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Title : The Cult of Aphrodite

Authors note: You need to know that everything up to Heart of mine happened. But Max never Kissed Tess. Instead they were talking n Laughing and Liz ran off to bowl with Sean. Everyone suspected Tess to be a traitor and she was and she was never seen again. Ava joined the group. Max and Liz got back together.

They are all either twenty five or twenty Six years old.

Plot: After Sean tried to Rape Liz and got caught with illegel drugs his life would be behind bars. But the FBI found out he went to " the place" and talked with Max, the suspected alien. So they make a deal with sean that if he talks about his experince in there he wouldn't go to jail. So this is like his story with some M/L parts in too.

and I forgot to add Max is like the bad boy in the story. He is the man.. the ruler and he controls everything.

but you have to read on

Rating: well M15+ I guess becasue there isn't any smut invovled but I do describe the vibe.

so read on and feed back is welcomed.


The Cult of Aphrodite


There were hundreds of white floodlights from every direction, creating the room to be a place with no darkness.
Sean Deluca was pulled into a white room. A white room with White metal chairs, Tables and even the men in there wore white shirts and white leather suits. Everything was white except for Sean’s clothes and pale face. And the robust man in a FBI uniform, agent Decan. The most feared man from the underground.
He had been caught smuggling drugs again. But this time it wasn’t his fault. He was set up and he knew why. He, tried to rape ‘ The man’ wife from behind but ‘the man’ number 2 guy caught him trying to enter her and everything from there was all fucked up.
“ Sean Deluca, you are up for life I suspect. Attempted rape, murder and smuggling heroin across the border. But we can get you out of there if you did us a favor.” Agent Decan had a big fat cigar in his droopy filthy mouth; his hair was slicked back and bleached. Sean just crossed his arms and smirked, being in the FBI can fuck up your mind.
“ I see you got there tattoo removed,” Agent Decan noticed the red gash across Sean’s forearm and Sean’s eyes darkened.
“ It was a royal four symbol. Yeah. ‘ The man’ ordered it for be removed,”
Sean gingerly touched his left ear that used to have a stud but that had been removed too.
Sean sniggered at the FBI” while rubbing his palms together,” I guess that’s the price you pay when you cross the line,”
Agent pulled out a Television remote and he pointed the remote at the wall Sean was facing and the wall moved upwards to reveal a one sided mirror. It was a room like Sean was in but with a wooden table and a picture of a clown on the wall. There was Liz. That’s all Sean could reveal to himself. He would never utter that man’s name that is Liz’s husband.
Liz couldn’t see them so that was good or else Sean would have another silver handprint tattoo across his chest from the man. The man walked into the room. He looked like the same guy Sean met back when his cousin Maria was in High school.
The man was still in the same clothes from last night. He had cream cargos and a black button down shirt, he had the first three buttons undone so Sean could see the scar from the knife Sean stabbed at him last night.
Sean reverted his gaze back to Liz; she had changed in the past years. She still looked like a babe at twenty-five and the man was still desirable from a women’s point of view at twenty-six.
But this twenty-six year old, Sean thought to himself. Is going to be in jail unless he helps the FBI. So Sean, after ten minutes of staring at Liz and discussing with the two body guards behind him that she had a nice arse Sean turned back to Fat Agent Decan.
“ Alirght I’ll help if you get your end of the bargain,” Sean declared.
Steam was staining the mirror and a few men made ridiculous cat noises.
Liz was taking a shower, naked. He knew that because all the men were staring at her perfect body. Sean knew the man was still in the room keeping an eye out. He also knew the man wasn’t human so what they were dealing with wasn’t just simple drug dealing but a network of intergalactic smuggling that started when the man was in his senior year.

Liz was in the shower and the man was in there with her but fully clothed. He was checking for any bruises or wounds. Liz had a bob hair cut, sixties style and her hair was a rich green. The strange orb symbol tattoo started at her navel and ended just above her ‘ key’ to paradise with the first hairs curled, Sean didn’t want to think about that.
“ She’s like out of the playboy magazine or something,” The bodyguards behind Sean were in awe of her hot wet steaming tanned yet muscular body.

The man was holding her close and Liz kissed his forehead and wedding band. He returned the same gesture. It was their secret greeting because they did it all the time when they were together.

Still looking at Liz showering and the man arms looped around her stomach Sean talked, it was a voice over to the FBI. Mainly because Liz Evans is a rare jewel and every man’s fantasy but she was also very cruel like her alien husband, Max Evans.
(Voice over from Sean. Still looking at Liz having a shower and Max checking for wounds. The men in the other room were all looking at them except Sean, whom had his back turned)
“ There are some things you should know about these people. See that guy with brooding eyes. That’s Max Evans, Liz husband. He is the leader. The man of everything and if anybody touched his fine looking wife or even just glimpses at her body. Well just don’t touch his shit all right cause if you do you are screwed. He would make your life a living hell. I had to learn it the hard way. I didn’t mean to try and rape her but you see he have history. We kind dated while Max were off the scene you see? So Max knew we were just friends but I had a desire to touch her. She is like the apple tree in the Garden of Eden and the snake is your thoughts and ultimate desires. I warn you again you don’t want to see Max’s dark side, because it’s worse than death when you look into his eyes.” Sean’s voice trails off and he resorted to pull his gray hood over his head to hide himself from everything and everyone.
“ How did you get into his circle of friends?” Decan asked.
“ Well as you know. History. And I had this drug addiction and while I was recuperating about a year ago someone told me about this place where heroin and ecstasy are mixed and you don’t die from it. How? Don’t ask all right but there is a place called? Well it didn’t have a name but a vibe,”
“ A vibe,” Agent Decan tapped off the excess ash of his cigar onto the white table.
“ Ever heard of ‘ the cult of Aphrodite?” Sean Deluca mused. “ It was the only thing I remember learning from history class, sir,”
“ Don’t you mock me Sean.” Agent Decan’s bush mustache twitched.
“ Let’s see the cult of Aphrodite. I quote from the collier’s Encyclopedia here but with a few of my own words to add. The cult of Aphrodite spread to practically the entire Greek World. Among her most important shrines were those at Paphos and Amanthus in Cyprus. And there were some other shrines but anyway Aphrodite stood for primarily as love and fertility goddess and a variety of other functions. She is the patroness of prostitutes at Corinth the priestesses were women who represented the goddess herself and whom sexual union held to be a protector seafarers and in some places she was the goddess of war.”
“ Alright Big-shot. What does this have anything to do with this place?” Agent Decan posed his clammy hands on the table; sweat began to bead on his big forehead.
“ Easy. The only place you can be whatever you want to be. They have got everything from money to prostitution,” Sean scratched his hair, feeling the stitches at the back of his head,”

(Flash back)

“ Sean, Get out of here. I’m with Max. Leave me alone,” Liz pleaded.
Sean was running from Max. But everything was dark except for the small Christmas lights on the wall flickering red, blue and green against his skin.
Sean saw glimpses Max slowly walking towards him.
Sean knew he was at the balcony and Sean stumbled and broke through with the hideous crunch followed by the own sound of his head slightly cracked against the tiled floor. He vaguely saw Riana curled in the corner, paled with deep purple around her eyes” I told you to stay away from here,” She beckoned and Sean struggled to stand up so the floor would stop moving.

(End of Flash Back)

“ This place is a cult and has shrines devoted to Liz. But neither Max nor Liz knows about. Its just people are in awe of them. After all he is an alien King and she is a Queen. Oh yeah they have a four-year-old son called Xan. Liz had a child at twenty-one. Good Kid but he is very powerful and is an aces at flying objects. So how did this all start? Well Joe Higgins, Billy Thomas and Bob Raymond and myself just got out of jail and Bill had a cameras and Bob wanted to show us a good time,” Sean could smell the strong smell of grapefruit from Bob’s bubblegum in the air. God rest their souls.
Agent Decan tossed a pile of photos onto the table.
Sean pointed to the closet one,” That’s Isabel and her husband Alex, Stargazers and he is a major computer geek and she is a model. Hey opposites attract,”
The next photo was black and white like the first one, it was of Michael and Maria at the Bar.” Speaking of which Michael, The rebel is married to soap-opera princess Maria and they have a three-year-old daughter called Paige. And oh yeah Isabel has a son called Josh and he is only two,”
The third photo was tossed into Sean’s dry hands. It was of Ava in a Crash down uniform and she was screaming at the tube with her husband Kyle.
“ Tess Harding. Well since she tried to kill Alex she isn’t around and this is her well lets say better twin Ava, major sports fan and is with Buddha boy Kyle her husband and they have a daughter called Miki. She is only two. Yeah they all have children but they have a babysitter to look after to them most of the time,”
“ So why are your three friends dead?” Agent Decan asked.
“ Well Billy grabbed Ava’s arse and Joe he slapped Isabel’s breasts and Bob scared the children. Well they all did and oh yeah they were going to expose them. That’s the jest of it,” Sean throat had a major lump. He was looking at all three photos of his dead friends with a silver handprint.
“ Max only used his powers once to hurt and that was moi. The rest well the bodyguards are all shape shifters so really you could be grabbing an alien’s arse that looks like Isabel. They have tight security,”

“ Okay. I get the picture. Now start at the beginning,” Agent Decan said.
“ Okay,” Sean crossed his arms” Well it was June, It’s hot day in New York and we had just got out of Jail. We were all having a good time when Bob wanted to show us this place”


Like it

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I am still here

but should I continue?

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woah- alot of relpies

so in other words you want me to continue

I will let you know there will be some Liz/ Max parts

but it is sean's story but hey I am a dreamer so I will add a few m/l parts in


on the subject of posting another part ( thinks) well I will post another part on sunday. I know its long but I have alot alot of stupid tests and friendships to patch up blah blach

in other words real world bit me in the butt

luv, rach
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thanks for replying guys. here is part 2 a

Chapter Two A

“Bob had said there was this place where you can get the ultimate fix and is more addictive. Personally I didn’t feel like getting another fix after getting out of jail but somehow I ended underground trailing behind Billy and Joe” Sean said. His eyes were still focused on his left hand.

“ And what happened when you got to this place?” Agent Decan said.
Sean huffed as the white light blinded him. “ Well There are two Jamaican guards and you had to be tested in order to get in,”
“ How did you get in?” Agent Decan asked.
Sean shifted in his white plastic chair; the back lightly grazing his cigarette burns on his back.
An image of Max smoking and butting out his cigars on Sean’s back, telling him to stay way from him and his Liz. Sean knew Max loved Liz but the way he spoke was like Liz was his toy.
“ You had to allow an asp bite you. You know the one that killed Cleopatra?” Sean smiled.
“ Isn’t that poisonous?”
“ Oh yeah but the poison was removed,” Sean replied.
Suddenly it must have dawned of Agent Decan that Sean hadn’t revealed where the asp had to bite you.“ Where did it bite you?”
“ Do you really want to know?” Sean snickered. “ Alright the asp had to sink its teeth into my ball sack for at least ten seconds and believe me it was ten seconds too long,”
All the men covered their private parts and whiched.
“ I got through because I was the only one who could stand still. I had to beg to allow my friends in. I feel sorry for any female because the asp would have to either bite her nipple of her areola – the outer lips near the clit for the same amount of time. All through that corridor I heard all degrees of screams,” Sean chuckled at the sight of the FBI agents, one of the guards were throwing up on the floor.
“ Yes, Max is a sick twisted man but that was his human side. Wait to you meet his alien side,” Sean said. “ When I got into the place it was a whores house. That is when I first laid my eyes on Liz on the balcony; she only wore a grass skirt her breast peaking through her almost long real red hair. Then I realised what everyone was drinking out of the tubes. It was ecasty mixed with steroids and all versions of alcohol. Everyone was possessed. Then Bob started showing us the green room, which is Bob’s favourite room. The word playboy mansion was an understatement when I steeped through the double glass door.” Sean smiled.


Gee what a test? an asp( a snake)? aww!


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Chapter two B

“ Nah nah I was just fooling ya, it wasn’t a playboy house. I just wanted to see your face and telling by the saliva and the large boner you have I say you’re a sick bastard,” Sean chuckled.
“ The green room speaks for itself. It was a green room and that’s why Bob liked it cos green is his favourite colour,”

(Flash Back)

“ You shouldn’t be here,”
“ I know but I had to see you,”
“ Nothing happened between us Sean,”
“ I know but I saw the way you flinched when Max ordered you to go back to your room. He controls you,”
“ You don’t even know the half of it. I will die without him.”
“ Die without him?”
“ You heard now get lost before Max catches you here. I don’t want another man’s blood on my hands,”

(End Flash Back)

“ Have I told you about Liz?” Sean asked. “ Well she smells like honeysuckle and tastes like strawberries. You haven’t lived at all until you have seen Liz. After Bob showed as the green room, which consists of green chairs and a bare square room. That’s where people go to breathe clean air. Seeing Liz in that green grass skirt kicked me in the shins cos it brings back sweet memories. I would of loved to be her boyfriend but alas she stuck with maxi boy here so it ain’t gonna happen,”
“ Tell us something that would interest me to keep you alive,” Agent Decan said.
“ Half of the population of the entire world is an alien. If you ever plan to murder Max Evans war would break out in every state and country. No one would be safe,” Sean smiled. “ Now, where was I…”

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yeah sorry for lack of updates but my muse quit so I need to find another one. Just someone that I could send drafts and ideas.... anyone want the job..... ( insert laugh)
oh don't worry about it I will be fine.

Thakns for the lovely feed back. I would like any questions that come to mind- please ask....

sorry for lack of updates but I am trying to figuring out how to go about this cos I got a really good idea. and I love the bad max... wearing leather... okay I really need a cold shower.....


Thanks for the bumping and feed back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dear Fellow readers :
All of you have something in common. You haven’t received another part of one of the stories written by!
So now that I am back or in the real world, Rachel would like to explain herself. This year Rachel wanted a challenge- something to do with writing. There was a Novella Writing competition out for all High school students. The word limit must be no less than 10 000 and no larger than 20 000. Let me tell you something. You don’t really know how much sleep I lost.

So I wrote a Novella called TWO SIDED MIRROR

So My story is about Brooklyn- turning sweet sixteen who gets advice on life from her rebellious brother Alexander- who prefers to be called Xander. I’ll just give you his advice from little extracts from his letter..

Life is a two sided Mirror. It’s only once that we see both sides….. People hide from each other Brooklyn… so how do we really know the person with out seeing both sides?

I’m thinking of changing a few characters names and appearance so I could change this to a Roswell story AU that’s already finished! Wow! I have already posted it- if you wanna read it

Okay so ever since March I have been writing this story- well it took me three months to go through six story ideas before Two sided Mirror arrived.. 19,492 words and 67 pages…. So I worked really hard on this for 9 months and nine days this includes all my spare time and all my energy I always devote to these lists of stories

1. La Flamingo Deluxe
2. The Wild One
3. The Gatekeeper
4. The One
5. The Outsider- new
6. The cult of Aphrodite- new
7. Destined forever- finished
8. Destined forever sequel( on same board as Destined Forever)
9. Parallel Universe
10. Thursday nights at the Crashdown- on polar web site

Okay so this is the bad part of the news. SO when Two sides mirror was coming to an end I have a looked at the status of my stories. You see for me to slowly slip back into Roswell writing mode as I like to call it I have to put a temporary hold on some stories. Until I get hang of it and start writing for the other stories that were put on hold.

So this list are the ones I put on hold, which are the ones I quite love so this is hard for me too…

1. The Gatekeeper
2. Destined forever- finished –
3. Destined forever sequel( on same board as D F)
4. The Wild One
5. The cult of Aphrodite- new
6. Parallel Universe

And the ones I will continue writing for are

1. La Flamingo Deluxe
2. Thursday Nights at the Crashdown
3. The Outsider
4. The One

Okay so Before I end this letter I will write the status on each story. But I would like to thank these two people- New Yorker 18 and 2crzy4roswell. You guys kept me going when I felt like giving up on THE ONE and La Flamingo Deluxe..

La Flamingo Deluxe

Okay…. Now if I remember Mad Max- LOL and the gang saw Ava in NY who said she pretended to be a girl called Rachel- working at Michael’s fashion company
The G
If you remember this is the same Rachel who is working with Michael so this will help the gang to get behind the scenes at the fashion show.. and Ava was going to tel them Zan’s dark past- I am so looking for to this!

And Michael and Liz are at his messy apartment where they are going to have a shaving cream fight- Lol! At least I think they will… okay and Liz and those pills her pimp gave her. Well she is still taking them! But not for long… and this disc is going to be discovered and so is Liz’s confession to Sean’s murder- which was the reason why she left Roswell in the first place..

And evil Jesse. Now that I finally am seeing Roswell season 3 I can work better with Jesse! And his faithful minion Tess. Eww and how is Isabel going to help Lex- Jesse Kill Michael? And what about Tara-charli? Yes she is Michael’s and Liz’s child but more about that later but I must warn you she isn’t quite Tara…

And yes Liz will find out she is Lola.
( I have beeped out this part because someone on this board might guess my ending!)

The Gatekeeper

Rae’s or Riana Parker love for Kyle and her fatal attraction to Zan… I feel so sorry for her. Okay so I left you with Liz seeing a vision of herself of killing Zan in the bath tub! But that’s the magi talking!
So the gang is going to have to find out about Riana. Max is not that thick- but that’s debatable… so what is rae’s plan to get max and liz together… and what about Tess?? Remember Rae feeling sick that when real pure evil is around… well is she going to throw up again or what if she got her feelings mixed up? No she is not pregnant. Well what you are going to find out that on the way to earth Liz’s pod got damaged so the aliens put her with Rae’s so they shared a pos and became more in tune with each other… like twins… okay I leave that part there…
And Zan da man is not going to sit around much longer… he wants to have Rae back with him… so this is going to be… trouble?

So that all I can say with out giving away a new villain! Evil laugh!

Thursday Nights at the Crashdown

Another polar story I only gave the prologue to. At the polar attraction board- ezboard.
So I won’t say much coz it is not here
If you want to read it bmail me

The outsider

Well this is based on this theme “ what if only three pods were saved and one got left behind?” and no dupes in this story…. That’s why its kinda AU
So Max was raised in the base. Not like Adam in the books but a walking killing machine…

Liz has a troubled life. At eight she saw her father and her aunty have sex. Well she caught them in the act when Nancy was 5 months pregnant! With a son!- Liz’s father was a guy named Gordon so Jeff Parker will be in it later as Nancy new love interest!
So they went back to Roswell- where Liz was born. Liz is a good working girl looking after her 4 year old brother Jason and her mother Nancy and she is only sixteen! ( she will turn seventeen in December the 7)

This is a new story… bear with me


So Liz is on Antar- trying to uncover the four square’s past? But she can not understand Zan? The original King

And what about this son? Is it going to be Zan’s or Max’s?- you are goning to wonder about that one for a while

And this Serena! She is sketchy ! but you have got to understand. Liz was originally deaf and alex and her parents are dead so with Serena offering something else. Its better being on earth liz kind thought but liz was mentally forced… more about that later

And this mysterious ring? Which ends up after their love making at las Vegas but soon Liz can go anyway. Including the night of Gomez where she could have cemented everything! Okay???
Man I have already planned this story out and don’t want to give away much but…. A new part will be out soon… and this twist I got for you whoooa!

The other stories that are put on hold- will still get parts but not frequently as the others- a private paragraph will be posted shortly about the where I am up to after this letter is sent out…. And plus this letter will be too long because I love all my stories

Please- forgive my lack of updates

From Rachel-
If you have lost any of the stories links please let me know by bmail or when you post your reply
PS- I am currently looking for a Beta reader- someone who I can pass ideas and first drafts of stories etc…