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Chapter #1 - The Attack

Smoke, dark and heavy hangs in the air. The whole town, ruins, buildings that once stood strong and proud, nothing but rubble. Nothing is left but the dead and dieing, all gone, all gone. Max sticking to the shadows, is trying to get to the crashdown to see if anyone is still alive there. It had only been a few days since Tess had taken the Granolith and went back to Antar. A few days of happiness with Liz. And then this morning he awoke to the screaming, to the terror of Kivar and his soldiers storming through his town, killing all in their path. To these invaders it made no difference. Men, women, children, all slaughtered. Max had tried to help those he could, but to no avail, he had found so many dead, others dieing, he had no power left.
He had gone by his house to check on Isabel and his parents. All he found was a burning husk of what used to be his home. He had searched what he could, and found two bodies that could only be his parents. He had broken down then, almost given up hope. But then he thought, where was Isabel, Mike, and he had to find Liz. He got up, brushed himself off, and headed down towards the center of town. Walking in a daze.
The enemy was everywhere. Tess brought Kivar back, attacked his house first, killed his parents. He almost started to cry, but choked it back.
"I am a King." he thought to himself, I have to finally act like one.

He knew had to stick to the shadows, hiding, but it was taking forever to get downtown. Liz he thought again, Isabel, they had to be alive.
He had to find all his friends. Together they would find a way to stop this. But how he thought to himself.
He thought back, back to the time when he was told that they would need Tess, need to be 4 strong to defeat Kivar. But now what to do, they had driven her off, sent her back.
And now she had brought Kivar back, their worst enemy. He was so confused, not knowing what to do. He had not come across any survivors, for a long time now, he was walking through the dead, through the ruins of what used to be his home.

What could they do against Kivar and his armies. A cry pierced the air, snapping Max out of his trance, back to the danger. He snuck up to the corner of the building he was hiding behind and looked around the corner. There were 4 of Kivars soldiers surrounding someone but Max could not see who the person was, then he heard her speak, beg for her life. It was Mrs. Deluca, how did she get to this part of town he wondered to himslef, she must have been trying to get to the Crashdown to where Liz and Maria had been working the morning shift. The same place he was trying to get to, Micahel was there also, and hopefully Isabel after her morning run had stopped by for breakfast. He kept his hopes up, he had to, they had to be alive, all of them. He started to rush out to help her, but just as he was about to move a part of the building he was leaning against fell, knocking him down, he could feel the warm sensation of his blood running down his face, into his eyes. He looked up, he had to help her, but his eyes were blurring. Was it the blood he thought to himself. He slowly pulled himslef forward, he could feel the strength leaving his body, he could see his hand reach out to her, he could help her, he knew he could. But why was he moving so slow, why could he not get his body to respond. He touched his forehead, it was warm and wet, he pulled his hand back looking at his bloody hand, thinking how did it all come to this.
His mind was swirling now, so many thoughts, was he even getting closer to her, he could not tell. Now he could feel and taste his blood as it ran down his face. He heard a scream again, looked up in time to see Kivars soldiers tocuh Mrs. Deluca, she fell down screaming, and then silence. He could see her, see her looking at him, as if silently asking for his help, and then he could see the life drain from her eyes. His mind screamed, NO!!!!!! This was not happening, this must be a dream. One of the soldiers turned to and ran towards him, Max tried to get up, tried to defend himslef, he looked up at the man, his enemy, and then all went black.

Liz, Maria, Micheal and Isabel were at the Crashdown when they heard the attack begin.
It had started at the town park. They could hear the sreaming of the dieing. And ran out to see what was going on. It was nothing but destruction and ruin. Buildings blasted apart by unseen forces. People running by in fear, some hurt, some not.
"What is going on Micahel?" Maria screamed.
"Get back in the Crashdown, NOW!!!!" he yelled back. "I will be right back."
Michael took off towards the park, he had to find out what was going on.
Liz, Isabel, and Maria could see the town burning, could hear the screams of people dieing. They ran back into the Crashdown, and to the backroom.
"What do we do?" Liz said. "Where is Max?"
"I don't know, but we should wait here for as long as possible." Isabel replied. "Max and Michael can take care of themselves, and will come here if it is possible."
Neither Maria nor Liz looked happy about this, but had no better plan to offer.

Micahel was at a dead run when he rounded a corner and ran smack into a soldier. He fell back, looking up. He did not recognize these people.
"Ahhhh, Micahel, the 2nd in command, Kivar will pay me well for your head." The soldier said as he reached down to grab Micahel by the shirt pulling him up.
"Kivar, here?" Is all Michael could sputter.
"It is time to die." The soldier said as he touched Michaels chest with his hand.
Michael had never felt such pain, it was like someone was tearing out his heart, ripping it right through his chest. He could feel his blood vessels starting to break apart, sinew and muscles strecthing beyond their limits. His mind screamed NO!!!!!!, he had to do something, all he could think of is getting back to Maria.
He pushed the pain away, found his power, he could feel it starting to burn inside of him, or was that the feeling of him dieing? He was not sure but he had to try something. A sense of calm came over him, he no longer felt any pain, he became relaxed. Yep he thought, I am dieing, this is it. He thought of his life. His only regret, not telling Maria he loved her before he left.
His body began to shake, he could hear the soldier laugh, but it sounded so far away, so distant. And then all of a sudden he was thrown backwards, the smiling face of the soldier now withering, flesh burning off the bone. The soldier opened his mouth to scream. But how could he, his whole body was nothing but fire, and then nothing but ash.
Michael started to catch his breath, his chest hurt more than anything he had ever felt.
He looked around. He had not done this, he had not killed this soldier.
He heard a rustle to his right and turned, he caught a glimpse of someone rounding the corner, not a soldier, who was it. He tried to yell at this person, but the pain was to intense. He pulled himself back into the ruins of a nearby building and just sat there, resting, trying to regain his strength. How did Kivar get back here so fast he thought, how many soliders were here. Where was Max. He had so many questions, he had to find the answers, but for now, he had to wait, let this pain pass.
Max awoke in a dark room. He had been cleaned up, his wounds bandaged, but his head still throbbing n pain. "Where am I?" He thought.
"You are at my base camp King Max." someone said walking into the room.
"Kivar." Max replied.
"So easy to guess Max, you have seen better days."
Max looked up into the hate filled eyes of Kivar. "What have you done Kivar?"
"Nothing much, just destroyed your city, your home, your parents. And when I track down all your friends and the other 3 Royals, they will all die too."
Max hid his thoughts. SO his friends were still alive. This was good news. But what had he meant by the other 3.
"Kivar, you are getting stupid in your old age. There are only 3 of us now, Tess came back to you. There are not 4."
"Max, Max, Max, you really are an idiot. I did not believe Tess when she said you were dull, but I guess she was right. To bad she is not breathing so that I could tell her she that."
Max looked up with a shocked look. "What do you mean? Tess is dead? She was on your side."
"Yes she was Max, but she failed me, so she died, her body is still probably on my throne room floor. The throne room that used to br yours."
"What about my child, my unborn son Kivar? If you hurt him you will die."
"You are in no position to threaten me Max, I could kill you now, but I want you all captured, I want you to watch your friends die. And your son was nothing more than a mind warp that I placed on you and Tess. She died begging me to at least save her son.
The look on her face when I told her that he would die with her was priceless. If she only knew it was all fake."
"As for the 4th royal Max, you seem to have forgotten someone, and I hate you for letting her get away Max, it could have been so easy to capture you all in one town, but no, you let AVA leave. But once I have you and your friends, she will come, and I will kill you all."
"I will destroy mankind, I was born in flames, I will devour the world, I will divide all, Blood will fall like rain this night, I am the coming curse, what this world would call an anti-Christ, I will vindicate and cleanse the Earth of all mankind."
"You will not get away with this Kivar, I will stop you." Max replied.
"And how do you figure that, you are here, you can not escape and it is only a matter of time until I find your friends, and your precious Liz. How will you feel when you see her die Max? She me tear her skin from her body, but yet with my power, she will live and feel all the pain."
"You bastard." Max screamed as he tried to push against the power barrier holding him to the wall. "I am going to kill you."
"Whatever you say Max." Kivar said laughing as he walked up and touched Max with a single finger, knocking Max unconcious. "You will die soon enough."

End Chapter #1

Chapter #2 - The Meeting of Kings

Maria and Liz were in the back of the Crashdown, listening to the screams outside, some near, some saounded far off.
"We have to do something Maria." Liz said frantically
"What do you think we can do Liz? We do not even know what is going on." was Maria's reply
"I don't know, I am scared. Michael should have been back by now, and where is Max, or anyone else for that matter?" Liz said
Maria took Liz's hand to comfort her, and also to comfort herself. She had no idea what was going on, and she had never been so scared in her life, she could tell that Liz was also scared. But they had to stay strong.
Just then something came crashing down inside the dining area. Both girls jumped, but awere able to stay quiet. Then it came again, another crash, and the sound of someone falling to the floor. A weak voice crying out. "Liz, Maria."
Liz and Maria both looked at each other. And both of them got up and slowly moved towards the door. They spent many minutes listening.
"It seems pretty quiet." Liz commented.
She proceeded to open the door, it made an squeeking noise making both of them jump back. Liz looked back and shrugged. She proceeded to peak around the door again, and ran out. "Liz, what is it, what are you doing?" Maria called following her out.
Maria looked down, Liz was bending over a prone body on the floor. She could not tell who it was. "Oh my god, Michael." She screamed as she ran up to Liz. She looked down and sighed a little, this was not Micheal, it was Isabel, laying in a pool of blood.
Her head was covered and matted with blood, soot and dirt. Her once shiny hair now just a dull dirty mess. Blood still oozed from dozen of wounds on her face and body.
"Is she alive Liz?'
"Yes, she is breathing, let's get her into the back, Maria, help me."
They grabbed Isabel by here shoulders, she was still in he running gear so they could tell she had not been home.
"Liz." Maria said, "Where do you think Michael and Max are?"
"I don't know, but this is not good, Isabel is hurt, and everyone else is missing. We will wait here for a little longer and figure out what to do. Go get some water and towels, we need to clean her up."
As Maria went to the kitchen to get the things needed to clean Isabel up, Liz just sat down next to her stroking her hair. "What are we going to do? "What is going on? Max, where are you?" Liz absently said to herself.

Kyle turned over and hit the alarm that was buzzing, "Uggg, 7am, thisi s too early?" He mummbled to himself. "Oh well, may as well get something to eat." Kyle got up, pulled on a pair of jeans and headed for the kitchen, his father was gone, probably on duty already. His father had gotten his old job back a few days ago. Kyle was still not sure how or why, but his dad was happy again and so was he. Kyle opened the refrigerator door and looked at nothing. As usual it was empty. "Great, now I have to go to the crash to get some food." Kyle finished getting ready and walked out the front door tripping over the morning paper. "Well this is a wonderfull start to my day." He thought to himself. He picked himslef up off the ground and started heading towards town when he stopped and looked in shock. All he could see was a giant cloud of black smoke covering the town like a blanket, the air was stale, but had a strange smell. It could only be burning flesh he thought to himself. His eyes opened wide in horror.
He could make out people running through the streets in terror.
He took off at a dead run towards town, knowing that if any of his friends were still alive they would be at the Crashdown. As he was running he thought to himself. "Where is my dad?" Kyle, still in decent shape from his being a jock years at school, made it to town a few minutes later, and was not winded at all from the run. He now could see the devestation up close. The town square was gone, there was nothing but a big balck burning hole in the ground. And most of the buildings lay in ruin around him.
"Who or what did this?" He thought to himself. He continued walking through the town, and was shocked to see so many dead people. Everyone was dead all around him, he had to step over bodies of people that he recognized, friends from school, all staring at him with lifeless eyes. And the smell, it was overwhelming, the smell of death, of humand flesh burning. He ran over to the side of a building still standing and wrecthed, thankfull that he had not eaten this morning.
"Another one, over here." Kyle heard someone shout. He looked up to see 2 soldier type people running towards him. He did not know who they were, but he was not waiting to find out. Kyle turned and took off at a dead runt he opposite way, only to slip in the blood of a high school friend. Kyle fell and landed hard, dazed. This allowed the soldiers to catch up to him. He looked up at the two of them, they looked human.
"What are you going to do?" Kyle asked.
The soldiers looked at each other and laughed. "Humans are so stupid." One said.
"We are going to kill you boy. Kill all humans." The other said smileing down at Kyle.
"Now it is only a question of weather or not it will be painfull or painless, painfull is usually more fun for us though."
Kyle looked at them, scared, what could he do, he thought to himself.
"It is time, we have more to do." One said
The other soldier shrugged his shoulders and pointed his hand towards Kyle. "I will make it quick for you." Kyle shrank back, trying to crawl away from these men. He could see the power building up in the man's hand.
"Aliens." Kyle thought, great, I am going to die by an Alien. "What would Budda say about this." He thought.
Just as the soldier was going to realease his power, Kyle closed his eyes, not wanting to see the end coming. But nothing happened. "Wow, that was painless." he thought as he opened his eyes to see the two burning soldiers before him. He looked around in surprise. What had happened to these men, he thought as he looked around the courtyard. He heard a crucnhing nosie to his right, turned to see the back of someone rounding the corner. "Hey, wait, who are you?" Kyle called out. He tried to get up and run after the person, but slipped in the now drying blood again.
Then he heard a voice in his mind. "Just go the the crashdown Kyle." the voice told him.
He got up, and thought about following the person down the allyway, but thought better of it. He was heading to the Crashdown anyway, so he took off towards there again.
All the while thinking that there was something familiar about that voice. Oh well, he shrugged it off for now, he had to be more carefull this time, he did not want to die today.

Max was still inside Kivar's command base. He could not break free of the bonds that were holding him. He needed to find a way out, he had to get away and warn the others.
Nobody knew he was here, he had to do this on his own. Just then the door opened and soldiers walked in carrying Brody, he looked desheveled, tired, and of course frightened beyond imagination. He said nothing, he was in a daze.
A few seconds later Kivar walked in. "Hello Max, enjoyinh your stay? Are the accomadations to your liking?"
"Yea, just peachy." Max replied.
"Good" Kivar siad. "I just want to show you what I have in store for your friends when they are captured."
Max shot Brody and the Kivar a look of pure terror. "No Kivar, do not do this."
Kivar did not answer, did not even look towards Max who was trying again to free himself from the bonds.

Kivar held up his right hand, fingers splayed. He seemed to mumble to himself, he could feel the power coursing into him, through him. A red glow flared around his hand, a bolt of light shot out and hit, Brody, when it sturck Brody an ivisible force held him aloft. Brody was screaming in pain, suspened 3 feet above the floor.
"This is how Tess died Max, is it not refreshing, can you feel the power that I hold?"
"She died well Max, when I told her that I was going to kill her and her unborn son, she tried to fight back. She took out many of my soldiers before they were able to subdue her. Her maternal instinct was so strong, and all for a baby that was not even there, it was beautifull to see the anguish on her face, she knew that it was over Max. And she really did love you."

Max sank back, a look of defeat on his face. This could not be happening he thought to himself. He had to do something, but he was held fast by these unseen bonds.
So Tess was not the evil person they thought she was, it was all a mind-warp. And now she is gone. Sure he had thought he cared for her once, maybe even loved her, but her actions in those last few days had changed his view of her, but no matter what, she had not deserved to die. And the child, it was a lie, but he still felt a hole inside, as if his son was really dead, a son that never existed, but still in his mind had been alive inside of Tess. Max started to feel anger then, hatred, not towards Tess, and really not even at Kivar, hatred at himself for being so stupid, for letting his friends, his family down.
If he did not do something, they would all die.
"You do not have to do this Kivar, Brody has done nothing, let him go." Max responded.
"You have caused so much pain already, please stop this."
"Oh but he has Max, he was always the liason between you and the others. Whose body was used when they wanted to contact you? Brody was it not? With him dead you have no way of communicating with anyone on Antar."
"And even if I wanted to, I can not stop this, it is already set in motin Max. This is but a advance unit, my armies are on their way here as we speak. I am going to caprture and kill the Royal Court, and then I am going to take this planet, and destroy all mankind, obliterate these insects once and for all."
With that Kivar turned back to the still suspeneded Brody who had stopped his screaming for the moment.
"You thought I forgot about you. Not the case, I was just momentarilly distracted."
Kivar pointed at Brody, closed his fist and the red light sped along the floor and up to Brody, engulfing him in a red glow. It was painfully beautifull Max thought, but then Brody began to scream again. His body contorting in pain. Max closed his eyes, tried not to listen as a horrible crunching noise filled the room as Brodys arms and legs shattered in thier sockets. Brody screamed anew, a scream of pure unbridled pain, and yet through all this pain he still remained alive and alert, and concious.
Kivar began to laugh now, a manical evil laugh, loud enough to be heard above Brodys screams.
"Kivar, stop this, please." Max pleaded.
"As you wish my King." Kivar said mockingly as he turned towards Max. Just then all the life left Brodys body, he sagged in mid air, still suspeneded by an unseen force.
"He was dead anyway Max, it is done, his pain, as yours soon will be has ended."
Max looked into the eyes of Kivar, he could see the madman lurking there, he would not show weakness to this man ever again. Even though right now he was feeling as if he could break down and cry. His parents dead, Brody dead, and yes, even Tess, he felt sorrow for her, she was nothing more than a pawn, and now she was dead also.
The only thing that he had to hold onto was the fact that they were still looking for Isable, Micahel and Liz. This meant that they were at least probably still alive.
"You will pay for this Kivar." Max said.
Kivar merely looked at him, turned and walked away, laughing. "Whatever, you are just a boy, no longer the King you once were." As he walked out of the room, Brodys lifeless body fell to the floor.

End Chapter #2

Chapter #3 - Reunion

NOTE: I am tired of writing Crashdown, so it now is going to be listed
as just plain ole CD through the rest of the story.

By the time Michael made it back to the CD he was feeling better. He stillhad pain in his chest, but he was at least breathing. The sun was high in the sky by the time Michael got back to the CD, he looked at his watch.
"It was 7am when I left, what happened to the time." He asked himself, not really expecting an answer.
The few blocks back to the CD were perilous, he spent much of his time hiding, soldiers were everywhere, and he did not want to go through that pain again.
He burst into the CD expecting a fight, or half expecting to see Maria and Liz dead. As he skidded to a stop in the dining room he was somewhat perplexed. It was quiet, the only thing he noticed was a bunch of plates and dishes broken on the floor, and some blood drying around them. His mind screamed at him then. NOOO!!!!! he should not have left them.
"MARIA!!!!!, LIZ!" Michael screamed as he ran towards the back room.
He was at a dead run when he tried to go through the double swinging doors, but he met resistance and instead was pushed back, falling down. He heard a grunt and the sound of another body hitting the floor on the other side of the door. Michael jumped back to his feet, hand extended waiting for whatever danger may come through that door.
"Damn it Michael, what the hell was that about?" he heard Maria's voice on the other side of the door. "You yell for me, and I was coming out to see you, but noooo, you had to come running in head first as usuall, and make me fall on my ass, OWWW, that really hurt Michael."
"Maria, I was worried." Michael replied rolling his eyes. He thought to
himself, even in all this danger, she still finds things to bitch at me
about. He smiled and slowly pushed the door open noticing Maria picking herself up off the floor. Maria turned and ran and hugged him.
"God, I am glad you are ok." Maria whispered to him.
"I am always ok." Michael replied
"Come on Michael, Isabel came in here hurt about 30min ago, Liz is with her in the back.
What is going on? Who are these people Michael?"
"Slow down Maria, Is Isabel going to be ok?"
"Yes, we think so. She has moved around, we cleaned her cuts up, she does not seem to be in any danger. We think she just may have been hurt trying to get here, but nothing serious."
Michael got a concerened look on his face. "Have you seen anyone else? Max,
Kyle, Valenti? Anyone?"
"No, Isabel was the only one, nobady has come in, a lot of people have gone running by, but never came in. What is wrong Michael?"
"All I can tell so far is that Kivar is back, these are his soldiers, I ran
into one earlier, he had me Maria, I was as good as dead, I was about to die, but someone saved me."
"Kivar?" Maria said softly. "Here? How is that possible, Tess just left a
few days ago, how could Tess and Kivar have mounted an attack so quickly?
And who would have saved you? It was probably Max."
"I don't think so, Max would have stayed, whoever helped me left, all I seen was a shadow, the back of a person rounding the corner, I was to weak to chase after them."
"Well I am glad you are ok." Maria said hugging him again as they went
through the storeroom door.
Michael looked over to see Isabel sitting up, drinking some water, and Liz smileing.
"She will be ok." Liz said. "You look a little shook up Michael, what is
going on? Where is Max?"
"Yes Michael, what is really going on?" Isabel replied soflty.
Michael walked over, sat down and proceeded to tell them all he had learned so far.

Kyle was still wondering who that was that saved him, the voice was somewhat familiar to him, but he could not place it. It was taking him a long time to get to the CD, he had entered on the oposite side of the city and now having to duck and hide every few minutes was getting on his nerves. He had passed many dead people on the way there, but some he noticed were nothing more than burning corpses which were dressed in the same uniform of
the soldier that attacked him, this brought him to the conclusion that Max and the others were out and causeing some damage to the soldiers.
The other thing that brought him sadness though, was that most of the bodies were human, and it looked as if almost all had died a terrible painfull death, he had already thrown up what little or no food he had in his stomach many times.
But what worried him even more was that when crossed over the body of a girl he recognized from school, her body all bloody and torn apart, her eyes still wide open in terror, as if still able to comprehend what had happened to her, it is that he had been able to hold back the bile, been able to look at her and feel sorrow, feel hatred. He felt he was already getting immune to the effects of seeing all this carnage and destruction.
It had been quite sometime now he noticed since he had seen a soldier, the area seemed to be getting less damaged, buildings still standing, not touched by the destruction yet, he also noticed the bodies thinning, there was not as many dead here.
"Now why is it that they have not taken this part of town." He said aloud.
He had learned from his fathers years on the force, that any invading
Militia group, or army in this matter, should and would sweep through a town and secure their position, but this part of the town was virtually deserted, untouched. Yes he could tell people had ran through here, benches were overturned, newspapers strewn all over the street, buildings still open, lights still on. It is as if everyone had just up and left.
"Strange." He absently said. As he rounded the corner and was now on the street that led him to the CD. He looked around to be sure and bolted for the door. He hoped that whoever that was that had told him to comehere had been right. Hr slowly opened the door to the CD, peering in, not wanted to be surprised in case someone was waiting.
As he continued to open the door, he noticed that someone had at least been here, broken plates, and what he knew could only be blood on the floor.
He silently made his way around the tables, looking for any sign of Liz or Maria, or anyone, they should have been here. Just then he heard a rustling in the back, muted talking. He tensed up. "Liz, Maria?" he quietly spoke aloud.
He was looking at the window in the swinging door when he seen a little face peek out at him.
"Liz, is that you?"
The door flung open and out came Liz, rushing up to him, and hugging him.
"Kyle, Oh my god, I am so glad you are ok. We were hopeing others would make it here."
"Who else is here?" Kyle asked.
"Just me, Maria, Michael and Isabel, she was hurt but is better now." Liz
Kyle got a upset look on his face. He looked down at Liz.
"Kyle, calm down, Isabel is going to be ok, now have you seen anyone else?
Max, your father, my parents anyone? I am worried, we have not heard from Max or anyone at all."
Kyle looked at Liz again.
"No I have not seen anyone, only soldiers, and dead people. But if Michael and Isabel are here, who saved me? Who killed those soldiers?" Kyle said aloud
Liz got her quizical look. "Huh?, what do you mean who saved you? And what dead soldiers? Come back here and tell us all about it. Maybe Max is out there." Liz suddenly got a little happier expression on her face as she
turned and led Kyle to the backroom. When they entered the room, Kyle was pleased to see Isabel up and walking around, Maria smiled at him, and Michael, well he was Michael, he just gave him his fake smile.
"---- have to get out there and find Max." Isabel was saying. "We have to.
Hello Kyle." She finished as she proceeded to walk over and give him a hug. I am glad you are ok. Kyle's face blushed a little, and he squirmed. Even at this time she still had that hold over him. Isabel released him from the hug and stepped back.
"Please Kyle, tell us what you have seen, what you know."
Liz spoke up excitedly. "Max may be out there, Kyle said he found dead
soldiers and Max saved him from one."
"No Liz, I did say I found dead soldiers, all burning corpses. But as for
who saved me, I have no idea, I did not see their face. I only heard a
familiar voice inside my head telling me to head here."
"What? You were saved by someone also?" Michael asked.
"Yes, why were you?"
"Yes, I was dead for sure, but all of a sudden the same thing happened,
burning corpses, and the person that did it was gone, I did not get a good look at them either. But they did not speak to me. This can not be Max, he does not have the ability to do what is happeneing to these soldiers." Michael finsihed.
Everyone in the room got suddenly quiet, they could still here the soldiers destroying their town off in the distance, but they all looked at each other with questioning looks.
All thinking the same thing. "Who could it be?"

"How long has it been?" Max thought to himself. "How long since I was
Brodys lifeless body was still on the floor, his dead eyes staring back at Max.
"Why do they not come take him away." Max continued thinking. Just then the door burst open.
Kivar came strolling in, anger on his face. He walked over to Max and glared at him, saying nothing.
Max stood a little taller, looking defiant, "What do you want Kivar? Still
having trouble finding Isabel and Michael?"
Kivar hit Max, causeing his lip to bleed. "So strong while I am tied up eh
Kivar? Let me go, let's deal with this one on one."
Kivar laughed. "Oh no Max, even though I know I could kill you faster than you would even be able to register you were dead. I want you all here, I want you to see the death of your friends, knowing yours is going to come next."
"You see Max, it is this wa---."
The door burst open again.
"Sir, sorry to interupt." A soldier stated as he walked into the room.
Kivar turned, "This better be good Captain."
"Yes sir, first of all, all of our scouting party has now landed sir, we
should be able to sweep through the town within the next few hours."
"Good, set Battle group one on the task of finding Isabel, and Michael, and any of King Max's friends. Tell the other 3 groups to continue securing the town. This is going to be our stageing point."
"Also sir, there have been reports of our soldiers dieing. Someone or
something is out there killing our men sir." The Captain took a step back, knowing from prior experience that at times Kivar could take his anger out on his men.
Kivar turned towards Max. "Well, well, it seems your friends are out and
about, I hate loseing men, but this is good news, now I know they are in
town, and can capture them."
"Ummm, sir, there is more." The Captain sheepishly said
Kivar whirled, eyes red as fire. "What is it now soldier?"
"The men do not believe it is Isabel or Michael that is doing this damage to our ranks sir.
The way the men are dying, well it is just not within their grasp to kill
this way sir."
"Well spit it out, just how are my men dieing Captain"
"Sir, they are being burned, burned alive, some are left as burning corpses, others as nothing but ash. Witness have not even seent he person doing this close up, only shadows, a wisp of wind, a quiet voice, this person can not be seen sir, it is like they are invisible."

All this time Max was taking all this in, listening, gathering information,
now he knew the size of the attack force, sure there was an entire fleet
coming, but they only had to deal with 4 battle groups, and for some reason Max could remember that when he was King, that only consisted of 100 men in each group. Still high odds, but at least he knew what they were facing. He could not believe his luck that Kivar would actually talk about this in front of him. Kivar is over confident Max was thinking to himself. This is one weakness esxposed. Max smiled, he was also thinking that someone was out
there helping them. But who could it be? He had to get out of here to find out. He had a lot of information now, but if he was killed or stayed
captured nothing would matter.
All of a sudden the Captain hit the floor, bringing Max back to the present situation. He cursed himslef slightly for loseing focus, what had he missed during this interlude?

"Get off the floor Captain, show me where this last attack on our men took place."
"Yes sir." The man said scrambling off the floor and rushing out the door. Kivar turned to look at Max, "I will be back Max, and we will continue our talk, it never fails, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. I will find this person killing my men, and by then your friends should be captured. Good bye for now Max." Kivar said as he stepped over Brodys broken body. "Oh, and I may get that cleaned up for you to."
A few minutes later there was a rustleing in the corner of the room. Max
looked in the direction but say nothing. He continued to listen, he could
hear soft breathing, someone was here. But he could not see them.
"I know someone is here, are you the one helping me, killing Kivars troops?
Speak up"
"Shut up Max, someone may here you." A voice seemingly coming from thin air responded.
"That voice sounds familiar, who are you?"
"Again, shut up Max, I am here to help you, but if they find me here, I am dead, just like you will be if I do not get you out of here." The person
said as they emerged from what seemed to be an invisible wall.
Max's face went white, his jaw dropped.
"You?" Was all Max could sputter.

posted on 27-Jul-2002 9:19:56 AM by Grimwulf
Yo IG, Just me turned me on to this site.

And I noticed your posts, but have not had time to read much yet. I hardly found time to post my 2 stories.. LOL

But yeah, we should be able to keep in touch..