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Title: A new Start
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. So dont sue!
Categlory: M/l
Summary. Well liz moved from new york to roswell. how will her life change. Liz pov


OK, Im Liz Parker and my life has been spinning out of control lately. Do you really wanna know my life story. Well I dont care if you don't. I am going to tell you anyways. Just one word of caution. Hang on! Cause its going to be a wild ride!! OH wait a minute. Where should I start? Hmm. so many places.. hmm .. well I guess I should just start at the beginning. here we go..

I started growing in my mothers tummy on july 19 1983. Yep I remember swirling around in her stomache.. hey hey stop throwing that food at me. I was just joking. ok ok. here we go. heres the real story....

Well I live in new york city, you know the city of lights. Its amazing and right now I am sitting in my room pissed of because I just found out that I was moving. I really dont want to move to some boring ass town. I know that its going to suck. I can remember my parents telling me all over again...

"Lizze, honey, guess what?," asked my mom. I wasn't really in the mood for a guessing game. I just found out I flunked my geometry test and oh yeah I tripped and made an ass of myself in school today.

"I don't know mom, wat?" I replied nicely, with a fake smile plastered on my face.

"Were moving..." My dad said coming in the door smiling.

I was so I was shocked, suprised, and pissed off. "I AM NOT F**KIN MOVIN ANYWHERE!!" I replied pissed off not even trying to fake my way through it.

"Don't use that language with us missy.. And you are coming with us no matter what" Said my mom sternly.

I was pissed yet again. I get like that a lot, dont you think. Well that was my conversation with them. After that I ran up to my room and that is where I am right now. Oh yeah, guess where we are moving.

Nope thats not it.

Not there either.

You had enough.. ok

We are moving to roswell f**kin new mexico. The alien capital of the world. I wonder what kind of freaks live there I thought.

So now I am in my room packing my bags for this trip I am going to have to go on. I am never going to be happy again, I thought.

"Lizze, someones here to see you" my mom yelled up the stairs to my room.

I ran downstairs to find on of my friends downstairs waiting for me. I don't have any best friends if you can see. I dont like to get attached. OK maybe people don't like to get attached to me. But what can I say I am happy. I mean, I was happy.

"Liz, hey waz up. I heard what was happening. I can't believe your moving so far away" said my friend chole. I know that she probably doesn't care. But what do you suspect I don't care either.

"I know, I am going to miss you so much. I am leaving tomorrow too" I replied fakely with a sad smile on my face.

"I know, well I just came to say good luck and ill miss you so much" said chole.

After about five minutes of talking she finally left. I thought she would be here forever. I wonder what she would think if she read my mind. she probably wouldn't care. Oh well! Well time for bed got to wake up early tomorrow. Yeah!!! not!!

Part 2

So I am now on the plan sitting next to my parents on the trip to roswell. As we take off I say good-bye to new york. The city of lights, the people who claimed to be my friends, the boys.. oh who cares any more! "Bye" I yell not meaning to scream it out loud.

"Are you ok hunny?" my mother asked sincerly.

"Yeah yeah. I dont know what came over me." I tell her. Then I fell asleep. I know thats boring but oh well. I am boring. I finally awoke when the captain said we were landing. I couldn't wat to get off this plane. oh yeah I didn't tell you I was afraid of flying. Too lte now. The flights over.

Yeah we climbed out of the plane, streaching our legs and headed to get our bags. While we are getting our bags my dad finally tells me why we moved here. That would have been good to know before don't you think. Yeah me too.

"I can't wait to get the resturant.." my dad starts to say.

"The resturant?" I ask looking puzzeled. I never heard anything about a resturant. But you know I am kinda hungry right now.

"Yeah hunney, we are the owners of the crashdown cafe in roswell." my dad said excitedly. "and we get to live right above the resturant. Isn't that great!"

"Yeah dad, that is" I say with a fake smile on my face again. Hey I don't want to bust his bubble. He looks so happy. Don't ask me why I start to get feelings now. I just do. Ok So back off!! I guess I spoke to soon.

So we got in the car that my dad somehow got from a person. umm I dont know how. So stop asking me!! ok. ebough of that. Plus, I dont pay that much attention.

Yep so we arrive at the crashdown cafe like 20 minutes later. I look at it and it proved me right. I knew it. These people are freaks! Then I look across the street and up and down the block and see all the alien things. OH god. I am stuck in the twiIight zone. I don't think I am going to make it through the week. Then I walk through the door and everything changed.

Part 3

When I walked in the door. There he was the hottest guy in the universe. Well, O.k maybe not the hottest but look at his bod. He almost number one. He then turns around and looks at me.

I look in his eyes and god I think I can see into his soul. His eyes are a dark hazel color and I swear he is looking at my soul. His gaze is burning a hole through me. I hope it doesn't leave a mark. I laugh at my own joke. I hope he didn't notice. I blush. I never blush when did that start. I think I am changing. Yeah right I can never change, I think. I hope not.

I then smile at him and he smiles back and walks over to me. Uh oh what did I do. I can say that I got nervous and I never get nervous. I am shocked once again. He finally reaches me and says

"Hello, I'm Max Evans.. whats your name?" he says. This God has a name. He is so sexy and his voice is even sexier.

"Umm. umm. my name is uh Liz uh Parker" I finally say. He must think I am such a dork. Oh my god. He is smiling at me with that sexy smile. I think I am going to faint. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me.

"Its nice to meet you Liz Parker." Says max with that smile. I love that smile. I know that I probably have this really dorky smile on my face right now and I can admit this is the first real genuine smile I had for a long time.

"It's nice to meet you too." I say this time without stumbling on my words finally regaing my confidence. Thats when I see this girl walking over to us with staright blonde hair. She cute I think. She a looks a little cheerful or bubbly. Then I think oh no what happens if she Max's girlfriend. I start to get nervous. Please dont be his girlfriend! Please don't be his girlfriend! I think repeatedly.

"Hey chica, my name is Maria, one of Max's friends." she says. Thank god only a friend I think. Then I hear her ask " are you new here?"

"Yeah" I reply with a smile. "I moved here from new york with my parents. We own this resturant now." Lucky me, I think.

"Ooh really that is soo cool. You moved from new york? Do u have any brothers? I have to show you around the town and school?" She kept pounding questions this way and that way. Finally she asked "You wanna eat something?" Oh yeah now I remember that I am hungry. Then I fell my stomache rumble. Yeah yeah I didnt forget you. were going to eat in a second. I think to my stomache.

"yeah" I reply happily. I was happy I found a friend. Then out of nowhere I hear Max say something.

"Would you mind if I ate with you Liz." he asks. Do I mind? yeah right. I think. I would love to sit and stare at you while you eat.

"No, I would love if stayed and ate luch with me." I say calmly with a smile. He smiles back at me. Whats wrong with me I think as we sit down.

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Part 4

Well ok here we are me and Max. I mean Max and I. Yeah I have to improve my language. Yeah I just ordered space fries. I hope there real greasy. Yum.. I can't wait. I am probably drooling now. I wonder what Max thinks. I then look up at him and see that he is still smiling at me. Is there something in my teeth, I think to myself.

"Is there something in my teeth, Max" I said showing him my teeth.

"Nope," he says still smiling at me. God I love that smile. I would live just to see that smile.

"Then why are you smiling at me like that" I ask nicely. I really don't mind you know. But I just had to say something. I wonder what he is thinking. Hes still smiling at me.

"Well, your just so beautiful," he says with that smile on his face. I smile at him again.

"Well your not to bad yourself," I say to him smiling. I never smiled this much in my whole life. I think My face might just break off. But I can't help it. His smiling is so contagious. I love it. I never thought I would admit that. But I just did. So I guess I would. Ok, my mouth is running away without me now. I better shut up.

Just then our food arrived. Yep I started to stuff my face. I hope I don't look like a pig. Oh well who cares. I look up at Max and I see that he is stuffing his face too. I guess we would just be perfect together. Oh OH were did that come from. I don't care about guys. Okay thats a lie. All I care about is boys!!

Then I see my parents walk in. I look at them. Damn I can't believe I forgot all about them. Whoops! I see my mother look at us and smile. She says something to my father and he smiles back at her. Then I see my mom whispering something to my dad. I am guessing she was telling him to let me stay here and don't bother. I am glad they left I would have been so embarassed if they did come over and started talking to me and Max. I mean Max and I.

I hear someone then saysing my name,"Liz.. Liz .. Liz!'

"Hey Liz, You went someone there for a minute." He says smiling yet again. "I have to go I will see you tomorrow in school. Maybe I will show you around or something later." he says with that adorable smile and that gleam in his beautiful yet sexy eyes.

"Thank you max I would love that" I say smiling back at him. Then he leaves but not without giving me a hug. Se fit perfectly together and I can feel his muscles under his shirt. At that exact moment I think he has to be perfect. He's nice, kind, handsome, sexy, and perfect. and at that moment I just knew. I was in love. Me, Liz Parker was in love with Max Evans. What will happen next.

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thanks guys for the feedback I will post another part as soon as possible!!thanks again!

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Part 5

After that little thought about me loving Max I ran up to my room and started to unpack my things. I tried to keep my mind away from the subject but it was impossible. All I could think was I love Max Evans. I love Max Evans. I love MAx Evans!

As I stated putting my clothes into my dresser. I heard someone yelling my name. "liz" I heard. Oh my god now I am imagining things I think to myself. What will happen next. Maybe ill start seeing little green slimy aliens walking around town. I laugh at myself. I know I am weird.

I then hear my name being called out again. What the f**k is that I think. Then I walk to my window and see I have a balcony. Wow! I can't believe my parents trusted me enough to give me this room. I could escape easily and visit Max. I think. NO bad Liz, I think again. Why can't I get him out of my head.

I climb out to the blacony and look down and see Max standing there. I pinch myself because I think I am dreaming him up. But when I finish all I find is a fingernail mark in my arm and Max still standing there with that adorable sexy smile on his face.

"Can I come up?" He asks me.

"Yeah, sure come on up." I yell down. Smiling at him climbing the fire scape latter. Oh God I did it again I smiled. Max Evans is going to be the end of me."Very impressive.' I say to him when he finally reaches the top.

"Well, I try." He says back to me.

"So why are you hear Max." I ask him hoping that he's here to ask me out. Yeah I have big dreams that will never come true. I know that your thinking that. Haha.

"Well, I was wondering if you needed a ride to school tomorrow." He asks again with that smile.

"I would love a ride. What time will you pick me up?" I ask.

"How about 7:30?" he asks but before I can reply he is kissing me. I swear when his lips touched mine I felt a spark and I saw fireworks during that kiss. I never felt that before. Ok I know I know well I never kissed a guy before. I may have been close but nope I haven't. Suprised you didn't I.

I am disappointed when he finally pulls apart. I feel like a piece of me is missing. I felt like I was whole when he kissed me and I loved it. Oh know thats another reason to love him .What am I going to do. I always told myself that I would never get attached to anyone but look at me now.

Max is now looking at me with love in his eyes and that smile on his face. Ok maybe I just thought it was love but it's wishful thinking. He probably has a girlfriend and is just testing out the new meat in town. Yeah, he's probably a player and has every girl at his feet.

"Ok ill see you tomorrow, Liz" he says. I really hope he isnt what I think he is. Ill be really dissappointed. I should ask Maria. OH nevermind. Shes alittle to hyper for me. She might start talking and never stop. The Neverending talker...haha.. I laugh at myself. I know another stupid joke. But it works for. I like to live in my head.

I climb into my room and lay on my bed thinking about the kiss afterward. What did it mean? Was he just playing with me? Did I imagine it?

Yeah that sounds right. I probably imagined it all along. Thats what must of happened. But then why can I still feel his lips on mine, I think as I fall asleep.

Do u like it.. if I get feedback ill continue..


Im sorry if this was short.. and the other ones too im working on it
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Part 6

The next day I wake up at around 7:15. I feel happy and then I look around the room and wonder where I am. Then I remember we moved here yesterday. Duh!! Then I remember Max and that unbelieveably hot kiss.

"OH F**k!" I say as I look at the clook again. "MAx is picking me up in 15 minutes."

I run to my shower and jump in and clean my hair and myself as fast as possible. When I got out I hear the doorbell. "OH F**k." I say again.

I go to my dresser and take the outfit I picked out for today. I think, what if this outfit isn't good enough. Why can't I get him out of my mind. I dont care anymore. I just throw it on. Its a black knee lenght skirt with a white spagetti strap tank top that has little black stars on it. Convient huh? I live in a town thats obsessed with space and aliens and look what Im wearing. I know what your thinking. Why is she wearng that? You can't picture me wearing that, can you? Well I do. I am not some tomboy. I am a girl you know.

Then I hear someone knocking on my door. "Mom, ill be right there" I yell to her as I search for my sandals.

"Its not your mom." says a male voice from behind the door. OH F**k its Max.

"Come in!" I yell to him as I search for my shoe. I hear the door open when I finally find the shoe and yell "I found it."

Then I hear someone laughing and I blush. Whoops! I forgot he was there. "Hey Max," I say as I look at him. Damn he is sexy today. Hes wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. I think that shirt is alittle to tight for me. I can see some of his muscles. Hmm I might faint.

When I look up to his face he smiles. OH God now he know I was checking him out. What am I going to do now? But then down he does something that suprises me. He checks me out. I was about to jump up and down because I was so happy. Maybe he really does like me. That kiss and now this but maybe he does this to every girl. No Max would never do that, I say wishing that he doesn't.

"Hey Liz, I think we should head out now." He says. "Do you have your schedule wit you. You can check if we have any classes together on the way there." He says nicely.

"Yeah I am and sure I would love too." I reply as nicely as he did. God I hope we have some classes together. I think as I yell bye to my parents.

I climb into his car. He owns a jeep! Its not so bad I thought as I climbed in next to him. Then he is handing me a piece of paper and I wonder what it is. OH yeah.. his schedule. I take from him. I am so stupid.

I look at my schedule and see that I have:
1.advanced biology
6.U.s Government
7.Art.. I really hate art.
and lastly hall

Then I look at his..
1.advanced biology.. wow hes not so dumb not that I would ever think tha about him.
2.U.S. government-damn now I won't be able to stare at him during that class. Its going to be boring.
5.Gym. Now I get towatch him run and do stuff everyday
6.English I wonder if I could paint him nude!. I mean just paint him. hall

"So we have Advanced biology, Lunch, GYm, Art, and Study Hall together" I tell him. This is going to be the best school year of my whole life I think ans we pull into the school.

"Thats great. I help you to your locker. What number is it." He asks as we start walking toward the school.

"224" I say hoping and begging to the Gods that it will be near his.

"Wow," he says."My locker is right next to yours. oh yeah and Maria's is close too. During lunch I'll introduce you to all my friends. okay?"

"Yeah, I would love that." I say smiling because my locker is next to his. I wonder whats in it. Probably a picture of his girlfriend. No Liz stop thinking like that. Maybe he's free and he was checking you out earlier today. I think to myself coaching myself out.

We start walking to our lockers without saying a word but in my head I kept thinking I hope I can make it through today. I don't want to make a ass out of myself in front of Max. He may never want me then. Why would he ever want me? I hear my head tell me but its interupted when I hit into something hard. I look at Max and see that I hit into him. Whoops!!

"Hey its not everyday that a beautiful girl walks into me. II must be really lucky today" he says laughing. I don't hear him laughing though all I can think is that he thinks I am beautiful and at that moment I am happy.

""Oh yeah Liz, hears your locker"He says

I don't open it because I dont have anything to put in it yet. So I wait for him to finish. While I'm waiting I see a tall, thin, blonde, big boobed girl walking toward us and I think that is who Max is dating I know it. When she finally get to us Max looks up and smiles but it wasn't the same smile he gave to me it was more of a brotherly smile and I smile at that. I know that sounnds f**ked up.

The girl finally talks "Max mom told me to give this to you." she says giving Max a key. "Just in case you get locked out to the house again." she adds laughing.

"Thanks Isabel" he says and she walks away. So thats teo girls I don't have to worry about being Max's girlfriend. Isabel is his sister and Maria is a friend. Only 100 left to examine. Where to start I think to myself when I hear a warning bell.

"We should start to our class." He hear him and say I follow him to the classroom. I would follow him anywhere.

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thanks for the feedback.. I love ur guys feedback.. ill continue as soon as possible.. thanks again
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Part 7

Well, I took a deep breathe as I walked into the biology class. As I entered I saw every face in the class look at me. I was pissed. Haven't they ever saw a new girl before. But before I could say anything the teacher walked in and I took a seat not wanting to get in trouble the first day of school.

"Okay class, my name is Ms. Hardy and I will be you advanced biology teacher this year." she says with a smile to the class. I think that everyone has a smiling problem in this town."Okay before we begin I would like to introduce a new student. Is a Liz Parker here?" she asks.

"Yeah, Im right here." I say.

"Would you like to get up and tell the class where you moved from? why? whats your name? and whatever else you want." She asks me polietly.

I look down at Max and see that he a sorry-you-have-to-do-this look on his face. When I finally get up in front of the class I notice that Maria is here. I see her smiling and mouthing the words Go Liz to me.

"Okay where should I start. My name is Liz Parker and I have no idea why I have to tell you that because you already know it because the teacher told you. I moved from New York, well not a small town in New York but the city. Yep the big apple or the city of lights whatever you may want to call. I don't give a damn,."I start as I hear the teacher say something about not using that language in this school.

I can see people backing away from me. I guess people from the city are supposed to be rude.. oh well! Less people to handle then.

"I never had any close friends and I don't want anyone to befriend just for pity so back off! I moved here because my father bought the crashdown cafe which is probably going to be annoying .Is that enough?"I ask the teacher without that wonderful smile on my face that Max makes me have.

"Yes it is thanks Liz." she says and I hear someone applauding in the back. I look up and see Max with that evil smile on his face and I blush. Yep me Liz Parker blushed in front of the entire class. Hey I was embarrased.

"Max would you stop" I hear Ms. Hardy say as I sit back down in my seat next to Max.

"Sorry" I hear Max say.

"I can't believe you did that." I whisper to Max. I really can't believe he did that. Not many things make me embarrased because I don't care what people think. I think that I am starting to now though because of Max. He makes me feel things I never felt before. Not that he'll ever know that.

"Well, I like to watch the new york city Parker blush and its not everyday I find someone I like." he says and I wonder what he ment by that. Did he mean he just like me you know as a friend or likes me likes me as in a girlfriend sort of way. I hope its the latter.

Afterwards Ms. Hardy starts to give us assigned seats."OKay everyone, right now I will be giving everyone assigned seats."

M. Deluca with A. Whitman

M. Guerin with I. Evans

K. Valenti with V. Delany and then she said some more people until she said:

L. Parker with umm.. I hope its max please be Max.

L. Parker with M. Evans. I scream for joy in my head when I hear that and my heart leaps. what will this mean for us? my heart says. My head replies with nothing stupid you are just lab partner.

"Okay everyone these are your seats for the rest of the year so get to know your lab partner. You need to be able to trust each other if you are going to pass this year." she says when she is finished assigning seats. I already trust him I say to myself.

Second and Thrird period go on. They were really boring. This guy Alex whitman started talking to me during my math class. He had a lot of corny jokes and seems like a nerd sorta but I could see us becoming good friends even after my little speech in Biology.

Finally lunch. Max told me to meet him be their lockers and he would take them to meet the others. God, I wonder what they will think of me. I hope they like me. There probably all popular and won't want anything to deal with me. Then because Max's friends don't accept then Max won't and I'll be left alone. All alone.

Finally Max comes and we walk silenty to the lunch area. I see us heading to a table with about 4 people sitting at and one of the people are Maria and Alex. Wow! he's friends with him. That's something I didn't expect. I guess Max has a lot of secrets and I love mystery men.

When I finally reach the able Max introduces everyone to me. "hey everyone" he said. "This is Liz. Liz this is Michael, Maria which you already know, Isabel, and Alex." he finished and sat down while everyone said hi to me. They don't seem to bad I think. "Liz come on sit down. Here right next to me." Max says as he smiles. I smile back and sit down.

"So Liz how do you like Roswell High?" Maria asks with that bubbly and cheerful way she has.

"It's okay, I guess." I say. I can't believe I can't talk I never been like this before. These people have some sort of alien force pulling me in but I know there are no aliens in Roswell. Well except maybe me.

"It sucks doesn't it" I hear Michael say to me. Huh what is he talking about. Oh yeah the school. I think I am starting to like him, not like Max though. I couldn't like anyone like I like Max. Okay I don't like Max I love Max but you guys get the picture right?

"Liz, don't pay attention to Michael, he can be rude." I hear Alex say. He may be a little too nice but I love his corny jokes.

"I don't mind. Remember I used to live in the city. Most everyone is rude there." I say. "Oh yeah and if I'm rude to anyone here I apologize in advance its just in my nature." I say. I wonder why I said that. I guess I must really like these people I think.

"I forgive you liz. I will always forgive you." I hear Max say really low so no one could hear but I did and my heat fluttered. Maybe he does like me. Maybe he just does.


Thanks for feedbaack and if anyone is wondering I dont think I am puttin aliens in this story.. ok..thanks for reading

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OK thanks for leaving feedback everyone. Here's the next part....

Part 8

The rest of the school day was pretty boring except for gym. I sat on the bleachers the whole time and watched Max run around the whole period. It was great. Oh yeah I almost forgot I was with Maria. I think she was staring at Michael. I think she likes him.

Okay so after last period Max drove me home. Yep, he did. How else did you think I was getting home. Walking. Yeah right me Liz Parker walk.

When we arrived at the Crashdown we sat in the car and Max did something I thought that he would never do.

"Liz, um before you go. I have to umm ask you something." he said stumbling on his words. I guess he's not perfect but that makes him even more perfect to me.

"Yeah, Max" I say. "you can ask me anything. What is it?"

"Well, I was wondering ifyouwouldwanttogooutwithme." he said really fast.

Did he just say what I thought he said. Does Max Evans want to go out with me? Oh my God what do I ask myself. My head says, hes just playin with you, you idiot. He would never like a girl like you. he could ask any other big busted, tall blonde girl, why would he want someone like you. Your the exact opposite. He's playing a joke on you. Then my heart says don't listen to your head. Say yes Liz, just look at him, he wants you.

I look up and him and I see that nervous smile on his face. I never thought I would see Max Evans nervous. At that moment I knew what I had to do. I had to listen to my heart and if I make a fool at of myself beacuse he was just f**kin playin with. I will be pissed off and probably never talk to him again even though, I don't think my heart cold handle that because it will always love him.

"Um Max, I don't know what to say," I start, even though I do know. I just wanted to know how he react. I looked at him and saw that he tensed up and stiffened. He really likes me. "I would love to Max" I finish.

"Really?" He asked amazed that I said yes. Then that amazing smile was on his face and I just had to smile back.

"Yes, really."

"So how bout tomorrow since its friday, at about 6o' clock. I'll take you to dinner. okay?"He asked.

"Yeah that sounds perfect." I say and guess what I am still smiling. My heart is pounding a mile a minute and think that if he came a litle closer he could probably hear it. He could probably see it coming out my chest now anyways.

"Liz, can I kiss you?" he asks without stumbling on his word, like he done before. He sounded confident now.

I nod my head and I see his head start moving towards mine and I close my eyes awaiting his mouth on mine. Them his lips touch me and I feel a saprk pass between us. I feel as if everything else went by in slow motion after that part.

I wrapped my arms around his neck playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. He pulls me closer hardening the kiss. I feel his tounge run across my lips asking for entrance to my mouth. I open my muth for him and feel his tounge fighting with mine. I know a little corny but thats what it was like.

Then I thought what happens if my parents saw us and I pulled away. When I did it, I was pissed at myself. I felt cold and alone without his arms around me. I looked up at him and he was frowning. Whoops! He's probably wondering why I pulled away from him.

"Sorry, Max I didn't pull away because of you. It was just that my parents could have been watching and I," I started embarrased. He started to smile again and I smiled.I knoe your probably thinking enough of the smiling but thats what I did. I finally finished what I said "didn't want them to see."

"Well Liz, I think I should let you go now and I'll see you tomorow at 6, okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'll be waiting." I replied. "Bye" and then he drove away but not without one more quick kiss. I am never going to get enough of his kisses.

I push open the doors to the crashdown with the biggest smile I ever had. When I pass my parents all they do is smile and ask if I had a good day at school.

"Yeah" I replied.

I walked up to my room and collapsed on my bed. All I thought about was that kiss. I put my fingers to my lips feeling the warmth that still existed there from his lips.

At that moment I decided to do something I never thought I would do. I went to one of my drawers and took out a leather book. Its a journal, my grandma Claudia gave it to me when I was younger and I thought it was the gayest thing in the world but now I understand. I just feel like I have to write down everything I was feeling.

I opened the book and started writing:

Its May 7, 2002, Im Liz Parker and I'm in love. For the first time in my life I am in love and who would have thought that I would have found it in Roswell, New Mexico, the homtown of aliens.

When I first entered this town I thought their were going to be all lunatics but when I walked into the Crashdown my perspective of the town changed. It changed the moment I looked in the dark eyes and saw the soul of one person, Max Evans.

Yep, can you believe that. I can't either. He gave me my first kiss which I though was just to test out the new meat in town but it wasn't and I knew that at lunch one day in school when he said he would forgive me, he would always forgive me.

Then he asked me out out and I accepted of course. I was in love. He kissed me again and this time I felt as if our souls touched.

Now I know if anyone ever touched me the same way he did I will know what its supposed to feel like, like we belong together forever, were soulmates.


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Part 9

Its May 20 Im Liz Parker and today is one of the biggest, most happiest days of my life and it hasn't even started yet.

Oh yeah and I have to start my new job. Yep I am a waitress. I have to wear one of those corny waitress costumes.

There's only one good thing about it. I get to work with Maria. I am getting used to her cheerful happy behavior. Plus shes lucky that I am in a good mood today. I can't wait for tonight.

I know some of you may be thinking why aren't you going to school its a friday. Well it just happened that today the teachers were having a big meeting and we didn't have to attend school. When my mom told me this I literally screamed for joy.

The happiest day of my life got even more happier from that news.

So here I am now carrying a alien blast and a sigourney weaver to this man that is overweight and shouldn't even be eating it with a huge smile on my face. Hey I'm happy and I am making a man even more happier.

"Would you like anything else?" I ask the man.

"Nope. I am great Liz" He says reading the name tag on my uniform.

"Okay. Enjoy." I answer.

I have been working for about 2 hours when I hear the bells from the door ring. I look towards the door and see Max walking in by himself. When he finally notices me he breaks out laughing.

"Nice uniform." He says as I walk to his table that he sat in.

"Didn't you know Max? This is the new thing in town. Everyone is wearing it." I say to him seriously.

When he gives me a weird look. I start to laugh.

"Gotcha" I tell him. I know that was corny but people say stupid things when there in love and I must really be in love to do that. I laugh again.

"What do you want Max." I ask him with a smile.

"Well, I would like one unbelievable sexy waitress. To go." He says with a playful tone in his voice.

I decide to play along. Just remember I'm in love.

"Well you see any that you would like?" I ask playing along.

"Nope" he starts to says seriously. I frown. "but I would love to take you home and make you my sex slave. Ill pay you fifty bucks an hours. What do you say Liz?" he finishes seriously.

All I could do was stand there with my mouth hanging open shocked that he said that. Maybe he wasn't what I thought. Then I saw that joking look in his eyes and closed my mouth and played along again.

"I would love to, just name the time and place and I'll be there." I say again seriously. "Hey maybe would get really kinky and invite Michael or Maria to join us."

I had a hard time keeping a straight face when I said that but I love to watch him get all tense and have that shocked look on his face. He must think I was abducted by aliens.

Then I finally made him speechless.

"You know I was just joking right Liz." he says trying to see if I were joking or not.

"Of course, I did hunnay." I say and give him a quick kiss. "You could never fool me, your eyes give you away." I say with a smile. "Wat would you like?"

"Just a order of space fries." he says.

As I walk away I hear him mumble "Damn eyes." I start to laugh.

Ten minutes later I bring over Max's food and he starts to gobble them up. I knew we had something in common. OUr passion for food.

"So Liz I have to go but I'll pick you up at 6: 30 tonight ok?" he ask me with that adorable yet sexy face.

"Yes, I'll see you then Max."

"Okay bye Liz" He gives me a quick kiss good-bye. I love his kisses.

"Bye" I say as he walks out the door. I cant wait for tonight.


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Part 10

Okay so now it is about 4:30 and I have to stat getting ready. How should I do this I think before I start, I never went out on a date before.

Should I ask Maria for help or not? I decide to. Its better than messing up this whole date.

I went down to the crashdown and saw her getting ready to leave because her shift was over.

"Hey Maria." I yell across the room to her.

I see her smile. "Hey Liz." She says walking over to me.

"I have a question" I tell her nervously. What happens if she laughs at me. Just forget that I tell myself and do it.

"Yeah chica" she answers.

She seems nice enough, she would never laugh at me. That gave me the confidence to continue.

"Well, you see I have this date tonight-" I start but was interuppted by Maria.

"Oh my God Liz that is great. Who is it with? What time? Do you need help getting ready?" She started firing questions at me left and right that I had to duck a couple of times to keep them from hitting me. "Come on Liz you have to tell me who are you going with." She finishes with."

"Well Im going with Max." I smile shyly, even though I wanted to scream out that I love him.

"Oh my god thats so great. I knew that he liked you from the first time I saw him look at you. He never looked at a girl like he looked at you. This is so amazing!! Come on let me help ou get ready."

We went up the stairs to my bedroom to pick out a outfit but before I could start to look Maria was already in my closet picking out the outfit.

"Okay nope we can't use this, or this, or this, nope not this either. OH this is cute but no."

I just stared at her unbelievably. She makes it seem like we have been friends forever. I like it. I never had a real friend before. It feels good.

"Liz, I found it." Maria says as she pulls out the outfit. Wow I didn't even know I had that in there.

"I love it Maria. Your really good at his." I say taking the outfit from her.

"Well I had practice." I hear her say as I walk into the bathroom to change.

I look at the outfit. I really like it. Its a black skirt that is alittle aboove the kness and a white "v" neck tank top with a shooting star in the middle of it. Also a pair of black sandals. I love this outfit the only thing is will Max like it, I mean will Max love it?

I walk out of the bathroom and Maria takes one look and says "Wow, you look gorgeous chica!"

That gave me a lot of confidence to continue. I took at my make-up and started to apply it. I had my brown eyeshadow not too much though, my eye-liner, and my lip gloss. Perfect I think to myself. I also where my hair down.

By the time I am finished, its 6:15 and I hear the doorbell ring and I hear my mom answer. I walk out of my room with Maria, I thank her as we leave the room. Then I hear her say good luck.

When I walk into the living room where Max is see his mouth fall open. I smiled at him and say hi. I can't believe I had that affect on him.

"Hey Liz." he starts. "You look really beautiful tonight."

"You look very nice too" I was going to say something else but my mom was here so I didn't play around with him. "Are you ready to go." I ask.


"Bye mom." I say as we leave. "I will be back by 11."

"Bye Mrs. Parker it was nice to meet you." I hear Max say polietly probaby with a nice smile on his face.

We walked down the steps of the crashdown. I wish I don't fall down the steps, I think to myself as we climb down the stairs.

When reach the bottom I ask "Where are we going?"

"To a place called senor chows." He says with that sexy smile on his face. "I hope you like chinese food." he says nervously hoping I like it.

"Yeah I love it."

We walk to the resturant because its not that far away. Nothing in Roswell is that far away.

To my suprise Max holds out his hand for mine. I smile. He smiles. Then I took his hand.

When we finally get to the resturant, we are seated and start to look at the menus.

"So whats good here Max?" I ask even though I know what I like. I love sesame chicken. Its mm mm good!

"Well I perfer the sesame chicken. I love that stuff" he says.

"Really?" I answer suprised. "Thats my favorite too!"

When the waiter comes he asks for our drink orders. Me and Max, I mean Max and I say cherry coke at the same time. That was weird I thought. Then he asked if we were ready to order.

"Yeah we are." MAx said.

"What would you like."

"Sesame chicken" Max and I said at the same time.

Okay that was even weirder. Its like we share the same mind or something or maybe hes an evil alien reading my mind. Nah! he can never be an evil alien.

"OKay so that 2 cherry cokes and 2 sesame chicken meals." the waiter says and when we nod he leaves.

"So did you think that was weird Max?" I ask. I just have to find out what he thinks.

"Yeah I did that never happened to me before."

"Me either." I say suprised.

I start looking around the place and see a pool table and I smile excitedly at Max.

He smiles back. "Whats making you look so happy?" he asks.

"They have a pool table Max. We have to play. Please I love pool. Please!" I beg.

"Well Im not too good." he says with an amused expression on his face.

"Then I'll teach you. Come on!" I say as I grab his hand and pulled him with me.

"OKay" I hear him say laughing.

As we played I learn that Max is really terrible at pool. Yep he didn't even know how to hold the stick. So I had to teach him. That was my favorite part. I had to help him position his hands by leaning into his stomache and place his hands on the stick with mine. It was the best. And guess who won.

I did!! Yep me, of course.

OH yeah when we were done he kissed me again. I could never get enough of his kisses I love them.

Afterwards we ate are dinner with little conversation. My favorite part was the fortune cookie. I opened mine and read it. It was really boring so I changed it.

I told him it said "That this is the best night of your life life."

"Is that really what says?" he asked.

"Well its better than a broken clock is still right twice a day" I say. I know its better. "What does your say?"

"Ask a girl to dance." he says.

"Is that really what it says?"

"It depends on your answer."


"Then thats really what it says."

He gets up and takes my hand and pulls me to the dance floor. I wrap my hands around his neck while his hands go around my waist and we danced.


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