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Title:I shall believe
Disclaimer:I don't own anything, just my imagination running completely wild!!!
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Authors Comments:Ok this is gonna be a really interesting story!!! (I hope) Ok, it's gonna be just like the show, but I'm gonna add lots of twists and wild moments!!! So enjoy!!!!*wink*

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Ok, this is my first part!!! I am so excited!!!

**Liz is outside on her balcony writing in her diary**

Journal entry one. I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. After that, things got really weird....

[Flashback to the day of the shooting...Liz and Maria are waiting tables.]

"I hate waiting tabels, it makes me look so.........." Maria said.

"Get over it Maria." Liz told her. She was getting sick of maria talking about waiting tables.

"Oh, your so mean, I don't know why your my best friend." Maria said to her.

"Because you love me." Liz said back with big puppy eyes.
"oh, don't give me that look!" Maria said.

[Liz walks to the two tourists with their order]

"Okay, I have got one Sigourney Weaver, that's for you. And one Will Smith. Can I get you guys anything else? Green Martian Shake? Blood of Alien smoothie??" Liz asked.

"No, thanks. We're good." The man tourist said.

"Are you guys here for the crash festival?" Liz asked them.

"Yea, can't wait. So...does your family come from Roswell??" The lady tourist asked Liz.

"Just four generations." Liz said. four boring, stupid generations. she thought

"Uh, well, does anyone in your family have stories about the UFO crash?" The man asked.

"Well, I guess it would be O.K. to show you guys this..." Liz said.

[Liz shows them to fake alien picture while Maria walks past with a coffee pot and shakes her head smiling.]

[Maria walks to a table with two men arguing]

"Refill?" Maria asked.

"No, get outta here blondie." One of the men said.
"Well, all the nerve." Maria says before storming off.

"My grandmother took this picture at the crash sight RIGHT before the government cleaned it up." Liz tells them. while trying hard not to bust out laughing.

"Do people know about this photograph?" the lady asks in amazement.

"Well, I know about it, and now you know about it." Liz said. She was stiffling giggles.

"Woah!" The lady said.

"Wow!!" THe man said.

"I'm gonna be right back, don't show that to anyone." Liz said, she turns and starts to giggle.

[Liz and Maria are walking back to the cash register together]

"You are sooo bad girl. Oh, and Max Evans is staring at you again. He's got the sexiest brown eyes. I could swim in those eyes!!!" Maria said to her.

"No way." Liz shot back.

"Maria, that is so in your imagination. He is not staring at me, I wish you would stop!!!" She added

[Liz looks at Max who is sitting at a booth with Michael at the far end of the restaurant. He looks at her and then quickly away.]

"Max Evans? This? No, un's not..." Liz said.

"And with those cheeks! Preciosita tan linda! What a total hottie! Just your type liz! Tall, dark and hansome!!!"
Maria told her.

"Maria!!" Liz yelled at her while smiling. mmm, Max evans and liz parker, not bad! Liz thought. How about, 'Liz Evans?' now that's got a ring to it!!! I wonder what he looks like naked? Stop thinking that liz! you know your a virgin, and your gonna keep it that way. she tells herself.

"And, and even if it weren't I'm going out with Kyle. I mean, he's steady and loyal, and he appreciates me. Unlike some of the creeps in roswell that take a girl for all she's worth." Liz said. 'Liz Valenti, naw that isn't me, but Liz Evans, mmm!!!' she thought.

"Sounds like you're describing a poodle. But a sexy one at that, his face is ugly, but hes got a body worth a million!" Maria said. I bet He looks so good naked! Maria thinks to herself.

" ask me to give you another day!!?? You're running outta time. And your gonna pay." One of the guy says, screaming.

[Guy knocks all the dishes off the table and they break]

"Liz!! look what they're doing!!! They broke the dishes!!!" maria says.

"I want the money today. NOT tomorrow!!" One of the guys yells.

[the other guy pulls a gun, there is a struggle, everyone drops to the floor except Liz, the gun goes off and Liz falls to the floor, the guys run off]

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ok well here's my part lol

sorry jessica if it doesn't live up to what you wanted it to be but you weren't on when I was



When I healed Liz at the Crashdown café I had never felt anything like that before. It was a rush of emotions. Even the things that were going on all around us didn’t seem to be affecting me. This was a major impact on my life. Liz was a major impact on my life and I could not just leave her there. And as much as Michael would have liked for us to just leave that restaurant and leave Liz to die, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t leave her there.

Leave her with the blood dripping down her shirt? With them two killers. The murderers leaving the restaurant? No, I had to do something. So when that shot rang out and I saw who was hurt I didn’t leave. I wasn’t trying to be a hero. Hell I wasn’t even trying to do the right thing. There was no right thing. This was Liz. The girl I have been in love with ever since I laid eyes on her. She may not have known it but I have dreamt of touching her so many days.

Not touching her like that. Just running my fingers through her silky hair. And I did that today. All that had to happen for that to was her to get shot. For her to be caused pain I was enjoying one of my longest desires. It was a cruel, cruel world.

But I had my moment that day. The moment where her eyes met mine and I healed her. I made her world right again. I have stepped into Liz parker’s life and I am not about to leave. I saved her. Maybe I didn’t step into this situation as a hero but I certainly left as one.

Maybe she doesn’t know what I am right now. Maybe in fact she will be scared of me when I tell her. But the only thing I know is that I will tell her. I don’t care what Isabel or Michael have to say. I am going to tell her the truth.

They say that honesty is the most important thing in a relationship. Well I want to have a relationship with Elizabeth Parker. And to do that I will have to tell her my deepest, darkest secret. The secret that no one else knows besides my sister and my best friend. My parents are not to find out. And if the government knew? Well let’s just say there would be no more Max Evans, honor roll student.

Tomorrow I will tell Liz Parker that I am an alien.

My only hope is that she won’t run away screaming.

So I lay here in my bed and I try to come up with a theme song for our wedding. I know, I know. Believe me I have heard it all. But me and Liz Parker? Even if it won’t happen. Even if our kinds can’t mix. I think I have found a song.

The night has no secrets
when we are together
look into my eyes
you'll always be mine
How can I tell you
what I feel inside
you are my world
I can't Say goodbye

And I think about Liz as I turn off my light and go to bed.

TBC *angel*
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Cont. Chapter one

"Oh no, Liz!" Maria screamed.
"No, Liz dont die on me, plz somebody help!!!" Maria stared crying.
"Move outta the way people my god, ever thought of taking slim fast or jenny craig?" Michael said. "Liz, your gonna be ok." Max gently said. He ripped her shirt off and looked at the wound. "liz, your gonna be ok." Max said again. She managed to look at him. He put his hand over the wound and healed her. He got a ketchup bottle and used his powers so it would look like the bullet rickoshade off of the ketchup botle and put a bunch of ketchup on liz's stomach. Liz saw this. "The ketchup spilled on you, your shirt ripped off.." Max told her. Michael grabbed him and they both ran out of the crashdown. "Liz, are you ok?" Maria asked her. "Um yeah maria I've never been better...never been better." Liz said while looking out the door where Max and Michael ran out. "At first I thought max was gonna seduce you or something when he pulled your short off, I guess he just, uh was just looking to see if you were ok. I mean he couldn't be an alien or anything. besides, I told you he liked you girl! And look you like him too! you've got it bad. You have definately got it bad." Maria told her. "Oh cut it out maria, I'm closing early tonight, bye." Liz told her. "But liz..." Maria pleaded. "Bye." Liz said. Maria walked out of the crashdown and Liz locked the door. She locked up and turned everthing off and went upstairs. There was something Maria said to her. 'I mean, he couldn't be an alien or anything.' Liz had doubts about that. (Somewhere deep down she believed in aliens. But she dosen't know that...yet.) She went out onto her balcony with her journal and opened it up to page 2.

Voice Over: Journal entry #2
"I don't know what happened. I just have this feeling like, in some way, I have found.. Life. Ok Max healed me, And the funny thing Is, I've nenver really been dead, but now.........I'm.......Alive...........for the first time Liz Parker is alive!!!"

Liz closed her journal and took off her clothes and got into the shower. When she got out she started drying herself off, she happened to look into her mirrir and seen a silver white hand print on her stomach.

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ok, this is Jessica, and I know what ya'll are thinking, that was really short, right? well, if you know me than you know that I write short parts. You can ask anybody who reads my stories. but anyways, And I cant help it cause I don't have much time on the computer cause my daddy gave me this new rule that I can only be on the computer for 45 minutes at a time, so I'm sorry if my parts are short. I hope you still keep reading cause it would really break my heart if you stopped. but I'll update same time tomorrow night!!!
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hey m14 here lol

but here's the new part.. she wanted it... here it is... enjoy!


I still cannot believe that Max risked everything for a girl. Not even a really important girl. Liz Parker! He risked word of us getting out. Trust is being broken. Things are not okay. If he tells me that things will be fine one more time I swear I will astro-project him from here to Mars. Well if I could that is.

This is going to cause some real damage. I don’t know what he was thinking. She is just an earth girl. That should not make any difference to normal kids. You know like those teenagers from Dawson’s Creek. They all look alike, talk alike, probably even think alike. But when our spaceship crashed in 1942 the government knew it wasn’t just Dawson Leery trying out a new documentary. That’s why they covered it up. We’re different. And things were probably meant to stay that way.

So why does he want to get involved with her ? This has been floating around in my brain all day. I don’t know why he would want to. We are going to get out of here soon. We will find a way back and save our planet. I don’t know why he would want to stick around here. He thinks he has something going on. He is falling in love with her. I can see it in his eyes. But maybe he is in denial of the truth. The truth that if she found out she would be scared. Maybe even tell someone.

He doesn’t know how these kind of things work. Max Evans is my best friend in the whole world but he is naive. He thinks that just because he saved Liz’s life that she will have some gratitude. She will risk her life to save us? Some kind of creatures from outer space? Not a chance in hell.

He shouldn’t be so attached. Max needs to loosen up his ties. We won’t stay here forever. Someday we will find a way back and he will have to say goodbye. To his precious family. To his friends. To his hometown, and his school. But more importantly to this newfound love. But I don’t know if he knows that. I don’t even know if he can handle that.

And I ask myself “what if he can’t?”

TBC by jessica next lol *angel*
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Ilike you mis_roswell, lolz not like that. But do you have msn messenger? um anyways, I'm not gonna post my part till lomorrow, but you'll like it!!! um, yes this will be very sappy, or I hope it will!!! well, I g2g write a new part for 'I need your love" which is another greatstory you should check out!!!
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omg!! yay!!! I for one am honored!!!! I am so happy!! I am honored 4 u to be our stalker pixie!!! lolz. I'm about to post my part.
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Maria was kissing michael wildly, she stripped off his shirt. "Oh, Michael." She said. He started kissing her neck. She looked aaround. She was in the crashdown. On the table. She looked at him lovingly and seen him grinning from ear to ear. He pulled down her shirt to show her boobs pop out instantly. "Oh Michael." She said.

Maria woke up to hear her alarm clock ringing. "What the hell?" She said out loud, remembering her dream. She jumped into the shower and washed. THen she got out at wrapped the towl around her and blow dried her long hair. She had worked hard to grow it out that long. It was down to the middle of her back. She looked into he closet and chose a white plain sphagetti strap tob with a denim skirt. She put on black knee boots and was ready for school. She got into her car and went driving for the crashdown to pick up liz when she started thinking about the dream she had. Well, she wasnt even attracted to michael, he was so............... wierd. His hair looked like he was hung upside down to dry. and his hair stayed like that. SHe laughed to herself when Liz got into the jetta. "What's so funny?" Liz asked her. "Oh, I had this dream about michael last night that we were about to like, do it..." Maria said. "Michael guerin???" Liz asked in surprisement. "Yeah, can you believe it?" Maria said. "No, I cant. He is so wierd, and his hair." Liz said while sitting back in the car seat. "I know, that's what I was thinking about." Maria said. They rode the rest of the way in sclience. When they got to school Liz seen Max and pulled him into the band room. WHen they got there Liz saw Kyle. "Hey Liz!!!" Kyle said to her. "um, hey Kyle. Me and Max need to talk." Liz said. "Oh, hey Max, um ok I'll leave." Kyle said. "Bye." Max said. "Um, Ok I am really confused, and I need to know something before I go crazy." Liz said. "What's that?" Max asked her. SHe lifted up her shirt to show him the silver handpront. Max gasped. "Ok, what did you do to me?" Liz asked. "I mean, where are you from?" Liz added. He pointed his finger up. "Up north?" Liz said. He pointed higher. "Ok, so you are saying, your alien?" Liz said. "Well, I prefer the terms 'not of this earth' but yeah, I'm an it's really wierd to finally say it." He said
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As you could see on the title, m14 is no longer writing this story with me anymore. We got into a fight, and she just quit.
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I'm about to post a new part
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Liz went to leave, but Max grabbed her arm and swund her back around.

She was very close to him. All of a sudden he leand down and kissed her.

She broke apart and said "Is this safe?"

"I dont know." He replied. "Lets just hope nothing explodes." He added.

She started kissing him, and he grabbed her my the ass and picked her up with his hands and carried her to the table.He sat her down and started kissing her neck while carrassing her cheek. His hand traveled down to her right boob and massaged it gently. He felt it getting hard, so he moved his hand to her other boob and massaged it till it was hard.

He then moved his hand lower to her stomach and pulled up her shirt to reveal her belly button. He began playing with it with his fingers. Then he pulled off her shirt. He knealed down and kissed her belly button. He snatched her bra off and started sucking on her boobs. They were hard as steel.

He kissed her again. His tounge rubbing hers. He played with her for a minute, but then gave her all that he had. He heard her moan in pleasure. He took off his shirt and layed it next to her head. He saw that she was uncomfortable, so He layed his shirt under her head. She smiled at him.

He looked down at her pants and her button and then looked back up at her with a devilish grin on his face. She just nodded and layed back. He unbuttoned her button, and then unzipped her zipper slowly. He slid off her pants.

Then he looked at her panties. They were bubbling over with her liquid. He pulled off her panties slowly, careful not to get any of her liquid on her. He then started from her knee's. He kissed the left knee. Then the right knee.
Then he moved on to her upper leg. "Max?" Liz said quietly. "Hmm?" He responded.

"Will you please get on with it!!!" She said. He hesitated, then put his face into her passage and started licking her liquid. She moaned with much pleasure. He slid his tounge into her passage and she groaned with delight.

Then He took off his pants and boxers and put on a condom and got on top of the table and sat on his knee's, liz under him, slid his package into her. She seemed like she was hurting at first, but then she got into the rythm.

He felt that she needed more, so he thrusted in harder. He felt that he was on the edge, andall he wanted to do was jump. He quickly pulled his package out of her and his liquid when all over the floor. He layed down beside her, exausted. Sweating like a pig.