Title-The Important Part
Rating-PG-13+ I haven't decided if I want to make it NC-17 yet.
Summary-Max's POV. Max is a Record Label agent. Guess who is auditioning to get his label
Category-M/L, AU
Author’s note-AU

My whole life has changed

Every person has their story. A long chapter of their life that was the most important to them, and if you skipped that chapter then you wouldn’t know what the hell was going on. If you skipped that chapter you would be left wondering. Wondering what changed…What was the important part

Where was everyone? Didn’t they understand that the deadline was tomorrow? Obviously not. Obviously the people who worked for Exception Records didn’t understand that tomorrow was a very big day. It could determine the whole future of Exception Records. If ER, Exception Records, went down so did everyone else’s’ lives. I’m not going to let that happen. I have worked too hard and too long to let something like that happen. Doesn’t anyone care about this Record Company the way I do? I guess not. I would be eternally grateful if someone helped me out right now. Why aren’t people working overtime like me? Why do I keep asking the same questions over and over if I’m just gonna get the same answer?
Here’s a question. Why did I decide to slack off until the last minute like I always do? I grab another file and open it. Ok, only 45 more files to fill out and I’m outta here. Then what? Home? I don’t want to go home. There’s always someone at my house before I get there. Someone like a girl someone. Someone like a blond someone. Her name is Tess, she’s my fiancee’ my sister is always telling me to break off the engagement. I want to. I really do. But I’m such a wuss. Not to mention I’m cheating on her. Sometimes I get this feeling…Like she knows I’m cheating on her with every other lady in Chicago. My sister tells me that Tess goes around town flashing every guy a smile and a little wink and when Tess goes out with her buddies that all she does is brag, saying stuff like, “I’m in engaged to Max Evans. He’s so in love with me. He wants to marry me.” Right. I don’t even know why I said yes when she asked me to marry her. I thought it was supposed to the other way around. Wasn’t I supposed to ask her?
I’ve always wanted to get married someday. Someone with blond hair, decent rack, nice body, very wealthy, and that pretty much sums Tess up. So why don’t I want to marry her? I-
“Mr. Evans.” I hear a voice interrupt my thoughts. I look up to find my boss. I give him a huge fake smile. Hello Mr. I’m-so-rich-but-I-cant-seem-to-give-you-any-money.
“Hello, Mr. Cole.” I greet him and then get back to work. Why is he still here? It’s not like he ever works. Maybe he’s nervous about the big day tomorrow to. No way. He doesn’t worry. He’s rich. I’m not saying that I’m poor because I’m not. I’m actually pretty rich, almost as much money as him. That’s why I’m working so hard. If this business goes down the toilet so does my money and charm.
“Working late are we?” He asks in that sweetened way of his. He just thinks he’s so smart.
“Uh, actually, yes sir.” I answer. Can you please get out of my office so I can finish, I would like to eat dinner sometime during this decade.
“Well, I notice that you’re the only one that has been working late lately. I can see that you put a lot of effort into your job. You take it very seriously.” Mr. Cole says. “I’d just like to say that your one of my best workers, Evans, we could really use you up on the 55th floor.”
Ok, who are you and what have you done with my boss. My boss never so much as looks at me in a good way.
“Thank you sir.”
“No thank you. Have a good night Mr. Evans.” Mr. Cole turns on his heel and leaves. Well that went well.


Bbbrrrrriiiiinnnnggg, bbbrrrriiiiiinnnggg, bbbrrrriiiiinnnggg

I turn to my side and groan as I slam my hand down on my alarm clock. BIG DAY! MUST GET UP! NOW! I fall out of my bed and groan again. I don’t want to get up. What time is it? I look up at my clock-6:46 A.M. I’m on my feet in an instant. Shit. What am I gonna do?! I have 15 minutes to get to work! Ok first things first. Shower. Need a shower. I jump into the shower and turn it on to hot… I relax for a slight second. Then reality comes rushing back. I quickly wash and rinse my hair and then my body. I jump out and dry off. Ok clothes. I stub my big toe on my dresser-hard.
“Sh*t!” I curse out loud. “Ouch!” I pull my foot back and sit on my bed. I quickly examine it. It’s really red but that’s all. I get off the bed and rush back to my dresser. I get some clothes out and throw them on the bed. I get dressed quickly and run into the kitchen, while adjusting my tie, and spot a note on the counter. I pick it up and read it:

Dear Max,
I would have woken you this morning if I wasn’t in such a hurry. I got an urgent call from the hospital. I had to go in at 5:30. Sorry. Hopefully you didn’t sleep in to late. Breakfast is on the counter if you need anything page me. I’m going out tonight so I wont be home ‘till around 1:00 in the morning. Good luck with the record deal today. Last night Isabel called and said that she needed to tell you something really important. You need to call her after you read this. I need to go.

Love always,

That’s just great Tess. I can’t believe she’s staying out until 1:00 in the morning. What the hell is she going to be doing? I round the corner and see burnt eggs on the counter. Oh yum. I lean over the counter and pick up the cordless phone as I dial in Isabel’s number. She picks up on the second ring.
“Max?” Isabel asks.
“Yeah? So whats up? Tess made it sound like it was-“
“I’m engaged.”
My breath catches in my throat. What? WHAT?! I didn’t even know she was dating anyone! When did this happen? To who is she engaged to? How old is he? Where does he live? Whats his name? Where does he work? How long have they been dating? All these questions and more race through my mind.
“To who?” I settle for the “TO-WHO” question and wait for her reply.
“Alexander Charles Whitman.” She replies dreamily.
“*The* Alexander Charles Whitman? As in that famous brain surgeon?”
“How did you know about him?” Isabel asks me.
“Is, he’s only been in every magazine in Chicago.”
“Oh yeah. Well what do you think. He’s so great Max you really should meet him. He says he’s looking forward to meeting you. I told him that you were coming down for Christmas, next week! This is gonna be so great!”
“How long have you been dating? Do mom and dad know?”
“5 months and yes mom and dad know.”
“5 MONTHS?! That’s it!? Listen Is, I’m gonna call you as soon as possible but remember-record deal today. There’s going to be auditions. I’m already late. But I’ll call you as soon as I get home, ok?”
“Yeah ok. I love you.”
“Love you to.” I click the off button on my phone and put it back on the receiver. I look at my ‘breakfast’ in disgust and then run out the door, locking it.


I get to work about 30 minutes late and I get glares from my fellow workers. I want to smack the glares off their faces. Were they here filling out files until 2 in the morning? No!
“Mr. Evans! You’re just in time. The first audition is starting right now. We need you to hear them play one of their songs and then if you like them ask them a few questions and send them on their way. If they are the band that is picked then call them the next day. Danny called in sick so your not getting a lunch break. You’re going to be sitting down the whole day listening to bands.”
“What?! That’s not fair! Get someone else to do it!”
“Sorry man. Don’t get mad at me. I’m just following orders.” My so-called ‘secretary’ tells me. He’s such a slacker.
“Billy, tell the boss to figure something out by 3:00.” I tell him. Before Billy, my so-called ‘secretary’ can reply I’m heading toward the audition room. I open the door and head down a long corridor. When I get to the end of the corridor I see Matt, who plays a big part.
“Yo Max, I heard. Poor you, man!” Matt says.
“Yea, I know. Remind me to kick Danny’s ass once he gets back.”
“Ok, the first band is called ‘Distracted’.” Matt replies as he hands me the profile for the band. I scan it as we stroll into the recording studio.

Name: Parker, Elizabeth
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Occupation: Guitarist
Hobbies/Interests: Rock Music
Marital Status: Single
Illness/Medication: None/None

Name: DeLuca, Maria
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Occupation: Bass Guitarist
Hobbies/Interests: Rock Music, Shopping
Marital Status: Taken-

I almost laugh out loud when I read that “Maria” is “Taken”. You would think that the girl would put something more professional then ‘taken’. I read on.

Illness/Medication: None/None

Name: Guerin, Micheal
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Occupation: Drummer
Hobbies/Interests: Maria DeLuca
– Again with me almost laughing out loud –
Marital Status: Taken

Well, this band should be interesting. I hand the profile back to Matt. If I get profiles this amusing all day long maybe this will be a little bit more exciting then I thought.
“Interesting profile huh?” Matt says. I grin and nod. “They’ll be here in a minute. Anthony went to go get them.”
I nod again and take a seat in a comfy chair and wait patiently. A strawberry blond head pops into the other side of the recording studio. Max studied her through the thick piece of glass that was separating him from the band. The girl looked around before walking in and smiling. The next person that came in-

Who is that…?

My breath catches in my throat as I look at a beautiful brunette. She looks around as well. Her brown eyes seem to be amazed the equipment that is in the recording studio. She’s gorgeous. We might as well just hand them the papers to sign to our record label right now-What am I thinking? This a serious matter. At least listen to them play. God, she’s beautiful. She looks at the guitar sitting on the chair and I see her eyes sparkle even more. It’s like a five-year-old waking up to find 5 million presents under the tree. The girl suddenly looks at me. I swallow hard. Ok, look the other way. Now! Other way! I’m lost. I can’t move. Her eyes are so compelling like I’m drowning in a bowl of chocolate pudding.
Wow... My eyes finally get away from hers... Unfortunately they are now locked on her lips. I like her lips. They’re just the right color of pink with a little twinge of red in them. She-
“Max? Hello? We can start now!” Matt interrupts the spell and I look at him and then back at the brunette, who is still staring at me. She looks away and turns to the blond and gets into a deep conversation. I spot the third member get behind the drums. That must be Micheal. He looks tough. I lean over and speak into the little microphone.
“Perhaps you guys would like to introduce yourselves.” I say.