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Title: Teenage Spy
Catergory: not really sure yet who's gonna be with who
Disclaimer: sadly I own nothing of Roswell or Stormbreakers
Summary: Liz's guardian dies she founds her world turned unside down a few years down the line she's on a mission were she meets the pod squad
Note: Liz never grew up in Roswell oowww and a little taller too and she has a Maria type of hair style from eppy 1
P.S: bear with me im a fanfic writer virgin ppl plus a lot of stuff in the beginning is from the book Stormbreaker and any kind of feedback is kewl


Liz Ortecho was awoken by the sound of the door bell her eyebrows scrunched together and her eyes jerked open but for a moment she stayed completely still in her bed lying on her back with her head resting on the pillow

she heard a bedroom door open and a creak of wood as somebody went downstairs while the bell rang a second time

she glanced over beside her where the time glared 3.02 a.m. in bright glowing red, there was a rattle as someone opened the locks of the front door

she rolled out of her bed and walked over to the open window the moonlight spilled over her face Liz was fourteen with short dyed blood red hair and stood tall over most girls and boys her age with a body of an athlete and her olive tan skin her eyes were brown and curious

Liz looked out down where there was a police car parked outside and two men who were standing in the front door the porch light went on at the same time the door opened

"Mrs Ortecho?"

"no im the housekeeper what is it? whats happened?"

"this is the home of Mr Jeff Ortecho?"


"I wonder if we could come in......."

and Liz already knew from the way the police officers stood there awkward and unhappy but she also knew from the tone of their voices, funeral voices the sort of voices people use when they come to tell you someone close to you has died

she went to her door she could hear the two men talking down the hall but only some words reached her
"................a car accident ..............called the ambulance ................intensive care ...........nothing anyone could do sorry"

the next day Liz sat at the kitchen table trying to make sense of what happened he uncle Jeff Ortecho was dead driving home his car had been hit at a corner while turning and he had been killed almost instantly he hadnt bee wearing a seat-belt the police said otherwise he might have had a chance

Liz thought of the man who was her only living relative for as long as she could remember she never knew her parents they had died in a plane crash a few weeks sfter she was born she had been brought up by her uncle Jeff and had spent most of her fourteen years in the same house in London

but only now Liz realized just how little she knew about the man a banker Jeff was always travelling a quiet private man who liked good wine, classical music, and books who didnt seem to have girlfriends or any friends for that matter

he had kept himself fit had never smoked and had dressed expensively but that wasnt a picture of life it was a thumbnail sketch

"are you all right Liz?" a young women had asked she was in her late twenties with blonde curly hair with icy blue eyes and pail skin and she sometimes reminded Liz of a gerbil Tess Harding was Australian she had come to London as a student seven years ago rented a room in the house with some baby-sitting duties and had

stayed on to become housekeeper and one of Liz's closest friends Liz nodded

"what do you think will happen?" she asked

"what do you mean?"

"to the house, to me, to you"

"I dunno" Tess shrugged "I guess Jeff will have made a will he'll have instructions"

"maybe we should look in his office"

"yes but not today Liz lets take one step at a time"

Jeff's office was running full length of the house high at the top it was the only room that was always locked Liz had only been up there 4 times never on her own when she was younger she had fantasized that there might be something strange up there like maybe a time machine or a UFO but it was only an office with a desk a couple of filing cabinets, shelves full of paper and books

bank stuff thats what Jeff said Liz wanted to go up there now because it had never been allowed

"the police said he wasn't wearing a seat-belt" Liz said turning to Tess

she nodded "yeah thats what they said"

"doesn't that seem strange to you? you know how careful he was he always wore his seat-belt he wouldn't even drive me round the corner without making me put mine on"

Tess thought for a moment then shrugged
"yea its strange" she said "but that must have been the way it was why would the police have lied?"

Part 1

the day dragged on Liz hadn't gone to school even though, secretly she had wanted to, she would have preferred to escape back into normal life the clange of bells the crowds of familiar faces

instead of sitting there trapped inside the house but she had to be there for the visitors who came throughout the day one of who were from the bank

"all of us at Royal & General are deeply shocked"
he was in thirties wearing a polyester suit with a tie he had a sort of face you forgot even while you were looking at it and had introduced himself as Dan from personnal

"but if theres anything we can do .........."

"what wil happen?" Liz asked

"you dont have to worry" Dan said "the bank will take care of everything that's my job you leave everything to me"


when the day of the funeral arrived Liz found herself dressed in black preparing to leave in a black car that had come from mowhere surrounded by people she had never seen or met

a grave had been dug close to the lane that ran across the cemetery and as the service began a black Rolls-Royce pulled up the back door opened and a man got out Liz watched as he walked forward and stopped

Liz shivered there was something about the man that made her skin crawl and yet he seemed ordinary to look at grey suit, grey hair, grey lips, grey eyes his face expressionless the eyes behind his square spectacles completely empty maybe thats what disturbed Liz

whoever he was seemed to have less life than anyone in the cemetery above or below ground

"that's Mr Pierce" the personnel whispered leaning to her

"he's the chairman of the bank"

Liz looked past Pierce and over to the Rolls-Royce two more men had come with him they were wearing identical suits with sunglasses both watching the funeral with the same grim faces Liz looked back and forth at the men and Pierce

had they really known Jeff Ortecho? why had she never met any of them before and why did she find it so difficult to believe that any of them really worked for a bank she turned her attention back to the service

".............a good man a patriotic man he will be missed"

the words struck Liz as odd, a patriotic man? that meant he loved his country but as far as she knew Jeff Ortecho barely spent time in it she looked around and saw Pierce making his way to her

"you must be Liz my name is Alan Pierce your uncle often spoke of you"

"thats funny" Liz said "he never mentioned you"

the chairmans lips twitched briefly "we'll miss him he was a good man"

"what was he good at? he never talked about his work"

suddenly Dan was there "your uncle was the overseas finance manager Liz" he said

"he was responsible for our foreign branches you must have known that"

"I know he travelled a lot" Liz said "and I know he was very careful about things like seat-belts"

"well sadly he wasnt careful enough" Pierce's eyes focused into Liz's own she

felt like she was pinned down like an insect under a micrscope "I hope we meet again" he said while tapping a finger on the side of his face "yes....." then turned and went to his car

as he was getting into his car Liz saw the driver leaning across to open the back door and his jacket fell open revealing not only his shirt underneath he was wearing a leather holster with an automatic pistol strapped insidew Liz saw it even as the man realizing what happened

quickly straightened up and pulled his jacket across his chest Pierce had seen it too he turned back and looked at Liz again she saw some emotion slither across his face then got in the car taking off

a gun at a funeral? why? why would bank managers carry guns

"lets get out of here" suddenly Tess was at her side
"cemeteries give me the creeps"

yes and quite a few creeps have turned up" Liz muttered

as they made their way home turning into their street Liz noticed a removals van parked outside their house the words STRYKER & SON painted on its side

"what's that doing..........?" Liz began

at the same moment the van shot off the wheels skidding on the road Liz said nothing as Tess unlocked the door and let then in but while she went into the kitchen to make some tea Liz looked quickly round the house a letter

that had been on the hall table now lay on the floor a door that had been half-open was now clased tiny details but Liz's eyes missed nothing somebody had been in the house she was sure of it

she wasn't certain until she got to the top floor the door to the office which was always, always been locked was unlocked now Liz opened it and went in the room was empty Jeff Ortecho was and now so had everything else

anything that might have told her about the dead man's work had been taken

"Liz....!" Tess called

Liz took one last look around the forbidden room wondering about the man who once worked there then closed the door and went back downstairs


with Hammersmith Bridge just ahead of her Liz left the river and swung her bike through the lights and down the hill towards Brookland school the bike was a Condor Junior Roadracer custom-built for her on her twelfth birthday it was a teenagers bike

with cut-down Reynolds 531 frame but the wheels were full-sized so she could ride at speed with hardly any rolling resistance she spun past a Mini and cut through the school gates

she double-locked it in the shed and went into the yard Brookland was new comprehensive red brick and glass modern and ugly Liz could have gone to any of the smart private schools around the area but her uncle had

decided to send her here he said it would be more of a challenge

the first lesson of the day was maths when Liz walked into the classroom the teacher Mr Donovan was already chalking up a complicated equation on the board as Liz took her place near the back wondering how she was going to get trough the lesson how could she possibly think about algebra when there were so many

other questions churning through her mind the gun at the funeral, the way Pierce had looked at her, the van with STRYKER & SON written on the side, the empty office, and the biggest question of all the one detail that refused to go away the seat-belt but of course he had

Jeff Ortecho had never been one to give lectures he had always said Liz should make up her own mind about things but he'd this thing about seat-belts the more Liz thought about it the less she believed it a collision going round a corner

suddenly she wished she could see the car at least the wreckage would teel her the truth that the accident had really happened Jeff Ortecho really died that way


Liz looked up and realized everyone was staring at her Mr Donovan had just asked her something she quickly scanned the blackboard taking in the figures

"yes sir" she said " x equals seven and y is fifteen"

the maths teacher sighed "yes Liz you're absolutely right but actually I was just asking you to open the window"

somehow she managed to get through the day but by the final bell her mind was made up while everyone else streamed out she made her way to the secretary's office and borrowed a copy of the yellow pages

"what are you looking for?" the secretary asked Jane Bedfordshire was a young woman in her twenties and had always had a soft spot for Liz

"Breakers yard......." Liz flicked through the pages "if a car got smashed up near the Old Street they'd take it somewhere near by wouldn't they?"

"I suppose so"

"here......." Liz had found the yards listed under ' Car Dismantlers' but there were dozens of them fighting for attention over four pages

"is this for a school project?" the secretary knew Liz had lost a relative but not how

"sort of......" Liz was reading the addresses but they told her nothing

"this one's quite near Old Street" Miss Bedfordshire pointed at the corner page

"Wait!" Liz tugged the book towards her and looked at the entry underneath the one the secretary had chosen

J.B STRYKER it said Liz recognized the name J.B Stryker she thought back to the van she had seen outside her house on the day of the funeral STRYKER & SON of course in might be a coincidence but it was still somewhere to start she closed the book

"I'll see you Miss Bedfordshire"
"be careful how you go" the secretary watched Liz leave wondering why she had said that maybe it was her eyes dark and serious there was something dangerous there then the telephone rang and she forgot her as she went back to work


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Part 2

J.B Strykers was a square of wasteland behind the railway tracks running out of Waterloo Station the area was enclosed by a high brick wall topped with broken glass and razor wire two wooden gates hung open and from the other side of the road Liz could see a shed

with a security window and beyond it the tottering piles of dead and broken cars everything of value had been stripped away and only the rusting bodies remained heaped one on top of the other waiting to be fed into the crusher

there was a guard sitting in the shed reading the Sun in the distance a crane coughed into life then roared down on a battered Ford Mondeo its metal claw smashing through the window to scoop up the vehicle and carry it away

a telephone rang somewhere in the shed and the guard turned around to answer it that was enough for Liz holding her bike and wheeling it along beside her she sprinted through the gates

she found herself surrounded by dirt and debris the smell of diesel was thick in the air and the roar of engines was deafening Liz watched as the crane swooped down on another one of the cars seizing it in a mettalic grip and dropped it into the crusher

for a moment the car rested on a pair of shelves then the shelves lifted up toppling the car over and down into a trough, the operator - sitting in a glass cabin at one end of the crusher - pressed a button and there was a great belch of black smoke

the shelves closed in on the car like a monster insect folding in its wings there was a grinding sound as the car was crushed until it was no bigger then a rolled-up carpet then the operator threw a gear and the car was squeezed out like mettalic toothpaste being

chopped up by a hidden blade the slices tumbled on to the ground leaving her bike propped against the wall Liz ran further into the yard crouching down behind the wrecks with the din from the machines there was no chance that anyone

would hear her but she was still afraid of being seen she stopped to catch her breath drawing a grimy hand across her face her eyes were watering from the diesel fumes the air was filthy as the ground beneath her

she was beginning to regret comming - but then she saw it her uncles BMW was parked a few metres away separated from the other cars at first glance it looked absolutely fine the mettalic silver bodywork not even scratched certainly there was no way this car could

have been involved in a fatal collision with a lorry or anything else but it was her uncle's car Liz recognized the number plate she hurried closer and it was then she saw that the car was damaged after all the windscreen had been smashed along with all

the windows on one side Liz made her way round the bonnet she reached the other side and froze
Jeff Ortecho hadn't died in any accident what had killed him was plain to see - even to someone

who had never seen such a thing before a spray of bullets had caught the car full on the driver's side shattering the front tyre, then smashing the windscreen and side windows and punching into the side panels Liz ran her fingers over the holes

the metal felt cold against her flesh she opened the door and looked inside the front seats pale grey leather, were strewn with fragments of broken glass and strained with patches of dark brown she didnt need to ask what the stains were

then suddenly she could see everything a flash of the machine-gun the bullets ripping into the car Jeff Ortecho jerking in the drivers seat she gasped .....what the??? what was that??? she thought and why would they want to kill a bank manager? and what had just happened

Liz forgot about the flash while thinking about her uncle again why had the murder been covered up? it was the police who had brought the news so they must be part of it had they deliberately lied? none of it made sense

"you should have got rid of it two days ago do it now"

the machines must have stopped for a moment if there hadn't been a sudden lull Liz would never have heard the men coming quickly she looked across the steering-wheel and out the other side there were two of them both dressed in

loose-fitting overalls Liz had a feeling she'd seen them before at the funeral one of them was the driver the man she had seen with the gun she was sure of it whoever they were, they were only a few paces away from the car talking in low voices

another few steps and they would be there without thinking Liz threw herself into the only place avaliable inside the car itself using her foot she hooked the door and closed it at the same time she became aware that the machines had started again and she could

no longer hear the men she didnt dare look up a shadow fell across the window as the two men passed but then they were gone. she was safe.

then something hit the BMW with such force that Liz cried out her whole body caught in a massive shock wave

that tore her away from the steering-wheel and threw her helplessly into the back at the same time the roof buckled and three huge metal fingers tore through the skin of the car like a fork through a eggshell trailing dust and sunlight

one finger grazed the side of her head - any closer and it would have cracked her skull Liz yelled as blood trickled over her eye she tried to move then was jerked back a second time as the car was yanked off the ground and tilted high up in the air

she couldn't see, she couldn't move. but her stomach lurched as the car swung in an arc the metal grinding and the light spinning it had been picked up by the crane it was going to be put inside the crusher with her inside....


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Part 3

she tried to raise herself up to punch through the windows but the claw of the crane had already flattened the roof pinning her left leg perhaps even breaking it she could feel nothing she lifted a hand and managed to pound on the back window, but she couldn't break the glass

and even if the workmen were staring at the BMW they would never see anything moving inside

her short flight across the breaker's yard ended with bone-shattering crash as the crane deposited the car on the iron shelves of the crusher Liz tried to fight back sickness and despair and think of what to do

she had seen a car being processed only a few minutes before any moment now the operator would send the car tipping into the coffin-shape trough the machine was a Lefort Shear, slow motion guillotine at the press of a button, the two wings would close

on the car with a joint pressure of five hundred tonnes the car with Liz inside it would be crushed beyond recognition and the broken metal - and flesh - would then be chopped into sections nobody would ever know what had happened

she tried with all her might to free herself but the roof was too low her leg and part of her back trapped then her whole world tilted and she felt herself falling into darkness the shelves had lifted. the BMW slid to one side and fell the few metres into the trough

Liz felt the metalwork collapsing all around her the back window exploded the glass showered around her head, dust and diesel fumes punching into her nose and eyes there was hardly any daylight now but looking out of the back she could see the

huge steel head of the piston that would push what was left of the car through the exit hole on the other side

the engine tone of the Lefort Shear changed as it prepared for the final act the metal wings shuddered in a few seconds time the two of them would meet crumpling the BMW like a paper bag

Liz pulled with all her strength and was astonished when her leg came free it took her perhaps a second - one precious second - to work out what had happened when the car had fallen into the trough it had landed on its side the roof had buckled again ......enough to free her

her hands scrabbled for the door - but of course that was useless the doors were too bent they would never open the back window! with the glass gone she could crawl through the frame but only if she moved fast.....

the wings began to move, the BMW screamed as two walls of solid steel relentlessly crushed it glass shattered one wheel axles snapped with the sound of a thunderbolt the darkness closed in. Liz grabbed hold of what was left of the back seat

ahead of her she could see a single triangle of light shrinking faster and faster with all her strength she surged forward finding some sort of purchase on the gear column she could feel the weight of the two walls pressing down on her

behind her the car was no longer a car but a fist of some hideous monster snatching at the insect that it had become, her shoulders passed through the triangle out into the light but her legs were still inside if her foot snagged on something she would be squeezed

into two pieces Liz yelled out loud and jerked her knee forward her legs came clear then her feet but at the last moment her shoe caught on the closing triangle and dissapeared back into the car

Liz imagined she heard the sound of the leather being squashed but that was impossible clinging to the black oily surface of the observation platform at the back of the crusher she dragged herself clear and managed to stand up

she found herself face to face with a man so fat that he could barely fit into the small cabin of the crusher the man's stomach was pressed against the glass his shoulders squeezed into the corners, a cigerette dangled on his lower lip as his mouth fell open and his eyes stared

in front of him was a girl in rags of what had once been a school uniform a whole sleeve had been torn off and her arm streaked with blood and oil, hung limply by her side by the time the operator had taken all this in and came to his senses and turned the machine off Liz had gone

she slambered down the side of the crusher landing on one foot that still had a shoe she was aware now of pieces of jagged metal lying everywhere if she wasn't careful she would cut the other foot open

her bicycle was where she had left it leaning against the wall and gingerly half-hopping she made for her it, behind her she heard the cabin crusher open and a man's voice call out raising the alarm at the same time a second man ran forward stopping between Liz

and her bike it was the driver the man she had seen at the funeral his face twisted into a hostile frown was curiously ugly; greasy hair, watery eyes, pale, lifeless skin

"what do you think.....!" he began his hand slid into his jacket Liz remembered the gun and instantly without even thinking swung into action

she had learned karate when she was six yers old one afternoon with no explanation Jeff Ortecho had taken her to a local club for her first lesson and she had been going there once a week ever since. over the years she had passed through the various Kyu - student - grades

but it was only the year before that she had become a first grade Dan, a black belt when she had arrived at Brookland School her looks and accent had quickly brought her to the attention of the school bullies; three hulking sixteen-year-olds

they had cornered her once behind the bike shed the encounter had lasted less than a minute and after it one of the bullies had left Brookland and the other two had never troubled anyone again

now Liz brought up one leg twisted her body round lashed out the back kick - ushiro-geri - is said to be the most lethal in karate her foot powered into the man's abdomen with such force that he didnt have time to cry out his eyes bulged and his mouth half-opened

in suprise then with his hand still halfway into his jacket he crumpled to the ground Liz jumped over him, snatched up her bike and swung herself on to it in the distance a third man was running towards her

she heard the single word "Stop!" called out then there was a crack and a bullet whipped past Liz gripped the handlebars and pedalled as hard as she could the bike shot forward over the rubble and out through the gates she took one look over her shoulder nobody followed her

with one shoe on and one shoe off her clothes in rags and her body streaked with blood and oil

Liz knew she must look a strange sight but then she thought back to her last seconds inside the crusher and sighed in relief. she could have been looking a lot worse


oowww aint it a relief to know that she's ok but come on you know I wasn't gonna kill our Lizzy off!!!*big*

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