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Title: Taking a step closer, then back
Author: Jessica (AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Roswell characters just simply borrowing them.
Summary: Read and find out.
Category: Dreamer all the way, well kind of.
Rating: PG:13

It was great. He lived in the perfect neighborhood, had tons of friends. Had a great house, full
of great people. He got all the things he wanted. All the presents, toy’s, love from everyone. His bed was comfortable, he was the golden boy. He lived in a place called Roswell, where the aliens crashed into the earth. Now he knew that this wasn’t true, He knew that every so called fact that was told was fake. His motto was always If I see I’ll believe it. If I can’t it is not true. But what happened to him made him think otherwise.
For a while he started to get stomach aches, so bad he would have to lay down and cry himself to sleep. He would occasionally faint, and not wake up for hours. Soon the stomach aches and the dizziness, and headaches, brought him to a point where he could no longer play sports. He remembered when his Mom took him to his coach to break the news. He cried for ten minutes before he could even enter the locker rooms. Then soon after he quit going to school. He was tutored by a private tutor. The appointments to doctor every week soon ended. Then he was constantly in the hospital bed. And the nuns would always come in. They scared him but gave him comfort. The would walk out and it would seem that they had been floating. They had glided out as if the were without feet. Sometimes he felt like he had no feet. He could never walk, or his knees would buckle and he would fall to the floor. Now he never left the hospital, he had been dieing inside for four years then. No friends, the only thing that surrounded him was death. Then again inside of him, he could feel it growing and taking over. He guessed, this was what happens, when you get closer to death, you become emotionless and powerless. The only way out of his hideous room was his wheelchair. His room was filled with flowers when he first got their. Then over time the flowers died, just like he was inside. His room was then empty. All his friends forgot of him. Then he excepted death, because in his mind, death, you wont feel anything. But no, he lives with this caner inside of him, and he slowly, and painfully dieing every day.
Then one day his room was no longer just his room. Another bed was rolled into the room, right across from him. Mary Anne, the nurse began to put new sheets on the bed, and a table beside it. And one the table she set a small brown box. She looked up at him and smiled.

“ It seems that your going to have a new room mate Max.” she told him. She walked to the front of his bed and folded her hands in front of her.

“ Why? Why do I have to have one?” he asked, not all that interested. He had become bitter and cold hearted after the years, and hadn’t had friends, he had no idea what it was like to even care.

“ Now, now, she is only going to bee here for a few weeks, not a life long room mate. And please be nice, she has been through much.” she told him as she walked to her movable table, and pulled a bottle of pills out.

“ She’s been through much! Look at me!” he yelled as he looked down at his form laying in bed.

The nurse looked at him and shook her head, there was no way anyone was going to break the
wall he had built around him. She couldn’t not even his parents could. He had been there for almost four years now. She remembered when he first entered his room, he was only ten. He was so confused, when he entered the white room. The hospital was big, but for him, as a child, it was a prison. But at the very moment he walked in she could see the emptiness slowly taking over in his eyes. He sat on his bed with his hands in his lap as hi parents slowly backed away from the door, and looked up only to see the doctor close the door, trapping him in this lonely world.
Then Max sat there as he watched two older people set up some items and things on tables, and
shelves. The lady had bright red hair, and the man had dark brown hair. Then after they left, Max got into his wheel chair, and took a look at some of the items. One of the pictures was of a little girl riding a horse, with the whole uniform on. She was pretty in the picture, and she was holding roses. And another thing at the side of her bed was a small statue of a dancer, beautiful with grace, and wisdom. Then next to that was a statue of Mary and Jesus. She must have been a religious child. He didn’t know what age she was or how she looked like. He really didn’t care either. He would walk away and ignore her like every other person that he may come to meet.

“ What are you doing?” someone asked behind him.
He spun his wheel chair around and saw the girl who was in the picture. Her hair was dark and her eyes were brown. She was dressed in dark blue overalls and a striped blue and white tee shirt. Her hands were shoved in her pockets out of boredom and she had a blank face.

“ Nothing.” Max replied coldly as he pushed him self back to the bed side of his half of the room.

“ Doing nothing aye?” she said as she walked over to her bed side. Pulling out her hands from her pockets she placed them on to the bed and brought herself up. She then sat on the bed Indian style.

“ Then why were you touching my dancing statue?” she asked.

“ I didn’t touch your precious statue. It’s ugly.” he said in a snotty attitude. He then turned his wheelchair towards his bedside and slowly got in.

“ So what are you in for?” she asked. He listened to her voice, it sounded like she had an accent.

“ What am I in for?” he asked, Then positioning himself right he said, “ You make it sound like a prison.”

“ Have you looked around lately? This is a prison.” she said with wisdom. But her wisdom got on his nerves. “ So what are you in for.”

“ Cancer.” he said easily.

When he was younger he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone without breaking down and crying until the tear would go dry. But he would still whimper.

“ Oh, I’m sorry.” she said sympathetically. Then looking at the floor she said. “ I need a new heart.”

“ You need a new heart? I don’t understand.” Max said actually getting interested.

“ The heart I have isn’t good enough and I need a need a new one. Basically the one that I have is dying, but very slowly.” she explained.

“ That somewhat what I have. Your just slowly dieing.” he told her. Maybe they were going to get along after all.

Liz looked down at her feet and put a hand onto her chest for a moment as pain went across her face. Max looked at her strangely and asked “ Are you ok?”

Then Liz let go of her chest and looked relieved, and looked at Max and blushed. A girl never blushed at him. Then trying to change the subject she started to interrogate him.

“ So where are you from?” she asked as she walked to the sink in the bathroom.

“ Roswell, New Mexico.” Max answered.

Then he heard a big splash coming from the bathroom, then Liz came running out with water dribbling down her chin and all over her face. Max starts to laugh because of this. He had never seen a girl be so excited by the name. I mean who wouldn’t. It was the home of the aliens.

“ You mean the crash of 49?” she asked as she wiped her face off with her sleeve. Then she walked over to his bedside and sat down. “ You live there?”

“ Lived there, is what I meant. And I can’t believe you actually believe that crap about the aliens. It’s all fake. Believe me I lived there all my life.” Then looking out the window he saw a bird fly to the edge, and he turned back to Liz to see her looking down at his bed sheet. “ Listen my motto has always been, If I can see it, I can believe it, If I can’t its not real.”

“ But this cancer is eating you from the inside, and you can’t see it. Then how can you believe it?” she questioned.

“ I can feel it, I can see it, and I except it. The cancer, I can’t see. But death. ”he told her. And her eyes went wide when she heard him talking of death like this. “ Is all around me.”

“ Oh, I know the feeling.” she said. “ I’ve been in hospitals since I was six. People were always dieing.”

“ Whoa! You’ve been in hospitals more than me!” he said amazed.

“ Yeah. It’s extremely hard to find a good heart for someone like me. The last heart the tried to place me with, gave up on me soon after and I almost died.” She told him as she stared at the bird sitting on the window ledge.

Max wanting to change the subject asked “ So where are you from?”

“ Brooklyn.” she said with honor.

“ Cool.”

“ Would you like some chocolate?” Liz asked as she hopped off the bed and walked over to her suitcase, slowly opening it and pulling out a candy bar..

“ Um, no.” he told her as he slipped his slippers over his feet.

“ You have to be kidding! I haven’t known any kid who would turn down a chocolate bar!” She said in amazement.

“ What are you, two!” he shouted as he started to become angry. “ Im not a kid!”

“ What? How old are you?” She asked as she walked up to his bed.

“ I’m fourteen stupid!” he shouted.

Liz’s eyes went wide and she said “ Really I thought you were like ten. Stand up.”

“ I can’t. I’ll fall.” he told her as he looked at his wheelchair.

She looked at the wheel chair and winced. “ Yeah that could be a problem. BUT!” she said and ran into the hall way. And as she was gone for a small amount of time Max swung his legs over his bedside and let them hang. When she came in she had those thing’s that old people put in front of him when needing help to walk. He just stared at it as she stood in front of him holding it.

“ Oh come on! Just give it a try.” she told him.

So he slowy got to his feet, clutching to his table for his life. He knew if he would lose he balance he would fall. He wasn’t strong enough for this yet.

“ Come on you can do it.” Liz said cheering him on . Then she walked to his side and grabbed his arm and draped it over his shoulder to give him support. Then looking up at him when he was final standing on his own feet, she saw that he towered over her and gulped.

“ You really are fourteen huh?” she asked stupidly. And Max just nodded his head with a smile. Then Liz and Max both lost their balance and ell to the floor. And as they lay on the floor they laughed uncontrollably . They really liked each others company. Then they stopped and looked at each other and there teenage hormones took over and their face’s slowly inched towards each other. Then when hearing a scream coming from the door way they both stopped. Looking up Max saw that it was his mother, she was leaning against the door way with his father behind her looking angry.

“ What in the hell are you doing on the floor boy!” He yelled and walked over to him lifting him by the arm and pulling him hard by the arm and lifting him into the bed. He wasn’t so hard to lift though, he was so small and skinny. Looking at Liz he saw her starting to back off and slowly walking towards her bed. Then his Mom got a nurse and started to bicker with her about letting her son on the floor and that he needed sleep. He needed lots of sleep, and demanded to give him some more medicine to get rid of the germs that had got on him, and to make him better. The nurtse tried to say other wise, but she had to in the long run.

When the nurse came in she had a needle in her hand and looked at Max sympathetically. She came over and he got scared, he didn’t want to go to sleep, he didn’t want to get sicker than he already was, and he started to struggle and scream and yell. Liz stood by the door way looking on in horror, her parents came in hearing the screaming and held Liz and told her when kid’s have cancer, it’s ten type’s worse. She then went with her parents into the waiting room to sit when Max’s father looked at her and ripped the curtain closed so no one could see. Liz knew what was happening was wrong though. Max sat on the bed and he started to get sick and he looked at his parents his eyes only opened in slits. If only they knew that they were helping the cancer kill him.

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