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Unknown Connection

by, Jessica( AllAboutEyesS09)

Summary: Liz and Max have always been meant to be, but what if that was to change and
fate would change courses.
Category: M/L, L/Z
Spoiler: Post Meet the Dupes
Rating: PG-13

11:00 A.M. New York City, 1999

Deep within the sewers of New York city, a not so normal family of teens lived.
They had been taking care of themselves since the day the hatched. Or so they called it. You see they weren’t born, they were created. And if your thinking that this is impossible. You quite right. For humans that is. You see aliens have an advantage. Yes, this small family of punks, were aliens. On the wall of their moldy home was the pods. The place where they were born. They were sent here by another alien planet, millions of light years away. But the strange thing was these teens had a past life, where they ruled their alien kingdom. Zan, was the brave alien King, with his wife, Ava, by his side, and his second in command Rath. And then their was Lonnie, who had betrayed them all and went on the side of the skins, their enemies. But one thing that these teens knew that others didn’t was that, they all had their own twin. Their Dupes. Which were to be there in case if anything went wrong with them.

“ Lonnie!” Rath shouted as he walked down the ladder coming from an alley way. He seemed angry and tempered.

Zan sat on the coach and rolled his eyes as he stared at his basketball. They were going to fight, Rath and Lonnie, then end up, in the next room, doing naughty things. At about this time Zan would leave and wonder around the streets, with Ava following close behind like a lost puppy. Sometimes he wants to just shove her on the ground and tell her to just go to hell. But Zan could never do that. Ava was like a sister to him. But she thought more of him. She knew they were meant to be. But Zan knew that someone else was out there for him. He knew they were.
Just as Zan finally escaped the horny birds realm Ava was right behind him.

“ Zan, you wanna go get a pizza?” Ava asked as she finally caught up to him. She grab him on the shoulder and slipped an arm around his waste. And for the first time in a long time he didn’t swap it away.

He looked at her and smiled. “ Love ta!”

She smiled as they were about to enter the Pizza parlor. It was nice that Zan was finally warming up to her after all these years. But she also knew he would never love her like she loved him. She loved him till there was no end. She wanted to spend the rest of her days by his side as his loyal wife. But she knew it wasn’t going to happen. But she was becoming concerned of him. He was having very bad head aches, and would occasionally faint. Then it happened. Just as Zan opened the door he stopped, and wouldn’t let go of the handle. After asking him what was wrong she noticed he was clutching to the handle, that his knuckles were turning white. Then he started to breath hard, and sweat terribly.
Zan was hearing someone in his head. They were whispering, then screaming for help, then
flashes went through his head, of a brunette girl, who was petite. Her eyes were a fantastic doe.She was bleeding, she was shot. He could feel the pain. His stomach felt like it was just ripped open, and was being pulled inside out. Zan leaned all of his weight onto Ava, and she just about fell over. He whimpered a little as they entered the alley way. Zan could still feel the angels pain. He wanted so badly to heal her but he couldn’t. But then he saw him. His dupe. He jumped into action and ripped her uniform open, and lay his hand down onto the wound, and healed her of any pain. But Zan knew that what he had just done, was a not so slick move. But Zan could still feel the pain. It was ripping her apart. Then her thoughts of Max flowed through her mind. His name was repeating over and over in his head, and her head. It was driving him insane. Then he heard Ava begin swearing, and looking down he saw blood through out his whole shirt. He knew he could easily heal his wound, but he felt something not so good happening within himself. Not so good at all. And the only thing that came to his mind was “ FUCK!”

Two Years later: Roswell, New Mexico. 7:30 2001

The whole gang sat in the Crashdown and talked about a few things with each other. They were talking about one thing and that thing only. The skins, and their leader Kivar. This subject was annoying Isabel terribly. It was bad enough that the thought of betraying Max was killing her. But now he is talking about it right in front of her.

“ Max! Pleases could we talk about normal thing’s for once!” she yelled as she became very angry.

Max looked at her strangely and said “ Is, we aren’t normal.”

Isabel was takin back by this and stood from the booth and walked out of the Crashdown, whipping the door open on her way out. Max sat there and stared at her as she went. Something was bothering her lately, everyone could see it, it was changing her, and taking over the old Isabel. But then he turned his head to see Liz taking orders from different people all around the Crashdown. She was working really had that night. But he had no intention of helping her out. It might have sound bitter and cold, but she hurt him more than anyone could have ever done, and at the same time loved him like no one else could. She slept with Kyle, her ex-boyfriend. But Max couldn’t blame her. Max and her weren’t actually together anyways. But he could see in her eyes that, she had loved him just like he loved her. They were soul mates. Or so he thought.

“ Hi Max.” Liz said as she walked up to his booth. He smiled then looked away again.

Liz hated this she felt like fatal disease. “ What would you like?”

“ A Alien Blast.” he said with a cold voice, just so blank.

“ Max will you ever talk to me again?” Liz asked, looking like she was about to cry.

“ I don’t know Liz. You killed me, what else can I say. Dead Men don’t talk.” Max told her as he sat there becoming more cold by the second, and filled with deep dark anger. But still feeling love. Love that was inching into trash.

“ Max, I’m sorry.” she cried, as a single tear slipped down her eye, and she walked away and ended up in the back room.

Sitting on the coach she muffled her cried with a pillow. And lay there for the rest of her shift. Hopefully, she could move on, and try to look of to a world she hadn’t yet explored. The anger that Max felt towards her was literally ripping her insides apart. Ever day she would feel another tare at her heart, as if it were real. But she kept telling herself, that she just wasn’t good enough, that she wasn’t his soul mate. Tess was. And that she had always been ever since there previous life. But her thoughts were interrupted when she saw Isabel enter the back room, with her orange purse , and her short red dress. She looked away finding herself in the position she was in awkward. She looked at Liz and saw the tearing eyes and went ice queen.
“ What’s your problem?” se asked as she set her purse down on the end table of the chair beside the door way of the backroom.

“ Why would you care.” Liz said with a muffled angry voice. She thought, how dare she come in here and act like bitch toward me, and not even care.

“ Because, I do.” she said her cold attitude slowly becoming more welcoming and warm.

“ Well if you wanna know so bad, then here ya go. I slept with Kyle Valenti. And your brother
just happened to find us in a not so great position. And now he hates me, even though I love him, and the funny part is, and believe me it’s funny, I didn’t even sleep with him.” Liz stopped to take a breath and saw Isabel looking at her strangely, with a confused look on her face.

“ So...” Isabel said as if it were no big deal. Liz looked at her stumped not believing that Isabel wasn’t kicking her ass for killing her brother. “ Listen Liz, My brother, God help him. He’s a dumb ass when it comes to reality. He believes in this shit about soul mates and true love. But in the long run, it’s a load of shit.” Liz was amazed by Isabel’s language. She didn’t normally use such vulgar. “ But He thought you were proof of this. Cause the connection he felt with you was so strong. Me? I say they are just some strong teenage hormones. But Max thought you were it, you were the one. But you know what fairy tales can shatter, and there is those happy ending but they don’t happen often.”

Liz took Isabel’s words in and they some what made sense to her. Life isn’t a fairy tale and she was blinding herself with that. Maybe it was time to get over this and grow up. The pain wouldn’t be so heart wrenching if she did.


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Summary: Liz and Max have always been meant to be, but what if that was to change and
fate would change courses.
Category: M/L, L/Z
Spoiler: Post Meet the Dupes
Rating: PG-13


As Max walked through the park the night had already taken over. The air was cool. And once in a long time felt free from everything, everything except Liz. She was constantly in his head. If not her face was in his head than her voice or her name constantly spun through out his head. He was driving himself insane. He had so much anger towards her, but then he still loved her so much. He slowly sat down on a bench an looked up at the stars, and questioned their meaning. He was so confused and he hated his life. He would never, move on. If he tried he couldn’t. She was the one for him. But why did it have to be so hard.

“ Max?” someone asked at his side.

Max quickly turned his head to see Tess, with pink and black hair that came to her chin. He chuckled at the site. Then he saw she was wearing black bots, that were smudged and ugly beyond belief. And her mini skirt looked as if it were falling apart. And she wore fish nets. Who wears fish nets!

“ Tess?” he laughed as he slowly stood up. She looked terrible. “ What’s with the new look?”

“ Max I’m not Tess. My name is Ava. I’m Tess’s twin. And your twin needs you help! “ Ava exclaimed, very worried. And she was trembling.

“ Tess, I mean, Ava. Did you bump your head or something?’ Max asked extremely serious.

“ Max, this aint no fuckin JOKE!” she yelled with anger and rage filling her veins. “ Listen just meet me at the UFO center thingy.”

“ Tess,” Max started trying to get a better understanding then what he was.

“ JUST DO WHAT I FUCKIN SAID!” she screamed once again. HEr anger was coming to a boiling point, and she was beginning to spill over.

So Max had done what she had said, and an hour later he. Michael, Isabel, Maria, Alex, Tess, and Liz stood at the bottom of the stairwell, as Max explained to them what had happened to him at the park. They were all convinced that this woman was not Tess, knowing that Tess was at the crashdown with Isabel and Michael all day long. Everyone was confused, and dieing to know who this IMPOSTER was. Michael stood at Maria’s side and soon held hand’s. They both looked at each other not even noticing what they had done, but didn’t even try to pull apart. Max and Liz both saw this who were standing next to each other at the moment, and slowly looked at each other, and looked into each others eyes for a few seconds and looked away. Then Liz found a seat on the stair way and sat down, every now and then, looking up at Max and finding herself staring into his eyes, only because he was looking to.
Then they heard the doors swing open at the top of the stairs and down came Ava, and
a man who looked like Michael, dressed in street and punk clothes. With Michaels dupe carrying a skateboard in and then cracking that in half over his knee. He then threw the remaining pieces over the stairway.

“ I hate skate borders.” he announced to the whole room.

Liz quickly stood up and walked over to Maria and Michael and linked arms with Alex who walked to her side and then barried herself in his arms. These people were actually scary. Then she saw him. it was Max, but taller, more built, and he looked so much more, Powerful. HE had his long hair in spikes, with a duster to top the whole outfit off. He was from the street’s you could tell. But he had the same eye’s a Max but more deeper, and darker. He didn’t have those old flecks, the strange thing was his were silver flecks. he seemed less angel like, but it was comforting strangely. Then he took her by surprise, and walked up to her and slowly reached out his hand and touched her cheek. She slowly moved her way out of Alex’s arms and Alex moved to her side still holding her hand. Then a green lightning bolt went through her system, Sending her many feet into the air and throwing her against the stone wall on the other side of the room. Zan did the same. he Body flew so far he was rammed into the wall across from her. But with his luck he fell onto a large desk falling to the floor.

Just as Max watched Liz’s body fly into the wall, he yelled “ LIZ!” and was soon at her side like a speed of lightning. He held her in his lap and slowly woke her up. Turning her over he saw a long cut across her cheek bone and her shirt tore. Looking at the blood drip he was filed with anger, and started towards Zan, ready to kill.

“ Max! NO!” Liz yelled out to him. as she lifted her hand a large ball of green light came out and it shielded Zan.

MAx whipped around in shock. Liz had powers. Had she known this whole time. Millions of questions rushed through his head but he could only make out one “ Why?”

“ I could hear him in my head. I could feel what he was feeling. He didn’t do it on purpose he had no intention of doing so.” she said with a weak voice. But as she lifted her self to her knees she looked at Zan. And he looked back and smiled. He was grateful.

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Unknown Connection

by, Jessica( AllAboutEyesS09)

Summary: Liz and Max have always been meant to be, but what if that was to change and
fate would change courses.
Category: M/L, L/Z
Spoiler: Post Meet the Dupes
Rating: PG-13


“ So hold on a second! Does this mean your our dupes?” Isabel asked as she sat confused on the stair well. Lonnie shook her head and stood from her beach chair.

“ Maybe I should explain this better. Listen their are two sets of pods. And one is the true, royals. But then there is you, the back ups. You are the defects.” Lonnie told them with a smart ass’s attitude. And as she walked past Michael, she rammed into his shoulder. Michael was soon taken over by anger and was about to start something, but Maria grabbed his arm and shook her head. It was a bad Idea to get in a fight with these people. They were to strong to rebellious, more than Michael would ever be.

“ Defects. What is it that is wrong with us?” Max asked as he stood at the edge of the stairwell, with his hand over Liz’s wound on her face, healing it properly.

“ What you don’t have is, the royal seal. That I have.” Zan said as he sat in the bench he had brought up from the basement. “ And the reason you don’t have it is because I still livin’.”

“ So then, what is it that you need help with?” Tess asked. “ Even though now were defects, and NOT the royal four.”

“ I can’t believe my dupe is such a BITCH.” Ava said disappointed. She walked over to Zan and linked arms with him. Tess saw this and smiled, then looked at Max.

“ So you know abou’ da the Royal chamber dingy right?” Lonnie asked as she again sat down on top of a desk.

“ Yeah, about the whole having to save the planet thing right?” Liz asked. Rath looked at her wide eyes and jaw hanging.

“ You saw it!” he gasped. Liz nodded and looked confused. “ What happened?”

“ Nothing.” Max answered for Liz.

“ But if any human were ta enter da Chamber they would die a miserable death. Do you think that we came without thinking first did ya?” Rath said confused by why she didn’t die.

“ She was healed by the savior of our planet.” Zan said simply looking at Max. He remembered the vision that he had two years ago, of Liz inching towards death as the blood quickly fled from her stomach, he healed her with the palm of her hand leaving a silver hand print.

“ How did you know that!” Liz gasped as she stood quickly from her chair, frightened.

“ Somethin happened two years ago dat I can’t explain. I saw you get shot. I felt the pain as if it were my own, and turns out it was my own at that same exact moment I was shot. And I hear what you thinking when you were dying I could feel what you were feeling. I saw every image in yur mind. And I saw your face. I thought I fell and got knocked out and I was dreaming, but I was seein through yo eyes.” Zan said as he walked closer and closer towards her. “ Liz after that I saw every thing, that you share with MAx. But Liz we share this connection. I don’t know how in the hell it happened. But this connection is literally been killing me. Every single time I see something I fall, and I start shaking. One time I ended up in dead. But Lonnie and Rath brought me back. That was when you and Max, got a little frisky.” Zan said as he stopped a foot from her. Liz blush embarrassed that he had seen that. “ But Liz. We have to find out what the hell this means, because if we don’t something bad is going to happen, not only to me but all of us. Your Max, Isabel, Michael. And sorry, Tess to. We are all going to die. Their is a link somewhere out there that we have to find. And you can help us do that.” he told her. Then he bent down and softly kissed her on the cheek.

“ Ok.” Liz answered and blushed more. he was taking her over. The feeling she experienced when he kissed her was undeniable attraction. It must sound crazy, but she had the hots for Max’s twin. His beautiful yet strange eyes, his GREAT body. And his touch was crazy!

Max saw this and started to clench his jaw, rage was pacing through his veins. He could have killed Zan. But he just thought it was kind of wrong to try and kill someone who looked like you.


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Unknown Connection

by, Jessica( AllAboutEyesS09)\

Authors not: I have to admit I think this is the best I’ve written yet. LOL. Well hope you like it.

Summary: Liz and Max have always been meant to be, but what if that was to change and
fate would change courses.
Category: M/L, L/Z
Spoiler: Post Meet the Dupes
Rating: PG-13

That night Liz had to serve tables. It was deserted so she never had to break a sweat.
It was her first night all week wear she could sit back and just get comfortable. All week she had to deal with little children, who you tend to crash into all night. They run around throw napkins, and her favorite, food at the waitress’s. And it was usually her. And the parents just thought that it was just so cute, when they did it. They would let them run around, scream, boop, pea, where ever they pleases. Liz would look at them and they would shrug and smile and say “ There kids. What do you do with them..” This sickened Liz. She thought, you tie them to a chair give them ridalin then duck tape their mouths shut. They were so annoying when they reached the toddler age. Then when they reached teen’s in her opinion you might as well send them to military school, that would put them in their line. But when she thought about it they would feel as if they were nothing as well. No, she would do that, just simply kicked them out of the house.

In reality Liz nodded her head, telling herself, good idea.

Then the dor jingled, indicating someone had walked in. She turned around to see Janet, the waitress who worked there as well walk in. She smiled, but looked really, uncomfortable, and...scared. She walked over to Liz and sat on the stool beside her and said hi. Liz looked at her questioningly.

“ Janet? What is it?” she asked worried for her friend. Janet and her had been friends for really long time now. But not as good of friends as her and Maria. Janet and Liz hung out while working, so they wouldn’t bore themselves.

“ I dumped Bill.” she said as she looked at the counter.

“ Oh Janet!” Liz said sympathetically. She grabbed her shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze before she walked behind the counter and started to get her a coke. “ I thought you guy’s were SO perfect for each other. Janet shook her blond head and smiled.

“ Nope. He and I are DIFFERENT.” she said as she started to stare at her hands folded in front of her.

Liz handed her the coke from behind the counter and signaled her to come to the back room. Once they got in there they sat on the couch and got comfortable. Then Janet filled Liz in about all the things that were going on between her and Bill. Bill was such a dumb ass. Liz had to admit, he was to die for with his look, but he didn’t have and intelligence what so ever.

“ I’m so sorry it didn’t work out Janet. It looked like you guy’s were perfect.” Liz told her. Even though they looked good together. The dumbass part just didn’t fit in.

“ Im gonna take that as an insult.” She said as she started to giggle. “ You know it would never work out he’s to damn stupid. Even I have more brains, then JOCK boy.”

Liz laughed openly. But Janet was looking at her strangely. And Liz started to feel very uncomfortable.

“ your always there for me Liz. Always. thank you.” she said as she lightly caressed Liz’s face. Liz then was frozen in place, She was really freaked out and kind of, actually REALLY uncomfortable. Then before she knew it Janet was KISSING her . And she was so shocked she couldn’t move. Then Janet’s tongue suddenly slipped into her mouth. And her hand was still on her cheek. She then ripped her self from Janet and screamed a small scream as she fell to the floor.

“ Holy shit! What the hell!” Liz started as she backed up and slowly got to her feet. “ I don’t go for this kind of thing JANET! Im am not gay!”

Janet stood up and walked towards her and cocked her head to the side.

“ Well then that’s great. We’ll get along fine!” she said as she tried to kiss her again, but this time she grabbed Liz at the hips. Liz tore herself from her and fell through the swinging doors of the back room and fell onto the floor of the cafe. then Janet through her self on her and Liz started to scream loudly.

“ What the hell!” someone shouted from the front door of the cafe.

The two looked up to see Max, but some what different. It was Zan. He was leaning against the side of the door looking at them with confusion and interest.

“ I never would have thought........” he said as he drifted off. He looked at the two and walked over to them and helped them off of the floor.

“ I can explain.” Liz said as she finally got to her knees.

“ Oh really.” he said then dipped his head down and captured Liz’s lips with his. Then kissed her like she had never been kissed before. Then in her head she heard him. ’ Liz play along.’

So she did and kissed him back the best she could. She pulled herself as close as possible to him and kissed him as hard as she could. She placed her arms around his neck, as he placed his on her hips, ten circled her entire waist. Pulling her as close as possible. Then they both broke apart breathing heavily.

“ I got worried, you weren’t at the house as planned.” Zan said with a large grin on his face and still breathing hard.

“ Oh I am so sorry. I didn’t know you to were back together. I’m just going to go now.” Janet said embarrassed. Then ran out the door as fast as humanly possible.

Liz started laughing and pulled her self away from him and they both looked down at the ground kind of embarrassed. Then Liz turned to him.

“ Thank you for getting me out of that!” she thanked. he smiled and looked at her. Then she whined and bit her bottom lip. “ I had no idea she was like that.”

“ No problem. It was my pleasure.” he said as he bowed. She started to laugh then blush as if she were in kindergarten again.

“ OH!” she gasped and whipped towards the counter then back at him. She pointed towards the counter and asked “ Would you like something.....” she drifted off.

“ A coke thanks.” he said as he smiled. He was amused with her energy. She was just so nervous around him. She was so CUTE.

“ Umm. Ok.” she said as she started towards the counter, moving rather quickly. Zan walked slowly and casually towards the stool in front of him and took a seat and made himself comfortable.

*~ LIZ POV~*

Oh my god! He is so hot. I mean look at him. He is so comfortable. How can can he be comfortable! I’m not comfortable. Liz calm down! He is just Max’s dupe just his dupe.

Then before I reached the soda machine I was laying on the floor with a large pain going up my back. I couldn’t move especially when I saw Zan bend over the counter with wide eyes filled with concern.

“ Are you ok?” he asked with concern invading his voice.

He then jumped over the counter and stood besides me and knelt down. He slowly picked me up from the floor and held me in his lap. I felt so small. So fragile in his arms. But when I was with Max, we fit perfectly. Yup! Deffinatley like this change. He just stared at me with those beautiful eyes of his. And my hand just for some reason lifted and touched his right cheek, and then slide down to his shoulder.

“ You know I don’t know if this is the concussion I’m going to have. Or,” I put my hand to my head and winced in pain. “ Or already have. But you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”

“ It’s the concussion. But thanks anyways.” he said as he smiled. he looked at her and I continued on.

“ And you have these little silver specks.” I said in a baby voice. Not even noticing I was. Then I lifted her head towards hi and softly kissed him. Then I placed my hand on the back of his head, and started to kiss him more. Then I slipped her tongue in his mouth, and then he did the same. He lifted me up and lay down on the hard cafe floor. And lay beneath me as he kissed me more. Then he slide his hand from my cheek down to my hip and kissed me harder.. That’s all we did nothing more. Then Zan heard ran. He pulled himself away from her and stood up and looked out the window. I was confused and stood up as well and looked at him then out the window, seeing nothing. I looked at him confused. He was smiling.

“ It’s raining.” he stated and walked out from the back of the counter. I followed him still not exactly getting it. “ I can’t help it. I love the rain. I love to walk in it, run in it. I just LOVE the rain.” he exclaimed. Then he turned to me and grabbed my hip and pulled me towards him sending shivers down my spine and creating large butterflies I my stomach to fly. He bent down and kissed me. Then grabbed my hand and pulled me outside into the rain. I shivered when I first got out then stayed under the canopy. I crossed I arms, and stood there watching Zan play in the rain. He looked like a little boy. it was so cute. I could have swore I actually saw him as a little boy for a moment there. he was just so Free.

“ Are you crazy! It’s raining.” I laughed as I watched him. He just looked at mend smiled.

He then put out his hand and held it out to me“ Dance with me?” he asked.

“ I love to.” I said as I took his dripping wet hand. Then as I got in the rain I got feel my self getting goose bumps all over. Then we started to dance. Slowly. He hand in mine, his arm around my waste, and mine settled on his shoulder. it couldn’t have been more perfect. he was staring at me with those beautiful eyes. And just...........adoring me.

“ I laughed and said as my hair started to soak more by the moment “ What is s great about the rain?”

“ It’s the only thing in life that is free, yet simple.” he said as he looked up at the sky then at me. “ Kind of like you.”

I couldn’t say a world. he just said I was free. I hadn’t elt or seen myself that way for two years. But at this very moment dancing in the rain I did. and I bent my head up and kissed him firmly on the lips. And you couyld hear the big band music coming from the old folks club across the street, and time froze. It was so perfect. It was life time stopped and made this moment perfect just for us. Something came together, and it wasn’t only them, it was a bright light. But I didn’t notice how bright it was until I could feel my body crashing through the glass door of the Crashdown Cafe behind me.

TBC. Feedback Please!

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