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Title: Alas, Babylon
Author: Beldaran1 (Dionne)
Rating: NC-17
Category: AU XOver M/L, M/M, and eventually K/I….Aliens are Aliens and Humans are Humans.
Spoilers: Pretty much everything is subject since this is a Post-Graduation story.
Description: The gang struggle to survive in post-apocalyptic America.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything or anyone. Certainly not Roswell, the novel Alas Babylon, or any of the characters. I am just borrowing them and will be sure to return them when I am done.



Motel 6 – Somewhere in Kentucky
August 2002

Soft moans and desperate cries filled the air as the couple twisted and turned on the bed.

They had fallen asleep pleasantly exhausted after spending most of the night and early morning celebrating their wedding night over and over and over. They had been so happy and giddy, finally taking that final step and getting married surrounded by their closest friends who were truly more like family. Liz had even FedExed her journal to her dad in hopes that it might bring some level of peace and understanding for their parents.

Now they turned and clung to each other, even in sleep they knew they were each others safe haven. Their bodies trembled and again soft despairing moans escaped them as memories artfully buried deep within their subconscious broke free and invaded their dreams.

She felt dizzy and confused, she didn’t know how she had gotten here…or even where here was. The last thing she remembered was Max’s angry face and his voice hard and cold as he commanded her not to go to Sweden, after that everything became fuzzy.

She moaned again and then she froze, she was lying on a man's chest; and they were both naked. Their arms and legs were intertwined, her face pressed into his chest. She grumbled and shifted her head to the side, and her hips encountered his penis. She began to panic, desperately trying to get her befuddled brain to work and figure out how this came to be.

Suddenly, she was calmed. Her soul recognized what her mind was just beginning to grasp; it was Max. As horrifying as the situation was, she found an overwhelming comfort in the knowledge Max was with her.

Max lay beneath her; he was unconscious and naked…and very aroused. He shifted beneath her and his engorged shaft slipped between her thighs, and suddenly her blood was on fire.

He moaned slightly under her and shifted again and she felt his penis rub against her wet folds. The fire in her blood became a raging inferno and she knew she had to shake the cobwebs from her brain and do something before…oh god…she moaned as his hips bucked up and the head of his cock entered her.

“Liiiizzzzzz!” Max cried out, jerked awake by the feel of her muscles squeezing down on the head of his cock, “What…what?”

“Maaaxxxxx! Oh God!” Liz moaned as she sat up and slowly started to sink down on him, stopping when the head of his cock bumped against her barrier.

“Liz?” Max looked up into her stormy dark eyes confusion and hope warring inside him.

“Only you Max…only you.” She whispered softly, and then she plunged herself down on his engorged cock…screaming when he broke through her barrier.

They became lost in a passionate haze as their bodies rocked together, consumed by the pleasure and love washing through them…oblivious to the danger around them.

Through the passionate haze voices drifted on the air…

“Do you think this will work?”

“It sure as hell better work, I’ve tried everything else; but let’s just say the…King… couldn’t perform. I even dosed him with the same drug I gave them tonight; but still no go.”

“Maybe he just didn’t find you attractive enough Tessie. He must really despise you if all your mindwarps and drugs couldn’t get him to fuck you.”

“Shut up Nicky! It doesn’t matter now anyway; look they’re almost done, did you bring the equipment?”

“Yes, I got it! I just hope for both our sakes this works.”

“Relax, everything’s covered. By the time we’re through Max will think he’s spent a night a passion with me…and I will be pregnant with the heir. The rest will be easy, by this time next month we’ll be on Antar, and I will have fulfilled my deal with Khivar. Come on, let’s finish setting up.”

The voices drifted away…



They cried out as they tumbled over the edge together, liquid heat rushing through them as waves of ecstasy washed over them. Liz collapsed on top of Max, and then she abruptly sat back up…she had felt…had felt…

“Max?” She whispered, her voice filled with awe; her eyes clouded with tears.

“Oh Liz!” Max sighed as he brought his hand up to rest on her stomach; the soft blue-white glow proof of what they had both felt…they had created life.

Suddenly Liz was pulled away from Max and he roared in anger…and then cried out in pain as the neutralizer blast hit him in the chest. He fell back on the ground…helpless and filled with an awful sense of déjà vu as he watched Liz struggle against their captors.

Liz struggled and fought but to no avail, they were too strong for her. They forced her to lie down on a table and then she couldn’t move, invisible bonds holding her tight. Her heart was filled with an intense hatred as she watched Tess lie down beside her.

She started to struggle again when Nicholas walked up to her and laid some weird device on her stomach, when she saw him lying a similar device on Tess’ stomach; she was filled with an all consuming dread.

Max struggled to fight off the effects of the neutralizer…he had to save Liz…save their baby. When he saw Nicholas putting the alien device on Liz and Tess a forgotten wisp of knowledge flashed through him and he screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Liz heard Max scream and tears started streaming down the side of her face at the sound of his anguish and rage, and then Nicholas flipped a switch and her body was racked with pain. She didn’t know how long it lasted, but when it was over she immediately felt the loss and cried out, “My baby nooooo…please…not my baby…no no no no no no…”

Liz looked up into the cold evil blue eyes of the only person that could fill her heart with such hatred and rage that she knew if given the chance she could commit cold-blooded murder.

“Why Tess?” She sobbed.

“Why? Because this little brat I’m now carrying is my ticket off this sorry ass planet.” Tess sneered as she looked down on the pathetic excuse for a human that has been a thorn in her side since the first day she arrived in Roswell, “But don’t worry Perfect Little Lizzie, you won’t remember any of this!”

As everything started to go black a small desperate and frightened voice called out…

“Mommy…Daddy…help me…help me!!!”


Liz and Max screamed out into the night, terror, anguish, and rage filling their hearts as the desperate plea of their son echoed in their ears.


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Alas, Babylon
Part 1

Jamestown, North Dakota
Early September – 3 Weeks Later

God he was freezing his balls off.

It felt like it was 50 degrees below zero and it was only September, at least in Roswell he wouldn’t be half frozen doing this latest version of Alien Mission Impossible.

“When did my life get so weird?!?!?” he muttered under his breath as he barely escaped falling into another snow drift.

The question was moot anyways; the day Max Evans laid hands upon him and saved his sorry ass was the day his life took up permanent residence in the Twilight Zone. It was strange really, all his life he had felt so disconnected and alienated; and it had taken real not from Earth aliens to give him the family and sense of connection he had always craved. Which was why he had volunteered to be the one trudging through snowdrifts and scouting out the lay of the land.

And now he was trying to think of how he was going to tell them the bad news.

He was afraid of how this would affect them, before the night this quest had started he had never seen Liz Parker become unhinged; but she had that night and it wasn’t something he ever wanted to see again. When he’d first heard them screaming that night he’d thought they’d all been found and were getting ready to be sent COD straight to the white room, but then Michael had blown away the connecting door to their room and all they found was Max and Liz huddled together in the middle of their bed.

Michael had still been in his superhero protect mode and had searched the whole room for any hidden enemies, once it was firmly established that dust bunnies weren’t a new form of government spies, they had just stood around in awkward silence not knowing what the hell to do. Liz was sobbing hysterically and Max wasn’t that far behind in the water works department.

Kyle hated that helpless feeling he always got when someone he cared about was in obvious pain and there was nothing he could do about it, thank God for Maria. She had taken charge and started ordering everyone around; she had Iz fix the door Michael blasted, sent me into the bathroom to get water and wet wash cloths, and had Michael go out and make sure that no one had been disturbed by either the screaming or the sound of the door being blown to smithereens.

By the time they had reassembled she had worked her own brand of magic and Max and Liz had started to calm down.

When they finally told us what that bitch had done to them he had thrown up, yeah, Kyle Valenti who never throws up, was the first to run to the bathroom and worship the porcelain god. He wished he could bring that evil bitch back to life just so he could kill her again, slowly and painfully.

When he had gotten back into the room Liz was in the middle of a complete meltdown, she had become unhinged.

She was cursing and crying and zapping things left and right, everyone was trying to calm her down and dodge out of the way at the same time. It was Max who had finally gotten to her and she turned on him. She told him it was all his fault, that he had let that vicious bitch stay in their lives and then he had thrown their son away like he was so much garbage. Max had jerked away from her and the look on his face, like she had just reached into his chest and ripped his heart out.

They had stood around in stunned silence no one knowing what to do, and then Liz realized what she’d said. It was as if her mouth had been running way ahead of her mind, and suddenly her mind had caught up. She got really pale, the color drained out of her face and her eyes were full of anguish. Then she just collapsed onto the floor and whispered Max’s name.

Those two can speak volumes just saying each other’s names.

Max went to her and gathered her up in his arms and just held her, he started whispering something to her too softly for me to hear. Then they just kinda got lost in each other and it was like watching something you’re sure has been broken beyond repair be put back together even stronger than it was before. That’s Max and Liz, every time something awful happens to them it just makes them stronger and stronger.

Kyle had prayed that he would never have to be that strong.

Everyone agreed that finding baby Zan was their number one priority, which they did. It had taken them weeks to do it but they’d finally succeeded in finding Max and Liz’s baby; and now he’d have to be the bearer of bad news.

The van came into view and Kyle trudged up to the side door opened it and climbed in, he wanted to stall as much as possible but the anxious look in Liz’s eyes just wouldn’t let him.

Sighing, he dragged his hands over his face and told them, “I found the people who adopted baby Zan, only it looks like the Special Unit’s found them first.”

“No, please no.” Liz whispered softly that anguished look back in her eyes.

“Kyle, tell us everything you saw, don’t leave anything out.” Max’s voice was so calm and controlled you’d never now how tormented he was, unless you looked into his eyes. Max’s eyes always gave him away they were so expressive.

“Okay…” He began, trying to make sure he didn’t leave anything out. “I got as close as I could to the house and that’s when I saw the unmarked vehicles. There were two vehicles both dark and looked like they were SUVs. I saw about six Agents, three of them I recognized from that whole uh thing that went down before graduation. I don’t know how many were in the house. I heard screaming and pleas for mercy coming from the house. That’s when I came back here; I didn’t want to risk getting caught. I don’t know if they have baby Zan or if they’re trying to find him; all I know is that they’re there right now.”

“FUCK!” Michael yelled and then jumped up and threw the door open and stormed out into the snow, then he stomped back to the van and stuck his head in. “This is all fucked Maxwell, when are we going to catch a break?!?!?! This is a set up, it has to be.”

“Michael, calm down.” Max stared hard at Michael until he got back into the van and shut the door, then he turned and looked at us and then down at Liz.

“Max?” Liz looked up at Max and then the color drained from her face and she started shaking her head back and forth. “No Max, please don’t do this. There has to be another way, we’ll think of another way.”

“Liz, sweetness, there’s no other way; we won’t get another chance. If they get their hands on Zan…” Max let the sentence go unfinished as if putting words to it would make it real, “I have to do this, I have to make this right for both of us; I have to save our son.”

Suddenly Kyle got a very bad feeling about this, he knew he couldn’t stop Max from going; hell if he was in Max’s shoes he’d be doing the same thing. Still, the risk was high that Max would get captured; and if that happened…

“Max, promise me!” Liz whispered fiercely. “You have to promise that you’ll come back to me, no matter what.”

“I promise Liz, I will come back to you. I’ll always come back to you…forever Liz…we are forever.” Max gently wiped away the tears streaming down her face and then he leaned down and kissed her. When he pulled away he whispered to her again, “Forever.”

“Alright Maxwell, let’s get this show on the road. We’ll go in and rescue my nephew and be back before you guys even start to miss us.” Michael started pulling on his winter coat and gloves. “I’m going with you Max, and I promise you Lizzie I’ll bring his sorry ass back to you in one piece.”

With that said Michael reached over and grabbed Maria and kissed her, and then he hugged Isabel and Liz and slapped me on the back and jumped out the van to wait for Max.

Max leaned down and kissed Liz again and then he stepped out of the van and looked me in the eye. Kyle didn’t need special alien powers to understand what Max was telling him, so he nodded his head. He understood if anything happened to Max and Michael, then Kyle would make sure Liz, Maria, and Isabel were taken care of; he would protect them with his life.

Then Max and Michael were gone, swallowed up by the snow and he was left praying that God would bring them back safe; for all their sakes.


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Alas, Babylon
Part 2

Jamestown, North Dakota
Later That Same Night

It was cold and dark, the night sky thick with heavy clouds ready to spit more snow at any given moment.

Crouching in the shadows cast by a large snowdrift, his eyes scanned back and forth up and down the street, constantly moving, always on alert for anything that could represent danger to them. They had been slowly and covertly making their way to the house and now the only thing standing between them and it was an old dilapidated barn sitting approximately half way between where they were currently hiding and the house. Michael felt strangely in his element, as if the parts of himself he had long since buried were now rising up and filling him with a since of clarity and purpose and duty.

He shivered as he again checked their relative safety; the wind was picking up, howling around the corners and driving the cold deep into his bones. There wasn’t much he could do to block out the bone chilling cold except pull his heavy down jacket closer around himself and try to think of something warm. Maybe someplace warm with sand and palm trees, like Hawaii, and Maria wearing a teeny tiny bikini, and he of course would have to cover all that creamy soft skin with sun block…smoothing it on her back…down her sides…he shook his head to clear away the distracting imagery. Now wasn’t the time, although he was warmer.

Once again scanning the street, he motioned to Max to stay put, and then quickly darted through the snowdrifts to the side of the barn. When he reached his destination he peered around the side of the barn, and not detecting any movement, turned back to Max and gave the go ahead signal.

Max swore softly when flakes of snow began to pelt down upon him as he crept through the snowdrifts to meet up with Michael at the barn. Small and stinging they clung to his jacket. Normally he loved the snow, loved how it made everything look clean, and how the world slowed and quieted but it would only make things more difficult tonight. It would only complicate things. And things were already complicated enough.

It was funny really, in a sick and twisted sort of way, they had spent months running and hiding from the Special Unit of the FBI; and now they were getting ready to head in to what could very well be a trap. It was a risk he was willing to take, a risk he had to take. He had to get their son back, he had to do whatever it took to lessen the haunted and desperate look that had taken up residence in her eyes.

He thought about her then…his beautiful Liz…his wife. He ached to be close to her, to have her in arms and feel her love and warmth wash over him like a soothing balm. Max wondered how anyone could stand like steel one minute and bend like a willow tree the next. It was something he admired about her, the strength and the softness he’d seen in her so many times over the past 3½yrs. She had steadfastly stood by him through more hell than anyone should ever have to experience radiating both. Right now he could feel her worry and anxiety, her fear that something would go wrong and she would lose not only him and Michael; but her son too. A son she never knew she had until three weeks ago.

He felt the rage, which seemed lately to always be bubbling beneath the surface, start to rise in him and quickly tamped it down. Now wasn’t the time to let his ever present rage dictate his actions, he needed to be calm and in control. Covering the last bit of distance, he reached Michael and crouched down next to him behind the south wall of the barn. This was as close as they could get to the house without being seen and still be able to see and hear what was going on. Right now everything was quiet, too quiet.

“I don’t like this Maxwell.” Michael leaned in close to Max and whispered his opinion, “It’s been a little over an hour since Kyle reported back to us, the SUVs are still here but where are all of the agents? This doesn’t feel right, something’s wrong.”

“I know Michael, but we can’t leave. I can feel him…my son…he’s in that house. I don’t…”

They both dropped down into the snow as the front door was thrown open with a bang and two agents stormed out of the house, one was tall and lean and the other was about medium height and build. The tall agent started pacing back and forth in obvious fury, and then he turned and started yelling at the other agent who had followed him out the house. They could clearly hear the heated words exchanged between the two agents, even through the wind and the snow.

“Daniels, I want to know what the fuck happened, and I want to know now!”

“Sir, it would appear that our suspects did not hold up well to questioning sir!”

“I know that you idiot! They’re fucking dead and we still don’t have the alien brat!”

“I’m sorry Sir, but we’ve searched the house, the barn, and the shed; there is no sign of any baby!”

“It’s not a baby Daniels, it’s a monster! Don’t you forget that, it may look like us but it’s not; we need to find it before it can harm an unsuspecting civilian!”

“Sir, maybe they sent it to friends or relatives; maybe it wasn’t here to begin with and they were telling the truth when they said it wasn’t here.”

“You may be right Daniels, you may be right. Okay, let’s finish cleaning up the bodies and get out of here. Leave Simons and Jones on surveillance just in case, then…”

The agent’s voices faded away as they walked back into the house and shut the door. Max closed his eyes and swallowed back the bile that had risen in his throat; they had been too late to save the innocent people who had adopted his son. He felt Michael squeeze his shoulder and he nodded his head, acknowledging that he was back in control of himself. He opened his eyes and surveyed the house; he could feel his son’s presence like a beacon and despite the conversation he just heard between the two agents, he knew his son was in that house.

And he wasn’t going to leave without him.


The quiet rumble of an engine drifted to him and his head swiveled up in time to see both of the SUVs drive down the street and turn the corner out of sight. They had been hunkered down beside the barn for the past two hours waiting for the agent’s to leave the house. It had finally stopped snowing and the wind had died down, but they had still been forced to use their powers to ward off the cold and the chill; the risk of hypothermia out weighing the risk of limited use of their powers.

Scanning the area once again, Max tapped Michael on the shoulder and motioned that he would go in the back way and for Michael to take the front. Michael paused and did his own surveillance of the area before turning to Max and nodding his agreement. They knew that at least two agents were still in the house and would have to be dealt with, but they would also have to keep their eyes open for any surprises or unexpected obstacles. Holding up his hand Max gave a silent three count and then they darted across the snow, staying low to ground.

Trying to stay as quiet as possible, Max moved swiftly to the back of the house. Crouching by the back door he reached up and turned the knob, it was unlocked. Slowly he pushed the door into the room. No sound greeted him as he stepped into a utility room. Like a whisper he moved into the kitchen. He quickly and silently checked the kitchen and found it empty. Satisfied, he moved on.

The room that opened out of the kitchen was a large living area, the carpet was covered in plastic and the furniture was pushed back against the walls. In the dim light he saw a chair sitting in the middle of the room with duct tape hanging from the arms and legs and on the chair and under it, covering a large portion of the plastic, was blood; a lot of blood.

Once again feeling the sick taste of bile climbing the back of his throat, Max swallowed it down and continued his search of the house. Rounding the corner of the living room into a hallway, he felt a sharp twinge of shock as he came face to face with one of the remaining agents, and found himself looking down the barrel of a gun.

Moving, without thought or hesitation, allowing his instincts for survival to take over, Max dove low and hard at the agent tackling him to the ground. He heard a soft *ppmft* and felt a hot flare of pain above his ear, but didn’t have time to give it much thought as they both landed on the ground with a soft thump and grappled for control of the gun.

Michael jerked as the sounds of fighting reached him and he swore under his breath as he took off for the stairs. He had easily made it into the house; the front door had not been locked. Knowing that Max would search the downstairs he had swiftly made his way upstairs and quickly searched through all the rooms and found them empty…no agents…and no baby Zan. That was when he heard the sounds of a scuffle.

Michael could feel his blood freeze and his heart nearly stopped when he heard a loud thud followed by a deathly silence. Taking the last few stairs in one leap, he rounded the corner and came to a faltering stop on the threshold of the living room; his mind trying to catch up with what his eyes were seeing. Standing on the other side of living room with a look of stunned horror on his face was Max, and on the far side of the room, lying in a heap on the floor, was one of the agents. Even from where he was standing, Michael could tell that the agent was dead, his head was laying at an awkward angle to his body; and he wasn’t breathing, the dim light in the room reflecting off the fixed stare of his empty lifeless eyes.

Max stood in shocked silence; the sound of his own labored breathing echoing loudly in the dead quiet of the house. Slowly it began to register that the agent was dead and that he had killed him, and he stumbled back, hitting the wall behind him; he slid slowly down until he was crouched in a ball, paralyzed, every breath catching in his throat, as, like an endless reel, the last few minutes looped over and over through his mind…

Fighting for control of the gun…exchanging blows and body shots…rolling on the ground tangled together…first on top…then on bottom…the gun getting trapped between their grappling bodies…feeling the hard steel of the barrel pressing into his chest and the look of triumph on the agent’s face as he started to pull the trigger…seeing a flash of Liz’s grief stricken face and feeling rage and anguish overwhelm him…a blinding flash of light as he released a powerful energy blast…the look of stunned horror on the agent’s face as he flew through the air and crashed into the wall head first.

Slowly, Max became aware of his surroundings. Michael was shaking him, trying to get his attention; he could feel Liz’s terror and hysteria, and overriding everything he could hear the sweet poignant sound of a baby crying. Haltingly he rose to his feet and stumbled out of the room and down the hallway, turning in to the last room on the left, he followed the urgent cries of his son to an inlaid paneling on the far side of the room.

Almost in a daze he raised his hand and ran it over the paneling, turning it into dust. Reaching into the opening that was revealed, he picked up the squirming crying baby and held him to his chest. The baby instantly quieted once he came to rest against his father’s chest, and sighing softly his tired eyes drifted closed and he was soon asleep.

Turning to look at Michael, a look of intense awe on his face, Max’s legs suddenly gave out on him and he sank to the ground; tears of both joy and pain mingling together as he wept over his innocently sleeping son.


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Alas, Babylon
Part 3

Jamestown, North Dakota
Early Hours Of The Next Morning

Letting him go was one of the hardest things she had ever had to do.

She had promised herself that night long ago when it had been her hands and her love that brought him back to life that she would never never let him go again. That dark horrible time when he had been dead had shown her what her life would be like without him in it, and the absence of him had nearly killed her.

She had never told him or Maria, and she rarely ever acknowledged it to herself; but at her lowest point, when she had been in the depths of her worst drinking binge, she had almost committed suicide.

In her drunken state, she had dropped her bottle and it had shattered on the ground at her feet. She had bent down to pick up the broken pieces of glass, and for a moment, just a moment she had thought about taking the sharpest edge of the glass and running it up the line of her vein in her arm. No hesitation marks for her, the thought of drifting away into slumber and never waking up again, of maybe seeing Max on the other side, had been so seductive.

She had almost given in to it but something had stopped her, the sharp edge of the glass digging into her flesh, droplets of blood welling up around it; something deep inside her had cried out and railed against her giving in to the seductive lure of death and she had thrown the piece of glass across the room and curled up into a small ball sobbing and cursing the cruelty of life. The release of pent up emotion had caused a tidal wave of energy to flow through her and her newly developed powers had flared out of control causing the floor to shake beneath her as green lines of energy snaked across the floor and crawled up the walls leaving smoking trails in their wake.

And now all she could do was wait and pray that everything would be okay.

She had been tuned in to Max from the moment he left the van, had felt his steely calm over the rage and anguish that rolled deep inside him, but now, she was starting to get hit with so many emotions and so fast she was having a hard time keeping up…fear…anger…revulsion… pain…intense rage and grief…shock…and then nothing. Terror rolled through her at the sudden absence of all emotion from Max…no…please God no…it was too much like what it had felt like when he had died. NO! She couldn’t…not again…no…no…no…she had to help Max…she had to help Max…she needed to get to Max NOW!!!

Suddenly propelled into motion Liz jumped up and screamed, “MAX!!!! NOOOOOO!!!” She dove for the door and yanked it open plunging out into the snow, strong arms grabbed her from behind and tried to pull her back into the van, and she fought them with everything she had in her.

“No! Let me go! He needs me! Max needs me! Let me go! LET ME GO!!!” She shoved back hard with her elbow and almost managed to get free before she was bodily picked up and dragged back to the van, kicking and screaming the whole way.

“God! Isabel, Maria, help me; get her legs.” Kyle struggled not to drop Liz as she kicked him hard in the shin. Cursing under his breath he tightened his hold on her as Isabel and Maria both grabbed one of her flailing legs and they somehow managed to get her back into the van.

“Chica, honey, please. You have to calm down, you can’t help Max if you don’t calm down.” Maria tried to keep her own fear in check as she tried to calm down her still struggling friend, but it was hard. She knew something horrible must have happened to Max to make Liz react this way, and knowing Michael was with Max, she could feel the fine edge of panic trying to push through and she had to curb her own desperate need to run out into the dark and search for Michael.

Just as suddenly as the outburst had begun, it ended. Liz went completely limp and slid out of Kyle’s arm and crumpled to the floor of the van, her eyes fixed on the door as she wrapped her arms tightly around herself and started rocking back and forth. “I can’t do it again, not again. I know the alternative and it nearly destroyed me.” The words slipped tonelessly through her pale colorless lips.

“Liz? Wh…what are talking about?” Isabel had never seen Liz like this, even three weeks ago when she had railed at them and lashed out at Max, she hadn’t been like this, so suddenly lifeless and empty.

“You wouldn’t understand Isabel, I mean shit, Alex wasn’t dead two months and you were already fucking Jesse.” Liz snorted scathingly, her eyes still fixed on the van door, she barely acknowledged Isabel’s pained gasp before continuing, “You don’t know what it is to love so deeply and completely that you’ll do anything for that person. Hold a gun on a convenience store clerk, take him back after he’s shattered your heart into a million pieces and lied to you and treated you like shit, give up all of your hopes and dreams because he tells you that if you don’t make him fall out of love with you everyone you love will die and the world will end. I would die for him, kill for him, lie, cheat, steal, break any law, commit all sins, anything; I would do anything. You don’t know what it’s like to feel half of your soul die and know the instant he took his last breath and died. You don’t know how it feels to be dead inside and yet still be breathing, a walking talking corpse. I can’t do it again, I won’t do it again; I’d rather be dead. So you see Isabel you don’t understand, you could never understand. You didn’t love Alex like that and you haven’t even come close to loving Jesse like that.”

Isabel fought hard to keep the tears at bay. Liz’s words had been like a dagger twisting in her heart, she had loved Alex; but she had been terrified of that love. She had known that Alex loved her the way Liz loved Max and Maria loved Michael, she just hadn’t been ready to deal with that kind of depthless unconditional love. She hadn’t thought she deserved it, and by the time she realized she was ready to give all of her heart to Alex and let him all the way in, it had been too late, he was dead. After that she had shut down, until she met Jesse. Jesse had made her feel alive again and she loved him, albeit in a safe my world won’t shatter if something awful happens kind of way, but she did love him. Her hand unconsciously drifted down to her abdomen and she thought she might already know that deep abiding love that would make you do anything to keep a loved one safe.

When her body began to tingle, Liz didn't immediately realize what it meant, she had almost convinced herself that her worst nightmare had come true, but the buzz she felt, the alertness, slowly started to sink into her cocoon of numbness; and then she knew why her body was tingling.

'Max,' Liz breathed as she jumped up and threw open the van door.

This time she was too quick for them as she raced out into the snow, slipping and falling, only to get back up and keep going. And then there he was. Struggling through the snowdrifts with Michael right behind him. The joy nearly overwhelmed her and she flew across the last bit of distance between them and threw her arms around his neck.

So long, it felt like it had been so long since she'd last seen him even though it had only been a few hours. Though she wanted to look him over from top to toe and drink in the sight of his dearly loved face, it wasn’t enough now. So she pulled his face down to hers and kissed him, drinking him in.

When she broke away to kiss his cheek, his temple, the tip of his nose, she thought she heard him say, "Liz, I’ve got him." But the pulse in her ears was too loud and her brain was melting into magma.

"Oh God Max! I thought you were…" she moaned into his mouth, and kissed him again deepening the kiss wanting to pour all of her love and joy into him.

Oh, the joy! She knows this is joy, as she stands there in the early morning darkness and snow, kissing him so hard, so warm that if her heart were to burst right then she wouldn't notice.

They shuffle back towards the van like one being, holding each other so close it's as if their bodies have melted into one. And nothing could possibly break them right now, except…

“Okay lovebirds, we’re going to have to move this along a little faster. It’s only a matter of time before they bring out the search dogs, and I for one would rather be in another state before that happens.” Michael tried to get them moving in the right direction. He really wanted to get out of the immediate area; that had been too close. By the time they had bundled up baby Zan and got him tucked and zipped up in Max’s coat, the other agent had returned to the house and they had barely managed to sneak out the back door without being detected.

Michael was sure that by now the agent had found the dead body of the other agent and had called in for reinforcements. Once they were at a safe enough distance to stop, he would pull Max aside and let him know that he would be there for him when he was ready to talk about the dead agent. Michael knew what it felt like to take another life, even if it was in self-defense, and judging by Max’s initial reaction he knew that Max would need his help and support. But right now, all Michael wanted to do was get in the van and hold onto Maria for a while and let her warmth and vitality breathe new life into him.

Max sighed in relief as he settled back into the seat and pulled Liz in against his side, and then he slowly unzipped his coat and gently unwrapped his still sleeping son. Liz’s soft gasp caught his attention and, with tears in his eyes, he laid the sleeping baby in his mother’s arms. His heart felt like it was going to burst at the sight of Liz holding her baby for the first time with the knowledge that Zan truly was her son. The look of joy and awe on her face would be one that he would remember and cherish for the rest of his life.

Liz hardly felt the van start moving; all of her being was consumed with the baby sleeping peacefully in her arms. She gently traced her fingers over the soft silky skin of his face, and then reverently counted his fingers and toes, awed by how little and perfect they were. She felt her heart fill with a mother’s love, and for the first time in the long weeks since she found out that Zan was hers and Max’s, she felt peace and contentment steal through her; she felt complete.

Kyle sighed as he guided the van down the highway, he couldn’t get what had transpired right before Max and Michael had returned out of his mind. He hoped he never felt a love like that, so deep and all consuming that it could make you do crazy things; could make you crazy. No, he wanted no part of that. Then he let his eyes roam around the van, Michael and Maria were cuddled together in the seat behind him talking softly to each other, Max, Liz, and baby Zan were in the seat farthest from him lost in their own little world, and Isabel was sitting next to him in the passenger seat looking out the window with a sad pensive look on her face. Liz’s words floated briefly through his mind…I would die for him, kill for him, lie, cheat, steal, break any law, commit all sins, anything; I would do anything…and it suddenly hit him, he would do all that and more for the people in this van.

He did know that kind of love, it just wasn’t all focused on one person; it was spread over his newly formed little family. He silently vowed to himself that no matter the cost to himself, he would keep them all safe; and he would start by trying to figure out where they could go and settle down for while and get there bearings. A life on the run was no life for a little baby.


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Alas, Babylon
Part 4

Motel 6
Newton, Iowa
14 hours later

Liz paused a moment before the connecting door, she really wanted to be in the shower with Max and her baby; but she had to take care of this first. It had been weighing heavily on her mind all day and she knew it would continue to do so unless she took care of it now. Taking a deep breath to steady her resolve she knocked lightly on the door before opening it.

Walking into the room she looked around and found it empty save for one person, “Where is everybody Iz?”

Isabel didn’t bother looking up from where she lay across one of the double beds slowly turning the pages of a six month old copy of People magazine that she had read six months ago. “Out,” came the sub zero reply, “to get dinner.” She glanced briefly up at Liz, and the frigid tone in her voice had nothing on the icy glaciers in her eyes, “What do you want?”

“I, uh,” Liz stopped and took another deep breath; this was going to be harder than she had originally thought. Isabel she could handle, however, the Ice Princess was a different matter all together. “I’m sorry Iz, I shouldn’t have said what I did to you; I’m so so sorry.”

Cold silence met her apology and Liz felt her frazzled nerves fray even more.

Her relationship with Isabel had always been somewhat adversarial, but these last four months since they’ve been on the run they had grown a lot closer and she truly loved and valued Isabel as if they were sisters, just like she did Maria. So she swallowed her irritation and reminded herself that it had been she who had hurt Isabel, and so it was up to her to make everything okay again.

“Look Izzy, you have every right to be angry with me.” Liz slowly walked over and sat on the edge of Isabel’s bed before continuing, “And I know that a simple apology doesn’t even begin to take away the hurt I caused you, but I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t mean what I said; I know you loved Alex and I know you grieved his loss just as deeply as the rest of us.”

Again silence met her reply, but this time it was lukewarm instead of cold; and Isabel had stopped turning the pages of the magazine.

“I love you Izzy,” Liz reached out and gently started to run her fingers through Isabel’s hair, “you’re not only like a sister to me, you’re also one of my closest and dearest friends; and I hate that I hurt you and caused you even a second of pain. We all grieve and move on in our own way and in our own time, and I had no right to expect any different from you.”

“Oh God Liz! I loved him so much and I never got the chance to tell him!” With a soul aching sob Isabel launched herself into Liz’s arms and started to cry. She cried for a boy who never got the chance to be man and for a love that never got a chance to be. “I was going to tell him that night Liz, I had thought about it long and hard and I had decided to stop being a big baby and letting fear rule my life. I had this whole speech memorized, but I knew I would forget every word the second I looked into his eyes. I…I…just wanted to tell him that I loved him and ask him…to…to…give me a chance; but I was too late, I waited too long.”

Liz wrapped her arms around Isabel and held her, whispering words of comfort and sympathy until her tears tapered off. She kept rocking her in her arms until she felt Isabel grow calm. Slowly loosening her hold on Isabel, Liz was about to speak when she was suddenly hit with flashes of the future, and she gasped, “Oh my God Iz! She’s beautiful, you’re baby girl’s going to be absolutely beautiful!”

Jerking back Isabel sucked in a sharp breath of air and released it, “H…how did you know? I just realized myself a few weeks ago that I was pregnant, but…but… Oh my God! It happened again didn’t it; you saw the future didn’t you? Oh God, oh no, my baby’s going to be all right isn’t she? Please Liz!!! You have to tell me!!!! She’s going to be okay?!?!?!”

“Yes! Yes! God yes, she’s going to be beautiful and healthy.” Liz pulled Isabel back into her arms and gave her a big hug before giving her a reassuring smile. “She’s going to be positively gorgeous, with Jesse’s eyes and smile and your nose and ears. I can’t be one hundred percent sure, but I think she’s going to have your beautiful blonde hair.”

“Oh thank God!” Isabel let out the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding and gave Liz a brilliant smile full of joy and happiness. “Thank you Liz, thank you.”

“You’re welcome Iz, I’m glad to be the bearer of good news for a change. Now I better get back and make sure Max hasn’t turned my poor son into water logged wet rat.” Liz gave her another hug before standing up and heading back to her room.

She needed to talk to Max; Isabel’s baby wasn’t the only thing she had seen of the future. Something horrible was going to happen to the world at large, and if they weren’t in the right place at the right time; they were all going to die.


Max sighed and pulled his gaze away from his giggling son, who was currently being entertained by his Uncle Michael, and refocused his gaze on Liz. He was worried about her and about whatever it was she had wanted to talk to him about before the food brigade interrupted them.

She had rushed back into their room and at first he had thought that her talk with Isabel had gone bad, but then he had seen the panicked and scared look in her eyes and known that it was something else entirely. Liz had quickly uttered something about Isabel and the future and another vision, then the connecting door had been shoved open and Kyle, Michael, Maria, and Isabel had come in bearing various packages of food.

Max sighed again knowing that it would be much much later, after everyone had gone to bed and the baby was asleep, before she would again broach the subject. Taking another bite of his greasy burger he let his mind drift to another topic that was worrying him, they needed to find someplace where they could settle down for a while. Constantly being on the run was already wearing them down and it was definitely no way to raise a baby. They needed to find a place to call home.

“Okay Spaceboy, stop hogging the baby and hand him over.”

Maria’s bubbly voice broke into his thoughts and he looked up to see her standing over Michael with her hands on her hips. Max suppressed the urge to sigh yet again, it would appear that it would also have to be much much later before he would again be able to get his hands on his son; he could already see that Kyle and Isabel were both itching to get their hands on the baby.

“Yeah Michael, when exactly was it that you turned into Mr. Mom.” Kyle looked up from the road maps he had been going over. He wanted to at least get the chance to hold the baby for a little while before Maria got him in her clutches, “Why don’t you give me the baby real nice and easy like, and no one will get hurt.”

“Actually Kyle I think that baby Zan wants to spend some quality time with his Auntie Iz.” Isabel spoke up quickly, it was defiantly time to establish the baby hierarchy; and since she was his Aunt, she deserved to get first dibs.

“Eli.” Liz’s quiet voice broke up the argument that was brewing and all eyes turned to her.


“Eli.” Liz quietly repeated and glanced over at Max who gave her a slight nod to continue, “Max and I talked about it, and we decide to change the baby’s name. We didn’t want anything of that…that… We felt it would be better if he didn’t have to go through life with all the baggage attached to that name. So we named him Elijah Maxwell Evans, Eli for short.”

“Eli, hmm.” Michael held the baby up and looked him over, turning back to the group he voiced his approval, “I like it, he looks like an Eli. What was that E?” Michael pulled the baby in close by his ear and leaned his head down by the baby’s mouth and then tried to jerk away when Eli grabbed hold of his ear and started to slobber and drool on him as he gnawed on the ear with his hard toothless gums. “That ain’t right E…that ain’t right.”

“Oh man Michael!” Kyle roared with laughter, “Your face is fu…uh…frickin priceless!”

Everyone joined in the laughter as Michael tried to free his ear from Eli who wasn’t ready to give up his new chewy toy. Finally he managed to get free and quickly handed the baby over to Maria, “Uh…yeah…E said he wanted his Auntie Ria.”

“Eli, Liz I can’t believe you remembered.” Maria readjusted the baby so that she could bounce him on her lap and then looked up at Liz with a dreamy smile on her face, “We must have been what twelve…thirteen…remember? We made up our dream family and you said one day you’d marry someone who was tall, dark, and handsome with mysterious soulful eyes and you’d name your firstborn son Elijah and your first baby girl…wait a minute.”

Liz could feel Maria’s suddenly sharp gaze penetrating the top of her head. She had dropped her head letting her hair fall forward to cover her burning face, suddenly fascinated in the intricate design patterns on the bedspread, when Maria had started going down memory lane. She should have known Maria would remember.

“Uh Liz? Tall, dark, and handsome…mysterious soulful eyes?” Maria glanced from the top of Liz’s head to Max, who was sporting a huge cat that ate the canary grin, and then back to Liz before continuing, “Just how long have you been in love with Max Evans, and why the he...uh…heck didn’t you tell me! I’m your best friend!”

Sighing, Liz gave up her intense perusal of the bedspread and glared at Max whose grin had grown into a full-blown mega watt smile. Rolling her eyes she squared her shoulders and looked Maria straight in the eyes, “Okay, you’ve got me Maria Love Detective! Max wasn’t the only one harboring a long-term crush from afar. So yeah, I uh was thinking of him when I made up my dream family. Now give me back my baby, you’ve hogged him long enough!”

Giggling Maria walked over and handed Liz the baby who broke out into a smile that rivaled his daddy’s at the sight of his mommy. Cooing softly to Eli, Liz tickled him under his chin and was rewarded with his precious and infectious laughter. Looking down at her giggling happy baby, Liz couldn’t help the fear that clutched at her heart. She needed to talk to Max about her vision of the future, they all needed to get to a safe place before it was too late.

“Uh guys?” Kyle cleared his throat to get every ones attention, “I’ve been thinking. Don’t even say it Michael! Anyway, I’ve been thinking about where we could go and settle down for awhile; I mean now that we’ve got Eli back we can’t keep running from one place to another. So just hear me out. This place is remote enough that the Special Unit wouldn’t think to look for us there, and I do have some ties to the place through my mother. And, uh, don’t laugh, but for some reason my gut’s telling me this is the right place for us to settle down and make a home. It’s this little town in Florida called…”

“Fort Repose.” Liz’s calm quiet voice cut him off and everyone turned to look at her. She had this distant haunted look in her eyes and her voice shook slightly as she continued, “That’s where we need to be…Fort Repose. That’s our safe place; we need to get there soon before it’s too late or we’re all going to die.”

“Oh man…” Michael’s long-suffering sigh broke the silence of the room, “not this again. Great, just great, Fort Repose here we come!”


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