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Title: Loving You Loving Me
Author: Jenn (tazgirl026⊕
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17. I will mark NC-17 parts to let you know.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or it’s characters, although I wish I did. I don’t own Chris Cagle (that’s my big fantasy!), or his music. I borrowed the lyrics to Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me from him!
Summary: Sequel to “Beat of The Heart”. This is set in the future and yes they are still aliens! Just in case you forgot! *happy* I’m not going to give too much away here you’ve got to read to find out the rest. I will just say though that this fic won’t be like “BOTH”. There aren’t going to be songs in every part…or almost every part. Just in this one, and maybe an occasional one if the mood needs it! Oh and this is still a POV fic! Enjoy!

Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me

Look at me and tell me
What you want is what you see
Hold me close and make it feel
Like you won’t ever let me go
Give me some kind of sign
To show me that you feel the same way I do inside

Because I’m lovin’ you lovin’ me
Girl I’m so into you right now I can barely breathe
You’re all that I’ll ever need
So kiss me like it’s our last
Take me away darling, don’t bring me back
Because I’m lovin’ you lovin’ me

It’s so nice when we’re
Alone and your eyes dance with mine
And it tastes so sweet
When you lay those lovin’ lips on me
It feels good, solid and strong
And I’m crazy about the way
That things are moving along

Because I’m lovin’ you lovin’ me
Girl I’m so into you right now I can barely breathe
You’re all that I’ll ever need
So kiss me like it’s our last
Take me away and darling, don’t bring me back
Because I’m

Lovin’ you Lovin’ me
Girl, I’m so into you right know I can barely breathe
So kiss me like it’s our last
Take me away and Darling, don’t bring me back
Because I’m lovin’ you lovin’ me

Part 1: (Liz’s POV)

I can’t believe that today is graduation day! We’ve all waited for this day for four years and now that it’s here I’m a nervous wreck. So nervous in fact that I think I’ve got to throw up.
I run into the bathroom and just as I reach the toilet I start heaving. God, I don’t understand why I’m so nervous. I mean I wasn’t this nervous when I graduated high school, and back then I had to make a speech. This time all I have to do is sit in my seat, right next to Max, and stand up when they call my name.
I slide down the wall and put my head between my knees trying to calm myself down. I try to bite back my groan as another wave of nausea washes over me. This really sucks. I’m supposed to be meeting everyone in like twenty minutes and I’m nowhere near ready.
“Liz? Honey are you all right?” Max calls through the closed door.
We’ve been living together since our Junior year of college. I used to live with Maria but she always spent all of her time over at Max and Michael’s and Max always spent his time here so they moved. Max moved in with me and Maria moved in with Michael. It worked out perfectly for all parties involved.
“Yeah. My stomach is a little upset due to my nervousness,” I tell him.
He opens the door and I can see the worry in his face as he looks at me. That is one of the things I love about him. He has the most expressive eyes in the world and I can always see what he’s feeling.
“Is there anything I can get for you?” he asks me.
“No, I know that I can’t eat anything or I’ll just throw up again. So I’m just going to sit here until this feeling passes and then I’m going to finish getting ready,” I tell him.
He comes and sits next to me pulling me into his arms. I could stay in his embrace forever if I was allowed to. I think people would get a little freaked out if they saw a person with another person almost glued to their side, it would definitely be a strange sight. I snuggle into his arms and breathe in his scent. I love the way he smells. It’s masculine, but not overpoweringly so. He smells clean, like fabric softener and a small dash of cologne, it’s just so Max, and I love it.
My stomach starts to calm down and I thank my lucky stars. I pull away from Max and smile up at him thanking him for being there with me. He kisses my forehead and helps me slowly to my feet making sure not to move me too quickly just in case the nausea comes back. I had to our room and finish getting ready.
“Are you sure you don’t want anything to eat?” he calls from the kitchen.
“I’m positive. No matter how hungry I am there is no way I’m eating now. I don’t want to start retching during the ceremony, especially since our parents flew out here to see us,” I say putting my earrings in.
Max walks to the door holding some crackers. “Are you positive?” he asks.
I take one look at those crackers and my mouth starts watering. I think it over, and I remember my mom telling me once that crackers help to settle upset stomachs so I walk over to Max.
“I guess I’ll just try a few. Hopefully this will calm my stomach down enough to get through until lunch. It would be totally embarrassing if my stomach started rumbling during the ceremony,” I say.
Max gives me his patented smile, the one he saves only for me and I melt. “Good, I can’t have you wasting away to nothing,” he says.
I scoff at his remark. There is no way I’m going to waste away to nothing with Max doing the cooking. He is a wonderful cook, something I never knew about him before we moved in together. He told me that he definitely didn’t get it from Diane. I’ve heard horror storied of her Martha Stewart collection recipes.
“Please Max, with the way you cook, I’m surprised I’m not as big as a house. I’ve got to work out just about every day to remain this size,” I teased. He knows how much I love his cooking.
“I’m trying to put some meat on those bones my dear,” he teases back.
I grab my shoes as Max grabs the keys and we head out the door. We’ve got to meet at Michael’s apartment. Our parents will be meeting us at the college for pictures and well wishes before we have to get on with the ceremony. My nervousness is slowly being replaced with excitement and I feel like a completely different person.
(Michael’s apartment…after the graduation)

Well, we did it. We all graduated from Boston University. I know it’s not Harvard, but everyone got accepted to Boston and we wanted to stay together. They have a pretty decent Biology program so I didn’t care about missing my Harvard education.
We’re all sitting around Michael’s trying to decide where to go for dinner. Everyone is arguing and I’m just wishing they would hurry up I’m starving. Man, I don’t remember ever being this hungry before, it’s strange.
Oh man, that pesky sick feeling is coming back. I jump up from my spot on the couch and run to the bathroom. I hope no one questions why I got up so suddenly. Hopefully they’ll think I had to pee really badly.
What the hell is wrong with me? Why do I keep throwing up? I’m not nervous anymore, so it’s not that. I’m getting scared now. I guess I could be sick, maybe something I ate didn’t agree with me, but I don’t know it’s too weird for even that.
“Liz?” Max asks knocking on the door.
“It’s open,” I tell him. I’m sitting on the floor with my forehead against the toilet bowl.
“Oh God Liz! What’s wrong!” Max exclaims.
“Shush!” I scold him. “I don’t want everyone to know.”
“I’m sorry. You look awful. Do you want me to just take you home?” he asks.
“No, I’ll be able to make it through dinner, well I hope anyway. I don’t know what’s wrong with me Max and I’m scared. I keep throwing up and I can’t explain why. I don’t think I’m getting sick, and I guess it could be something I ate but I highly doubt that since everything I ate you ate…” I say trailing off.
Max looks at me with a bit of wonder, shock, and fear in his eyes.
“Oh God! What if I’m pregnant?” I ask.
Max looks hurt, “would that be a bad thing?” he asks.
“Oh I didn’t mean it like that Max, I’m sorry. No of course not. I always wanted to have your children, I am just surprised that’s all,” I say.
“When do you usually get…well you know…it?” he asks.
I smile at his discomfort in saying the word period it’s too cute. “I usually get my period on the 10 of every month,” I tell him.
“Well it’s the fifteenth now,” he tells me.
“Oh God, I didn’t even realize I was late because of Graduation,” I say. “What are we going to tell everyone?”
“Well we won’t say anything until we are sure. We’ll get a home pregnancy test tonight on our way home and if it’s positive we’ll just have to make an appointment for the doctor and see what they say,” he tells me calmly.
His soothing voice calms my nerves. I can’t believe it. I may be pregnant with Max’s child! I’m so giddy.
Max takes my hand and leads me back into the living room.
“Hey Lizzie everything ok?” Maria asks me.
“Oh yeah, I just had to go to the bathroom so badly I’m sorry for running out of here like that, I didn’t mean to freak anyone out,” I say.
“It’s ok. Lover boy over here booked as soon as you did and I was afraid something was wrong,” she says.
“Nope everything is quite all right,” I say.
We leave for the restaurant taking different cars. Max and I drive together, as do Michael and Maria, and Alex and Isabel. Our parents all go in the van they rented since they are staying at the same hotel.
Dinner goes off without a hitch. There is no more arguing and everyone is laughing and having a great time. I try to stay focused but my mind keeps drifting to the possibility that I might be pregnant. I’m just about ready to burst at the seams and I want to tell everyone but I don’t want to get their hopes up just in case it’s a false alarm.
“Uh guys, I have something to say,” Max says clearing his throat.
Everyone looks at him and he smiles at me. I smile back wondering what the heck he’s up to.
“Liz, I’ve loved you from the first moment I saw you in third grade, and that love has followed me throughout all my days since. I know that I will love you until the end of time and possibly beyond. Would you please do me the honor of becoming Mrs. Evans?” he asks me.
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, this is so not what I expected! My throat constricts and I have tears streaming down my face. I can’t speak my emotions are all out of whack. I nod my head yes trying to control my emotions enough to answer with words.
“Yes, of course I’ll marry you,” I whisper not being able to produce any other sounds.

Part 2: (Max’s POV)

She said yes, she said yes! I can’t believe it. Ok, not that I really thought she was going to say no, but still, I’m shocked. We’re going to get married and maybe have a baby. This is just too exciting.
There are smiles all around the table but none of them compare to Liz’s smile. She is glowing and it makes my heart burst knowing that it’s because of me that she’s this happy. I feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn around to see who it is and Isabel is standing behind me.
“Congratulations Max,” she says pulling me into a hug.
“Thanks Iz,” I reply kissing her cheek.
After she gives me a hug she goes to Liz and embraces her as well. They whisper something to one another and Isabel blushes pretending to glare at my Liz. This of course just makes Liz laugh and Isabel can’t pretend to stay mad any longer and she started cracking up too.
Michael comes up to me and gives me a manly hug. “You are going to ruin me you know that right?” he says.
I just laugh. Yeah now Maria is going to keep wondering when she’s going to get her ring! “I know, but I couldn’t help it man, we are moving into the phase of our lives and this is the next step. I wanted to make the next transition as man and wife,” I tell him. And we probably have a kid on the way so being married is going to be a good thing, I add to myself.
“Max my man, you’ve finally decided to join me in married bliss,” Kyle says giving me a hug.
“Yeah, you know you looked so lonely over there in marriageville by yourself I just had to come and keep you company,” I tell him laughing.
Kyle and Tess got married our second year of college. They just couldn’t wait a moment longer. They had a small wedding just close family and friends, exactly how I hope our wedding will be. It was really nice everyone flew out for it and we had a great time.
After everyone else congratulated us on our engagement we ordered desert and talked the night away.
“Well since this is a night full of confessions I guess Tess and I have something to tell you,” Kyle said.
“Yes, we are going to have a baby!” Tess exclaimed.
Wow, Kyle and Tess are going to be parents. We all thought it was going to happen much sooner then now but they managed to hold out through college. Well so did Liz and I but we weren’t planning on having a kid yet. I wonder if Kyle and Tess were?
We all congratulate them on the news of the pregnancy and all I can think is at least Liz will have someone to experience all this with if she’s really pregnant. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much but I can’t help it. The thought of us having a child is just making me giddy.
“So did you guys go to a doctor or just use one of those home pregnancy things?” Maria asks pulling my attention right back to the conversation.
“Well we used the home pregnancy thing and then a few days after that when I put my handover my tummy it started glowing so we didn’t need to see a doctor and we’ve decided not to go to one because what if the baby comes out glowing or something. I was hoping that one of you would get your midwife’s license or something so you could birth my baby,” Tess said.
I never even thought of that. Jeez I was thinking of taking Liz to a doctor…what was I thinking. What if they had found something really different with the child? Things could have gotten really ugly for all of us. Thank you Tess and Kyle for making me realize that I can’t go to a doctor for this.
I look over at Liz and she’s looking at me with the same look I’m sure was just on my face. I know she realizes what could have happened had we not realized what going to a doctor would do. We’ll just take a pregnancy test and see what happens after that.
We finished our deserts and get ready to go home. Michael, Alex, Kyle, my dad, Jim, Mr. Parker, and I split the bill and then assist our ladies with their jackets. They really didn’t need anything too heavy since it was May but the nights in Boston even during the middle of spring get chilly.
I help Liz into the car after we say goodbye to our parents and then get in the driver’s seat. I’ve got to stop at the drugstore to pick up a test before we go home. We stop at the store down the block from our house and I get out of the car. Liz climbs out too and we head inside hand in hand to pick out a test. I’m slightly nervous about this whole thing but excited too and the excitement is overpowering the nervousness.
There are so many I don’t know which one to choose. Thank God Liz came in here with me because if she hadn’t I’d be completely lost. We look at all of them reading the stuff on the box and decide on the EPT test. It sounds like the best, but I’m just a guy so what the heck would I know. After we purchase the thing we head home.
Liz reads the instructions and says that she can’t take it until tomorrow morning. It says that it’s best taken with the first bathroom run of the day. Well ok it didn’t exactly say it like that but you know. Anyway we don’t know what to do with ourselves now that we’ve got to wait so I suggest a movie. Movies always calmed us down before and we need to be calmed down some.
We pick out American Pie needing the laugh and I put it in the DVD player. The movie will definitely lift our spirits. It always does. I make some popcorn and settle down with Liz on the couch.
She leans against my chest and I wrap my arms around her. She holds the popcorn on her stomach and we smile at one another as I press the play button. The movie begins and we laugh the whole way through it.
After the movie we decide to go to bed. I pull Liz close to me and she snuggles into my embrace burying her head into my shoulder. I love being able to sleep with her in my arms. I longed to do this in high school all the time but couldn’t because our parents would have flipped a major wig! Now to have this freedom is amazing. I can’t even explain it, but it’s something I will treasure for the rest of my life.
I see the light reflecting off Liz’s ring as she looks at it and I can’t help but smile. This beautiful, gentle creature in my arms is going to be my wife I still can’t believe it. I have to resist the urge to pinch myself just to make sure that its all real. I kiss her forehead and settle in for pleasant dreams.
Liz kisses my neck and drifts off to sleep. I feel her breathing even out and I follow her into dreamland.

(Liz’s POV)

I wake up before Max and I gently extract myself from his embrace. I can feel the loss immediately but this is important. I’ve really got to go to the bathroom and there is no time like the present to take this pregnancy test. I know Max will wake up in a few minutes because he’ll realize that I’m not in his arms. It’s happened before and even I wake up within minutes of him when he leaves the bed before I’m awake. It’s like our bodies can sense that we aren’t close enough or something, I can’t explain it.
I rush to the bathroom and reread the directions before actually relieving myself. I want to make sure I do this correctly. Once I’m positive I know what I’m doing I let myself go to the bathroom. Just as I’m finishing and flushing the toilet Max knocks at the door.
“Come on in,” I tell him as I wash my hands.
He looks at me and I smile. He sees the test sitting on the counter above the toilet and smiles back at me. “It’ll take about three minutes so we’ve got to wait,” I tell him.
He nods his head and pulls me into his embrace and gives me my good morning kiss. I love these moments they are so special to me. I walk into the kitchen and put the kettle on for tea. There is no way I’m going to be able to handle coffee for a little while. In fact I’m not even sure I’ll be able to handle tea but I’ve got to try and get something into my stomach so I start the tea water.
Max makes himself a cup of coffee and sits at the table. He asks me if I want breakfast and I blanch at the thought. I don’t retch like I thought I would but the thought of food right now makes my stomach turn. If this pregnancy test comes out negative I’m definitely going to the doctor because I love breakfast and this not being able to eat is killing me.
Max makes me some toast and I eat it with my tea. I don’t put any milk in the tea just in case. I just add honey to sweeten it up. Every once in a while I like honey in my tea but not often. My mom used to make me drink tea with honey when my throat would get sore and I hated it, but now I have a feeling it will settle my stomach. Once I find out if I’m really pregnant or not I’m going to ask Tess what she does to settle her stomach.
I look up at the clock and realize that it’s time to check the test now. My hands start to shake and my palms get all sweaty. I’m really scared about what it’s going to say. I know I’ll be excited yet scared if it says yes, and I’ll be disappointed if it says no. I tried not to get my hopes up but the thought of a little Max running around makes me giddy and I can’t help but want to be pregnant.
“Max, uh, it’s time,” I say getting out of my chair.
He follows me to the bathroom and I pick up the test. We both look at the part that displays the answer. I look into Max’s eyes and he’s looking into mine.

Part 3: (Max’s POV)

Liz looks at me as we walk into the bathroom. I can tell she’s nervous about reading what it says, hell I’m nervous too. I’m excited about the thought of being a father but I’m scared out of my mind. I mean what if I’m not a good parent?
“Max I can’t look at it you have to,” she tells me.
I only nod my head as my voice seems to have left me at the moment. I pick up the test and look at it. “Uh, what is it supposed to look like if it’s yes?” I ask her.
“A double pink line,” she tells me.
My eyes fill with tears. I’m going to be a father, holy crap we’re going to be parents. “We’re pregnant,” I tell her.
“Oh my God!” she exclaims before bursting into tears. “I can’t believe it.”
I hold Liz in my arms while she cries. I know exactly how she feels and it’s amazing. I mean it’s scary but so exciting and wonderful at the same time. It’s really hard to explain.
Liz begins to calm down as the phone rings. I kiss her forehead before walking to the kitchen to answer it.
“Hello?” I say.
“Max, it’s dad. We’re meeting everyone for breakfast in about a half hour. Can you two make it?” he asks me.
“Yeah, we’ll be there,” I tell him. “See you in a half hour. Hey, where are me meeting?”
“Oh yeah, how silly of me sorry. We’re meeting at our hotel. The room number is 347,” he says.
“Ok, we’ll see you then,” I say hanging up the phone.
I walk back into the bathroom to see Liz washing her face. She’s trying to erase the signs of her crying I think that’s so adorable. “Everyone is meeting for breakfast in a half hour. Will you be ready by then?” I ask her.
“Yeah, I’ve just got to jump in the shower really quick,” she tells me. I do too so we decide to take one together and save time.
We know we’re on a tight schedule so we can’t take advantage of this combined shower which totally sucks but we’ll have plenty of time for that later. Right now we need to get washed, dressed, and over to our parent’s room as quickly as possible. Then of course there’s the little matter of telling everyone about the baby. I wonder what they are all going to say.
I mean I know they won’t think we are getting married just because Liz is pregnant, they know us both better then that. But I’m still a little afraid of Mrs. Parker. I know she’s come to terms with Liz dating an alien, but there is still this underlying fear that she’ll try to tear us apart again.
Anyway enough of those depressing thoughts I’m in a shower with a naked Liz, I should be thinking about other things. I place a little kiss on her shoulder while she rinses off her front and she turns around and smiles at me, and it’s one of those smiles that turns me to putty. This is so not good. My knees get all weak and I fell like if I don’t hold onto the wall I just might fall to the floor. We really need to finish this shower before things get out of hand.
Liz turns off the water and I thank God for small favors. We jump out of the shower, well ok we don’t actually jump, but we get out of the shower and grab our towels. I help Liz dry off and she walks to our room to get dressed. I stay behind and try to calm my raging hormones before joining her in our room. When I walk in she’s already got her clothes on and I grab a pair of boxers out of the underwear drawer and pull then on while looking for something to wear.
Liz hands me my green sweater, the one she loves to see me in and I smile at her.
“What?” she asks. “I’m in a happy mood, and I want to see you looking all yummy.”
I chuckle and pull the sweater over my head after I don a t-shirt. Then I walk to the closet and pull out a pair of tan Dockers and my loafers. Yeah I know coming to Boston sorta prepped me out a bit but I still have my normal clothes. I just wanted to look a little special today, I mean Liz and I are about to drop another bomb on everyone. Yesterday it was our engagement and today it’s the baby, I’m afraid they all might just go nuts or something.
We rush down to the car and I drive over to the hotel as quickly as the speed limit laws allow me to. We’re only a couple of minutes late which is a good thing because I didn’t want to hear anyone’s mouth about why we were late. I knock on the door and my dad flings it open.
“Ah, you’re here, great! Now we’re only waiting for Izzy and Alex,” he says ushering us in.
Thank God we aren’t the last ones to arrive. Although I should have known Izzy would be the last person to arrive, I mean it does take her like ten years to get ready. Alex is going to be late for everything unless he gets Izzy to get ready much earlier in the future.
Liz and I sit on one of the beds and get comfortable since we don’t know how long my sister is going to be. I rest against the headboard and Liz leans up against me. I kiss the top of her head and I feel her snuggle into my chest. This is the calmest I’ve been all morning. Liz has that effect on me and I can’t explain why. She just always manages to calm me down.
Isabel and Alex arrive five minutes later and we head down to the lobby. We decided to go to IHOP for breakfast. They have the best pancakes, and I’m dying for pancakes! Everyone follows Michael to the restaurant and we only have to wait for twenty minutes which is a good thing. Usually the wait is like an hour.
Once we are seated and give our order I look at Liz. It’s now or never. She nods her head and grabs my hand. I giver hers a reassuring squeeze and clear my throat. Everyone turns their heads towards us and I almost chicken out. This is just too scary.
“Um, I know we sort of made a huge announcement yesterday but there is something else we REALLY need to tell you,” I say.
“What is it honey?” my mom asks.
“Well, um, you see…I’m uh, well, I’m pregnant,” Liz stammers.
I caress the back of her hand with my thumb trying to calm her down. I know this is hard and I think she’s very brave for just blurting it out.
“Is this why you’re getting married?” Mrs. Parker asks.
If anyone asked that question I knew it would be her. I just have this feeling she still doesn’t think Liz and I should be together, but we don’t care what she thinks. We love one another and we will be together, forever.
“No. I had planned to ask Liz to marry me right after graduation for months now. You can ask Michael, Alex, and Kyle. They were with me when I picked out the ring, and I told them of my plan,” I say.
“You didn’t tell me!” Maria screeched.
“Maria! We’re in public,” her mother hissed.
Maria blushed. “Sorry.”
“Anyway Liz and I thought something was up yesterday when she couldn’t stop throwing up but we weren’t sure what it was until we went to Michael’s after graduation. You remember when Liz jumped up and ran from the room, well she had another case of the upset stomach and we realized then and there that she could be pregnant,” I say.
“So on our way home yesterday we bought a pregnancy test and I took it this morning. It was positive,” Liz finished.
“Oh sweetie! This is great news! I’m going to be a grandmother,” my mom exclaims.
“Are you happy honey?” her dad asks her.
“Yes very much so. I’m a little scared, but overall I’m very happy,” she confesses.
“Then I’m happy for you as well. I can’t believe I’m going to be a grandfather,” he says hugging Liz.
She starts crying again and I smile at her. I have a feeling this is going to be one emotional pregnancy.


I know the new part isn’t that long, but my brain stopped working on me. I promise the next part will be longer…and I won’t wait so long before updating it.

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Katie...Thank you so much for pointing out that there wasn't a part 3. I could have sworn I saw it on my word doc...oh well. So I changed part 4 to part 3. Thanks again! I'll try to update this one soon!

You are the best babe! luv ya!

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Note: Has it been that long since I last posted this…or does it just seem that way? I’m not sure but I am so glad that you guys are liking it! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and thanks. Ok, enough of the babble, yes I can hear you all yelling to be quite and get on with the fic! LOL, so without further ado, here it is!

Part 4: (Liz’s POV)

Oh God! I’m crying I can’t believe I’m crying, and over nothing. All my dad said was he’s so happy for me and he can’t believe he’s going to be a grandfather, and I start bawling. What the hell is wrong with me?

I don’t even know why I asked that question, I’m pregnant, that is what’s wrong with me. My hormones are going to be all out of whack for a while and I guess it’s all ready starting. I feel bad for Max. Look what he’s going to have to put up with.

He strokes the back of my hand with his thumb trying to calm me down. Have I told him how much I love him today? I can’t remember I’ll just have to do it again. I mean a girl can’t say that enough trust me.

“I love you,” I whisper leaning my head on his shoulder.

“I love you too. So much,” he replies kissing the top of my head.

My mom still hasn’t said anything yet and that scares me. The only other time she was this quiet she ended up ripping me out of Max’s arms causing me to retreat into this black void that I didn’t know how to get out of. If Max hadn’t figured out how to get me we would never be where we are today.

I look over at my mother trying to gauge her reaction, but I can’t read anything on her face. She doesn’t seem pissed, but her face is so devoid of emotion right now that she could just be hiding it. I shudder despite the warmth I feel coming from Max’s body and he wraps his arms around me.

“Honey are you all right?” my dad asks me drawing my eyes away from my mother to rest on him.

“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine. I, ah, got a chill,” I say not wanting anyone to know the uneasy feeling I’m getting from looking at my mother.

I thought that we had gotten past this. I guess not. It still seems that she doesn’t like the fact that Max and I are going to be together. Well, I’ve got news for her she can’t stop me. I love Max and there is nothing she can do to take him away from me. Yes, she’s my mother, and yes, I do love her dearly, but I’m a grown woman now and I don’t have to listen to her. Besides it’s not like I live under her roof anymore. Max and I already have an apartment in Roswell. It’s right next door to Michael and Maria. Alex and Isabel live down the hallway and Kyle and Tess are moving in across from them. We all decided that we needed to stick together. We live close enough here in Boston just in case anything happened but going back to Roswell, well, we know the dangers will be higher and we will need to be really close so when we heard that a brand new apartment building was being built we rented a whole floor.

Maria and I are excited about moving back home. I mean don’t get me wrong Boston is a very nice place to live and the snow is definitely very pretty, but I miss the heat and the desert of New Mexico. I miss being able to drive out into the desert with just a light jacket in case it gets cold in the middle of winter, to look at the stars with Max. You can’t do that here in Boston; it’s too damned cold. Although they’re other things to do, like spend some nice quite time in front of a roaring fire. Those nights I longed for and one of the things I’m going to miss about this beautiful city that we’ve lived in for the past four years.

Our food is finally brought to the table and my wandering mind decides to take a much-needed rest. I watch as Max looks around the table hoping that there is Tabasco Sauce on it but knowing that there won’t be. I know that is one of the main reasons he’s excited to be going back home. He missed being able to go anywhere and them having Tabasco on the table. I reach into my purse and pull out a small bottle. I leaned a while ago to stock up not only for the apartment, but for when we go out as well.

Max smiled at me when I handed him the sauce and I couldn’t help but smile back. Even with all my troubled thoughts he can still make me smile with just a look. I push all my thoughts to the side and focus on my pancakes and Max. He douses his pancakes with Tabasco Sauce and Maple Syrup. I still cringe at that but hey whatever floats your boat. I wonder if my tastes are going to change during this pregnancy?

Oh man, blueberry pancakes are definitely the best! Max of course disagrees with me, he thinks that Chocolate Chip pancakes are the best but I think that’s only because he’s obsessed with chocolate. I’m very happy that my stomach is settled today and I didn’t have any episodes of needing to empty it because then I’d be missing out on these heavenly pancakes. I definitely need to have Max make me some one of these days. He’s actually a very good cook, which Isabel tells me he didn’t get from their mother.

After breakfast we have about two hours before our parents need to go to the airport so we decide to go back to Alex and Isabel’s to relax. They live the closest to the airport, which is why we’ve decided on their place. My mother still hasn’t said anything about my pregnancy, which really hurts me. I mean please say something. Tell me you’re disappointed, or that you are excited, or hell tell me I’m stupid. Just say something. I can’t take the silent treatment. I know I’ve got to confront her when we get to Alex and Isabel’s but I really don’t want to do it in front of everyone. Maybe I’ll just ask her to stay outside with me so we can talk before going up. I know Max isn’t going to like that idea, he always wants to keep me in sight whenever he can so he knows that I’m ok, and I know it’s only going to get worse now that I’m pregnant, but this is very important. My mother and I really need to talk and damn it, we will talk in privacy.

Max and I are the second to arrive at Alex’s place. I turn to Max getting ready to tell him that I need to speak to my mother alone when he turns to me.

“I know. I don’t like it but I know and I think you need to talk to her too. I won’t be upstairs but I’ll give you your privacy. I’ll be sitting on the stairs just in case you need me,” he tells me.

“How did you know what I was going to say?” I ask him.

“I don’t know really, but from the way you kept looking at your mom through breakfast I knew that you’d want to speak to her alone. Just know that I’ll be close if you need me,” he says.

I kiss his lips ever so softly. “Thank you for understanding Max,” I say.

“You’re welcome. I love you Liz, and with that love comes understanding and compromise, even if I don’t exactly like it,” he says smiling.

“I know,” I say taking a deep breath. Our parents just arrived. I can see Max’s parents getting out of the car so I open my door and step out. It’s now or never and a part of my mind is screaming NEVER, but I can’t live like that. My mother needs to know that there is nothing she can do to keep Max and I apart. I’m not a little girl anymore, she can’t dictate who I am allowed to see. And besides you can’t choose who you fall in love with, and my heart has always belonged to Max Evans.

My mother is the last person to get out of the car and I brace myself as she looks up at me. I can’t read her eyes and that scares me. Usually I have no problem reading her, why is today different. Chills start to sweep over my body and I think that maybe now isn’t the right time to confront her. Something isn’t right. I start backing away from her wanting to run. She looks so cold, almost as if she’s not really there.

“Max!” I yell turning around. I don’t know why I’m so spooked, it’s just my mother but I can’t help it. Something is WAY off.

I can hear everyone running towards me but the only person I want is Max. My mother is still advancing on me and the look on her face is so cold. Who is this woman and what has she done with my mother? I mean when Max and I announced that we were getting married she was very excited, why is she so angry now that I’m having a baby? I can’t understand it.

I feel warm and secure arms wrap around my shaking form and I press myself into Max’s embrace. I’m starting to calm down a bit but I still can’t shake this fear that I’ve got deep in the pit of my stomach. Something isn’t right and things are going to turn ugly. That’s what my instincts are telling me and usually they aren’t wrong.

“Are you ok?” Maria asks coming to stand in front of me.

I nod my head and answer her, “Y-y—yes,” I stammer. I can’t get my voice to stop shaking.

“Oh Lizzy! You’re shaking like a leaf. Come on lets get you upstairs and I’ll make some tea. Then you can tell us what happened,” Isabel says to me.

I mutely nod my head but I can’t take my eyes off my mother. Her emotions are masked again and she seems like a shell. I mean it’s hard to explain it’s my mothers face and her body but it’s like she isn’t inside of it. The woman who I’ve loved my whole entire life doesn’t seem to be in her body. I get a creepy feeling again and a sense of dread washes over me. I fell like I’ve been transported into the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Wow, if Alex could hear my thoughts he’d probably laugh. My mind never rambles like that, it’s more of a Maria thing but I guess since I’m completely freaked out my brain isn’t working right. I’m not sure. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m not explaining anything until that woman is no longer in my sight. I can’t call her my mother right now because she’s not, she’s something else and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Max leads me upstairs and I don’t even realize where I am until Isabel places a cup of hot tea in my hands. I slowly come out of my thoughts and look around me. Everyone except my mother has worry etched on their faces and I shudder again. What the hell is going on with her? I really need to talk to Max, ALONE! It’ll have to wait until after we drop out parents off at the airport though. I can’t say anything right now, not with her watching my every move. There is almost something sinister in the way she’s looking at me. It’s almost like a predator watching it’s pray waiting for the precise moment to attack.

Max sits next to me and takes one of my hands. He gives it a gentle squeeze and I smile at him. Thank God, he wasn’t that far away from me outside. I have a really bad feeling that if he had come upstairs he wouldn’t have gotten to me in time. I don’t know why I feel this way, I mean I’m talking about my MOTHER, but I just know something awful would have happened if Max didn’t reach me in time. The moment he put his arms around me that dead look appeared on her face again. The evil menacing look was gone and it was replaced with the board, dead look she was wearing at breakfast.

I will be so happy when this hour passes so we can drop our parents off and then get down to business. We need to find out what is happening because I know it’s something.

“Liz, honey, do you want to tell us what freaked you out outside?” Mrs. Evans asks me.

Do I want to explain it? Yes I do. Can I explain it? NO! Not right now. My gaze rises to my mother and she’s got this sinister smile on her face, almost as if she knows I won’t say anything in front of everyone. That smile changes my mind. I need to tell everyone before someone gets hurt.

“Well, here’s the thing,” I begin smiling at the shocked look on my mothers face. “Something is wrong.”

“What do you mean something’s wrong!” Maria exclaims starting to freak out.

I reach into the drawer of the table next to me pulling out a bottle of Maria’s oil and toss it to Michael. He smiles at me catching it and hands it to Maria. She opens the top and inhales deeply calming down.

“I can’t really explain it but something isn’t right with my mother. She looked so evil outside, like she wanted to hurt me,” I whisper.

I can hear my father gasp and his denial breaks my heart. I don’t want to believe it either but it’s true.

“You are very astute little Queen. You won’t be able to hide forever,” my mother says before grabbing her temples screaming in pain. I jump off the couch and run to her but Max grabs my hand stopping me.

My mother looks up at me again sneering. “Your child will never be born Liz. I can promise you that,” she says collapsing on the floor.

I start to cry after that. I can’t believe it. My mother doesn’t want to see my child born. What the hell is going on? This can’t be right.

I hear my mother groaning on the ground and turn towards her. Michael has his hand raised ready to blast if necessary.

“NO!” I yell causing everyone to look at me. “You can’t hurt her Michael! She’s my mother!” I scream.

“I’m not going to hurt her Liz. Not unless she gives me a reason to,” he says.

“Lizzy?” my mother calls.

“Mom?” I question not really sure it’s her.

“Where am I?” she asks. “How did I get here? What happened?”

“You’re at Alex and Isabel’s. We came here after breakfast remember? We went to IHOP,” I say keeping my distance just in case.

“I didn’t go to IHOP. What’s going on? I don’t even remember waking up. The last thing I remember is going to bed with thoughts of your wedding in my head and the thought of finally having grandchildren running around the house,” she confessed.

“OH MY GOD!” Maria shrieks before fainting.

Great, just great! We so don’t need this right now.


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