out of a parking space.

Alex ran to the jeep, jumping in front of the vehicle as Max attempted to leave. Maybe Max would run him over. Maybe not. He had to find out what was going on in Roswell.

Liz heard the door open to her room and she said a silent prayer that it wasn’t more doctors, with more needles.

“Liz” Maria said softly taking a seat next to her. Liz remover her face from the pillows she had been hiding under.

“Liz, it’s okay. I am here now. Everything is going to be fine I promise.”

“Maria, I can’t feel my legs” Liz whispered as if it was a new secret.

“I know honey, I know” Maria said taking the scared girl into her arms and holding her for dear life.

This was when Nancy and Jeff came in, this was what they saw, one young girl holding another for dear life.

Nancy gasped upon seeing Liz’s legs as they stuck out from under the small blanket.

They were covered with red marks and wounds from all the poking and prodding that the doctors had been doing since Liz had arrived here.

“Ohh Lizzie, my baby girl” Nancy said walking over to Liz’s small frame.

“Shh It’s okay” Jeff said taking Nancy in his arms.

“We are going to go talk,” Jeff said leading Nancy out of the room.

“Honey, it is going to be alright.” Jeff said comforting Nancy. “We just have to be strong for Lizzie. Lets give Liz and Maria some time now. If anyone can comfort her it is going to be her best friend.

Max hit the brakes on his old jeep causing it to swerve far to one direction. The jeep hit a stop teetering, stopping just short from tipping over, or worse yet hitting Alex Whitman.

“Alex, Jesus Christ, what the fuck are you doing!” Max yelled to Alex who stood firm in the road.

Alex stood firm although he was sure that some fear was obviously showing on his face, and his heart was about to beat out of his small chest.

“I have the same question for you. Max why were you visiting Liz? What are Isabel and Michael so concerned. What is going on? Were you there when Liz woke up? Why the sudden concern Max, you and Liz have never been close. Why the call so late at night?”

Max’s face turned white.

“I am close with Liz, just in a different way” Max answered thinking of all the times that he had wanted to tell Liz the truth about him, all the times that he had felt some sort of connection between them, and how he had stopped it, how he had turned away, afraid to let her see the monster inside.

Alex jumped up climbing inside Max’s jeep sitting next to him. “You are not going anywhere until I find out what your sudden interest with Liz is all about. Max, you would never harm Liz would you?” Alex said as his eyes turned dark.


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Update soon, I did IWFL Yesterday, and I will do either Reality of this today, and then another one tommorow....
posted on 5-Sep-2002 7:14:05 PM by Kristin80
Okay just curious...I didn't really get very much Feedback on this fic. If anyone still wants to see it finished then I will complete it. If not then I will concentrate on my other fics for now. This fic is was going to be about a 10 parter...But since I slacked for so long I am not really sure if anyone is still into it. Just post and say Yea or Nea...or just post and say Yeah I guess...I am still working on I Won't Fear Love and I will finish Reality because I have gotten death threats over that one!! *angel*
posted on 8-Sep-2002 12:40:13 AM by Kristin80
Oh My, I guess that I do have readers still..LOL Okay with that in mind I will work on a new part..thanks for letting me know, and for reading!