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Rating: PG-13 - for now
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Episode Summery: This is set sometime after Departure

I am not a writer so be kind if this blows...


Chapter #1 - THE NIGHTMARE:

The tomb of Kivar.
Max Evans struggled through a thick webbing, forcing his way down a winding arrangement of corridors.
Statues lined the walls, each one a face he recognized. He recognized Tess, his wife and queen, who had been unknowingly altered years ago, but whom he had sacrificed for his love of Liz, an earth girl now gone. He didn't know if Liz was alive or dead, she was back on earth.
There was Vilandra-Isabel, his sister and council leader who had fallen in that final battle.
Rath-Michael, the friend who had been with him for so long, but died by the hands of the enemy soldiers while protecting Maria.
Buried in these tombs, he found everyone he had ever known, except one.
Except Kivar.
"Where are you?", Max shouted. "Where are you?"
Suddenly he stood in a darkened chamber, a vast crypt before him. Skeletons in the garb of Kivar's Soldiers stood at attention in alcoves that lined the right and left walls of the room. The symbol of the the Warlord had been carved in the center of a great sarcophagus directly before him.
"Kivar!" Max cried. "Kivar!"
The name echoed throughout the crypt, seeming to mock him. Angered he marched up the the stone coffin and reached for the heavy lid.
As he touched it, a moaning arose from the skeletons on each side of him. Max almost shrank back, fury and determination driving him over all other emotions.
Ignoring the warnings of the dead, Max wrenched the lid of the sarcophagus and let it drop to the floor, where it shattered.
Within the coffin, Max looked at a shrouded form. Sensing victory, he reached to tear the cloth from the face, to see the withering and failing face of his cursed enemy.
A hand with rotting flesh seized his own wrist.
He struggled, but the fingers would not release him, Worse, to Max's horror, the corpse seemed to be sinking deeper and deeper into the coffin, as if the bottom had suddenly given away. Try as he might, Max could not help from being pulled into the sarcophagus, into the pit of darkness below.
He screamed as the world of the dead closed in around him---
"Wake Up!"
Max shook, his hand reaching to fend off nightmares. He blinked,gradually realizing that he was laying in a bed. The dream about the crypt, it seemed so real, so horribly real.
"You had the dream again, didn't you Max?" Liz asked.
"Yes" But unlike most dreams, Max could never forget this one. The dream where Tess had died at Kivar's feet, an innocent pawn in this war, where everyone he knew was dead. Was it because he chose his own destiny and sent Tess home? Tess, the one who was to be the destroyer, the one they needed in that final battle to defeat Kivar, without investigating her sudden change.
"What do you think it means Max?"
"I don't know Liz, but I need to search for Ava. Maybe she can help me find out what these dreams mean."

End Chapter 1

Chapter #2 - THE RAIN:

It was a hot blistering day in Santa Cruz. After a day of searching the local Pyramid ruins, Max and Liz had found nothing, no trace of Ava. She had been here, they were sure of it, the trail, somewhat cold now had still led them here. They had been on the road for a few months now, trying to catch up with her. Max was still having the same nightmare almost every night, and Liz was at a loss, she could do nothing to help.
"Ava, where are you?" Max whispered to himself.
Ava was looking for her place in this world, re-tracing steps of her long past family that had visited the planet. Max could feel this, and when Liz had asked how, he had no answer to give her, he just knew that she had been here, and only a few months before.
They could find nobody that could remember her. This didn't surprise Max, she did have the ability to mind-warp just like Tess.
She was alone, trying to hide among the people, she certainly would try and wipe the memory of a blonde stranger snooping around the ruins completely from anyone's mind she came in contact with.
Max didn't believe she had the power to do this, he knew for a fact that she could not mind warp everyone, someone had to have seen her. Unless of course she was more powerful than Tess.
Tess who had mind-warped them all, but in the past few months Max had come to believe that there was possibly many people that were behind the plot to get them to go back to Antar. He realized that Tess had started acting differently after being captured by the skins. He had no proof yet, but maybe in his search for Ava, he would discover the facts behind this plot and if Tess was in fact guilty..

Max & Liz decided to take a walk on the beach. They were only walking for a short time when a very lite rain started to fall, thunder booming, and lightning flashing all around. He pulled her close to him, she could feel his breath on her face and chest. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "I love you." "As I love you." She replied through moist lips. As the rain continued to fall, his lips slightly caress every inch of her neck, causing her to feel things like she has never felt before. She trembles at the sensation, she has the feeling that her body is on fire, steam is rising from the heat created from two bodies
that are, oh so close.
He caress's the small of her back with his fingers, slowly, litely, massaging her, she is almost losing control, mixed with the warm rain streaming down all the erotic parts of her body, she is entranced, eyes glazed, "is this a dream?", she asks herself? He continues to lay sweet butterfly kisses around every part of her neck, ears, and lips. She thought again, "this must a dream", I am in heaven.
The thunder from the storm continues booming in the background, lighting offering flashes of heated tension. He looks at her through the eyes of someone in love. He thinks to himself. "I have the most wonderful woman in the world with me right here,
right now. I have been truly blessed in this life." She looks back, lost in the blue color of his eyes. Slowly he lays her down on the beach, both now oblivious to the rain, yet still able to feel the soft sensual drops slowly moving on every part of their bodies.
He slowly reaches for.....

End Chapter 2…….

Chapter #3 - A NEW TWIST:

It had been two weeks since that night on the beach, the night that Liz finally gave herself to Max, and Max to her. A night of unbridled passion of two people letting go of their fears, their doubts. It had been two hard weeks and Max thought the trail led here to California, and of course Liz would follow him anywhere. They were staying in a small Motel, money was tight. Liz snuggled close still thinking of that night on the beach. Max was so tender that night, so sweet, so loving. But she still sensed something different about Max, about that night. Yes they had joined, became one, but there was something she could not put her finger on. She thought to herself that it must just be Max caught up in this quest to find Ava and see if she could help him
with these Nightmares. Max was already sleeping soundly, his breathing shallow and light, he must not be dreaming yet she thought. She put her head on his chest and in a few moments was fast asleep listening to the beat of his heart.

Max Evans struggled through a thick webbing, forcing his way down a winding arrangement of corridors. Kivar........
Max was aware enough that it was the dream again, but he could do nothing to stop it, no matter what he did his body always moved him in the same places the same positions, and always with the same outcome.
Statues lined the walls, each one a face he recognized. There was Tess his Queen, Vilandra his sister, Michael his second and best friend, all the same as before, nothing ever changed in this dream, it was like he was awake, but could do nothing but follow the routine.
"No not again." Max screamed in his mind.
"Kivar." Max heard his mouth scream.
The name echoed throughout the crypt, seeming to mock him. Angered he marched up to the stone coffin and reached for the heavy lid. Just as he was about to touch the lid a hand reached out and grabbed his wrist. He started to recoil to get away, and then his mind registered that the dream was different, before it was only after he pushed the lid off the crypt that the hand grab him.
He looked down at the hand still gripping his wrist, it was not a skeletal hand. It was soft, sensual, but still it held firm not relaxing the hold on his wrist. Max caught the scent of roses in what was usually the dank smell of the crypt. He started to follow the hand, slowly moving up the wrist the arm. Finally he came to a face, Steel Blue Eyes looked at him through the dust and haze from years of neglect in the chamber. His mind jumped, his heart raced, he tried to pull away, it was Tess. But
still the grip would not lesson, he could not pull away.
"Stop struggling Max, I am not here to hurt you." She said.
Max looked closer, startled by her words, he then noticed it was not Tess, it was Ava. He was not sure how he knew, he just did. This was not Tess, but her dupe.
"Ava?" He asked.
"Yes Max, it is I, why are you looking for me Max?"
"I need your help Ava, but..... You look so much like Tess, what happened to you, you look, umm, different."
"Yes Max, after I left Roswell I cleaned up my look, refined my image, I had to fit in, my life in New York was, well lets say a fake. I have changed Max, I have learned to live on my own, I have learned to survive without help from anyone." Ava released max's wrist, he started to rub it, absently thinking that she had quite the iron grip. "How are you able to be here? In my dream Ava." Max said. Ava did not acknowlege that she heard him, she was walking around the chamber.
"Ahhh, the Royal tomb below the Palace." She whispered in recognition.
"Interesting dream Max, let's just say that there are many things you do not know about me yet Max."
"Again, I will ask you, why are you searching for me?"
"I thought you could help me with this dream, help me understand it, tell me why I am having it, Tell me what happened to Tess if you know."
Ava gave a slight chuckle. Max looked at her with a puzzled expression.
"Is it really a dream Max, or could it be a glimpse of the future?"
"What do you mean Ava?" Max asked in a frightened tone.
"Just bringing it to your attention Max, we are Hybrids, it may be a dream it may not be.
This could be the future because of the path you chose back in Roswell. Even though I am saying that it was not the wrong decision, Tess was just the wrong person.
"What are you saying Ava? That I will be the cause of earths destruction, of the deaths to everyone I hold dear?"
"I am saying no such thing Max, calm down, I am merely pointing out to you that this may be a glimpse into the future."
"How do you know?" Max asked.
Ava turned to walk away towards the Statue of Tess.
"I know Max because I have many powers you are unaware of, the true Queen always does." Ava whispered.
"What was that Ava?"
"Nothing Max." She said as she turned and walked back towards Max and the coffin.
"I need to know Ava, what does all this mean? Is this all true?"
"Do you even know this place Max? Do you remember this place?" Ava screamed as she pointed to the statues.
"Yes, it is Kivars tomb." Max replied.
"No, it is the Royal tomb Max, your mother and father are buried down here, as are all the past Royalty of Antar."
Max looked around, astonished at this new bit of news.
"Mother." He said in a hushed tone, looking to see if he could see her Statue or coffin. Max brought himself out of his trance.
"Do you know if Tess is alive or dead Ava?"
"What difference does it make Max, you hold no love for her."
"It matters, I need to know." was Max's reply.
Ava paced back and forth, raising more dust from the dirty floor.
"Tess is dead Max."
"What? How do you know for sure?" was his frantic reply.
"There are many things I know Max, many unanswered questions. I watched her die Max, saw it through her very eyes. She linked her mind with mine when she landed on Antar. We must have had some connection that niether of us knew about. I am not even sure if she knew she had linked with me at all. She died within minutes of landing. Kivar had her brought to the throne room, she failed him, and she died for her failure. Hmmm, I doubt he would bury her here though Max."
Max was still going over the shock of this news. Tess dead he thought. He finally registered what Ava had said.
"Then who is this Statue of if it is not Tess?"
"I do not know Max." she replied, but looked away when she said it.
"You know, tell me." Max cried.
"You are not ready for everything Max, for the truth, not yet."
"What, why?" Max replied.
Ava started walking back to a corner of the tomb, the dark starting to envelop her form.
"No matter, Tess was the dupe anyways," Ava said to herself as she continued to walk away.
"What did you say? Come back Ava."
"When you are ready Max, and now I leave you to your dream. And Max, stop looking for me. I will find you when the time is right."
Max dashed around the coffin to catch Ava. "No stay, please." He could see her body already starting to shimmer, to dissipate.
"It is time for me to go Max, I have been on the dream plane to long."
"Goodbye my Love, My King." She whispered as she lifted her hand and snaped her fingers.
Max stoped dead in his tracks and turned back towards the coffin. Just before she faded from the dream, Ava, with a tear in her eye noticed Max wrench the lid off the Sarcophagus and the skeleton hand reach for his wrist.
"If only you knew the truth."
And then she was gone.

A few minutes later Max awoke screaming, trying to get himself free of the skeletons pulling him into the coffin. Liz bolted upright.
"The dream again Max?" she said with a sigh. She was getting tired of these dreams, but she would never let Max know.
"Yes but it was different this time Liz, Ava was there."
"What do you mean Max?"
"She was there, a living breathing person, she touched me, she was not part of the dream, she was in the dream." Liz scooted closer under Max's arm, he instinctively started to stroke her arm and her neck, sending chills up her spine. She relaxed a little.
"What else happened Max? What did she say? And how can she be in your dreams? I only thought Isabel could do that."
"Liz, slow down. I have no idea how she can be there, she just can, maybe she has more powers than anyone realized. She is different Liz, she is not the same innocent girl we met in New York, she has more confidence, she is just different, it is hard to explain Liz."
"She knows things Liz, things she would not say, she never told me where she was, but now I am hoping that since she dream walked with me that I will be able to track her easier. She also told me to stop looking for her, that I was not ready, that she would find me when the time is right. And that I am not ready for the truth."
Liz looked at Max with a concerned look. "You almost sound wistful max, like she is an old long lost love."
Max stopped stroking Liz's arm and looked down into her eyes.
"That is just silly Liz, I love you."
Max bent down to kiss her cheek. Liz gave him that questioning look, but accepted the kiss.
"No worries Liz."
"She said one other thing, she told me Tess was dead."
Liz jumped up again, her mouth open, her face total shock.
"How Max? When? How does she know?"
"Sit back down and I will tell you."

End Chapter 3

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