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Title: The Mix-Up Switched Up Day
Author: Karina
E-mail: Gooobers98⊕
Rating: Pg-13
Category: CC
Disclaimer: If you’ve heard their names on the show, they aren’t mine.
Summary: Season 2. In an alternative universe where everyone has grown up differently, we delve into the lives of what if the aliens were not aliens, and what if the humans were not humans? Better yet, what if they weren’t themselves at all?

Chapter 1
Max placed the black rectangular box on the table. The middle. Where everyone in the next mile radius could see.

Michael immediately scanned for alien hunters and nosy tourists. “Are you insane, Maxwell?” he hissed, snatching the machine and sliding it onto his lap. “Anybody could have seen this. We could’ve been on the 6:00 news with crop circles and I’ve-been-impregnated-by-hot-alien-probes fat chicks.”

Kyle smiled wistfully. “Make a wish.”

Isabelle rolled her eyes.

Michael glared at her. “Anybody could’ve walked in here, saw this, and called the FBI. I don’t know about you but a vacation spot at the White Room isn’t my idea for next prom.”

“Calm down Michael,” sighed Isabelle. “Who the hell would call the FBI over a black rectangle?” She looked away in disgust. “People are dumb. Walls don’t have ears. And nobody really cares about black rectangles anymore.” She smirked.

Maria snapped her gum. “It could be a black basket of fries for all they know – hand it over Space Case.” She filched it off his lap, snickering at his uncomfortable jump when she touched his thigh.

Maria raised it to the overhead light, ignoring Michael’s glare. “Look at this. This does nothing,” she frowned and rattled the box much to everyone’s shouts. Maria shrugged. “What? It’s not broken and if it is then the crash did it.” She made a face. “What’s in this? Moon rock? It’s heavy!”

“Give that to me,” snapped Michael, grabbing the box away.

Maria pouted. “You get all the fun.”

“This isn’t fun and games, human.” Tess stared at the box possessively. “This is ours.” She glared coldly at Michael. “I can’t believe you let her take it from you.”

Liz twitched in her seat.

Maria didn’t bat an eye. “I can’t believe you didn’t mind warp me and take the box back. My, my, isn’t the world just chock full of surprises?”

Isabelle smirked.

“Hey,” Michael yelled, putting himself between Tess and Maria. “Finish the estrogen beat down later.” He sneered at Maria. “We gotta focus on Maria’s french fries.”

“Put the box on the table, Michael,” sighed Max. “No one’s going to see it. And if they do, well, uh, we’ll just distract them or,” he glanced at Tess uneasily, “Tess can mind warp them or something.”

Tess beamed.

“Max!” exclaimed Liz. She looked at him incredulously. “You really want to mess with someone’s mind like that?”

Or something, Liz,” Max smiled meekly, putting up his hands in defeat. He brushed away an errant strand of her hair.

Tess frowned.

“Okay, Liz. No mind warp.”

Tess scowled. “On a leash,” she muttered.

Alex shot her a look. “Anyway.” He looked at the black rectangle, poking and prodding its sides. “I’ve been playing alien poke prod all day and it doesn’t sound hollow. I can’t see any opening.” He sighed resignedly.

Kyle fingered the box and shrugged. “You’ve got me. This goes up there with Deluca’s sixth grade boob explosion and –”

Maria smacked the side of his head.

“And my current blindness,” finished Kyle, rubbing his head vigorously. “I pity you, Guerin.”

Alex bit down a grin. “Guys, I’m out of guesses. Maybe it’s a part of your ship.”

“No.” Michael shook his head. “The part of the ship was what Hal Carver gave me. Silver. Bendable.”

“Definitely not this case.” Alex shrugged. “I can’t see what else this could be for. .”

Isabelle shook her head and picked up the box. “No, there’s something more to this.” She turned it over to it’s side. “I don’t know. I’m just getting this feeling.”

Michael’s eyes widened and leaned forward eagerly. “Do you remember something?”

“Why don’t we ask Tess?”

All eyes turned to Liz. “I mean, she’s the one with the most memories, right?” Liz bit her lip. “I just think, that maybe, she would know.”

All eyes turned to Tess.

It killed her to say, “I don’t know.” Tess looked away angrily. “I’ve never seen it before. If I have I’d have remembered.”

Max looked at her suspiciously. “Are you sure you can’t –“

“Can it, Evans,” glared Kyle, putting a protective arm behind Tess. “She says she doesn’t know.”

“I’m digging the blind trust,” smiled Maria. She waved her hand dismissively. “Whatever. Michael, touch it again but do some, I don’t know, some of your weird glowing alien wicca magic.”

Michael shot her a glare. “I don’t do tricks.”

“Says the man who blows rocks,” razed Kyle with a snicker.

Michael’s upper lip curled menacingly. “Brave words, Valenti.”

“Hey look at that.” Alex murmured, waving his hand over the box in curiosity. “My handprint’s on the box.”

That caught Max’s attention. “Alex be careful. We don’t know anything about this.” He waved his hands over the box and started when a shadow of his handprint glowed on the box. “What does this mean?”

“That we’ve upgraded on the parlor tricks?” quipped Kyle in wonder. He leaned in closer and a shadow of his face flowed onto the box. “Whoa! Creepy shit.” He looked around. “So who’s ready to run off screaming?”

Isabelle leaned closer. “Hey, what’s this?” Her eyes narrowed in concentration. “There’s a small cut on the side.” She began picking on it with her fingernails. "There must be a way to open this."

“Maybe that’s not really a good idea,” stuttered Liz. She bit her lip hesitantly. “We don’t know what this can do. It might be dangerous.”

“Saving you was dangerous,” countered Michael with a slight sneer, “but we did it anyway.”

Maria’s eyes widened. Max’s eyes narrowed.

Michael’s lips curled menacingly. “Oh yeah. That wasn’t our choice.”

Liz shrank in her seat.

“Shut up, Michael,” warned Max angrily, slamming his hands on the table. “Liz has done everything for us. She risked her life for us.”

“We never asked for it,” countered Tess.

Kyle’s arm stiffened.

“Oh believe me,” shot Maria, “Liz never meant to save your life.” She pulled away from Michael, sniffing disdainfully at his direction.

“Everyone just stop it,” snapped Isabelle. “This gets us no where. We need to figure this out.” She turned to Alex beside her. “Anything? Any hints?”

Alex shook his head. “I’m not getting this. But . .” his face grew excited, “look. That thing you scratched. It’s peeling.” His eyes widened. "It's peeling all by itself."

They watched, bated breath, as the black box began to unravel. Its sides curled down like black ribbons and gently laid on the table.

And they were left with another black box . . except this one was different. This time, their faces were carved onto the box. All of them.

Liz clutched Max’s hand as he put a protective arm over her. Maria leaned forward, her mouth opened in a small o. Michael pushed her back for a better look, placing an arm over her chest to keep her at bay.

“So what happens now?” Isabelle moved closer to Alex. “What’s happening?”

Alex shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t know. I really wasn’t expecting anything.”

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” whispered Tess. She clung to Kyle’s arm. “I don’t know what this is. Nasedo didn’t tell me anything about a black box.”

“But it has our faces on it.” Kyle slowly nodded. “Maybe Nasedo didn’t know about this. Something’s –“ He leaned closer. “Something’s moving in there.”

“Kyle back up!” shouted Tess, pulling him away.

Too late.

The room went black.

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Hey Guys,

I know I shouldn't be starting on another fanfic what with Car Ride to Crashdown and Within the Lies. But, what the hey. This is really a fluff comedy piece full of so many mistakes that two betas wouldn't be enough. lol. *happy* Oh well. If u want me to continue, go ahead and say so. If u don't, go ahead and say so too. *happy* I can take a hint. I just thought it would be fun to do with all my dark, morbid other fics.

Karina Batman*tongue*
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To CRAZY 4 MAX, Thanx for the feedback. I'm trying to keep this as light as possible. Yes, there will be a few sadness, a few anger, but hey, that's the way an episode goes. I'm trying to make this as episode of Roswell as I can, Veronica. But then again, this is me. lol. I'm glad u like it.

To rattlebox, Thanx for the feedback. Oooh, Tim, are u stalking me? Yeah, well, for ure convenience, an axe might make a cameo here. The whole murderer part might scare the children - and me as well.

To Lonnie Incarnate, Thanx for the feedback. Glad u like the Tess and Liz debacle. The next chapter will have Tess in a whole new . . light. (snicker)

To Krazykitti, Thanx for the feedback. I'm definitely thinking that people are liking this? Am I right?

To Alexandra86, Thanx for the feedback, Alexandra. Glad u enjoy it.

Btw, to whoever voted for the stars, very cuteness and mucho on the thanks.

Karina Batman*tongue*

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To roswellluver, Thanx for the feedback. I'm glad u are interested. Btw, saw ure total posts and whoow!! That must be some sort of record, roswell!

To xmag, Thanx for the feedback. I know, I know. A new fic. But hey, I got a new name a long time ago. If u see some of the posts in Within the Lies and Car Ride . . Zephyr does do posts, Magali. *happy* See u didn't catch that. *wink* Glad u like it though. is the group transport in a parallel universe where the aliens are the humans and the humans the aliens ? or did they somehow switched place, or did they change the past, or something else ? It's not going to be as complicated as it sounds. This is really a cute little comedy piece (as u can kinda tell from the first chapter). I don't do cute comedy pieces like everybody else, of course, but hell, I'm trying.

To Tabasco Liz, Thanx for the feedback. Thanx for liking it. *happy* Dreamer with a polar streak? (looks slyly around) If u ask Magali, she'll say I have the same tendencies. There's just something about the good girl and the bad boy . . (blush) rrrright.

To KEmperor, Thanx for the feedback. Hmm, so I guess the box sends them to a parallel universe or something? Will u get mad if I say . . not really? Btw, so ure The Damned Angelus. Hmmm. Love the ridges around the eyes. Btw, if I tell u that I'm Spike (which I did get), do I call u peaches or sire? Hmmmm.

Karina Batman*tongue*
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Chapter 2
Maria walked out her back door to the back door. She sighed. Does nothing in this house make sense? She stared at her silver apron and cringed at the bobbing alien head. This was her life. Could she ask for anything cruder?

Jeff Parker, already used to his daughter’s moods, pulled an arm over her. “Just think darling,” he grinned, “boys everywhere can be repulsed by your tacky fashion sense.”

She shot him an annoyed look. The one where she has the “it’s not funny dad” squint.

Jeff smile and tucked an errant bang behind her ear. “Makes my job as your dad a lot more easier.”

Maria laid her head on his shoulder, faking a sweet smile. “If you wanted easy you could shorten the dress and sell me for five pigs and a chicken.”

“Hey! What a good idea,” Jeff said, laughing at her exasperated face. “That could take care of the shopping list.”

He sidestepped her soft punch and chuckled. “Kidding. Kidding. Turn around, sweetie.” He tied her apron neatly on her back. “Why do you look so tired? Did you stay up late again? Did you eat breakfast upstairs? I left you some toast and eggs.”

“Yes, Dad, I ate the breakfast.” She kissed his cheek, smiling at his familiar cologne. “I’m just kinda tired. I was studying up late. We’ve got this killer History teacher and there’s this huge test on Monday that’s like half our grade.” Maria laughed. “College isn’t gonna get easier is it?”

Jeff gently laid his head atop hers. “Sweetie, it never gets easier.” He smiled, slipping on his own apron,and turned around so she could tie the cords for him. “I don’t know why you didn’t study this later on in the weekend, honey. You know Saturday morning’s are the worst,” he chastised. “You couldn’t have studied on Sunday?”

She playfully slapped his back. “Dad,” Maria laughed, “I’ve got that trip to Las Cruces this weekend.” She put her hands on her hips in emphasis. “Or did you already forget?”

“Of course I remember,” Jeff smiled and turned around, lovingly placing his hands on her waist. “How can I forget when you’ve been gushing it over since your freshman year.”

“No, I haven’t!” she blushed, pushing him playfully away. “I’ve already talked to my orientation guide on the phone. I’m sharing a dorm for the weekend with this girl from Albuquerque named Peggy. She said, the orientation guide I mean, I should bring some money for souvenirs. Just incase.” Maria glanced coyly at him. “If you really love me, dad, you won’t let me work today so I can finish packing.”

Jeff laughed out loud. “Pack what? Your lotions?” He pushed her to the swinging door. “Stop stalling and get working.”

Maria scrounged her nose and rolled her eyes. “I know. I know. I’m here to feed the masses.” She turned quickly so her back pressed the door, opening it half way. They both could hear the crowd already forming. “Dad?”

He turned to her and smiled. “What honey?”

Maria stared at the floor for a moment, then slowly raised her eyes uncertainly. “Um, thanks . . for letting me go to Las Cruces instead of Boston or UCLA, and . . I know you wanted me to go to better schools, but . .”

Jeff stared at his only child, his little princess. He couldn’t have been more proud. “Don’t ever think you’re disappointing me. You never have, Maria.”

Her head ducked in pleased shyness. “Thanks, Dad.”

The doors opened and Saturday morning came with a rush. Maria could feel it in her bones, in the coffee, in the screams of children waiting to be fed. She half flew, half ran to the order counter.
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Yeah, well, it's short. Me knows. But it's just lay work. Kind of a background to what's now and happening. And yes, it might not make sense, but ask my regulars and they'll tell u that I don't make sense until mucho laterz in the fanfic.

Where's the comedy? Where's the fluff? u may ask. Here it is, folks. There are no deaths. People get a little bitchy but hey, that's the show for ya. Most of it will be funny, mostly the dialogue 'cause Karina don't do no physical comedy on her precious little characters.

I'm hoping u like this, and stick along to get to see who everyone is. If u didn't get it . . Maria's last name is . . rrright. So u know. Okay. Whatever. Just trying to help.

Karina Batman*tongue*

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To CRAZY 4 MAX, Thanx for the feedback. For a moment there I thought for sure you would have switched Tess and Liz Oooh, very evil combination but that never crossed my mind. I've got plans for this switch and I'm gonna have fun! (evil grin). Loved this new part.. short but I am glad you updated!!! Awww, sweetness Veronica. I do have to update my other fanfics but once I do, I swear I'll get back to this.

To Krazykitti, Thanx for the feedback. I'm glad u liked this part, Krazy. I was afraid it'd be too "serious" for this crows. lol. Btw, luv the Homer quote.

To Alexandra86, Thanx for the feedback. Liz and Maria switched? Who said that they switched?? Just because Maria is Liz don't mean that Liz is Maria. Oooooh. Mystery. *happy* Oh yeah, Alexandra. This is better than a Miss Marple story.
aka Whisper of Truth on Fan forum

To rattlebox, Thanx for the feedback. So my stalker strikes again. So, what, you've thrown them all into a bag (no, box!, sorry) shaken them up and see who comes out stuck together? Oh Tim darling, I've thought of this deliberately (with great tears of laughter), and it's gonna be great!! You're going to see a pattern, but then again, no hints for the likes of u. But Karina would never be evil, would she? Diggin' the blind trust. An Axe? For me? You shouldn't have! Call it a "farewell present". Oooh, does that sound dangerous or what??! LOL. *happy*

Karina Batman*tongue*