TITLE: Champagne Supernova
AUTHOR: Fixius....as most would assume
SUMMARY: Some of you may be wondering where the hell I've been and where Hollow and Complexity have been as well. As soon as you read this you'll know why. Why? You might ask, and hypothetically you just did, well my friends b/c of this very reason. This is a TRUE story. My story. This is what's been going on with me for the last couple of months. Only now we're all fictional characters....the first person who can guess which character I am first gets a cookie.
**Lots 'o' weird coupling in the beginning but it's definately M/L** Liz POV
RATED: Psshh, the day you rate your life is a very scary day.
DISCLAIMER: Me no own nada. Comprende?
DISTRIBUTION: If you're insane enough to want it (and I'll love you if you do) just ask and I'll most likely say yes, my ego enjoys situations such as these.

oh yeah, and one more thing...

FEEDBACK please.

Background info for your well, information....

Liz: has had a crush on Kyle since freshman year. Now in her junior year, they're cast together in the school play and things may be looking up for little Lizzie. Then again, they're probably not.

Maria: Liz's best friend since grade six and has a HUGE crush on Max. Max, unfortunately for her, has no interest in her and has a secret crush on Courtney which only Liz knows about.

Max: is one of those guys who has everything given to him. He's an amazing actor and guitarist blah blah blah.

Courtney: Liz and Maria's friend. Unfortunately for Maxie, she doesn't like him romantically and refuses to date anyone who does not already attend college.

Kyle: every underclassman girl loves Kyle. Whenever Liz doesn't like him he likes her, and whenever she likes him he suddenly "doesn't want a girlfriend." Weird....

Michael: Friend of Liz's and Courtney's. Maria likes him too, but not quite intensely as Max. But ya never know...

Tess: every guy wants to date Tess, and most guy's have. She's currently dating a football player and is the friend of Liz, Courtney, and Maria.

One more thing, Liz, Max, Kyle, Maria, and Courtney are all in the play together.

Stick Isabel and Alex in there and I think that's everyone. Damn, hand cramp already and I haven't even started the damn thing...


"A closet?"

"Yeah, we need to practice." Kyle looks at me stupidly. Okay you know what? Fine whatever.

I walk in and I sit down on a stool at the far end. It's more of a small room then a closet really. This is the spot where the band people hang all their uniforms and sheet music. Another mystery solved, oh what a glorious day.

"All right I guess I'll be Swift too." In our play, there are three of us. Me, Kyle, and Casey. The thing is, we're monkeys. Talking monkeys. Yes, MONKEYS. And damn it all to hell, Casey doesn't even show up. Now I'm stuck in a closet or room or whatever with Kyle Valenti.

Of course I don't like him anymore. Really.

"I can't believe you didn't like 'Stand by Me.' What? Oh, are you talking? Right oh yeah.

On our one and only semi-date, I went to his house and we watched 'Stand by Me', you may of heard of it, it's this 80's B movie. Which, in my opinion, are always the best kind.

"It's not like we even watched the movie." Okay, eww, no people, no. We talked. TALKED.

"Well, we'll just have to watch it again." Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

"Who says we'll watch it this time?" Who says I wanna spend time with you huh? Okay I'm being obvious aren't I? Do you think I'm being obvious?

"Okay, so this time, we'll sit on opposite sides of the room."

"Like that'll last." Holy shit. I said that?

"How bout we make a bet?" Kyle gets up from his seat and walks the whole two steps to the other side of the room and situates himself into one of the open closets that hold the band uniforms. "Whoever moves first loses."

I'm not moving. La la la. Still not moving. Okay, how the hell did he fit in there? What the hell? is he laying on a box? Look at that, he just killed the box.

"Screw this I'm goin to sleep." Kyle gets up from his "comfortable" position to turn off the lights.

"Ha ha, you lost." Of course I'm just covering for the fact I'm in a darkened closet with Kyle. But no one else needs to know that.

"Damn it." He waddles back to his box and plops down with a contented sigh. Guys are just pleased way to easily.

I survey the room awkwardly and am met with the disturbing eyes of Chris McChristen. The Chris McChristen who is physically high 24/7. He looks into the room through the small window on the door. Chris turns away, but then decides against it and instead flicks the light switch, smirks, shuts the lights back off and leaves. He repeats this process several times. The light switch just HAD to be on the outside, huh?

"Okay, what the hell is wrong with Chris?" If the guy didn't creep me out before he does now.

Kyle shrugs. "I dunno. Here, help me up." I sigh and take Kyle's outstretched hand. Okay, pull, still pulling, yeah I guess I shoulda figured he was a little heavier than me.

"Yeah, Kyle. This isn't working."

"Come on, help me up." I reach again, but this time he trys to pull me down on top of him.


"Um, yeah Kyle. No."

Lights on. Snicker. Lights off. Why hello there Chris. That's just still so very funny.

"You know what?" I say in exasperation. "The next time he comes we should just pretend to be making out so he leaves us alone." I'm joking. You guys can tell I'm joking right.

Lights on. Snicker. Fake make out scene. Horrified face of Chris. Lights off.

I was JOKING!!! Okay, yeah so that was funny.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" Maria walks into the "room" only to find Kyle and myself scrunched into a closet laughing our respective asses off.

"Okay, so Chris he kept trying to freak us out by turning the lights on and off. And at first I was like, okay, acid trip, but he kept doing it. So the last time he came we pretended to make out and it was so funny. Oh my god, my side hurts." Am I rambling? This is normal right?

"Right. Okay guys. Uh, bye now." Maria shuts the door and leaves a little to quickly for my taste.

Kyle smiles at me. "Okay baby, now that they're gone let's do this." Ha ha funny...oh hey you're really kissing me.

Wait... what?


Oh my god. I hope none of these people are closet Roswell fans...*bounce*