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Title: DarkCity

Author: Haven

Pairing: M/L

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters but I do own the storyline and if it’s like anyone else’s on the board I’m sorry, I am a newbie you know.

Rating: PG13~NC-17

Summary: This story is very AU there are absolutely no aliens either. I’m not going to give a deeper explanation for fear I’ll give the story away but don’t let the beginning fool you. This is, in no way, a fluff piece.

Author’s Note: This story will have a few characters from Buffy coming to visit, NO BIG ROLES THOUGH. I really hope you all love this as much as I do. This is also going to be from Max’s POV sometimes.


May 26, 2002 Mexico City

He looked over the rim of the glass he was drinking from and smiled as Liz sat nervously gazing out the window. He took a moment to take in the pure white gown his fingers were itching to remove, the two chocolate spirals hanging over her eyes, the small diamond ring glistening on her finger. The ring he’d given her earlier that day at their wedding.

He sat back and stared at her again.

Never in a million years had Maxwell Evans ever thought that he’d be marrying his dream. He’d never imagined she’d give him the time of day. She was beautiful, popular, but she was also caring and compassionate. She was an enigma. A puzzle he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life trying to solve.

He looked at her again and smirked as she tried to glance at him through her peripheral vision. He took the last gulp of his wine and rose from the seat he’d been occupying since they entered their Honeymoon Suite.

“You nervous?”

She snorted softly.

“Of course not Max. I’m not afraid of…..of giving myself to you.”

He lowered his eyebrows and studied her as he began to remove his tux. They’d decided way back in High school that they’d wait until they were married before they made love and at the ripe old age of 19, it was finally time. He licked his lips and kneeled down in front of her body. Absently noticing how she tensed at his proximity.

“Don’t be afraid Liz. It’ll only hurt for a minute and then I’ll make sure that you feel so good you’ll forget all about the pain,” he said slowly while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at her and pulling her into a hug.

She laughed and looked down at him in his red striped boxers. A shaft of heat went through her abdomen right to between her legs and she felt herself relax into him.

“I love you Max.”

He pulled back from her and looked at her face. Her hair was stuck to her temples, she was taking deep breaths, and her lips were slightly parted. He swallowed and leaned into her for a gentle kiss that deepened into something more.

She opened her thighs to gather him closer to her as he ran his tongue along her teeth asking for an entrance into her mouth that she immediately granted.

“Make love to me.”

His eyes flew to her and she smiled at the look of awe there until she noticed the slight turn down of his lips and how his attention had gone to the front of the room.

She turned to his line of sight “Max, what’s wr… ,”

There was a moment of intense pain as white bloomed in front of her eyes.

Then there was nothing but black.

Chapter 1

New York City May 26, 2008

I watched her from across the street as she walked out of her building in a white T shirt that clung to her breasts like a lover and tiny cut off jean shorts. Even through the crush of people I could single out her heartbeat.
It’s been to long.

She smiled at the children playing in the hydrant and ran through the spray to an ice cream truck that had been set up there.

“I’d like one scoop of vanilla on a cone.”

He listened to her lilting voice and smiled. Even after 6 years, her favorite ice cream was still vanilla. She turned from the vendor and licked at the cool cream as I intently watched.

She was absolutely gorgeous.

She’d cut her hair to just below her chin and had had it curled out, she’d gained a few pounds but she’d always been to skinny in her teenage years. Those extra pounds gave her hips and a chest she’d never dreamed of back then. They made her on the verge of voluptuous and I licked my lips at all the fantasies I’d dreamed up over the time we’d been apart.

She was on her way back to her apartment when she saw what must have been a friend and stopped to chat. I decided then that’d I’d be waiting in her apartment when she came home. I made my way across the street and into her building with ease.

The building was dilapidated and even through the smells of humans, piss, and food, I could smell the vanilla wafting from her apartment. I took the concrete steps quickly, the sound of my feet hitting them was almost unbearable, and the heartbeats and fights of all the occupants echoing in my head.

I came to her door on the seventh floor and grabbed the knob until I heard the almost inaudible click of the locks springs breaking away under my grasp as I pushed inside and was bombarded by her smells.

I stepped in and pulled the door closed behind me.


Our anniversary.

Liz tried to forget the day as she left her small, dank apartment and made her way downstairs to the street. She’d buried him 6 years ago on their wedding night and still wore the ring on a chain around her neck.

She and Maria had moved to New York after the funeral to try and start new but it seemed just as she was getting it together, thoughts of him started to invade her mind, her dreams. She felt like he was with her, always close but never within reach.

Liz smiled as she ran through the hydrants spray toward the ice cream truck. There it was again, the feeling that someone was watching her. She brought her ice cream and tried to hurry home when Miss Charles stopped her and began to babble.

Liz tried to be nice, but she kept having this feeling that she needed to get home. That something very important was going on.

“Yes Maria will be home tomorrow, I’ll be sure to tell her to call you.”

She didn’t wait for her response but flew down the street toward her apartment. She took the steps two at a time and grabbed her keys to unlock the door when she realized that the knob was broken.

A wave of fear and something else washed over her puckering her nipples. Heating her already sweat dampened body. Something was going on in there and she pushed her way as she looked around the empty living room and made her way through the house until she came to her to her bedroom door.

Liz breathed deep, feeling anticipation for something she couldn’t name and pushed open the door into the dark bedroom. Her eyes swept the room and saw…….nothing.

She looked down and let out a breath, trying to push back tears.

“What were you waiting for Liz? Max?”

She chuckled softly even though she knew that’s exactly what she’d been waiting and turned to rest her head against the door.


She jumped as entirely to cool arms snaked around her waist and massaged her stomach.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

She felt her mouth opening and closing like she was a fish but was helpless to stop it. She’d know that voice anywhere. Even after 6 years of not hearing it, it still gave her chills and made her breath deep to keep her body under control.


That voice again, the one that that’d been haunting her dreams since the last time she’d heard it. His hands moved up and his thumbs gently pushed down on her nipples. She breathed deep again and moaned the only name that, that voice could ever belong to.


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Thanx for your replies and I know I jumped and that it may be hard to understand now but all will be revealed soon.

Wench On a Leash: I'm glad you like the title. It comes from a movie I saw once(by the same name) that was really good, it's nothing like this story though but everyone should go see it. That and Donnie Darko, Kay, I'm finished plugging theses fantastic movies so thanx for the replies and read on.*big*

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