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Title: Races
Author: Donnie
Summary: Liz is Black Max is white. Liz is poor Max is rich. Read and find out.
Feedback: Yes please.
Ratting: I don’t do NC 17 sorry.

She was surrounded by her friends laughing while she popped a chip into her mouth. She wore her hair long with red flicks in it that he could tell was natural. No dye for her.Her pants were a second skin and then her shirt was baggy and tucked in with a medallion resting on the curve of her brest. She sat at the far end of the cafeteria near the lunch detion table so she could still talk to some of her friends when the dettion teacher turned her back. He walked by on his way to go dump his lunch and he herd her voice her and her group of friends were talking about Nas and Jay Z. Two people that he hardly listened to. Ok he would admit it he never listed to.

She had stopped laughing and was giving her friend a are u crazy look, when she said Jay Z was better then Nas. The look was replaced by a brighter one. She was looking right at him!!! He was going to talk to her today, was the day. Her eyes followed him to the table and that’s when he herd his voice. Her boyfriend.

“Yo homes, could you move?”

He looked back and up a little bit to her boyfriend he was light-skinned. He was guessing Latino and black. He had black hair with wves that were slicked back and light brown eyes.

“Oh, uh. Yeah sorry.”

Yeah today was the day. He had said the since 7th grade. 7th garde was the year that Liz Parker moved to Roswell. Her and her mother had moved into Eastend Apartments. They were nothing like his home. He had never even been just herd stories.

Now he was a senior and she had been in at least one of his classes through out all of highschool and she had said one thing to him. He still remembered it like it was yesterday

“Yo could you move? Your head is in the way I cant see da bored. More to the left. Yeah thanks.”

That was in 10th grade.

The fact of the matter was they just didn’t hang out togther. Or as she would say. ‘ They didn’t roll in da same social parties. Ya dig?’

She hung out with some of his sisters friends. Sometimes his sister. Her
boyfriend and three of her friend were eon the football team with him. Her other three friends were on the girls basketball team with his best girl friend. She cheerleaded with His ex-girlfriend. Why weren’t they in the same social parties? He didn’t dig.

She got up dumped her trash, and walked over to the table right in front of his.

She was talking to his sisters best friend , also one of her friends.

He knew why they didn’t hang togther. He did dig. He knew perfectly well. He was in a different clique. Normally that would not matter. She paid no attention to social boundaries. Well expect for in his one case. He was peppy white. She was thugged out black and just beyond him.

He was so deep in his thoughts he didn’t notice her look up didn’t notice he was starring. He didn’t see her walk over to him. He did however feel er soft tap on his shoulder.

“What is you always starrin at me for?” Her voice was laced with a layer of humor but he could still see the edge underneath it.

Think quick Evans!

“I always like your necklaces.” He blurted it out qucily, and was happy when he didn’t sound like a idiot. She raised on perfectly arched eyebrow

“Is that so?” She let it hang in the air as she looked him up and down and then looked at his friends. Then she left just as quickly and silently as she had came, and went back to sit in te lap of her boyfriend.

He talked to her, and she sounded even better close up.!

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She took a look around the room. She could feel the teachers eyes resting on her and just knew he was about to ask her a question. Knowing good and damn well she had not been listening. She took a deep breath and waited for the question. All that he said was Parker and Evans.


First off Isabel was not in this Class and that was the only Evans in the 12 grade. Secondly What was he calling her and Isabel for anyway. And why was everyone moving around the room? Oh she got it. They had to do something in partners. Ok she was down wit dat. But Isabel wont in dis class. She looked around and saw everyone was paired off. Did that mean she anit have a partner. She was coo wit dat too.

Then the disk beside me is turned to face mines and That guy from the lunchroom dats always starring at me plops in it. What is he doing in here? He’s not in dis class, and neither is Isabel I need do go point dat out to baldy. I mean Mr. Sanders. Then the guy that not supposed to be in this class that always lookin at me in da lunroom talks. My oh my.

“So...uh Liz... how do you want to do this?”

“Do what?”

“The project.”

“What project?”

“The one we were assinged.”


“Just now.”

“Are you Evans?”


“Any relation to Isabel?”

“She’s my twin sister.”


Well now I feel dumb. He’s Bela’s brother? He don’t look like Bela’s brother. I always pictured Bela’s brother to look kinda like a Justin Timberlake when he had the cron rows. Only more loced out. Oh well. Now since when does Bela have a brother?

“Well what the Ject’ on?”

“We have to do the baby project.”

“What baby project?”

“Not this again.”


“Nothin, look basically we have to raise a baby and map out the cost and our jobs and the babies needs.”

“So why do I need you?”

“To raise the baby.”

“Wait I thought this was supposed to be realistic.”

“It is.”

“Then you would not be here. The moment I said I was knocked up you would be on the next train to the hell outta my life.”

“ I wouldn’t do that.”

The rest of the class period is spent figuring out who will take the baby first and how we are supposed to pay for everything. I find it amazing how I work as a waitress and Max has a big ass corp job. Mr. Sanders that sexist-no-good-bald-pig-of-a-red-neck.

Im supposed to cal Evans Later tonight and give him directions to my house. And I still don’t know his first name damn! How am I supposed to ask for him. I cant say is Evans there? They are all Evans. Oh well I will ask for the one with the kid. Yeah now I want his mom to answer

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