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Title: Teenage Spy
Catergory: havent really thought of who should be with who yet
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell or Stormbreakers if a did I wouldnt be here
Summary: when Liz's guardian dies she founds her world turned upside down and a few years down the line shes on a mission where she meets the pod squad
Note: Liz never grew up in Roswell oowww and a little taller to and she has a Maria type of hair style from eppy 1
P.S.:bear with me im a fanfic writer virgin ppl plus alot of the stuff in the beginning is from the book Stormbreakers and any kind of feedback is kewl


Liz was awoken by the sound of the door bell her eyebrows scrunched together and her eyes jerked open but for a moment she stayed completely still in her bed lying on her back with her head resting on the pillow

she heard a bedroom door open and a creak of wood as somebody went downstairs while the bell rang a second time

she glanced over beside her where the time glared 3.02 a.m. in bright red at her there was a rattle as someone opened the locks of the front door

she rolled out of the bed and walked over to the open window the moonlight spilled over her face Liz was fourteen with short dyed blood red hair and stood tall over most girls and boys her age with a body of an athlete with her olive tan skin her eyes were brown and curious

Liz looked out down where there was a police car parked outside and two men who were standing in the front door the porch light went on at the same time the door opened

"Mrs Ortecho?"

"no im the housekeeper what is it? whats happened?"

"this is the home of Mr Jeff Ortecho?"


"I wonder if we could come in........"

and Liz already knew from the way the police officers stood there awkward and unhappy but she also knew from the tone of their voices, funeral voices the sort of voices people use when they come to tell you someone close to you has died

she went to the her door she could hear the two police officers talking down the hall but only some words reached her
".......a car accident ........called the ambulance ......intensive care ......... nothing anyone could do sorry"

the next day Liz sat at the kitchen table trying to make sense of what happened her uncle Jeff Ortecho was dead. driving home his car had been hit at a corner while turning and he had been killed almost instantly he hadnt been wearing a seat-belt the police said otherwise he might have had a chance

Liz thought of the man who was her only living relative for as long as she could remember she never knew her parents they had died in a plane crash a few weeks after she was born she had been brought up by her uncle Jeff and had spent most of her fourteen years in the same house in london

but only now Liz realized just how little she knew about the man a banker Jeff was always travelling a quiet private man who liked good wine, classical music, and books who didnt seem to have girlfriends or any friends at all

he had kept himself fit had never smoked and had dressed exspensively but that wasnt enough that wasnt a picture of a life it was a thumnail sketch

"are you all right Liz?" a young women had asked she was in her late twenties with blonde curly hair with icy blue eyes and pail skin she sometimes reminded Liz of a Gerbil Tess Harding was Australian she had come to London as a student seven years ago rented a room in the house with some baby-sitting duties and had

stayed on to become house keeper and one of Liz's closest friends Liz nodded

"what do you think will happen?" she asked

"what do you mean?"

"to the house, to me, to you"

"I dunno" Tess shrugged "I guess Jeff will have made a will he'll have left instructions"

"maybe we should look in his office"

"yes but not today Liz lets take one step at a time"

Jeff's office was a room running the full length of the house high at the top it was the only room that was always loced Liz had only been up there 4 times never on her own when she was younger she had fantasized that there might be something strange uo there like maybe a time machine or a UFO but it was only an office with a desk a couple of filing cabinets, shelves full of paper and books

bank stuff thats whatJeff said Liz wanted to go up there now because it had never been allowed

"the police said he wasnt wearing a seat-belt" Liz said turing to Tess

she nodded "yeah thats what they said"

"doesnt that seem strange to you? you know how careful he was he always wore his seat-belt he wouldnt even drive me round the corner without making me put mine on"

Tess thought for a moment then shrugged
"yeah its strange" she said "but that must have been the way it was why would the police have lied?"

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