Title Deceit
Author Priszm
Rating G-NC17 (?) Mostly PG-13. Warnings will be included prior to any rating change.
Category M/L, M/M, A/I, K/?
Disclaimer I don't own anything except Sasha. Sadly, Brandy is owned by my parents.
Summary/Author's Note Roswell AU. The parents all know about the podsquad. Tess is new in town, so is Sasha and Brandy. Everything that's happened in the show pretty much hasn't happened here. I do promise a dreamer ending. Feedback is greatly appreciated, constructive criticism is welcome, but no flaming.

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Part Thirty-Two

Michael held the door open, his knuckles tightening until they showed white. He waited a beat before he spoke, not wanting to betray any emotion. Finally he felt in control, his old stonewall snapping into place. "Tess. What are you doing here?" His tone was distant, his words holding a slight hardness.

Tess widened her blue eyes, attempting to look innocent. She held up a text book in her right hand. "Kyle forgot his History book so I thought I'd bring it over to him. Uh, I thought you guys were having a guys only poker night?"

Michael narrowed his eyes at Tess' seemingly innocent sounding inquiry. He knew she was trying to get him to reveal the truth; that the poker game was a lie. Maria stood up and made her way to stand next to Michael. Slipping her hand through his arm she sent her sweetest, fakest smile towards Tess.

"Well you see it was supposed to be a guys only poker game. But Liz, Iz and I came up with a better idea. The seven of us haven't spent a quiet night watching a movie in so long that we decided movies sounded like more fun. We were just debating which one to watch when you got here. And I think we've managed to make our decisions so if you'll excuse us. We really need to hurry to the store before all the movies are gone."
With that said Maria unhooked her arm from Michael's and turned to grab her purse from the counter.

Isabel and Liz stood up and followed Maria's lead, prepared to keep up the charade she had set for them. Tess stood in the doorway shaking her head, refusing to budge.
Michael sighed in exasperation. "Do you mind? We'd really like to get going. Do you have to block my doorway like that?"

Tess ignored Michael's rude behavior and placed her hand on the door, pushing it open even further. She handed the book she had brought to Kyle, who had moved to stand slightly behind Michael and, placing her hand square on Michael's chest, pushed her way into the apartment. Tess closed the door behind her and she faced the slightly shocked group as she reached behind her and placed her hand over the knob. A small glow flared
briefly before dying away.

Tess boldly, unapologetically meet the gaze of those in the room, finding that she was more surprised over their lack of reaction than they were over her little display of magic tricks. Liz and Max stood together with Liz slightly behind Max where he had placed her when Tess forced her way into the apartment. Alex and Isabel stood with their arms around each other while Michael kept trying place himself in front of a resisting Maria. Kyle stood staring at Tess, his arms crossed and the textbook lying forgotten at his feet.

"Excuse me? What do you think your doing? You can't just barge into here like you own the place. Just who do you think you are Missy? Now, put your hand back over that doorknob and do your Samantha-genie-magic trick and unlock the door so that we can go get our movie! So help me God if you don't I'm gonna go medieval on your umph..." Maria's ranting was cut off when Michael placed his hand over her mouth. Pulling her in front of him, he wrapped an arm around her waist and ignored her struggles.

"Thank you Michael. I was afraid if you didn't shut her up, I would have too." Tess remarked, returning Maria's glare.

Max, his hand still wrapped around Liz's arm, stepped up next to Michael. "Very funny Tess. Why don't you tell us why you're here so we can continue with our plans?"

Tess studied Max for a moment before she reached down and picked up the long-forgotten History book. Straightening, she flounced past the bunched up group and made her way over to the couch. Plopping down, she wiggled around to get comfortable. Finally satisfied, she looked up and was meet with seven looks of disbelief. "What? I don't know why you're all staring at me like that. I'm only trying to get comfortable."

Kyle looked at Tess in suspicion. "What are you really doing here? And that's not my History book. You and me, we never studied History today."

"Yes Kyle I know. But I was sure the others didn't and I had to have some way of getting in here. It was a tiny white lie, and I'm sure everyone will forgive me when I tell you why I'm here." Tess' voice held an edge of impatience.

"Tess, can the holier-than-thou attitude and tell us why you're here and why you felt the need to lie to us?" Michael stood with his arms crossed, glaring suspiciously at her.

"I'm going to tell you. Relax Michael. Why don't you all sit down and get comfortable?" Tess invited, acting perfectly at home.

With a sigh, Max stalked over to the chair and sat down, pulling Liz onto his lap. He wrapped his arms protectively around Liz and waited as everyone else made themselves comfortable around the room. Michael and Maria sat on the floor across from Tess. Michael kept his arm around Maria, clamping her to his side as he focused on Tess, his gaze never wavering as he remained alert for any tricks she may be planning.

Isabel and Alex sat on the stools, their entwined hands resting on the counter between them. Kyle sat with his back to the door, silently informing Tess that powers or no, she would have to go through him if she tried anything funny.

Tess' predatory gaze moved around the group of friends. Her eyes momentarily brightened as she thought about what she was going to tell them before she was able to again mask her feelings. She waited until everyone was sitting and looking at her before she turned her eyes to the book she held her hands. She waited a moment longer, turning the book around in her hands, appearing nervous and vulnerable. Michael cleared his throat, drawing Tess' attention back to the group.

"Thanks. Like I said, I lied to you about this being Kyle's History book so that you would let me in. I know you guys don't trust me, and I don't blame you. I don't trust too many strangers either. In fact, just sitting here, about to reveal my secret, is very nerve racking." Tess paused and inhaled a deep breath, appearing to gather her courage.

Holding the History book in one hand, Tess waved her other over it, effectively changing it's appearance. Michael's scowl deepened, the only outward show of emotion in the group. Everyone else kept their faces carefully blank.

Maria spoke up, a sneer in her voice. "Nice little trick there Tess. What's next? A disappearing act?"

"You know, since this only involves four people in this room, maybe the rest of you should just leave." The scorn dripping from her voice indicated just what she thought they should do.

Michael leaned forward, keeping Tess pined under his gaze. "What do you mean only four people? The four of who? In case you haven't noticed, there's eight people in this room right now." The low growl that came out of Michael's mouth caused Maria to look at him in surprise, before turning back to Tess in curiosity.

"Michael. Unless those four," Tess indicated the resident humans with a sweep of her arm and a scornful glare, "are not from around here, I think you know who I'm talking about. Now, is it okay if I continue?"

"And I suppose you really consider us to be chopped liver?" Alex quipped, a scowl settling on his face. "Maybe the Pate should just leave?" Alex started to rise from his seat only to be halted when Isabel refused to release his hand. Alex looked from their joined hands to where Max sat shaking his head. Alex slowly sat back down on the stool and Isabel immediately scooted closer to him, as close as the chairs would allow.

"Before you start, you should know something Tess. These four are very important to Michael, Isabel and I. We consider them family and the seven of us are very close. We treat each other with respect. If you are unable to do something as simple as that, then you might as well take your book and leave right now." Max hugged Liz closer to him and sent warm smiles to the other humans.

Tess surreptitiously rolled her eyes. "I'm sorry Max! I didn't mean to come across as being disrespectful. Honestly. In fact, uh…I uh…I'm kinda jealous because of your closeness. I've never been in one place long enough to form a deep friendship." Tess lowered head and peered up between her eyelashes to gauge everyone's reactions. Satisfied at what she saw, she continued.

"I'm sorry. That's not important. What is important is what I came here to tell you. This book, as you've already seen, it's not a History Book. Well, that's not exactly true. It is a History Book, our history." Tess paused, waiting for the reaction she knew was coming.

Michael exploded off of the floor. "WHAT! What are you talking about? What do you mean it's our history? Let me see that! Why didn't we know about this?"

"Michael. Let her talk. She can't tell us anything with you yelling at her like that." Max's quiet tone held an underlying layer of steel as it cut through Michael's raised voice.

Tess shot Max a grateful glance before continuing. "See, the four of us lived before. We're from this planet called Antar. I have some memories, but not too many. Most of what I know I was taught by Nasedo. He... " The slightly shrill tone was abruptly cut off.

"Wait a minute? Nasedo? Who's that? Why isn't he here? How do you know he's good? He could be evil? How?"

"Michael!" Max's sharp tone stopped the hasty flow of words coming from Michael's mouth. "Let her talk. We can wait until she's finished before asking anymore questions."

Shooting a sullen glare at Max, Michael subsided and mumbled an apology towards Tess. She nodded gracefully in acceptance.

"I'll answer your questions first Michael. Nasedo is our guardian. He was there when I came out of my pod and he's taught me everything I know. He was sent with us to teach us about ourselves. You've actually met him. He's been posing as my father. Like I was saying, the stuff that I know about home, he told me. He had told me about the three of you, that there was three more like me. He also told me about this book, but he
knew we couldn't retrieve it until we ready to reveal ourselves to you.

"Like I said, this book contains our history. Unfortunately the form it's written in I can't read and Nasedo said it's so old he can't either. There are only a few people on our planet capable of reading it. But there are some pictures, mostly about the four of us. There's a couple where Isabel and I are, uh…pregnant, and uh…Max you're standing near me and Michael, you, you're near Isabel." Tess let a light blush flood her cheeks as she
passed the book around.

The seven teens huddled around the book, slowly turning the pages. Michael suddenly jerked his head up and stared hard at Tess. "What exactly do these pictures mean? It looks like I'm…I'm…uh supposed to be with…uh Isabel? And Max is supposed to be with you?"

Tess let confusion mar her features. "I don't know. It looks like that, but I don't know if that's really expected from us. Turn the pages. There's a picture of this, I don't know, cave or something. And there's these circular type things. I think that they uh…might be important somehow."

"This looks really familiar. I've seen this place before!" Excitement colored Isabel's voice as she struggled to remember where she had seen the pictures.

Liz leaned closer, her eyes narrowed in concentration. Suddenly, she knew what Isabel was talking about. Excitedly she grabbed Max's arm. "Oh my God! Isabel's right. We have seen these before. Remember our field trip to the Reservation last year?" Liz looked at each of her friend's, smiling when realization dawned on their faces.

Maria looked from the book to Liz and back again, startled. "You mean that all this is at that cave? That the entire time Max, Michael and Isabel have been on this planet, the answers have been right under their noses?"

Seven faces turned to look at Tess in expectation. Silently she shrugged, letting the anticipation build up. Finally, she spoke. "I think that we need to find those circle things. And I think we need to start at that cave."

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