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Title: Steps
Author: ~Amy~ AngelicDreamer57⊕
Disclaimer: I don't own anything so plz don't sue!!!
Category: M/L and others
Summery: AU. I'm not sure about the aliens but probably none. Liz's parents had a divorse when she was in 6th grade and went to move in with her dad around the same time in Washington State. And Liz and Tess are stepsisters
Authors Note: This is my FIRST fic! so im a little nervous of what you people think. plz be gentle! feedback much appreciated so plz leave it or else ill think you guys dont like my story which is so possible

Part 1

Liz's POV (Point of view)
Great! I am sooo happy. Okay, I lived with my dad in Olympia/Lacey, Washington. Never heard of it? Well you probably did in 5th grade because (Olympia) is the capital of the state. Now, I'm on the plane headed to live with my mom in Roswell, New Mexico.
My mother lives there and so did I until the summer of 6th grade (before 7th), she got remarried in June to Edward Harding and it's August 23rd. Ed is the father of Tess. She dispised me throughout my grade school life so I dont expect anymore from her now. She is Miss Popularity, next to Isabel Evans. Sister of Max Evans aka my crush. Well he used to be.
I remember when I lived in Roswell my parents owned a restaurant called The Crashdown. Max would come in every day after school sometimes with his sister and her friends. So I would see him there and at school since we were in the same class from 3rd grade until I left. I did miss him though. He was really nice and sweet. But he was really shy (like me) so Maria (my best friend I think) would make fun of me. So I would say that she like Michael Guerin aka Max's best and seemed like only friend. I still dont get why because he could be very popular if he wanted too. He has the looks, the personality, the skills, everything. The girls loved him and most of 'em had a crush on him at some point in the years and the guys liked him because the girls liked him and he wuz oh so good in sports etc... Oh well.
I wasn't the most popular either, but I did have a large group of friends. The best including Maria Deluca and Alex Whitman. I wonder if they still wanted to be their friend? Well I'll find out when I get there. When she (Maria) used to say that Max was always nice to me and stuff but he was like that to everyone! And that he would stare at me or something like that. She was just trying to keep my hopes up and then I'll get hurt! The plane has landed.

Tess' POV
I hate this!! My "father" remarried and to Nancy Parker no less!! He said that he needed to for some reason but I didn't listen to it. I still don't get why Liz Parker's mother. I mean I hate that girl and now she comes to live here!?!? Everything is messed up in my life....Well except at least I have the guy everyone else wants a piece of!

Max's POV
I can't believe she is coming back!! Liz Parker is coming back to live with her mom. I got the news from Tess. She was over and talking to Isabel and told her while I overheard. Maybe I'll have a chance with her! Dream on, Max! Why would she want you? I had the biggest crush on her when she used to live here and saw a picture of her that was taken recently and I am in love all over again!
Another problem, Tess Harding. My sister's best friend! That girl thinks I like her and she says that I am her boyfriend. Where did that come from? I hate that girl! She shoves her chest in my face and thinks I like it! I hate when she does that or even talks! Her voice is one the most annoying sounds! She started this "trying-to-get-me-thing" in 7th grade. It's getting really old.
Now I usually keep to myself. I am the star quarterback and captain of the football team along with the basketball team but I am still one of the most shy people in the school. I stay out of the lame light. Aside from the games or practices I am just quiet, shy Max Evans. That's the way I am but I seem to get a lot more attention than I want. I don't want any!! Kinda stange, the star quarter back being shy. But I play well and I like to playing them. Oh and I'm a straight A student. Yet another difference from the other jocks. Do I don't fit the normal jock.

Liz's POV
I am walking down the tummel thing. I am in the airport and my mom is here. She is with two other people. A golden-blonde girl (not Tess) and a tall, lanky, brown haired boy. Oh my god! It's Maria and Alex! I haven't seen them since I left!!

Maria's POV
So my best friend is coming back from hibernation. She moved away to Washington State. Can we say cold? Now she's coming back to live with her mom. Okay I know, I know you heard this aleady so I won't go down memory lane with you. Jeeze pushy pushy. Well I am hoping that we will get reaquainted with each other. I'm gonna ask if I can spend the night or visa versa.

"Liz! I can't believe you're here!" Maria screamed
"I know! I wasn't sure if you would remember me and still wanted to be my friend!" Liz replied
"How could you think that? You are my best friend!" Maria
"Ditto" Alex said with a huge grin on his face
"Well it has been 4 years!"
"Group hug!!!"
Once they let go Liz turned around to hug her mother.
"Hey mom!"
"Well, hey yourself."
"This town has missed you."
"I would think it forgot about me!"

Max's POV
Liz is here. She's here. Don't ask me how I know but I do.


So plz tell me how it is!!! Truthfully!!!!!!
And if anyone wants to help me on this fic I would love it!!! Just e-mail me!

Part 2

"Where's your stuff?" Nancy asked
"Oh, they're at baggage claim. I brought all my stuff so nothing is being shipped here. But there are about 5 bags I think of my stuf." Liz replied
Back at Max's house

Isabel walks into Max's room and he is day dreaming again.

"MAX! Wake up!!!"
"Huh? Oh, hi Iz. Wusup?"
"Nothing much, so wut were you doing?"
"Are you sure? I mean you were really out there."
"Yes I am sure."
"Well, you know Liz Parker is coming back today."
"Yea I know." Max said trying to hide his smile in which he failed to do.
"Well, what are you gonna do about it?"
"What do you mean 'What am I gonna do'? I'm not gonna do anything."
"Com'on Max. You're turning 17 in a couple days and you still haven't had a girlfriend! I mean every girl in school wants you! So by all means what's up with that?"
"Nothin. Just no one catches my eye."
"What about Tess?"
"What about Tess?"
"Well, she seems to like you and she IS my best friend."
"Yea I'm quite aware of that."
"Why don't you go out with her? Just once?"
"Because you know I don't like her. She is just annoying how she tries to get me and thats the way it's gonna be."
"You know if you need anyone she'll be there. "
"And besides, she has a boyfriend. Remember?"
"Oh yea. Well she told me she is going to dump him tomorrow."
"That doesn't mean she's gonna go out with me you know. I'm not gonna go out with her.....EVER."
"Fine, be that way but don't be crawling back to me when little Lizzy Parker rejects you."
"I won't."
In the car...

"...Oh! And we hafta have a spend the night! I missed a lot of your life so we need to get reaquainted! Like do you have a boyfriend?"
"That's a good idea! Can you sleep over at my house since it's my first day I don't think my mom will let me go. And no."
"What do you mean no boyfriend? I mean you're beatiful!!"
"Me? I am plain but I had a guy, not exactly boyfriend. His name is Sean Taylor and we broke it off before I left. You?"
"Nope. But I have my eye on someone."
"Ooo Ooo Who is it?"
"If you must know it's....."
"Michael Guerin" Alex butts in
"I was supposed to tell her! It is my life!!! And besides YOU like Isabel Evans, Miss Ice Queen herself!"
Alex blushed
"Maria? You and Michael?!?! You guys used squabble (hehehe I just like that word!!) all the time when I was here! YEA!! I AM RIGHT!"
"Yea well....I'm right too!"
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"Well if you must know, Max Evans has found out you are coming back and is asking me about you. And he was all mopey after you left and hardly came to the Crashdown but he does now."
"Well, he probably got over me by now! I mean it's been 4 years!!!"
"I wouldn't think so. I heard that he almost fainted when he saw a picture of you at your mom's place."
"And why would he be over there?"
"Tess and him are lab partners, he was probably doing homework."
"He could also be going out with her. So he could be taken."
"I don't think so chica. Max Evans hasn't gone out with anyone...EVER. Come to think of it I don't think he's even kissed a girl before."
"What?!?! He's what? 16? He has to have kissed a girl at least once!"
"Hey, I don't know much but if he has it isnt from any school around here!"
"And why would that be?"
"Because is is hot priority! No one has gotten him so everyone wants a piece of him... Captain of the football team and star quarerback, Captain of the basketball team. Tall, dark, and hansome. The mysterious guy! Every girl has made a move on him before and some of the cheerleaders do it everyday so watch it."
"She's right you know. He's like his sister except he's the shy, quiet one."
"Oh sorry Alex."
"It's okay. I'm used to listening. I mean I'm friends with Maria Deluca!"
"Watch it buddy!"
Evan's Houshold

"Iz I'm going to the Crashdown."
"Sure, okay, bye!"
At the Crashdown
Max goes to a booth and Linsey, a waitress comes over.
"Hey, Max" she says in a suductive tone
"What can I getcha?" 'Oh yea I'm getting to him now! Watch out Tess dear!'
"Cherry coke, Saturn Rings, and a Sigorney Weaver."
"Okay coming right up!"


"We're here!"
"My mom is here first so I'll see if she brought my stuff in yet."
She looks inside and there's only 3 BIG bags left.
"Okay Alex can you get one?"
Liz picks up both of the large bags and walks in the door when she falls.

Max's POV
Oh my gawd. There she is! She's falling! I gotta help her.

Max gets out of his seat to catch Liz. And she looks up, she sees someone who looks like Max Evan's. 'Wow! He sure grew up!'
"Here." He reaches out to get the bags.
"So do you remember me?"
"I think so...You're Max Evans, right?"
"Yea and you're Liz Parker! Welcome back!"
"Thx, so are you gonna bring that up for me or am I gonna have to risk falling again?" He blushes
"Oh, sorry lead the way."
When they get to her house she meets her mom.
"Hey mom, which room is mine?"
"You have the same room as before. Your old room."
When they get inside...

"You can drop the stuff down."
Maria comes in
"Hey beautiful people!" Max thinks 'Liz is beautiful'
"Max you can leave now, I need to get to know my best friend again."
"Okay well Bye. I need to go and do my lab with Tess now so I'll see you later."
"Yea okay! Bye."


Feedback plz.

Part 3

authors note: This is a very short part!

Liz has a dreamy look on her face.
"Okay, so you have fallen for Max Evans....AGAIN! This is fate!"
Just then Tess walks in
"Hi Liz. Welcome back..I guess. Okay we have to get one thing straight! Max Evans is mine!"
"But I thought he didn't have a girlfriend and don't you have a boyfriend anyways?"
"I used to. Broke up with him today. So stay away!"
"You don't own him Tess so I can do as I please."
"You'll regret it Liz so stay away okay?" She ends it with a sweet smile.

She leaves

"Don't worry about her Liz! She thinks she owns the school just leave it alone and if you want to be with Max then it."
"I know I will."
"And besides, Max hates Tess!"
they chuckle
"Any (laugh) ways, did school start here yet?"
"Yea 3 weeks ago."
"Oh okay."
"So on Monday you're starting school, right?"
"I guess"
"Okay! So what are we going to do this weekend?"


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Authors Note:


I wouldn't even know this thing was still up if it wasn't for Heather. You guys have NO CLUE how freaked out I am... I thought I lost this horrible memory. This was my first fic and I really don't want to go back and re-do everything! Grr! But I'll post it. Still freaked out here! Okay, Heather and Jeremy, this one's for you. *shakes head* This isn't some strange, twisted dream *pinches herself* Okay, I'm posting....


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(I still don't own ANYTHING)

Part 4
"So.... Max we're done. Do you wanna stay?" Tess sceeches
"Yea, sure what do you wanna do?" Max says, not really paying attention.
'Good thing she doesn’t know the only reason I'm staying is Liz is here'
"How about a movie?" Tess asks.
"Sure, which movie?" He tells her.
"Ummmm.... How about..." She tries to think.
“... .A Knights Tale?” Liz says out of nowhere. Liz and Maria was standing by the door
"Oh, hi Liz." Max says
"Hey! Maria and me are going to watch A Knights Tale. Do you guys wanna watch it or do I have to go to my room and put everything together?"
"You can watch that. We couldn't think of a movie to watch anyways."
"Great! I'll be right back I forgot to grab the movie."

While she went to get the movie Max sat down on the love seat and Tess sat next to him making sure there wasn’t any room between them.
When she comes back she puts the DVD into the machine and walks in front of Max. He pulls her down on him lap.
'I can't believe I just did that! What is she going to think of me?'

Liz's heart rate increased rapidly but loved the feeling of his arms around her body. It made her feel safe and secure.

Just then Max let's go.

"I am so sorry" and stupid!
"Max, it's okay! Really!"
"Okay well you should go and sit next to Maria."

Liz leaves and goes over to the sofa where Maria is.
"Maria, what was that about? I mean he let me go, so he didn't like it or something."
"He's just shy. He's always been that way."
"Then why did he put me on his lap in the first place?"
“I don’t know, hon. Just watch the movie. We'll figure it out when he leaves."
When the movie is over...

It's 11:00
Liz gets up to stretch and yawn.
"Bye Max" Tess says right by Max's ear while she reaches over for a hug.
"Do any of you guys know what time it is?"
"It's 11 o'clock."
"Okay thx! I better get going! Bye Liz"
He reaches out for a hug
"Night Max"
"I hope we can be really good friends. Bye."
She kisses his cheek and he leaves.
Tess' POV
I can't believe he wouldn't want me but my stepsister Liz! I'll make him want me over Little Lizzy Parker!
She thinks with an evil smirk on her face


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This just keeps on freaking me out. Do you have any idea how many revisions this is going to need to get out? It's mostly later on in this story. But truthfully, I hate this story. I think it has no plot and totally contridicts itself time and time again. It's just you haven't read the whole thing. But I'll shamefully embarrass myself in front of all these people *stares at everyone* Part... FIVE.... Grr! You better be happy... *walks away* OH! And Lana, I have two weeks until I'll be in hell for three weeks. Okie dokie? Just need to clear things up.

Part 5

Saturday Morning...

Maria and Liz are awake. Liz is lying on her bed and Maria is lying right next to it, both staring at the ceiling. Silence was heard until Maria's voice piped up.
"So.... Are we going do it?"
"Yea.... I mean I guess." Liz says with a smile plastered on her face since she woke up.
"Okay so let's go to the mall! We need to get the decorations, a new outfit, and the gifts!" Maria says excitedly.
"Okay, we need to take a shower, change, eat, and then we can go."

1 Hour Later...

"Okay we're ready!" Maria yells "Let's go!"

They walk over to Liz's green Beatle and get in.

"I love your car! It is sooo much better than my old Jetta. Well, my mom‘s old Jetta."
“Thanks I love it too, that’s why I got it.” Liz said. "Why are we doing this again?"
"Because, it's fun! C'mon, don’t you just love planning parties?"
"Can't say that I do, and we have one day to pull this off."
"That's what it's all about! It's an adrenaline rush!" Maria says jumping around in the car.
"You're kidding me, right?" Liz says with a stern look on her face.
"No, why would I kid you? Anyways we're here. You can't back out now!"

When they get in Liz asks
"So what do we do first?"
"How about the outfits?" Maria says, still on a sugar high.
"No, never mind I asked. We'll do the decorations first. It's the one that will take less time."
"Why not the outfits?!?!" Maria whined
"Because, if we start on that it'll take up the whole day and we won't have the time for anything else we need to do today."
"Fine. We better take a little bit of time for the decorations and present." Maria pouts.
"Where do we start?"
" about that place?" Maria said pointing to a party decoration store.
"Okay..." Liz’s voice dragged then faded as Maria started pulling her to the store.

20 minutes later....
"I can't believe how long getting a few items can be!" Maria whined...AGAIN.
"Well, if someone can decide on the colors we wouldn't have taken that long." Liz said with a smile.
"Oh yea, that." Maria said with a tinge of guilt in her voice.
"Uh huh, that!"
"Changing the subject.... What are you going to get?" Maria asked Liz
"I'm not sure. I mean I don't know him. Let's just look around and I'll figure it out eventually. What are you going to get?"
"I'm not sure either."

They walk half way in the mall when Liz stops and says...
"I got the perfect idea!!!"
"What is it?!?!"
Liz tells Maria about her gift...
"That's a good idea... lets go find it."

They walk two stores and find what they are looking for.

"Why don't you go across the aisle thing and get him a leather jacket? They're on sale anyways."
"Good idea! Oh and Liz I KNOW he's going to love the gift you're going to give him!"
"Thanks. I'll go to the store when I'm done."

We follow Maria into the store...

Someone says "Hey." And she turns around.
"Huh? Oh hi, Pam."
"Hey what are you doing here?" Pam asked.
"I'm getting a gift for a friend."
"Oh, me too. But I don't think I want to get anything here. See ya later."
"Wait. Me and Liz, you remember her? Liz Parker? Well we're throwing Max Evans a birthday party tomorrow at 7 at the Crash, you can come if you want to."
"Okay, I'll be there."
"Tell everyone you know, spread the word and nothing illegal! Adults will be there like...his parents!"
"Got it. No beer."

Then Liz walks in....

"What's taking so long?"
"Oh Pam Troy. Just telling her about the party."
"Do ya mean the busty, blonde I just passed?"
"Don't worry about her. She's asked him out every other day and he still hasn't said yes."
"Okay? But I didn't say anything." Liz said sounding a little weirded out.
"You might not have said anything but we all know you thought it." a smile playing on Maria’s lips.

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Why do I do this? Oh well, here ya go... I just don't want to fix it anymore, it sucks so much. But if I don't, I'll hate myself.... Thanks for the feedback folks (Even if I disagree; you haven't read the whole thing.)

Part 6

Still at the mall with Maria and Liz.....
"So what kind of outfit are we looking for?" Maria asked. "Are we talking sexy, flirty, or sophisticated, classic?"
"Ummmm...a little of both I guess."
"Okay, where should we start? How about Nordstrom?"
"Sure....Lead the way."


"I found the perfect outfit for you Liz."
"Let's see it."
Maria held up a tan mini skirt made of suede with a big black belt and a knitted turtleneck minus the sleeves.
"It says to and sophisticated." Maria says thoughtfully
"Do you think it will look good on me? I mean the skirt is really short but I love it! I'm just not sure if it will look good."
"It will look incredible!! Words won't be able to describe how you look. Max will faint when he sees you." Maria dramatizes.
"Okay well, I'll go try it on and you go look for something."
"I already found it." Maria said holding up a white flowered dress, no sleeves, and a ruffled V-neck.
"Very nice. Did you try it on yet?"
"Yea it fits nicely."
"Okay I'll be one second."

30 seconds later.....
"Liz.....That took more than one second. It's more like 30."
"Ha, ha, ha." Liz said, not amused. "So how do I look?" Then she spins around slowly.
"Like I said, words cannot describe how good you look. Am I right or am I right?"
"Good, let's go pay for these stuff ’cause I'm starving!"


"I'm getting a sub and some coffee." Liz said. "How about you?"
"I'll have a sub but pass on the coffee. How about a Snapple?"
"Okay. I'll get them and you can wait in the car. Here are the keys." Liz passes the keys to Maria.


"Here's the food and your Snapple."
"Thanks. Now, that's something I will never get about North westerners, they always drink coffee!"
"Not true! Not all of them! Anyways I like coffee. I got this funny e-mail about north westerners.” Liz tells her.
"Yea, whatever. So where am I taking you?"
"How about the park for a walk?"
"Sure. I don't walk much but let's go."

At the Park............

"So bestest buddy of mind. Give me the 411 of your life in Washington state."
"What do you wanna know?"
"Who were you friends with? What school did you go to? What did you do for fun? Stuff."
"Okay, well I had a lot of friends, I was a cheerleader with no cheerleader friends. I hated them! Cheerleaders I mean. Some of my friends are/were; Kate, Jennielee, Bryson (Bry), Kevin, Nathan, Josh........ North Thurston High. Fun? Well we didn't have much. There was the movie theater, in middle school there was skate land, but I didn't like that place. So you usually was outside, even with all the rain. But I loved the rain, so I was out there alone, either that or hanging out at someone's house."
"Okay, you like the rain." Maria said giving her a look.
"It was always raining so I got used to it. I like the rain. It's real calming so if I wanted to be outside I was outside and if I wanted to go to someone's house I'd either walk or drive depends on how far away it is."
"You like the rain? Okay......" Maria stops talking because Liz bumped into someone. She was walking backwards to face Maria when she was talking.
"Oh, I'm so sorry." said the stranger. She knew that voice, as she turned around, her face got bright red.
"Max? Oh, it's okay. I'm fine."
Maria starts cracking up.
"So (chuckle) where (hehehe) is (hahaha) your friend?" She finishes with a full blown laugh.
"He's right there." Max said pointing to the bathroom where Michael magically walks out.

"Maxwell! C'mon let's go."

"Kay. Sorry, I'll see you later."
"Bye Max!" they say in unison. And start cracking up.


"Iz...what am I going do about my step sister?" Tess asked. "I really need some help here."
"Okay why don't you make her social life miserable? That usually works."
"I'm planning on that but it isn't enough. Besides I don't think that would even work too well. Max likes her! He never liked anyone....ever. He has to think she doesn't like him or something!"
"So what's the plan?"
"Well, Pam told me Maria and Liz are having a birthday party for Max tomorrow. So I think I'm going to follow him the whole time and when the time is right I'm going take advantage of it."
"So you wanna stalk my brother?"
"Pretty much. But it's only for a couple hours before the party and during it."
"Okay?" Isabel starts laughing at what she's hearing. "But if he figures out what you are doing, he'll hate you even more than he does now."
"He won't find out."
"You better hope so."
"He won't!" Tess said, practically screaming "My dad won't let me spend the night because it's Liz's second day here so first thing tomorrow I'm coming over."
"Oh, dammit. I got to go, ‘family dinner.’ Bye."

When she walks out she bumps into Max.

"Oh, hi Max" she whispers in his ear.
"Hi Tess. So you're leaving? Bye."
"Bye see ya around."
"Not if I can help it." He mumbles under his breath.
"What was that? I didn't catch it."
"Oh just saying Bye."
"Okay bye!"

She walks off and gets into her car.

"Thank God!" Max says to himself.


"Hey Iz."
Oh, hi. Mom and Dad will be home in about an hour. They went out a little while ago."
"Okay, tell them I'll be in my room if they ask."
"I will."

He goes upstairs to his room.

(Liz's Journal)

I am back in Roswell. I was looking for something that I couldn't find in Olympia. Don't get me wrong. I love it there and will keep in touch with the people but there is something here for me. Someone special. Maybe it's even Max. That would explain why I feel a strong pull to be with him. I wish that could be true. That Max is my soulmate and we will be there together. Maybe so. Grandma always said if it wasn’t complicated, he wasn’t your soulmate, right?


TBC... (Why am I doing this again?)

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Only two people left feedback? *sad* maybe I should discontinue this story, AGAIN.

Part 7

Sunday Morning

Max wakes up and walks out for breakfast.
"Happy Birthday, Hon!" Diane, his mother, says.
"Yea, Happy Birthday, little brother."
"Thanks. What's for breakfast?"
"Belgian Waffles. Hope you like it."
"Pass the Tabasco."
"I don't get how you two eat that stuff." Especially why with everything!’


" that was great!" Max said with his mouth full. When he was done eating, the door bell rang. "I'll get it." he said
When he opened the door, a delivery guy from a flower shop was there.

"Hi I have a delivery for a.........Max Evans."

"I'm Max."

"Okay, could you sign here? And here are the flowers." He said holding out a bouquet of red and white roses.

"Thanks bye." 'Who would send me roses?' He looked at the note:

Happy Birthday! Could you meet me at the Crashdown at 7 o'clock tonight? Hope to see you then. Good Bye.


'SA? Who could it be? Maybe Liz? She lives in the apartment connected to the Crash. Yea, right, like she would send you something like that. She wants to be friends. Then who could it be?'


"OMG. I cannot believe you made me do that!" Liz screamed.

"I didn't make you do anything! I just brought up an idea and you jumped on it!"

TBC... (Aren't I a doll [that means I'm ultra nice] Heather?)

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Jeremiah: I'll post more... I think. But begging helps! *big* LOL!

Heather: Just cause I love clearing things up. SA stands for secret admirer or however you spell it. But ironically, also Shiri Appleby. My stupid friends sent me a note from "SA" a couple Valentine's Day a couple years ago. I didn't get it at first either. They told me later.


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Crap. If you care, I won't be updating for a while. I'm not going to be updating for a while. I'm off for a trip on Monday and will be back on the 19th of August. I'll post as soon as I get something re-written. I think. *scratches behind ear*

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Fantastic time... *sigh* I don't want to go! *Whines* LOL, don't make me!!

But I'll try, for you.

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