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Green Valley Sugar
Title: Green Valley sugar
Author: Jessica ( AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Read and you will find out
Category: Comedy/Drama/Romance/Action M/L, M/M, A/I

Green Valley Sugar is the name of my friends band. He isn't exactly the happy type of person. He's well.... Kind of Gothic you could say he always where's black and skips school alot. I dont blame him. His sister died when he was four, and she was sixteen. she died in a car accident with her best friend and boyfriend. They got hit by a drunk driver. His sister and her friend died in the hospital on life support, His sister's boyfriend supposodly died right when the car was hit. But he where's the nechlace his sister gave him when he was three, it was like his window into other worlds. One night when we were 17 he got his first gig.

I got to the club and saw him on the stage singing.

I cry for you
Im singing for you
I need you here
By my side
To protect me
To save me
To be my Angel for life

Fly down here for me
Tell me your alright
Tell me your always gonna be by my side
Give me time
To tell you that I love you
So everything is alright

You are with me
To give me hope
To give me comfort
To be by my side
To be by my side.

So Fly on down here
Take me to my home
Where I can fly free
And never ne alone
where family cares
To here my prares
To give me hope

Fly on Down here
Fly on Down here
Fly on down here
fly on down here

They stop and he looks down at me and jumps of the stage and walks over to me.

" hey!" he said and looks around." So you like it?" he asks

" Yeah!" I say.

" Yeah?" he asked.

" Yeah Max." I say. im starting to see dwayne come out of the bathroom.

" hey are you ok?" max asked concerned.
"Yeah its just Dwayne is here." I say." iM JUST GONNA LEAVE."

' hey Ill take ya. were done here" he said ten puts his arm around me out to his explorer.

Dwayne was my Ex- boyfriend, but it wasn't a normal relationship.I never even told MAx this. But Dwayne almost well, rapped me one night. He shoved me agianst a wall and started ripping at my clothes, the only person who knows about it is Alex, my best friend. I ran to his house, it being the closest and all. We called the police on him, and pressed charges. But we tried our hardest to not let MAx know. He would have killed Dwayne, literally.

In the morning I wake up to here a guitar going on a beautiful song that Max's father would sing his mother and play the guitar at the same time. every time that Liz would go to sleep, I would feel so safe when I heard that song. Hping some day smeone would care that way about her.She went to her belconey to find Max on he playing his guitar soft.

" oh Im sorry did I wake you up?" he asked sorry that he had woken me.

" Im fine I needed to wake up anyways." I said.

"Ok. I will stop so you get back to sleep." he said about to put it down.

" No I wanna hear it." I say sitting on my floor of the belcony.

He sings.

Dont be scared
Cause I am there
never to leave
Never let you see
That you are mine
In my heart
In my soul

You'll find the light
That guards your door
To let you know
That you arent alone
That you are safe in thede walls
That now im here you'll never be alone

dont be afraid
Of the that you see my face
To take the time
And then youll be mine
my soul is whole
My no longer flys solo

I wonder

if there was a twist in fate

We are so diffrent

But it was fate

Its what you feel

Why are you

So afraid

Cause now im here you can love

and you no longer have to be alone

"I love that song." I say.

" Yeah." He puts the guitar down.

" well time to sleep." He said.

" Have you slept at all?" I ask

"no." he said not looking at me

Thats not a good sighn.

" Ok then." I say then go inside.

Then I get dressed and run out the door to see Alex and Brad. I swing my arms around them.

"So what are we gonna do today?" I ask.

" Well we are going to scope out some girls. Wanna come look for a date?" They asked.

They always would find dates at the last minute.

" Sure. What about Max? Isn't he going?" I ask a little worried that my best friend hadent slept for a whole night and isn't going to scope for dates. Nope not a good sighn at all.

" I'll catch up with you guys later." she said then walked away. Walking to Max's house. Climbing up the lattace and to his window. I really needed to start using the door.

Max rolled over in his bed and looked at the window where he saw a figure. He grabbed his Baseball bat about to hit the intruder.

" WoH! There Cowboy. I come in peace. Make love not war." I giggled.

"Liz what are you doing here? When are you going to start using a door?" He asked.

" How bout never." I said and clasped her hands together.

" Go away!" he said then plopped down onto the bed. I ran and jumped on the bed causing his head to pop right up from the bed springing.

" Come out with me and the guy's it would be fun." she asked pouting like a little puppy.

" No." he said in a serious tone.

" Oh Mr. Serious comes into veiw." she said. he looked back at her as he got of his bed and turned to his dresser pulling out a green button down shirt. Replacing the one he had on with it. My eyes traveled down his back, watching as the muscles rippled, truthfully making my knees go weak.

" I am not going out with you and the guys." he said firm. KNocking me out of my daze.

" Oh ok. Thats ok. I dont mind I mean if you change your mind we will be at Sloppy Sam's." I said and got up going to the window.

" You know I dont mind if you use the door. You know the old fashion way." he said smirking.

" Naw that was ' so like five minutes ago'" I said mocking his crush Britney Grans." Why do you like that bitch anyways?"

" She is not A bitch!" He yelled. I just roll my eyes not really believing any bull shit that comes from his mouth.

" Bye Max." I climbs out the window and rans to the car down below and climb inside.


" So blonde man or highlight?" she asks slerping on a coke from a near by store.

" how about someone who is a little original." Brad said.

" Who? How bout Frank Dakleian? He is a quater back and is particullary hot." I ask's.

" How bout Ben Douglaus? He is funny nice and wont make a move on you." he questions.

" No. You know I will just go stag with you guys." I said.

" No. we have to find you a date. No. We just have to. Who is that?" Alex questions

A man bout 2 yards away from them has headphones on his ears
with his hair spiked in the front and dark brown eyes. He walks over to them.

" hey do you know where Divian Mountains is?" he asked.

" I do." I cherpedin. " Its down there.." she said pointing west.

Alex and Brad look at eachother. Then nodded.

" Why dont you show him yourself. This mall is so confusing. It could drive a man nuts." brad said.

" Sure." I said taking him down the west part of the mall.

" She is growing up so fast." Alex said. he starts sniffiling. And then balls his eyes out. Brad takes out a tissue and gives him a shoulder to lean on.

Then three cheerleaders walked past. Alex and Brad straighten up.

" Hello Ladies!" they said and picked them up twirling them around as they squiled.

" So you goin to school here?" I ask as they walk down the crowded mall onto the escalater.

" Yeah you?" he asked leaning on the side of the escalator.

" Yup." I said and stared at theyre destination.

" Yeah." he said they got of the escalater and heard music. He walked of to the store saying thank you to me, and sorry he had to run off.

I walked towards it and found it ended up on a huge dance area where people were dancing and there was Max up on the stage.

I wanna live my life
Not have to run away
Never say goodbye
Never have to see your face

I run from the demons and fears
That circle outside my door
its as if the spot of my front door
is Hells mouth
I dont feel safe anymore

I wanna Runaway
To save my freedom
To have my own Kingdom
Sometimes I flee from my own home

Wow, Liz thought to herself. I couldn't help but suddenly stare at his chest, his tight shirt showing off every muscle, everything that lyed beneath the thin cloth. As he jumped of the stage she shook herself out of her daze. I had a crush on MAx for so long now it was rediculous.

" So whats up?" Max asked.

" Nothing much, at all, actually." I said gloonmy. " I still can't find a date for the dance."

" You will, believe me. " he said kissing my forehead then walked over to Britney. When walking over to Britney you could see the lopsided grin on her face as she showed of more more flesh. The thing that broke Liz's heart was when he walked over to her they immediatley started to kiss like they were two horny birds going at it. His hand rubbed her every where just as hers did. Liz looked as if she were about to puke. She had to get out of there.

" Nothings fine Im torn, Im all out of faith, This is how I feel, Im cold and I am shamed, lying naked on the floor........." Liz sang as she walked to school. She she bouncing her head as she listened to her CD player. She had just exited her house and started to pick up the pace when passing Max's house. Hoping not to see him, but all hope was lost when he came jogging out of his house, trying to catch up with Liz. But she started to run herself, she really did not want to see him. Then she felt twwo strong arms grab her from behind, and very strong they were. She and he fell to the ground, inot a patch of grass. she couldn't help but love the fact he was holding her. Then she quickly remembered where she was and stood up. Then she looked down at him, she saw he had a smug look on his face.

" What the hell are you so happy about" she asked as she brushed the grass of her pants. He looked at her and smiled some more and gave her a look saying ' you really dont want to know'.

" One word, britany." he said as he stood up.

Liz's heart dropped. " Britany?" she said not so surprised, but feeling like she just got stabbed in the heart instead.

" Yeah. She was beautiful, and so....... great." he said dreamily.

Then Liz went into suspiscion. What happened last night. She looked at Max seeing that grin.

" Did you two have sex?" she asked softly in a whisper.

" What! No! Are you kidding me! How could you think that!" he said surprised beyond the word that she had actually asked something so personal and sick.

" I mean come on, you look like a guy who just got a good lay." Liz said trying to pull off the bitch act.

" No we didn't. But she is a incredible kisser! I mean incredible! I mean it's completeley better than your and mine when we were twelve, after seeing that one movie, just taking a wack at it. But god her lips are just so....." Max said as he kept acting like a love sick puppy. Liz grapped her book from her bag and hit him up side the head. And as he winced in pain she walked away as se muttered " Ass hole."

Later on that day Brad and Alex walked down the mall going from store to store,
and girl to girl. They then got into to much of a serios conversation to notice the girls around them. They whispered the conversation so no one would here. Then Alex put his hand up and ran into the store Percy Toy, but the store had nothing to do with toys. Brad sat down on a sofa and started to loudly slerp on his drink. Then as Alex came out in his hands he held a beautiful black dress, that was very low cut in the back and extremely much so in the front. Putting it up against him he started to Salsa. Brad shook his head and slowly pulled the straw from his lips.

" Dude, it's just not your color." Brad said seriously.

Alex rolled his eyes and hit brad in the head with a lighter. He couldn't leave the store or it would cause an alram to go off. " It's for Liz you dumb ass!" Alex yelled.

Brad tried to look smug and said " I knew that."

" So what do you think?" Alex said as he put the dress up against him and started to spin.

Brad looked around the mall and back at Alex.

" Man stop doing that, people are going to think your gay." Brad said in a whisper.

" Yeah but god it just flows so graceful, and the fabric is just great against your skin." Alex said as he started to adore the fabric.

Brad looked at him then walked over and started to touch it and started to nod his head.
Then he took a hold of it and stated spinning. He laughed as he spun in circles. Then two girls walked passed, and loked at him strangley, Alex started to walk away acting like he had nothing to do with it. As the girls started laughing Brad stopped and started to try and say something but instead put the dress down and ran.


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The REST of the story and MORE

"So! Thats not an excuse Parker!" Maria yelled at Liz.

Maria was Liz's best friend, besides Max, she was the one she could always talk
to about guys, and her heart being broken so many times by so many of them. If she were to talk to Max about this stuff he would probably pound someone. Max was like a big brother to her, he cared for her but not in the way she wanted him to.

" Maria just stop, I don't need this, and please not from you, you of all people should understand, I hate men, their all pethetic." Liz said as she quickened her pace towards the coffee shop, with her tinted glass's on and her labtop pack across her shoulders.

" So what does that mean, you going to be a lesbo!" Maria yelled as she began to fall behind.

Liz stopped, Maria had her and she knew she did. She grinned and turned around.

" What do you want me to do huh?" Liz asked.

Maria walked up to her and brushed a peice of hair from her face. She patted her on the cheek and said " Let me give you a few words of wisdom, ask Max." Hearing this I turned my head, ready to walk away, the idea was to far to imagine. " No you listen to me. He wont turn you down, he loves you, and you love him, now make me happy and do it while you can before britany."

Liz turned around to see Max in the book store reading the back of a book.
Something was wrong here though, it was to easy of a mission. Then looking to her left she saw britany, just as britany saw her. They both looked dtowards the book shop and started to quickly walk, taking glances at eachother to see where they were. It was a race. Then they both started to job, and then to a run. By time they both got t the book shop they rammed right into eachothers side, tring to both fit through the door, Liz fell to her side, and Britany got passed, and soon enough found her way to Max. She lost and she never felt so horrible in her life.

A moment later Britany and Max came out of the isle hand in hand. Max looked down at Liz as she was trying to get up. Liz finnaly got to her knees and looked up at him fixing her sunglasses on her nose.

" Liz what are you doing?" Max asked confused.

" Nothing, nothing at all." Liz said brushing of the pain on her side, as she gave one of her best smile.

" So hows the dating going found one for the dance yet?" he asked wanting to know.

" Um you know I had the chance but," Liz paused and looked at Britany then back at Max " it just passed me by.

"Oh thats just to bad I guess." Max said smiling obviously feeling pity for her. She didn't blame him. " Well Brit and I are going to the movies. So I'll see you around, Bye."

Walking out of the book store Liz felt saddness take her over. She walked over to MAria who obviously saw the whole thing and wrapped her arm around her waist as Maria put hers over her shoulders. Liz could only thank god at that moment that she had such a good friend.


Feedback Please

Liz sat on her lawn chair which stretched out on her balcony, looking at Max's empty room.
She hated this feeling. Lonesome. She hated having to watch motionless images. He was so special to her now, she wanted to be in his arms, just know he wasn't leaving her. Then she saw him he was coming into hi room, swaying back and forth, his face sweaty, and a bottle of Alchol in his hand. he was drunk. Liz quickly stood up and watched him fall to the floor. She quickly grabbed a piece of wood they always used to use when they were kids to get to eachothers rooms. As she started to crawl over it she heard it creep, and it began to slip. She was afraid afraid for her life, if she'd fall she'd die. then as she got to the other side the board plunged to the ground. But there was furthest from her mind, she ran to Max. He started to get up still holding the bottle. Liz placed herself under her arm and helped him to the bed and took the bottle away.

" You know Lizzzz you are always tere for me, but Im compwete shit to you." Max said with the slurs. Then as liz nodded her head she felt his hand on her back . She had a tank top on that had no back to it and was held together by a simply strings in the back. She could feel his fingers pulling at the strings. " Your beautiful Liz. Did I ever tell you that?" Max said his voice drained with desire. Then his hands traveled to her straps and slowly pushed them down letting the top fall to the floor. Then he turned liz towards him.

" Now I want to show you how much I love you...." Max said.

Then slowy his hand fell to her waist pulling her towards him more. Liz had no idea what the hell was going on, his hands were doing something to her something she never intended t feel, something she didn't want to feel, then he started to walk backwards a little more as he planted his lips on her neck, Liz had to admit it felt good. Then soon enough his lips traveled to hers and they shared the deepest kiss ever created on earth. Then falling onto the bed the seconds that followed was like a hot seaty make out session, than he said what Liz dreaded.

" Oh God, I love you," Max said. Liz just smiled. " Britany."

" BRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he alarm clock woke Liz up with a soaken shirt and tangled hair.

Liz felt like complete shit as she pulled herself up from her bed. She really needed to
get a boyfriend, or she was going to die. Looking into her full Length mirror, she began to talk to herslef.

" Look at you your pitiful. What man would want this?" she asked herself while looking discusted by her reflection.

Then suddenly her bedroom door flew wide open, and there stood Alex and Brad,
with thier hands full of just about ever make up product ever made in the United State, and in Alex's hand he held about twenty different outfits. Seeing that they were getting preety tired, Liz walked over to them and started to help them with such HEAVY Luggage.

" What is all this for?" Liz asked in wonder. She had never seen such great yet very revealing outfits.
Then she looked towards the door way after hearing heavy footsteps, there was Maria, carrying a big suitcase.

Liz looked at Maria, seeing this and Maria smiled. Suddenly iz started to panic.
Thats the smile she had planted on her face when they crashed the Franks slumber party two years ago. Thats the smile that could create world distruction. That there was not the GOOD smile.

" Liz. " Alex started.

And Brad finished with " Were going on a raod trip."

The car needed gas again, and it was in the middle of the night, around three oclock
in the morning. Liz had never noticed how many lights there were at night ntil now. She had een gazing at them for about two hours now. As she sat in the front seat Max sat next to her driving. When she noticed that they wee stopping she again turned towards Max.

" Should I wake them up?" Liz asked. She sat up right and looked back at Alex and Isabel,
her cousin who she invited on the road trip for moral support. They were cuddling, and it was adorable. Liz smiled at them in awe, she alway's knew that Alex had a thing for Isabel, and she seemed to ramble on about him as they countinued to talk at night. Then to their right there was Michael and Maria who were spread apart at a great distance. They continued to fight, but Maria knew she liked him, and Michael well you never knew with Michael. Then there was Brad who was staring out the window, She felt bad for him sometimes. He was just sso different, no one seemed to apreciate it though. He looked at Liz and smiled, and when they came to a complete stop He jumped out of the van.

" Naw I think they need the rest." Max said answering Liz's question. It was strange though, that he hadn't brought Britany along. Liz was probably going to bring it up later.

Getting out of the car Max started to pump the gas into the van, he leaned against
the van and closed his eyes. Then when he opened his eyes again he saw Liz coming around from the other side. With he knitted colored hat and her medium sized white jacket. She seemed to be hesitant of coming over to him. Which rarley happened. So he patted the spot next to him for her to come over. She slowly walked over her hands behind her back, and took her place next to him. As he tried to put his arm around her she moved sideways not letting him. He awkwardly put his arm back to his side pretending he never did what he just did. Then she asked him a question that wasn't so easy to answer.

" Why didn't you bring Britany?" She asked.

Max looked down at his feet. How was he suposed to say this.

" Um, there is no more me and her." he said as he moved his foot around in the dirt.

" What!" Liz said surprised. " Im mean why, ou like loved her."

" Lets just say she's the one who wanted a good lay, and she got what she wanted." Max said sad obviously.

" Oh my God, you two had sex!" Liz said amazed, not in a good way.

" UH! No!" he siad." She got drunk and passed out on the floor."

" Oh thats good." Liz said as she pulled herself off of the van and walked to the gas station.

Then as Liz was inside getting coffee, Brad walked out of the bathroom and over to Max.
He looked at Max with discust. Not really terrible though. He hit Max up side the head and started to scold him.

" You have something real good in front of you Man! Stop being so damn blind!" was all he said and he
got back into the van.

As Liz came outside she held two cups of coffee. And suddenly this bright flash flew across MAx's eyes. He shook his head and looked back at Liz, she was glowing and walking in slow motion, like Britany always seemed to. She walked up to him and handed him acuop.

" We're going to need these." she said.

Max looked at her funny. " We?"

" Yeah WE have to stay up and drive."

" Thanks Liz."

" Hey what are friends for?"

As they finnaly came to the cabin, they all hopped out of the van.
Brad stayed inside the van cause the need to sleep took over him. As MAx took a look around, he noticed that the light inside the cabin was turned on. He then became suspicious, and pointed it out to everyone, but Alex brushed it of quickly.

" Oh dont worry, were not the only ones here." Alex reassured

But this didn't give anyone reassurance. They all looked at him with wide eyes, MAria looked
angry. And Liz was beyond confused just as everyone else was

" Alex! I thought we would be the only ones here?" Maria scolded under her breath as she walked towards him. She looked ready to kill.

" God, give it a break Maria, I brought Tess, and Joe." Alex said trying to make them understand.

Liz became very confused at this point and then said. " Who the hell is Joe?"

" I am." someone said.

Looking in the direction of the voice, Liz's eyes landed on the most Beautiful oy she thought
she had ever seen. His hair was dark and had blue highlights, his black jeans hung extremely loose on him, and his Black shirt, said LINKIN PARK across it. And around his neck hung a leather strap with what looked like an amulet encircled in fine gold wire. On his wrist was and leather black band, with a beautiful desighn on it, with a strange writing on it. As he got closer Liz could see his slim body that way covered in muscles. Not like Max's but they seemed just perfect. And his eyes were bright green. Like a cats eyes. But he looked good with them. And to top this all of he woar a BLACK LEATHER jacket.

" OH! Hi." Liz said plainly. " Im Liz."

" I know." he said as he shook her hand, his eyes traveled her entire body, head to toe. " It's not hard to tell." Then the gazes started. Gazes that could kill. There was an attraction and everyone saw it.

Especially Max. He looked at the ground and tried to think of something else but all that came to his mind was Liz, and the Dirt Bag in front of her.

Maria walked over to Liz and basically ripped her from Joe. She then pulled Liz over to the side behind the van where no one could see or hear them talking.

“ Liz are you sure about this, I mean what about Max?” Maria asked.

“ MAria I have no Idea what you are talking about.” Liz said trying to take another glance at Joe.

“ Never mind. I fucking give up!” Maria yelled then walked over to Brad and started to unpack the van.

MAria knew that Max and Liz were meant to be for a long time now. She did
everything to make that love come to the surface that she saw in both of their eyes. But Fate kept fucking things up. And now for once as she watched Liz and Joe she thought, mabye she was wrong all along Maybe the connection that she saw going on between Liz and Joe was MEANT to BE. But then taking a glance at MAx, she saw his eyes, and how he looked at Liz, and she smiled. Fate may screw things up. But Destiny is going to get the best of everyone.

TBC Feedback PLEASE!!

Later on that night Max sat on his bed and typed on his laptop
and typed his feelings, in this journal he had been keeping forever now. It may sound like a really girly thing to do but his writing expressed his feelings, and emotions and the things he felt changing all around him. Tonight he wrote:

It seems as the day goes on my heart is weighing down on me. And the things
that seemed normal, and boring, turn out to be amazing and Beautiful. Thing’s are changing so much in front of me, all around me, and I can feel the changes in my heart the most. Love is awakening, and Im afraid it has. I thought that I loved Britany, in any way possible, but turns out, I don’t my love belongs to someone else, who ‘s grace isn’t exactly perfect. For she has a way of tripping in the up most impossible circumstances.
But that isn’t the point. ! The way she laughs, and smiles, the way she makes my laugh, and how she can make the most miserable times fun. The way that she was always there for me. The way her long dark hair shines like silk in the sun even at night under the moon. The girl who has always been in my life, not even a girl, but a woman. I will get her I will make her mine, not JOES!


Max closed the lap top and looked up to see Liz walking outside.
She was in her robe and her pajamas. She looked so calm when she sat down in the rocking chair, just staring at the starry night. She looked so calm, and beautiful. max took this as his chance and walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder.
Liz jumped in surprise and looked up at Max and smiled. She scooched over and gave him room to sit. And they both stared at the stars. MAx couldn’t believe how incredibly close they were right then. And before he would just shrug it of as nothing, feeling as a brother to Liz, but now it felt like heaven. He could smell her hair, and her perfume and he loved it. Then seeing her hand resting on the chair he placed his handover hers. No words were needed.

Liz’s eyes widened when feeling his hand on hers, the warmth
and the comfort that cam from that simple touch. She could feel his love at full force. But she was afraid to feel this but at the same time she wanted to have him so bad. She quickly ripped her hand away and fell off of the rocking chair, and to the hard wooden planks of the porch. Max looked down at her in concern and confusion.

“ Im ok, just a little brain dead thats all.” she reassured him as she sat up and crossed her legs Indian style. Then they both looked at each other and laughed. They didn’t know why but they just did.

Then later on as Liz and Max walked into the Cabin, before
Liz reached the door Max grabbed her arm and gazed at it for a few minutes, and slowly lifted his gaze up to her face. He took a couple steps closer to her and cupped her cheek in his hand and leaned in to kiss her. But this scared Liz, and as she took a step backwards she tripped over the landing and fell inside of the door. She fell with a big BANG and a shriek.

Max looked at this let out a deep breath and rolled his eyes.
She really didn’t have any Grace what’s so ever. Where ever they went she tripped, fell, or caused an explosion. But it came with the package.

“ Well, it would be nice,” Liz started as she tried to get up. “ If some one might give me a hand.”

Max snapped back into reality and helped her up, but when bringing her back up her face was centimeters from his. Then Liz looked down at is lips, and just blew it. She kissed him. It wasn’t a REAL kiss though. It was a simple peck. And when Max went in for more she turned he head and pulled herself out of his arms and started up the stairs to her room, and on her way she, well you could probably guess this one, tripped.

Later on the next day the daylight cracked through the slightly opened window in Max’s room. The walls were colored with yellow(EWWW) and the dresser was old, and beautiful. You could see the mist. And the fog covered the ground. And on the large bed with a canopy over it, lay Max staring out the window at the sun. It looked so different from before but that was ok. He lay on the his hands beneath his neck and his up torso exposed. The something passed by the window.
Max jumped straight up in bed. What had passed the window gave him the Butterflies it just jumped out of no where, then disapeared into no where. It was weird, most normal people would be freaked out by something like that, but he felt a sudden comfort and warmth. Then as he got up he slipped on his covers which layed on the floor, creating the whole floor to vibrate and a loud noise to echo through out the house. And before he got up a person came rushing through the door. Max turned his head to see Tess at his side.

“ Are you ok?” she asked with concern. He had never noticed how blue her eyes were. Truthfully he didn’t notice her through out school. They had gone to school together since aout first grade. He never thought of her as a geek, a nerd, a freek, or the popular one, she was just Tess. And he couldn’t say he wasn’t attracted to her, cause by god he was attracted to her. But thats all it was, an attraction. Well, that’s what he has been trying to convince himself of all of these years.

“ Yeah. Peachy.” he said as he pushed himself to his feet. She stood up while bending over and tapped him on the shoulder.

“ Are you sure?” she asked again. Max just eyed her saying “ IM FINE.”

Tess smiled. She knew that he had something for her, and she knew he had something for Liz. But look at the difference, she was curvy and slim, and beautiful, when Liz was Skinny, curves were nothing to brag about if Tess were her. Then Tess saw Max starring lower than her neck line. Tess just smiled and looked away. She was working her charm and he was giving in.

“ Would you like to come to breakfast?” Tess asked innocently ( if that’s even possible. “ I cooked, I have to admit I’m pretty good.”

Max nodded his hand and walked behind her to the kitchen, and the whole way there he continued to stare at her butt.

About five minutes later Max and Tess sat at the table eating as everyone else was outside, playing like children. Michael and Brad started to chase Isabel and Maria around, with leaves in their hands throwing it at them. And on the picnic table Isabel and Alex talked as they both twitled their thumbs in nervousness. And then there was Liz and Joe. They seemed to be wrestling, and then at one point, Joe came from behind and grabbed Liz around the waist. But instead of picking her up they both fell backwards, landing in the large leaf pile. Then they both started laughing and then suddenly the laughing stopped, and they just stared at each other, and Joe dipped his head down capturing Liz’s lips with his. And they just lay there for a minute, as MAx leans back in total shock, a bit to far back, so far back that his chair tips over and he falls rolling out of the chair and into the pile of newspapers in the corner, causing all of the newpapers to fly. Tess stands up and just stares at him with wide eyes. He was just as clumsy as LIZ was.

The day went by fast for every one now everyone sat in their rooms,
pretending to sleep but really weren’t. Max sat on is bed again playing on his lap top, it was a drawing of Joe’s face with the shit beat out of it. And with a simple click a sharp knife came out of no where and sliced his cartoon body in half. Max let out a simple small laugh. He truly hate Joe at this point, he could have killed him, but he was blacked out at the time. He remembered waking up in his bed with Liz by his side, sitting in the chair, holding the cold washrag to his head. She seemed like an angel at the time, her hair glinted in the sun which seemed to be going down, and her skin seemed god like as it looked golden and bronze. She was always there, and at that moment, despite her lack of grace, she seemed like she had more grace and beauty than any other woman in the world.

As Max started to make even better perfections to his discusting cartoon, he heard the door creak open, after a loud crash outside his door. In wonder he went to the door and slowly opened it to find a somewhat broken Liz. She had a leaf in her hair from the plant that her had knocked over, and she had scratch marks on her arm from running into the cats that ran through the house from time to time. Max smiled and leaned down and scooped her up.

“ No Max I’m fine.” she protested. But Max didn’t listen he just carried her from the door way to his bed. She just gazed at him as some thing, something more than a friend. But only for a second, she did only for a second.

And for the rest of the night they talked and talked and talked.
Until the conversation went to a point went to point Liz didn’t want.

“ Liz what is so special about Joe?” Max asked. He had know, Had know what he had done wrong.

“ I don’t know he is different, a change from everything else.” Liz said. She was becoming uncomfortable.

“ What is it that he has, that I Don’t” MAx asked and this was hard for him.

Liz’s eyes started to water and she looked him straight in the eyes and told him the honest truth.

“ Nothing.” she said.

MAx couldn’t take it anymore,, that right there changed everything.
He dove in for the finish and grabbed Liz by the waist and KIssed her hard, stong, loving and most of all, fear, of getting hurt in the outrun. At first Liz kissed back just as much until the point she sat In his lap. Emotions w3ere breaking lose and they were going strong. Max had already sarted to unbutton her cotton top, exposing her whit lace bra. Max began to explore, something Liz didn’t want. She got up and started to button her top and walk out the door.

“ Liz where are you going?” he asked. H didn’t understand he thought everything was going great. Liz just looked at him and said the the worst things he thought she could ever say.

“ Max I love you, but I cant be IN love with YOU.” she said “ It’s not me.” she said with tears then she straightened her back and said with a stern face “ ITS YOU!” then she walked out the door and closed it gently behind her.

With those words Max’s anger grew towards Liz, and he grabbed his lap top and threw it, making it chatter into small tiny pieces. And on the radio the song ‘complicated’ came on ( I forgot who sang it but Im sure you do) . And MAx continued to throw things and hit things. But in the ened as he sat on the floor in a corner he couldn’t get himself to hate Liz. He still loved. her.

The next day they started to pack up again. They were heading to
California next, and Liz was dieing to go, she was to white, and she needed a tan really bad. She really didn’t care about the bathing suit though. She just wanted the tan. The clothes that Maria had brought for her were all revealing and just not Liz. Once Liz tried an out fit on she felt like a total slut. But as she walked out of the cabin with all of her bags in hand, she saw Max loading the van. This was going to be an awful trip for the both of them. There was so much tension in just one look.
As she walked over to him, eyes on the ground, she could feel him staring at her in hatred. She stopped beside him and handed him her bags to load, since he was loading everyone elses things in the van. But when he turned to her he looked at her bags then back at her, and walked away. Liz just stood there completely trashed, by this awful tension that was ripping the friendship they once had apart.

As they spent three hours in the van driving down a road,
of nothing, they seemed to be in the desert. Everyone was asleep, and Tess and Joe got a ride with them because, they had come on a bus, and wouldn’t be able to get back soon enough before the next week. Liz looked back behind her at Joe. He was beautiful, amazing and outstanding, but there was something missing, that she needed, that she wanted. And not even she knew. She had to admit what her and Max had the other night, was amazing, but she couldn’t do it. He hurt her so many times without knowing when he should have, and she thought he deserved a little pay back. And that’s what she was going to give him.
Max on the other hand sat in the front next to Michael who was driving just looking out the window, he was going to look any where that didn’t have Liz in site. He couldn’t take it, ho she rejected him. He wondered many times if he wasn’t good enough, if he was hideous. And by the way Tess constantly looked at him the way she did he knew that he couldn’t be Hideous. So he asked Tess out, just to Piss the hell out of Liz, cause he knew it would, even when they didn’t have these feelings she was tense when he was with girls, because she was always afraid she would be replaced.

“ So Liz.” Michael started, looking at her in the review Mirror, “ Why don’t you get some sleep Babe?”

Liz looked up. It was nice that Michael had softened up on her,
after all he had been mad at the world ever since he had his foster father, who constantly used to beat him, but now Mike lived on his own, and pressed charges against his father. Liz somewhat knew what it was like to be abused. Her ex-boyfriend Dwayne, who almost raped her. Max still didn’t know, but Michael did, she and him had one on one talk a while back. Michael had felt so bad for Liz, she had told him every detail, every painful memory, and after that he final started to respect her not just as a human being, but as a good friend. They could call each other up at night now and talk about the things they wouldn’t tell anyone else but each other.

“ I’m Fine.” She lied. But she really wasn’t those memories of that night haunted her, every night, especially when she closed her eyes, it was almost like she could feel him clawing at her again, and she could see every detail of his face. That’s another reason why she couldn’t let what almost happened between her and Max, because at that moment, she saw Dwayne’s face, and she could feel his hands on her again, just like when she was outside with Joe. She was afraid.

Michael looked at her in concern, after finding out about what happened to her, he constantly worried abut her, and he knew what was itching at her, he knew how she saw Dwayne’s face every night, how he haunted her, and it drove him crazy that he couldn’t do anything about it.

As they stopped for gas, Michael pumped the van, as Max jumped out and went in to pay for the gas and to get something to eat. Liz got out of the van quietly and stood by Michael. He looked at her with question in his eyes. Without asking she answered.

“ Something happened between Max and me the other night. And I
couldn’t stop picturing him, I felt him all around me Michael, even it was Max who was holding me, the only person I could feel was him. The things don’t happen to normal people,” Liz started to sob at this point. “ Im just me. Max doesn’t want me, I’m worthless.” Michael let go of the pump and gathered Liz in his arms to stop her from crying.

“ He loves you Liz. We both know that.” he told her.

At the counter Max gathers his choices and has the cashier ring it up.
Then taking a look outside he see’ s Liz and Michael in each others arms. Anger pumps through his veins as he starts to walk out side, with the cashier telling him to come back he walks up to Michael anger filling his being and rips Liz out of his arms and socks him right across the face. Michael whips around smashing right into the van. Waking everyone up. They all rushed out of the van except for Tess who stood at the door watching the whole seen unfold. Joe was one of Michaels best friends, so he was the one to Michaels side first. He looked at Michael seeing the bloody lip, and tried to straighten things out. He stood up and walked up to Max.

“ What the hell is going on here?” He asked trying to find out what was going on so he could help.

“ Your face!” Max said as he shoved Joe. Joes tripped over Michaels leg and fell against the gas pump. Max jumped on him and started beating him, with the picture of him and Liz in his head.

“ STOP IT!!!!” Liz screamed over and over. But she knew it wasn’t working so she went to Max and pulled him off of Joe and shoved him. “ What the hell is wrong with you!! You could have killed him! You bastard.” she scolded him and went to Joe.

Looking at Joe Max saw what he had done. Joe’s face looked as if he were deformed, blood was flowing all over. He couldn’t believe he ha just done what he had done, then looking at Michael he saw he just hit his best friend. He felt descusting and trashy, he almost felt like a murderer. Liz stood up and walked over to him again.

“ This is why it would never work out for us Max. You are always so angry!! You let your Jealousy get the best of you. You could have killed him. And you didn’t even notice did you?” she shook her head and then walked back over to Joe.

Max walked away and sat on the curb outside of the gas station by the telephone and kept his face in his hands. He felt so ugly so terrible, how could he ever regain their trust and friendship, if he was lucky, Liz’s love. But then he looked up and saw the answer. TESS.

TBC. Feedback.

Authors Notice.

This is a Max and Liz fic, Tess will not get in the way of the love that they have for each other, but I’m sorry I just love a lot of conflict. But believe me MAx and Liz will be together again, hopefully.

In three days the auditions for the school play were going to happen,
and Liz couldn’t wait. She had always wanted to see what it would be like to be in a theatrical play. She loved to sing, and she had to admit she was quite well at it. Not being conceded or anything, but everyone who seemed close to her could tell. She sang all the time. Everyone said that Liz had gifts, and many at that. She was great in science, she could actually become a scientist one day if she wanted. And even at that she could sing, act and Dance. she was a wonderful writer, a great talent. But only one thing, she really wanted was grace. She would trade all of this for the balance of a gymnast. But she knew she would never get what she wanted and she hated that.
At her side stood Alex, constantly waving and winking at every girl who past him. He was quite the hunk at the High School. Hell! He was the babe of the entire town, everyone loved him! But Liz couldn’t look at him as everyone else did, he was more like a brother than anything else to Liz. She loved him as if he were family. And only that. Brad was a completely different story. Brad and Liz were going out on and of through their freshman year. They were young yes, but they liked each other a LOT. Now it’s different, it’s just as she loved Alex, but a little further than that, because of the closeness of their relationship before. They both could never be more than friends though, it gross them out so much they’d shit themselves.

“ Liz.” Alex said getting Liz’s attention.

“ Hmm?” Liz replied, as she awaited his question keeping her eyes forward.

“ What happened between you and Max this past weekend?” he asked calmly thinking of what Liz said the day of the fight.

Liz went wide eyes and gripped at the straps of her back pack. “ I don’t really want to talk about this.”

“ Liz I just want to know what bothering you, I think I have the right,” before Alex could finish Liz cut him of.

“ You know what you don’t have a right! It’s my life! So.” Liz yelled, and stopped with anger and rage filling her body, for he was intruding on her private FEELINGS AND HE PRIVATE LIFE. “ So piss off.” she said softly.

Alex cracked a smile and said “ You piss off.” ( this came from a scene in the movie BILLY ELLIOT).

Liz started laughing and looked Alex in the eye. He was such a great friend, and even when she was a total Bitch, he was still there for her, making her laugh, making her happy again, even at the worst of times. it was great to know that he would always be there. So she got up on her tip toes and hug him, as he hugged her back he slipped something her pocket. Becoming confused and filled with a strange wonder she let got and slipped her hand into her coat pocket and pulled out a gift.

“ What’s this for?” she asked. Alex just looked around acting like he had knew idea.

She quickly unwrapped the wrapping paper. And inside lay a leather box. She slowly opened it to find a silver chain necklace, and a star with an angel sitting on top, made by.

“ OH MY GOD DIAMONDS! Alex how did you get this?” Liz said in complete shock.

“ That’s not a question I am going to answer, at least not willingly. And I want tell you that this necklace has a meaning. But I cant say that it does. I got this for you for the play.” Alex informed her.

“ Alex, you don’ even know if I will make it I,” Liz started. But Alex finished for her.

“ I know that you will make it. Now listen to me, I know that you don’ have the best grace and that you aren’t exactly perfect. But in my eyes, you are a star just as the own that hangs from this chain.” he said as her clasped the necklace around Liz’s neck. “ Ad just as beautiful as the star, the angel. That angel is you, because even if you don’t show the grace of one on this world, on that stage, I know you will look beautiful and enchanting, no matter what.”

Liz looked up at Alex with her eyes twinkling with admiration. For he was her rock. She got on her tip toes once again and kissed him on the cheek. He was special, just like the diamonds that create the star and angel on the necklace laying on her neck. He was always going to be her home sweet home from home. And that home would always be Max.

“Maybe when he dreams he’ll dream of me.......”

Feedback please

“ First we sing then we will act out the scenes of the play.” the terrible Drama Teacher Frank Donwald said.

It was the day of the auditions and Liz was very excited. She wanted to be one of the star characters, she didn’t care which but she wanted to be one of them. But she hated the teacher with a passion, he hated he more than any of the other students, he would actually give that evil glare which could send a chill down your spine. He made Liz feel like shit all of the time. She looked around too see who was there, and saw Brad,Stage crew, and Alex, Maria, Michael, Isabel, and MAX! Brad came over to Liz and grabbed her shoulder reassuringly.

“ Liz just pretend he’s not here.” he told her. He knew she was upset with MAx.

“ How can I? He is standing right there.” Liz whispered. Then MAx looked at her, with a cold look, when he turned a little you could see the little gerbil attached to his arm. “ EWw!” Liz whined. “ That is just not right. She is an EVIL SLUT!”

“ Yup, and Im telling you Max likes um that way these day’s.” Brad said and shook his head. Looking down he saw the necklace around Liz’s neck. And his eyes widened. “ Wow! LIz where did you get the Money?” he asked as he picked it up with his hand.

“ Oh um Alex got it for me.” Liz said. Brad looked up at her suspiciously. “ For the play. I think its supposed to remind me that some where I really am special.” She said. Brad looked at her and smiled. Then turning her head she saw Max and Tess just about swallowing each others tongues.

“ Hey You, Horny Birds!” Screamed Mr. Donwald said. He was talking to Max and Tess. When they looked up from their heavy make out session Mr Donwald was starring right at them. “ If you don’t mind, this is an audition and sex ed is down the hall. Now while your in here, I would appreciate if you would lower you hormonal urges and try an pay attention. For Petes sake! You looked like a couple of horny birds going at it!”

Liz started laughing really hard just like the rest of the people in there.

“ Kinda like Alex’s dog fucking the rubber tree.” Brad joked, everyone laughed.

“ It’s a hormonal imbalance.” Alex tried to fight for himself. Liz walked over to him and wrapped an arm over his shoulder s and sat down.

“ Ok first up!” MR. donwald announced. At this point Jessica his assistant (I could resist I loved the character Jessica in the movie) would shout out the name. Silence filled the room. Jessica was sleeping, so the teacher rolled his eyes and jabbed her in the stomach. She woke up with a start. She looked around and said “ Oh, um first up Brad Telfin.

Brad got up on the stage and started with a few lines of the song. Then Liz looked behind her to find both Max and Tess sucking face once again, then just as she was about to look away she saw Max slowly open his eyes, and look at her with anger. She turned quickly back to the stage and looked at Brad.

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Green Valley Sugar
Title: Green Valley sugar
Author: Jessica ( AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Read and you will find out
Category: Comedy/Drama/Romance/Action M/L, M/M, A/I

NEW PART!!!!!!

Later after the auditions Liz was shaking with hope. she really wanted a part. And she wanted it so bad she would do anything. She sat on a bench close to the pond with a brown paper bag in in her hands, filled with bread. and every other second she would throw the ducks in the pond a bread piece or two . She liked it here. it was a place to relax and think. Mostly about max. Max was such an ass. Even though she was a bitch to him in the first place, she kind of deserved it. But then he went and beat up Joe. And Joe meant no harm at all. he was a down to earth peaceful guy. And he didn’t believe in fighting. Max was such a bastard.

“ Liz?” someone asked. Liz smiled and threw another bread crumb.

“ Hmm?” she asked before looking. Then she looked and saw Max. And her smile quickly dropped to a frown. “ Oh it’s you.” she said unhappily. And then sat down the brown bag into a trash bin and walked towards the pathway through the park. But Max still followed.

“ Hey wait up. Listen.” he said as he walked up to her. She turned towards him and lifted an eyebrow.

“ Make it fast. I’m late for my shift.” Liz said as she shoved her hands into the pockets of her large duster.

“ Ok that’s a lie. You don’t work on Tuesday.” he said accusingly with a smile on his face. She lifted her eyebrow again, and started to turn away. Max grabbed her shoulder an turned her back around. “ Ok, the band is playing tomorrow night, at the Fred’s Pizza hut.” he started. Than Liz shook her head and put her hands up.

“ Max no! I will not go! You and me are not friends anymore. You made it that way. Now why don’t you just go to Tess. and just leave me alone.” Liz said and started to walk away again.

“ Liz, I can’t. I can’t just leave you alone. I’m in love with you DAMNIT!” Max yelled.

Liz turned back towards him and walked up to him and yelled. “ Well you got a FUCKIN weird ass way of showing it.” she was so mad that her face was turning so red!

“ Liz please!” he begged.

“ First you beat up one of my boy friends, who is currently not seeing me anymore, cause he is so afraid that you will kick hi ass. Then you intentionally make out with Tess. Someone you hate in front of me.” she said. Then Max started to cry and fell onto the bench behind him. And Liz walked up to him and cupped his face I her hands. And she started to cry as well. “ Why would someone hurt someone intentionally. Why would a friend try and hurt another friend. Why would you hurt the person you love. Max, now can you answer any of those questions?” she asked. He didn’t answer so she got up and walked away leaving Max crumbling on the park bench. Then as she got far enough away she started to sob as well. She knew she just lost him. But she knew that what she just did was stupid.


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Green Valley Sugar
Title: Green Valley sugar
Author: Jessica ( AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Read and you will find out
Category: Comedy/Drama/Romance/Action M/L, M/M, A/I

The week had ended and the concert was over. Max hadn’t smiled through the whole thing. But he could have swore that he saw Liz out of the Fred’s Pizza window, looking in for a brief moment.. Max prayed to god that she would come in. But she didn’t she kept walking down the street.. He was falling apart. Through out every song he frowned looking depressed. Even after the show when he band members wanted to go and hang out and have a couple drinks. He turned them down. he had some packing to do. He was of age to move out of his house now. And their senior year was coming to an end. he planned on packing up and getting some apartment out in Boston. He was going to Boston College, for Law school. He never wanted to be a lawyer, he wanted persue his music career. And Maria said she would even tag along to be the other vocalist, and piano player. But Max thought about it, and he was only dreaming of getting into the music business, it wouldn’t happen. Most people who want to are on the street’s collecting quarters and pennies, from those who actually care, and their heads weren’t to far up their ass’s. ‘
Then he went to the Crashdown on Sunday, for a farewell party. Everyone was their giving him toasts. All of his friends, Even people from school he had seen but didn’t know. There was a big banner across the door way that said FAREWELL MAX!!!! And there was millions of billions, that crowded you on the way in. Even tess was there, and he had broke up with her two nights before. he felt bad for using her. But then she tried to strip for him at the party and he no longer felt bad for her. then he left his own party, leaving everyone dancing, talking and to get drunk. He didn’t need to be there. Not if Liz wasn’t. She was what kept his world together. She was what made him happy. She was no where to be found for the past few day’s.

On Monday morning everyone crowded around the cast list for the play,
the one that was going to go on before school ended. It was a debut to those who wanted to be big, and for those who just wanted to have a good time before they were all gone. Max finally got enough gut’s to go up to the casting, and he saw he was actually on it!

“ SHIT!” he yelped.

He was on the list. Actually he was one of the leading roles. Charles. But the bad side to this was he was to be paired up with Hermia. Who was Liz! Oh, he’s life couldn’t get any worse. She and him hated each other. So he quickly went the the book to see their scenes together. Their was a scene where they kissed. A scene where they kissed! Ok, he’s dead. he felt a sudden cold shiver run down his spine and he slid against the wall opposite of the board. And sat there. He dropped his book. And started to bite on his finger nails. She was probably going to bit of his lip or something. Or push him off of the stage. Maybe set a freak accident for him to play the leading role in.

“ Yo! Max what are you doing on the ground man?” Alex asked as he knelt down in front of Max. Then Brad cam e up from behind him and knelt down as well. Max then pointed towards the board. And Brad and Alex rushed to it. Once thy got up they both smiled and started to holler.

“ Were the fairies. Hell yeah!” Alex shouted. Then they both rammed bodies extremely hard. They both fell backwards right on to their butts, and looked at each other with wide eyes.

“ Extreme...” they both said.

Then from behind him was Michael walking up. He had his large football Jersey on and started to laugh as he turned the corner with all of his football buddies. “ You guy’s are so stupid.” he laughed as he was still walking down the hallway towards his next class.

“ Sometimes I swear you two are one drug’s or something.” Max said as he started to stand up. “ You guy’s act like your high half of the time.”

“ Who say’s its acting...” brad say’s as he winks. Then him and Alex both start hysterically laughing. Then they both quickly stood up. “ Hey it’s not gonna be that bad. It’s just one kiss. You guys can deal with it. I know that she hates you right now, but she is really good at keeping control.”

“ I know that Brad, I’ve known her longer than you. I just don’t know if I can keep control.”

“ You better dude, or she’ll kill you,”

Then Brad and Alex walked off. Leaving Max at the end of the hall feeling bad for himself.

The night of practice cam and everyone sat in a circles of chairs. the teacher went over what were to do and need to do. He then instructed everyone to play a scene from the book. It was Max and Liz’s scene, not the kissing one but a different one.

“ Charles, your future lady has arrived.” Michael said as he came to Max. Max waved his hand and he was gone. Then in walked Felice, his future wife. And the love of his life. She had been crying.

“ Charles I don’t know what to say. I can’t marry thee.” she cried. “ I am in love with another man. No thee.” she cried once again. And she ran out of the house.

Charles was devistated. How could this be? His love, in love with another man? Then in walked the maid Hermia. (LIZ)

“ Sir, why is it that lady Falice leave in such a hurry?” she asked concerned for Felice’s well being.

“ Many things Hermia. Many things.” ne said stressed beyond belief. Then he looked to Hermia Who he had once loved, and was now his maid. “ Hermia why is it that it didn’t work out?”

“ Sir I do not know what you are talking about.” She said as she looked away. Then Charles went to her and grabbed to her arm.

“ You know exactly what I am talking about.” he said feirce. She ripped her arm from Charles and screamed.

“ Don’t you dare touch me like this!” she scowled.

“ Alright. Leave me!” He roared. Then Hermia, ran out of the room as fast as possible.

The scene was done. And everyone went to take a break. Max followed Liz out of the room, looking at her figure as she walked. She could tell.

“ Max if you don’t get your eyes off of me, I will have to cut them out.” she told him as she spun around. He stopped and smiled.

“ Ah, so your speaking to me now.” he said.

“ Don’t be a smart ass. I’m threatening you.” she said as she started to walk towards to coffee room.

But as they were going down the stair, max now in front of her, she started to feel woozy, and kind of weak. then without a warning her knees gave out, and she rammed right into Max, as he got to the bottom of the stairway. They both fell with a loud BaM!!! Liz groaned as she hit the floor in pain.

“ Ahh!” he yelled. She grabbed her arm naturally feeling pain like she never felt before. it hurt so bad that she balled up into a tiny bal, like a potato bug would.

Max slowly got up feeling pain in his side. Then he heard Liz’s scream and quickly crawled to her. she was holding her arm and tears were streaming down her eyes. She was in so much pain. Max crawled to her and lifted her up and looked at her trying to see if she had any more wounds.

“ Liz are you ok?” max asked. That was a stupid question, he thought to himself. She obviously wasn’t.

“ Does it look Like I’m ok?” she said as she whipped her head back in pain again.

Max then lifted her up and carried her o the nurses office, hoping for some answers.

Tbc. Feedback Please......

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I am Ending this fic, only because I got no where to go with it. So I am sorry, but no more Green Valley Sugar. But if you would, I would appreciate if you read my new stories coming out soon, thank you
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Just To make you OH SO HAPPY!! Because I can't stand to see people sad. So I Am going to keep going with this fic. I hope you will like the rest.*big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big*

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Green Valley Sugar
Title: Green Valley sugar
Author: Jessica ( AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Read and you will find out
Category: Comedy/Drama/Romance/Action M/L, M/M, A/I

Dear Journal,

Turns out that Liz broke her arm today, an I felt like shit knowing that I couldn’t do much about it. But I’m getting the impression that maybe she is actually considering being friendly towards each other. And no one knows how badly I want that. But truth is I don’t think I could ever push those feeling that are swimming deep within my heart away, They Will ALWAYS be there. I remember when I was only eleven and Liz was being constantly teased by her braces, name like “ Brace face, Metal mouth.” The guy’s loved to make her cry, Only because she was SO sensitive. So one day it went from bad to worse, and Liz was shoved into a tree, ONLY for having braces. So as usually my rage took over me. And I ran over there and just about killed the guy. A teacher tore the two of us apart and we were suspended for two weeks. I ended up with a broken leg, split lip and a black eyes. But Liz came to my room every day after school, bringing home work she had snuck out for him not to fall behind, and lots of CHOCOLATE. She continued to say what I had done was stupid but she appreciated it so much. Then one day it was the last day of my suspension she came to my window, I slowly opened it to find her smiling back at me with NO BRACES. Her smile was beautiful. She said thank you for all the things I had done, and the beating that I took for her, and she Kissed me. My FIRST KISS WAS BY MY BEST FRIEND> And Im not talking about no peck on the cheek, it was directly one my LIPS. When she left I think that I fainted because I found myself on the floor when I woke up mumbling something about Liz. Must of been a dream, I thought.
But the thing that tortures me the most is that we might not even get that friendship back. It may be killing me now. But what about later on? When I look back and I see, I let my soul mate float away with out a fight. Well that’s what I am NOT going to let happen. I love you Liz Parker. I hope one day that you’ll know that.

Max Evans

Max looked up from his lab top and looked at Liz across the school yard, just sitting there practicing lines with Brad. HE was not going to let her get away, not like this.

TBC....................................welll good? or bad?

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Should I continue. And by the way, giving a little spoiler here, Liz has a past, that not even Max knows about, but her other friends do, that past comes back to bite her right in the ass. Well, More SOoonnnnnnn
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Green Valley Sugar
Title: Green Valley sugar
Author: Jessica ( AllAboutEyesS09)
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Read and you will find out
Category: Comedy/Drama/Romance/Action M/L, M/M, A/I

Brand New Part Im calling this part N1
And the rest will be N2, N3, you get it right?

Today is not a good day. Her arm throbbing constantly, even though she took like four aspirins, it hurt terribly. She hurt so bad. Sometimes it wouldn’t be her arm though, sometimes it was in her heart. She knew she had done right with Max. She knew it. But for some reason when she looked across the school yard, her eyes found his, and her heart would start to pump, and her eyes would freeze, locking eyes with his, and she never moved for several minutes. And as she sat at the table with her friends, the little hairs on the back of her neck would stand on end, and turning around she would find max’s eyes once again on her. Full of pain and heart ache. She knew that she had cause them, she knew that heart ache was just screaming out to her to help, to please heal this open wound. But then deep within her, the fire blazed, the pain he created that heart ahce for her. Lying to her, betraying her, hurting her intentionally. How could soeone want to be with someone so cruel?
How could she still love him after what he did. She didn’t know. Everything in her, said screw him! Just screw the son of a bitch who brought you heart ache, and intentionally hurt you and everyone around him, making her heart shatter. But then looking at her bed room wall she saw why she didn’t. Pictures scattered all over, collected through out the years, from the age that she could walk and talk. Max was in a majority of them, smiling brightly, with those beautiful eyes.
Now as she passed Max in the halls, he would look up at her with sad eyes. just longing, and so much pain. So much pain in his eyes, when she looked in them they would look away almost immediately. He had started to grow a slight beard, and he hadn’t cut his hair. his look became more rough, just not giving a damn anymore. That he didn’t have anything that was worth it.

At tat moment Liz thanked god she didn’t have any classes with Max, she wouldn’t be able to go through a class without wondering, without looking at him. But she always feared to see him in the hall, to end up HAVING to talk to him. It was truly her worst nightmare.

As she began turn the corner someone roughly collided with her. Trying to steady herself as all of her books fell to the marble floor she whimpered, using one arm wrapping around their neck. Steadying herself she rested her head on to their strong, well formed chest. Their arms almost instantly went around her waist supporting her.

“ I am so sorry.” she apologized looking up into the eyes of her savior. Only to find those mind boggling, heart melting eyes of Max Evans. “ Oh.”

“ Are you ok? Did I hurt your arm?” Max asked almost so quickly, she couldn’t even hear him. he was so concerned for her,

“ Fine. Just fine.” she told him nodding her head. Not noticing they were still locked in an imbrace, the bell rang and all students started to scurry towards their classes.

Max noticed this and quickly let go of her looking down the hall. “ Your going to miss class.” Liz said.

“ We need to talk Liz.” Max said looking back towards her. Liz couldn’t resist, his hair was so long, he looked as if her hadn’t shaven in weeks, but in her mind it was really sexy.....

“ Um, ok.” she answered. “ Where?”

“ Out side, come on.”

Walking behind Max, she was afraid of what was about to come, what was he going to do? She knew the way she left him that night, in the bedroom of the cabin, was a terrible thing to do, and she shouldn’t have done it, but it was as if she had no choice. She couldn’t handle the memories. Turning around, Max sat himself onto the stone wall on the entrance of the school.

“ Liz I don’t want you to hate me..” he admitted to her without any effort at all. He came almost so naturally it was devastating.

“ I.” Liz started. But she couldn’t get it out, she had a large knot in her throat suddenly enabled her to talk. Swallowing the large knot she closed her eyes for a brief moment and then reopened them. “ I could never HATE you Max. You were my best friend.” She told him as she sat next to him on the stone wall. “ You always have been my best friend, my long time next door neighbor.”

“ You still thinking of me as your best friend?” Max asked confused. Hope filling his eyes without a doubt.

“ In a way, yes.” She told told. Him eyes went down cast. “ I mean Max, you hurt me, really bad...”

“ And you haven’t hurt me?” Max asked, as anger boiled in his blood. “ What about that night Liz? What about that night?” he asked hurt. Standing up, he paced then stopped right in front of her. “ I felt something. and I know you did to Liz. I know you did. Or you wouldn’t have gotten so scared.”

“ I was not afraid.” she defended herself.

“ I beg to differ” Max protested taking a step towards her. “ You felt it Liz. I KNOW YOU DID!”

Taking a step back a tear fell down Liz’s cheek. “ No. I didn’t feel anything.” she said shaking her head. She knew this was going to happen. that night was going to come up sooner or later. But she just wished it could have come a LOT later.

“ No Liz. Just stop it! That night, you wanted me, just as much as I wanted you. I just want to know why is it that you turned away Liz.” Max said. he had to figure this out, Trying to keep his thinking straight was impossible this past week. he mind kept going back to that night. It was driving him insane..

“ Yes Max! I wanted you ok!” She screamed at him, making him flinch. “ I wanted you so bad that it hurt!”

“ then why did you turn away from me! Why!” he screamed right back. Their anger was terrifying, boiling so hot so furious, it was awful.

“ Because,” she whispered as the tears flowed freely down her face now, “ because I have nothing to offer.” she cried.

“ What?” Max asked in a whisper.

TBC.........FEEDBACK PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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*happy*Hi everyone, I know I have taken a VERY long time to actually talk about updating this fic, but finally I feel that I can, so in the next couple days, or even possibly tonight, I WILL update this fic, and I promise, that I will not forget about it. All those who have ACTUALLY replied to my story here, I am so VERY grateful, and you people are what made me actually WANT to continue my fic. So please forgive me, for the TERRIBLE act I have pulled here, and give this fic another chance, thank you for all those who have supported me, and I will be back soon with an update.....*happy*
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As Liz walked through the park, she felt the cold breeze nip at her neck, cheeks ears, arms, and any skin that may have been showing. She shuttered as she felt the wind blow on her more fiercely. She felt the tears sting her eyes even more now, but she could hardly feel them as they fell down her cheek. She was weakened, and in pain. Her thighs arms and face hurt, without any mercy on her. She had found herself torn after being left in the narrow alley beside the coffee shop. She was in New York, visiting her father. Her biological one. Jeff was her step father. Her biological father was Danny Hardle. No one knew about him, except for Alex. Sometimes se felt bad knowing there were some things that she just couldn’t tell Max. And it shouldn’t be that way, it should have never been that way, never should have been that way..........

Liz looked up at the sun as she reopened her eyes, sitting on the bench in the school yard, after dozing off for a couple seconds onto Alex’s arm. She looked up at him and saw him smiling down at her. She looked at him oddly and softly asked what was he smiling at, and he just shook his head. And then soon a frown followed. Alex knew what was wrong with Liz, she was obviously lacking sleep, and food intake. She wasn’t eating lately, and when she came to school her eyes would sometimes have dark circles beneath them. She had been dozing off in class a lot to. And that wasn’t normal.

“ Thinking about it again aren’t you?” he asked as he softly touched her cheek with the back of his hand. She nodded, knowing instantly what he was talking about. She looked up at him and smiled slowly brushing his hand from her cheek, “ It’s in the past now, so there’s no reason to dwell on it right.”

“ Yeah, no reason. Unless your getting sick over it.” he told her gently as he looked to the ground. He couldn’t stand to see any of his friends sick. Specially Liz.

“ Sick over what?” Max asked as he took his place in front of Alex and Liz, blocking the warmth of the sun.

Liz’s facial expression quickly changed, and she spat, “ You.”

“ Ouch, strike one!” Alex announced as he watched as the battle was about to begin.

Max and Liz turned towards him with a angry expression and said “ Shut Up!” Alex frowned and moved from the bench seeing they both needed a little time. Hell, those two needed a few lifetimes, they were so damn stupid.

“ Listen, Liz I” Max started as he sat down next to Liz on the bench. But quickly Liz stood up and started to walk away. Max's heart dropped to his feet. Feeling another death grip like pain around his stomach making his world spin. “ Liz please just talk to me!” he called out her as she continued to walk. But she didn’t turn around, she just continued to walk.

Max stopped calling out to her and laid his head back on the bench and breathed in deeply, he was going to have to kiss some major ass. Then weight was added to the bench and he opened his eyes to see Brad sitting there with a straw in his mouth, looking up at the sun, his legs spread really wide.

“ Hey Maximillion” he cheered as he looked to Max, “ The lady isn’t given any aye?”

Max laughed and punched Brad in the arm, you could always count on Brad to cheer a guy up. *angel**angel**angel**angel**angel*
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